Blind Mike's Trash Talk Ep 27 - Rob Parker, Don Lemon, and Alex Jones

Rob Parker says Tom Brady chokes games away with fumbles, Don Lemon responds to Trump's tweet about his interview with LeBron, and should we silence voices like Alex Jones?

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All we can match the great people and it's the only concrete answered me. After in America this trash talk. The (%expletive) just happened. You know I really don't know. By the intro is short in my as a recording it's according it is now hospital of (%expletive) don't let me don't cut off running rough you report. Kind of now. Now. Was he the only guests. Welcome. Welcome to trash talk folks that may god damn police professionals showed America. You'd think equipment for a billion dollar radio corporation war. And you think the producers would know what to do. Well but I hope you're wildly incorrect unruly protests I've figured they make it is my motto but he real quick. Shout out. To our boys our biggest promoter. Sporting MacKenzie sort of and my boy Italian forever. Even more so. Our. We now the podcast. Ten times more than WEI has ever promote. So shout out to them. You don't already follow Callahan forever it's. That is occurring now is Chris occurring guy and parity count. And the very funny as my boys there and they have promoted the show. Far more than anyone at this station that it's actually it's paid by heavy iron WEEI dot com has said. Incidentally lasted ever said it notes they knew about this show. In my boy however it does goes shut out to them just flies under the radar weather details that I yet. So. Will will get to some. Some interest in stuff some stuff that I actually like talking about the kind of defers. From how we usually. Do this show. Branch there a little old. But we'll start with kind of at the usual. Rob Parker Sonny Masso. Once every couple weeks we get one of those those ones and rob Parker is a guy that I wonder. Like Steve placement. Says a lot of ship and skip Bayless to you know propellers on it shows you don't get bells god I I know for effects they should he doesn't. Believe you know I mean he says should to be contrary I mean you know that because someone made a video of him document Aaron Rodgers won against him won for just. Adds to argue against them spell out exactly. So. He does should Thabeet to play that contrary general but he does very well rob Parker I used to think was like that and does not as good at it as them. I right now I just think he's a profoundly dumb human being. I knew I shouldn't have sessions Don lemon is gonna teach me why shouldn't say that a few minutes that's relax. You but I think. Before I learned my lesson here I will say that I think rob Parker is a dumb. Now. They're having an argument what is are you mean about I don't know how to deceive in stock did Tom Brady come up yesterday. The hi. Highly questionable and not know it was a concerted and is beyond a Moscow on I would or I get them all I get them all confused today up. They all have those dumb names. Dead air like trying to be edgy. And O'Dell that formula love both have a allowed. Interesting black guy in a contrary and white guy and a little with Wii does do that it'll work. And Steve and that's kind of because of Kornheiser Obama had that model wreck. And Stephen A Smith and skip Bayless are proof that you can do it. And then them splitting apart having is proof that. Just that for real Holland isn't as early work. Yeah I mean just being is (%expletive) shallow is that to think that that will have a little will create a show for you. Doesn't necessarily work and Shannon Sharpe. And rob Parker kind of proving that so what for whatever reason they were talking about Tom serious. And rob Parker is going to tell us why Tom Brady isn't really that cluster. Quarter. Tom Brady as June dole. Is one of the lucky Islam. Will exact player a book on the fourth quarter to light you good luck always laugh at what they always want to get Tom Brady. And I don't know how to don't take away points. Tom Brady has fumbled and some of the biggest moments and big big game comedians are we thought he lost the Super Bowl this year do you remember. There are two minutes ago launch he lost his bullpen don't normally umi in a double want an end against the raiders got Ronald talk keep the football. The greater issue. Well you know. What's going under rated neck that is Shannon Sharpe. Interject is that we all know. We know the other come I'd skip we all know the other game he blue. Is the game seventeen years ago at the patriots won. Obviously skip that's the other examples. Of the game that Tom Brady. Choked or course how could you forget the games that happened when he in his second season. That's hook rule of course you can't forget Alan that was the biggest game ever analysts investment us give bellows is it to push them to drop he got caught. In one of the most embarrassing things you can do I think it's embarrassing just to have. Like a fake voter going to primate. Twitter account name you know Tim Smith. And I'd I'd comment on mice at that point Mike that's. A hot take my old man. Who would have the balls to say this other than Mike here alone is embarrassing but what is far more and embarrassing is when the people that do that forget. To sign out of there real account. So thank. I think it was on FaceBook this is like maybe years to ago. Skip Bayless. Went on some rant about. And and and that is a comment from skip Bayless. Said it just said man skip to make America a view of himself said. And whatever or picked up on very quickly is what's your bills meant to do is a sign out in news parity count. Comment on his own ship the man. And skip under a different mini amusement you and I knew with myself must have pulled my own tires just embarrassed well and that clip pilots skip to these now. Oh really this completely. Eight were talking down the rob park. Run run. Rob Parker I think might. Genuinely. Com. Have something wrong might be something wrong so I take a little. It almost that he can't you can't be that dumb. And be like oh of functioning human being was able he should have some daily assistance you know what I mean like. I feel bad for I don't know if we know sewn on to. Sort functions were well again debatable. So I don't 98 if that seems like a real weak attempt at well it's. A can argue state. Obviously it was yeah it's August date to. So it's got nothing to talk about so I'll say that you use that did that tuck rule was Tom Brady choking is go back to the gaps tires NFL Vienna even the other example which is accurate. Oh the fumble and that this past Super Bowl it's like he still played one of the greatest. Super Bowl games at lake in one of the greatest performances mr. Roy ever. And just law but. Because him obviously but. That's I don't think that's what I defining choke. Needn't should not mean they didn't choke him out at tackle the fumble the ball right happens ever 500 yards so. Doubt six touchdowns and exit the record for passing yards and a touchdown meaning it I even almost hate. Acknowledging it but I think it is funny to goof on route power. But it may not be so funny because I think we're entering a more sensitive world. And if you really look at it were making fun of a man who doesn't have most facilities. Wanted to say folks. Is the last time will make the Islamic front rob Carter a man's not all that he's not a well man. He's not capable. Functional thought he shouldn't be let out house where if that's in the end these kinds of reducing emissions chain them up in the else. And on saying he should be let out with a with an assist what was with. With some sort of assistance you know I mean media a keeper of so Kabila you know make sure he has his die ladies in his. And it's acts and things like that. Because I don't wanna be accused of Cong rob park and I did I I did that a few minutes ago and I feel that. Because if you become eyes. That means. If if if I am I stick to my guns there and think wrap Parker's dump that means I am a racist. Are you. I wasn't well I am now. Don lemon to focused school. LeBron is now hold on James. I don't know why it specify not not LeBron you guys that they have LeBron James. Is apparently a social activist now. He's you know. Just one of our. Great mine's getting out there and teach us all you know that's at the list. Great. Warrior of social shows that social I'm not saying I can't couldn't speak. But anyways LeBron is a champion of community you know the guy who got super famous news sixteen and and is a billionaire he relates to the the hardship the komen for the hardship of the common black you he gets. Ellen I mean and ulcers LeBron grew up I don't know veterans great area but he dropped. Blasts going assuming understands that he got the very quickly. Time is eighteen user tonight so you know the understands as well as as most people that he can still relate to a fifteen years later. He's coming from to from a place of more. He's observed more than me in that a global put down. So he's decided take of that cause. And it could just let LeBron said with Don lemon. Before we get that done women's. Stuff you have humans are. Brother you should specify that you want in that specific I did you didn't rebel group played I said I love this. And I gotta go into the bathroom. And I came back because they edit it and evidently a lot of and I came I yeah I tolerable Bronson to. Are his neck or take forever error when we have. Now for the Lovett writes we depart. It's not that made the LeBron said something. So LeBron he says that LeBron. You know guys just picture LeBron talking imagine if you will let me pay this is theater of the mind. Imagine LeBron saying something. God forbid we have his exact quote. LeBron said something and Donald Trump took to Twitter. And called him and Don lemon dot he said I believe trump said com. Don lemon makes LeBron James looks Smart which is very difficult. So I rented long enough. Read a final round and we got a book. So let's hear now as if I didn't. Pretend I didn't just huge air departments you did you know. It says something on CNN that's. It. Can't. It's taken. And code one of president coach. Him through. Like that you sports the that the case. And they know what would you say the president puzzles. The dividing thing. Donald Trump makes divisive comments. But when people talk about dividing us. Year you're saying. That you. Are you're you're you're so weak in your beliefs and your thoughts. That you can let a man in control. Either that or you're saying other people is say I'm so but you know not me I'm on the by the house but these other these ducks beat the rest these dummies. They can be controlled. Mind control as just ensure its. They can be controlled. By the words of an peppers now I don't believe. I think most of us. With free thought and free will are able to come up their own. Now. Convincing arguments could slay. People in certain directions. But I think when people talk about he divides us Lieberman applicant. Shia LaBeouf thing went from got elected editor and chanting he will not die that is maybe the most divisive thing that ever happened. Whether they're on camera beating people who disagree with. No that's okay because they don't they're good they're on the wrong side right so when we talk about he would trump divide this will be divided ourselves. I have friends. That are no longer friends of the truck I have friends Wednesday Wednesday. A staunch. Republican. And the other is a staunch a lip. And they were best they knew each other before I'd. They're best friends they're no longer friends anymore. Because they get in the FaceBook arguments about about Paula that's the dumbest reason that's not that's not trump dividing us as of people. That's you'll being so tied up. India I ideology. They can't have that argument and then say we can still drink together and tradition of sorts. You know I mean yeah that's a trump doing now. That's you being so weak willed as a person they can't separate. In compartmentalize that you're never gone with a smile on your body is and then after that he hasn't Mecca right. Case very deep in fact that's and it. So out and keep garden dot com has a question LeBron which sit down. In the wrong that's the that's what I wanted to hear because. That is the that is the problem Panetta's the entire problem and that's what. Hollywood has seen. Is yeah you're you're willing to just. Sit down and and hear the thoughts that you're familiar. They remember how out of touch it was when Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer where ago like prizes. And it obvious to everyone. Why Hillary Clinton is so great like she she's a woman guys like that's all that's all that matters right to select tone deaf right. And then not seeing how anyone could possibly will the problem areas for reasons like LeBron just said. It's don't Barack Obama so well. Great that's great. In fact I you know. As far as a guy. I think Barack Obama probably a better guy. In doubt now the good twists and Albania published as a good guy. I'd I think now I heading for Obama has a tremendously better job of hiding in his his flaws. But you have to be insane narcissistic even wanna be pres. If via narcissistic blood to a foot and podcast. So believe me I know. But. The level of of crazy have to be to think you can and want to leave the country. Is it is that. A level that I can't comprehend it takes a different kind of person to be able to wanna do something like that right on the surface of what I know I would say Obama is a better do I read I probably. Rather have a meal. With Obama. But if you say I wanna. Change someone's mind on an issue I wanna be this social activist. And give a voice for the voiceless that's supposed Lou LeBron is doing now I guess. The why would you only talk to a Barack Obama would agree with polish. Right not so when you. What are you wanna talk to the guy the year if you heard this this powerful guy. Who thinks you can and exchange. Would anyone talked to guided disagrees with the yeah Ole. Apparently they don't but I would NL east and big baby say say. Well he's a racist and you would never have an open discussion without young black man like LeBron more than six to 98. You know I mean do would do it for an audience and show. This monster that Donald Trump is in this intellectual force the economy if you if you wanna do that and that's what you should you should be talking with people. Who disagree. Is talking to people that agree with the you do enough. I said what you know he came up with in a minute episode. But a guy that I wanna do radio with a Jimmer. The one thing I worried about that in Nat is now dead the marvelous new and I think there's money that we would disagree on. But when I first came up to that is I was worried about it would just be two guys agreement. You know I mean ladies two guys guys like yup agree they jumped. Great point. Yeah I mean that's not interest it doesn't it and not even as far as entertainment. It doesn't further the conversation at all. It is and just two guys agree with each patterns and Erica movement. So. The brunch so I think there was a dumb comment on. I don't think LeBron this early dumb guy like I don't. And I think this week I'm in good businessman McEnroe obviously I don't even know they how good businessman is I but. For an athlete is a good does not mean a guy I don't know if he could compete with. Genuine. Business and I don't but for an athlete is a very good businessman and a Smart marketer of himself. The guys never got you never hear any you know he does say he does makes the decision on TV that I'm show like that. And he's a baby impressed so you never. See him in any real controversies. So he's very Smart as far as that self marketer. Into represent representational brand. So he's not he's not a dumb dumb guy you know I mean but that was a dumb comment and it's kind of Donald Trump's thing. To insult people he doesn't know. Don't trust big on insults and he's big on coming up with a nickname baby Lilly nicknames for people. So anyway on Twitter and said after that that some. Don lemon makes LeBron James look intelligent which is stuff that. And then when I called the violence that I like Mike though. My dear. Person. And then you're kind of between kudos not one of the team limelight at the solemn. And send Don lemon goes on the next. And there was no great what you know. Understandably outraged at the president of calls you dumb I can understand. Making a comment about it. However issue but he turned the argument in his something. That I don't quite get how he got. Us here. Referring to African Americans as dumb remember this is America referring to African Americans as dumb is one of the oldest and arts of America's racist past. And present that black people. Are of inferior intelligence. Now he's he's. Yes he's right they viewed just take that statement it's an accurate statement that there's. Horrible stereotype that. The early exist anymore it's but that what I'm sure it doesn't edit button. All right circles usually you know Gavin Maginnis has people asking that. That that's a stereotype that exists. And it's. Terrible obviously in all but Donald Trump wasn't. Even refer stereotype. And say these people using these guys he named two individuals. And said they were dot. So. What Don lemon is doing is bringing race into a discussion where was never interjected. And doing the exact opposite of what this country is tried to do. For fifty years now. And he's and he's turned himself he's taking himself from the individual into a race. He's essentially said you can't insult me. Or LeBron goes where no more than a race don't don't take us as individuals and judges is that judge us by our race. And that's how we wanted to character as to what he should have done us a little. Backwards. With my daughter actually wanna go and it's like they're sick they're setting themselves back the shooting stills but what they show what he should have done is listened LeBron accomplishments was that his own accomplishments and say. This is why he's not dumb guys yeah right. A now. I would cite us I'm emphasis before which I do love Don Juan. Because anyone that's willing to get drunk on TV on new year easy computers easier. To edit has. That's a man who's gonna break out of shell. Of closed off news that and it's got a guy that the guy I respect the Don lemon we'll have some fun and Aries not a stiff guy. He's coming up so that's why bums me out. To see him just stick to that script. Of well coma racist. Because. I've said this before. But when your kid and you will learn what liberal and conservative means. I think I would say most people that's been our generation will look at those definitions. And say all bullets. And he we will smoke weed game marriage all of what do you wanna do you should essentially be able that the as I took liberals were all were all equals we should all the same opportunities. That's what I see liberal this kind of like. Who gives a (%expletive) yeah I mean what people will be let people do what they want more us. And conservatives you know closed off and tradition is only kind of like. Now what liberal has become to meet to become a I shouldn't be allowed to speak you know microphone and doing trying to sound Smart because I'm such a (%expletive) more or at least I can admit. I least I can admit it folks and that's what's really import. So I'm trying to say is what liberal has come to me it is I got is. Now it's attacked people for saying anything we disagree with. At any cost called racist Comas sexist coma homo folk or whatever you can do to take them down. Just rode out. And I never sought is that I saw it as you know people have their opinions if they're dumb calm down whatever but. Don't attack their carry you know video that the things that don't apply the local after that just to be sensational. And the worst thing about. Calling someone sexist or racist or war or wherever she's the second well in this case it doesn't really apply Idec has its front and it's trump started in Brandt well yeah but the worst part about like saying now about. Anyone it just doesn't agree view is that. That fought Nevada follows them. Everywhere of course and it's like people that agree with the Euro is gonna say that the assailed on women called to whoever the (%expletive) it. A racist or sexist that Wednesday. This person's a sexist or racist about it we're going in listening to anything it actually said. Ash as it last week but the great. Lose dig ominous really ass dude at a point. That. Appear in appease some people say it will what's really taken away our jobs. There aren't that many examples. Of people getting fired offered jokes and comments aren't that. What there are far more is if you poured truth serum. In in the the bosses in people that would could give these opportunities these people opportunities. The real opportunity it's lost is the future opportunities but it OK this guy committed off color jokes or we're knocking. Of these things take you never hear that we never note. Healed is James gun that we might win one bat boys. Because that is Disney got a lot of shape yesterday. For. So apparently. They fired James gonna stick and a the act a lot of the actors. Locally spoke out against it which university I was having Dave Batiste said it's Demi out of his contract general Batiste said that everything else he said he's adamant contract so I have to do. But I'd really rather. If we're gonna stick with James got his. So it and that actually shows character. He said hey take this away from I don't give that that's only big Beck I really has going. Knows his MO but another prop I don't know. So it's not you know it it would be a lot easier for like Chris practice it is Chris Brown while other opportunities. But that for Dave but he is this it isn't have. Chris Pratt type courier. Era means that chosen Karadzic or some balls to do that. Tom. When Disney did is they kept the script. So essentially they said. Your tweets. Were morally repugnant. And we want nothing to do it. We don't want we don't want you working here because we think. That the tasteless quote jokes that you were so reprehensible that we don't want you associated with the armed by the way. As opposed to its eyes were good and it means. It if China doesn't seem hypocritical about this guy's words were so good we think he abused him. Talk about home to answer and it's she's a look big they got data audited or they're still taking a lot of shifts and thank god. So we might we might see the tide turning the other way where people are finally cuts aren't assailing. We really have to call every one. If she we you have to now say Jamaica had a file joke here at a file. Is that the broad we're really going down you know I mean I think people are finally starting to say. It enough it is (%expletive) Even. Now the Chris Hardwick thing Chris Hardwicke got his job is back. Chris hard it was kind of meat food. And like that the verb now medium he viewed what essentially came out was that Chris Arnold was probably pretty shady boyfriend. And the girlfriend was a bit of a Kook as well. And they were a bad couple. And what people finalists had to say was. Are we what economic panel legal now Oregon take the guy's job away from for being a shady boyfriend and most. So finally and C and NBC did the right things they said ratify we're gonna hold off we're gonna see what happens we're gonna see all the evidence. That. Over a revolutionary tactic that we see Ali evidence as or any of the guys job. Now we kind of got off to a because there's a really relate to that this more relates to trump saint auction which he's already been branded. You know defend him in whatever way you want or or attack them in every way you want he's got to sting gone. You know I mean enough things have been said about him where he's not gonna shake the branded tees belt. And deservedly so he's he's kind of knowingly created that. So. We're I think Don lemon goes a little far is in this next. No I really thought you were going to be. Mobile. He's fallen apart at the seems folks. Golf club we have anything. Is why can't have nice things. Still. That is a distraught Cho Dan Watkins that would let this happen to me a break Jews were race. I hope that hurt it did it hurt you heard realty. We have vivid on the Pernod mine crest which draws. Boeing is local community. But maybe an encounter. With. Summed it up about Cheney's. Trounced world Obama. Kenyan. LeBron James. Dom. Don lemon don't. Maxine Waters low light Hugh. Black country's huge holes have gone like the league's SOB out of black tennis on walk. Where hundreds kind of lazy. Central Park five. Guilty. Mexicans. Racist context Muslims. Terrorists. The cut Indians. May very content scenes. Wait for it vary. Her. It's yeah you you hit the nail on the had what Don lemon chatted on his list off his resume or more so this offer will bronze Reza. If he wants to be humble about it and say these two guys. They're calling dumb. And then attack them for things he's done the don't take them out of context don't say. Well this you know don't don't marginalize yourself and see cancel black people usually yields insult any individual. On any he's been able call any individual dom is being able calling individual lazy. But you sure what you shouldn't do is base it on that race. You should base it on their actions and what I can tell the trump heard things you like. And called guys dot now he does that. With a lot of people and everybody is that Jeb Bush did it Ted cruise he do to Hillary Clinton is done a lot of people where he pigeonhole them into a silly nickname. And a dumb catch phrase it's crooked Hillary this thing is let's stick. With people why Ted Cruz. Lower energy yet. It works. Any as a strategy in your playing and and I just don't like the idea. Of working backwards and out way. And sick is it because really the reason I don't like it is because. It shows itself and comedy. And it's like well now you can't match because. You know it denigrates black. Or it trivializes rate or at a few. Now actually what it actually does is takes. A sensitive topic or tragic topic and gives people a chance to laugh at that end the option that if they don't like at the turn the puck off and Alice. You know I mean so. I don't I didn't like Don amended act that I actually. And I set seven Y outside. So I respect from their point of views well. So it just say it it bums me out when he had an opportunity. To attack the guy and a real thing where it's a yearly cost dom. From you know go on the points that they were talking about. Where instead. He went the easy way and race but it it. And that that bums me out to see. Even guys respect. Guys I don't respect I will also to. You got to defend even him my bowl. My ball Alex Jones. Well let me preface his vice he can't say anything now without preface it you have to tell where you stand on every issue before you know the top. So we say adding Alex Jones is a genuine. He's a Kook. I think over the years you can point to things where he's been right on August. He also point to things where he's only been wrong but then like brazenly raw late. Like how could a person think that type the do insane isn't. He's a guy. Who I believe. Doesn't I don't easily skip Bayless where he says that effort truck. I think he did at one time. And I think this is what happens like conspiracy theory guys. Is he didn't conspiracy theories and here's my biggest problem with conspiracy appears in and while I'm not getting Kennedy adding that is a good spears. But my problem with the conspiracy theorists. Is there's not a one man don't point. You know I mean they conspiracy theorists like Jessica Lynch error Alex Jones and guys like that. It's if you believe when you go you glioma he believed Kennedy you believe 9/11 to believe sandy hook is crazy is that you I mean you believe even the craziest of the crazy. And that's where they date these guys lose. Because it's like everything the government is out to be in every aspect sometimes. I think just happens. There's not this why failed. Backlog of shady dealings. Going on endeavor with a through Iran. There'll always falls also lacks. So Jones is one of those guys don't know. And he's gained Alex jones' biggest problem is that he's gained a lot more notoriety. With the trump. Is trump guy city golf trump supporters onboard. And the problem that is that means more attention. And then so then he goes on Megyn Kelly show goes egos on mainstream media. And gets exposed there is a (%expletive) nuts which. Isn't away but I think there's a place for nuts. And it is a place for cooks because I guess it would on one. I think where. I think we should trust each other enough to have our own thoughts. And I think I I should trust you. To listen Alex Jones. And be able to say. I think the guys crates. Or be say I agree with a guy on absolutely everything. Then I can say. Well you were nuts to begin and Alex Jones just kind of shaped your opinion on certain issues knows said that in. It SA without. They call ought to gateway drug. This well leads to Coke and hills and heroin and all yes if you had that in. I've smoked weed upwards of 40000 times. Beyond that I've tried Molly three times I've done admiral wants. I've never had the urge state going to Coker pills or. Never wanted to just lower open New Orleans you know and there are no I've not because they I've seen other people get out world and that's turning from a and so we'd as a gateway drug. For people that have that in there were already pushing the Toro people that would that. I have an addictive personality we're all gone now way to begin. They start smoking weed and Leo I got to grab a couple. To whatever is next in on I mean it's the same with conspiracy theorists like battered nut jobs like that where there and down that road in some form. Maybe they would have been more focused on supporting something that maybe did their their mind would be taken up by some details but they find out Jones. And that's what they focus there. Psychosis and now there are conspiracy guy. Coach Jones just nudges him in one direction but they were always this sort of addictive crazy person out. So I have enough faith in that did the same ones that they can listen Alex Jones without going. Into that world. Apparently FaceBook. And iTunes. On the same faith and people that I. Because as FaceBook taken every all his stuff don't believe so FaceBook YouTube. I guess nineteen and I was I apple iTunes. I the last I heard must there's some more. ITunes took a few of his episode Stan. Like I I height which is even crazier it means they listened to all of them. Know for certain things maybe you know what I mean I don't know that I have quality control guns they got idea they definitely do because like when I submit my. I submitted impaired. Apple they eat takes like two weeks. When you look at the sound clout or whatever your RSS feed is. And and it takes like two weeks right to give backed him and his find an unofficial application to real yet aren't in yet kites we. So. Vis these out all the zealot and what I would have a lot more respect for a face. It is it if FaceBook just said. Are again you know what we are a left leaning site. Yeah let's say full on the field why a little. Left leaning site. And anything we don't like we're gonna get. They're perfectly interesting and where are good we're good you're you're not gonna know what it is we're gonna choose one day our sensitivity could be weighed different the next. There's not going to be a lot what however we are feeling. We're gonna eliminate ship based on. If they were honest about that I'd respect. I wouldn't post my should the FaceBook probably. But I respect them a lot more as as a business but instead what they do is say. They hide behind these buzzwords of the written. And dangerous. This Alex jones' dangerous thing and he's threatening to certain group and it's it's it's becoming hate core. We are what else is it become a hate group. In his. Allegiance yanks podcast which have talked about four. Now that is for those of you don't know. Keep in mind it's. Two Jewish guys in Puerto Rican. That have been called white supremacist David. It's been steadily it's been said that they that they controversy behind them is that they run a white supremacist podcast. Jewish guys supporter. Little white supremacists now that's true. Then the white supremacist have gotten very lazy. Well in match. In that process you know weeding out process. Sees the same people that way active weather whatever name's Candace allens of the conservative. Black woman right calling in Europe in her breakfast or whatever was having dinner and calling her white supremacist and yet she's black hesitant. The so the reason. We just escalates as podcast is because they make jokes. And every major is about a major is a white people black people ordering people who. Gave people treat me. Blind people incited people make jokes about oh no one's safe. And they call themselves. First of all their name is legion of stacks. And the stakes in them popularly that the defense of the women at the if you look at the definition of stinks it's just an an unpleasant or unsavory human being. No gender specified today if this tanks at their fur and the and the three men. And they call themselves in there at their bio whenever it the most offensive podcasts on. So you go there knowing this is an offensive podcast yet however I'd beat the jokes that they make has led YouTube to say. This is a white supremacist podcasts are gonna take it. So the clips they throw up on YouTube they're all gone so one avenue they have a promotion. Is completely wiped out because a couple of castles reported them. For hateful language. So I defend Alex jones' army defending the opinions and Alex Jones. It's saying that what you do when you take one guys opinion away. Is you say OK well now. It's okay for media go after the people that I don't. So what are you admire and listened to. And and respect as a broadcaster. Or journalist or wherever. Just know. That would you report Alex Jones for being a hate group that shouldn't be heard by anyone you're saying and I'm allowed to turn on your guy. And say well that that's not he's also saying something so he should be taken. And that's you say you're seeing a lot that would this liberal and can service up Leslie Jones went on the view and edit group a great point about com. Saying hey. Where were idiots making jokes. Don't go after us as if where it. Beacons of commuted and we're speaking for society go after treat us like we're dummies making jokes of and so was talk about important issues. Old joke about those issues. It was a great point. But the reason a lot of people are going after. And some rightfully so is does when the people on the other side. Like posh and Tracy Morgan who are getting an anti gentlemen we're getting attacked for jokes that they didn't necessarily approve. You hear it from Leslie Jones or else. But when it's people that like Dan Harmon. Who were on net that on the good got side on the right side of things well again aren't we. Any shouldn't have been attacked the way. But when I talk to guys like that then that now we'll speak up. Could the good guys to be attacked. Well no he should speak up when everyone's attacked because now you're seeing the effects. You know I mean rent a video like this podcast that's fine. Shunted off shot election law. But what you shouldn't do is report me for. Being offensive because you don't like. A because I'm not as edgy is trying to. But because. What it really does is open you open yourself up to now what do highlight can be attacked or worse for you is now what I do can be attached. Just in life. You know I mean could have should I remember when we have time for a key product of weeks. Ago. The onetime ever called sports talk radio to this before it was called a pilgrim has program probably about five years but this. When Donald Sterling. And wherever case they were advocating that Donald Sterling. Be thrown out of his own business. For sanction in his home. That was no offense off color. Distasteful certainly. And what I said when I called and said once. As guys who were in an opinion giving business. You should be very worried about the idea. That a man can be recorded in his own home unknowingly. Have that tape leaked and be thrown out of the company that he oats. As guys who are employees. And I hate to give your opinions that you worry they should. And Felder sets are you worried about the slippery so pressed and they hang up on as they do and gonna talk about. So amassed said when I hung up was. That what that seems to me. Is like a guy who just wants to get us away with saying racist stuff. What's so for five years now I've been waiting. I've been away. For the for them to come after a mask. Because my point was not mad says things like what Donald Sterling says. It's that mavs calls people idiots and calls women bimbos and makes jokes about his Wiener. All the time and that eventually we're gonna get to a place where that's offensive. And that man is just thrown out his ball past. What's he gonna say than it is at all let sounds like a guy that just one of those bills say sexual right up on the air because then with a smile. I would defend Tony amassed. Knowing. That he is not on board for the same cause because I'll gladly here and say well this is outrageous that week at five office. Well you wanna guy that was supporting it when they were going after other. So you know the right. To bitch about it when they come for you. And that's the problem like people construe. Defending what someone said in private weather was good to batter however you take it. As that's who they are that they should be able to be punished for that it's you know defending what he also it's also actually. It's also actually wore like. What Donald Sterling said is worse in a way because he said in price. So I was crazy or people go after someone saying something into a microphone. That will look at first second. And maybe say they have a reason this was scripted out written in I mean there so it's almost worse when they go after comedians and but the but the worst thing of it is is like when they go off on casters for making their corny jokes is like. Those really the edge east guys we have a that's here going after her. I'm sure will have another Nolan next and now I do. I did defend Tony masks. Eco data entry went after we've been here he's our defending my guy matches then. I'll defend him the next time he gets once training gets away. I'll defend a man to. And I won't defend people like tree when they want their coworkers suspended for things they could do on the road as well. An early view that folks end the important the much more and more than any social issues we've discussed. The real important issues that you get that you get out there. He gimme speech therapist because obviously I can't make you were among local reports. And you also. Dear community. ITunes. And a five star rating at positive view. Yet to a blind Mike Europe FaceBook and share our page. He get to a blind Mike underscore on Twitter. You share buildings that I tweet out and Callahan forever tweet out. Jared. Yeah I don't know you do you promote it would. But can go sports is that they're big and our main support it support the good guys it was a fostering positive review on iTunes and Ronnie ruffle take us out and hopefully we had a whole thing list will be able thing but. You've been listening to trash talk. Kind of money I hear it again and WE PI dot com. ITunes just in the radio dot com tune in next week for another edition of trashed. A presentation that stuff. DP I.