Boston Globe's Gary Washburn with DHK

Boston Celtics
Tuesday, June 20th

Gary Washburn, the excellent Celtics writer for the Boston Globe joined Dale, Holley and Keefe to dissect the big Celtics trade and draft night coming up on Thursday.


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Good drive home with dale holly and chief continues on Sports Radio WEEI. Three days before the NBA draft has suddenly become the silly season but it seems to. Become just that let's talk. More about the NBA and the Celtics and what might happen with them on Thursday night Gary Washburn covers the NBA and the Celtics. But the Boston love you can follow him on Twitter at G washing burn globe Gary Dario. It out. Trophy or what the hell's going on in the NBA right now let's start with a simple one there's any take a player with the third overall pick in the draft Thursday night. He actually keep it's I think he decided on a couple of guys do you would like. It and these cell produces. So it's one would be all that grievously backward although. I'm not sure I'd find him that we play. And we also saw what he get a guy who's just. Is students faults in contracted to return so I think people decide are they. So what do they penetrate when you heard it and you said you don't agree with that so this just your thoughts on. A whole transaction. No I think polluted the blue book talked to a Marshall told him tremendous player. And I want you to keep up on it's like it's cute so we'll see what happens. And if you get 21 round picks in return. I think well okay that's a pretty. Return to lose this kind of conditional situation in the 2019. What will that be cool that. We didn't even think about it I think if it got balls kicks children Altria. Baker street and the key I think yeah that's huge ransom but. This situation but there's reasons for debate so how will increase your people walk oh a couple of years. Looking into doing the trick. How to that are completely trashed. And won't order the falcons will next year will be split thirty partner to into the kitchen. So though the most recent report about Josh Jackson is that he did not work out for the Celtics. Today there's a lot of ego reports other that he could be the third overall pick weathered the Celtics taking it or not. Would they take him if they didn't even get a chance to go to work amount. That's dictate what they see him enough status their house counsel Peter that they have good games you know why these. They would like to have them and they like talks war emblem you don't see them what we like that Soviet all opportunities to make. In fact agents continue to work out yesterday means a lot and I don't know Jackson had against ward to Boston Lleyton. Tickets to maintain equality sketchy grounds there advocates aren't locate 1210. Lost in the region personal terms of what city. That that's why a couple of canal place. I don't think they would have to take them. What I do and they were promptly if you had good work out to trade agreement in recent trade the partly torturing. Talking to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe is it your opinion that the knicks are seriously considering trading Chris that's where is Angus or is this. Well we'll see if they offer us the sun moon and stars and then maybe we'll think about it. Actually do little to act and open trade everybody. Two or dogs and won't Carmelo that's that's well known. Think it's I don't think it's crazy about how lassie there and a home they wanna ones triangle. I don't seek it knicks really know what the future holds on. No credibility of the free agent in with a question all the traits important that you Kindle seventy million. And court TV former Celtic betrayed children are being at this and god and not play in the you mean you know Tokyo. Each system is to pitched into the hatched here. So actually. It is so action strut will be body and some fresh water there track picks. Stark view we've got to do something not in the east. On the data to get what you do Carmelo. Are strong yeah I think if you get one walk over to turn didn't. Gerri what are your thoughts on Alonso ball do you think he would be affair with the Celtics. Oh I think you obviously being cute because he's accused of basketball where he facilitator and without it wouldn't be teammates involved consult with a cause he's being in the students. I think a culture like Betsy king with AVG. On now lakers can absorb additional dictate what they could be quite etched in penalty to swallow anything to do list is scrutinizing. People actually were blown fuse intact and problems draft status. I'll let you particularly intrigued flare didn't get buried there too where we these groups faults Woolsey I think one of the Walt. Technical player. When you think I've based on the conversations you've had. What people. They're telling you across the board defaults is the best player in this draft Irvin heard another name because we've we've heard anonymous GM told I think Chad Ford that. Danny thinks Josh Jackson is the best anybody else that confirm that would you. You can also like jacks or lack of me you're you're compared to a halt or start wild weather. I think you good. What to do black options should hold since it shows bloat. Rask now you know it's all of OK in that game and he knows more about bass won't we've gotten all I even construct an opinion. In that they like action Josh actually that what you need they should take them but. But if it touched me decide not to work out of them. And indeed needing a sheet he took spirited defender. Please offensively challenged you need someone. Like WT would you be somewhat impeached for it to blog about god we saw Arnold's. The guys will pass one you got this wouldn't be what you guys toward fort Wingate models. Well you know I hope he warns of ID you're not old cavaliers tonight. So detectives were you true to the insurance. World. You guys school. I have this feeling based group mystery. No that. And a warrior you talk to her managed talk last night and think about it and they may have screwed this up you get that feeling through. Cook. Are distinct sound on to deport to scope just go out and did great he didn't have to. If you trade the number one tree how excited that you're saying they give you are given the that you. We need to train the actual on the order can accurately in amateur player in the world. You pass an opportunity. What does it say about to die each round two excellent yeah I'll. He's. I see what happens to what we turn it's what we later in some sport where all the expired. What the next great Celtic. Superstar on the draft will inaccuracy because right now we got you round got these young guys. You don't have that garden state used to own that content superstar. And that's. They need if hypothetically. Gordon Hayward and Blake Griffin both. Would we both of play for the salt is both the signed with the Celtics which one would be better for the team. Aren't secret shouldn't because one he can play a little bit of fire pit reporter that we will mix well together present to assist in hot water. All of you get to the street to a lot of attention from the perimeter. I think he gives them skills that they don't have a top elite. On don't have I would cheat scripted alt O. Your opening play 657. Game that's the only drawback the late bricks itself if you know jet. Tom DeLay injuries. And not ladies not aging well so. You know you don't. I had my six years or five games with a piece of abbreviated seasons. But this is trying and he's in this pride that I actually know who got out to. You get the sense watching from afar as we are that the Cleveland Cavaliers may be thinking about blowing this whole thing up because. They know they've got no chance against the Golden State Warriors. You have no ability and so on is a tough situation in eight weeks here four Walt finally. Obviously the Celtics look to work Dieter. In the end that didn't know what state warriors pretty much old slap him around and potentially. Who then took game three troubled. It is about 22432. Game Portland sweet. So are they big chapter to their roster which is poll which had some serious flaw it out. Okay how we maximized as soon because. Blog on the short term contracts. War workers and walk which is a warrior one that's almost. Would you do with him will be how to use the team around him currently. Interest in terms you've got something they hadn't strapped. Dealt with the general manager at no extra uptick but you'll clearest offs were true to entice you all sorts of at least two routine deal. So where they're turnabout cute eight year war to climb all the gear they've made the finals what they also want shorts. You've got to make major changes usually teams aren't able to make major changes as well schooled stake archived rant. But that didn't happen to this team you feel like me you're right each major change is by trying to pull club. Where do you think Paul George's playing next year. I think it's Los Angeles. I'm thinking teaching cakes we can we want to Allred. It did to our atmosphere in the telling you about which I'm here. Are we just don't have the future when he and I wanna play in the west almost. But I you know I do think normally the predictable loaded got all the old guys got strapped state and got guys available in trade. Magic Johnson won the transcended politics it comply. You make you get a bit beside them because they were later in the used to try to chart the guy at west where others might actually coming years old LA he would try to beat the lakers competitive Nokia. Carrie we appreciate time I have a feeling it's gonna be a hectic few days for you here. All (%expletive) but it thank you earlier thanks and it's our Gary Washburn the Boston Globe talking NBA and talk and Celtics. Com. Thanks Paul George is going of the lakers this is now will it be for the second all of that that thing if they get them for something else than you can sort of understand it I guess but if they turn the number two pick bastion. Sane as can be a great part of Danny's story. When a championship and dirty salary of the straight is that it is giving great part of the story than what it championship two or three years and he can say he can legitimately take the Mike and think nobody. Nobody agreed with me. Everybody thought I was crazy. But look we took. Incentive juncture reject this guy lucky that is indeed be right up just can't. There are out there. I sit with them that's not. McCall's alt net and naturally he got every one or pastor. He's he may be the only guy is the only guy in the league who thinks that. Poulter isn't the best players can't find another person yet than not it's like to open its gotta be slight because of if if Denny you've been making phone calls at that presumably he's making phone calls about. Hey the number one pick is available and of people think this guy is head and shoulders above everybody else when you sit on Letterman and let me get in there let me give you an offer. Or maybe they don't have as much to give up and number three pick a religion in the errant shot eagle from one to 3-D you're in the united went from one that fifty down now. 6177797937. Is telephone number we heard earlier in the day from John Ferrell public sign of Al goes to the DL. Human out of her why. Will tell you about that a few minutes and will that will answer and ask the same question. Are you gonna semen Red Sox uniform again Della Hollywood keep 6177797. ID 37 era Sports Radio WEEI.