Blind Mike's Trash Talk Ep 26 - Disloyal Trenni, Bomani Jones, and more

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Thursday, August 2nd
Mike goes after Trenni for calling for suspensions of coworkers, Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre accuse the Patriots of being racist, and more old tweets from athletes

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All we can match the great people yeah it's the only sound you answered yeah. African America this trash talk. Appearance mistress a couple of week. Video best episode that now sounds horrible against. It is only then you referenced throughout the front ends on its parent but I really should against. I didn't hear all that's headphones they're just be patient and that happened to just add ons but you sound fun while now. I've been told that before. Last week I wanna buy a better episodes. And then. It was ruined. By the incompetence. Of another produce at that I thought that when it's time but yet again I'm stuck with a more. And it played on. And they're good they played it I was Alia through the I was I was in Gilroy city and then they played a clip and therein lies the audience that. Yeah them all the endurance which India the producers that you know and they stuck else they'll suck I don't need this effort cut Kyle lose the only good producer. But that you know that. He's gonna you know work but he got there and do my best. So first and foremost I know we will have much time because it really is company. God forbid I make of the prince weight. Of argument we could get out of here and an impairment. So wanna I wanna start off right away here. With what I think is the most dis loyal employee. I've ever seen. Trying to cruise and Eric time and again. Chose that she will just stab anyone on the back. In the name of social justice. Turner back on any. Doesn't matter. The matter how closely you look at them where what they do for what they do to help you. No problem stick a knife in the back seat get our round of applause on Twitter. Disgraceful. So this time. She went after Tony met who like premise this by sank a Tony and as a boo. The guy makes jokes about his erection for four hundreds. In essentially a moron. Bet that that that's what really bothers me is that defend a guy who I heard. Not three days ago say that he has a little Blake's wife who a raging Blake's wife heart in his pants. Most ridiculous that's the new head the man I have to defend. Then they came from Internet and had to make came from in there is known to defend your next so. So. I got I got to defend the guy. He called Tom Brady a little girl. I did the same thing at an hour then known was most. So I and it didn't even occur to me. Ed that was an offensive comment it's not it is it's not offensive comment I mean I can see where she's coming from that. But at the same time I can see where she's she's coming from a place of I just want something to complain about I wanna get someone in trouble right but the thing that really bothers me is that. She's she's not genuine and she completely well she has debuted the biggest hypocrite. Cheap shall say stuff like that. He sensed how could how could you say such a doll my guy call them little girl the thing she said about did pretty is called. David Price of missing. She encouraged callers. To call their weekend show and make fun of him. For being a little bitch parts of there's a difference between making fun of them on air because hilarious and it's good radio. And there's a different and then there are saying make fun of him because I he's he's a mental midget. So it's like you're gonna you know she's a woman that you should never go after someone for having depression or anxiety when it Impreza has such. Economy and national front. Nobody could tell me where we're not where we are or aren't allowed to make fun it's a shop training. He wasn't he wasn't going after all the women he's saying. He displayed characteristics. That are synonymous. With a eight I female child. Which is an insult to Tom Brady not all women. You do open. If you choose to take it that way vineyard. Yes so what's the willingness to let lets inform the people what is the actual tweet so Mazar non Felger and mad as the other today. Aggressive like I did like a lot of people did. Said that Tom Brady storming out of after Ben loans question he's behaving like a little girl. So why try that trainee what went on Twitter. And said one bowl first so it started with Chad Finn. On another goddamn liberal moon that's the glow brighter yet. So he heard those comments and it was and his tweet is there is lame and then there's Tony Mazur Roddy calling Brady Tommy girl for bailing out. Bailing out on his media availability the other day. It's what what that is it's not one of the world's greatest jokes it's now Richard Pryor esque comedy. But it gets even less funny when I have to break it down for you what that is. Is. People come putt Tommy Boy is it is it is a a famous phrase was the title Chris farm people people know that phrase it will come Tommy Boy. On occasion. So the opposite. Would be the insult would be a column Tommy girl get that's what you get with a joke comes and it's not he's well all the women are sky. So we're gonna look at him in with that scum gender that's total lots. It was a play on words that would definitely knows what he talked about her obviously that's a Mazur. So. Well I soaked into it would it would Chapman said. That that I led that was a bit and then training chimes in you god forbid she he and the reason I go to the disloyal thing. Pilgrim Mazur aired on Comcast sports net Tony's main job. The other side gig he's working at the Villa real jobs we're for Comcast and I would bet. Even though let's say at a less. Primetime time slot. I would bet more people watch children Matt what's that stupid show with her and hang what is it it's that. I would think at least percentage wise the amount of people watching TV I would think more people watch Felger in the photo mass I'm cast but what's that stupid. God damn early edition habits are more people now watch beat villains other than that you opera. How they held a media double standard. If Tony wants to talk about showing that no woman. With Joel's the size of putting pork chops would be allowed on television how is Marc Burch Randle out on TV everyday. That's bizarre to me I mean if that's the that's bizarre to me that they'll let that fat so boys are really on TV Willie is sometimes but he's not really on TV he's more on the radio they just. Osama now is on every day we have another is that Arum on the area could face for radio it's nobody's done that early addition to eagle on that either yeah. So that's it that's a double steadily gated they would though women. Are held to a higher higher standard maverick but they have to be. Respect if you you got to show where trend is to hold itself together looks wise and she's standing next Gary Cain weigh in Marc Burch. That's a double standard don't give messages you open. But with so she chimes in camp keeper goddamn knows this god forbid so her tweet it's. Unbelievable to mean unbelievable. The unbelievable. She can't bully can't wrap her mind. All round what was set all right god. Tommy girl was said it was someone called girl was among college guy behaving childish little girl that's unbelievable. Things you can't believe that's one. As a content apparently it's unbelievable. So it's unbelievable to me that paring down a man by comparing him to a woman is still acceptable and not a suspend able offense really. Public paring down a man for making a joke. That's we're trying to do you same suspend. Tony which means that you're not that far off from thinking should be fine. Ray do you think you think you should be punished in some way. UV should be taken off the air for an amount of time so it's not that much of a leap to say he should be fired for that comment. (%expletive) yeah. Are you serious he should lose money if you did something that. Offends my very sensitive sensibilities if and the worst part is I don't I'm almost not even bothered. Wind just rain you know if if in insurance salesman. Would do does this and it's like okay you're just a (%expletive) idiot. But you know you don't know what it's like to be in that business to have to talk for four hours a day. When someone who's he'd give their opinions. Does that. The one that should be fired for doing it that's who we should start doing. Is taking anyone in the media or in comedy or any anyone that's paid to give opinions or make jokes. If they called someone else out for words they set for saying no no word. They're the ones that you lose their job. Those are people who should be going after other people that (%expletive) up and say something maybe you'll distasteful. Or make a joke the don't care for. People we should. Cater to that's why you know we all do that could we. There's not a single if you go through training entire Twitter history which people who died believed that the curtain challenger did a pretty good job. There's a lot of stuff. Then you could spin into her being sexist or whatever you need and the look that hard right and find her. Hang in now with one Mike Tirico so it was that was that the only one with that the only. We that you had well about it is going up happens far too often it's old it's tired it's believes the what do you so hip it's okay cool track. When I would oppose get a new webos your kids. I guess of course is can understand only forty years old to get lazy a gap that's a lace. Hypocrisy just in this tweet. Is unbelievable. Lazy and it just as (%expletive) with the politics a couple of extra seconds. What do host getaway putting down an athlete with an ethnic or racial slur. That's there was no it's a huge she said that. I think we realize that last she said it and it's still up and ethnic or racial slur what's alerted Tony Mazur audience now he's not that she's not saying that. He used drawings then no she isn't away. She's saying. Would they generate oh away with using ethnic or racial slur. So like you do it for gender refuse essentially same eighties. The not so many words but you know I mean she's comparing the two what what close to a solar. Came out of Mazur Roddy is nothing. Now oh there's so much to go after that show like they refer to I heard them refer to women as bimbos essentially that that should go after. If you want and let me preferred. Not we should go after them if you're going to be this this character that wants Twitter love. And is just attack people that's the stuff he's been gone now. I'm eager. And Sany act like a little girl. Come on our solar. Oh my god like good god because there now. What do recalled in the baby. The offensive to babies yes what can we were all babies at one point two that we BF and it was. This isn't how it was a big I know for that. That Tony mass has called someone a baby I've heard it yet heard on air so I believe that he should go down. To the hospital I was a baby once I'm offended but with the I don't raised. And apologize to every single and took a new blow to new mothers. Tony matchup that vote I've never seen a more disloyal act the big goal after a coworker and say they should be suspended. I'm on your Twitter account. That's outrageous that Timmy should be be suspended both that's true because America should be suspended from Comcast. For advocating for the suspension of a coworker. Completely disloyal. It's sickens me honestly that someone in the media would do that. You know at the best artists and and how about this. You talk about. What's what offends me as a guy that would do anything. Within reason. To get on the curtain kind program. Told watch someone completely split in their face. And just abandon them when they're trying to get you know a rotating 3% to just completely refused to do. At a I don't either lazy news or social justice that's offensive to me. As a guy trying to come up and broadcasting to see you know no thanks. I don't need that. Because it it offends your sensibilities a book on their fight with a that he believes so strongly in this we know she doesn't. Because she tweeted so ice cube is in Boston he was in this very studio. Yeah so here's here he and I use on TNR at this morning. Turn policy was on the magician here here's on the Obama. And that's what's was yesterday no today. You walked out when he was walking and that's all day. Into parts that she tweeted a picture. With ice cube now what do you think. Watch what you might thought she was so excited about you can just goes to her Twitter. At at any ice cube critic for the kids the and the youngsters. Human nose ice cube was in a group called NWA. My memory selfless. Stand. Well. I still don't wanna say to be offended by people using harsh words. Ice cube. Is a man that has abdicated and I'm a fan of NWA believe human. But face cubism and that has advocated in his music for the killing cops. And you tweet about a picture you (%expletive) hypocrite. Should be ashamed of yours should be embarrassed. That those two things are on your Twitter within the days of each other right. That's disgust was she treated about. Now as well last Thursday or Friday and obviously this picture with ice cube as. Yesterday yet today known today as yesterday I think but. There's a song that. Ice cube house with yell you know look at how the infamous you know then without them so. It's the song's title it's a man's world. The first lines and here are women they're good for nothing it may or may be one thing to serve needs to my. Daniel. It does knowing that does it's cute so do you think that that training. Shared her she my opinions with the issue she shouldn't feel so strongly I know now she must agree with she must think that those lyrics. Are not offense she greeted those X because. According to a putter he's nice Q what what's the tweets say that is set up with a picture of ice cube. I'm very curious that the caption this. Because. I'm she dollar it's not this offensive Mecca. This hate monger I don't know quite the ups and actually I don't care that I'm not wearing make up because. I got the tickets they'll be with ice cube that's very today area and always very offensive to him and publish it as very offense. I'm offended turning. Go ahead as a feminine man am I'm offended by. Here you can go ahead and buy my Twitter or you can look at the directory of Entercom bust and find my house. Jared again and couldn't find my phone number give me a call I'd be more than willing to a discussed with so more than absolutely over this so it's just ahead putt to not see that utter hypocrisy. Is just sat trying to. To be. People need to stop get out of the get out of this business strictly be at a news anchor that that reads off a teleprompter because you do not fit no world. Where you should give your opinions. If you think that someone should be suspended for. That's pathetic. Mike shot then and then people were. I don't know what. Tweet their point out of date this is back in February Erica for the Olympics betraying an escalator that's great do what she would do to other people and go back months. I'm a Twitter account for years and find something. Offense that's terrific so this is from February 14 stone replied to some tweet that's it for a second I thought it was another video for two Rico. Bad. Oh no problem Mike to Rico all the way to break though is that one of the bigger creeps I've ever heard so that guy's name was Mike. And it was a mess she's in no wasn't. And then she too she responded to it she said let me ask you this might. If you did something terrible 26 years ago served a suspension went deep therapy service mentioned at all. I know whatever heard about until the book but continue. Services Spansion went through therapy and had zero incidents and a quarter century should. Sure we still hold that against how do you know that. Do you know that zeroing incidents in accord centric we hear about 'cause B for fifty years. You know the best part is to it do you battle most building here bellowing for fifteen years right yeah you just don't know now it's only now that certain you know what you're going to lead to the defense of Mike to Rico because he works for NBC. Pathetic. But she's willing to go out she's willing to go after someone she probably personally doesn't like. But so when she likes and I was instead I was I was upset to hear when I had when I asked Roemer who wanted to show what he said training. I train to mossy course it's sad that he. Right but but I have a little I have more respect for Roemer. Is I don't believe he would do that had to ship. I don't think he would go after anyone especially after we'd been through I don't think you would go after anyone for their words and how quickly. Freddie would turn on him. Is is astonished. You know she would so what one thing related I wanna get to real quick is the kid if I can name the kid did which separates it is (%expletive) name. He was one out away you would know is these these. I know. But he was one strike away from thought throwing a no hitter the other night. And he gave it up and ninth inning obviously Sean nukem shunned new Mets. So Sean nukem. One out one strike away from a no hitter David up to the amount. Whatever you know but he looks to his Twitter and I hope they're tweeting me nice condolences. After my after Mike tough. Now loss but losing you know better you would think you know maybe people are saying some nice words on Twitter know. What they discovered about Sean nukem was years ago. Tron nukem was a teenager. Now instead ship that teenagers. No way. Did you try to tweet mentions a planet. It's. Palance tournament. So Sean welcome essentially. Had a tweet. When he's a kid when he was high school. Seven years ago so he's like 1819. Point five now. Wit it hashed rehashed tagged. The other afterward hey I'm afraid to say it even in context petrified that trying to come after. He treated bag for the folks goal and set an island there a welcoming. And data com. So. You know what to say that anymore. Seven years ago you kind of war. Especially if you're dumb high school. And don't quite get what it means you know I mean it's it's got a different meaning it's. So people dug that up from seven years ago and went after him for being homophobic. So I wanted to take the opportunity to tell people to the things that I did. And high school. That if there were video and social media and ship. I would look a lot dumber than Sean knew them when I was. Fifteen. I broke in two house that we moved out of that my parents still owned. And throw a party at the entire school kids older than me that I didn't and never met came to. So breaking and such if there was video of that I would have been in a lot of trouble. Also when I was either fifteen or sixteen. I jump off a roof. Of a four story house into a six foot pool. And came. Six inches. From being not only blind but then also paralyzed for. And then when I was eighteen this I think what made the best video. When I was eighteen I got black out front. Had to get a break my parents' house to the door is oxide to go around back. Knocked over the dog fence. Rolled my ankle and couldn't get up. So I had to army crawl into the house I mud on my (%expletive) stuck your resourceful yes so some of the things that if there were video. And if I wanted to be you know an adult now people could easily have dug up that video from when I was 1815. Whenever. And I thought this might hear. Should lose his trot should he suspended his career as a trainee would demand your career be over before I even start noble the career I wanna get into that might actually help. The pro at a sluggish at talker you know I mean my who cares about that but I want to have like. Of an adult up a big boy job. I'd be tough that she was not that good chance of and so I would just stop digging things up on people when we know. We've all done equally if not much dumber ship so if I'm an American idols who did find these streets. Right there are a couple of them they are from when he led and between eleven. April of 2012. The first one is this gay black kid won't stop presenting about black hair hash tag I want to leave. That's dumb dumb (%expletive) to tweet. Again six years ago is eighteen. And then you have. Your adult so I don't know if sank. But it's just like what's the cot you know. There's different context six years ago than theirs now it's a different world complete a boy find offensive and not be used as providing context sensitive this. This kid right out presenting about what is presenting about black hair so dumb kid he talked like dumb kids ready for and then there is. Skinny and word big balls. Ice Q I was very happy to your rice cute today they asked him a lot of guys are getting in trouble for when they go back. Through their Twitter and find. Usually between rap lyrics with the N word. And I skew so I have no problem goes much am I my stances in your people say the word don't put new zones. I feel like. That's that's rescue files please I most OPEC I think most reasonable people would agree with him. So now we've solved so just just I've gone back. So everyone knows and I am sure that will be done and the real quick before united I want to get to. And if you notice. Agassi what everyone knows this kind of that the patriots are extremely racist. But money Jones and Pablo Torre kind of leaders discharge patriots and Boston are racist. They do a show if you don't know they do a show in the watchers called high noon audience which on the West Coast on nine and I spoke. I knew it would follow the money are are essentially. Race debaters 'cause there's nothing else interesting to say. So the patriots worked out Eric Decker and actually ended up signing him today Eric Decker patriot. And borrow money Jones and public Torre when they were just merely. Flirting with the idea of signing him. One on high noon and said this. Knowledge or. I thought it would be if they're gonna do a little bit different. In for a well just put it could. Eric Decker. Three inches wide receivers are left Monday he can't you don't hotel and training camp by these new. Patriots. Can make everybody can just see how this event. Eric Decker yeah you're not the pat let me get us it is may have been near wit facts right so yes my question god it did bill ballot Jack apple Google alerts that we can't hurt. Or that sort of thing happens do anything at all with the call the lay it all worth the life since I was. They have on the list that perhaps they could read about it this evil largely by outdated and desire to let them know that there's somebody else. Or perhaps the public to call bullets. I doubt we did don't. Anyway I received I get to joke we get the bigger cup. Timberlake spent the most have ever heard that show. I don't think it ever wanna see it it's we they've they've played music in the background which is bizarre like the whole time they play the music bed under them. You men were hit in any understand we know with the kids along very cool. He's I don't understand. Is. There's another clip there that I get to. Where Bo money says he essentially calls. He doesn't realize it by calling the patriots racist he's been an explanation of his calling everyone else receive to have that one. I heard element played early. Here. Bill Belichick has a tight he is your friend. That has that type in I'm not saying that Eric Decker is only desires and 'cause he fits that tight. Altered the course that it isn't really really funny when your rent you let the type plot really saw one. Who has that type nothing cart and as a little bit Wes Welker Eddie. Up to take his job because we all know that they they had a problem is that they both went to Texas Tech. Is there a third one. Is that the one I'm thinking of he says that it's it's astonishing to me. His explanation. Of why can find there. The whole thing I think what Ryan madam news this cap nick protests there now. Well I just summing up I hate doing that I'm so I'm an idiot and I'm so bad but we're calling people sank hanging in quote form. But essentially what he set he goes. Now what Bill Belichick I'm trying to do Obama impression will Bill Belichick knows is. He sees the day is a stereotype in my whole life play is that a little less athletic usually slow. I do in the days of a minutia stuff. Because morally don't like it's deeper voice Stephen yeah right I'm doing a bad aroma I can't I can't quite grasped his fake voice I think you're doing him. It's the justice now I don't know all the Joseph who also what he said egos Belichick sees that there is. You know kind of a stereotype among white receivers that there'll slower so you know people use that stereotype so Belichick looks at Benson I can get these guys for cheaper. And that's why does. In his mind that's racist. When I would say is. That means literally every one except Bill Belichick is a racist. Sing that 49 ansari 31 NFL teams. Look at white guys and say I don't wanna because he's white the black players are faster with a cup. And Belichick says. You know despite that I'm gonna get the weight diet shot I think I could fit him in the system let me everyone else is racist. A separate Belichick I would think so that's logic can't possibly be easy. That Eric Decker was drafted now here's where it gets racist Josh McDaniels human on notice Josh McDaniels drafted Eric Decker. It counts it's got nothing to do that but I would say judge we did as a racist my my theories always been on white players should be able to beat sign. But they shouldn't be draft they should get to come in his undrafted free agents. That's arrival. Is east tournament a disadvantage but you shouldn't draft white players. And a may beside them I guess you have to. That's rival us I don't get that is that what they think leg that they shouldn't sign like us against so I would be a lot tougher and I think via. And a vote what 75% black refer I think it's it's always to be lower but I mean it's it's it's it's mostly African American but it would still be. Harder to feel the team. Without it being covered all the like. Yeah I mean I don't care about it. Jet race equality and dad at all bulls should be mime in a perfect America it should be all non what's he should get a little white met. That's Michael. You know we live in a society so I guess he can't do that with a lot to go hey guys open your I guess he can't do that but short of that. You know we just get rid of Bubba if we can giver of all like you know. And it's it's weird I know. How great it is kind of funny that every time there's a decent wide receiver available the patriots are gonna go after. But again that that there's a lot to do with the you know and part of that is maybe they are cheaper. Because even if many is not even a stereotype that they slower. Maybe they are slow. Other than Chris haute you know me you know Wes Welker and join adamant in their slower than their bid their counterparts on other teams. Belichick has such a brilliant football mind and Tom Brady's greatest quarterback of all time so when you add those things up there able though. Hoover and the system works different so maybe slower guys are easier fitted. I mean they made it to what the AFC championship game with Austin Collie and you start. It's awful wreck. I guess that'll never I guess. People like me and much more influential people to do it Laker and Callahan when they played it should. On the air maybe aware at fault. Because no one ever talked about these two idiots which no dollars analyst reduced showing this. So no one ever talked about them maybe you would stop all raced me it would make race baiting and unpopular thing. So maybe we're encouraging it by continuing to talk about it but just so goddamn frustrate. It's ridiculous and I believe in of those beliefs or stances. It's it's. So that's it for this week folks rim has got to give him. I gotta give the Boise the prints so. You know all of these global ship it was a five star rating on iTunes you like to show. If I did on WEEI dot com you know funny you're listening right now and then running rough is gonna save me a truck so it did of what he sells about. You've been listening to trash talk with the kind of money I hear it again and WUPI. Dot. ITunes just in the radio dot com and tune in next week for another edition of trashed. A presentation of W. DP I.