Blind Mike's Trash Talk Ep. 7 - Skipper, MNF & Mike's missed op 3-16-18

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Friday, March 16th

Blind Mike Geary's latest media podcast as he discusses the John Skipper and ESPN news, plus a missed opportunity for Mike to sit in with Kirk & Callahan.


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Well. I thought this is going to be my podcast now I'm still here but it appears somebody miss their their golden chance I'm still slumming it with the but it yeah you got a guy who got the golden ticket from a lot of chocolate factory and what happened. So still trash talk with the line welcome it's that is still full time producer Dan watt yes I'm here in my seeing I'm. I yeah I'm still slumped down here in the podcast I could have been a big time radio star. And you know we usually start the show by talking about the biggest ass whole week. So I gotta be fair this week. I think the biggest ass hole media has got to be me the YouTube far and away now. For anyone that listens to the curtain Callahan programming note that because of the storm on. Tuesday. There was an absence tanker Gary Tang Wei could make event. I guess I gotta say first I guess the email he sent to record isn't and it's why a lot of time Allison was boy is don't look for. It's joyous it's gonna look for its classic tank and I look. But yet Stanley didn't hang Leno the snow. Out there now rom for Maine whoever he comes in from is how it was too much for me could make it. So. Cane seat put the call out anyone in Boston media who wants an opportunity come on. I do not see that to me it's a Mike didn't you warn on Twitter now earlier fall twelfth hole. Because they got a text. From cowboy can let. And that can Laird along with a rob Bradford had done a lot from them we get this estimate how Melvin watt so can Laird has been on my guardian ain't. And he was looking out for me get mad today and he said and Mike. Anyway bales. Is your opportunity come in for an hour tomorrow. And I look in my iPhone. And I was in just under discussed. Why. Because. I was out and fox it's bright and it's him. Gambling you can't man up again when none I wasn't foxwoods for a fund battling in the streets I work I have another job. For an Korea. And event down there and it and it account and I Nana at fox was that I had to be. The next morning that's why I was at foxwoods overnight on the frontlines on the frontlines I'd be up that of the event started like 7:30 in the morning. I'd be up early for. Now Arabia having my bosses will love to hear this I would have gladly high tailed it out of and skipped that event to be anchored now I make did Natalie that's a receipt. Obviously that's a huge opportunity I really think I would of killed. Or would have embarrassed myself and and run myself but does on what one amateur noted in one of the others in between is going to take a lot of big swings so would have been one via. When you would you texted me Monday night just send me why couldn't compete like. It is my first thought is Lockett was podcast is over. Clearly so it's just been too much and it's it's done well but no I I I feel for him. So many it's a Mike Watt blow if you will on the missed the event when he destroyed well. Why don't you for those who. For those of you that are confused by the title trash talk the media broadcast line. They closed portable Mike wells because of actionable legally blind enough so that I don't a mile. So I myself don't drive. I've got my two co workers that they remain one sick. Sick as a dog can't and the other is just sort of problem. Than on drug. So now I'm looking and exploring my options. And people are sane ones used to well. Also make gnome so I look at the amount 300 bucks I look at the amount that and look where would cost from. Foxwoods to Boston in a snow stool. And I simply I honestly. I would have paid and I probably should have just paid it in and ask questions it. I didn't have them me and my it was embarrassing. Honestly I wanted to puke a lot of times that essentially every time I've been thought of them wanted to vomit. Never for this sort of reason did you looking to dog insulin teams the Republican Everett. And no one would take no one. I couldn't find a soul to bring. From the swamps of Connecticut I have no I have no friends that give enough of a (%expletive) about me to do that you can even ask. I mean in a way you did Nate and I send you notice I said you know it's sucks that I can't get back I really wish I could drive and he assumes it to dig up what a burden on Danica neither mean hypothetical it lets us know. Side I had I had to respond to can went. I. I can. I can make it. I'm not gonna. I'm stuck it and then I had a some sort of foxwoods on cherries that this buck and spoke well he's gambling on Monday night funds at least it's not perfect yet. So that night I wake up at 6 in the morning just to listen suit accepted need to go back to the contacts yet if yet mop with a within a few if you didn't get me a mower booze and out of the box with. So. The next morning and on its six and I have to listen to this where they're talking about tang Lang. They're talking about some guy from NASA and that jokingly seduce you recommend and then on this kitten from. Mentioned the snow. And that and I think it was Kirk Kirk or count and said does anyone in this city at any ambition chemo and it was a shot to big guy. I was sitting in my 25 floor of the fox power. Just thinking just just jumped. Over and over overlooking the tanker pilot just a just and left. But I stayed strong. I commiserate with John Farrell we talked about Nara our shared enemies the currents are. Just if you listen my other podcaster from input just think of who I hate that covers the Red Sox. Ferrell also not a big fan. I mean John I take back anything ever at negative virus and about great. Are you going to be leading the charge for John Ferrell and his job back yet we're now when know sites does when I win seventy games this year saying you know what I've met John when some bad. So that helped the suicide watch. And then we ventured we ventured back through the snow. So I am CM is bad weather again two days and Laura and I send the old text at Comerica bank. If you need any. Just now I'm among my way back to brighten. Norris music I would. And you'll many handset at one point he goes right if you miss this one out and it really I'm sure he wasn't talking and I'm sure you even know I was passed. Proudly above his. Over his ovaries doesn't. Are under is that my abdomen and arms. Hum. It felt like he was talking to me when he says hey if you missed this when that's it you'd done. It alone. So all I can hope is that hang way. Bills in the last second again which I know my men Gary. Do you know there's an analyst storm possibly coming in this week that's all I can hope hopefully Gary's book. Because god knows he would show up in neck and so hopefully. Hopefully get another another horrible. Out of weather again and they come crawling back because I saw what I will leave the state for the next five years. I sort of got. I I am I really (%expletive) up and I was I was nauseous over and who's sick. But yes I'm an idiot and I. In hindsight maybe I should it is done mention it's walked thumb for a ride because I it's. It's a rough when we come back if we get an opportunity like that and crushed Aaron isn't noted in which you sold yourself. Without a doubt that's I don't know. Morals when it comes that. Things undoubtedly. And I and my advisor you're on the right crowd absolutely and here I don't think you tried hard enough. I mean that's how it feels that's that's how it. And I go to crushed him remember in Gilroy at times in the films but. You know hopefully hopefully opportunity comes not. Polls. So all I have now is to do this podcast. I read. I mean this great podcast that I love duke. You keep keep crushed and here is only is like have left so people. You know you subscribe and art and use dual lives or. Me. So speaking of on the biggest hassle this week but there is a bigger hassle that present himself. A few weeks ago. The former. President of Ian Johnson. And you know I think. President of Vietnam and most well I'm Dan. And then I was staying and get Dan I'm getting our. Are placed it you just wanna know that he's OK he's armed and he's fine now. I'm just trying to tell the story here they got done. Gusto and so I'm I'm just learning this now as it attempts Tuesday and AM did you sell to get a B Matt used this is the reason that I work here. Damn I just get a few were I don't know what's coming I don't know what this I don't know what this is but I'm. I'm going to turn in his right and resignation sent it to everybody at ESPN through all all the email accounts. And he said I'd like to share a statement I'm issuing today as well as one from Bob Iger has been my absolute privilege to serve as president of ESPN in Denham trying to explain. The reason John skipper. Was out you're a substance abuse. And I want to also those kind of phony thing at the time just push them out a hot apparently it's not. Apparently it is very re there's a lot of people thought it was. You know disease problem without call will be in nicely from Ono. Apparently. You know when you look at. Why why does June oh you know why did you mail hill and Michael Smith on this adjustment o's have a job. Well apparently because in the back office is obvious yen. Well. Which you know you'll be awesome. We have months. And we had a well let's. Artists and and a baseball. We're Aruba where to put a softball player. On the doesn't make note to me it's going to be from its going to be awesome it's going to be awesome. You know what let's have Aaron Boone imitate that exists. On its release nobody boondoggle Collie down. Note there are we don't we don't get it all know it's it's wicked funny do you want to retain its name is name no words come behind you you know again. Well it's going to be us. Now we know why that's app. Because the nose candy. Going on in those he has you know Mike it's about time something broke Thursday morning before we did this podcast fine. Finally like twenty minutes before we came up Thursday morning at about 9 AM. So let's hear the answers summary of James injure Miller did like a two week interview I'm guessing techsters. We have John skipper will he believed Ali Ali was doing and he was doing a Ceres. And I believe it's him. Those doing a series and kind of history he has. So Emma and the led him to looking and John. Skipper but anyways so he gets he does gonna sit down with a win with skipper and he starts off by saying and December 18 of seventeen John skipper suddenly resigned as the president ESPN. And co chairman of Disney media networks citing his desire to seek treatment. For what he called a substance addiction. The announcement shocked employs ESPN and its parent company. And was now would disbelief in confusion throughout the sports meat exports in media worlds. So we going here they start talking and there's the full taxed you know between the problem here so everything's recorded. Side. Miller says inner your recent resignation statement you Rhode I have a struggle for many years with a substance addiction. I've decided that the most important thing I can do right now is to take care of my problem if you feel like you've done that early has begun the process. Skipper says he did get some therapy he went through treatment. He thought the best best thing was to check himself into a facility so it was able to understand a bit more about substance abuse and I think about how it intersect with his life. Silly starts asking about the nature substance abuse the so skipper says the statement I released was accurate I had a substance abuse problem I grew up wanting to be counter cultural. I worked at roll I'll go mission accomplished I worked at Rolling Stone for the first ten years in my professional life. I had a point of view that record racial drugs or recreational. And if they weren't dangerous debt they can be used without repercussions sewed. Miller says we're not talk about alcohol. He says no skipper says no I've Minnesota Jacob Jaeger my whole life I enjoy a martini. I enjoy evolve line of friends are for dinner I've never had an issue without call you know I'm an old hippie. And then in a new Yorker from the eighty's so Miller says. In my safe to assume that your substance addiction was cocaine. A man. This would have UK skipper would be safe to assume that. Miller and he heroin skipper never doll. Mobile it's I don't use O viewers and never put a needle in my arm enough injures interest in fentanyl. To your cocaine use ever get in the way of your work notices this is the important part aka. Never and ESPN I did not use at work nor would anyone at work or anyone I did business with I never allowed it to interfere in my work and other than a missed plain and if you canceled morning appointment. Out of here with a element. That I've never been a daily user my. My use over the past two decades has been in fact quite infrequent. I judged that they did a very good job and that it did not get in the way of my work I worked hard I worked Smart I worked all the time so infrequent that I quit my job that's a that's sounds I've that I've done my best friend in now. Ice. Ways was horrible at. And that you see lake and the excuses they make and as well you know hundred apparel. It's an eagle rock and good for you audience. And then it's like we all know it never I only. 3000 appointments you missed it it may have a way of you know. Circumnavigate. The true. So now they get into talking about that Friday when he resigned. Eyes my Miller says since that Friday it was so significant new unpacked it for us please skipper I understand why you need to ask that question but I'm not sure how much I wanna I wanna get into that. Miller fires right back well John with all due respect I'm a bit confused there seems to be a big piece missing to this story I'm looking at my notes. First you share that you're in frequent user of cocaine something that could be true of others in the entertainment and media business. I'm not an expert in this area but I'm not sure someone would even call that an addiction for a second you stated categorically that you're used never got in the way of your work. And third you've admitted that on days leading up to your decision to resign. You had no thought to resigning. None of that seems to explain why you reached the decision you had to resign. I know this is typical John I hope you understand why I'm pushing him in a bit here skipper then releases this. In December someone from like bought cocaine. Attempted to extort. Sure somebody had never met before or boss from before her her. Now so I gave Miller ass again again respectfully did you just say you're careful about your dealings in the Syrian that it never affect his yeah skipper not this time I thought I wasn't careful this time. So yes what they say they threaten me I understand immediately that threat put on me in my family arrest. And this exposure put my professional life as soon as well. I've for clothes at the possibility by disclosing the details my family and when I discussed it would Bob Iger. He and I agree denied the placed the company on a tenable position and as a result should resign. So. That's again the addicts thing where it's like. It's never affected my work that warn about this obviously that is the okay yet yet at one time it affected my left and and I'm sure he did any date you'd see you'll about disseminated okay fine twice. In out. And the idea that it is that the use was so infrequent but he was going to allow someone to extort him and understand because. You would think especially. A business as progress. And forward thinking easiest via Indies at this guy's gonna stormy I wanna be a pro with the guys I I used cocaine a few times. Here and I'll go to rehab I'll get on premise what do ready to do I don't think it's ever affect my job and along in the future is in. Because they'd they are let's make a statement added Dan avatar can cry again for you ever went in you know though that the crocodile tears come out. And reverence and what a great man John skipper is the president of the is damning enough we talked about it and please. So. They could've gotten out of for out in front of his very easily if there really was rock. What I suspect is and what it seems like James Andrew Miller also suspect is that it was indeed. And that's why. You had some of the decisions made some conflicting decisions. That never quite added up to where it was almost like. You know so I I I talked about when he hired adjustment doesn't amount held. But any comic you know when he was coming down. He said. Let's just. Sort of Ramadan. Dan White a white guy a white guy who's qualified for the job. Yes just yet. Assume that's. And then. Who do seminoles crazy like. A ball money Jones show or or demote himself you didn't want to tarnish. Well I did advertisers only cry for guys. Horribly addicted to cocaine that they only want. As Jose Fernandez zero yeah yeah and I was a Coke infuse it to you Wimbledon and an assistant. Cancer and that. And but yet Dan Dan Webb retired. Very broken up about John skipper as we all law. As it anyway it only does Coca few times as to resign from their job that is. And if that's the truth you know outcry. Is that is if you use Coke once a year. And after resigned from your job because that that is. Tragic. However I suspect. That's not the case you'd I don't the extorted. And use Coke wants. I did Molly. Three times in college you rebel Ina. Pretty cool and prequel. So. I don't think if anyone witnessed redo that which people I don't think anyone could cut now come to mind one years later. And they you know I'll I witnessed him do this it would be like well. Look at that was in college or you could quit drug testing F. I haven't used drugs in many so. That wouldn't be a problem. I don't and it's it's very weird I don't understand the extortion thing. If you're not use. It's bizarre to. So I imagine this guy had some real dirt. And that's why John skipper is and I assume probably not pictures that I think if you're gonna experts among those eventually it would have been sold the team's. Right but it did but the I had something pressure's on them some part of because you match is gonna believe some row drug dealer right injuries PM. Random guy selling Coke as it's sold John's record equitable leave. Obviously there's something I think you see why. ESPN has had such a weird. Whole line of decision making over the last few years and now. The new president. Has said some things he said we are not a political organization. Which is a bizarre statement because. They've made a lot of their decisions based on politics they only hire people with certain idea ideology. Non. They only. You know they they make specific hires. In order to appease. Certain groups. I think it's very very political organization. Now we say we never wanna talk politics that's fine. But I think you could be viewed as hypocrites involved trump stuff that has been mixed in ESPN last couple years. So I don't get that statement from the new. Saying we're not a political where I get it there there why. I do understand the dispute telling law. So. What do the other thing the baffles me with a ESPN I'm always honest. Apparently the the bond between. The NFL and ESPN as sour as this because. Because from from ESP inside they're tired of being treated like a second rate on network. They don't like that. ESPN gets that. (%expletive) game on their football has become. Essentially Thursday night football earlier in the week. It's a guard artillery. Is Kim has like that. They wanted the you know would may god and they paid all their money third. Minera football. It was summoned for. And I think that's what they thought they were paying more is the best game of the week right but because it's on cable. Which it's odd it's so odd to me and Tony eighteen based on this thing but because it's on cable it's different and NBC. Other really still households out there with that only a you don't have ESP and then only had channeling one through thirteen. I'm that's why doesn't make any sense mean Ellington school network is where the money's. I've I I can't wrap my mind ever bigger budget. But even that I don't I don't understand because. You know you would think and I guess the numbers prove it right. Because more people watch when he million people watched the Big Bang theory and six million people watched the Walking Dead you know and I mean site. The numbers are there and approve it. But. It's never made any sense to me. How that works out and I think it's because the Nielsen ratings are so flawed. Like it's only based on 50000 homes or whatever it is right as manes if it can't be right the mathematics don't work. Either way. ESPN says it for me is inside and we Colombia as a second class network just because were cable and the others there are broadcast. For me is pins hide this is baffled. And I'm sorry from the NFL's is that the NFL said they don't like the journalism coming out of the SP. And pointed to stories from outside the lines in things and it's. Where they've talked about can Dell's. Contract. Really. That's. ESPN. Has been nice shield the I mean just look like outside of the patriots. Even even understand and even that's that's a fatal blood lead that was another thing they named as the leadership mark it in like that coming out of ESPN. Antiwar well model that's earned seem like it's true of a lot of it seems very insular view that's The Beatles they're from podcast on that so it's. So it's good reporting ice. And I worry because. Would all that talk of yes again in the NFL possibly coming to a separation down the road. Netflix said. We are not doing any live programming. We're not doing sports we're not doing news. Because we don't have that. And that. Worries because first volatile lot because eventually they're going to have ads because you look at Hulu Hulu is also paid service that's there. Direct competitor there also paid service that has advertising. And Hulu will it give Netflix is gonna do who will take the NFL or baseball. What's shocking is baseball's the first one to jump on this. They're doing like 25 games on YouTube TVs this year there's going to LSU they did the game of the day ever faced these I got to face who's Yahoo! last year. It's it's YouTube or FaceBook for which replaced. That is about 25 games exclusively Syria and I don't know maybe your local mark he'll be able to get a outside you can only get on FaceBook. And hacked emails sent to talk with the sport but. On the into chuck yes yes that's. Essentially it would it shocked me that baseball was the first one to jump on us well not mean and a that the NFL's instant on twittering. All yet that crap but got to the London games yet and by by. Watt the fact that it was Yahoo! made its. Right because it was a lot more different. But if it was YouTube. All are the two footer games I think came out decent our members from the Thursday night I think I watch that's Texans two years on Twitter what the problem that is the key cast only eight contest twittered the children. I'm sure as is always contested TV doesn't it seem as long as you can do that doesn't. So. Why Netflix wouldn't jump on that is is baffling me but so here's the reason I brought that up is because I think this is the road we're going to. You look at the Tom vs time. And you look at you know the players Tribune. Carol while wrote an article on their recently about his mental state so. You have these things were players are making documentaries and writing articles on themselves. So there's no. Opposing socked. And I think the fact that ESPN all places is fitted and it has become the softest network. As Bill Simmons. Who got suspended for. Barely criticizing. They become the softest in the affected their catching (%expletive) from the NFL for being too hard in the league. That's who that should be worrisome Deborah. So the road I think we're going down is that the NFL network eventually gets all the games. And as their own chant you know. Sunday ticket I've style where they broadcast all sixteen games on different channels. And baseball controls all games in the NBA controls and so from all these networks year only getting their side. Mom. Which in a way is dangerous but even now that Adam sang in May be the revitalization. Of actual journalism. Because I think that may also bring back in ESPN and NBC fox if they're not allowed to have any games twenty years down Euro. That may bring back real journalism where they they have no ties to the NFL rules are (%expletive) we're gonna report everything Israel. We're gonna report all the concussion stuff to report all the domestic violence stuff but as we have no ties the game you don't control. Took a bit go to bat. He could be where now the players are gonna control the narrative and the league is going to drone. Or it may be the return of journals and I guess will seek but just the fact that. John skipper in the boys even. Got flat and they the Irish on Madonna officially. And they're bringing in now with the announcement that the new Newman if oppose irony I dances. Hysterical was it something ridiculous. Stairs to rule out the rough now. You keep your genes they're tore it is his doing games and then there and then they're talking about bring in Joseph Thomas. And there's a weird thing where it's anytime a guy who's kind of outspoken on Twitter at that's the guy he'll be great that's a given year. What about about Joseph thighs and these young mom and football. Japan has moved the good. And I like I like him because he brings it very. Sexual why he does he on now Mike have you ever mixed up phrase you know Eagles saying draw like you know a tough pill to swallow our pride at six times Imus or Missouri broadcasters know a tough nut to crack yet when maybe like talking about shelling out some money it's their cell. As you know I'm sure of most of our listeners know Kirk cousins signed a monster deal with the vikings right. Three years a two million dollars fully grant your guaranteed that's SA only guaranteed absolutely not. But so we left the Redskins after the radar he treated for Alex Smith and Nigel thighs and seems to think that. The united Snyder the owner would at a tough time paying for that let's it's a two or how he describes it. You know Kurt steel. Is what it is our being in it played out the way you wanted to do. He's got a football team that wants him shall not rescue Eduardo but I wouldn't have been not well. What Joseph. It would have been a salty load to slow food and went on Iraq would have been tough. It would have been rough on the back your throat and you name it appeared a few minutes of it went quicker and definitely it. And yes you know. Also and I think sexuality. In the broadcast Booth I think of here McGwire is McGuire so well like I you know. John's you present a rough time and you know. Whenever I say about these mean a lot of bad decisions but man I hope he gets himself well. But you. I wanna and light and not everything is doom and gloom and broadcast and some guys are able to be their view and sexual broadcast Booth and I think of that I think of him war. Yet here was in between the benches as he usually is on Wednesday night arrival or night and this was. Last night march 14 between the Rangers in the penguins and he has not Susan Sarandon who's a huge ranger fans chore. Help and I'd like I think last week they did they had Michael Kendrick from the Eagles and when they were in Philly trying to. Spice of the broadcast solo bit aren't and so across Susan Sarandon and enough is hot 65 year old Susan stern and a appeared you know he started asking her if the issue did anything to help recruit Jimmy VC local Boston kid to the Rangers a couple of years ago and Coetzer appear had to say. Question you don't want your whole Thurmond are really good at work with young players now I want to ask you about this because so little recruiting advantages 4016. I thought are you doing sophomore Jimmy easy to try to get me coming to your brain here. Sure okay. There you go faster experience. My ovaries just talk about the veterans around the league the range got to keep your. Okay a 65 year old respected actress but you have sex of any of the entity in the country if it did. If you haven't seen bull their own Susan Sarandon John slept with the majority of the team as a when he says you you'd get some help with young players I. She's the bank on. Now Susan Sarandon. Even 510 years I I. Seasons are now old golf ball lies she's. She's got a little known it's I mean for her age globally but Jesus Christ. Keeping Japan's prime. But you. Met him as little he would duels that. But. Here in. Cuts to respect a respected woman in this industry. That's a horrific time little graph are teased frets that Yemen on Fallon are. That's enough for me. Re forming Reagan and a chance anchor. And now hopefully your prayers will be answered some of some. And until then subscribe to trash talk show them. The heel of this podcast there was a five star rating. If you're looking for the show it's also on WTI dot com and WTI out. And now I'll tweeted out at Mike underscore. Dan tweeted out at 93 yes and follow us as well and until next time sealant.