Blind Mike's Trash Talk Ep. 23 - Alex Reimer

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Friday, July 13th
Alex Reimer is in with Mike and discusses his return to WEEI, his comments on Brady's family, politics, radio business, and more

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We know we did a great people it's the only ones you answered immediately. It just trash talk. Teasing is sweet. As I imagine there's a lot of guys in his hands Cox news. Plus it's vital and it's that is what. I just. I. Sounds like it's now doing. This your voice isn't as bad as that is the perception right I agree it was when you're younger. Willfully and you couldn't just I was twelve when I was there. Yeah I had an immense amount I'm not a man so that I'm not a real men com. Well yes. When you you did the Tonight Show when I was twelve yes so when you look back at that yes on the nitrogen. And now I'm doing about that Leo. With a guy named whined to Mike antiquated this way to ourselves or did you eat that well again I said many times embodied that caught onto yet. Is that is that is that rough to deal with their begun over it is now it's rough I guide I've I'll never achieve those heights again in Torre's element I took months so. First of all me ask that I hear correctly. I thought you mentioned briefly came up your first morning John. In the dual stuff and I you said that I bought it about you when I was with the I say I'm isn't Stan. I mean yes and totally forget and reminding him of my buddies that I Rudy was. Oh maybe I did I decide I headline and you add comments that agreements and dodging and makes podcast he's probably trash talking. On the on what I mean I haven't and we'll put that. Up and oh thank you you realize yes I think that I've I've both I did. Podcast you're defending me saying it should have been I appreciate tiger to come polemic and I both trashed and defend. At that's great let's switch should be right at 85050. You're a guy got like 5050. Your guy that I disagree with on a lot of years your points. That's got it they Sammy here but your guy denials are respect is acting. Yours I'm an honor or respect and that's the elites Amir Al 120 as a young and and you've accomplished a lot more so I have to I'll say iris what kind of the same place it's Friday and so at this arc and steer recording a podcasts out. As they are cool so what took you so long to get back on the aired today. Six months Europe. Ivins was a sense I'm pretty much I've what's the date so my last show before the Brady stepped took off ways and January 26. 27 in that rain tonight my first show back was 1919 period but two weeks ago. The day you. Got suspended. And David Brady. It's I don't want to lose his job right was the day I reported my effort podcast. And it was never heard. On the air because I talked about. Ticket instinct but I mean you can't be surprised they wouldn't want that out so they were they are petrified of that day what I said was that why ago back in a couple of weeks. If the presentation be fired and will be back potentially 55 months later. Yeah I'm still waiting to get back on the air and birth name contact with you at all saying this is why we have had to back it was just. No I was in contact with them every please please thank come back. I know I knew that it was going to be awhile before I get back on the I think they're playing it by year added there are few other things need to be sort out with the station. We did get the confirmation a couple weeks go the Brady is coming back to keynesian think that was a benchmark. They had in their minds as well I'm very happy about everything and even if I kept my job in Everett and it pretty left and C are you kidding me. Odds site I think it just worked on I had a feeling I felt like doesn't purgatory especially at the beginning is I had no idea to be Ozzie the fact that. I'm on Turkey talent and right now I. There are times that I was never gonna happen really but then that's it the last month to six weeks I felt like. It was nearing an end it was just when is the return again out and in that happened about two weeks ago why what was the thing where you told me you're going to be back under a few weeks ago and and he worked lets our exit I don't I have no idea it was a tease or Kirk's at a US agency I'd like teased you about yeah I don't know it's 9% think I don't know what to believe in what not I don't. It's thread here with you I had no idea. No I talked to that weekend they said I guess I'll just have to tune in data find out if I'm working tomorrow and I did they teased it softly it's like called Carrick. Like six times I picked up on the six cents there and he told me no you're not going to be on tomorrow hot because originally I got. There's really no benefit for media's podcasts until I got back on at a benefit for doing it right I was on you know enough about me in like April may with Kirk I felt like it laid out. Everything and I'm like I need to wait till Tony I think that was a mistake at all to do to not do it on the air your first time back or did you think it was easier out I was dead you like them better but to do that Kirk positive partner there's no doubt he can move out Carriker curt hecker didn't assault. You know I asked them on sale I felt like it up points as April. But three months after it happened that I like the ice was you know pretty much melting sites that we can I just wanna get surfaced again. In some fashion and so we did an attic now as well. Yeah it does get. Old or frustrating that I heard them on this morning I was and I heard. And both can Amkor. Kind of bashing your turn. Yeah you saying you're more. Does it frustrate you that that's gonna happen that way even if you were outrageous and whack I knew I don't you I knew that would be a storyline that would be serviced as dreamer timid what's he gonna be in Gaza. Christie shows and I've not really stood out to think it's been fine. A safe spot it's been fun now that I just Dinara. It was it was a weird thing with the returns to you so. I mean I've been back for two weeks prior to doing my first games so it's been talked about it did talk about the current podcasts and apologized so it's like. You wanna do some of the Brady stopped by means or even set a what more is there to really say about itself. Yeah it's been five I do think what keynesian especially the way to show is now at such an. It's a cast of characters are so many story lines at the show I think you need to be in there. Consistently. On a weekly basis nor to build up some of that momentum and dump unlike the weird like dies discounted in. Plopped in after being off the air for five months now so I think that plays into it too. Also you know what's going not need to be issues doctor eking it. I'm not gotten them. Out payment problem with you with priest. Is that and you've admitted that it wasn't real it was you were listening to a guy trying to be outrageous. And that's right but even I'll I'll sit this new defense. It reads a lot worse than it. Listens like that what is it when you see the headline I'm bars to publicly why is he doing and it was like entities. It was a flip comment that again wasn't funnies you mentioned don't agree with it was a re all I. It was a stupid stupid stupid you don't use this platform to make it children airman the children of Tom Brady and I don't late. Court record patriots but one of the most vital assets history station so but a loser on my problem with that one is that like it was it wasn't real irony fell. How do you justify a year or rationalize going forward that you've admitted you'll see anything it's kind of just to be outrageous. But also that your honest broadcaster C percent. I think again goes back to this you have to just be honest about it right so that was me trying to but he can turn in house so like beating guys do. Doesn't like the family that Israel I mean I got through and at what's going one might like to go another way but in an African attacked the suns podcast a couple of months back it's. It's appointees it's got to be honest it's likely be in the risk reward to. I mean I'm sure and I am owning my worries me I said I'm not saying that you lose I I sent it but. You asked me did you mean to not know it was in the series take you listen to it was a flip comment it was like three seconds. You know just and just trying to go to the line at all times instead of realizing sometimes you just be honest about it now and go and we all know mud is the one to really blame news drunken night and realize that I do not much as I. As Tony should jumped in the way if gaga during that hot holiday please not to not to open my way but they are you. Now. Are you east east of the thoughts about my beat for area on this issue. We would you still think like that or you just think I'm just an whenever I think I'm gonna go to the umpteenth degree with that but I'm going to be honest well. I yes on you not to beyond stay the kocharian is an awesome stuff that doesn't. This doesn't feel on me like the moral idol I don't believe that you thought. It was the worst day in the country out now when Donald Trump I'd be really I think I've been proven right more market hours of the terrible at this country again stupid phrase I don't like to go our tonight dumb is dumb phrase. Absolutely dumb phrasing but no my opinion it was a terrible this country and take a look at more right by eight with each passing day to be honest with you. In what way what what does trump actually done is actually done largely done we and tweeting them virtually no white guy right who lives on it tonight. And tact but what I don't give a (%expletive) about that I hear what public or when this I mean that. Getting worse in my you think so audit I don't know. If he activities net thank you I'm miles dirt first contribution you can see them only. Got it there and try. Not getting where I think you're not I can't Clark I walked up lucky I don't try to look. Yeah I'm Kelly I don't see cars aren't part in my life issue it's a few but I got to take a look at you've gone mystery privileged man I'm. Yes your skin is not proud not disenfranchised. I mean you're not not you know try and you're you're not an a low class worker if you those having their. So protection stripped away. I part of the union. Because those are not anymore thanks to corsets appointment Supreme Court ruled 43 that union contributions are not mandatory not mean nothing which coupled answered judges he's been appointing. If you're disenfranchised member of society he you're skin is black I'm I'm I'm I know you laugh I'm a disabled man outs. Okay in what am I not what women not to. Well you're you're black I'm yes. I can't contract if I have image here I can't see that computer. Do you think you faced more discrimination on a daily basis and some news box and you know but I when he discrimination only blind my first thing you think it's like despite my energy my eating and Microsoft thank you print it yourself was correct because it's funny. And but about what people. Lose respect for me to do things like this excellent I don't miss a handshake and everyone I've government mine that I hassle. Okay. Discriminating it's actually UA lets you got on the same level as being the one main. And the job we spacing sex discrimination not a pain when I think what I'm saying do you. Is that I don't look at myself as I'm downtrodden. But I do fit the criteria of someone who's. Discriminated against and lower class than that. You know the middle income for lack enemies and bosses like 8008 median household net worth is like 8000 dollars you know that the mind is that what might. Thought I blame that for you getting in this business hours white households like 200000 dollars music history of discrimination in this country against African Americans people of color that's been perpetuated. By the top industry it's about its announcement does not care about it people were not as that's right when we got on a little I don't know a lot better. Given blacks and and we've just kick him Perrier you personally I think you do have a better than blockers he's port city with a single month there. Absolutely we smoke do we on the sports gets arrested by the police and he thinks that Jeff Sessions on right there sums as we don't care PP am opera from op I mean. That's an interesting topic Alex and what's it. That and that. That went as disabled warrant instrument that I. As I went that I say act two minutes ago one for line with the word. I look at our release that I don't fit that criteria for whatever I don't understand why would we let would you would would you comparing yourself. You're saying that I've never faced challenges in my life because camel I never said I'm saying. That I'm in. That your group you were more privileged by the color of your so I'm more white than I am blind to. The gas XYY. Just because it's just because because you've decided that it hurts your argument if a blind guy doesn't make any money doesn't think that he's being light on it any money can you wanna do this business right. What if what do you what I what I do IKEA I can't drive I can't. Drive for rumor I can't do any disease or does take a lot of dog do a lot of jobs. Humor is a button cashier at seek an outright is if you're cast your B roll in the Dow. No that's not saying I can't even get regular shady jobs because I can't say. That's just tapped. Absolutely and I'm just saying that the institutional discrimination that's the physically can't do right. I was institutional discrimination there is it I'm saying is I've I've also face challenges and you're saying because I'm white it's not real. Never said just because of your skin color you're inherently more privileged than somebody who is. Also this this doesn't the market has been now I do believe that you believe what and that's what that's like. Because it LA that the problem I've had with you is that sometimes I don't know if he buys like having an actual discuss crazier and crazier if any has your white your parent. More privileged than someone new is not as based history of institutional discrimination racism in this country -- that that's like what I eat but now angle what is the what is the government doing now to rest black people. But just an example where is the government they got the guts of what government. It's it's public mandatory prison sentences Jeff Sessions wants to keep those demeanor on force and system in general but for just black. Black candidate to get arrested a disproportionate rate to white people the used pepper definitely got black people and white peep but it's institution and its when the trop is up. Saying back in my day I used to rough but the people your rest at their heads on a car I want to that is. Encouraging this kind of behavior. The Justice Department is looking into problematic police departments and Barack Obama that not enter Jeff Sessions and going to on the line. But let's have that even the police be racist isn't the government if if they're if they're this morning this was an amount of Rick economic policy is cute I mean we cut back on Medicaid Medicare social security and we cut back on entitlement to the people primarily taking us. Yes sport people ought to work you in this country are people of color so it stop it stop like but there's also things that they're going to that like single parent households that isn't that racism that's just but there's more single parent households in the black community and my people why is that that's because of the government. It's because it. Decades it's because of centuries of discrimination that's what is the single household because of discrimination because a lot of fathers get arrested for not about drug offenses they go to prison so every single parent council the father was arrested. Many of but he does not around and try too hard or trying too hard to like yeah it's this is not part of an argument. African Americans disproportionately arrested compared to what people write especially on drug offenses you would say that more African American man. Are rested for about drug use than whiteman they spend more time in jail because they don't have lawyers and a proper representation he its assets and economic issue but a lot of people of color are lower economic classes than white people selling just wanna you don't want anymore because single parent households but there's less contraception use as well and won't come neighborhoods and not because the government. It is because they want it shut down and parent had a 1% on other places where they give contraception and other forms of birth control. Because if it is good to not Wear a condom that's another that's another against yeah. I'm happy again. Did that did it did other body when he started on McCain first of all respect because you did the same thing united. Your first appearance on Nancy I don't know how well wind speeds throughout. I'm guess complaining of how other you second guess a tactic. Was that kind of strategic where you you've felt it was because I did my interview bar stool I feel like it's not size I'm a blind by the way you would make them. Com what's this winning ticket and invited back this is total was the gallery or he just really wanted to do. What could cost me like yeah like we have got you here what do people not know about you in public you know. Let's just do it because you know as a minority do you talk radio well especially you have to be yourself. Yeah I'm an odd to swell but you rightly bearer I'd really but in order to even attempt to do it right yeah opted be yourself. And so I was thinking well. Have to say is eventually can't pretend to be some straight guys so here's the floor when we take the opportunity that's out there was there is it was there was a little bit of thought that. This might help your career and stuff we detail. It's that we ought to mean it helps a standout it helps to be different it gave me a lot of Jews early on your idea now it I think it's helped it's been positive. Didn't did everybody start that Jerry seems. Just fascinated by the idea that you could. Possibly say you know what a crazy it's. Michael bots just thought that you that your penis inside a man my so while it's like as sixty minutes interview he would do with an extra days he's so fast and he's not leaving this week it's been a lot of time on the days after -- law there is so it into law took out world that so far from what is used right there could even amount. Now. It the most embarrassing record is you know. Sexson of that house in Montreal it just seems like goals that's completely Terry. It seems like just you know while increased the most embarrassing thing ever you say it was this morning. You said. Now you're young men you mute the TV and yes it's called baseball minded yes that. That's that's nightly broadcast I feel if he wants to documentary on the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer you would hear that didn't doing that kept him. The privacy of his right on that like that's like it that are right on the attack and like any any pictures environment posters that laws are blanks I don't live. Several serious stereotyped tends to I want I want this respect you more and every everything I hear that's where Tom was there anyone at the station that is now you know. Kirk advocated for you Jerry advocated treated McNamee was there anyone that advocates. Against. And and maybe not what commitments don't want this guy never maybe said. You know he's a little dangerous I don't know who Kevin bat did you hear any team when that. Now not to mind it now at this point I was hope you have someone I don't retail figure it gives them more hates but now not an X. Com why don't you ever William beyond. Down them keep. Don't know how to get question academy I want you won't. I did one show it now. Them months ago that I that was rates we have like a great first ignited about sports talkers is non sports armistice still been Hollywood's out is dealing Keith and ultimately and holly it was like the day before Thanksgiving something. I without so when holly left and that was right after the Brady things I was out of the picture. I I was around I think I deathly what's gotten some raps with dale and Keith there's no doubt now I don't know I mean have the runner rotation. I'm not sure it meets six dissects. I'd do you fit best with teensy like ideally right I mean you know media and celtics' offseason talk on do it but that I don't really feel like I can stand out. In that you know and I kind of setting. That's the other thing I wonder about you is you know when you're. Obviously when you when you were doing maybe I'm wrong about this is that in surprise and I didn't catch every episode the big Sean filter. Don't want it if you can you got it but when I when I did hear you on there you know you were you were not what you are now urinary. You are supporting MacKenzie is grand isle stuff can be arts or sports I used to be eight feet missed their Red Sox podcasts for years and the numbers like nobody would believe Brett. So is that just because you've. Evolved as a as a human being or is it that you. Kind of admired what Kirk is done and said that's more what I wanted to. I stepped outlooks and I was a huge fan of cane seed for years before coming on here I love that kind of radio left Howard Stern. What you occur to me is. And cops to Kirk bombs which by the I love the inner drama stuff at the station drama stop as a listener that's the stuff that I liked the most and as a grew older I became wedged in the media sports media particular. The last several years it's been politics money interests have more diverted away from sports more towards politics. On not instilling huge sports fan of them so the Red Sox attempt to keep up on it and the think it's if you listen to. My weekend shows a night shows and I want to Kurt how I mean it's it's really hard to do what they deal and don't talk about last night's game necessarily do more issues. But it does come nation thinks it's a combination of what works what's entertaining. As a listener I was like listening to the media on media stuff the interstates in drama stuff the more political stop social issues as the host. I figure when I cannot take in that direction and I also think it's your interest interest change you know overtime as well so those Michael. And is that I I I you know I hear you on Nancy new kind of mocked the idea of talking Red Sox for four hours. But from what I've heard you on the you know on the weekends in particular is if it was just you and wrote this morning. You probably would have done four hours of smoky that's. One of the meal and sort of that a little what they did making fun of that yellow listen. That's a good thing to bring Africa ANC when they're not there is hard because you wanna do you seemed show that the and it's good to do that to an extent but you're also not Jerry your picture you know so. What I find a lot attention during my these weekend shows it when it's mean and I've met a handful of times reports again it's gone fine like abortion it will look back and forth but ultimately I'm not I can't do. Two hours of small talk India partly to suck right so let's just get it it's getting to a topic. Let's linemen so and host these weaken and I chose let's get into a topic we don't have the chemistry is and always stacked. Again coming only gotten out well I don't know how deep they wanna get into other stops so it's I find its battered anymore issued. Gilroy when I was on with the Gilroy the other night he had a bruise on her. Arguments that because. This is WEEI sports talk radio called that their their shouldn't be there should be more sports talk on the station. Like he thinks it's it's it's good that you know down key never gained other subjects outside the sports because it's sports talk radio so I said what if hypothetically if they lost their minds on the hall. And gave Mike Meehan Roemer showed together two guys that don't wanna talk about sports for four hours. It doesn't wanna talk about other ship and you don't think they'll be successful just because there's sports and at this air political. There's a million what if it isn't really I isn't that wouldn't be successful. But you're saying you wouldn't be successful just because it's a sports talk radio that yes you have to rebrand the station as a political hawks. And I don't understand that logic that. Because it's sports talk radio that no other shows should get in the sports of mortgage. Unit ethnic quicker access to discuss the sun is positioned in different area in this I think people. Want to hear entertaining talking in the morning but not at eight at night but it doesn't make sense so I I think you should just talk about. We're past yeah. And get ignorance thing like the Red Sox are on the stations in corporate tax. The war why now you can listen the red signs a dozen motorists off I mean for what you're right guys say the second week form rights that we like military he's. If white with blue in Glen all the time such a good when you're curious spot. You just got to get served for six this exit he's doing. So guilt or as I got here late recognized as bad as I thought you would be awfully now that I've met amendment to show he's he's better radio. Is a very nice yeah alternate. Why and they talked about giving you that slot back is Gilroy is doing two days we may and then it was and how hard Cecil doing that well when I was in the other night they were Tellme. And now has been doing it once a month and the other night they play like best of or something they talk to you about you knew that now and you think they could do you think they're afraid there. No I don't think it's out of work spamming or to myself last week and I don't know I mean it's tough when you're doing Kane scenic obviously can't do it the night before so. I don't I'm sure I'm sure I'll be back on the late night late night times. In here if you're ever in with Marie. I imagine I don't know I don't think that I had an element perhaps now hypothetically here and on a day where were Brady's. And some something happens with Guerrero or does it is something controversial. Is is in the news we may be a separate would you ask them. That type of question now you be different you know straight up when Lester anchor. Goes on if you Brady your views are saying for a reason you're talking to Brady professional. In an interview for house commit tough which would you would you would you what would you do that would you be afraid of he didn't want to know. What you ask me hard questions are no audio off tees but there are questions to ask I'm saying in this given week there's yet. Of course and CEO I'd be afraid I mean in a moment what I got I hope I mean at gunpoint and they just right now it's reality but all right Adam has never gonna happen. On the view operator I don't accept there's no line at about it. Now that's the weird thing is like one if you get so you don't mean like what do you saw Dave full time in the morning show. It may never happen as long as amber there's only a few more years and so. Just get adding that companies announced its morning sort of the crime Sawyer Ara. Com I asked her this question and it it it's on the little the year ago but as answer but it's unless you simply. Other McCain said he. Anyone on the station anyone I 95 anyone it's not in radio. Food you eat the big dvd afternoon show whatever show and they say build your co host of whatever you choose I can't teased Jerry or Kirk now. Mossy and try. Jesus Russert could radio how much they're out that well so I would injury during the liberals looked oddly. Is that is that really we choose turning I don't I mean where does to you don't think that would that would be too much. Just that when agreement commitment to we need conservative yet we need to concern and deep voiced Marlboro smoking and I served huge turning into and that I mean much running room. Pork and solar like my sentiment it's too much you know I think it's way too much it is Brett. For being ban all carry and runs X and tries hard Alec. At least terrible on air. When he's. I mean mideast studies and spammers that's going to be but he's let's analyze ID ten I can't pick on anyone's voice stuttering and stammering I'm the last person bonds or rob is willing to say things like they got on today for not having a great comeback Emery. Is willing to stir (%expletive) at least more so than. Dale a hobby totally pop rock is doing on time rob rob a spectacle that. If you had to he did anyone in 95. Is there anyone you want where they were spelled out here I was I forgot. Was that the most ridiculous thing I've been four was a thug out. How big was that just overreact and that real. It was real yes I don't see that seems to me at least Heintz and maybe I'd agree with them at the time I don't remember. But it heights that it that seems like something it had viewing and bashed for not and new week Somalia and need to be put my place. Today daddy Kirk did they really tell you off the nearly you're an idiot we know we don't. Don't knock me off the real no I woke up that morning in. Listen it's not three rarely I'm fired up on channel has on here and I was walking to the gym morning trying to take my mind off in somewhat stopped in history is like they're like onions and naymick thanks thank you and I was great that was very but I mean I mean I think they're tested at least it's an essential Tony Robbins event. They pay for my ticket to write an article for the website but they both his own but it does seem like something that heavy in the next day. It's time summary got a plate op idea whose broad Roemer space and their face and entered a little bit ot my mistake there of course is we now I. Ticket today they examine the situation now it's not like for debt used to work at WB EI mean so as not all that next weekend so it's like how can we played this and I didn't have an idea. Yet I would be mine I don't honestly know in my law who's on what they do is you can't do it it's mine all mine games. What's your relationship like with whiskers. I think it's got. US top off the air friendly and it was if I did that he would you ever be able to like really help us meet and of course that's if that's bizarre to me that he's like back. Like his I would be I don't think I would ever. Thought you'd like how I I've just what I don't I mean I think a lot of people like now I'm shocked knickers. Has been able to forgive me it's amazing I wouldn't have been so that is by far. Is this it's this picabo disgraceful just actually makes next that was when I would say John that this is right up and I'll read it. I am weasel out of it. So what how long did that that is the greens are riddle that is our enemy is not. As. Eat the first time when many sentiment podcast. I think he came up wide one is blind Mike c'mon good to weekends order. And Curtis will be very drawing board. We say that to you on the air and we sit on me. Meet Isaac Curtis like all the way there are doing is very nice it was mainly go into Gilroy and no we're trying to make chin on the station a little bit. So we and I you know I you can take everything on here seriously but it's such a contrast yet John I don't know what to make an apartment. Hey just keep doing the deal right stuff and we're looking for people. Immigrants and their occurs is Curtis listens all the time meets very passionate pitch an ambulance sports talk radio I mean BC's. We just gotta is ticket and Indy gets a part of the mind it's fair mind games here how how quickly that he. Was he willing to talked to you when we spoke at. And a couple weeks after it happens I mean we spoke in person obviously aren't just like. Yeah it took some time but I mean did a good relationship recurrence does all this scheduling for the station's I talked to him at least a couple of times when we saw police cars and I don't want. Yeah I tactic the other thing I didn't understand and you his. When you said when they had to back John that that classic debate you vs car via. You said professionally. Personally am tired of harassment. I didn't understand like I did the idea of it. Know what that equates to my mind is number I'm not really saw. I mean of course how can anyone feel good about Wei and now as such league audience awful sickening Jergen Acela demented deranged and become on thinking sell them off the air. Trying to get back on apologizing aging cricket came here it so pathetic I am making their here one day. To apologize to them Kirk somehow got tipped off I was coming he left keyboard and apologized equipment market might enter a sneak out the back on some soak race I'm like you know like he doesn't respect to pitch Julie's and so what if I'd like due to dirty just nasty staying active. I haven't and all of this. May this help reverse that thinking is maybe somehow Jerry you know respect and I'm willing to. Go as low as possible it's like really (%expletive) up right so so that's what I meant to and I said that I was like it is so desperate to Saudi and an. Not that that the parole hearing if you will like and we've answered this on the air like I was I talked to Curtis probably a couple of that was not about it's. Apologizing again to Curtis 'cause I would've come across so pathetic in week in feckless Eudora you did one hundreds of it right there are not in the mood to like forgive me. I mean so I had to go next. Right the other one the one very good shot you have and I thought I remember Jerry got a good belly laugh that was. When Kurt says you know we're we're family here. We don't do that famine in Houston that was done then as a member of their family. That you don't think that's a good that was just look at it can't take him moralistic tiger. Is cheering we will get by the so there's no at the station UUUU. And it's been at the UN. Not to my face that's not to my face insurer behind my back a lot like you you don't note that nothing you know nothing I'm not your only here and during shows and Ellison to retain seats off hours and nights weekends to sell off on interaction is there anyone in the media you've been in the media. You have you had to recount in on your podcasting yet there was a time. So is Ernie when the media that's been addicted. You will lose all the right now and there again and again not tonight face the grand interact with. Now I have Elvis buckle the Soviet. Union that's there now when I was the bar stool. And a manager provost at my first podcast that he hates it right so we were talking about that. And I told this story. Someone else witnessing Abraham needs. When he was texting while on one of the kids from the best buddies charity which I imagine you don't want to an idea I'm number one to some kidney gives it goes right to the university Michigan athletic department right every great final enact catch some. Some kid. From the best buddies charity was onstage at the movies. And I guess he was like texting and had to be pulled the loudest noise and it was it's a longer story that that's basically the story told and it was no more. No more malice the man on said. I was it is just pulled missed and oh. So the next day. Vital burger bar stool your voice comes out of the back office says. Peter Abraham phone number. And remember telling that story is a gentleman yeah so claw. Mike is it. As it was I not gotten. He goes several members of my family was your podcast. And said. That you're saying hi I hate mentally challenged. For all I see the numbers there's no chance several members of your family as I've had several people in China yet maybe both my 82 people was. So. I don't know we were you getting. Did you say about him though it was the craziest thing what what are we talking about him at all. Well I said the story that I just said he was texting during this body how to get danys. He did I go to listen to what goes why would I go maybe maybe he gets reports he gets contacts that I knew what is telling you this is completely wrong. So weak among the partners Todd but he said no you're an idiot he won he was trying to get me fired from bar stool. He he was texting Roberts thing he's support this dial this crazy (%expletive) I was. That's so petty and while it was the craziest things so I'm. I've and that that now is it weird thing where he'll. They'll follow me in on follow me and block mean unblocked man what are the most is he's the weirdest guy I've never acted like. I've heard nothing but terrible mother Sunday so I think you know it's like a preteen girl. Yeah you can't he really does that sound like blocking it just that I think it's not the some as too much time hands as well and that's what it sounds like so there's no I am is when you're. Personality and and controversy all that stuff that. No one's had any sort of beef would you like that now I know not to my face that your behind my back actually means what looks yet and sure behind my back there's been plenty steps. Richard the great thing happened that you're asking me to my face. Now known there's immediately yeah I guess on air I would note yeah I mean I mean driving Dallas the queasy huge fan of mine no probably not mean I don't know. Probably not that into that one Cilic then it was pretty contentious spine and me against my face a real seed Jerry Kuerten in late night port ops not. I think him and at this stage of your career if they said do you. We want to do want to take much show Warner. But we want you to only do sports. Would you do it or would you take some sort of stands them about that. Gentlemen that's just consequence fibers all right all right it's a stating that Adam in that battle is is are there were talking about. Where you so I I can't or freeze out writes yes but they like you said and they they they asked that but it's like. That's true you know I mean like you have gone down where you were working three SP and there and LB network or better. The way you're going week has been a boring right or anything but making nice living. And you living in Bristol Connecticut there if it wants to do that but there's something to be said for. Kind of throwing that away. You and I. So it's safety net know what a plan. I mean excellent Sammy is being hired Bill Simmons after he caught the espy's like TV holocaust so I'd I don't because I don't dance to me not to the I don't think I'm on ESPN's radar in the beasts and I'm not saying that I'm just saying the way you were going he has. That seems to what you don't let me play you starting your Red Sox long it is or maybe it worked for the globe were again that's where interest ago to I want to be beat writer now now I'll be ready to want to hosts sports and one sports rat and doing what they do here. W for the website stirring up on the and I mean I I like and the thing Alexei but he. The Gucci ones I can only counts. And both times I've been told Dino it's stately from this it's not here in its. The only time it happened was during that month where it was EU. And then for. And that's what makes is under like the first five episodes iPod as we have and it says it's you know time but obviously it's. Mild mild ask questions last media. The stool OK great I've heard you. I've heard you mention bar stool with sort of contention in like and what you look down on is that. Maybe I'm wrong but is that just because they they kind of exposed the missing a thing or is it just that you don't like what they do our commercials and just. Mean the age and I hate hate IE every you've got to respect to it. Port built right here and I think some of its anemic part of my take like a really really funny CO. Personally I don't visit every case is not for when you do lie but I but I wouldn't. Think like when when they come up I wouldn't go. You know they. The story tape so light them. As if that came from the descent paying her the way they they did Amy but it was funny hate sick and she thinks that does monologue when they don't look got down there and they hated me before. One just in general and generally anti patriots on the crowds argument. I don't thinks that that that's the one thing that was a little much there and I I've played into law is there like you know defend the long moment. But it was a little much it's like. Anyone who says like you know the patriots might not win the super high. I think hey down that's a little pre I found out I'll still is like me which is why I go back at moments lets guys. IKEA and I didn't of your is looking down you know Tibetan. And you can I don't think you can attack by try to keep you know having sex in opera house that I ever looked on CNN. They love it I'm very have a right to I just don't follow them more than doubled bring up names to meet you see. The tax in Glen Eagles and remote that. Com I'm Mike is where Bart stolen. Alex the recruitment and thanks man anytime I it's fun and you've earned my respect which is a sure all you really needed yes and you climax that. The one thing I wanna do as a contrast cast yes. I'm at the opportune moment and he did it go. Seen as a demon you've been listening to trash talk. Kind of money here it again and WE PI dot com I had to spend the radio dot. Tune in next week for another edition of trashed. A presentation of W. DPR.