Blind Mike's Trash Talk Ep. 29 - Trash Media Research Poll

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Wednesday, August 22nd
Going over the recent results of the New England Market Resarch poll of the most popular members of Boston sports media and Mike and Jared give list the worst

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Everybody. Can hurt us. This. Kid it's believed to have a reliable news it's. I don't see anything wrong and can you. And you. And ringing the most news. There's times. I'm not going. Well enough belittling Mike we get it he sat you don't we'll blew the what do you to tell us about it I get it folks I'm dot. I'm done levering. I went backed western man I went to the lead then for a week I I rejuvenated. And I'm back in business Betty. Feeling good rated trashing people. I decided. Since I what you guys through hell lastly. Listen mine itself beforehand who needs. I decide it's up on this week bash from other people. Let's talk some trash here on trashed now I've got I made it through that. But as mine might sound like she yay or nay know I was like you know it's good parent having. It fizzles stretching but I'm but yeah Monica. Since it took them out of that was my headphones to a folks I apologize figures incompetent and that line to me if I hear me OK just he's obviously lying to for the record it sounds off for the record your headphones are terrible. They always have an autism these are the things that drive me to Cuba I don't wanna talk about the use of minutes and I had so let's. Makes me do you through it is and there wasn't a problem. And we're getting back to the the real the real crux of the show. Talking (%expletive) about people who accomplish something in a field and I've done nothing yet. So dean. What is called mass media mass channel. Market research into English Channel market research suggests that is. The big Saturday that goes on every year and I've heard felt your man's talk about it for a few years the other shows don't. Focus on them as much but photo Mazar thrown every year. So the last few years have been kind of fascinated by. Committing to big enough. Sample size. To get to get a read on what people's feelings are about Boston sports and particularly from my interest the media. In the survey that I think this 191000. Tumbling respondents but it wasn't as masters and doing as New Hampshire and it ended their qualifications are like. I you have to. Follow one of at least one of the sports teams at least half the time. So for at least half of the patriot season your phone early tab there it's so it's. So I think it it it's a fairly. Decent way to gauge but there's some flaws. And we'll go through that bomb. I tweet it out employment numbers are treated us oil at the list that are pertinent to this discussion. And we'll start with the most boring. TV. I sent a Twitter TV shows are just TV personalities. The shows I don't really care about dozens and it isn't say react by opposed to three pictures in 12. Does members of Boston media I just have the members of Boston media that's about it yet as open so fresh lows they wanted the shows they did. I mean TV shows are all boring it's X Lanston and Red Sox review and all that portion but number one. I was eight interest in the sea was Felger in mass. And they don't give you multiple choice. So. The number one show that comes to people's mind the more new England sports show on television. Is without give being given options as hunger and masks. And I comic uninteresting. Just because it it shows you did the spineless ness that nests and hats. And I had to this Angie but it's coming out we're almost. Most of them as diligent at little four hours we have said yeah those little it was business on Wednesday. You know are there what day is a bad loans was and is on Thursday Thursday. But it just the spinal schism Essen to get creative curtain Callahan or at the very least not put on. Odd dale and Holley now Dylan Keefe. Because it and I you'll see you later in the program I don't have to defend del norte Keefe often. You nodded but talking about Willie did one I consulate disrespect. But. Dale and keep our message. Well there are boring and safe shallow. That will not say getting to ruffle any feathers so dozens looking for daytime programming I I never understood why don't put dale Ali now down key farm. So it speaks to the dumbest kind of I can you criticism re dumb and you were dumb it's probably. But. These these shots of other mavs. Doerr a guard them as we'll get there. But also the number one TV personality again Michael Felger. Who is an on TV Atlantis Democrats for her yeah ninety abuse. Or number two TV it was Michael and Nokia it's just. They're the ones you're looking at a rate. So yes there restraint team favorite local vote local TV sports yes and I get a couple there's a couple of some yet the ones are most accurate I'm Karen is humble this is number two is but us again. It proves the the not scientific ness of this that Tom Karen is number one that means there's a lot of older people. You know moms and that kinda just. Now check in with the Red Sox once in awhile and right like that Tom Caron he's a nice boy Cannes and nice boy and now that he's a safe. He's the guy you you know you bring home to mop hands the guy at four. If I can't say so myself and that's more rigorous territory judge he's he's bad boy that he's that bad bought that record of smog cigarette but I Kansas save guy. And that's a thug. That's impressive and it's has a lot about the Felger Maggio. A show that I think has it's flaws. And is not my favorite show. But it show you gotta respect because they have. A drive times spot. For almost a decade violet. A margin that is came out a margin I didn't think uses visual and was big gap on him realize they were more than doubling down. Which is crazy considering gimmicky for second. Get an easy credit that says the other shoe was on like what complete warship. Was against those two shadows not it was a real hazard doubling the second opponent. So you know TV I don't care as much about has bought local. Sports talk on television. Is guard by. You the cream of the rock. Is trending Jerry tang. That's saying a lot Jesus. To come back and my second is. That's stupid Michael Holley TJ beam show I'd watch in the middle of the night they are you reduced by nick had doubted our. Rose to his three. It's always. It's now it's two hours ago Harley for three hours on TV every night now. Who listened on the on the radio or four people did not mean. I don't know I got a lot of mud and absurd amount from what I art and absurd and the government to do Arabia earlier it paid more to do. Yeah I get a apparently people of Michael all the people on the Ryder. You'll that's our guys. His big start the third thirtieth menus right and address the global general bowling good books that I still am you know what I'm line and or his books about it. People say even books and vice. Would've been given about peoples that all might have Michael Holley yeah as books are under is going on and I find free copies and given the table and I say yeah. I. I could lead if I could see. Visible battery out of this bug. So yeah TV I don't really give a (%expletive) about ID number worn Felger maddening hammered too was like excellence that Tommy Karen show and they don't want to economy. Now again I mean Tom Curran is more of he's B Renner and Human Rights Watch it like Tommy Tommy courage and like topic time to time. Eyes counted Alec he's peppers now. But that shell. You know it's on in prime time. It's on. 8 o'clock I think. And it's you know it as a up point one. Or is that so no I mean just compared it's not a criticism it's literally. Comparatively percentage wise no one watches the show and it just because you know it's a local. On the boards on the sport's for him only sports show that people actually watch the tape yet so it doesn't matter. Especially in a statement radio is where I focus aiming. It's the focus of the show all time obviously but just it would my personality Alice a lot of radio podcasts or to a more urged. Let's show goes to the radio show rankings. According to the entire region knowing which this is interesting. Because. You got a factory in that western mass. Main. Parts of New Hampshire. Vermont. And Connecticut only get a W yeah near the dominant only get WEEI the sport Seb is only in. All Easton mass. Pretty much over I'm I think. And parts of New Hampshire it cuts out and central mag you didn't central idea to listen to it cuts out. Remorse or yeah it was just past about halfway but analyst so of the sports of his at a disadvantage which I've found interesting in the apple. I'd like to see the breakdown of where bullets but I wouldn't like this I don't were leadership. But his interest. So let's light shows let's go from the bottom bottom up yet home boy literally about a manual so that's the tide got a two way tie. I'd like to hear. The the the bigger let's have a bigger ship. The bigger of attitude and I. So at 6% of people who voted the 191000 or so people that vote and that's. The Adam Jones show that's now I'm point 6% now it's. There's been deliberately misunderstood well I think. I think you took my words and twisted around I mean I meant the showed it was a drive times spot. Dale and keep 6%. So tied with the out of drills that I couldn't tell me a little radio pretend I didn't know to tell. That dinky. Up until two weeks ago when a drive afternoon drive spot. On a station. Broadcast. All around. They've tied with the whole. And don't. The creator of the dawn reports the Dark Knight himself. Now. I know. Men hand has a big problem without Ngo and I never know what Alec even Oprah it's not like a petty. They hate each other so retraction something it's a literally every time Adam Jones comes up. It was a some that I don't know assistant personal that I ever demand Jones come up comes up men and says he's cool he's (%expletive) war he's unlistenable. He's on talented he's terrible armory he's not on talent and it's it's it's a weird thing because I think as a very good judges that (%expletive) And I've never heard him talk like that about someone else but he didn't have. Either a personal vendetta with. Who was legitimately very bad at their job it is easily produced products but when I was an Adam Jones I never I don't you like him write a DUI love that show. See I've never I would certainly would never go that far but I don't mind when I was Adam Jones I think OK he's got a thing he's doing. He's trying to be elderly men some he try to be super negative. My my biggest probably jones' honestly ironically when Keith was on there. And what Rick every one would tell me I think that you are their fine chemistry but every one every and it people my age. Would tell me. Well my you know go and oh this. You if you didn't you didn't like they got a list is one you gonna listen to the Adam Jones and rich keys John sterling and Susan law. Oh my god OK he's in it so. I'll let it is that I get Italian that was a good rich Keith does Susan involvement at all. I just died oh well it is so spot dot burst all it's a terrible impression. Al least Adam Jones sounds a little leg John Sterling. Just. As. Anyone could do a sudden sound like Susan Waldman. And it hugest they would say things. Verbatim. That sterling and Waldman said. So what are creative at a school. And it was a horrible impression. So that's always bothered me about the Jones and keep shell. Was that O Mike you've got Mike on to you like for you man now my you know (%expletive) you like though you your families of builder Louie CK additionally like these guys. Let me show you something. Let me show you this. Adam Jones rich Keefe. John Sterling Susan Waldman impression about the illusion of it detects my god you're good just gonna lose in different. Now it was cut. It was so bad in the amount of people ahead delight until Pollyanna. As a bigger don't we stop you don't palladium. Hit the other one I know I'm sure it's better I'm just I just can't listen to I'm so sorry. You phoenician it is stolen was bad. And last time. I know I'll be honest would never beat him the ball on the side here that's real. Yes that's true but it's like to take it out it's a lot at the war become a little bit more confrontational. And I realized I have to. And there's spiel I just feel welcome so now of course I love the Adam Jones show because my boy Christian market. CA terabytes again. Hypocrite. LLC. He's the only one of three or four guys it has ever. Given Misha so I got to give him about him as a might just it's done tell us how awful this show is no no no no no no no I said Jones and Keith the impression was awful now but. Money we backtracked and I don't want people to misunderstand you. I don't mind Adam Jones. Al says about another show. Up on the list is Adam Jones bows and Joan I've never turned it off at a mind numbing boredom. And I've never made a point to say who am Jones analyst. Berlin Jones's tournament for folded and analysts I've never had eaten either way museum persuade. So that's my opinion of Adam Jones so for that guy. To be on that night. A time where when we tally as a guy who's done some time with my boy Patrick Gilroy no always listen that. I can assure you know he's listening so Fred Jones to go to time and owns listen. And tie the afternoon drive show on the competitors station that's as a lot about why you're in mid days down down key. And Adele I'm key for Nona. It will do well Michael Holley. It's fair because. Beginning to flat stupid and by the competition and the night guy on the other station has more popular. Moving up the list. We got Adam Jones and give it. And dale and keep at the bottom which is an abomination and has a lot about the switching that's going on the stations in the next two are tiebreak tied again. Yes or Lanka the morning shows. Those mortgage both morning shows took her enrich anchored Callahan received 12%. Of them now that's about right. That's about inaccurate because well you know I'll I'll I'll make fun of touch or Richard do a show like Tony jeopardy. And hating on Pete Abraham. And just god awful tacky things like that you're biased against hated. Have you ever heard on radio I'm not walk my bias that is number wrong now you know I had not a liar and his. Easy to completely uninteresting guy and a termite nest which is more crime is it to see is to voters should face north scenes this sounds a little hole look a little. A face for radio coming house. Or right in the yes but. That's about so despite my criticism of touch or rich. They are a good show I think touch or can be funny. I respect that he's a Jim Norton fan. And he's likable more. But. You know the show's not necessarily free but I respect. And it that they do have talent. And judging by the ratings if you wanna go buy ratings again that those 2 morning shows are about tied. Yet they just like I mean for about a year and change. Cooking Italian dominated as far as finishing number one. But it's the difference is negligible it was close enough at the touch and which could just say they were number one also and no one really questioned. So that's how close you don't mean to end and that's due date and shot them as genuinely just beat like that's how close it was for basically tied for the arm and got a problem with that. Knows that the next one that I think I have a problem with. The second place. No. It is a guy got third place that this is third play OK this is when there are no time there is no Eisenhower and their separate caucus who start so with 17% of that vote. In favor of India or the news. Voting to their favorites it is. Or math another interesting statement about more than anything else in my opinion daily key. See the and they show that replaced. One is remarkably more popular in this ball in a time slot where it is well there were fewer people let's. So again you know which he says it's not fair. Don't get. It seems completely Tony Williams use look at those numbers and you know you're not against them and it units are you doing some wrong and you got to fix it whatever that is. So top two and now we get to second place and this one I've. Around a little surprised this is bird you seem like Ezra I started to have a problem is similar to playing favorites vale do it as an island. And like them. Mrs. Zola and Bertrand who is so lack. Meathead and that's thank you there. Relatives and I want to catch our zone 42% of the favorable. At that really surprised me and that obviously has a lot to do is and again this poll was an. Multiple choice so people have to dual recall and doing I would loyalists and do I you know like Bea Alonzo. So I think it's a lot through the popularity is up but easier intimidation. So I really more people listen to that and veteran Richard Curtin Callahan. Now but it just you know they like the (%expletive) him. Nonsense that zug that DOC can understand it's a lack says and they feel bad for a man who is. Horribly battling obesity and the loosening ms. So between those two you got passivity vote and you got beat though the wild maniac that people of Summers. I should I I hated so accidentally wrong. So I do I get the appeal you know I mean he's either fight seems like a funnel funnel on I think there's some darkness there. Militancy. Cultural problem I mean that's just a drinking all the time in a manner that's always. At credit double B crept couples so what's the or or or one and only LB I don't. Other guys but you never seat never see the other side. Mr. ever seen any second doing weird things on 29 about that the next. And I just I think he's morphed into too much of that party guys that party guy mentality I think and who has the sunglasses indoors she's a huge. Do you think you luck he's future although it culturally appropriate in my people first of all the your boy as I said the Jimmer Jimmer very. Guiding him excuse started wearing the sunglasses. Said it's because of the light. We just want to win and tell the lighting is turned down and that's studio I believe I'm inclined to believe. He's been doing it when I went on Zoellick emerge from Arizona party. And so was what it was a dimly lit CBS scene. And so I was wearing the sunglasses and it's studio down there went on the afternoon vacated that its feet yeah are you wearing sunglasses. So. Second most publish on the market apparently so good for them and number one again receiving only a mess 2% more of that vote. Then on your map zone Bertram that's top 24% and that's what we do it again that's weird but it's I. You have to see what people day. What type of people like I'm curious the age demographic of this or we do you hear it and come a time. It's not hard for me depiction that yet if you own a pitcher that. We Woody's on explained that if people wanna leave if for us you know you and me games while we do here with the promotions department of all we know. What types of people don't listen to what shows him and love to show up yet and the best and it is it's dated the exact demographic the it's like the down after it's exactly the type of people you would think that love going to radio events to Nazi. And the radio personalities yes that's an interesting group of probably votes on this. I guess like any comments normal but I am one of the few that opposes normal that would be interested. In taking this ball and we'll test and look you can imagine most people like. Lou yeah I'd love I'd love to order some time radio nerds here Q we like it exactly not a lot of people. Now we get to. Personalities. Let's skip the team because she coaches do radio person. Let's start again. You know seven top down is this is kind of like. Now now we read two lists to kind of know where it's start so who's number one in radio. My cutter yeah number 12 guys dominate them guys Dominic now reported for them you can't even so. This this kind of goes to a thing we're gonna get in the tournament. It's hard for me to criticize them. Because it's yes. He's a deuce. But he wants to that's the role he's what he wants to what he wants to know when you'll call was all felt so goddamn. And tell without it the same a minute we get a lot. I cannot listen because a minute. That that you're you're. Perpetuating. He wants that he wants you to not like he wants that to be. A segment of people that can't stand it breathes life yet in to Michael Fogarty to Howard Stern wanted to keep listening wanna hear he's innocent. My problem with Felger is. I think. He he seems to me like a fairly bright guy. To a guy who is interested in other stuff. So his complete reluctance. You know you don't have to be curtain count and you also talk about that should all the time. But. When Donald Trump is elected president of the United States. And it doesn't come up the next. She like that to me is mind blow as it does make sense to you let's went up when a thing happens that you cannot ignore. And they don't mention of image and it's what we don't let that stuff on this program. That does exactly I think there may be word for word what they said the yeah that on this program. That's crazy or even if you wanna say lots another do as well and go to the Colin Capra it would talk about the cap and that to me blows my mind why you wouldn't talk about something that is pervasive in the NFL and people are fascinated people actually care about people outside the NFL. Doesn't matter what you think those people's opinions are affecting ratings I can legitimately. So. That's weird to me without but I cannot criticize Tug of that because. There are other people attack but with tiger. It is ranks will be his popularity. Most popular guy on TV and radio and he's not even on TV. That's that's pretty goddamn impress the easily go to most TV and now it would was now so. You gotta get you got to give him the Mike Felger. So you about the guy he's a talent. There's that there are reasons I don't like that show. Much bigger than him we'll get. Is numero dose we got to cry again. I think we're tied for number two from the radio and from the show vote. War Buddha. Boston's own Marc Bertrand and Scott the last 15012. In theory they can't hit those two and two. Two slots mr. McMahon yes mr. much meet with the the and again it's not catch. It it's not that we're telling them not to mention the weight loss challenge I've got. You should be a little shame if you that. Obviously or peace. And the F chilled should be consider. Ashamed. Ashamed that I just say hey is left is the one we should really he's an enabler obvious. If that's your partner your livelihood kinda revolves around when his life is like passing him and the (%expletive) hole we watch sometime you know you know. Relax I also think they don't really have to me that doesn't seem a bit much of her relationship not just professional on shore. But again beetle is the Ott is like totally get that does the popularity was elect I completely. The Josie in the sub zone. All that have dealership. He's a fun loving guy shut the (%expletive) I think he's got some demons but I'm behind those glasses that he's not addressing. Publicly it's a fun loving guy and I get the popularity. I don't get. I don't dislike the again what I said about the dissolve it and Bertrand show. Is the same as well as about then jumped I've never turned it off because I was bored when I was listening. And yeah I was never my thing. And I've I've never needed. To be in my radio between ten and two. The united couples has been no it's just like it's fine it's like who lean it's it's decent sports talk is what it is now it's straight sports talk they never get. Out of that. All the duo that had barely it's like zobel do. A Morgan Freeman impression about cheese and every little thing again ever get these impressions. Raised the bar a little on these impressions so let's Morgan Freeman is a fun day I can't it's not bad enough to be bad fought. Which is bet I will that Adam Jones impression of Scott for Al I do you guys are. Our own band. And I can't do it but it's froze when anyone competitive. To some extent the only amusement of Salinger smokes one pack today I was arrest Scott Burrell was higher and hockey and it's to protect. I don't know if he was included. National. But. Eric again I don't get the popularity Bertram that he has. Much like I don't know his personality. Yes we describe what Beatles like. Other than again. Morbidly obese I say that not to insult to and spot. I would say that he's just a Halloween. Yeah I'd the most average guy so brilliant to me that he's up there but it I think it's may be that he doesn't ruffle any feathers probably. He's not as. Bland is dale. But he still doesn't bother you people are people like he's pleasant. That wasn't a fellow that's that's perfect reform he's just pleasant what's the devil is the little Aaron how Florida you wanted to and that's. We get telling us how often tend to let's give everyone in. I go to the bottom and excellent in the next on the list isn't as opposed to down a little bit but it probably wasn't one man is next yes sir what an 11%. She I guess I get it he's out. Says bomb at least a person now he's at least. Unique you know I think part of that though is a popular to show results guys all of in his writings of Douglas Cotto who on on the browns didn't make this list is the third ship there Jimmer I'm surprised because people similar Camelot. People love him but again I don't know. If those guys were considered. I guess you could put in whatever you want it. Like to think that they removed the third chance. Is a techno thing and it was not it was the right seek election might you can read and one might want memorable and Mike it's a pennant it wonders if some. I'm 191000 people I can get 1% of the bar stools the patent arsenals the vote and still to come out and I am sprite Jimmer is not on there over and Allie Bertram. Has murdered more personality he's on a drive time slot. TI you're right I am I am surprised aboard the gyms. But mad at least has prayers out I think is completely fake. I think here ordered way say stuff like. Win majesty the big show. Or we would try to work in some Bruins alone when they were relevant once in a I didn't know that a slogan mass start on the picture. Back in the debt to them under them yet now here they are now I've conjured an image where ordered way Reid takes. First place in the ratings and will wobbles over 205 in Dorchester. And in in that waterway like fashion just as soon how many bones not only did illegally so I'll. I gotta do to get them to while there's at light speed is part of star of that. Total assets over there 159. Now. 559 minutes ago. So yeah so when when managed in the big show that. Or we try to work in some occupy more Pete may be tried organs like and in need breaks or Italy says he would like throw a fit kit. How is so boring we did you tell hot you know I am I talking is ridiculous. I hate hockey I can't watch yeah. It's it and northeast Portland welcome. Apparently man has realized that and now you watch that showed their bruins' season he's mr. hockey. I think how old man. That's what does that as of these selection and I can't wait to talk a little Little Rock. And they and they promptly and really he's probably now watching the game stillness or even still. He may be mr. hockey but the talk about it. Five minutes segment. And just push right I got. I really miss they talk about a lot more than other shows will that and I know it's giving him anything I think it's dreadful war produced the Phillies to be to be at a forum. Yeah you Rhode patriots. So. We have as I'll get I'll give that he as a person now I think my problem with him is that a lot of it is. And that a lot of it is. I don't know how he survived in the meat too but 90% of its contact iso. Merger talks he talked is talking about his election. Tell us come home. About Chris sells asked for about five minutes yesterday he was talking about men's bodies like you know each other last night. He can't get enough and I. I got a little federal I don't X in my pants W about the jury for Charlie to. All. Cooling. Judge not become a drop so I could do I could do that the Tony master emerald Slobodan I would have done that. So I think a lot of it's taken it I don't think he's particularly funny like. When people hear people here laughed people can be confused. In the last leg that's the reason shows like the Big Bang theory you're so funny if they're funny is they play a laugh track and it's safe and it's nice and it's bright it's colorful. And that give Dave the characters are friendly enough. So you like this is fun it's more fun and thought oh look at the pretty colors and that's man as he makes silly voices and he's got a hot he's a quick look and bald guy. Did he giggles and welcome in the belly pulpit of those very dove glory trick yourself into thinking you're having fun. It. This map. This out and is trying to picture mavs they sound like a little boy had little dough boy if it is it's a well. But he Atrix you think you're having a wild wacky time. And die is not for me. Well I guess I get. He's different than a lot of people so I get light on Ellis and then nom they're two more names on the list and that's it I think everywhere and I don't I don't. Whose next we go rumor loan money I like Cadillac and again. You start missing on this list. Afternoon drive show I was effort and time. And you can say ahead in the tournament is two weeks ago. And Melanie time that is votes there. Afternoon drive show there this they were after new drugs for the loan acting as a guide it's improved a lot from the Felder I mean that. The puck in my Maloney days. I think when you listen that show a lot of the since. A lot of it was much to say hello all you ask you had I don't like to say that like a little guys feel he's always been good to me very nice guy. He's tremendous on March. I think he'll admit a lot of it was much follow that Monroe. And I think Lou when you listen that was a little tight low to baseball centric. Couldn't really joke about himself enough. He Dixon's sister's let less so now I would say and that's not a good thing about 482. Of them I think roadway is open them apple but. Cracked them open which is surprising to yeah. Brought that that's predatory may make from anyone indigo and those are gonna have to do that (%expletive) and I think his greatest project has been for. Refused to turn them around a lot system. But Maloney also I think is a problem but just in general I think cronies improved. Like I said I citizen a few back. But and of you here you heard does that. The failed to match show when they originally to 95 was originally supposed to be the Felger Maloney should. And Maloney turned it down if you wanted BM station the difference. But from such a show. The search volume alone and those are shortsighted at the core of the climate college I want to just play lacrosse and what that drive it. And writer known affectionately as their go on to help them irony of that at the but did such that it shelf. At a you know that mode as drive time now ten years that nine years later. And Alec will Malone is doing on match and then the last two tied. Happily and it must've eaten one of them alive that they were there and they were tied to align it doesn't really bother you yet. We got at 7% it was go in order way and 21 Turkmen and now that it is human and many of its who gives a (%expletive) about this poem guessing was his opinion on that road but. Deep down if you look at that and you're tied or that's got to just. It's got to promote its EA guarantees got to promote eating him just look at just what I've done so much here. I've been the most he met him in away brought this station from the abyss the station was dead ten years ago. And many there was a large part of why it's alive and why you can look at and say isn't out why it was that. I. Many fans got to look at that just say put the puck in due to move up this list. The fit the reason many and so far down that list is 'cause he's such hate able. Person you love or hate them much more than felt. Doug is like I hated sports takes many hands like. I do love him or hate him as a man you don't like court obviously there were people tweeting and I assume. If you dump some truth serum into these people they tell you. They were going overboard just trolling but diligently people on Twitter after minute hand said he wanted to killings that he was suicidal people spent. Good. I wish she'd do it I mean so that's that's the level of inspiration men and draws from I mean there's a picture of a guy at the front desk here that says if you assure our. A minute can socket you know they're culturally not just with the I think that's live from new report Otis yet so. Many and draws that out at eleven a slice of part analyst that a lot of people listen the current LA despised. Now it's president of the Jerry didn't make this list. Over again overnight Bertrand. He still was militia so much more popular so much more interesting. In a drive times I was surprised Jerry and make this as much a big manager Dan rather meet you how you know. But you're Democrat and that's you know up and that is that it could. The left of if I could easily become an analogy led by staunch Republican you're gonna save them and I think it was better than prodding technical office but. And an old way finishes at that list and good for him I. I liked hearing have been in the car two to six it feels right there's something comforting about hearing our way back Mets swat and now it's better than annual big show. Because he's got a real catch them early it's Maroney for and it's not you know in the raw land. Hoping Larry Johnson and bill burst can make an appearance. So. I am. More or less like that as I just think Beatles wait too high in another surprising talent it was an honor and neither the you know boys were on. Which surely you're not expecting but Fred touch I'm surprised there's now more popular well I think he's a lot a lot a lot like curt recent yankees heated. Is eight yeah. I would think touch her for the populace and a child of touch raise more of a guy who's like. Aggies to ease the blues bag he's a funny guy he's been you know is in Canada enough. And that kinda guy so I wouldn't think people hate him as much on people like him because he's a chance and that's it was dumb is that. I wouldn't it surprise. I don't surprise surprise the through those 3 morning guys well 2 of the 3 morning. Rounds out the list of high rankings so I wanted the spirit of the ship is talk about our bottom feeders. And the people. Who most annoys you the worst most obnoxious people. In. Specifically. Local Boston media is gives few non sports talk people. So Boston media in general people annoyed most but I have a cap. With its. The names I got suggested to me on Twitter a lot lower failure. To mossy. Shaughnessy. Those are probably the most three most. Recommended to mention. I have to say none of those three are mindless. About yours none of those three on my list because. They are good at their job well awesome ride. Shaughnessy and Felder did excellent at their jobs tremendous tremendous the best in the business where. We end. John as he's been great at what he does for years so they aren't going on purpose there's a they're doing their job you may hate them but that's what they want and animosity. Obviously horrible job if you look at these spike to a I liked my C on the radio. And deplete in and so on those spike. Arafat has the photos that this is that was years ago I was a Matt Walsh that it that it. So classy you know. A horrible journalist has. But I'd like much in the radio at these and again the reason I respect too mossy more than anyone I have on my analyst. Is because he's willing to go on and a morning show and fight with them. He's not as much to a plus. As a that are on you know well almost advertise the fact that he came back in. Ticker gallon. Makes me respect. Rewards that other guys on the scene and walk around these holes you would think that he's huge policy in justly be confront them and you have to. He rose Wheatley backpack around. But he's not. He getting credit and give them credit for staying in the market after he sparking despite high. For the deflate I'm in recent PS spy gate thing. Robert Kraft they campaign and Gillette Stadium yeah you can go and earn him so. He stayed here that shows some balls that a lot of people don't have so iris I I have respect for those three guys in the name and a mile. And down. Roemer I don't have on my list either. Because again I. Even more time and I think Lee has got some balls to. And it really was willing. So answer his detractors. Live on the air rather than he going behind the slowly talking about me to move the can simulate. To me Roemer is not really that bad he's just knowing he is Donovan knowing little noise that's really the only problem any so young he's younger than me. Ending though Andy's. He he he has a lot of opinions that I think we'll change with his age group. Yeah you know I mean I would give you the knowledge on things like here's why he'd I would say beaten. And even though he beat me. He sounded a lot smarter than in we were talking about the political. Will to tiger then headed for you let's take. I'd still believe I was right an argument. But Roemer that's his stick he knows I should ton more than so we can to a lot of facts and figures out. I am I I don't know how to refute that and sound intelligent. But I know you're wrong I mean is what he's he's more in connection so he's a lot more well wit on Leno may solve that problem it's a region. Oh yeah that was this is a lot of work god that you don't do any more work only at a news or yelling. (%expletive) yourself. I get. In the spirit. So those guys had a border suggest me a lot but I do not have the mom analyst. Let's start with the bottom of your analyst and and on c'mon the bottom finalist she is not. She she. Q are female the bottom so. Not my mother and inclusive you know trash and all that most insulting agent not the most hated any and all genders sell 78. Content. All of a fund for some. It's content thirty we have Amy Lawrence now technically not disputed this and and I thought about it. She's like you including awful outsiders. OK she's she's I'm tested here. What are podcast she's unbearable. Pressure doesn't have any good sports takes you think she's wrong about everything it's just. It's just terrible right but enough people know whether to consider her. One of the wars seeing as she's on overnights now ranked I don't think so I wish I was a bad choice I. Which there I decided to start with a much more prominent figure in the interest of fairness a little looney I show. That's emotional corporate shield or who criticize my round out there who is that. People who really it's safe to this yeah I think it are you could. OR NC out at all minus five most annoying employee. Most going to point complex. They'll be you know yes followed closely behind me. My number five worst moat most annoying. Com person in media is Dale Arnold. Because. It almost. I want and I'm Donald wouldn't annoy and he would just be milk toast and boring to me. He is million but he annoys me because I heard him on that commitment and podcast. Many months ago. Eighty years and I heard him be interesting. And ink respective. And talk about things he never talked about before and I said this is that this is a guy he's a real guy. It's he's he's if you as a human being and but doesn't bring him and that's studio on the net that swept through could could you picture him winning Emmy. And but it said on the air he's stuck in that locally Kleenex let the net Flanders or it. Any jazz mr. how everybody believes that open everyone's having a gory. And get down and then and nice and he's gonna give you some milk and cookies through it. Everything and it's just very and demeaning. I think dale does that's managed to like that in a deep down you don't like these that's wedged his grudge with Jerry Tang Wei. For eighteen year since what he saw the red potentially for eighteen years over. Whether or not the patriots should of traded Bledsoe or Brady that's going to be the most polite. Like the Bible is his image 2.0 look I know well it's a real outward it's gonna seem like the most it's gonna be the most polite feud. He EU. By the way we can do the TV personalities. I was sad for Gary tying it in the in place. Really get more than four rope hook. Now he's like the the selfish uncle he kind of root for but he never get study of parents basement but you know that look like somebody yes so funny in it. This guy will have around you won a uniform but he just gives you know recent news. To have a better time EF five on the list is dale let's go to a war on your we have training. Okay. Now we're talking area right straight what do you try if she's such a hypocrite chart it's just that to me that's it talk I just I think she's unlistenable she has no balls she won't go on Kirk and Callahan because she doesn't agree with them and doesn't. What does one are you with someone's gonna defend her own points are you kidding me right. Like has to have an edge dia like defend yourself safe show. Everyone why these people are so bad if you wanna be this person that's so edgy and goes after people you have to take that same criticism you can't. It's about our. Depression it's about a lady gets gets things comic that well cemented things other people to the appeal is okay. You can just played boats like that that's ridiculous. Number four mile west. Now how. This is incredibly I'm almost line this. A diploma is Scotts 00. Yes if I didn't. Follow me on the hook so that is something which is that the we had a nice relationship. That's not who the hell do you think you you'll bar stool. That's what you do I guess yeah. But it's like I don't he would give to throw me out like yesterday's but in garbage but that's not so does annoy me because again. Same reason is that I did I think this and some darkness behind those those aviators. You know I mean that we numbers it's always happy go lucky and that's why I respect the should demanded that episode last week. Because violate guys the EC the duality. You see in the that your best you see them your worst annually visit a real person you believe there's not a state is oh I feel no honesty. I don't think there's anyone that's like that all the time to its feet you know maybe that's just their show and I don't get it. But to me it it does seem phony fraudulent orbit because I don't think he's that dial to time. And that's obvious by again him and following me on what they were to be more outraged about that more than I guess. Well creep me if I'm only that you don't find that any and all that I would bring that up over and over again let the best part that is and yet. It's all but number three and we have not really well he has a personality actually is on TV is Cedric Maxwell. That's bizarre and I love Macs are CIA I guess how he's in knowing that. You don't think these guys don't think you're good at did you know this is someone who I think absolutely should not be calling games real out all yet. It's awful he's insightful look. I don't care. I'm off Jo O'Meara who really it was so it seems every time Mike aren't on current which is. Unfortunately yeah popular and were there on all the time play every I can't listen to it. Always opening for a little bit and I'll put up with an early ten you'll like the quack quack you think back McCracken got an old over after fifteen years now. There's really no I don't like it are you kidding me with knowledge I hate lake and especially when he goes off on its hinges. That don't. Shut the (%expletive) up. Holy crap I met analysts' I think you'll regret that when when Tommy is not able to do games anymore and apps gal doing TV instead senator Max. I think the world will seek. Just how good. Tommy was just a good senator Max as when their when their stuck with the likes of scalpers. 82 games a year. Mine and now we get much more optics. And the Mallory leg OK this is easily guys who want Tony Mets. Like I said earlier via I think demands. While I respect that he's dead he's an ass. I respect that he loves a good acts a couple who. I think he's I think he's an incredible fall like that the evidence of so being a phony I don't. The evidence of men as I do is that as a as a respected journalist. For years. He's a hall of fame voter for the and all of all of a sudden. He's this web peace circus act. That. Juggles well Michael Felger makes good points. You might just dug his lap dog. And now we're IV filters lap dog for 700 grand a year. I would without that you kidding me. I'd come on yeah. So I have no problem selling my soul and I admit but I haven't done yet so can't criticize. Tom. But I just think any man is completely phony act and it's not for me. Did they did did the complete Salinas. And they just sane thing but the guy obviously doesn't know basketball. So he feels he has to say it quite violent it's not a franchise player. And things like that it's like Hank really demands is that we believe. Emma. Tony you think that they got I don't know and he'd just up from me I think. He slid Maria over into that seat. That show would do equally well if not better. And I've amassed a creep up on baby it's hard to imagine. How are doing better too. Well as a man I shouldn't say that because it the number one. They can't really do better than in the untouched and they won't do better because I truly believe or meth is much greater competition. And I've faced. Ever went on this page when they started the big show was dying and they had spoken out that was if I've ever seen it cakewalk. Trafalgar matters the Soka holly pro day and Keefe look like Howard Stern. Makes this talk about. Like it was unbelievably that. So finally the Fed dementia some competition will be interesting to see. Maybe eventually a sea change you'll see the 95 season my boys let Maria once. On our beat him. We have a number two a repeated. Scum of the lack hotline number to now why do you do you hit him for the same reasons as many. No I don't. Use he was aren't you want to know of the end for me was going to call. Patriots games perfect is great yes I guess I. I could do without the show ponies all that but that's his schtick again that the SE is gonna. To me that doesn't bother me BQ what it has it didn't bothering he didn't bother me he never would have made this list if you asked me this amount six months ago. But now in the past like 34. Months he's really sold out for this or relief. Gone all in on the economy bars to react well he loves it put it all this heel. Heat. He must be so jealous that man has been offered spot bars and as I do he must beat. Lehman jeans at the idea port apart but it seems so fake to them it's just like FICO stool love it I drink all the time like dude you're forty year old man of almost 58 year old man like. Grow up and is a little bit it's as a hugest thing you see McCann sat alcoholic giants just stop just do your showed do well talk. Yeah he's the San alcoholic uncle. What are we after times that accurate. 54 minutes will jesus' long while energized folks running. Number two Peter Abraham and other personal vendetta that I have. I have good reason for this business but. He Abraham tried to get me fired when it departs. If you haven't heard the entire story. I've told before I'm pretty sure on this broadcast I think so I think would Lucy Burge may be your something. But if I haven't got tough again at some point but the crux of it was where I was enter. Only knew me as I was blind Mike the bar stool and and he tried to get me fired because I said something out of podcast that he didn't. And that is I got a firsthand look at that the type of the weasel that it takes to do to call. Final who Agassi tough final Byrd was my boss. Quickly we believe her talk to look at the cooking and but. So I guess you have final hours I've lost. And start emailing like final Brinks robber saying you gotta get rid of the sky it's a disgrace that you could have this guy working for you he so unprofessional which is okay. We could we are to consider the source. The Pentagon prepares professional for bar stool sports you'd jackass so he called me. Instead of nicely. Talking to me about what he thought I did was she needed was and he taught us it's a bit about him he wasn't and he took it out of context. But instead of same I hit what. I misunderstand what what was the fields in said he called me it several times. He suggested that my mother was a hole or Jesus currents are excited and I didn't know that all this brought us early programs yet you suggest mammoth it was a war. Club needed it and if you affect you the choice were. Saw brake pedals or one minority here but. That is why I believe. Peter Abraham is complete fraud. I think it's well. Creepy and weird that he sees players wearing an article of clothing. And comes in the next day with that same article he he didn't place I got shoes to match you guys. Tonight. The loose discuss a complete loser. Tom and had no respect for him as the man all the journalists because it is a horrible job covering the team. Because he's completely biased he defends them on Twitter that's your job. Estimates as David Price sucks it's your job to call them a white supremacist. You clown. So shut the (%expletive) up but so why people who think David Price sucks a lot of people are we're going overtime spokesman making it more mutinies good trashing your neighbor. You give your number two our current measurable number one it's probably very Vanilla to most people but it is a sergeant Riley there. It's bizarre that falcons aren't salutes. So why I guess what to do I make quick that don't immediately know sergeants are just withdrew the flash guy filling flashed. Fill in air quotes you get feeling per shift he got he was given five submitted to the end it was so black and Bertrand and couldn't do it. He was just complaining the whole time. That's gonzo a lack left the studio or just wasn't saying anything wasn't eating into homes is that's pathetic team you've been on the radio for ten years. Get it together you should be able to carry a show. For five minutes. Now villain and I wanna make sure everyone knows that I checked. A double checked on Twitter. Mike's our dryly still falls and for that I gave him. I saw it absolute get that out there that get that that the though they have bar bothers me it's like what are you doing. The Terry Shoemaker who who are you to be a felon flash guy Natalie catch prisoners on its wish I don't agree with that. I don't think it's guard I would never say such if anyone was like I give you. Thought that putting gave riot if I give your side salute I would slap them on the street well I'll give you massage salute my friend for your honest devotion this program. My number one. Was oddly it's probably obvious that in order on. And obviously number one and for the same reasons I would be Abraham on that list. You do not go after hero. You do not especially for the company work. You do not go after Tony and as he should be suspended. Or suggest that Gerry Callahan missing hateful things on the radio you do not do. You do as it and if you wanna do it. Do no way that doesn't suggest they should be off the you'd need at the least respect for people why haven't his business is anyone. Who's who requests or demands. A suspension or firing I think it's pathetic I think it's spineless I think it's week. I think it's it shows a lack of morals as we should be doing it as well massive something I don't agree with let's shine a light on. Let's have have neon to have a debate them about why shouldn't use language like. But no you'd rather silence him and take that voice away because it's something you don't like it's it's not comfortable for. And to make it was a complete to make it even worse it's to make herself look better. It's and it's hard to applause but it's also hypocritical potential go after David Price isn't David Price hypocrisy guys. An agent used those words in essence it's essentially what she sang. So you know training. Grew more of that I don't. Looking Gerri Gerri especially tight and the back all the time for being strong. Good anyone. But really what you really good people that genuinely disagree with the you're gonna fight you without demanding to be suspended if they use in no no word. That show. Those no no integrity to make it. Just one man's opinion does one guy. Who is made nothing of himself completely trashing people who have made a lot of the so amenable lot of money in this but we'll get to Sunday yet eventually policy. That concludes my list and Jerry's list folks. You can tell us what you thought of those west blend like underscore and act Jared admin some things that are big and builds up. Look at an altitude as Jerry dig in now the Twitter device and I do wanna say we are some of you might be listening this coming out later I'm. Jimmy Fund day when Senna the second night of Jimmy Fund. And as someone who is. Did you for has been very new diss Obama. I'm making its second two weeks but I will say my grandmother was in Dana Farber for a lot of Roland. And I've contribute as much that I could did you put over the years and I think it's I have my problems with charity and where. I wonder about where a lot of money goes in some cases but. Everything I've seen on the Jimmy Fund. And you listen do it for two (%expletive) days on the station every story here. Nothing but glowing reviews of how the Jimmy Fund helps a ton of people. So I believe that the Jimmy Fund as a well worth your donation would have beaten give the give and an ever dollar donation every dollar of the punishment they have 86 cents an anchor astute Dana Farber cancer research so ho hum when you go the NFL where. Any charity so. And that's Greg I'll hear him out and dom. You don't aid most of you are listening. No we you can't call in to the Jimmy Fund. Radio telephone hotline so what you can do adjust on their for months and Tony in there and everybody don't just donate today or yesterday. Throughout the year we're hearing an extra money donate the Jimmy Fund. And RP money here and then that's enough for the set he should. More important maybe more important than donating to the Jimmy Fund. Is pretty good subscribe tonight to secure this thank you could help. A lot of kids with cancer you can hope one horribly depressed man feel a little better about himself. Which would feel equally good Hampshire and a lot easier to just use five stars on iTunes and a positive review. And then keep listening to your friends about it and goodbye CO. You've been listening to trash talk. Kind of money I hear it again and WE PI dot com iTunes just in the radio dot. Tune in next week for another edition of trashed. A presentation that stuff you. DP I.