Blind Mike's Trash Talk Ep 32 - Norm McDonald, Beth Mowins, and Serena Williams

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Thursday, September 13th
Discussing the continuing theme of going after people we don't agree with and Beth Mowins play-by-play from MNF

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We all we can match the great yeah it's the only son feels certainly. Asked in America this trash talk or do. Now does tonight boy. I really will believe anything totally you know less of a man in charge. Fast flash is baby blues damage. Appears to notice talking about says an inning with confidence. Obama well my goodness you. Whatever you want sir what do you say thank you say goes so dormant so I am in many ways. So when might producer Jared. That was registered. Takes the reins of the program and it tells me. It's everyone else's fault. I say well it's got to be true why don't Eli. And then I do. A little show called late night with Patrick. And Gilroy. And Matt the Marines the producer in the outcome town. He is on a fast and I knew my friend does want it to go I'd I'd I'd do shows and all the time never problem. Pacifist. This can't see why would you make something like Sony assured me all Jarrett spoke. Responses and. At a think. I literally could not that there at last makes you believe quite honestly. I've been good good you know they did you know they can't believe you wanna know what the problem really is I'm sure is the fact that. Eurotunnel in them. And so I think it's only problem. That's that's my charm but honestly mics on honestly if it's it's my fault. And Diller it's. They had a internships in Mandarin Chinese and he got it can't just go come on and yet you wanna commend your every Thursday. Like doesn't pay you at this trip for us Jessica. Mike doesn't know what I'm. Mike and a cop for classic. Explain that house and you should nick ran a remote just in. A position in the Cox. Well folks if you then I'm I don't know him. Over module Mike's but he can make out and sang. I'm very can few. Because. It's my understanding. That the biggest story from this weekend was tennis. Well. Debut seasons. And yet every time I I turned on sports program on Monday. It omitted the biggest story from weekend. As a Rita Williams yelled at someone. There it will you know I understand she yelled at the route. She took down a sexist here now she deny she can hit the ref was writhing in Quito. Here is a monster they warned he warned. Heard that there's a coaching in the stands in tennis which ought to which her coach admitted to doing from the stands. So she yelled at him and he called out for guests just pitching at the rap. As you call them liar and at the who she's who's stealing now like Eric. Why am I supposed to. Why did it make it seem like America cared about this because she lost the match she law gives its record it's. Eric and if I'm sure she's lost before guests. Erica before like jaws of the same person before the reason I bring a lot. Is because what fascinated me. Is that. Right sacks this is rep sexist as an option. Did the fame good sexist can't. Of the dragon into the month. Based on anecdotal evidence. Yeah that's that's what I'm about to come at. A guy doing his job and just columnist. I'm all for. Why do it and I say obviously Serena Williams played a man this guy called in favor of the man. And. It's twenty team. Different strokes to probe to meet and beat these guys. Have got some weak keepers. But these guys that doesn't look like a man that she's playing. Now while this sexist this horrible misogynist. Because in favor of some late. With the fifth. I'd. Is that you showed up to work in years like I am going to and and it that you're gonna. As far as my ears Intel through these headphones or world good but who knows by the time it's recorded it could to sound like touch it because that. I didn't get that wears his guys. And we think we showed up to working with cycle Micah there's no men here what was she play it will she yelling at him to have her. Rant com. She kind of turned into other is a weird thing. Happening in America. Because years ago. It was like 1015 years ago John McEnroe said that Serena Williams is the best he noticed in the world is probably that. 200 best. Overall. You know there's pride to a guy's been in the service and atmosphere and Serena Williams agreed with that statement at the time. Then John McEnroe said in an interview again like three years ago. And Serena Williams came mountains and I am you know I am offended by this Emma I'm a mother and a you know I'd. I'd back him up beat NC were a bad mother if she mentioned that there's so there's a thing going on. We are all of this. Political correctness. And pointing fingers and blaming people that's now turned into an excuse to just call anyone a sexist. And I think you'd hear a little bit of that in Serena williams' rant against this wrath. If we. Know. It's you can. Clearly. Here. Yeah. The hostess with the house you could barely hear it's it's in the very background that he can just hear yelling it's just like in the NFL and you hear the players. And on the field was that there was a clear version of her yelling like I'm a mother. How to how did you do this to. To him out now. It's going to be a reinsert it and. But does that does that thing where it's like well now I can join us today. Victim. I not. As thick as well he's not a as you know street what. Now as Roemer is the fine. Us this that the crime us we can't sit anywhere else you're Smart if you do I'm not even. Wagging my thing I think you're you're Smart to. Go on the ship. You know cheating a tennis. Shoes she. Is imagined. Any others. And you know read it's it's base but we ought cheating goes well imagine that tomorrow night. Judy Martinez bat breaks and if I'm corked bat. To. Follow the fifth I am an American suits. You accuse me of cheating when he just so I'll meet. It. We call him if he did some. BC and the answer column. It's. Going to be caught cheating. So. You make up your did his job. He told the worst. Call. Which doesn't make yeah it's August now just let whatever happens I don't think he made that call so to respond to that us. I. You might now keep in mind. But the amazing thing is that people columnist guys they're like. Is its. Cars. As he should unlike sports. Sexist. Blog post that is correct. A sex with an answer yeah that's my consent sports I mean I did you see on blogs that I did the on Twitter that this man is such an app. I did see on Twitter those silent that the New York posted to two articles there is Serena melts down and who and yankees gotten anything. Open it to the argues all it's like how sexist of the year like. That didn't know now almost it's also a thing of they would say John McEnroe meltdown and his times advertising program Mac but the thing of you seen managers yell at umpires. It's not that crazy thing whereas tennis players young wrap your audio. And it's interesting it's unique it's the only time ever the only two things I know about tennis are at this and John Mack. Regular times I've given a shipment and but the amazing thing is this guy. Sexist undertone to this guy's an annual across the court. It's a twenty year old girl. Answering. That is calling in favor of a man. Explain this to these Italian it's not cheap. It's. So in. Every time. I seemed to think maybe. The whole deal spectrums coming back towards the good guys and lute and the good gals to discuss. The other right. And they got one of the greats this week. It nothing really happened. But they tried taken down a genuinely. A genius but to cut comedic genius odd norm McDonald. One of the greats. And he's had a show. It's bounced around it was on like who wrote awhile. Is the same show and then it was just on YouTube that I don't think it's exactly the same. But anyways he has yet. He show on YouTube was awesome. Watched every episode bank and although it was like there was an opening. Not even really ST it like a little obviously scripted. Bit between him and his co host. And then there'd be a long form interview. For about an hour. And then they would and Don jokes. And it wasn't just like talk show monologue jokes there were some like there are some topical jokes. Some. Lake street jokes action that's been around forever. And some observational style that should obviously Norman is writers came up. And it would do that in the show BO was it an amazing show norms a great talk like he talked to anyone and make it funny and interest. So I always thought. It was amazing to me that with all of those dumb (%expletive) late night shows. Knowing is given nor should not mean that to be CBS or NBC. Even like AM see your effects Ernie though none of them could give Norma show because vector that is an blacklisted from us and now. I guess yeah they're they're afraid. The amazing thing is is norm got fired from SNL. For making jokes about OJ Simpson. So it's like. You were defending this man was making fun of a murderers they got away. That's off limits in Ottawa to do that I guess I'll bet so. Benoit norms of brilliant guy and I've always thought that show should've gotten picked up somewhere. I remember when Craig Ferguson left the show after Letterman a marcher replace Letterman on its. I mean pallbearers getting in what he wouldn't of gotten the ratings gold targets these more skier. If it'll bring your head delay norm and called bear others in the political stuff that is just kind of mindless ball should introduce. Let totally mentions I thought golly that's easy it's easy to take and that's what I said about the norm thing. Said that the best thing that happened is in getting kicked off the nitro. Because that allowed my game a lot more press than him front and some wrestling Jimmy Fallon for a few YouTube views the timing. Our people know is an affliction anyways I've for I have always studies ever show finally does Netflix. And judging by the trailer. It's relatively similar. They are a couple clips right couldn't tell you as like a panel of guests. Regardless. It's a show Letterman executive producing it. Looks like it's going to be very. Doing my interviews to promote the show he does look with the Hollywood reporter. And ask him about. Resentment because norm what you'll notice norm started. On Roseanne was a writer for resentment I think at the same. Time is us now maybe or maybe just before is. It was a right of resentment. And now you know he has a relationship whether. Guys that are on his show before. So he said that he's. Close with and he's called there through the hole. They overs and lost their show is between east operative that and said she doesn't sound good is concerned about it. And there's a thing now. If. So I don't know Jarrett that. I would become friends. They sent it last year so. So. If something. Came out that sounded out of character about Jarrett presets and an on dumb on Twitter of and people were now tell me Jared is a racist. I would say. Oh no he is I know. Brett you know I mean I guess not because I actually know you these people don't. And then they start giving the proof a you know that's an epic I know maybe it's different when he's not around me but it is not a guy. What they would want me to do. Is attacked let's decide orders. Peace should have always hated this guy and finally have got the balls to say oh thanks it's so that's what they would like norm to do Roseanne. Doctors as I was. Which is amazing. Because anyone else. If they said that about their female boss would then be dragged through the mud themselves. A toddler reporter asked this in hopes that norm says. Something controversial. And apparently he didn't by saying in a rose and was friend of mine and it's kind of sad to see some go through this and say any and he talked about little. And he said you know I know Louise well. And I put them in touch with each lose one talked Roseanne and norms point is that. They are very few people in the world. Whoever experienced what they expect. And what pleases. It's just that's just fat. There's no there's I don't know how others argue like how could say look at that just have a statement that interest for and what he means is there are only so many people. That it tweeted something dumb or an article written about them and in one day. Lost that. When you know putting it along Watergate to. If I can play you know I mean now it's and it now it just happens in hours. Read tweets on the dom. Or even you do something wrong in articles written about it and you know a good chance to explain yourself for anything happens it back not not saying rose end Louie right. What they did. Just saying very few people have a Shakespeare. And then what arson is using. The victims experience. That's not saying. (%expletive) am. That's saying they they even those people can't relate to that just a different thing. Again a statement effect now apparently people want that to mean is well. Is applauding him for what they've done. Now. Normally just a bright guy they concede two sides of thing. That these people might eventually things. That's an experience that they haven't come. You know I mean. I don't know why now we need everyone. To just say I ask them. Yeah I mean how would having an original thought so anyways. It's trying to call more piece of (%expletive) that you think about whenever I wouldn't agree but for. So when he's Bosnian attach. The gain and NBC decided norm. Was the scourge of society. Did you happily should ignite. Has been on the tonight. Yeah I mean so Norma Don January criminals have been on the tonight should genuine position. Norm had an opinion. I didn't really opinion. And idea I thought that people didn't like. And now out on. When mass. Mass audience listens works at the county's current policies like Jesus really. Tom. In less the only thing I can think. Is that what they're saying is we'll Jimmy Fallon can't handle us. You know they want him on him to talk about it but it logic found that but then how I'm on a different cooking shows don't say what they did is say. Norm is a guy that we can't condone having on our air. It's like what counts what pieces of (%expletive) Everything they just want everything to be gum drops and lollipops for it and forever now I guess that's yet or whatever will offends people whatever fuel they cannot agree with. They don't wanna that a sexual predator hosting their morning show for years. They had a lot. Hosting the new shoes. A guy who made up stories. Was their main. League news anchor. But norms a hunger ship the Campion. Congratulations. And he's taken that voice of the do IG a brilliant voice like that. And Norman on stern yesterday. And just explain. He's. Obviously don't think they have worse off and Louise victims. I'm saying it's an experience. That only those two. Can really talk about and a few other people. Was just a fat. And norm not this is kind of a bond me out is like Norman on to say hey you know women in. If that have gone through sexual abuse and all kinds horrible things obviously and I try analysts and with they've been. You shouldn't even have to say it. We shouldn't make you tell us. That there are women in your family that have been through abuse. Or you say the word retarded on Twitter we shouldn't make you talk about people in your family. With mental disabilities should we should just say. You know what we don't know this guys dealers. I only have a conversation with a we feel strongly about. It again it was last week. Giving Milo yeah and topless. In this second dangerous as edgy voice that's that's getting people on his side have a mom expose them. Voltage is what the market and you're thing norms a monster. Have Ahmad and expose the problem is they know norm is not a monster. So they know they can't do they know they have Mon. And say why are you in favor of sexual abuse of sick on much (%expletive) and moron. Obviously would be in favor. And they don't normally handled it brilliantly so they say what can we do we can tell NBC to take him off. Weekend. Begging Netflix that they get showdown which luckily Netflix didn't do. And that's how they win against these deeply they attack the weakest. Companies luckily Netflix hasn't won doesn't seem to be one. They didn't pollute his new special Padilla fizzle out and week that I understand. So Netflix is the one place that's kind of been. When their geyser there with controversies. Like this. They kind of stood their ground. And it's like for NBC. The only the only reason I would ever watch the Tonight Show Kurt Campbell or any of those is if builder. Maybe Howard's sister OpenId and early anymore. And Norm MacDonald. Were guests considered the best talk show hosts and he talks a guest. So it's like you've taken one of the greatest gets a multi government will we can have this. 'cause he had a thought. That we didn't like once that's (%expletive) terrify. Jim Morris that whole idea of the camp and people are yet again. I disagree is getting wayward I'd I've the reason not to my my fears. Is that I keep talking about the shipment go down a rabbit hole where on the next Bakken. Alex Jones but for political correctness. And in five years aren't my best. And I Arafat could well and against political correctness that's my worry. But the reason I keep talking about it is that I hope. That. I truly believe that. 80%. 75% maybe of the population agrees arms sank. In some form maybe a 100%. But basically I think most of the population. Either says. The norm on the tightrope and you gives a (%expletive) and explain himself or not genius or whatever it some version of that. Whereas it's the real minorities it's this man is a monster who shouldn't be hurt him. So that's my real belief that the majority of the population. Thinks that way. And I feel like it's my job to keep saying hey instead of saying that being a policy. And saying like I you know that's the climate. That's it he should know and that's what's gonna happen. Just signal that's wrong because of we I've ever one that thinks that. That is wrong to kick norm off that show if there when the thinks that said it they would beat. That's what I hope to steal somewhere along all right in my life in. I'm quite sure that I won't ever have that effect on but maybe Annika maybe some. Let it. You had a problem. Stretch from woman the other we learned yeah not supposed to do that. You a problem with Beth Mallon all my god. What do you are one before watching. Okay so watching the Monday that football game. It's yet via ESPN does not have the good to broadcast Booth ever and there are always bad and the dining room fine. Her OK. With it was it really wasn't good. The greens are great about it. Apparently so grit in his return as a coach either but hum it has wasn't at her voice is awful. First see is that that but I think I say is that. But the her voice is were like. Purse for the way she talks. Is annoying but it's no more in line Dave O'Brien has the same to all these talk and huckster broadcasters. We'll need to talk like the slick professional broadcasters. And for whatever reason I don't that's taught and broadcasting school I went but didn't pay attention. Obviously. That made it for whatever reason they tell you. Pros and you'll have to look mostly ate all your awards. And it's a thing that stern did for years and open champion made fun of for years and men occurring now and make fun now. It's been mocked for years but for a reason people still do but. Would bet melons this is a thing that might actually be. Like a little bit of a sexist thing until you notice it more with Beth now. Sexist thing is wrong with the phrase may not like you in particular just like this site yet just today in general and they hear of an Internet they don't hear about a woman ever. Tonight what (%expletive) is this but you're so used to hearing on many don't call it out as maybe yet but it's just it was awful and then. Aside from that that was a little bit like it was denying whatever it usually didn't get past that because they'll listen freaking Chris Collins worth her voice up an adjustment. Or at each and that the it and Blair did to continue on the download doesn't want to in the game watching the plays. She's talking about nonsense as the play is going on. And then. She's calling the play like. Five seconds after it happened and eclipse let's hear from people while watching football hero. The jets will receive to roll. Back Bridgeport Susan look. Seasons that. With the maximum. The great job. The way she's talking is weird where it's the jets will receive Todd bowl is it's like everything's run on sentence. But again that's a broadcast that to hack broadcasts. So there's that like just Mendoza is real. Notably. And I'll defend often sets especially based on the last we talked about but I think there's a thing with the best mounds where she is getting more criticism. Only say that not that she doesn't deserve to be criticized if that. Most. Jim next does the same you know I mean most broadcasters should be criticized mocked and criticized at the peseta freaks you know it's the same movements to finance the way outside my body while ups in the dances and sounds like she's just trying to imitate its status to him and Romo. Regular drama out of my people I don't think people were getting on the east I think Roma does a good job but he does tend to. Go into too much to eat tends to get lost and go away too in depth at weights you render it a little bit while it's obviously doing John that impression to the bull. Writing with that I noticed it Mattel. And I noticed that on Sunday. Where he's talking to Linden. As mrs. They did. Know your body in general assertion that they you're going way above what. The general public is gonna get the patriots 34 point eight rating embossed ask race. As good at that step so that when they talk about. Dealings ruined the game. I think percentage ought percentage rise pretty much the same watch football. Denies it people watching TV Bret it's just people are colonial as a stealing again over a giants fan. And I'll watch in the paint in the on the team he's watching the joint laptop. And it's just an illegal for the idea that he's just (%expletive) Steel Iranians Arnold that adorn a paper at a house in particular order. Just steal. Eddie and keeping a watch that that's so what's the cheapest and I don't wanna watch the African cowboys again I'm tired watch them on their own nationally every week so that all ratings thing I think is like. Too much of we're trying to find it's it's obviously. It's got its. Out are you more I look at the ratings up every single show that's non believes he was a finalist in less agree is gonna find a way to the track streams it Clinton that it's like if someone pays for NFL Sunday ticket and they watch it in their computer. The fund awaits its currently that yet incident is going in the TV rating. More so. Speaking of hack broadcasters. I heard something. And show. A short effort. When he. On the Internet Kirkland. And it has been four minutes. Speaking of hacked broadcasters I heard something. And everyone keep in mind. I heard it on NBC sports Boston. I don't know where else it was played. Which I feel like I mean second place we can where is complaining. That folks. So. I'm a mine in my business. That but he over watching. Putt. And and the only reason I watched that the afternoons is because. All Mathisen. Syndicated her ensemble cast. There were I'd be watching that maybe. Level or what. But anyway is what your photo masked and armed columns. A commercial. For his lack. And so. That's. I'm comes a commercial from meats and fats outs on golf for ethical code that is also heading as it is a promotion for me hadn't fats of and I hear that. Calls that. I'm recent Maldonado pound a week but he got retirees. Taylor examining guy he now this after we are not for a while you're good yeah elite a year trying to hide Baylor that slowly get back. Yeah. Right there a reason Colin JUN. Replica of the day what the (%expletive) was. He's just trying to just given tips on I don't get I don't I don't blame recent mall. Reese called up. Joining. Just a fact I think. I think that history is basically. It would be like if I said William looking for good music you need to find a good musically. Yeah. I. A. That's fun. I don't know I don't. Even saying I don't get the joke I'm saying I don't think it was a joke. He's bigger effect. It. Because. I just think a man is stating something. Recent Maldonado pound a week we got retirees. Hail slamming at me now this after we are not very while you're good trail leading you're trying to buy bear that sounded exactly. Yeah. Right there a reason. Colin JUN. I am and that. So. The setup for that was that I guess we've got delivered to 95 studios yeah as liked when he eight pounds. But in a big box apparently it's in there like a month and yet I openness to four hours on the it does not be able to make that interest. Like. I listen to a little bit trying to (%expletive) aren't trying to find is that caught I'd just sit at the droning on not we get it and we delivered do you still. I found it to be. A little racist. That they kept assuming it must've been Whitney. The fifth. Well well well the racist my friend as well in fairness there was producer was addressed the ninety's at seven. And it happened at an early 969 and yet here that more rate Jarrett assuming making a lot of assumption of amount. Dose that it. The premise for that is that we was sentenced and this guy calls up and says in order to find him. Good bag of weed yet to find a pot dealer it's cells that. What is the age and I don't like to deconstruct. It is wanna know where he is adage it's a statement that. Bills is that first off I think those disorders leading off for the right at a bit goes even with the promise of a song goes stop. And top my friend you just while home run. No need for further comment. He'll lose and doobie and my only guess is that those two are so. They probably don't like each other. So that they're so. Just checked out of that show. That they thought a joke came and they will I'm a laugh we weren't listened and we bailout and just sell the (%expletive) out of us. And act like it was (%expletive) and Rickles sickened 1978. Because I don't understand. How low. That created such laughter obvious genuine laughed because you know when you hear page a Monday game let's call a joke like that. You know. Please stop stop at least we can't take any more Omar. So that inspired. Hearing that yes inspired me I don't know of your Annie you've heard of the Opie & Anthony each. They were on for years. And then. People start calling at the racist so they are on no more. But they had a brilliant bit. Called jock to over. That started. When they noticed. Rock stations across the country. Just in in October call it rock Tobler. Because Iran basically there's nothing more to the fact that a rhyme when conversations or does the same thing they really do rock Tom and am pretty sure that the India and impose. Well sorry guys but. Anyways rocked over it just it's a hack thing because it's like hey we found. A syllable that rhymes with a rough. So let's just call it rocked over and then they do exactly what they do the other eleven months. And just play the same eight songs over and over again all that. They're so open champion does this and they decided to come up with a big conjure October. Where they find the hack used radio jocks across the country and just play bits from their show. And it evolves into something that was just like. It just trolling on social media that's kind of what became of that about it. But edit score what do was was calling out shows that do hack. Radio bits that are completely original and stolen and have been done many times and have no thought. So myself. We're the staples of these type shows huge October 10 show was. Just a collared. Say something quick you'll laugh out and you go out he caught a break. I'd opt you know someone hits a home run you can't top T yeah yeah yeah put him at the post. I myself week. Because kind of fits that that narrative of the show. We should bring jumped over that. Tom I would like the permission. One Sam Roberts Sam Roberts the curator of jumped over. But assuming I don't officially get the permission I am fully admitting that I'm stealing his bit. From Sam Roberts and the European and Asia as again nothing's original there and done he's done it before so so. I'm. So jock took over. I would like to do it in the month of October and right need from you folks I have two shows in mind right now that I think they would that the deal. What I need for you folks is any show I think we'll include TV. You include TV in a white gown Oden might make fun of get a Ernie knows so include TV. Hit us up on. And some cool saying that some want more meals that I am I forget that I am. You forget that I'm that age just total (%expletive) massacre in which one is at the turmoil and forget about. It is a bunt what are outline Mike underscore and at generated Dayton. Don't tell me follow fellow man staying cash I don't get a I want genuine hacks that are completely and original. They don't do their own stuff steal from. That's what I would like to expose. In shocked to begin shows recommend we would love to do we looked at Houston us. Tacky things yes and on the original stuff. While we're doing something that's completely if it's local. That's the pop you know you know it's sad is that have been funny if I presented like that that could and it didn't even occur to pick but that was released that is that I. At least I admit it's the I know we're we're. We're even occurred or fully and I was taking a pittance of I consider this. Hang out run it's the regular. I'm paying homage of those guys. Is the biggest isn't it folks anyone that was in the broadcast. If you admit you stealing before you steal it's not stealing. You are you hang on you're paying out. If you steal and then get caught and you steal. And studied it you're just you talked. We do I admit at first. Let's advocates. Bosnia. Let us know on Twitter. That shows that you think fit that criteria. I will give them listen you know who I'm guessing is very happy. The show called. Dean and shock the freak. That's actually syndicated and it's awful I'm I'd see I was get based on the name is a lot to hurt so that's kind of what we're looking for that level. A couple of stations cop shows here that should probably be aware definitely along mean. Hutton. So you know. That that's that's were looking for if you can send as those maybe so that I'm not officially stealing. We'll come up with a new name but I read the college October pay homage to opiate. And then you know the usual reminder. That if you like to show evangelist on WEEI dot com I know you don't listen on the radio dot com up because how could you. They would put enough neck so he has done either VI dot com and yoga for a way to support issue. Go overnight tunes. Mean and leaves a five star rating positive review. Say just the nicest things about us and if they except for mentors have. The iTunes ratings. We've definitely the met a nice. And it's premature to Oklahoma hope folks. You've been listening to trash talk with the kind of money I hear it again and WE PI dot. ITunes just in the radio dot com tune in next week or another addition of trashed. A presentation of W. DP I.