Blind Mike's Trash Talk Ep. 4 - @SmittyBarstool joins to discuss the Michael Rapaport firing 2-23-18

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Friday, February 23rd

Blind Mike brings on his former colleague Barstool Smitty to discuss the firing of Michael Rapaport this week.


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Now I gotta say. I didn't think it would work you know last Friday there was a lot going on him beat me and I don't think it would work but I gotta say walk into the studio today for the first time since then. I walked in the door. Martin is that your Al Ali and then they sing the good morning song they'll learn last week and they hold hands. And that has hello folks and I walked into my pocket it's very nice if employers. Very pleasant place to be now you I gotta say if David Price wants to come by there's no negativity here anymore no absolutely not I've never seen. And and all week I've not seen negative ports I feel like they're just gonna start playing nine journeys open arms and think you know as right at the beginning you know when you want candidates to Serbia this are the workday it's very accepting here and it's I gotta say it's earnest. I mean it's the color blind Mike shore but I've met you we did it mean that this I know I created a big deal I always talk some about. Known Noah can humanize you had your chance to squash that China and you missed it. So. Big podcast today because my pal from crystal smarts that arsenal sports. Adam Smith's committee is Alice from arsenal Philly. And he will talk about the Michael Rappaport promise it'll get to that later. Not government who rules them for. Now now I refuse to let all right Susan edit personal kind of in that window where you know heated nozzle. We're on we're Byrd was and he he cents. You know we don't we don't do negativity. Well let me just say before I in trivia it's me stuff. That I want all of you. The the blind. The blind mafia a missile. It took until I think a better name for a fans of this podcast. I want all of you to go on Twitter and tell the world that blind Mike wants in on rough and rowdy theory. That is that second half an official maybe it's official owe a debt is gonna happen. Could result in such detail I should go get my deposit that I put out for the dude content and Jim we're gonna go to some charm tourney it's our next week yet where hockey for style Brett. We jumper opened in and reconnect you -- at the pandora stations that parts on firing him by the way I I will bring an assessment and I'll see it is the big dogs of ours to. And but I Mullen so fans help Portnoy. Line Mike wants an off by pirates Simon off by Portnoy. A fight. Internet Dana heated. How might Peta may have and it's all I'll take on all comers on a corner Mike thank you great training starts now. We're going to be shadow boxing in in the in the studio I'll take a more in Norway right now take him. It looks like he could. It's apartment I think he's got an Iowa but by and turn the are right anyways so we're gonna do here is if you're not familiar with the Portnoy. Rappaport it's midi beef with cars or sports. I basically set it up when I talked it's midi but will play. Portnoy reverse Rappaport here and just for little background. It's rob port called. Grab were worked for Bart's. Called stool les anyone that calls themselves duly losers then worked for bar stool no longer because you can't insult the fans them. I read his book. I and I thought that any good news for it was free I got a from the station you know it took me about four months to read you know I'd put an X the shatter that and other is. There's a couple funny parts in it until it does just that kind of you know. Summation of all of does anything member board does a couple funny parts and the rest of us just kinda incoherent babbling that sounds like a summary of Rappaport is a guy yeah it's funny show as a lot of angry New York via sports takes it to some funny nugget but there's only so far when you view ago. New York's the best in the rest you policies like you only listen to the Patrick Ewing should have a world championship talk so much read dampened that's Louis coach John Starks and right that's the deducted so you ready to. Well he gets a Tom are so here's Portnoy Rappaport and then meet with my good now sir. Arts and more in the bed and doing some head just woke up. Last that I go out a couple drinks charged with things just connect the Twitter for one and night it was rough Rania while his world lacks. World with retreat on. And Mike rep or this bitumen chooses chooses news is that the Jews and Lowe's said it everyone knows it. Errors which are that to generate. And the real arguably KFC to me adultery which by the way. Oh here so tipsy. What do not say if you're stool. If you're stool girl loser. Loser in life though. You talk about all the days. To be fired. For bar stool. As wanna shout out everybody. Podcast is that number one. You know move on to greener pastures. Told these and I was the Ric Flair. Pleasure million dollar company. Right Plano private planes. And you'll Allison Nantucket. But you don't and you really think to change. Your password. On Twitter. It's a fourth episode and my first guest ever. And accurately and your friends are gas via the big dogs of our crystal. Come on your podcast. Or nine maybe we'll see big cat and a music as laments many of course of the no problem guys in the news couple weeks in a row. And he still does mine Adam Smith is an announcement from bars towards them. Yeah that's rapidly up the big dot yards and got the underdog. Now can I tell you first when island value but are still fox and how you guys treat me is that. Even in like private moments when I reach out to you and not not for any content or anything just me talking it. And I go paceman it was a bomb and the reply is a blind Mike what's up you can't humanize me for a second. Is that the public acclaim that it and gave back. Want that on that stick I mean. I think it. There's no shaken our it's obviously we're having you on to talk about this Michael Rappaport stuff and will start kind of at the beginning with a calm. When Michael Rappaport was hired I thought it was a weird fit. I never found the guy particularly funny. I was interested in because I know whose friends of bill Byrne like bill Byrne respect him a lot. But then I was new stuff I never really got it but I know he was kind of a big deal bar stool apparently taken a lot of money. How did you guys feel about him when he was hired. I've really been a preference for a day when he hired actor won't are a couple aren't actually all been very very. Doesn't it and in the proper setting the doses. Life. When they brought him on I mean yeah early argue that higher at the INE. Like them or not quite easy ride with. Hollywood and the duty since the ninety's yet they get hot at the theory that trick I mean did it look like a perfect aren't. Yeah I mean he's definitely a name and Bob Portnoy said. He was making six figures there. Like go well well well into six figures I guess at what did he do there are soft from Rappaport with the bar stool was. The little videos he did Horry was basically talking (%expletive) Other fan bases and tuchman a great New Yorkers is that all he did that. I mean I'm not to act and not gonna go figure he's making a comment on that but odd as far as I know it is. It is at the he did and all I ask. Stole money. And then yeah I'd like Kirk your idea that night at that meeting that day. It is required to do like what are you and it is a week or so on political. Padilla roughly an odd that podcast in the video basically yeah yeah so let them walk. And so the stories I've heard and just from people kind of catching me up on what was going on bars the exam called Rappaport since he got that really hasn't been a fan. But when I heard when he went in the office the first time who's kind of addicted people is that true and was it to you specifically your urges other people. Whitaker and narrower on what did he just. We'll. And a big times and we didn't look so note that was the terror terror war that was sad and apparently is that yeah it is just a bully on the deck. A portal used to follow that Purdue that out later why he engage it eventually wore. And I just stick every kind of a man you try to act like you know big time release star Rappaport and shook. One thing that our school you know I did well on me at least. An inward looking out everyone's. Everyone what evil you'd find. A person and then it's like sheep (%expletive) At all last year and he would come and then you're PayPal and Google are like it clicked and I'm. What do you remember when they think commons and you know certain point of reserves are so what are they like global. Industry a big. Aaron. So to the rough and rowdy thing first of all we're you on steroids. I use it yeah I do I wouldn't. Eric you not like a hard court negative connotation picket steroids it. Yet they don't horse got through these yet you're you're at bury our group. They're aliens that I wasn't eighteen or who work there until they can low level at. Aka I have no ground. A stand alone. But yeah yeah I checked out and got there. Ike is basically yeah cannot basically the steroids yet yet where and yet allergic reaction you're based culture are. Just supplements earlier today. Now either way to work. Yeah yeah I mean from my perspective if you're injecting African Barry Bonds type steroids in your ass who position has its. Not a sanctioned fight in an arena in our Floyd Mayweather who cares why why was this why did was the center bug up Rappaport says I don't get was just gone for shtick what was the deal with. It's a bug up Rappaport that would be felt like it was an angle that he gave today. And equities at that equities are quick I mean we're we're all pretty big blue blocks. There or school or something bad about. Pretty much out there are ready otherwise we're looking over our shoulders when he worked out and Ireland I got. I got up and I'd sell it at like. Don't call from rarely come at me like bring it actually that it ma you want. Are you got a whole lot more at age at obviously aired out there now and he or. So. He said he hit about a disaster you and mutiny stole your podcast from a is there a reason he was gone after you specifically did you have any bad blood of them before this or what book what's the deal with them. All acting like yeah that was it or will they like in an item I today they're all there would. The end coast are built it would. On an anything else while nobody took it here we have our old and all the sudden when Rappaport eight all line. I'll beat you wanted to do it at the data they basically want to ask are really worried that. According to a seller Aruba the wrap up we're all yet he's sort of reached out what he found out there are doing well at a bit like a U wanna like a long hard apple if you look like other. But now it is. That's an attempt but the big. Start two or what would you was. Rappaport started an all league. Art school in which there was no electoral prizes. Other than court a court. I bought it trophy girl also like. The wake aired. Honestly about it. And he came on the run down what can we. Pretty starter Reid and never brought out by youthful kid who would you guys don't care about daughter is just as people all. What possibly could start talking (%expletive) a one on the end result. And I'm here that I stand up my day. I feel last week literally not thought that. And he just as you all can move up all his gut but I don't even though and if you look at all we are never reported it. Spotters to spot you ought to you know immediate result falcon he's easily the jugular. So he literally says he literally told wanted to fight you and in my in series and answer. Was this deal. What I thought okay that's that's a real pussy (%expletive) when you're saying fire guys not only fire guys are guys that have been here and helped build the (%expletive) company. And you immediately know who I look up your loyal and at present the and then. Danny got do we really are up and (%expletive) And he learned a Bettany contracting that we I absolutely want to keep column and long story short. Yeah on the record. That op on the record what are we back at least 2000 dollars. For awhile we get that. I and yet the only dozen of them in Hampshire. So now he's suing bar stool is Arabic for the rap for the Rappaport clown shirts. Or are threatening to sing yeah yeah. So witty guys stand that DNA is has porn Lewis an evening like you're allowed to do that or will you stop selling rap portraits. Oh I think orderly in the outlet they're a lot last night directly from our big shot lawyers. Are you local Peter turn and and are basically told rap port of welcomes. Oh goodness are we sure it will continue to they don't they'll and I got to brush by. You lawyers actually that. Either they were small claims court or AI Judge Judy sort of setting. Anyway I can collect the money that year so often that an. Yeah I'm rooting for you on that now real quick and a year ago but. It is there's a one conspiracy theory I've pared that he's my interest. And it's that Rappaport is doing all of this for her to build up rough and rowdy three where he will fight either you or Portnoy. Any truth to that do you think. 00 chance never happened or rapper Rappaport is like 47 year looks. Light year old turtle you know there's no chance in hell you would like it didn't matter innovate and they would date David station. I think here he shorter. Hurting here but there's no chance it. Now or what actually. Offer proper route to. I just out floated out there are you what records and you would never what you should write you look what he's an all metal back and know. Let there's no. Now there was a big don't know that it was legit. You can say I mean yet seems on drugs. And he treats women that. Who really. Bounces. And yet color. And there was a buzz on Twitter last night that blind Mike might be in rough and ready to reverse pirates Simon isn't that can happen. I I saw that you you better be careful and eight. They I played advantage and lights it it. You should viewers and a and I had to hire a a night that's even on. Yes I'm here to say I'm 100% and floated up to Portnoy. But I'm gonna present data they want a some sort of some sort of a former interns mastermind of percent and. They illegally. I. Know I mean I'm like a regular. Eyes on bouncing anonymous. I met mentally I'm I'm on the human beings for God's sick if I can make my own decisions. No B yeah I mean I I'd be down to do I and again against the red and I would just do against anyone but he instantly Simon or I do it against Portland. But a similar got a definite. An and last question ought to go and you know rent me but I. It just kind of more generic now that you are all working together it's been what a year and a half almost rate we've been in New York together. So is there anyone and I know like you've got the stick with Schmidt with the innate there. But is there anyone in the office that you actually he working with that you've been effort the year plus that religious and was the should ideally the secret that. And they've now run school that sounds aren't. You. He had what is it is a good man is there's a lot of there's an there's lot of tension in the office and remarks. Yeah I have ever do any errors. We have our missed Lara I'm on the that we're getting. It did you wouldn't watch. Like that in its about it and hindered our. Yet. Has there been any blow in the office it has it has been that was like so bad that it could make its a blog that McMillen talked about a very evident that and everything's coming aired out. When it comes let reporters. Now just engine just in general is the Ben have there been any a fights that got kinda ugly and don't even wanted to mention on the blog. But trust me something look ugly game work related. Yeah right. It this is murdered at lieutenant you know here between what happens. When you're stuck well. That's it and as Laura Wagner gone out and they were porno theaters restore them. I. On the keep trying to make it. Rights may get their meeting Islam and I appreciate do on this. And Ivan thanks. It. Big thanks again to what an interview amendments many Elliott great job my current job thank you. Big facing and a seriously because I joke about amendments added an option I've presentation few minutes out Foreman and now we'll do that from time to time if there is. Particularly with a bar stool guys are some yeah I guys because of the ones that I know if they are in the news we'll talk to them as the people trying to. It doesn't liking so you know bars those in the news rule Tryon two we can to get people on the will be interest and talk about. But it's not gonna turn into an interview show next week means and we that must some some more news breaks. But. For now we'll be back with a regular show next week. And hopefully. I say this every week maybe this time the iTunes page will be up and you can subscribe and share and tell your friend I saw the page on eEye dot com is off. Oh yeah that's that's been as it yet just not enough yet that's that's not so that's the thing. If the iTunes pages and up you can go to WB I dot com. And find out one Mike's track. And make feel was there any since this has subscribed to via the BI pod cast. So you've got plenty of options that was enemy and of course alt weeded out at one Mike underscored. Stand tweeted out ads he Whiting that you want the united review I 93 for a time so we'll we'll tweet out there as well and WTI. At that he had tweets also. So you'll be able to find and you're listening to announce he should or not there's no excuses no excuses about. Our guys. Stealing.