Blind Mike's Trash Talk Ep 31 - Colin Kaepernick and Fake Outrage

Discussing Colin Kaepernick as Nike's new spokesperson and other fake outrage from the past week

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We all we can match the week he. It's the only thing and it'll certainly be a podcast and America there's trash talk. Yeah. Don't move. Don't. You don't stay in Greece to we will not delete last week and missed it. Only too much of thoughts we'll keep this on. So insane thing don't tell amusement. At the bus with a motor show and make it so that. You'd aren't allowed. To say it exists everywhere and suggest not listen remain still don't know. To speed and quiet and watch news listen to a rather. In your headphones to win the one million listening to. Jesus Christ is so last peak. We tough I mean. I won't even say don't dare speak. Of what we talked about we discussed. Things yes. Some very bad they were bad boys that are in the bat. We learned our lesson and we'll talk to others who does things but here's the strangest part that is so. We talked about the breed them powerless to the spot I SM final that I get at parties of business. Relationship it's not the usual political correctness things are rant about it actual business deal. Times I view that is different every time outside about a movement and two of three podcast. I'm so I get it. I don't like it probably makes a lot of sense it makes us now. At all pounding me talking about Britain perpetuates the story. Now will it make sense in I'm you know on the it is mix that's got to understand that every other show here talked about it. The edited out idea so anyways I did they treated out a lot yeah. Whatever dollars so that's what that's I just assumed. I could talk about the very thing honestly debris hang them from a Honda and what happened what I grew. Methane and other even if nothing that happened I don't even though aren't talking. So. We talked about that last week and then Adam. I got a call that I haven't received since. Fed you. When it's one of my favorite calls its. Yeah she's you know I I don't wanna do this deal but can you take. I know I know I did just your image and get the I have a rob Bradford greatest guy here easily it's nice as nice this guy have I've worked with here. By far and down. Ease the only guys kind of that is supported what I'm doing and helped me a chance on. Com. So I can tell you feels badly he called me and as we I'd take the break. Mac. Any I can tell he kind of gets city gets that I don't wanna do that but I hate you know. He handled his ballistic. And it's also none of this writing to make (%expletive) you could. Leave and not have it I mean well not so I just I I take it. But the bizarre thing ones. You'll notice if you scroll through your iTunes or at WEI dot com are overdoses. Not on the radio dot com app because apparel were not on. No but we're not it promotes it in Michelle I don't know you know disregard debt don't download the he would not comment until we're on. The so. You'll notice that last week's episode episode thirty. Still up. Incidence and I think it's up in it's entire I can't Baird. Glistening mound voice. I listen to open I think it's all up next all 39 minutes so I don't think the real ass hole good I talked to Robbie says were taken episode and I tweet out hey we just recorded episodes I could be at this week will trying. One early next week to make up for. And he'll respond though. (%expletive) you talk. I'm if I'm missing two of them looking at my computer over what do you mean I was looking at the whole time owners that these text announcement. And I went back and look through as they. There es so I don't know. I don't know what the deal is I don't know they just say if they listened to since about as boring anyway it's. Who gives a (%expletive) but I I criticized Brady's so I would think at the very is that largely down based on that I don't know what. I've known for. But it still wasn't sure he can yes. And then to that was in this episode and set up a hole oh man we messed up in the got to about yet down to two weeks ago was the much better episode 29. I like to folk every home when I hit. But the foe with a drew roller up the middle. This as my basic average in the Tibetan new double play Sierra. Have you lessons. But. It's analogous to numbers time fingers I don't know. How does that ever mentioned it. Could mean. Yeah. It's a lot that's the weird thing is like now I don't want I don't any interest in talking about them through the fact that actually now there. They're not letting me so I want to go there and I thought the numbers dancing in incredibly board. Why. I mean about the first episode was good. It was intra more inch thing that doubt. But then it became very you know. This is what do you got a dual if you wanted to be healthy near forty and they. I see they give me. Into the TV twelve yeah they're trying to sell me cancer water would have a hope. It was because I knew about it I don't accept I Mexico's Guerrero is scams I apologized. Well you can't say and I. And low ever. Most for some there's someone else it is not a critical start anything separated. Sign yet that the Tom resounding bores me I don't you know it's. They wrapped up their eyesight Hertzfeld a man's. Like Jesus. How many straws can you grasp at to make. Make this offseason interest into the patriot I heard. Than say yesterday. That the the trailer for timers time which is always you always need a trailer for a five minute video billion. One minute trailer promoting a five minute video source. But notice that the trailer was very vague. When he could have been talking about anything in the trailer. And Federer tried to make it seem like. Well you know he will he wanted it that way. So that. It would seem like he's talking about Brady did that intentionally that's a Tug of series. They think that Brady goes into the editing room and he's. Cut no audio and splice it together and shooting do you roll the template doesn't make the (%expletive) trailers you morons. If he's got I movie slap tough and that's how he's doing this. There's a team of people that are editing that and know what would sell and hold promote it well that are making. I'm Todd has final say it is like living in there he's not cutting up the video that Tom Brady dummies somebody in his office all the lights are down this. He just yet and he's got at all. Oh in Horry goes out into this just looking through the night. I yet I mean. I don't and I don't find hombre is time to be uninteresting story. And it's I don't think it's particularly interesting series some of it is a little bit but you know the really grab me but I just felt the need to release mention. To prove do you people via the give and it's the the then again they were blind arm movement because when folks on the tires of the fans this program. What approved view that management taking a shot media. It was actually figured I'd delete the podcast and he could very easily shipment. As far as I say to these microphone you just can't they have no influence. And then we won't tweet that the title on the on the top never they'll they certainly don't listen to the other thing. Stay on me from before we get to a column cap big story of the week. I'm a bizarre situation where they told me awhile after Redmond had gone. Today are you all right kept I was badgering him about being on the and that's when it came to. Like Joes are Bana as attention who I was. And I went on late night with Gilroy and stuff like that so I got eight. It's not (%expletive) Courteney Cox being pulled up on stage by Bruce Springsteen but. I was noticed a little. Geez hole them I'm 27 I just know that an eighty's fresh fruits and second. I got noticed a little bit from that in the sense that I've gotten slightly. Very minimal more opportunities. And then Chris Curtis called me. Two months ago. And said you know they. The man management here is very worried about people of notes that all people no experience. But you know how they gonna. A supposedly Curtis said. How are you might come every visitor experience beginning to anyone knew in my experience it has already have XP you know I mean like how as a gonna happen. So they tried they've tried putting me on with like Gilroy related night which I like dueling. I would do that show in that spot five nights a week of Gilroy have directed that brings out peddling candy during the day so. Won't happen. But. I'm I've enjoyed doing that they wanted to let me do that first but there's been a bizarre thing happening where. You may have noticed. I think in that time span I've been on twice. The things that. The announcement. There's now yes and I was getting. The spoilers split those folks you boys on Thursday night midnight at 2 AM primetime maybe. So there's a weird thing going on now work day. I'll text Chris curse at recently were trying to Ian regularly on the again at some sort of a regular. Thing you do and I think that men like maybe once a week with Gil maybe once every other week or once a month or what I think it would know something. Of when I was going. But that never happened. So alt text Chris Curtis sometimes I'm weeks go by I don't hear and I'll do Gilroy I don't hear it in the day after. We take great job or hate terrible job I hate using need to work on. So does left to think. If you listen to upset when he makes. You know a lot of that. As some just left to think was I good that I saw what the (%expletive) happened. Eyes so I'll let you know weeks go by because I don't wanna bother the guy incessantly. And I'll say hey. Haven't heard giving allowed just checking in my going to be dec Armenia. So I did that in at the end of July after. I was on Gilroy three weeks prior editing of the July Chris cursing yelling we get back to Sunday. Sunday comes as direct and I text him on Monday Monday he comes any finally responds as you'll be on Tuesday. Okay. So then my next appearance of the deal right happens comes and goes on here. So last week I sent another text give my some my end of the month text to classical to Chris Curtis. And I say. You know hey I don't really doing. Gilroy ID the Pug has been to a well his wanna know wanted to be on the air. I anytime soon. Just checking it. And I guess I sent this text. 2940. On Wednesday. Would have a fabulous. 940 was that the 941 believe beasts. And I get a response ten minutes later at 951. Saying. We're region of Gilroy next week election on Sunday. Please don't text me during the show. I. X and thought. Well it's like. The (%expletive) talking about it. I have two and oh my god what you'd compact concerned that your phone this letter Jesus here in the back studio. Now before I come off like him being a fake I will admit. I impartially responded well will apologize and wasn't. I didn't check the time among the state. But in my mind it's like tankers and 940 and I figured we usually respond to me for two or three days. So we get to when he gets to and I don't expect him to respond right away. Brent I think we get to Wii gets and he's busy guy is dealing with a lot more than you know Kuznetsov these. Intact yet he's got a boat called Jesus he's dealing with a big show in the market and expect him to get back that's understand. But could. Retired or Mans or Ted Turner on a you sit you dare suggest it. They're the because you don't hit got hit and are you suggesting the ratings are important down. Well I learned that on the state that the implication I am glad that hit the I just need to eat a ticket so far as a Beckett. Who has hit back at 430 the next day and Asia. It was like I was up at six MMA show and premium joke about me on the joke and they managed. I just like you said. You know does wonder in what I'm gonna back them here and signal on day of the month please don't text me during the is are they okay I'm sorry. So when I get responses like that I think we'll mound just anoint them. No one around here really is willing friendly now known as willing to talk to anybody around here after a truck. I guess like they like Ken Ken Webb was always very nice to me and then. It's I don't talk to him anymore really. We work in high school this is high school but it's weird because. It it doesn't mean essentially because. They're that I have to you know like so here's our life. I'm like money. A charity case that they apparently letting you know I well we got a little on the air once a month. But I right obviously does not have his place operates title nine opinion. If this thing among employees and notice that you're there. Well enough and not a don't think they've known. But I don't know they know I work. And so does. You know what I mean I don't know of any idea that I have an actual gee they must do they see me around. But. You just the rent and guided the things that puts this should have just done. So I'm gonna Lipitor might they just letting me armed because. They feel bad forming the barrel as well that they would. Doesn't make any sense that they would do a I suck they wouldn't put me on it would Romeo podcast. But any time I ask writes I actually am bug. Know for what all this guy get no judge she got me there but it will get G charity two hours. So it didn't. I taught myself that I that's crazy you'll be in European suburbs orbiting in too much raise. That is Gilroy today. Pays ones that want to be on Thursday night. I think you'll read today I say. Here in reality tomorrow. He's site touchy. For how long. I was the the hole the hole. The whole two helps him is I know OK I totally great idea and I liked. He didn't it didn't even tell. So I don't get what I'm doing here I don't know. You know I don't. Let it go like addicted. You're making a few hours in front of a microphone. Gloomy a lot when no one's listening to put them on in the middle of the night Barry is popular women tweeted out cook at. Is given the podcast and take a by African. It's based on our website. So I don't get it to you guys do it the podcasts and it's that last week which pride here. You know sweet and Curtis and can and their bottom. And I'm not don't (%expletive) arrests and obviously it let you know let him know USA today. Again it's. And you're the look of puzzlement on their fate is typical of offensive might Geary and we could and then when basically the first is that the blind Mike mega. Cash. That guy. We still yet. We see him wandering around lunchtime in the in the public. Am I don't. We we soldier run. And as we often do we'll talk about the big story of the week. Which this week is. Uncovered. Just and you thought news out of the news for a so. If you don't. Colin Kapanen. Nike guys. On. You're saying he's the face of Nike that these obviously were they too fast in its fifth day idiotic. He's one of the many. Spokesman. One of the many athletes they have wrapping their brand. And this started. Yesterday. When these two were imposed on our. Is that how this all started the Amazon instant. Yesterday the day before. Nike. Treated year. Put out the picture that was just a black my picture this face that said. But believe in some things Ian give up everything or something like what it's amazing to. I watched the commercial today. The commercial. Too long. Yes just to save by by (%expletive) and choose. But. Ensured that the message. Is far. If you watch the commercial it's basically. Don't just be a basketball player be the greatest. As you if you're if you're grown content on to stumped as being tennis player be the greatest athlete of all you know I mean it's all their (%expletive) and they're people all the Nike people. And the situation that month or and it's you know dot. Bleeding yourself don't just believe in yourself believe in yourself to a higher as well. Which is a court a great message for kids it's pie in the sky pushing it to me. In your twenties in the world's beat you down in that's all Porsche but for children it's a nice idea. And for people to take that. And react to it by burning their shoes and their butt and wind breakers the moral. Well. Outta that indicates this is so down it's so first of all. Just you know before you burn your next pair of sneakers Nike doesn't make any money I'd already bought sneakers if they did. Even your money. Then don't make money and I knew heading for X amount of years so just let them out and you can't Wear you know of the birth. It's not learned of the gem. Medium everyone and don't burn but also. For people that were supporting Nike. As if before they were this high this organization. Hello to such a high standard the kids that major shoes. Where. Under aged Chinese or or I should I don't know where and in Asia went Asian American kids the working in sweatshops for 83 cents a day. But that's yeah that's who's that that's who's making your clothes. But god forbid it. A guy who meals during Miette National Anthem is able to make a few bucks off. They (%expletive) incensed like shut up or in the pro took a lot for me to get on team capital. I'm not hunting camp and I am I am now I I don't. Here's all come technical analyst. Com. He's a guy who believed in something. For reasons. That I don't believed to be. Genuine. But I cannot I. At all I've also found the same trap that I believe conquer well what I think happened to Colin capita is he was dating that girl. Who was an ultra feminist yep she got his mind wrapped up in this message if you do this shall be hero and all that. And I imagine. The sex wasn't that. There is our right to if I'm gonna do the do all of he did it and I don't think he necessarily knew the message to ease Nath. You know I mean he's not a social activist you know once he wasn't until what two years ago but yes I so I don't know how much. Reading he's done on any of these issues or anything. Probably not a lot until the last couple years. And he's probably much more will research started out anyone's but I don't believe that for two years ago he was any sort of social justice guy or an activist and anyway. He's not that I know of and by all accounts most people agree that nothing was public anyway at least right so. Uncapped the kind of found that trap but. Regardless. May or may be was completely genuine and maybe I am doing them deserves. Either way although he did. Was get out the need during the National Anthem because of his mind that protested. Police brutality against young black. Again I find that ridiculously convoluted. First like to the National Anthem is more for troops and the armed forces rather than police and firefighters. It kind of you know I think it kind of became one especially around like 9/11. When Dolly heroes Brett during that time it kind of became otter all. Public servants in that way but what the natural National Anthem is fours more armed forces right into the country in Jones and just because the national pride engine. When you want it did them doubt relate directly to cops I don't think it never had that. Meaning for no but it's a good way look I mean I'm one of those few of those but thinks like OK great you wanna Neil for the anthem that's fine and it does. Draw attention obviously because he knew to implement became a huge story and then. They ask you why that's a USA is your message does this say I don't think it one day should direct. I don't think the message was on points necessary to make perfect sense to me why he was doing in that manner. But he got the message across as more but I think is more the catalyst to draw attention Sherlund shirt and pump he got the message across and again. I don't necessarily recruitment has it that the message a lot of people tribute to that is that it's all racist cops by means and if you look at each. Individual incident. There's there's levels to how true that users. But that's like you know again. And totally gripped the message it's tough for me. Is out streamer would say it's not fresh a straight white man. You know I mean that it was never intended for me so maybe that's why don't get it. Some five whatever I think cap and X kind of a dummy and shouldn't be the face of that cause. Now look but he what you know what he was and no one else would be. The balls to do it because of his reasons. You can say it was for even if it was per barrel. It's the balls to do have that much you know bad as much backlash is there has been against them. So we had the had bred to do and I would be a complete (%expletive) phone. If I went on here every time a comedian gets in trouble or James Gunn on you know I mean so if someone gets in trouble for a joke. And I say yeah you're off what they are Christian Fauria Reimer when they get in trouble for jokes and I defend them. It right if I come here and say I your pussy if your offended by that shut the (%expletive) up the guys the right to do it if you don't like it turn it off who cares. And then I came in here when Colin can't predict knelt and this is unpatriotic. This is absolutely predict how much of a hypocrite would I do you be the biggest one at this whole place right and it ever. But there's a lot of people do wanna. Hoop there's. All the people and it wouldn't ever been a burning their shoes and all those people. Aren't guy is you know. All rights or whatever or even just regular conservatives whatever. That. I'll would have defended comedians are what do defended. You know. Bill O'Reilly when he said something dumb or whoever. But when it's a guy and the other side it's oh let's (%expletive) get him bois de Jesus the thing that is the part that yeah it's the stuff it's discussed it's like. Both sides is go after each other with these ridiculous things like to get your past or whatever it's that stopped doing. It's amazing as to stop me in the now Bill Maher is like the most. Centered. He's considered late moderates now. With how like how crazy things guard has been marred. At least presently three years ago was about as liberals can get. But now he's a guy is you know and he knows but he's he's been consistent on this. His entire career that I know him. But he he said few weeks ago. That you know it's right people rooting for Alex Jones to be scrubbed off the Internet that's wrong we should shine a light on these guys. And you know. Would any luck that will expose him. So you think Colin cap makes an idea like I don't. And you put them in a real debate. Against someone on the opposite side I think he'd be exposed. To let's give that a try. They did he completely wrong and because of (%expletive) genius. You know I mean but either way. We're either saying we're we don't wanna listen dude genius because we don't wanna change our minds on something. Or. We we don't wanna. Expose. The dummies out there don't expose incorrect. Points well the thing is is that people get so wrapped up in. Oh well this is dangerous for people. Maybe possibly buy into it which their problem if you expose people like Alex Jones or whoever morons. And people. Listen to there's literally and they buy into it deaths pro it's gonna happen but I'm willing to bet there more people were saying. Who will say well like as an idiot why wouldn't listen to him. It there's literally no more peaceful. I think saying Alex Jones influences. People. Took it to be hateful and act out violently I think that's stupid. But there's more of an argument Darrell least. Then saying a guy getting on one knee during a song. With the 80% of the people other people in that stadium. While he's kneeling are out you know taking a case Sharma hot dog down their throat drinking a beer. You know most of my thinking about. The patriots and other countries serving us right in and I mean my real and again my real problem with. The whole temperament. And is not it's not calling Capra neck it's more nineties things like. Willie got to believe in something even if you're to sacrifice and everything's like the and denied. Other contract offers tune as it was getting paid a. People. Say that stuff a lot you'll bring up like the amount of money to ring. Can't cap and ex wife would have been less of a hassle than it is right now if you ever did this. Yeah yeah I mean of course so we. You know he would never eat as much he's positive attention but it would there was much negative attention either it is harder to deal with any issue it is a battle quarterback immediate starter somewhere. Human error summary can be. Maybe. That's all I'm saying now anomaly if you're knocking it knows campaign that an ultimate hand because what he wants and no one really wants their backup QBs on the bringing in as a backup. To bring in an ideal media circus so he's not some crazy martyr. But he's just tell you not now is getting paid so my problem by Nike portraying him that fuel portraying him as as signature well realistic about it. The Diebold but the people attacking. Emma making Nike correct is that if they are portraying him as a martyr which by by the late. Is meant commercialize southern not a I think that it seemed like they were doing items in the commercial is not it's gonna do with capital. Or it's its cabinet doing the voice out but it's literally got nothing to do with him. We can play a little bit of due to what I tweeted out the thing I just readout from bar stool. As the commercial and we can play a little bit more but. Yeah and a bet that that's the problem is eight people just assume that Nike's making out to to be a martyr which argues but also the people attacking him. Are making him out to be. That's the ones literally. Persecuting the guy things monsters appease the shady Zantac which. It it kind of does to Camille Little bit to defend a guy who wore to examine Sox. Where he's being called an anti cop guy. Disgusted me that's where capita cost me. So it doesn't mean you pleasure to defend a guy. Old people (%expletive) and go nuts about him. I I don't know I'm notably giving up a do you have an idea I did display any it it's a long. It's obnoxious like law but it was just played a few seconds or deceit to feel Fortis. Kong's cabinet KEA just foursome. People say your dreams are great. If there left to what you think you can do. Stay that way. Because when nonbelievers fail to understand it's neckline entering crazy is not an insult. It's incumbent. Don't try to be the fastest runner in your school or the fastest in the world. He's the fastest ever. Don't take yourself playing LBJ jerseys picture LBJ Langer. Don't settle for homecoming queen or line back. Lose iron twenty pounds and become an Iron Man. After being trained to. Nobody knows how to simulate someone who's not wishing cancer. All us but you get the just yet. You know good fight med Amazon is fine I don't think that there after watching that it's like I don't think that came martyred audit just yeah. His popularity with certain people and Nike was Smart they say. We might get some hassles burning their shoes. Most people abide night you're still gonna. And we're gonna get there at the dual leaves. Telecom cabinet that would really buy athletic gear necessarily but they're gonna pay. Nikes and nice liberal company let's go in on any this is a business move as Smart as. They got people probably who usually wouldn't buy a basketball sneakers or basketball shorts. To go by Nike. As they support conquer every few hassles that. Burn things who. Is soaked in so and to me so edgy. It's a fighter on your own lawn within which you don't close out and apparently don't (%expletive) out of we got them where apparently burned shoes or use the wire. I got a couple of good. As things too intimate and Nike stock's gonna drop no they're not all books. And Nike. They're going to be following the huge for you know can read it in a can hurt them at all but burning tree Evan Moore and I had to slow the moral high ground like will they. If they support a cop you can Sims acute among the topic if this supporting guy. That is anti cop. Unlock about it I was five when they had. Well the kids making my in my shoes Slavin delayed day and night but this way since today. Despite it. This is where I draw the (%expletive) him no no thank you sir I got it and numbers and not a a former 49ers quarterback on a commercial. Not my America and the and the follow up on yeah fine you take your business out of the country to force slave labor laws that's why I'm all for that. But no thank you. If you're gonna have a running quarterback but I've got a billion that are that cap the run first quarterback. I'm certainly not supporting that with no thank you. Just so. And then we had. Steve Bannon remember him. Colonel Steve bend in order number. He. No longer works for the Donald. But he feels. The rat. And having worked for him still today. So that it's the rapper working for Donald Trump I think it's more. Throughout the voting against the ban and the day is bringing his audience and so. Steve Bannon. Or anyone who's. Extreme politically either. I typically don't agree with don't particularly like. But everyone saying go for a price support on cavern while supports the event. It's of The New Yorker festival. Want to have an interview Steve then it's my understanding. I don't know. Much about the New York. Because I'm not. A trust Manhattan. Businessman. Who's in the news again. I'm also an idiot but I don't know. An inning of the pins it's I don't know about the New York. Us and the guy in particular but apparently shocking. Guy in the media get this into. Yeah and that's who you lean my mind is blown. Says this guy where's the New York. I'm guessing he's the only one. That is anti itch. Soonest it would have Steve's been on for discussion. That probably would have turned into more of a scolding. In and how it how dare. Type of thing. But that's trying to do that I would say Dinah. Just like it was him Bill Maher said. Any time Obama our net and I agree Bill Maher example. My million up posts here that (%expletive) maniac. And all right guy. A bit of a nut. And Bill Maher while everyone out while Miley topless is getting banned from colleges. And had his speeches protested he was getting more and more popular. Bill Maher had a might just had my show the c'mon we're not gonna put him tackle yet to be unity talk. They talk. When you heard from Miley a couple of cents and you know not know much Emily a (%expletive) idiot. I'm doing now aren't you know undermine it this guy. So you can argue bill mark's point about Dow Jones it's you have a guy out for discussion you expose them as of infants. Or maybe you realize something about people that even though there I don't like their beliefs. He's come a bright guy sewers come from. And we can meet the middle on certain to. Pretty much the options you know I mean or you find out the guy's a (%expletive) nut job and almost. The New Yorker wanted to do that type of thing with Steve bet. I imagine they're would have been no way Steve Bannon looked good in that now because again they're there against him no matter what. You may defended some of those points. You know better than I could. I imagine he's a pretty good argue are probably a good writer is some. Sleep I would look like complete (%expletive) but you know good I don't think an editor and yes. Knowing nothing about this new Yorker bright. Instead. They never had to. Be interview where the debate sort or. Because guys. Who I respect it. And one guy who I (%expletive) oil and still. Panama's all jet Abbott well like both very funny comedians just advertisement a lot of my favorite movies. And John Bellini who are my favorites tennis ever I love John. When I was and John mowing he's a guy. Who is most recent special has been about for his guy was never political. In his new special is a bit about trump but it's so. Well done. In no way you work in kind of seem really means politically obviously. If he's not approach from god but isn't clubby over the (%expletive) head with that. You know what I mean there's a bit this interpretation. And as much as he can kind of gives both sides and it's a very funny that. So I was shocked to hear from him even more and Edyta. But. Pat does well John Bellini and Judd Apatow among others boycotted this festival. Until Steve Bannon was removed. And it's really what it's like this this this exact or just argument it's like were they defending. You know James Garner or anyone before it's like. Well they they certainly. I don't know about those three in particular. I don't know about what they say about but people like that accommodate all of a sudden started defending I'd James Gunn is one Dan Harmon is one. Michael Ian Black. Guys like that when they would get in trouble for Jo oh some ways it's turned on us. We had defenders it was jones' of defending Al these comedians on the view and edit conflicts at a very well. Com. CCR he's cycle left wing comedians coming on defend these people out there side is getting attack so you think maybe they'd learn. A little sometime. And we can't sounds. People because then Al gets you can't just. You can't drug defend these people in the when where and your crowd the comedians yet are boycotting you can not now. You can't go defend any miles earlier can be huge hypocrite Judd Apatow seems like he's gone very far. Left. Thanks. And Oswald has always been very far left but pat Marleau seem to me like. Even if you didn't agree with him politically. You can have a nice debate about it. In our enemies and make a pretty open minded guy who we are very far in one direction and I'm so I don't think that now obvious now that and I don't think about John layup was set. Jon minus the most depressing me on now less than their daughter is a political guy. And it's like now you're silencing someone. You don't like them and tonight he is there's always an excuse. There's always a little bit this guy's a racist. Who cares well this guy did massage look this guy worked for trump well this guys I hate monger. Don't know that's all the more reason. To have them at something like that. Because you wanna expose that. You know I mean if the bad thing if the reason you're boycotting Steve Bannon was because he is a few unpaid parking tickets. That who gives a (%expletive) you know I mean if it's Kenny said a few. It off color things it's the people that say the really awful things they should really wanna expose. So you think Steve's been in this monster. You should absolutely have much I was also disappointed. Steve been used to have. I think when he first left the White House. He was on. I think serious or semi going to break apart radio station assembly. And now am I have been which was doing oh yeah it was or it was just I think it might have just been through. Report itself or chili's chili's might have been just too bright arc for maybe that I was serious serious had. Some brave barred channel or just to Steve Bennett show or some. So budget celebrities go to series Odyssey they go to Howard Stern and Entertainment Weekly archer. Seth Rogen was booked. To promote wherever we used on. In a serious exam building. And refused. Unless they would fires in a big artist event. Come and it's a first of all set. Against Seth Rogan made. Probably five of my favorite comedies. Of all time. I was a kid you know I mean sewer beds prior when my favorite movies of all time. Put in Pineapple Express knocked up forty over. So Seth wrote but how many of his movies. Could you look at and say well this could easily be protested by any number of groups. One of them wants. The the Republican Korea did in the inner. It's taken out of theaters via Netflix out of Eric salzman. Says Seth Rogen can't look at it and say well. People have gone after me for things I've said. Maybe I really wanna influenced some sort of changed I go I'm not now you are going to build a go on the sky show. And have a debate with the problem it is. That a lot and 99% of celebrities. It's it's kind of like the thing I said every few weeks ago. I believe I'm Micah. I notably on the smarter guy than Roemer. We'll Roemer is a lot more well read. On politics and significantly more on politics and he wants as far as staff scope. He could run circles around. In a debate. Because I just don't have that knowledge. Yeah. So in that setting he did destroy. But and that's I think a lot of celebrities are afraid of where. Seth Rogen. And his philosophies are way of life. Might be more righteous than Steve abandons. ST ban price got a whole lot more knowledge. And Seth wrote in that. Field right and the political and could talk him into a (%expletive) and circled. And Seth Rogen would come out looking like and so I they would a lot of celebrities are afraid of is having that debate. And lose him. You know I mean I always thought of guys like pat does well in particular as a guy who. He portrays himself as the guy who could have that debate with any. So the fact that he's silencing Steve Bennett makes me think. Not only can have a debate EE I don't these capable. Because you're Smart enough to make Steve Bannon look like an idiot the way Bill Maher did Miley topless. While we just do. You would want to be more fun on so many levels to make Steve Biddle there moron. Yeah it was so yeah. That's good point like why why would you not why why would you pass up the opportunity. Make someone you know you big heavy would be disagree if pat does that hey instead of saying hey throw Steve ban cop show says hey let me. Do Vienna. Personally doing the second is that there will be a lot more attention for that vs just some hassle from The New Yorker. If pat Oslo that we have for Judd Apatow out. They should have said they would need to what do you run (%expletive) mental circles around this guy. You know I mean let me make a complete idiot out of that video goes viral all the people on Twitter. I can eat it up a few people make excuses that they attacked Steve van and that's Hogan's. Looks great. But instead it looks. At the very least that would look a whole lot cooler thing going we know you know and in a lot about it in the they'll follow mirrored a lot better luck get them is as a whole that they did. You'll like him jewel like clock and it saddens me. Mean usually get just wasted I have waste my time Ottawa but it makes you feel like I've wasted time defending comedian is much that I have his annual conceal right. Although even they don't give a (%expletive) about. If it's against what they believe. That's gotta support guys like bill Byrne Jim Norton. It saint Lucie can. Dave Chappelle guys like that who doesn't matter what color tie your way. You know I mean bit there bet they'll defend you if they believe in what you're represented. Com. And you know. The woman thing has become. A weird thing to be addressed over the last week. But spoken now comedians. Are going after Louis and again another comedian I respect the (%expletive) out. Cristina to jet ski. Using Netflix special she's Tom Sawyer's wife. I'm sure Christie appears to do a podcasting Eric Holder mom's house they talk about Louis last week. And this is one thing I I'll I'll Kristi. But. She said you know like. And it's really gross to lose coming back and that's why did give an opinion on that's fine but what she said the bothered me was she goes. You know like nine months it just shows you don't care about the victims ask to be at least a year. Have no (%expletive) idea that's an arbitrary amount of time you came up with that in your mind rising nine what you're saying the guy can't work. Shame you're saying a guy's not a dork. In his field. And you get to not only net you get to decide how long to get to work. It doesn't matter that. He got a standing ovation. Blue onstage in New York got a standing ovation was done. To ass holes. Felt the need. To talk to a baud. And I say castles if you of this opinion that's totally if you can't watch Louis now because you're uncomfortable but again that. I see the Cosby Show on TV and I'll click on it just to see what it's like a Mike. If the if the cut and now I I don't lose any anywhere near cosmic that is trying to make an example we just later. Why is on television negotiable so so I get it if you can't watch Lou because you are comfortable that's fine. The reason I called amass holes is because. You're offended at. He could got up and left. But. We you'd rather do. Is that your name into a blog that people read. And any control people CI said I was offended by it blew an eagle on mine cookbook which you cool good very good movie shoot good liberal. Once you lose a stand and up for women like that I wrote. At a ball away or girl I don't know it was matter women that's adored. But I guess I guess if we especially women are comfortable I get it. It's (%expletive) creep just short often funny to. Who obviously can get comfortable by. A technical law. And just trying your name out there. But that did proves you have no. Moral. Repugnant so that. You know hunt it did you just want you you want the attention. But yet comedians coming out and saying like it's it's wrong of the club boycott the club. For booking him. Take you wanna fight club. Crystal ball and tell me that deed one of the biggest comets in the country walks him. And as they wanna do it signature on stage the 1515 minutes and those that could make all the falcon fans happy and give a standing ovation yeah. Gladly because the reason you did in the comedy cellar is because. You have that that's the we'd do he's what are your guys. He's got its past there at the comedy cellar and become reseller rules czar. Not rules but what you know going and is on a given night you wanted to curry Celek and there's a line up there you know you might CEO Richard Foster Bobby Kelly or whoever. But I given night you could see maybe even back to back to back. Kevin Hart Dave Chappelle Chris Rock Jerry Steinfeld Louie CK Amy Schumer disease. That people that sell out (%expletive) Arenas. On a given night could albeit the companies. This is what happens. So. Yet to realize there might also be a comedian and he's been comfortable now Louie might be different category of uncomfortable for. But he could go there and see nick Apollo whose crazy far right. He could go up there and see Biggio person who's gonna talk about. Ridiculous sex acts in Chile that you know I mean like. You could get comfortable no matter what. So it's up to you you by Eric. Coming ticket I have to have the shrink. If you wanna cut that to get up and walk out. We coddled too often the people. Justly. And I mean you only what's why staged maybe demand your money back you want to hey I know I was a sibling creep like Louie. Wright is Kerry earlier. Nine times at ten in the clubs gonna say yeah no problem we instant. Because they did something weird and they also do the things that have more people come club cinema losing 25. They don't act like your a (%expletive) victim because we told jokes on the stage. For fifteen minutes may get it at the got to get that in the limelight some non entity name out there yet. We. We coddle the babies instead of uplifting the people that are referred to speak their mind what's. So can't. Come with a baby. It had Neil king GeMS and tell loses those knees can't take it anymore. Been dealing with it next week at a much. But what am I thought talents that pin and then a post game. And general whole or if they educate topic gearing Gilroy sounds but from Gilroy and Geary jurors names tours. You'll rule is committed you'll have that LR you Cingular. The so you guys are it has to. Like I do check that tomorrow night on the VI Thursday. Amid 92 I am. Team and analogous in early please tell your. We have friends of bottles and so Chris Curtis injures or Arnold. I'm being marginalized. I'm being held down. Because of my disability emit those town nine point where. Having gone I'm a disabled man. Eric I should have asked our purpose and you know Tommy like a trash talked. And even if you listen on the UEI dot com which is that way I think a lot of people. Listen to look at those who gets to weed out the most. Even if you do do that go to iTunes and subscribe or where else you get podcasts it should be up. And gives fueled five star rating and positive review. Because I needed to get through today. And at Jared digging in his mind and produce a threat and seeing I'm in the past and Imad blind Mike underscore and you know. Don't go home with hope folks. You've been listening to trash talk. Kind of money I hear it again and WE PI dot com iTunes just in the radio dot. Tune in next week for another edition of trashed. A presentation that stuff. DP I.