Bob Ryan joins us to talk Celtics and says Lou Merloni couldn't be more wrong about "Average Al" Horford

Boston Celtics
Friday, November 10th
Patrick Gilroy is joined by the great Bob Ryan, who talks about his early impressions of the Boston Celtics and how they have responded after the loss of Gordon Hayward. Bob also says Lou Merloni couldn't be more wrong about his "Average Al" nickname.

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Sports Radio WEEI. Patrick Gilroy sitting in for Mike let me ask you this evening they can you guys up until 10 o'clock number to join us here 617. 7797. And 937 detects the program 37 and ninety three's. Haven't you found me on Twitter Matt Gilroy on hoops ads. Gilroy on hoops and while I consider myself a basketball. Aficionado I am nothing when compared to the next guy we're gonna have on the program from ESPN from the Boston Globe. And now from Bob Ryan's Boston podcast available on C on his radio and on iTunes Bob Ryan Bob thanks for I've taken a few minutes tonight I really appreciate it. You got a new plug right nobody does anything and I thought I. I think you would be corrected me so look I know doesn't look good for the Celtics tonight but I got to ask you right at the top you're this this ten game winning streak. And getting contributions from so many young guys do when's the last time you Sar team. Reel off something like this wall guys like semi go to lake and heists are out there giving this team meaningful minutes. There really is no parallel in my 848. Years experience watching the team with the closest possible thing being. Back in 197071. Day talents as a rookie year. They went off at ten games streak in November and December that. Setup was that a 44 went season which we were looking for expecting. And then that's 7073 day. Started the season and then go on route to a 68 win season but by that time it was that you they were pretty well settled at. So the closest thing you'd have to go back. But even that team in 7071. Yes that talent is a rookie and and Joey Galloway was young and Don Cheney was young and keep diversity. But there was some guys in have a six Anderson Nelson that that that's something to do it too so well. That this this youth oriented. And I include I mean silly 25. Run as very impressive. And that was by my one fear going into the season and before that Hayward injury you knew the Celtics are going to be. Top heavy talent wise with their Big Three of four offered Hayward in tight re it was the the veteran pieces that we're no longer gonna come off the bench and you didn't know. What we're gonna get from from the rest of these guys and three lion these young players I think it was a calculated risk on Danny's part so far through twelve games. It seems to have paid off. Yeah no question I mean peoples of middle of that says. Sesame owed -- you know allegedly he he somebody that the most who had no idea about and yet Shelley. No idea about but the other says young guys who developing. Some Smart. Keeps getting better though if everybody's having a terrible shooting nights and nights. But it's what keeps getting better rosier there's a guy that I know they like they love to speed they liked him as a rookie. Maybe it didn't progress as quite as far last year as they thought he you can see what they feared him out this year. So. And it and then brown I love brown and and locate them because is a great pick him. There's dissent and it and so yes that is really they're really young guys says and just about done it this does. Smart this in this Fortier is that he's the great beard at the kitchen 23. Date in the distance for frame of reference to people we're so used to these guys in 192020 when you assault. In the old days. It was so different when they were for your college players Larry Bird turned 23 on December 7. 196979. Excuse me his rookie year was 23 years old. As a rookie and that's what is a four year veteran at 23 and that's the way to track does that kind of BAT's states. And the Celtics are gonna have to make a difficult decision on markets mark following the season they they failed to extend him going into this season so now he will enter restricted free agency in this new NBA we're guys they kill you Politico worth fifty million dollars on glad you brought up. Smart and rosier in my mind anyways. That's sort of the choice that the Celtics left to make between the two I'm not sure that there's a mathematical way. That you can hold on to both of them and pay Horford and pay. Hi re in a couple years in less you Bob because you know this is all anybody is there a way we can pull it all off and paid a mall. Now if it is twice maybe bad piece of Detroit Pistons on that you picked any one any age is on record. Saying he was just discreet and grieved at losing Bradley's it was citizen comments which by the way I suspect. Rankled Thomas. I think that may have a little bit something about this my did you like Thomas went off about and it's your feet because I didn't get that full respect and and that that he thought deserved by the end having badly created him. Sure there won't be decisions and that's the way the world and and and and all sports including baseball it doesn't have a salary cap the which had the luxury tax which is a very ominous thing for a lot of people. All four majors all of our four major sports have. Tout his salary in limitations and capabilities and he said and then the restrictions. And and and always invariably there are decisions of teams must make part went in people once. We seen these salary explosions in the NBA before Bob hey you know when guys that are average players getting above average contracts it's been going on in the NBA for. But 34 years now is the cap continued to rise this year it finally went down. I'd like two million dollars each is this sustainable or we gonna be facing a lockout indoor strike at some point here in the foreseeable future. It's always. Does that. Possible that one thing about the NBA is that. There as opposed to the NFL for example and and even baseball. There are. The excellent general relations between labor and management. Adam silver and and Roberts missed. The new. The press association. And established a personal rapport. And and that's very important you don't have the TP basic contentiousness that has permeated so many. Previous labor and management negotiations in the mid America's sports. Doesn't mean that some some think it changed between that but yes it's possible. But it's that it. It's always it's. Sooner or later it's gonna happen it certain owners are gonna feel that that that they don't wanna pay him. In castle itself was that the NBA is is set up to try to avoid chaos I think right now. It's Sports Radio WBI's Patrick Gilroy sitting in from whiteman and ski on the phone with us right now. From Bob Ryan's basketball Boston podcast Bob Bryan it's available on iTunes stitcher. And silliness radio and Bob I don't know if you follow along here ID EI and on the other station during the week but there's been a heated debate in recent weeks. Over Al Horford and the Maloney brought it up and it's sort of take on late in the zone. He nicknamed. Al Horford averaged out I happen to think that Al Horford is one of these guys where you know the numbers don't tell the complete story in your mind. If you look at Al Horford is easy more of a piece of a contender or or is he legitimately a great player. It's time for a little Maloney who I like edit an in and considered to be different. Too fast so. When we're wrong we're all this you could mean a amid if it oh what was it watching in the nation's first ten games to happen say. Think he's an acquired taste it takes awhile. He isn't flashy he not gone scored 25 it's going to be 2518. Game but guess what it might be 81511. Eight games that turns the tide. And and and and it is keeping an offensive play going and setting the proper picked. And pitching the ball to the right guy at the right time and the white capricious would indicate and doing quite defensive move device edged. He is a constantly Smart ways smartest plan to. He's Smart thing to. But that's what they're out there is is the most out of this time you're in this. I. And over again they are so happy they're getting everything out and that they expected. And and I don't know what people don't understand their position to mean at this point in time which I understand. But if it's it's simply a matter box scores ready to if you don't watch the game field at the box score I can understand why when you look at the 27 million per year in UC twelve and seven. Why you be disappointed what what you don't is in my mind is there there's there's a direct correlation Bob between the fact that Isiah Thomas and Kelly Olympic. And dad. Jae Crowder all had career years from beyond the arc last year with the Al Horford they're delivering a basketball. This a lot of reasons that's right the very good point and he assisted very good basketball player. Assist cities is different type of the major start at a major story and he is. You look at the Celtics team now there in the midst of trying to make a run Celtics trailing Charlotte 7774. I'll tell you it tonight was another difficult night for the Celtics carrier being. Went down with what the Celtics are calling concussion like symptoms they haven't as far as I know diagnosed him with a concussion yet let's assume he's been cost that was a nasty hit. One thing you gotta love about this team Bob is their fight and their heart that was the one worry I think fans had going into this season. Every Brad Stevens led team going back to the 25 win team from four years ago. It has been known for delivering fight and heart and a 100% effort this year with the top tier talent I'm not sure fans knew what to expect. This year it in your opinion. And he did they have the same fight and heart because I'm seeing it every night. Did they get at this moment as we speak they were down eighteen excellency the pot terribly they have one field goal in the first six minutes of the game which was a goal tend. So they did not actually have a legitimate basket the first six minutes in this game they diplomatic get out of hand. They continued to scrap they they. Showing part of down by three now so in my mind right now I'm happy. Win or lose yet you wanna win course yet to launch cease and don't fret if they don't they have proven something again to night without without. Horford with Al. I I we Irving. They are doing it again and and that that's attribute to a lot everybody involved which starts with. But because the Indians who've got these players in the coaches coaching them up in these guys show some grit it is that really likable team really really likeable in this and well if they win this so it would from palisades best win of the year yelled out of you know we did at that when it's Antonia. But this is a wonderful. Effort right now they salvaged if they already. You know if you if you have any kind of common sense and then and sensibility YouTube movie love Justine just tonight but what you do. Bigger picture stuff here Bob before you to ID here. Less Hayward for the entire season what's now the ceiling that you've seen this game for us team for twelve games it was a ceiling this year. Julius. I I think we ought to look at these. Now we have one assumption we must make. We know I can't bring myself to believe that Cleveland is gonna status bet they don't know their last in defense stiffened to give it points given up the last all the metrics are on defense. Which is why there are five and seven assists by a begins. They. They've got to get better they have to admit I guess other than that who so good. There's nice kids of Atlanta's nice watch and it's nice. So it's nice. Law or is that embossed. With a lot of effort that we could put up without bwic what we've seen already I eight. That they can they can go in and then play in the Eastern Conference final the very least with the team they have right now I would say expect it but I wouldn't be surprised. Looking at the drop off that Cleveland's getting from Jae Crowder as far as production goes the Cotter that we saw here in Boston last few years vs the Crowder that they've got in Cleveland right now. Does that speak to that the coaching it and the celtics' ability to put these guys in their best position to succeed because that guy looks lost out there. I say when Irving king. That. One thing he's gonna find out. And and and the baby is really good book was looking for peace but haven't confirmed through the looking forward to will be confirmed he didn't know we will find out he will be coached better than he's been coached in India. I won't say it's best coach never played for but he did put relationships only eleven tapes of faxes. So I won't go crazy here and say the best coaches have a place for. But it is better coach in the NBA that he played for no offense tide loads of nice solid is that coaches talk but it. Average at best NBA coach Stevens is better. And and they sell I think that. It's safe statement that when you go from Boston exit Cleveland's. You're going backwards and going down and because coaching it's coaching ability. Last one for me Bob do you expect the Celtics to use that eight point four million dollar in declare exemption. Expect I say I'm on the percentage can't. This silly they're going to be in a position to solidify themselves and then and then nailed down. One or two seed at that time. I I'd say it's about a 75% chance. There it is Bob I appreciate you you joined the program and tell everybody out there once again how to get your podcast. Well you talked from everything it all the conventional ways people sitting at the podcast. Well that instituted iTunes this silliness. Just go online on but it's cool Bob might blossom podcasts that you can you can find it that way. And thank you for doing it it's been a lot of fun I'd I'd never dreamed this a year ago at this time. That was not part of my life. It was brought in in my life and I'm really happy it has been. So we're all happy and has been the more Bob Ryan that we get the better Bob I appreciate you taking a few minutes and and join the program and hopefully the Celtics pulled this thing out tonight. Terry goes we need an absolute legend Bob Bryan. You guys on from the globe you know from ES TN and now. He does a weekly podcast available for download unseal an S radio is sealed us media dot com. ITunes and stitcher it's Patrick Gilroy in from Mike minutes each room for you at 6177797937.