Blind Mike's Trash Talk Ep. 3 - Borges, Simmons & Braden 2-16-18

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Friday, February 16th

Blind Mike and his sidekick Dan Watkins of WAAF sound off on the week's media news, with Ron Borges, Bill Simmons and Dallas Braden topping the headlines.


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So this honestly maybe the most to show him all lost maybe I'll America. I'm quite the week oh my goodness. Welcome back guys with I am of course my hearing on might as human element. Back with episode three of trash talk. And that was mine producer and seen I'm and and wanting it and I'm Graeme thank you for the introduction finally a third time's the charm I got to. I. So good deed and you may think of me is notes for dumbest of sorts. Because last week and the program. I said hey you know record on Thursday's. Podcast comes out right. So in the meantime. In any news breaks. Just know I find it outrageous. And sure enough. Ron Borges. Saved the day and made me look like I knew I was talking. And then. There are some other stuff. And let me just start by saying is a very weird podcasted. As what trash talk is it's podcaster WTI dot com. That looks at. Shows and out media outlets outside of these outside of twentieth. Look at it one. However since we started. The seats. About eight feet away from me have been the biggest newsmakers in the country. So it was a weird thing to do here to do immediate podcast and not talk about what's. It gonna see my skills broadcasting to see how great I am today. On. By what I do with this half hour on trashed. Shall start back on last week Ron Borges. Because really. That was enough to fuel podcast itself. Who regard as a manager in the goes on here Ron Borges is idiocy. That was on leave oh yeah I texted you. Friday morning it like why couldn't we have just gotten by now Italy it's like Monday aides it was very sick is the podcast came out like a two hours later. And I imagine if you listen in humans. Why is he talking about this the biggest story in the country. Ron Borges is an eighty. You know that. You know that he was tricked by nick from Boston fake dungy. And you know I guess I understand how that can happen at any time I get text from five point number. I think this a big time LA sports agent. And usually know it's some dummy from a suburb of Boston but once in awhile it could be. Tom Brady's agent or any other. And FL hall of famers. Representation of the burner right yet mr. entry spends a lot of timeout in carver mass. So as you know Ron Borges a dope and got tricked by nick from Boston so we don't need to necessarily get in that specific. What I wanna get into is the there were two types of reactions. To Ron Borges. That really bothered. One was the we should have sympathy for this man this poor man. How can you. Stomp on has helped you laugh at this and in his time of crisis. Cannot match. Doing some you know what Ron Borges a public thing. I have no sympathy here. So here's the thing is people saying hey Ron Borges as a kid. He may lose his job how is this funny and we wasn't doing his job he didn't do his job as a parent. Eight it's a very good point. And beat I don't know run. If he was my uncle. I might have different feelings by noon. Anyone. You know you're going to have different feelings around boards of publicly so to laugh at him for doing something so damme. As to think some drunken irishman from outside of Boston is Don Yee with a 508 number. I Russians some some drunken any ethnicity I'm pregnant drunken masterful in Maine yet is that it's so. To think that that was done he was obviously idea. Obviously. You do some background but you know what the borders wanted to store to be true. He's he he loves hitting and the patriots he wanted that to happen a picture and foaming at the almighty god he was fully. Pants pants off. Even you can seat and that text exchange rate goes typing now. Cool donny's comic con if that was a real Donnie I wish it was fall in my lap packet. Oh my goodness I eat I yet that must have been a euphemism for armament. So Ron Borges want that to be true and that's why. He didn't. Shack he didn't double check with his office and make sure that was number that's I didn't do anything didn't do what you learn the first day when you write for your high school newspaper yes. Yeah right. She even your sources even when you take a call on radio. And they say anything remotely even if you're not saying I'm Don you and you're just saying I'm nick from lost. If you take on rating you at the post to say I have no idea this is true. You don't mean you have to go to the proper channels. Before when he gets on that I understand if you think it's really Don you're not rigorous source idea. But again the final numbers should tip you off and maybe the fact that he's got to Boston accept them them. We know we've talked about that for me it would have been one thing right if this if Borges was a 25 year old just trying to you know get its first big story he's been around for thirty some think he's thirty years long he's been covering the patriot. He has a hard on that ruin the patriots and Belichick and and he was excited remembered who and and he wasn't able. But what bothered me was the take sympathy that people felt for Borges. When they said the man has. How do you have now. And my response that would be. Yes I knew Ron Borges ran into Ron Borges and I feel that. The as a public figure he's been covering the patriots thirty years and when you get into this business you want attention I can assure you. By doing this podcast it's to fill and empty void that I have somewhere from deep in mind. Dark years of child. And also this isn't the first time Borges is done trouble for doing something like this there was a whole life incident with the Seattle newspaper right plagiarism the right. Not even attacking the man's professional. That's one that's one. Where he's been proven to be a bad journals he's been proven to plagiarized which. That you know. The number one on the on the list of known those in journalism plagiarism I says that's prime number one. And I would say number two is report getting cast. That's probably second where they say hey you know. It's not a good idea to believe random five showing numbers. About Thai laws hall of fame credentials but. Regardless. I was more bothered by the people said okay. We need to feel sympathy this man that is. Absolutely falls because Ron Borges has a business. He says hey I'm going to be the contrary I'm going to be the guy that goes against the patriots and you know what I think Borges for audiences very good. The first couple episodes of the show is made a habit of bashing guys like Max Kellerman that are that say outrageous things just for the sake. And Borges I would say kind of does that but as a pro I think guys like Borges and Shaughnessy and Felger. Are better than rob Parker and Max Kellerman because. They push buttons I think they believe a lot of what pace whereas I don't get that vibrant element Parker. They push buttons they say things that they know we're gonna get a reaction I think they believe. So Ron Borges is that he says things that he knows are the with buttons. And what you're doing when you say that's psychological break you down from. What you do say that psychologically is I want people to talk about. I don't just wanna do the patriots Monday report card. I want you disable that Ron Borges and he's going to the patriots when no one else no one else is criticizing Belichick except Ronnie Borges. As Don Don Eagles running a card that's been from. So. What you do music that is I want attention so. You get to go with the bat when you when you copy someone's article verbatim and you posted in the Seattle newspaper. You're gonna get attention and a lot of it's going to be neck. When you get a text from Mike Geary saying hey Iran that that's a mentality Belichick's retire. And you just print it. You're gonna get some flack I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you have a kit I don't know why that so many people said that's always got a child okay if I knew the man out that's and I would start. I knew the man whose kid and it's that's talks he's gonna pay his mortgage this month and to me and everyone else on Twitter that was taken and ten minute ticket victory Ron Borges is a terror. He's a guy you tweet about a guy you talk about on the radio these guys make fun. We don't know the man purse. So we have ever right to make. I'm tired of these people and we'll get more this in the second. I'm tired of these people feeling in need. Connolly and seeing all we're here for all of the sympathy that we have but the sec. They get a chance to attacks him when Natal. Boy are they thirsty for blood. Boy they sharks in the water the second someone who's not on their team slips. And any other group I had a problem went on the Borges. What's the people that just still wanted to believe. I credited ogre for being one of these good can fragrance. And it is. But somebody goes far. Now am I mistaken or is target still on board this board after thug or read it I'm pretty sure he said you know there's some good stuff and. This columns some 5% for a picnic. So it seems. Thank you Jim Jim Murray the voice of reason on the Felder a man's might dot. Now. What I would say is it's much worse to be man let's. And to just say things to repeat what Felder says and then say the craziest thing you could possibly I'm Jim as wanted to say it was a 100%. Now there has the sense he's a good broadcaster. He is the sense. To go well you know obviously isn't true but he knows the 75% they will push. I think Felder was more mad that he put that looked like he put a lot of work in preparing segment yes it turn out your balls a 1000% right because even said. I'm starting the show you'll always planned on talking about this for an hour yeah so we're gonna talk about. How absurd is that. He had all violated certainly ensemble cast showing the picture holding up the papers as isolated as net. Start now can I ask Michael thug one more question I hear. That guy and the new king of all media in Boston certainly but there's a true it's good thank you he doesn't because the so. Voters. EEE he wanted to talk about it and that's that's why respecting Eichmann and so much more. Then a guy like here because I think Felger is a good broadcast. And it shows very highly rate. But I think men hand and Callahan and that that show in general has the ability to him when something happens they'll talk about. Where they were talking as a Borges story was true talked about it. And then it was proven to be falls they would have moved in aft port. Felger man's don't have that ability. Jim Murray does Jim Murray's I think the most talented guy and that show. And I think he would fit in on better with a card giant program that doesn't just sports but. For whatever reason for Odom has refused to do on cap the next thing when about it. It's the weirdest thing where if you go this expert sports is the borders that was a sports story a sports journalist made an ass of himself. So talk about it was a big east or in the country but they would rather talk about well what if it was true. And that's amazing. So. That led. Bill Simmons. Two comments time. A lot of the goings on in Boston these days. What did what did bills that we have between it would Bill Simmons say. About mountain. The Boston that Boston so it was a series of tweets from all built a the third was the one caught the attention of one older notable Boston's yet to be. As the three from sevenths everything became so much nastier starting in 1990 with the recent poll and apples and debacle. And how horribly she was treated by nearly everyone and never approved there have been few exceptions over the years but for the most part negativity in nastiness has prevailed it's too bad. Now this is a an insane. Example. Because he's talking about the borders thing and he's talking about something else that happened and I carrots are about moon balls. A pan. So. He's talking about a couple now that inspired me to look up what the police Olson incident and for those of you that don't know which I didn't. Weasels it was a female general journalist to win the patriots locker room in 1990. And was sexually harassed by a players in the locker room and I believe I don't know this is allegedly not. I don't know who was it proved to be true with the but the deal was that remind you I was negative one in nineteen so give him. But it but my research showed an allegedly one player. Pulled the old we see today. So I so hope not good and I would warn Bill Simmons pay. If you're going to bring that. In comparison to Borges and anything else that said any girls. That's a senator because one of those issues is actually import. Police also incident is an important issue that should be examined in sports especially in this day and age. Whereas the board testing is a dumb dumb. Taking a some idiots tax and running. And any other jokes that you may not like it's not. As serious an issue as what police also. Lisa Olson incident was so Bill Simmons relax and I've always had a problem Bill Simmons because. He's one of these guys. He reminds me of some from western for those. I'm not born and raised boss. And Bill Simmons reminds me of one of those guys that was from my town down from Springfield. In western mass. And when they go other places do again I'm from Boston. That's what Bill Simmons he has no five of Boston. If he's out there and LA hanging with a celebrity house egg egg goes south's Davey ghosts ox man so Boston. Shout am I right am I right guys. It's like Eric are you really Boston. Due to. I don't know guy hit yet can't. Let's not get. Bill Simmons doesn't strike me and he strikes me is a real phony. In every way. So I kind of hate this like one hey you know my grass roots are in Boston. So I'll tell all my friends out here that things have been real bet that's why I got out of well like. Those and you're not the only person's skin while under it it it it. Worries me that this man agrees with me about. Let's anyway as a response from the one and only mr. tomato cans themselves honestly shank in involved. He quote quote reads of this fraud dot dot. Who never got off the couch or phased and he when he wrote about. And tweaked. So now. Here's. Eight Sean isn't the type a guy that when I just went on a rant about Bill Simmons Shaughnessy a 100% agrees that make and yet I. Disagree with what he said completely. John see that having. And again I mention him in the Borges Felger category where idea respect. Shaughnessy a lot I think he's good news he's very yes so. What that that people have a negative association with the word contrary I think Shaughnessy is a good contrary. Shaughnessy seized that people and Borges was this to an extent in Nazis. Making false reports Borges was this also where they see Hank. Everyone is kissing the patriots pass at its access and what would our players. Are in the news everyone does their past. So Shawna guys like Shaughnessy in Borges and outer say what will do the ops there's a market that there's an opening for that role. So that'll be us. So far as he knows a setup was but I think he believes it's. But Sean she's the type of guy when the whole town hates David Price he says hey let's defend this. That's kind of which arms whereas Max Kellerman. Rose goatee so it looks bad ass and just says the wildest. Ball Tom Brady is the greatest. So we'll call we will say he's about to be able to net which. Where Shaughnessy as the sensed it on the owns in the north and I think I'm being real saying let's make more subtle points that the people reporting so. I agree with Chauncey that Simmons is kind of however. I don't like this high and mighty act big guys like Shaughnessy. Keep up where it's well you've never been an old locker room so who are you to saint. Why oh why does that make it tough shots. It has David Ortiz ever thrown a punch in. In economy has Belichick ever grabbed you by the neck. Has there ever been any physical violence are against it actually maybe Johnson has a finger at independent yeah I had you know what I having Carl Everett and had some issues like I like that of the first reply tweet from from. Someone twitters just it's Carle shot Karl ever should kicked your thought. And they're not wrong headed but. You know I guess there's an element of your facing the people you're criticized so I understand. But I don't like. High and mighty routine of people who Bill Simmons isn't allowed to Sany thing because he doesn't. Interview athletes next to their lockers. I don't understand is missing this day and age where athletes can see everything they can call you out on whatever they want. And I realize it's different when you're talking a person face to face but trying to see you're not that rate. All right now running into buildings in fighting fighters get a hold yourself. If not his balls he got there are dark just like Bill Simmons. You've just taken up different points and bills Bill Simmons sold out I'll admit that Bill Simmons sold out to be part of the clot. To hang out with a Ben Affleck in Jimmy Kimmel. And Shaughnessy. I don't think could've done that he wanted to but. I don't know I didn't vote I think Bill Simmons is complete fraud like Shaughnessy said however she trying to seeing himself as a pompous dues. So Hoch a but the Borges stuff really. Inspired kind of a week gives. And fake outrage against. And there was an incident. Involving. Race. Radio a radio show where a person said something controversial. And was punished for that you obviously know from talking. I'm talking about employer and Russia's form. Bars the sports. Obviously that's we've parliament eyes pivot he threw me off day you know like you are already dumped dumped out in us dollars not on I'm good at this don't forget. So this guy. What's his name again commend him for Patrick Patrick Connors Patrick Connor Patrick Connor. Patrick Connor just got to show on bar stool sports will Dallas Braden on him on Marshall radio shows Imus here's. And dialed in with Dallas Braden the names okay supposedly to seize the second. So. Here's what it strikes me has allowed to play the cliff Roberts strikes me as odd as Patrick Connor. Saying well. I'm here at bar stool. Let's say some edgy she in the top and they were talking about the Olympics and a Khloe Kim the seventeen year old American snowboarders just one gold medal tonight right this was via the through the conversation. Seek only the only issue in. The earth so this little cards and then but. That's she's. Here it seems it's. And this figure to report that there were. Already. Acted to keep the murderer eighteenth birthdays April. Can winners and that's like ice girls and I. It. Eighteen UB she is she's she's he's changed since. She. Making. It. That's an equity champ. Oil Lackey is a Boehner. Bar Stoller they said Boehner edgy edging a solar and I think he's referencing days into you yet okay so that's. That's where my province with a guy got fired from not from arsenal. Other rate reviews NBER the other radio station port port and I didn't understand his role did show called the shower our. Oh boy which I can I can only imagine the edginess that comes out of the shower. New radio eyes him. Literally shower Beers tuna. Mystery but Obama. So. Came BR fires that I have a lot of problems. KBR fires this guy for something he said not on their air it's. Also. What he was referencing here's what I think Patrick Connor lost. Everyone any gloss may even you heard me well too desperate. Is when he goes she's at peace than. March 17 you should know not to do. That was incredibly. I think if he does ended it after the work though what person reference you have been okay but then he goes on and he says she's fine is now if she was eighteen you wouldn't be ashamed they in right so that's eighty. That's like how do you know how do you not know not. I guess what I had a problem with her as a lot of people were quoting the that's what I like about high school girls thing. As if he's. Strolling outside of high schools excellent from dazed. So I hope if quoting movies is now over the line. Lock me. Because that's the only way and on communicate with people a very socially awkward. And I throw move signs felt lines all day every day that talked that's about the first two months a New York to talk to get it exactly. Steinfeld and now office references I know that's about it yet new occasional stop rollers yet the with the departed I got a few of humans that's really. So. I think Dallas Braden and the other guy I don't know who else was that studio. But the other guys in that studio where very Smart. Ago war. Lose. They know they know the trick of saying like oh let's separate ourselves from this. Could hit eight they've picked up on that very quickly. So. Patrick Connors big mistake was obvious dot. Com. I think he is immediate efforts saying now Hillary however. Let me say this. Does anyone. Think he was sooners. Is there anyone that thinks he wasn't joking in trying to be shocking. And if that's the case then you should have a legitimate issue with the if you think he's being genuine and that he's got some sort of seedy past that we should look into. Then you should be offended. But if you're aware that he was joke. So I don't know I I I get his intention. Vineyard Dick for being bothered by and I am concern after being bothered that a good I you know what I go to far with that stuff. If your offended and it's genuine. By joke. I should have less of a problem with that. I get bothered by that too much I go to the other extremes. If you're genuinely offended by something. That's far. However. To put on this per trail. I'm going to be the guy that gets offended or the girl that gets offended by a joke and then tries to cost that person there live. That is outrageous. Because what I just talked about before Ron Borges that was being completely on perfect. What Ron Borges did he deserve to get fired. However if you're in the entertainment business. And you make a joke that people don't like that's going to happen. Believe. Even if you're in the business of trying to make people laugh on your couch. You're gonna try for things that aren't a little. And I think we need to look at people's contention a lot more than we. I think social media and this generation is kind of inspired. A generation of people that are angry. And don't know where to channel anchor. Maybe it's their parents maybe the president maybe it's got. The more likely it's themselves they're angry at themselves. And I don't know why. And they don't know how to channel. Twitter so they go to DD immediately go to Twitter and FaceBook. And say. Well I don't like one thing this person said so they should lose every. And what they don't realize news. They're not that first ball when you go after person for it. You're branding them with whatever label you want sexist or racist. Or whatever. Whatever you think they. And decide you don't actually think that whatever your claiming. That's your branding them as for life because most of us don't really read stories we see a headline saying this guy from Cain BR is a sexist pig. And that's how we categorize him for the rest is like any job egos or from now on that's going to be brought up why. Because he made a joke not because his actions work rule because he said something silly on the radio that he shouldn't said. But you know you do in that situation and I said this before on the very brief history of this program. You have a debate he put him on your way it's. And you talk it out you put him with someone within opposing view. Maybe someone that wrote an article about this this joke and how offended at. Maybe have a discussion with that person and you hash things out and made by the end of that discussion you find. Was he really a monster. Or was it a good guy. That really has no ill intention and said something dumb yet hate Russians said. Ball is going for entertainment. Rather than. Trying to hurt anyone in any real way. And maybe I'm. Just different than most people but. On the guiding goes by blind in my. If you look at the title of his podcast. It's that trash talk with a blind Mike. That's what I'm branded for life. And do you know why not because I was bullied into. Not because I'm some poor disabled bull and defendants. Is because. I went to Dave Portnoy is office. Almost three years ago. And said hey I want a job here I'm legally blind. I think there's content there let's make fun. Well look people that tell me specifically. Well I wish. Are not on site they say I'm glad. That I have more sympathy and you replace him as a disabled cars. I'll speak for all minority in this situation are disabled and minorities I guess you so we can. As a voice for these people. Let me say we don't need you to defend. We don't need your cod were perfectly capable. Of defending ourselves. In fact humor is the only way a lot of us. Stop from jumping off a (%expletive) and built. So you're going to take that away from us for our sake. Please don't. We do not need you we do not want your help. And go (%expletive) yourself. Don't be offended from. Because I don't want. So if your person if you especially if you're a middle aged white guy. That's the worst a middle aged white guy that's going to be offended. For other groups. Shut the (%expletive) up. Girl lose. We don't need you you never dealt with that so you don't know what it's like you don't know what it's like to be able to make fun of race or sex or disability or into like that. And that helps you cope. That's what the (%expletive) up people who are offended. And you could say well the guys are talking about Mike are also white. Via the don't know what problems they're dealing with mentally. You know she it's going on for them you don't know what Peyton may be telling a joke and making people laugh for a minute. Broke up the rule reality that like it's just that do everything about that now. Because your national. Who wants to be patted on the back on Twitter. For saying what people think are nice things. Mom. So. I would say I think we need more. Of tea in it the phony. Liberal thing to say when he's opened died. Everyone says. But is sure I said that I say this from both sides ESP and should have gotten religion now. They should put her with someone that would have made her more entertaining by going back and forth. When you say things that are edgy and outrageous the answer shouldn't be silencing. I think Howard Stern prove that. People wanna hear that should. And if you don't. Change the channel or read a different newspaper. Ordered them or or go to a different ball. Because this does feel like something doesn't mean others don't. So don't and let me say this and again I'm just talking about the guy it was five and maybe you should have been. Maybe shouldn't. I'm not. The person in charge of making those types of decisions. But you law and by you I mean the people who were willing to attack advertisers. Or whatever for barged in here going to do that and you think it's in the name of defending. The the people without a voice before you do that think of the people you're going after the livelihood you're taking away from them. Their families. The other people that work with them that are affected by this but that's another thing they don't realize in the skies fired from Cain BR. That means the people that worked on his show don't have a job anymore. So laurel Wagner. You idiots when you write (%expletive) about bar stool and try to take them down. Because you think here speaking for all women are all minorities are all disabled people. Or any other minority group. What you're really doing is saying I wanna play dozens or hundreds of people out of work. Because by attacking this one person you're affecting a lot more. So how but the that you think about that the next time you think your light and a year saving the day by criticizing this joke. Why because you didn't laugh that's. Go (%expletive) yourself. And that's my message this folks. Golf buckets. How's that and we scared Furman nice rap about diarrhea real emotional known as the end I was waiting for content about the week I think I think I did a good job right. Ever won a bad I think I was I was talking about K India are we on the I knew Dugard when you're giving your yours your speech there I was picturing you currently can operate partisan. Anger with your face painted over yet. So that's my message this week is really. You know I'd like to leave the one battling hard and I could talk about this being disabled get real serious and then just leave you to your weekend and asked a continental Gibson. That'll get a long ago. So. That's my measure every every one well you know (%expletive) up. Laugh a little. And he can't laugh let the rest of us are as so. By the time the show comes out hopefully. Will be on iTunes. Or maybe given the last five minutes of what I just said it'll never but those. But the iTunes channel should. Be up by tomorrow I've been told. Maybe a line we'll find out but make sure to follow my Twitter app blind Mike underscore knowledge you know. The view EI losses to weed out and if all he had the VI podcast on iTunes. It. And then they want to give reporters well I do like to do I I'm usually the first one between about oh yes that's true at do you Wadi nine victory do you running ninth. So dale treatment. And you can follow us some bulletin of as I can if there is nineteen states. Please subscribe and if you like today show or the other two episodes we've done. Helpful the world couldn't find the right if we have those the other two of those started out on WUPI dot. All right guys and remember. Anything happen. It kind of comes out I'm out.