Blind Mike's Trash Talk Ep. 30 - Brady's Hang-Up, Whitlock vs. LeBron, and J.D. Martinez

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Thursday, August 30th
Defending Kirk and discussing the change in the way Brady handles the media, Jason Whitlock has a scathing review of LeBron's "The Shop", and J.D Martinez has a questionable Instagram post

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Week all we can match the great. It's the only one it'll certainly be a block Captain America this trash talk. It's the most respected member of the WT IM. Your boy Mike here. In sickness and pleasant SC out. Gold medalist in the episode last week it was really doesn't and it's kind of ever greens you can listen to whenever it's not as topic goes we usually do. And I am telling you go back and listen because the tweet was deleted from WEI for summaries and as the only form of promotion they ever do forest is one. Tweet rhetoric goes up ahead of him to do the Jimmy Fund what did you expect. Resentment. Or you uploaded it I assume that they removed it because they had nothing to do the Jimmy Fund is like the only thing. Well then retreated the next day I don't know if you could type. Could be freed in a note you can scrubbed. Elicit that podcast ended with a nice message about the jury and that's a lot of listings you've been weeded out past ninety cancer I did a nice guy. Imus and so ridiculous and that he inherited that thought it was one of our. One of a better ones. And apparently I hear tell. That someone here. Ask us to not. Talk about. The Brady hang up. I'm occurring count him program. And you know I'm lament on the totem pole outside. Doesn't whom so fiscal second Callahan had Brady on Tuesday and he hung up. Everyone's heard the clip. But you know. I don't I don't get it I don't understand. I understand. That Tom Brady has the right I'm sick of that. Is I I tweet out I don't get what many handed wrong like you're at the show we were meant to her I'd love to bash that trip. Because one of my biggest criticisms is that I kissed her access we got here he said and I you know IE I think you're a fan of mine might be a problem. You bring kiss my ass too so I'm waiting. Wanna criticized again. And this is the third opportunity if he did something rock and in these situations I think he's been wrong before I think when they had Stephen A Smith on and he hung up. The I think that. Cook was wrong in that situation I think you know morally he was right leg the wind is criticizing Stephen A for it if you don't know. Stephen A his last appearance on KNC. He hung up on them because. Many men I think it was around the time of the to placate Spansion may be is they were talking American remember but it was something to do great. And Stephen A criticized Brady and many hand made this convoluted comparison. To the fact that Stephen A pals around with Floyd Mayweather. It seemed like a straight men and just wanted to criticize him for that. And really pulled a hamstring get the real stretch it was it was a complete stretch now many it was right the point was making but I guy like Steve Renee was like. Look at this come for a country. I called in to talk about combat what I understand why you're asking me about voice mail I don't get it. It was a design real comparison that may be sent so. I get that many men as as a reputation of maybe. Try to try to make something had nothing to the second attempt. I whined about his parents for that you know get over Sosa I think that it's silly stuff like that all of us I'm kidding of course. But in this situation. You hit the questioning gas and it's. Completely reasonable but. I say hey I don't get what I'm supposed to criticize man about it and people come at me with it Brady has the right to hang up. What's. The core of what is of course he doubts. Of course he dies it's like any color any forego salary if I'm loosening up but obviously. I'm not championing the rule. Taking away his rights. Are you saying he sounded like a bit of a cry baby yeah note the only thing you can criticize Kirk for. Is that pretty set on a wanna get into it twice before out but that's the only thing that's a big thing that people said is that he set. He said I don't wanna talk about it but then started answer. He says I want talk about it but. Alex is Ben you know remove problem with the same (%expletive) is always. So that led correct to say. How do you go. Easy on the side of it done. Yeah. Our guys have a great touching it. All right that was like. That was the most babies thing I've seen Brady do but the walking away at the press conference it's like. I've I don't know how long use RD up on the podium there is Haram that. That was like. Many has a yes or no question. That wasn't like Brady has to give this profound answer. Or is gonna look that was on the sideline on Friday yes we're gonna silent on Friday now. He was on the team plane and it was genocide and athletic. Guys I you know I'm that it has yet about Guerrero got a graphic. Now he's just turned the time he's turned in a complete deep in the past couple years and to your pitchforks ready torches and pitchforks are to come down knocked on the doors that. Entercom this is why I've gotten tired of Brady in the past couple years and I'm tired of this crap. If this alert LeBron or Peyton Manning. We'd be carrying apart column baby plain and over and over again laughing atom. But it's it's our guy think he has to wait to say that. I'm not looking that I'm the same Tom Brady should lose his job. Or that technology never have a money she is the right to do that are easy looks like a bit of a baby. He hasn't done that for the first seventeen years of his career I don't know why he's starting now. And it just seems odd to me and it seems like. He's got the big head he got rid of Jimmy gee he won that battle he's the guy here. And because of that lease it seems like he's not this team first no distractions. Kinda guy name. I'm so yeah it's. I've taught at a Aaliyah who can't say that the thing I like about Brady. Is is that he's never seemed sensitive. And I don't think I've ever had more respect for him. Then when Steve Buckley asked him. The day of the descent saga. And that the data at all started. And media day but really asked him should shoot outs or be fired. And I don't seek it was job return for the month of the B Haniyeh. Well it's well into the that you bring and what can be fired. So I respect him so much in a moment it's. Especially in this day and age where everyone's just look we can't wait. To get people fight the people who don't know Tom Brady owner Tom Brady's daughter dawn of the family. Who Safire Reimer how could he did do this embrace it not of course I don't want to keep those jobs. So that that's a moment I respect. I of Brady. This is just silliness. If you have to know. That if you go into business. With a guy who was peddling fake cancer medicine. In concussion wandered up for him but I'm concussion water. He would he he's going to be asked about it and men. When you convince your teammates to common train with this guy and one of the best players and your team gets popped for PDs. Questions are gonna come about how's Guerrero and then when that guy is often on the team planes seemingly. Willy Nilly we don't know what it's gonna come ago. Questions are gonna come up if you want this guy shady character. So much involved in your life publicly. It's going to be asked about. And the one thing that people aren't. I think people aren't really remembering him is that. After the the cancer medicine thing the FDA I believed some government agency was like are we need to stop and his concussion martyr thing. I'm pretty backs that. And then get sanctioned by them. So of course certain questions and of course people are gonna ask about it so I don't understand why people are now leaping to his defense like disguise a scumbag just at the very least. Shady characters that. The prince of New England is dealing with. Tom Brady has. Been a master. Up that thing at a critical is as Belichick for the media criticism notre four is big he's big I don't give you. Wouldn't I'm not. Whereas Brady has been able to fit mess around that while still giving enough for years but he's never said anything interest. But he as a way of making you think he hits that's why every week when he's on cane seat there's headlines. Pegged is ends up on ESPN 95 has to use because everyone's talking about it. Where all the time there's a break where it's like he almost said something interstate where in reality he's not saying anything controversial. But it's just the fact that Brady says something. And you're so used to guys league Belichick and an organization saying absolutely nothing so Brady's been a mastered financing or what can you just done that again a day note. I wanted to have a football Alice grow is a business partner mind it's a separate entity and I'm not gonna talk about this eastern and a diva like this and that that that that's only reasonable exploit. He is Ellis turned him into the assume you think many hand was wrong test that we you're that you're fooling yourself. They don't want existing radio. Connect the only reason that interview was adjusting used to pretty up. If brave Brady set I you know obviously it's unlawful ball just bore you do we did it it's not the headlines that. I don't get updates to my phone from any of the sports. Ever during the week when Brady's on keynesian never have except for. The south and what march or February or and then. Now yeah that's it it was national everyone's talking about it because natural thing that Iran it's only been made an interest at all it's it's it's as you'd rather Brady go on a day on Keefe. And be him how is. Was Eric Decker working in the system this year and that's meadows and hopefully retire and something I took the so he's not there. He's trying to pull a name out of my my (%expletive) ass and I quit. But that apparently. Now now we're done that was our that was our wanted to say about it but that was the LG topic that we couldn't go. I guess someone. Said to someone involved with the show. If you. You stay away from the British that and it'll just perpetuate you know perpetuates it. Wheat from the account fifty times on Monday of every single show at this at this very station talked talking about yeah. If you that I'd say it was good for the website but then you know some isolate me my doubt is Aaron it's silly. I do no damage the people listening to this podcast on we have pretty thing happened on. It's not gonna take down the station don't worry about it don't forgot relax. But I was on a pro and we've talked about it and tell me not. I'm. I went through that phase at the beginning its podcast to talk about anything to do a tremendous. Ripping program the rumor. No more than Jesus related about the immediate podcast and not talk about this station the other station this city the main newspaper. The (%expletive) the station to broadcast the Red Sox on TV and radio. Talk about. In Boston. You don't with a hook into the water handle is like a talk about the city. Oh yes breast that's interest and don't about the Boston Herald. Side non. Now apparent move that. Jason will. And what a transition that. Spielberg. As the speed of LeBron who's also. And he's a baby no more is a grown ass men. Want to talk some politics. Is a political figure now. LeBron has the show on HBO the physical the barber shop. The has has called the shop to shop I think so it's in the barbershop but I think this just the the show. You know what I don't wanna steal. Jason will Clark's point that I was just going to make let's hear what Jason whitlock has to say about any stereotype. That the that this show goes and. The bronze shoppers what Donald Trump must imagine a black barber shop of life. Everyone is Kersey and in dropping the N word and as a token white liberals soaking it all land fill elected clueless person in the world. Because black people are comfortable being ignorant in front of him. What are absolutely love stay LeBron this ratcheted up and get off. But I can't just blame Twitter. Timothy bellow the Washington Post -- Bonnie revealed LeBron maverick Carter Jon Stewart and company channeling their inner Donald Sloan. Here's what Twitter the Washington Post and even LeBron James all missed the shop this big move. I first thought fighting a love Jay's monologue. I thought he. Not till I don't know how much of a difference who would've made the ratings. But when they put those shows together on FS one and put calorie it would Jason whitlock and Shannon Sharpe with skip Bayless. I thought if you're gonna have a more interesting show. Pushing more towards a primetime slot and put Jason whitlock and skip Bayless together. Could that would be a lot more like the Steve today skip dynamic. Then just a bumble the bumbling fool Chan and sharpness the guys that goes to gas stations in dies. Black and mild the entrance Tennessee makes millions of the year they. They wanted to name. For that shows that put Shannon Sharpe who has never been an interesting opinion. He was on the CBS pregame show. For the NFL for years but I never knew him to give interesting opinions on all sports mine special apparently covers all sports. The Accenture watch. Out of the east bowler. No hockey USA only say they cover all sports it is the NFL and the Indian yet you don't talk about hockey Adam. Thank I think they might died down maybe during the Stanley Cup when there's a big baseball star and a well it's kind of just like here. What does a big baseball story don't talk about it. But the the morning show to hear it would it big baseball startled when Judy Martinez. Pledges himself to the Nazi party apparently he doesn't talk about that we'll get into a hum. But. I think Jason will like it is a for whatever reason. Has not taken off in the weight Stephen A did I think he's a lot smarter than Stephen saying I these are more well spoken. Allergist who like a lot and I these. Perfectly. 100%. Right when he says that if that's like racist would say is happening. In a barbershop. The other addition to John Lennon talking trash. And it's like that you don't see the stereotype that you playing in the break. There are movies parried about the movie barbershop. Is a parody of what you're doing now essentially. And Jon Stewart in that I've I should I can see if the Jon Stewart LeBron talking about compare LeBron Dolly clubs and their passionate people that that. But he's relaxing that. Just got to Jon Stewart loves being because there's nothing there's nothing. Oh a white guy especially a very liberal like guy wants more. Than for a cool black try to tell them that cool. And that's when Jon Stewart is just fishing for that room and UC. Good though the ball washing he does to get that high fives at the end of the show. Because oh my god his jock I like Jon Stewart I think Jon Stewart's funny guy. But I hate on comedians feel the need to pay all kidding aside for a you know let's take via the clown wig off let's get real for a second it's a chance to split and tell some jokes man and LeBron. Is a guy. That. And this is another thing to elect said in in in the full version of this clip but. Go to Donald Trump and people talk about. White privilege and that does it that applies to Donald from more than it does you army. Donald Trump came from a ton of money. While he worked a lot in his life to get where is he in this early have to work to read that yeah the safety did not having to Brett. LeBron has kind of always had pets. And I don't know why you know neighborhood out of B was a wealthy kid growing up winning and I don't know what he had to deal with when he was very young. But he was a monster to use a superstar. In high school at fifteen years old when his sixteen I was I was watching his games on its Pia. He's in the NBA 88. So you know LeBron was as always kind of been treated. Very well. And he's a guy who is education essentially stopped amount of not calling a dumb guy at all I these are these. Incredibly Smart guy at least as far as handling himself. Other than the baby should that he does he's made his brazen never gotten in trouble friend he's got a great reputation other than again on the silly stuff. Orbit while count LeBron is a great guy and as it is. A few people say great businessman about an athlete and he's a great businessman. He's a great brand manager. For sure. I am. But his educators schooling essentially stopped at age fifty. Brendon Eden brunt of the take tests in. Now what do you junior high schools and thought maybe heads may be studied I don't know maybe I'm not giving enough credit but he certainly didn't have to. Now we are being covered when you're gains are obvious again. He got a sixteen his mom went home but I. Believe an escalator Cadillac or some that would brand new one with a loan and the only reason she get that loan was based on his. Potential as an NBA play. So I don't know where this is coming from that LeBron is his guide it's in touch with streets. I that'll run a bit about Obama probably has not been in 00 wait though type of barber shop that they're trying to reconstruct. Out of metal rod hasn't been an errant. Fifteen years. At least within a hair less for quite some time pressure east and trim the edges you know the wind up. I'll get the next jays brought cook that it has even even that. Jon Stewart from the old daily show was the star of this show was Trevor no unavailable. And arson any don't. Black barber shop has no disagreement. We'll Rodrigue told his Brentwood spray paint story and know what property in the senate through the X eight man. I am all. That's what happened in my Barbara Zack Brett look. I'm as broke rolling all as they comb depending on the setting. But I've never raised that level of April Fannie and endurance inside a barbershop. There's always an old hand who subs and all down. Every five times so one Kurt eleventh. Someone drop in the end the war. What Robert supper. LeBron shop with a collection of elite black millionaires. Was so far removed from reality that they think the black barber shop is a minstrel show. What they white choreographed. Dick I think he's wrong about the cars and I'm sure there's places personal time but. That aside his point is very well taken to we had to define the Jon Stewart they Manchester United in here she being Cain sees someone. Now (%expletive) well was it will locker was that I know you just settle talking to LeBron. Two gentlemen this would be impressed then tell us what it's my fault folks off on the wants them. But what he's talking about as Jon Stewart. Compares LeBron James Mohammed Ali. And. Rule regardless of what his. Motives were apparently I was around tenement dump them in 26 year old. But regardless of what Mohammed Ali's motors worth Kamel Mohammed Ali stands for. It essentially an anti war pro protest the war that this country never should have been. LeBron is trying to stand for is. Talking. Back against a president that we don't like his Twitter. It's not doesn't seem like the same to me. As a message of peace a message of anti war mister you're not killing thousands or millions of people. Sources. You know this guy says some dumb (%expletive) on Twitter and frankly I'm sick it's. Simply a different message. We then Mohammed Ali had or is LeBron James could be a little bit. And how do we use and fun. That I mean. The past so that's the pretty thing we couldn't find the thought can we confinement with a pull them. Men and asking Brady ourselves a Twitter it's been like scrubbed from the from all the clips and everything neck and Don is they go there are using them throw in the archives of the whole show but other than that not Sonnen and incompetent bizarre. Very bizarre weekend and W. But to me that's very hot. May you know what may be in fence then maybe they'll keep their own ship in. Where we would usually. No they probably have it in archive them to cut their own adaptability saved it and I shall mark Hollis Alan slot it doesn't script in the system or I don't know what's so never fear folks. No censoring here. Who we don't talk about that oh no we only use the Twitter and yeah Giuliani of but yet I wish you could find that (%expletive) Jon Stewart but. Yet he compare Yo-Yo yo my man epic is the official. Change change in his dialect is an epiphany what if you compare it out. An Angel of the best part of a clip and I wish it could have. The best political you know I want to follow up last it was more of a better ups with a the followed up with a real dud every single time for us that we do get episode I follow up which is other ships. It but the best part of a clip is if we had a you'd be hearing Jon Stewart's and I remind me of Ali and embargo on. The to say yes. One of the greatest athletes of all time represented. By an anti war message. I could see that and myself. And is it just the pomposity. Of their eight. It's very LeBron it's very southern very LeBron thing to what I love is a guy like. Tiger Woods. Who I think realizes. That 80% of the time he's focusing on golf. And the other 20% he's being cocktail waitresses to a time so he realizes that. He maybe has not been in the politics and maybe does need to talk about. There Tiger Woods said this week badly they wanted so bad. To get into the Donald Trump stuff. And he does then you know I've played golf with Donald before you you you know he wanted to say he was a friend of mine. But he knew he couldn't Timothy Brady. Accurately when Brady had to make America gradient hat yeah it is but tiger handed out online predators like you know I play golf them. We have them respond to be around what what put ballots. Police are. If he's president nice day's news at the respect. The office and no matter who's in the office. You name. Like dislike. Personality or the the politics it's that we all must respect the office. Now let's say LeBron has to do that I am saying is that's the perfect answer. For someone that doesn't really give them like. Isn't pandering to Twitter and doesn't really give them much of Obama did tiger doesn't care. Maybe apolitical maybe just does not give a (%expletive) about politics. Is that not possible I guess it's tough in this day and age. But many tire realize I am a golfer what do I need to talk about the president. And as they LeBron passed to do that. I think he has real opinion that he wants the other do. I boy I'm sick of is HBO. And Jon Stewart. And all these guys pandering to him like he's in his voice call what are. Profound voice and using. As Ali. From fifty years ago did he get that it's like OK let's let him. Com and it's all come down because we saw. What giving too much power to a dumb celebrity did. Look at the White House contributes to early LeBron James. Might be the next president and we know. We don't slow the (%expletive) down mental element in this guy I think you're speeding up too quickly and on our next president is going to be doing the rock Johnson right. He's canyons on that and now Arab now I think than Oprah then maybe we'll get LeBron honestly like Oprah wouldn't be. Any worse than prom night I think I I I really believe it. No probably not I don't think she's a good great businesswoman. She doesn't say as much dumb (%expletive) and other than Nat. I don't I I think the difference a president can make is negligible. They'll be some poll should bills passed here are on one side or the other it just matters who ran a red tire blew ties builders says. But look they can really do other than going to an even that even going to war as you wrote an article that's a lot of channels. As much as. As much as people say while trump has the nuclear football. I don't think he's that an Oprah certainly is honestly I think Oprah will be fine. I just don't wanna get to a point words spoken abroad. Until for the Iraq. And I sensed like Kanye 820. Is not that ridiculous notion. So let's all calm down on the Mickey celebrities say things and then when they do. Criticizing for now that's and I strangest my friend there Martinez. We dug through his Twitter. And we found the man as a Nazi organ demand that he is released by the Red Sox. You know back in. May march I'm sorry. I tweeted a lot. Was really on my high horse on to but I but I knew I was talking about a new baseball offers as agility is guys. It's silly here if you celebrate the signing is gonna he is going to be a (%expletive) and but I think it was such conference team that is going to be absolute bust. Is Jimmy nugget is it that what a waste of a contract that's gonna. And and a watched him for a few months he's in the running for the Triple Crown. I didn't I didn't mean his left of course I didn't mean his play on the field when I'm mental wise. In all this guy. A fight these amounts of course that's what I meant. And here I was I was right again they are they gave very very wrong actually of course of course is not a (%expletive) Nazi but. I don't say. I think this story has been played up. But as much as calm. The left wants to go after guys I don't think they're going after Kmart I think I'd like Jerry Kelly and white believe they are. I'll leave that big a story bought. I will say it is the fact that it was a story at all is silly. Was it dumb of GO if you don't treat American presidents and scrambled Libyans were imposed on it it's. Adolf Hitler. If you've never heard him he was the leader of the Third Reich. And what's the hook with the caption. So the picture of it though and it's a quote I'm not sure I'd publisher it's something he saw their rhetoric but it's ridiculous. It attributed to human has been some disputing whether or not he actually said and whether or not it was an exact quote right in the context of an all and the quote is to conquer a nation first disarm its citizens that's just the picture and then Martinez captured at this is why I always state strapped past the true. Now to say this is a picture of Adolf Hitler is completely. Just taking out of context. What is it is an awful thing and Adolph Hitler stood for. And saying. I want the opposite of this. Which is why I want guns. Basically what it's like it's a pro gun thing and people don't like the Judy Martinez is apparently pro gun. But what they spun it in due to make themselves sound rational was. Demand. Just couldn't say he supports Hitler because it it's completely. Opposite of what Hillary says because they captured so they did they just put that week. I think yeah but he saying. Hitler was bet is that not a message we are looking kinda. If nothing else in this war. And not get behind the idea. Adolf wasn't such a great guy I think so I think I can agree on that right yeah. That's. I don't support this guy's message. He said Hitler. As they OK you're trying too hard luckily. I think the masses realized. Around. They went to Africa this it doesn't seem like one. That that ruin that Callahan watch it think it's well it's because if you have any reading comprehension. Adam with a third grade level you'd understand that he's not supporting it. I'm glad. This one didn't give because because I think a lot of very often now something like that would have been a big story. Of the president well lately lately I've been noticing things. Where maybe it's. Swing and that you know. Late Louie CK what if time before I candidates but and I'd tried at 31. Enemy. Don't keep it short sweet and has been. Lucy has come back he snapped a village was back onstage and again many handing calorie and I heard them on their that are. High horse this morning opinion populate this this god. But Michael Shea. They were laughing and Michael shake that Michael shed I don't know I think he might have changed so much. They say they did in Tibet I don't think Michael Chang is great on personalities are very good comedian. And they say he's I would bet they haven't watched men of his comedy. He's very good stand up they say he's not talented. Which is its. Mind boggling to me who like to send a guy like Michael chains accountant is. It's idiotic because it was nobody's ahead right RS and now is that it's been a special on Netflix that is very good. Assays now attack he sells out theaters. If you suck is a comedian yachts and you don't have talented you know that's not the world not so left Boston got some. Guys I don't think are funny. Necessarily but they certainly have talent but as Jesus kind of wore on me is like a comedian around the UNICEF on a very talented guy. You know he knows that it puck and captivate an audience he's a great writer I'd mastered on his great show that there there's guys that I don't find that stand up funny. So Italian comment of these candidates stand up but they're obviously count the guy attempts trash Kevin Hart and say he's not talented. As in Atlanta I like I don't think Kevin Hart the funniest comedian in the country. Not a close I don't answer witnesses but he's a talented guy you put the two you know when he gets to go after. And fantasy to a story. Who is overrated and just let go into that no women too wet but I. I how to demand just saw. Accurately. To the putts I can't think of Michael. Glad we're giving this guy second chance which there's no more American message the net giving up a second chance but he did not commit. He didn't commit a crime. At all. What you wanna say they boarded and a harassment. Which he didn't because he got consent. But let's let's say that let's it was harassment. It was a violent crime. And it was fifteen years. So does the guy deserved to have his wife Laura. For that I don't think so I think you should. Shame on today what the make him explain this a explain himself of course. But. Neither ruled the guys talking like Canseco never work again that mentality. I don't understand. And I think it's kind of swinging back the other way and you saw without Aziz. Where as he's essentially went on a bad date. Obama count them as early notice this. Or that one people like him. And then now the Chris Hardwick thing Chris Hardwick and I kept his job within CNBC. Com. After data center that he's a better relationship may was a bad boyfriend. But they are we taking jobs with Hannah is there a lot of people we should be going after that that's the case. So I think maybe. We're suing tobacco the other way a little towards the middle the only problem is here's how we would get back in the middle. Is the fund the cock suckers on the all right. If they would just stop being such complete hypocrites and go after every liberal person. Like Dan Harmon and guys like that recently. Got. So they don't. Don't don't don't. Because if you do then it just really get bigger comeback after us. So I think just if they could stop. And look at themselves in the mirror for a second I think we'd be read back in the middle. Of night you can kind of say what everyone at some people be this the about it but maybe we'll never get there because it like show you all hello folks and people are wrestles. Now I have one request. A lot of people reached out the last couple weeks. Some with some very nice messages. And you know sank a who don't kill yourself. Nice out right fine. So first off thanks those people but a lot more people reached out and said they were just enjoying the podcast and general. And what I ask your view is SA. Tweet spoken. Chris Curtis. In Joe's a bomb on Tonya like the podcast and what I hear it promoted more and maybe me on the air more which was promised in England and not hearing anything about. I guess we've equity Gilroy at sometime in the middle and I. Soon I hope maybe they. I asked them. I had about a month since I've been on there. What went back gonna happen again and like. Tuesday would you like. I am how would nine. Know that you don't like bill installation there's no one's talked to me for weeks no intimidated good job we're (%expletive) job early and it. I know what up it's like they're sitting they. Just let you know reach out man and I reach out to all this guy again another inmate. And haven't talked to the month so what I need is. You people to do my dirty work forming. Tell you like to show. If you if you do come you want me out there and more importantly. Let's import I don't know I don't wanna rank the importance every field. Give a five star rating implies are you on iTunes that helps the show out as well they see any regular actually listen this Porsche. And and blind Mike underscore if there's. Anything you wanna hear on the show whatever if the audio was bad. Our. You know the production quality was shift that would be at Jared Degan. Is where you're where you looking for the big camera after. And it's the road feel free to sing me their prisons in Yemen. Your podcast and if you please click including tennis these homey as. I need folks. That's. About. You've been listening to trash talk with the kind of money here big kid and WE PI dot. ITunes just in the radio dot com tune in next week for another edition of trashed. A presentation that stuff you. DP I.