Blind Mike's Trash Talk Ep. 24

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Thursday, July 19th
Mike talks about the shake up in WEEI show scheduling, the chaos at WFAN, and recaps last week with Alex Reimer

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We all we have to do you have a great people and it's the only sound you answered me. Asked in America there's trash talk. Yeah. Yes. How do like radio in 2001 folks who are going back. Diego announcements in the hallways here at W you guys today. Big news and I think and now I will central to my own one as I often do trash talk. If you listen to past episodes those in my disarmament and even a little bit last week. If you can somehow find the episode I did one of the many episodes I did that was deleted back in February. That no one hurt I predicted this change. I called Ella too few nuggets. Calling in the past few weeks and you haven't heard. Glen or what will Maloney Christian Fauria and move into drive time radio. And down Kieft taken need fuel in the days slot. I think it's a good move for the station. I will say it's a little funny. To look at the idea that. Ten years ago. When the sports of started beating. EI and the ratings. You had a Jerry count in the mornings I'm I'm Dennis and count and he had Dale Arnold middays on down how it and you had Glenn Norway. On the big show in the afternoon with two at ago. Now now. You have Gerry Callahan morning shows caring guy and you know Dale Arnold in the mid days with dale and Keefe and im gonna order any afternoons with too it so hope. Basically they're saying we just didn't change anything we would have been (%expletive) and fox. It's totally out of the codes scratched that's as a pilot of the the big. Jazzy and throws a guess what's common to a Boston radio you're remembered ten years ago. If if you are high schooler older it's that again. But no I think it's a good move. Nine a W. I don't know what might talk to a need to be rated you know it's a good mood I'll play you I'd estimate. Rim was right about mammoth looking at. To hold. Felger and matches have been a co rushing in afternoon if you do if you weren't. And lately it's been more than crushing I believe they doubled. Dale if if the numbers side that they post on line correct date they doubled down. Now even if you're not familiar with how ratings work. If you just leave a human life. For X amount of years you should know that being doubled in the ratings isn't. Now. I think there's a variety of reasons for that but. I think mainly. The show that down keep do say that you want. Call it boring and and dry year you know whatever. I think it is more suited. For mid it's. I say that not just because dale. Was number one in mid days for years. Because you can argue that and say well there's no competition had doubts the route as happened with the station ten years ago. Is that the second had decent competition and FM dial. They want it. And the name rose backup potentially. But I think the reason dale is good middays. Is because he's kind of you know. At the I think the oh. Only locally brewers stopped him were all nice here who were all forums and only now works and drive primary I think he's got to be energetic. You gotta be controversial. You gotta say wild ship and even though guys Lehman and would say that which Felger and man as he was in controversial. In the world of sports talk it is. You know an eight. Suggest that guys on steroids. Or they may wild accusations about it in in the grand scheme of things it's silly because they're just stick to sports. But in the world strictly sports talk which a lot of people do nowadays. There because they're afraid to go outside the box. They plug in Mazar art edge for lack of better. I mean just take their show yesterday they were taking this pictures of Brady and Gisele on vacation and Tony Mazur is talking about Brees put on a couple of pounds I was flabby and now. Right sure and that you know it's silly (%expletive) but it's like dale and keep wouldn't really do that. I mean they don't like to rocked the boat and any sort of way at least from Manny or maybe that's not America's analysts and them every day. But that's the vibe I get when I hear that show is that they're afraid never rocked the boat. I would I would say that's accurate. But I mean to be fair. To keep Feliz yeah he's the one that's brings something he's mean he's got he's got some. Things that aren't specifically just sports he does the sports have but I mean he has his own. He's he's made. You madness off Lieberman wild and crazy and it's you know there are humans who. When you remembered that it would it would mean gears. Is what grinds my years I've slipped through my gear in the sense and what's been there before it's time. Fifteen years ago they did on Family Guy numbering and back. Number I think did failed to say we want about his appointment abroad he'd begun as a runner show. And he's you know light and easy listening. And most. I don't mean that is a compliment necessarily as if you're in the afternoons I would I would take it as an insult the driver dale but in the mid days I think it's a good thing. I think and you've got that meathead and fat so across the street. A lack putt and scream in shock and are we getting here your hip hip guy cool elect injury when he missed. Some people. During the work day. If your plane and the office or whatever it may be alike and they like something more ridiculous controversial. Com. A lot of people that listen the radio during the day in the mid days are old. A job driving around the cars in the Aaron they're prescriptions at one so. Honestly I know it sounds like conflict and trashing the guy but I'm really saying that I mean he is more suited. For mid day audience. And I think he is too good nine a year big key. I'm giving you a break but I think I think the stuff and you know it's weird as you year slightly younger mile point three. I don't. Ever want. Solar of course you'll unless you died and it'll be prepared yet to months of death. I've heard a lot of guys about your age about my age maybe. Like Heath and I'm not an early Collins Susan hall in an impression I'm just like. Don't get it Mannelly it's not that funny and good I don't I didn't stand McKiver met up from eight but. There is something where rich Keith does for whatever reason I'm not the demographic maybe. But I've heard a lot of younger guys guys about your age say. They like rich keep it fun and funny. So there might be a nice mix. Where. You know younger guys in college. Why are working you were around town about during the day and maybe older people like something lighter. Will be listening dale on key. Now the one thing our former producer Dan pointed out. Is this might be bad timing for dale and he. Because must bring in fats of what I call meats and fats and meet me after I think meat and fat so across the street. As much as I have been bashing Scott Zoellick recently the guy knows football. And if you like. Strict. X.s and nose breaking down patriots game. That's that's a good show to listen. I'm not even saying daily key for bad at -- I don't I haven't listened to them enough breakdown that (%expletive) But I'm guessing they're not as good as gods so a former NFL player who does the games. Not just former pro. And a performer and a quarter even though he didn't have belonged. Great hall of care careers though but in the guy in the guy at the guiding covers team calls every game that's going to be tough to compete with during patriots seized. So it's pot that's tough timing. For down key. Now if they caught come wintertime. When it's maybe a little more Bruins talk. That's when day and maybe a little more Celtics star of these Celtics that's when may be they're gonna have the time to shine so. You know hopefully for this. I don't know the contracts. But hopefully get some time in net tonight. I'll predict may be a little struggling out of the gate just cause of football season. But I do believe and I just saying is some accompaniment. There. And I am a company men. I'm an intercom ran all the way as. Which is looking Jeff corner column with the the corner man who come from. I think you begin some time I think they will do very well and that's why and as you've seen. If there's a you know there's there's competition that's OMF were beating. Select convert ran fairly consistently knows. Neck and neck more. But I OMF were finishing on top of them pretty consistent. In him since or rhetorical. So there there is ratings to be had. That aren't being absorbed completely by a meat and fat. So I think. Dale and Holley. Give him until. Oh same march. To really assess how they're doing and that's give until the the winter ratings book comes out. And are currently in the top that'll be tough those even has the interest communities of I probably meet the play out there overs so it's still it's still going to be it's gonna be tough for him. But I think they'll do well and likeness at all. I don't mean this as an insult as much as it might sound like it but all the old ladies. Go to their you know and asked to games like listen to the Red Sox and and answer we'll yet. All the old ladies and you'll go far it's out there will like listening to dale and keep. And even maybe some guys driving around some college guys alone so kind of has that market cornered but there might be some young guys only key for the listener that. So I do believe that there there is an audience for them. That exists more in mid days and it does NAFTA and dry now why I think all math. Will do well. Against program as that'll be off. Mean there's just given the fact that Felger and Mazur such a juggernaut right now as they were doubling down the but. If you look at Ord way verses every one else would normally is. He was more than doubling every you lose he was the only guy he was the guy in after. It was the big show Glenn Ord Wafer. Years he was dominating afternoons in Boston. But then when there was a legitimate competitor on FM which is big is the I was still on it. So when the sports on it became an FM and is it okay this is a legitimate station. People say you know an analyst shortly app for ten (%expletive) years. Let me get something else. I think a similar thing may be happening. With the Felger in men's program where now they've been number one. For almost ten years. And maybe they've gotten a little stale mated schtick with men as saying the wildest thing that comes to mind. And you know he doesn't believe maybe that's gotten a little old to people. So maybe that audiences saying. She's you know what I'd like to go to something else down the keystone do it there because there's not does not as much energy. And excite me as much they're not gonna say is wild (%expletive) Some mystical Felger man as if there was anything else where that type energy. That was entertaining I'd go. Author giving. All of those people probably want to listen to land Christian in the always spans that opium were driving on that aren't. Couldn't listen to a rise they were working in the middle of the day were detained at the and there are. After be working with their show and working with dale and keep. Chair and and if you wanna say. If you wanna say it is oh acting as big effort the sports have been middays. You can use that argument. Out with four you know four Aiken probably break down game. Hello hi I hope a lot better than Tony Mazur Roddy when they have that another fat slob in their Greg Bedard that book while Mike got. Greg Greg a Bedard VA stands for Ambien with all my job. What snore that guys and Greg would guard in their on Tuesdays. Ten questions Greg doc they Greg. Who who was the star of the game today or yesterday. Wound. You know you gotta give it to Nick's shoulder on the offensive or any need to. Talk for ten seconds ago warned you know into the green tree. It is a great job with the hey I plug the Boston sports journal for us a great. Well it's about 75 dollars a month at the same should you can read any whirls below listing. I think the heat it's yeah actually manages to get failure. Applaud the bath in sports. Ranked one. I just does that. I look thirty. So that's gotten old for people. Which I based on my impression if I give them anywhere near accurate and it hats. For a lot of people then they will switch over. To O Matt and I feel like I said hiding for Aiken breakage to a game down. At least no more entertaining way. The natural tan. In a smarter more informed football. And same thing with baseball BC man as was his by the covered the Red Sox for years Lou is not only much better breaking down baseball. Mom. Why NASA hasn't taken him away from contest I've no idea. But I'm sure the eyes happy about it. By Lou is probably the best. Baseball analyst in the city other than Packers Lee and hostile give. The most to lose the best. So you wanna say man as has the the market cornered on baseball. Many more there's not only is Maloney better breaking down baseball but no say some (%expletive) again like you're saying where. Many handles it well it's edgy it's 'cause it's sports but. In that world these edgy. Where are little criticized I know for a fact. That execute the secure the people that work security for the red sox' hated for awhile. Because of should he said during the chicken Beers. He criticized from the clubhouse at tenth and now that ruffled some credit now might be silly mighty nonsense. But it does get some people riled up. So they're much better at that dale and keep and I think you need an afternoons where you don't necessarily as much mid and that's why things better for both show. Now will you might have. For down T. While I am assuming their test. You said key cities gonna talk about it is that hatred that he tweeted that he hates this move into the blanket oh did. Admiral you said it's that he said. One good friend he said I was six so I expect we're recording this at about noon. I'm I'm Thursday. So by the time you listen to you might have to go to WEEI dot com where you are right now was and I met you could did you EI dot com to get on demand. It would dale in Keefe said. Or what I am expecting. Intel Jared told me. Is for them ago well you know. It was a district decision management made we don't like it but we're gonna go do our job in mid and then move on to the Red Sox were. That's I was expecting but what do you it's natural to. He is being moved to mid is next month. It will talk about it today at 2 PM well let's hope. I'm interested and I hope he does yeah were in the show's. It was a little. Yeah. It's as idiots about it I hope he does I'll be as energy the talk about it because that the the problem I have and radios. So off. Eyes are afraid. To me and you know it's why are people sick as many hands as. Man. That put him in radio in I mean I don't even likes his radio and I give the guys any respect formula so. So. I'm not kissing is passed I actually enjoy it listen the guy and respect. And one of the reasons news where he's pissed off about some talk about and that sounds re. And you can tell that it's coming from real place. And you can also tell that when something crazy happens like base which shows which are seen before. Agree well I guess which like I did the fan kind of deal where state moves seem be down to mid days Francis back. But I never seen him literally flip flop a midday. And afternoon should. At least a market this big I've never heard of so it's weird to make that announcement and then not talk about and that sounds phony it's like. These guys talking about market smarts on with the Celtics. When you know they're pissed off that management. So. To that extent look at that I am radio. To that end it was even weirder. When right before I listened to a Owen map this. I click over to the fan. To see with their talk about your review because you are that was and it was an owner all that was that was that's. I compliment. So. If you read in the New York papers front page not good radio stations are very rare. Mr. Howard's. There apparently is a good way now reduced it on the front page in New York have. But W Avaya. In some hot water and it's him. This to be in and it comes to meet. These shenanigans. Were under CBS is regime. They are with a which may lead you to ask. Those odds. Now I'm just annoyed. It's just I'm just asking questions. CBS was obviously running like a mad house. So you know what will that I was ninetieth I don't know but the fan was up to some dirty business. While they were under the CBS brand. Worst of all was drew opening now pwnage opening August most people who listen it's arena who each opening it was probably younger audience. Joseph winning goal was a caller. The WFA. I remember listening. This is what a (%expletive) radio owner and I would listen to western mass and we would get W definite and again time. So I would like follow sleeplessness and sometimes. It would be Steve Somers would take calls and one of his regular callers huge opening. And I think they had some contest. Caller enrichment and usually nets eight. It's like a color. Can win a contest to be the host of the morning show it was blue science into it but I guess this was Rio. And judge opening goal in some contests to come and he and I think into taking the nighttime so lotteries doing with Steve Summers for awhile and and he got bumped up to mid it was a real. In. Hero's story. For a guy like me the Americans it was just like I'll. Just the collar and EA made a career in New York radio. Now you got. I think people forget is the guy like that. Was not sort you used and sort of successor attention. Then when he gets in any sort of spotlight even it's me in its mid days on radio. I'm Michael knots so what happened with WFAN in York. Is that give the article to. Some of the the allegations made apparently a saleswoman they used to work for CBS radio. Made meats and allegations let's let's hear a few accused of sexual harassment. In proposition. Former CBS radio advertising executive war. The reason involving him. His wife and prostitutes. Now what's with the courts he's now my math. Equity room prostitutes that's a real war. I go get your ultimate I'll tell you that as if as I house or it was like. There's in the deuce strip clubs so becomes now one of these elements as they were strippers and prostitutes. Again. Newspapers on reliable for bulls as it. Yang. So. Now the the older guys roadways and he's never heard in the history. I feel like in the last ten years to be pretty great when he. In the eighties. Is that should happen all the time thank please rocking roll baby the sort of blow that it's bringing girls and here all the time rock bands come up man. The eighties and them at the scene Schilling Joba mingled. So but there's and now they were racking up all the ambulances. That it has beginning ago proposition. Though woman for a threesome with or his wife and prostitutes via now reduced match. As the woman to opening as the wife and prostitutes. Multiple we're talking 45 women. Yeah. Talking priests. Talking wild crazy. Alex Rima bath house six. She spoke. So ho. Wildly craziness going on over their man. And then there is assembly they reckon Embarq has tripled the thing you see it fingers about nickel back shots. You see that there. Injured. On the right to the source. Them about that but it does am. Who knew I guess so I guess they were doing. Whiskey nickel back in Europe of that now delicious whiskey and then you sheets of negligence. Every to Rima noses and then the old Rodgers. Talent in many android would talk. Does this not so crazy Roemer. And I was like now that happens all I had two good it's a good a good drink of choice. But I guess they are doing it but in 10 AM at the fan old Joseph Benigno. Knocking him back. Enjoy opening of the ever hear him is that typical. A guy you would expect to be calling New York sports talk radio tonight. A opening goal from while Leo unpalatable to nix. It's just like god that sounds about right jumping up but there's so that's what I would when I was saying. It's weird like him down and keep on today and don't really address this the time change that'll be weak because it once heard about it. So would be weird if Joseph winning go win on today or Horry just weird in general this guy that you hear. That you know personally talked to talk about how bad the jets were yesterday. When you know he's got this wild side. That's weird and it's also weird when I click over to the fan this morning. What we have time because I know him I've gone along. Went a when I click over the fan this morning here. By the way of you up man had the silliest like they're the only station I think on the planet. That is kept jingles from like 1968. Evan and rob the coach Robertson it or whatever the (%expletive) the show as a cook at a and NN end and their lake it's this. 1950s toe tapper. Just like Mike and the mad dog used to. It's raining soon and I hate that I just sang on there that's there for the rest of time not only do so. I just got from him that it's there for anyone to pull god damn. But the giving keeps these go wild and silly jingles. And then Maggie goes and then in two. And it. Was first or last name is. But he's. Cut. Pace Sports Radio does exit admiral rumbling on new. As you know governing goes off today I'm here with some ass whole we got the felon. And you know. There's also. Yeah obviously saw the front page of the daily news today and if you gotta bring your head. You know we can't talk about. So that's that volume rose about it and now my clothes that I forget to name. Some ass all. Men image I don't of the Dodgers. Your thoughts at countries like you've got to be should mean and where is gonna pretend this didn't happen and nothing happened and daddy can't talk about it you you can't talk well. Here's what I always wonder. I guess because it involves the station. And they don't want to be they don't want. That guiding go out and say we're totally innocent here and then something happens and you you know and I mean I. All the illegal (%expletive) mumbo jump that I can't even wrap my mind. I get that he can't release and what is their. A line 'cause I'm trying to imagine what like for example Cain C would. Is Darryl line where if something like that happens where involves legal she where it's not just calling Andrew Aaron and years ago was rich. Where it's something like real that actually map matters in the criminal justice system. Is there'll line the you can walk. Where you can talk about it but nodding crummy years. And I guess that would be difficult so maybe that. You just if that's not you do you not if you're not capable of doing that ages go straight to Manning the China talked. And maybe I just don't know enough about his business. But I feel like there's a way you can talk about it for more than 12. Without getting yourself from humans tread very very light very politely yet it's got to be weird. For shortly it's got to be weird to sit in the chair of the guys accused of all this breezy stuff then. You can't. Write your urges but what studied the even more Wii is all the guys that are definitely going to called if you look at the the Frances arm. The guys that call up the Pope in the afternoon. And Mikey are you Diet Coke on good. Political that you know for hay out princess I wanted to know how Robin Quivers and Fred Norris would be at a yankees bullpen. Could get to dispute that has. All those guys that beat up princess they're definitely re going to be column that midday action and they know how to get hot and they know how to save our. I thought about many which out of you know they're gonna say hey. I wanted to ask Benigno about it the do whiskey tickled action that's. I'm confident flagrant sexual harassment into what looked. So that'll be entertaining to listen but I. I will say. The good thing for Benigno and Evans or whatever their names on. I was in New York this weekend that a comedy festival and we were driving home. And we happen to throw line. Their competition. ESPN radio in new York. And who. Know not both. I'll play the three top it's weird to discuss. Tennis. And if if mind you this is new local New York sports. Tennis and if Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi. Would be as good today. As Nadal and Federer. I believe that's what they're talking about I was holding a gun to my head and met my friends in the car we're trying to pulled away from sitting here the whole thing. A minute it's gonna put him in hundreds of and especially bitter. Jimmy. Jimmy Butler how Jimmy Butler couldn't carry a team if they come to the next and one of their cause. You say and the Jimmie bowlers beta include stop exposing his right that's Zion. Zion is comparable. That was one of the big talkers and the other one was something about Levy on bell who they kept calling when bell. Which infuriated. Those that what about those of the three big topics on Monday. Mid days. In the biggest market in the country so don't talk about your. Almost a year neck and neck race with the Red Sox biggest rival sure yet this is sports at least do that it. But in bridge opening a teacher at his job. For this. And his job is safe in the ratings as well because there's zero competition from high on my drive home in New York. So real quick I wanted to recap last week for you. Because you didn't listen we had that house for him. And that was your first show of the by the way I didn't introduce I guess we we did introducing two weeks ago. But you haven't been listening. This is Jared. I'm my new producer Dan Watkins. Left for a new job and then when I came in today an hour later than usual he was still just sitting here hanging around. So I suspect he was lying it is in one news showed no it's I don't defend. He's a he's illusory good riddance and don't need you anymore and you took his seat. As a manager but since I last week was your first week officially city. Producing mine mine. As and how would you say it. Aaron who aren't as much as I like it was our active. Mike's done an. All right from your perspective OK good guys if you Lehman was all right to listen. I'm so now you're as good as is did and it showed it to mean you address that you pressed them on. Comments from Warren actually asked him what it was like. So I got I got the sense that he. Didn't like me. Because I brought up not. He does have a problem in sang about Roemer and this is while like. Have wives and have respect for him and why do show them or at least a guy like that someday. Is because. When I asked him about anything he's done. And you wish. Happy happy to answer whatever it whatever I threw an open book yes. Completely but where I think he didn't like in oral they didn't have respect for me was our little political argument. And crisis. As far as arguing. Would deep things in politics. Like legitimate policies that actually important with a when he was bringing up laws that Jess Jeff Sessions put the motion. That's were rom law he can runs circles around me and Nat gas. That's why tried to keep more general. Into what he immediately brought as I said you know which which trumpet on needle like he went into well your straight white man. I can tell he's our he's gonna say I'm I don't understand. What it's like human to not be pro. So I say well I'm disabled. And what I hope that didn't come off it. Is me saying. What Alex I'm a disabled are just a miss it like you just a disabled though could you please. These are little changed soon. I don't bring that chewed up. And this will make for a good debate I don't bring that up does say what was may. Ever look at any video image for bars and I'll make fun of it until the cows come well. I will bring it up if you're gonna call me up and a man of privilege. Our man who's lived a life and it hasn't seen struggles or any sort of discrimination. This is wrong. Because I am a disabled. It's a fact that I can't get around unfortunately. So that's why I brought that up. And when he went. As if I'm making it up her or aren't. Exaggerating in some way. That kinda pissed me off. Well the unfair. It is wrong yet these days. You've had yours and here's the to the two things I've had. Some people. Think got when they hear from wind. Completely treat me like I'm. I Jen I'm not saying this to be flip genuinely mentally challenged person. Like they tree like they'll talk louder too if you don't you Micah and elderly relative. May programme how are you know. All good glad to hear. You talked and slower and loud and when people are bottom line that's how they talk to me sometimes. Is blind he must not be our oath that all very good Mike thank you. So Roemer was the other end of the spectrum. Where he looks at me and I'm able to. You know pick my way through just walking around the hallways and (%expletive) so I don't necessarily at first glance look at the McCain and of the dark glasses. So to a guy like Reimer I'm not even blaming him for the that he doesn't know me at all. You know I mean so he looks at me as a guy who's. Handing out some minor visual want. It to be honest yet. I'm. Talking to you looking directly in the year they'd ride really couldn't or. Right and let's say I'll Rima is never had that interaction right. Where he's done some where I've stumbled into a (%expletive) and share. And he realizes. All of his guys actually blah you know I mean I don't eat at a bar stool fancy prions Simi flailing its spike balls and ship. So he might think legitimately think. This is a guy just kind of trying to. Milk the most he can. And it just a thing where he needs class you know and I mean ride on soda agreement looks. To me saying one disabled girls. You know and I mean. So I don't necessarily blame him could have gotten and a lot throughout my life. Where people just welcoming this. On yourself and but I'm not. It's been I think it's legitimately been. Caused me to be suicidal for most all my adult life. And so it's a thing I have dealt with. And so for me to throw problem disabled was in just like a what was mis and that's all I really wanted to say about that. Just so people didn't think I was. You guys shed a tear from me to write. I apparently brought it up as Roemer was about the call on the group which freeway. As an and it meant it would match. My house where the trash talk ship that if we get rid of that. But I felt that and I ended because of that interaction I thought maybe. It was a big. But I don't know maybe maybe there was a different vibe in the room could after that was totally cool he dug wherever we joke we (%expletive) On he. Would say things like like when I'd you know itself that the demise of ago on them. You know and I mean I don't think you he certainly was an axle and very very thirties to air on. But that was one thing that bothered me. About the interview. That. I just wanted to address so you haven't listened to go back with that in mind. And amused. And you can do that apple iMac and the squad Twitter and a mixture you even if you listen to this on WEEI dot com folks. Go to my iTunes. Trashed my trashed distress but avert a search on my trash talk on. And leading five star rating positive review. And if you do that well you attract them twit. Don't trash meaning and stretch me where it doesn't really house pets and I eagle is on the via an icon to heal all that should mean an intro. I'm Jared welcome officially to. The air and enjoy producing. Dale and keep we can talk about what they said next week. Around good guy. You've been listening to trash talk with the kind of money I hear it again and WE PI dot. I too am radio dot com or tune in next week for another edition of trashed. A presentation of W. DPR.