The Boston Media Awards of the Week with Bradford and Drellich -- 8-13-17

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Sunday, August 13th

Bradford and Evan give you what you came here for ... the three Boston Media Awards of the Week!! It's a week full of broadcasters and would-be broadcasters. Some classic sound here! 


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They see you soon. Sports Radio One network. Buy here we go here we go at that time wage and I'm of the week everyone looks forward to the top of the week. Everyone says it's been a really crappy week but at least we have just look forward to that in the three me you start the week. He segment it out of relics and that was awful initially and now loves it more than anything so I just trumps that really look okay. Yeah you're gonna do that three knees start to Ottawa to go. Assertions are that I'd I'd your right that's why you'll never win. Number three media star of the week do we have south of the slopes okay. Number three media stars the week they guy. Who was noted the chicken day. Mister mister wade Bonn talks. Competing with a quality of that taking a very close to straight pitch that. Veteran presence knowing that it was a couple. And Edward Nunez to sit really nice pieces that you're he's been a hot from the beginning and continues at Spaulding. Let's lets it travel let's get really people running and it. Just in front of from the foul bowler. With the leading off courtesy as many pitches I couldn't and bring that scouting report back to the dugout and and sometimes. Working the working picking up the street to fouling off a couple pitches and come back to the dugout whether to place hitter how. I've already seen six or seven pitches. He showed me everything fastball for ball slider. And this is the movement on the fastball. That is way by I curiosity I did hear a word he said during Ares project as Edward unions not at war than you thought that since you know like feeling of why he deserves to win. Because he looked exactly like Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph the rate for pregnant. It really be running the Justin. Without polar. Because these are marked him. You think there were some might blow but it ended a nice pitcher not a day well also you have to spend my time now be kid tweet he can't read after like this is really hard thinking steal the dozens everybody is jumping on because it in two very impressive job and millions. At granite we're doing is history we had Edward unions on the pots as they sexy sexy again a guy known it no he wasn't big sexy rose's nickname Lopes. Low blow Nunez. Is big game and we try to push podcast wife asking your produce and you have an element in there and necessity the and I think that's cancel a little giggle at the end really do the sexy that's because that's the music. At its satellite view. Anyway so that's number three media stars revelations Wade Boggs number two media stars. What do. Yeah I'm sure he'd like to celebrate her own build up. Christian Fauria. There is right there right at the top your screen right there watching this this now. Any crazy jumping clay. Pixel wide receiver Jamie Collins Manny does this so many times. Great job does step up. And what the British and stuck right there about Malcolm Bolton with a block of Watson high stepping into the end zone nice job. Great defensive play by the if you see when the boss of me comes into town. Got to make sure you have that yellow paint human use the balls as Michael Thomas did out of Ohio State the rookie expect. Mr. Graham violent columnist. I mean this guy the guys agree when we talk about and there's a lot of mister Kraft was Jonathan. And it was none of them but this guy really is agreement on an but there's Jones and the mister Kraft very different. This ultimate mister Kraft. Do you call. I would ask Christian miss that he even though we're building up. Who who by the wayside that paycheck where you're getting for broadcasting that game. Let's say mister Kraft. Who that's who care that brought you. Of Kraft Kraft sports group or something. Yes. Great defensive play by the hotline popped up what do what do I think what do I think of that broadcast. Exactly that we do is Corey. I biggest one of the tennis I think you one of the crate is broadcast I've ever places great defensive play by the defense. I think I defensive play on a lot of the central air I would like to hear tourism enthusiasm point I want yes I would like to hat here for you doing Red Sox game. I would love to hear exit you have that yellow and human use the boss I would love the what does that mean. It means there's a penalty flags yellow on the call Anke. And vitamin C content and it's a mixture you have that yellow and Fuhrman use that I don't I see I'm not so I think. Don't need to mister Kraft. Right that's signaled Evan number one than than than the star of the week which. This guy is had been part of the media starts before I don't know if you went number one. But he deserves it going to a lot right now and that every round. I feel like I am part of the film never read such and which has been very very good tonight. Make no mistake about it did a great time. So I feel responsibility to be great to them and especially try to do every time my. I do again. That's Jerry Remy in case you missed the news early this week cherry had released a statement saying that he's going he's going to be going through chemotherapy which. I only was initial part of a plan but still he's optimistic in the prospects appeared to be. Somewhat positive but it's gonna take a little bit longer to come back and obviously you know remedies Remy is great and in Lou we thought that he was can be Dax sooner this stuff at the open spot on the all star break we add in Baghdad yet by the most important thing is that he gets battery gets through this chemotherapy. And anytime you have news like that over the course of the week you have someone who means so much so many people during that broadcast then they are going to need. Yeah we're ready 64. Alex has been through this. The contract and while that's certainly the view the planet and was to have surgery you have the cancer taken out by then we had this happened and I know that admin admin wants Mike Timlin as a permanent post instead of Terry around you but I did talk a valid Christian Fauria should be that you would knowledge Christian forty dude that's like energy. The free world the energy into making this every currents that we got textures that we forgot to put the clipper Christian called global Brady. He knew the quality of that very close very close look at your blogs to a patriots games. But each visit. Is all of creepy though about the mister Kraft thing I did an argument territory cleavage it's just it's just. Now that it's like oh it's the the envoy relationship but you understand it did you understand the better pilot columnist for a full economy that. The guys agree ornery talk about numbers a lot of mister Kraft was Jonathan. Daniel is a problem. It's so I get into it with Jerry Thorne about this that he doesn't mister Kraft easily over it why do you come mister Kraft is that he's viewed on a lot for me like until a lot for YouTube. 200 mr. brown wanted to Vista profits are marbles I've I've done I see as someone who did so much for you and I thank you publicly in the near you that you did for a lot. I should you double off for me I have been instrumental my career yes this this this whole edit on the morning show until I knew he would be a country station an excellent job. We need to call the street wanted the last minute he knows he's gonna get killed his. Another life like Brett Favre brought their last minute. Through that we -- that threat is Brady or three of the greatest announcers of all time. Wade Boggs fission for me in Jerry Remy the three media stars the week we celebrate them once again. You the truck. After the break. Who will be coming back. With a compilation. So desperate need for having grown. Also think the clothing. 100 dollar gift card goes to Jerry Remy who message saying that. One person who will not be getting your school to fit the clothing gift card is Evan drought like you're welcome he will be getting a nickname right after. This great defense played by these. If you see when the boss becomes in the town. Young make sure you have that yellow paint Gelman you know the balls.