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Wednesday, June 14th

Uncle Buck, Jerry Thornton, Matty Blake, Nick Stevens, and George Kipp continue their list of best guy movies of all-time.


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Hari plus the sports 101 BS went on for sure we are back. For another edition. And we are kind of taken our summertime here with our 100 greatest Boston and Boston just wanted to greatest movies. I movies and it is now time to once again introduce our intrepid cast. A Boston sports one of one regulars. Let's go and cemetery Thornton. I'm famous in my signature jet praised what he likes Jeanne tell us they'll play again. And I'm nick Stephens. Even induce companies can stay in there and bleed. Blue rule. Is Marty Marty Blake Martin how many blacks are many like. Skim the falcons should be scream please don't kick your ass I ain't gonna embers from Rutgers. Dirty kept. I'll have what she's having. You've. I feel excellent guy. I don't think any sick and I did a dog barking dog and the field the big guy movie gloat but don't run riders mom with a. You just finish woods something from steel back know what you're. App or just maybe a good Deborah Winger president chairman Mike like I had a cancer noted that maybe in Nagorno so available. In the. It's a very adult. I never treat you like a whole war is this. My guy. All right you know I've waited just to recap what we did last that week because you know honest we've had such a long week with so much has happened here in the we're not only world sportsman and just. The world in general so let's go ahead and cover the return Manhattan who is. Our lists from episode three we had. This thing covered the death start blocking a. We had that's a party is sixty we have pulp fiction 59 Apocalypse Now came in 58. Groundhog Day it was 57 the big about ski 56. Com we did that very few groups Roland the Magnificent Seven and 55 this is Spinal Tap 54 back to the future. 53 step Brothers unit 52. And that we had 51 scarface planes trains and automobiles and fifty. Cool hand Luke at 4940 was lethal weapon may net around 47. 46 the good the bad the ugly that are dead was 4544. True grit. 43. Escape from New York. Other should be escape from New Jersey 42 news dumb and dumber. And finally was 41 and that was tombstone please go back and listen and enjoy the other great films that we mentioned in our. Boston sports one of one and 100 greatest guy movies fellas we ready to go from forty that's when he won sure our power. Super gangster bytes of let's start off with. Anke be beat let's start with number forty. A report. Number of forty. If you films about golf hockey drama is that it's something you. Moving them when you put first and it it's a requirement your green about forty is Happy Gilmore. Looking inside the super secure the Billy Madison a Mighty Ducks is a guy click the ask if you eat pieces of shipper practiced. This movie is everything just masks to be you know and the slope. Of one of black mending Childress. And you'll be swept away by the performances Adam Sandler Apollo creed. One RB one ahead. Answer get it right you want our country that maybe for modern family. Bob Barker is the place is wrong bitch. She's. I'm hero and yeah. Your that's what everybody loves George because he laughs at his own bed through the vet every time and that's funny it was Edmonton. Like Manny from the match did he hit it I Billick Adam sailors. Totally needs to be on the so somewhere because at one point in the mid nineties somehow atoms in the became the biggest companies are in the world. This is sports movie it's comedy it's quotable it's fun is it too high to be at number forty. Probably but it's deserving and we have all tried to Happy Gilmore swings on the golf course. Ul. Now it works by the way if you do it doesn't really tell apps you can kill it too that's a driver is suing for me but it worked out how to brush and it. Levitt and put that one time you connect to solve so in. I almost felt like I need to recuse myself distance so far as I'm so and this is gonna alienate me from a lot of our listeners I'm so. Virulently anti happened and Adams seal he has. Absolutely taken advantage of his audience time and time again he's produced crappy is taken. Long strips of celluloid and rough him up the crack of his ass and put on one screen and made millions haven't said that this is best move we. Yeah really is that this is is close to a really. But those minutes and make it. Worthwhile to changes nick and I were talking last couple days about Adam Sandler and I was. Just perplexed as because he's got acting shops you know punch drunk love you watched that. Little movie called spineless which is probably the and tie guys we're stoked checklists new movie came out this is us if they're talking honest report that he gets as many got the chops I wonder why does stuff like this but this is him and his best as far as. You know I think he's inspired probably like a Jerry Lewis. Reese try to do that just have fun and Islamic these campy movies and score super bride and tactic gays. And it's like okay but on the scale of that I think you're right Gerri this is this is his best and he's my favorite among golf guys saw I gotta love it should we govern. It's probably steals the movie. She he's just. Phenomenal and in this film and also great turn by Ben Stiller as the hellish night gov where they're huge and it does that. The cutthroat I'm an old lady program fantastic. I was. A Jew like a warm glass to ship that spell out how would say oh my fingers are all of six it was go to garden. Yeah that's gonna hurt and I think imagine better you guys targeted. Yet Christopher McDonald issue to me Gammon lake and. Adjusted and acting GM of the 1990s is a heavy and have grown wonderfully watch old pizza Chicago terminal velocity would Charlie Sheen. He's become over the top comic foil just like in can't dating the spirit of Ted Knight from caddie shack in a different capacity. Is that the lines what and the when he says to Julie Obama oh miss them Pepsi sure amiss. Diet and uses electricity users such a Dick in that movie too but. It's she hit the analysts what sequence that there's the Adam Sandler surrealism there was so much more thought and creativity. In his comedy at this time because there's surrealistic elements that involve. Levels of like sketch comedy thought he could see the post as that yes or no influence but come on I mean jobs and we like it or not takes Karl Karl. Carl winners would play Carl Weathers who aren't jobs is being a one hit a golf pro who wants to see it. It was later Glenn happy innovator and then making an alligator spoke could have been watching over athletes will augment it isn't that episode. I mean. Did it mattered at all. And I'd call it off he went to college is your I think somebody. I can. You don't want to ask me bark it's an injury and the it would. Probably he will fix the army of playing golf just as bad as we get him idea I hit into the woods we look at it is sitting on top of a war and a mossy rock and you know it's all I had an African sides at what else in my eyes yes that was the rules rant. Oh to one and number 39. It'll move there and. OK nick my partner in radio and well frankly my life partner has been honest. At the nick knows that I received I have to sit and each other's. I'm anybody receive my doctorate in rocky films I take it very seriously. Big part of my life so I'm going to start this review of the protest. That I think rocky four should not be so high up on this list compared to other Iraqis I would choose. And put it higher but. It is an ultimate guide film because I think this is rocky at his camp be best. It's probably the broadest you know it is the broadest of the first 45 I don't count five shouldn't exist I blocking out it doesn't perjury is exactly it's the masks that's right. This is this is Russia America came around the right time right place you know there's a picture. Of Stallone. An iconic now with the flag and he's being held up by duke. It's it's fun the training montage. Is hilariously campy over the top yeah we've got Drago. Literally hit the occasion don't get it with all the modern equipment he's using as slides lifting up holy and part of our case that's not clear it up to you that they just have to show the needle going into trouble without we. At the start to record going into his famous line. You could back up but they're also great jams in this movie like duke got the actor who opened his name escapes me about passed away thank you when he gives an increased he's a good note to feel. That call. That it call. And it's gray and rocky Ian in Russia it was you know it's it's fun it's a blast and is quintessentially guy movies avenging. Opposed death. And you wanted to beat that monster. Yasser generally yes it. I fight for me I fight for me subtitles. It's awesome it's it's fun I just think it's not. I think it. Movies like four and five kinda hurt the brand in room but I'm Iraqi psych self. I'm I'm with you and I think we all there was probably the most contentious debate we had. How many Iraqis to put in and which rocky to put in the first one. Won an Oscar for best picture it's 88 easy semi realistic piece of the seventies greet the reality. Three is the most fun this to me is is total cartoon character thing and yet I think it goes to Siberia to train. Without a sparring partner which I think might have come in here and you know boxing gloves yeah. I'll let you conduct under the rock part of the dropping for the right thing I ever see eighties followed up Mike yeah I literally you Madison Dick you don't a cat in his original cross it though yeah. Tiger and felt well yeah I did that great music though so yeah. That's amazing soundtracks incredible no easy way out goes on but it also part of that sure real Adrienne who just. Tells them how much he sucks big type of movies like. Yeah it would. Excuse me you'll let me (%expletive) mansion you'll you won't you rip up pet store you wanna go back and soaked turtles you guys. And yet all you wanna do a spell on me and tell me that I can't get it done it all hat. I'm sorry I'm gonna go fight the rising as I regret the day killed them listen Leo again. And that's what I'm definitely not as the main robot dance the following I don't know enough at that. It between that and then driving 200 miles an hour listening to is no easy way out I mean. Does get also would just like that it tip our cap to how eighties this move yeah its. And or can we agree on that the other dream I was the first two are married and obviously one is in the seventies Iran's right at the transition from 70s80s. Rocky three is only very eighties in that. You've got song by survivor and you see the emergence of Hulk Hogan. But mr. gee daddy you know mr. C I say yes. Eight point eighties but it's not so is with this movie it just reeks today the first three you could put almost together in terms of the weight looks could be somewhat timeless and on board just reeks of its time great point you guys stink you're so good and we SO eighty. The other half an hour as well as his wife he's second that definitely that you are still very good good and that you really close of anybody about it in a bad accent. Recall what you want lined the poly line c'mon just silent majority after college it. Well and Republicans and. Not a fight we. And we are back to back Carl Weathers Louise to fight where I've yeah query Carl Weathers dies every dies in it's true. Well. Outgun number 38. I'm Dana mercy and you're watching channel authorities. Are just. That it no mind is that had no idea for reroute and our let me just clear up our Carl Weathers who should've been predators are we gonna have the trifecta. This is what a movie that. If you woke me up from the middle of a in. Opiate induced fever dream and the base. Let's hope led Bangkok brothel and says Jerry wake up and talk about this movie I could do it and by the way speak from experience and it's. And it's anchorman the only we'll be on this list that I have literally been banned in my house from quoting it because he just got too much of my poor a long suffering wife from everything from and I know you hate this like that but it is in Asia not the lamp I love him. I'll let a two I mean I did just go. On on you put on clones expand their rates made from bids are real peace at this you know it's really got real. Honor it it for a while there. I used to use my go to I MTV movie quote page was just that ranked from one to ten like the most popular searches. Egg and stayed at number one for as long as I had that page book marked because it's just so chock full of everything that constitutes comedy in the 21 century that's. Why don't we actually because I think we all agree that this is probably so far the I can't believe that talked. I know all aids has really elevated. Caught around us because I think everyone that doesn't have their head and is a vital again this high because you guys and also an idea. And have their heads strain LB alas history it I mean it's the most quotable wounded the 21 century so far it's the definitive comedy at least I think so Tony for centuries so far. You can go around we can just do I I heard asking his emotion now it was a bad choice. Yeah why you have back here all on our I don't you know you know it's. They hired poker and the problem is Christina Natalie he's raven I Christina Applegate. Being dopey to ruins it. She asked would be the straight and here's what I'm always really does for a little bit and anti doping and any kind of doubled he's kind of falls apart. Brian France and a state route an angry young girl I did not know he's W I like it right is it. I love the way. Story corral I love lamp that's the best we can do now. The this degree. I didn't Hart did the other Fred Willard is at heart we keep mentioning the inner at least that's inspired me the question. Aren't at the end of the odd I you don't Edmonton Bergen he's got to read anything you put up very cheap. And that's it but to go back to self C a gang up here clarity here's how funny this will be a good rates back up team. Don't you know and I think here's how. Funny this movie is it actually does transcend. The gender the after mentioned wife was that we saw this together she hated most of it you know because of what we're Tyrod the guy girl difference but then she started getting the scene where he's asking on the date. And he's finally being a human being to her sort of sticky wicket one insect called mister mister berg in your pocket and then the camera cast a wider real and it's got a huge. Much harder on my wife laughed so hard she literally did a Denny Thomas like Pratt's been a political. I don't want to theater. Because it coComment ever knowing all of us that's funny that's going to lead to look bad I've got to regardless good bad I know I know you're not there I. Someone said like you know we should have it that he's ready giant erect boating you don't see its use dogs. He's working out like he's doing curls and that's not a lot of politics of hope civilian retreated to get food and Jews conceived she likes the goods yeah. Eight episodes like HR split in the nightclub has been up at all. How many times we talk like these comedies we take about the secondary roles they get. Fred Armisen and you've got a cameo by Jack Black as though the though that the biker who either does. Like when he gets hit the FaceBook Barbie doll a lot I would. It's got. It's Seth Rogen an old one off he has like two lines and it's of a time monopolies of that period of time went anchorman still mattered and they will like the center of the culture of the city. And it's all these guys just having Ephraim plastering Paul Rudd just yeah. Russia that Italy was prior to this movie and now I do Islam and everything he does is he was the Brian man. 60% of the time it works and this time I hit the pause button on purpose but I. I let's go and number thirty family quickly it. To keep an eye on its will on the middle of vicious cock fight everything he said. Eight. Bush is what I found via. And I don't write that I thought. Blazing saddles is Mel beat out now Gibson and a few Mel Brooks is he didn't do it immediately as a guy. Efficacy issue classically in case it's if it's gotta be his top film right on it out yet. Richard Pryor was one of the writers for this. Chair art Gene Wilder as the former NASA's gone now town drunk GM but most people call me. Museum. Who really unfair dim. I have played tennis. Screw. Let's play chess. Alex terrace is mongo refunds on a horse. And it did it and the scenes in this movie are so. Amazingly classic and Mel paid so immediately Mel Brooks the way to a breakdown and anytime we just devolve into this thing where somebody's medical bag and polish loaded dimes and can they put things aside just all the might get into the Newtown. Putting a poll road. And then you are they going in and suddenly becomes a Hollywood. Production with said. We Ari you bring a little fourth wall brilliant short little hole the nor'easter following them in the day in. Out there in the plains. NCA easier of revealing all the tricks in the film making as well it's super clever it's tongue in cheek it's satirical. Sends up a whole genre but Connery in the kind of invents one. Itself it's also like every little kid if your dad introduces you to or you introduce you to these movies years ago. Like the parting scene was your indoctrination oh my god I guess because I laugh yeah. See I'm old enough I don't know I had an idea. I'm old enough to have not seen that the movies but everybody's older brother signed an all they did was it is there. They relate though the beta test version of what we've become like. Slightly scenes of the movies talking about the fired senior man I would love to be old and after ghosts album I would never let me whenever and so by the time it made the round on cable and you could still steal this kind of stuff on QB like. It was like these huge reveal that that that Don Belo east. Thing it at the end and help break you know I asked attached. That what you can't get them a push whatever it was and there really just like. You physically. And act act for common area for some ice steam escaping isn't it crazy though that. Like the comedy is so much broader than you might be able to get away within a mainstream Hollywood comedy now but at the same time. It's that Richard Pryor contributed to it Mel Brooks obviously has been ingenious for six decades. That it pushed boundaries to like this this this really the way that they handled. Slim Whitman right I was and in the sheriff. Time now I don't know I was vigorously against Saturday night out well decision this year was what is it nicely on Lilly bomblets are yesterday's news from the exit and you parents and Saudia. Like the way that they handle like sexuality and race in this movie two is just. Now is not as fast and I literally someone push through this out that hit the job what I say I doubt it. Yeah yeah yeah a little old lady lake he's nice is is anything Georgie and bomb them right in the middle of the town a little outrageous but. I think the debate in terms this movie in assembling the guy 100 is kind of fun to like you know peek behind the curtain as to how we came up with a of his movies. We are trying to think how many mill. Brooks' movies belonged on here in the answers you could include three easily administer the world part one and the other one that I think goes toe to toe yes frank I'm Frankenstein. Is genius but if you're gonna pull one considering her love for westerns and shooter mobs than this is the one zone and you sound. I bugged out Harvey Korman it's heady LaMarr aren't. Hey Ashley of course heady LaMarr you guys on the that was a little did send your roles actors are so at first nude scene in film. No kidding. Little history for yet. On its will what they say about you are relates to what awaits to blow up and Madeline Kahn you know he's he's been serving as chairman yeah. And I and co Korman won the great straight man on the all time who actually gets a laugh lines in this. Work work work work instead of put the pen back in the panel that try to think of a secretary there yet now. Our twin numbered 36. Members in DC eight. Okay had a when I originally put out my list of a hundred. I've put three movies this trilogy on the air before we decided we're gonna have to put. One from every series we can't have linked it to Madrid eaten up. If this was was what he long I putt would have put all 3 because I am such a Lord of the Rings T I am un repentant about that. I read the books Doerr and as super impressionable time in my life when I was. You know he is can be hard to imagine me being in a geeky kind of middle school yeah I don't know I. I was not those super slick cool it. International ball Levon that I stand before hump and they just they just imprinted on my soul so. I'm do we pick the first one the Fellowship of the Rings. Here is that tested it for me I've plotted my whole life to see this mated to a movie and thought it would be impossible to the reporter I was buying him like. The art books over Lord of the Rings back before that was a thing you know an object calendars or whatever by these. These are Dutch artist that drew the stuff brilliantly. I see the first movie with my wife who didn't read the books knew nothing about it we both walked out of that Theres in all my god that was unbelievable. The defeat for what Peter Jackson did was knock them less than her relic from an artistic standpoint the way he visualize stuff the way he tested. The week he made it plausible the way it didn't have each usual. Reliance and CGI it was missing it was cool. And in a perfect world I probably would have had on the up the third installment does the number one that's with the the massive battle scene. All sold the story of lake throat oh trying to destroy the ring. But this one is city is a great thing to put when you go back and watch it even in the Shire scenes which. Our new digitally in the ground work for this a beautiful and brilliant be staging and he created a world that otherwise. Should've existed but it's like. It's like someone wrote about the couple can books once it's not like key invented it it's as if that thing always existed and all he did yeah discovery and that's sort of what Peter Jackson did. This is my as if you listen the last episode nick admitted that he'd never seen scar face this is by scarface. You know Lord of the Rings. But what watching the passion that you have when you talk about it is super inspiring. I love that and isn't that what this whole list is about really like just like I found my thing I love it genius look at this time it cherry picked the correct movie fellowship is my favorite of the trilogy. And it definitely belongs on this list because it is a movie about brother but it really is they take these nine guys on these nine. Creatures or whatever the car and they sit him on this quest to destroy this one thing nick and DOC humanity. Or deceive their world if you will. It really is brilliantly shot it is Mori the character driven tale. Then anything breakout performances by a Beagle Morton's and I think it Elijah was perfectly cast this proto. And this one it the other the other two I liked. This one I thought was that the perfect. Entry entryway into the story. Yeah and in Peter Jackson did the impossible just in terms of the scenery. He took New Zealand. And this world it was really hard to envision as a whatever a fourteen year old kid read the books and made it. This other world of this realm that otherwise doesn't exist in. You know when your into a realm if he has some key that reads like a he's a video game or something you get to talk about it mechanical or on the top and that's what I'm doing. That's about as it's about as great as adaptations get and I think maybe could be argued that this is the best. Cinematic adaptation. Ochoa made I don't see a lot like it's always argue I got better. Monica at fox and not kick box it was also very high division all stars message told Georgia Tech. Mean streak I thought it was going to bond pickpocket half now it's the best I think this is maybe the best sanitation gone from book to screen. And you know we'd be remiss he talked about the visuals and the revolutionary filmmaking that went into it to the film back to back to back. They came up with set special effects and pros or seasoned technology is just to make these movies. Because that's the way they had to do shrinking the actors down that involved a level of seat yet it wasn't available so what they did was they figured out a way to do it. And just because they wanted to realize his dream and make it look so real and it was. Damn near perfect. I've also we just gotta say like c'mon I mean without Gandalf I mean who for a murderer. Yeah shall not pass yourself yes it's always wears it does not own age he arrives precisely worded minstrel book hopes. There are silly little man I don't want to you know respect that's music rate seen in the prancing pony is that manly. On. I'm. Just telecast went up further drops the ring and it hits and everyone who's married drops the ring in the thing goes I don't think five feet away and and a toilet. It's so. But it hits with such as these sportsmen that ring is so powerful was a movie hits it doesn't quarters downs and just. Stops. RA right and it's still powerful in the movies are good but I love the idea that we picked those into the ring the idea that he of these people from all these different places. Coming together for the one. Purpose. It's a one and number 35. Number at 35. And management and in dude and then moved him him. And it and it and it. Well you guys I'll just cause resistant remakes of The Lord of the Rings yeah I think we're here number 35 ghost busters a house and not make the list right it's a course goes for. I talk to if you want to say top point nobody in a year ago yeah. I've got it looked really. Now on I'll explain it sounded 35 I thought the sort of came up on me facts so. Now what I always a huge John Belushi Dan right. One of his interviews before he died was absorbed my that the nation with Jane Pauley. Any talks about how. You know now but I mammal house it was that such a huge success they wanted to animal house goes to the army knives. In order to animal house goes and do. Camp meatballs. They want to do animal house CE cheese's goes to rhetoric ghostbusters so bush was supposed to this was it an acrid jobless he vehicle. That. From what the legend goes the studio had commenced bill Morrie by giving him the razors edge as serious drama right and a film the damn thing. On but yet it becomes one of his classic all time films on the point where they have fought for him to do it there which he refused to do. On. Attack us is itself came 84 in monster blockbuster. With Valerie Amos who had dated really want to be a one of the main characters but it works so good listener be used as skinny. Doctor. He got to thank Gloria on in India Bill Murray in you have an accurate accurate he condone this is like a passion project for him this entire goalies it's easy to that all to help paranoia on stuff and then at Eddie Murphy who supposedly supposed to take in when winds and girls. The roles and Ernie Hudson played so magnificently. It's like dale would not detail is good with Eddie Murphy tell about the twinkie yet hello about the yeah somebody asked you the other day I. UC AA yes I'll believe anything you came to. And wit and he's the one guiding you see these con he's constantly selling happened in signing on earth because ghost busters and because the ray Parker junior song. I mean it became highly disputed this was like the eighties if you had to say like all of that eighties movie about it once on the came from that and have to via. I'd say I would say that this movie. Sums up the eighties and admit everything the packaging the themes it was a huge sun yet huge hit the logo. The first thing you know about the movie it was the name and the logo was on billboards like on the subway needle pretty cool like the packaging around. The special effects the scary part was scary the funny parts were funny. Rick Murray and it's absolutely opposite steals it. John Candy Chevy Chase me that Hollywood movie stars George George Weber all of it being part of just could be video there were so excited you realize what a monster this thing was going to be and yet the guy who played Richard Thornburgh and dye had a million tickets and all John closed last name is pat. Yeah Pakistan is that your answer this answer this man has an. The it's it's eminently quotable. It's great movie it's made by the master of the not the action comedy the comedy action movie Ivan Wragge yeah programs just on the present in the eighties and or lost its fastball in the ninety's. It's I mean this is like you know my junior armored. That was eighty still can't believe it was a really nice literally got an email with a girl during junior one. You know look at Megan on the eighties. At this Richard it's so the name as the 2000 and so dude who has won a number of. 34. Here's Brad I just need to quickly just circled back direct Mariana who just steals the answer the entire movie shows like this it's like the 27 that the federal parity where he's trying to get Sigourney Weaver to come to be a. Okay all right did this so as a deduction because they've brought to this client's hair and is okay you want to dance OK and he's just you know. Eagles look to the horse and it's great you know all all or capture will be released or whatever the exact line is everything he does is just. Totally pitch perfect in that they could put a smooth eight savings would go to your taxes. On number 34. And once you do video you have confidence. Than you have and caption that no such antagonistic collection like this to think is again where they'll meet the same fate as York's. I. So well. All of this movie Rambo first blood part two. I had this one as opposed to the rocky I'm glad that this second one is on our on Gaza's all of though. First blood speak of great adaptations from novels nectar while the first blood might be the better film. I think this might be the better guys movie this is all action you kind of lose the narrative of the poor veteran being treated badly in this country which is amazing and important but it's it's it's serious it's sobering in this movie is not so bring this movie is fun. It's revenge for the veterans are treated bats actually. If the first movie sets up there are treated badly. And that we have to reckon for that. This movie is like then getting to kick ass and go get the guys are left behind and just have fun and just go get rush the POW Lovie Smith yeah. Eight as yes through the leeches and that scene I just imitated which is one of the great action sequences every you know it's coming you know it's coming and it's fantastic. You know that this movie again. Stallone that is written two best at his kicking ass best only critique I would have of this movie is the both of those love interest angle that takes place. Oh you explained it. Well I think that theft and I don't know gets hurt so bad actors who clearly is not Vietnamese. I like that at all why did fill a need we. Yeah Southern California probably border important moan they do this horrible accident where are obligated to Hollywood is up. As she's being Lee united we don't know that one of my favorite. Parts of this movie had two quick things is when he comes out of the mud wall he's hidden. And it's an eye as a zine that's been ripped off a million times in different berries and since then read their cutter really showing you like it did and one like how a guy like this might. Camouflage himself and get the bad guys but the other part I love which is just so Stallone and so gratuitous. And so again this is analogous to the Russian getting the shot in the arm we had to see it. Is kind of this whole business there's a threat and as we like anti technology to like anti new government technology and and just being treated as it comes in at the end he's got that takes the scene got to hop a doctor I'd just like three minutes he'd have slides. It was no cells Bubba got his ticket out all the computers are. They know what to do that to like let's take that hey let's just stay on the south of me just a sit in a computer error that you know. Back on American soil and getting on every magazine you know all the UBS amateurs and then you know mission. Accomplished in Napier. A great actor great character actors so it's just you know look if you're looking for our great. Action film that's militaristic. In my wanna start here. God didn't courier Rambo. I'd have thought. Hello how are you lived. The unity and in and morals or the worst closing saw the movie history lookup the final scene of first Lamar too to really yeah its. T but you belittle us. Now. There's so much more depth to this movie though because. When you think Rambo leaders think the poster of him all oiled up what they made fun of that hot shots. You know holding the RPG to the side in the movie he's basically either shooting an RPG piloting a helicopter. Shooting explosive blows and arrows which which aren't happy I secondary later yeah it's just it's absolute king haven't nonsense and you know. Senseless when got with a Bob body count of video game mass proportions but at the same time like. I mean damn near this is an eighties action movies at its own. Let me just like Iraqi series it starts off with a an actual sort of commentary on the culture or whatever and then. By the second one he's got as good I'm just gonna make a cartoon and I'm gonna show my biceps and I'll be oiled up. And I'll just like blade the (%expletive) out of myself. And impress everybody with Mike might. Five bulge. Ellis frank to a song that he. I you know I was let's frank and never forget my body suit our bodies who ended up having surgery on his hands hip replaced. And he sent a FaceBook message when he was all drugged up and Ali's it was Barack lagoon where you can't have center. Its number 33 years. Larry Bird. They're not bad lies I achieved that came up kind of bad on the last resting place our health that badly out of credit. Lacked content rooms but is that very living rock not resting place of the most whole league Mario. The holy Grail obviously. They're very much is. I was exactly. At the age. We aired this thing hit me right square in the funny we talked earlier. A bulk those guys who go to a party to meet girls and the guys who sit in the other room just quote Monty Python. This movie is nothing but one Monty Python bit after another strung together in a narrative that really kind of doesn't work they go on a quest for no reason whatsoever than a cartoon god tells them to and it's. Perfect. I you would have to put a gun to my head to meet meet commit to my favorite all time comedy Spinal Tap would be on their. You don't ghostbusters would be on their anchorman. This is probably help you out. Million buddies of mine we sought together we still talk about it to this day we need to reset and study hall drawing pictures of it to each other quote blind to it having seen wants. My Brothers bought the soundtrack album which is does albeit it's like it was strung together. It holds up today. I wrote a thing that will be on bars still probably the next couple days where they found in ancient he hand grenade in Israel. That they act like I just at the entire holy hand grenade at Antioch scene and it's just it's damaged it's just them. At their absolute most brilliant and even the weird like kind of non sequitur parts. That barely hold the thing to get like the weird ending with a police comedy shot the movie down. The fact they they did have a horses solely created a gimmick of the guys I want to go out and then turn that into these long diatribe of uncle got to wait a critical let's get in medieval England. It's geared it's a real. And it's. The most fun team group of men covered together biting at their absolute. Told what to expect from such a progressive sketch group from such. You know revolutionary comic minds I mean these. Before anyone else who you love now your favorite YouTube sketch group hurt. Grow you know later on even Kentucky fried movie came later all those it airplanes in the needy isn't. All the guys you love. In the late eighties comedies from SNL in the ninety's and then anchorman is like everyone there is not anybody who does comedy in America. That hasn't been influenced by Monty Python period and the story short and. Brilliant people not just comics but I am going to the point where. Like there's a scene where king are that says that this peasant like old woman and it turns out to be a man who wants to argue the about the nature of government life as you know we haven't had not boats and Nicklaus called me and every day and it's the tyrants of that executive officer of the weekend we'll assistant. Secretary. You know it's like nick. Great point you talk what the brits influencing us like in music the brits. Todd a lot of American artists like how to do that you know we listened and it's like these guys kind of tot American filmmakers had to take a script. And you go okay nothing was sectors like okay for example. Horse moves come over the hill like all right how we sadder is that an. And then on and on and on nothing is sacred as is terror department brilliant moistened tyrants candidate. Thanks president when it's not a government. I'll it's going to numbers third need to. Number 32. I know there will be a voice of dissent on this film in our ranks and I am comfortable that because. Long have I maintained that where you going to sit down and write an ensemble comedy. Nary is there a more perfectly. Structured on some comedy. And Major League it's a never will you find there is there but he found it. Yeah it's just it's such a great movie. Everybody likes this movie. Except. For our act it wouldn't regalia. There with that but that we've mentioned you Majorly Majorly Majorly I think haven't say it again Major League it's. You know it's about Cleveland and and the Cleveland basically consulate Cleveland now to having much fun to begin with the media tell it finds a way to be funny and compelling for over close to a hundred minutes. Directed by David S ward. Who of course brought us. All I don't know. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance key. Is. As George runner among ethnic. And I think he's involvement melt on this thing that was okay. How far off everything I want my due diligence and Megan marries their ten commandments. Idea. I want to play I don't I hated me originally it. I I don't hated it's just a song that everybody else loves and I just kind of think is okay like the great baseball comedy and still hasn't been made but. And 99% of guys would say this is it. There's long stretches and they were nothing is happening now un bury your lap well black's wife and I don't enforceable Tom Beringer and a comedy. Corbin Bernsen and a comedy and I think Roger Dorn is brilliant I think I don't know if you can elevate borrowings are good moments and get a dog you can steal. He's giving a monetary exchange has only just a bit outside we Els and that is not the best color man of this problem. He's got stupid little things that stand out who the you say that it's not that funny and over long stretches and nothing really happens. Everything is likeable in this movie willingly bring everybody you've got funny vision at the emergence of Wesley Snipes we get our first glimpse of Dennis Hayes were you've got the manager. AL and iriki given Nader we get. Charlie sheen's super likable as a lead support kind of sporty character super funny. In the movie it's the ultimate comeback story it's the buddy comedy of against all odds they'll find a way to do it. I just hit the right time who the hell knew that there are gonna make a movie about the Cleveland Indians as well. I mean. (%expletive) you can just kind of go on and on about it too Bud Light to watch the underdogs when none right and the game of the end everyone loves that underdog. And this one just happened to be. I can't chase deliver a hockey and do it again on also. Name last name like a other other things that really gives and gives you like me in a sexier shot in any of these movies that doesn't really involve nudity then when. Ricky bond has sex with Corbin Bernsen went out Roger adorns wife. As revenge sex received him like having sex of that will not there and she's Poland on the red dress like these fifteen I was like you've got a hint that it. As these players. And Charlie Sheen. There. I ever went right really surge is look it's not perfect at the movie itself is not perfect but I think in terms of the way you put together the beats. Nobody like ensemble comedy in a sports comedy. I think it's perfect. It's one and number 31. There pretty well. They. Out of mom mommy was on them them them minimum them. Did and I was. I'm restless some. And for me than it does not get better angle finger right saying we. Most people think golf fingered as the number one parent the first is normally expect a second to doctor now. But it is a Sean Connery classic. And it's my favorite because it hits all the bid trumps that were used of James Bond develop his name is pussy galore. OK let it beat the DDC yeah. This anyways the C it would she's going to be killed it. With a laser up between his legs. After this one no you took me to talk mr. bond I expect you to I. It is also has that unfortunate realism in which if you take James Von adamant. It's the same movie in effect it was fantastic but he does kind of witness is all. He's self passive in the US deaths in fact like aged kids keeps popping up like escaping through his agent fact is once seemed. Maybe if you make him let him bonds meanwhile time breeze and aid in prison cell in his one guy guarding him. And I'm just kind of casually walks up to the window and just. Oh darn but there's no ceiling and it attacks in it so he's able to escape its and he gets back to gold finger. Who's just you know madman who just turned him to steal rob Fort Knox. And because it was propaganda and the guy goes. I crap odd is it began to scope and hotel room we'll figure out the waited till later why it is itself fantastically bonded and also a sale Ozal created patrol pulled the henchmen. Yes OK okay well I went Zia odds out now whenever you someone describe that scene or any seem from the smell rating about it I just think it gives you hook the Austin Powers on the list earlier like it is here Scotty. I have yeah yeah. And the fact that. He like for warts though most evil super villain in the world by kitchen I'm cheating at golf they have. I'm cheating at cards and I hit it in his Caribbean resort earlier in the movie like he wears a romper yeah. Likely the entire first couple movies James Bonds smacks couple bad stuff. But as far as what might play this part that's karate chop. That's awesome Christmas ultimate liked that surely bass is on golf bag like. All those brassy bond themes. This awesome theme which I'm Boozer and by John Barry on and get the name right this time damage from an I am DB implement the Internet movie do is beg. I guess if only one button Libby isn't going to make that list. It has to be Goldman and no matter what is actually your elect Daniel Craig's is just like. This a swab is mildly fit hitters in sex addict. So at all and no matter what age you are no matter what your involvement and on days when he Watson room at net chick. Naked chick is painted goals and it's just cool and the post. Her daddy and I wanted to see that day. All right let's and I keep moving on here and number thirty year. Number number within the so hop in the Stanley trucks are kids because the cents a unit. Wally world. Who feel we've talked a lot about dad's unease podcast because they certainly implements our taste in movies. But no other movie made my dad left more. Oh. The National Lampoon vacation. The Chevy Chase to just do no wrong as Clark is resolved except make Vegas vacation. It is. Estimated rate of child rockets has thrown. A brother acknowledged that slit your throat into yes gotten bit up the good dad he just tried to do right by a Stanley after during this trip from hell which. Included robbing a hotel killing a dog. Putting it Edgar is dead body in the room. Of this gardener rain. Crashing his car into the Grand Canyon visiting him his insane hit cousins in just what you think he's going to get a victory he gets to the amusement park. And it's closed our folks force quote are sold on John Candy brilliant yeah. Just so much greatness in the how about judging has America's because in the I got a steady and a French kiss we'll everyone does that out yet but daddy says of the best I don't. Obviously Evan and Michael Oliver thousand us of a thousand quotes in this movie. What I mean like you got a point from cousin Eddie F fifteen from coworkers while but I still think. Vicky can I help decorate the early days that's up. To do. He's god why did he have to get weird why they have aren't going against it at at at a complete ass because. When he. No one had he is. Surely he was great the Pratt falls timing and a lot see like it yet. His timing yes it's his his is quirky timing was just. Absolutely impeccable. Pat how grimace directed at how many times we mentioned his name John Hughes wrote it. Just an early eighties just a comedy dream team in general. And not end on a downer like Matty Blake. But we hit burn a CD of my dad's spirit songs that hit it to be played it this way thirteen years ago it is my mom and my Brothers and sister were leaving a few. Rural home holiday bro my garage by Lindsay backing him up son and we could the planned have been other and it was just nigh perfect I love that and you Brit mentioned fathers how many families in America to this day refer to the father's clock is going mix and special right Ellis clockers and it's that movie's about what it does. All those films. What they do great is like chronicle and dads effort. Yeah I can misplaced effort but he just wants to do right by its mainly so bad and that's a beautiful mass and all the things they. That chili cheese did really well he was never better at that that's idealist who. In the face of everything still things you can pull up the perfect family. Vacation for perfect for me Christmas the things that have never worked out everybody thinks he's gonna pull it off and of taken road trips and you know you were all suburban dads at ball tried that thing and she said stuff like. Hey I guess nobody enemy on those emergency about the gas station I'm so Andre Agassi is now and again they don't. Pop up updated pigs got a Larry's just gadgets and he's way cool. That kids like smoke and tilt with the is like cozy and it doesn't Eddie's house. And Clark has no freaking clue it and go the whole Christie Brinkley thing is that you are perfect. Physical comedy and before Randy Quaid became the poster for crazy in America. His cousin Eddie I mean the hall you know all NASA does he ever has got a cousin Eddie in you know I don't know by the collar Hamburg I'll running into the there are here they're ready. About 53000 dollars a projector that's his money. Is perfect physical comedy and what about the dead dad moment refused goes out there wherever that he as well as the old out of the mighty Mississippi. The mighty Mississippi the older brazile man. The whom. Mine hole. No word Jordan on Clark I think there's enough to highway I'd like Buhner who cares it's yeah. I guess you don't wanna go see the country's second biggest ball flight which is only two hours away. But what if what it meant to you and your family George and what you guys were just talking about to elect. Magnanimous and put together like we've all been on teams that suck but we haven't like. Not now it didn't work out like Major League anonymous and you know had. Should happen to us liking co sponsors none of us were news and anchorman but like everybody has had either where now we do I had iPad try to be funny try to equal try to be relevant everybody can relate to making. And everyone can certainly relate to number 29 where our daughter is kidnapped had to get her man it's matter according. I opened this with the quote from the great build do scan it should be screaming he's got a cast. I agree really is a rigorous right now a very hard news this movie commando. Just again a life change of very young Mattie Blake I loved it you got a beautiful raid on John you got a beautiful young Alyssa Milan who I was probably the same age as when I saw this film. The great build due to Snyder O Dan had diarrhea from. The reverend shears that eighties as great as the bad guys the heavy Vernon Wells ablaze Bennett. Remember the only thing between you and make it. Took me. It's over the top it doesn't age well particularly. But you know now really but. But it is. All bowl last is every guys I've ever been a kid in junior high. I'm going to get a haircut like Schwarzenegger had this movie he had. He had slicked back on the sides but he had the crew cut cut on top as a very specifically. You accept that and I remember like being Kindle I look like matrix or my god. Think them. That title attempts on the Mir got like all right he's completely jacked really handsome. I just basically have a skinny pale kid from the metro as with the matrix Erica was damaged but it is it. It's speaks to that. Fail to see that a guy he has to just be the killing machine to be the bad and says oh. He's he's a great father he's a great man but if you push him too far he's just gonna destroy everything is that. Going to the Jeep down a hill isn't any. It is going back. He might be times apparently is that you take them and again infinitely quotable quotes who's in this day remember I was gonna accidentally last Sully I and I dropped some. It's just swords and anger at his biggest fattest baddest as the piped through it. The big idea that you have made admitted at gloves and let us exactly yeah. It's just you know it's just a blast it's sorts (%expletive) it's fun I loved it's on this list and. There's no movie that has the getting ready for battle. Many monetize that any better than. Laying all the guns out on the bad out there all assembled a loaded getting ready for battle he dresses himself up I would like to remind everybody. Who plays video games who wants us are like without these perverse fantasies or at least sort of like watches and think that there is no repercussions that this movie ends. With a man who loads a rowboat. And we did ten rocket launchers and sorting machine guns. And hosted a Speedo and takes on an island of 200 people. It felt. There's never. In the history of film perhaps as never bad in a small commando army of war shots. And the people that did it die out hired I'm trying to sharks are interpret it. Zebra sort of the running across the lawn there is gone new music right above them yeah. Yeah. A man. Wearing a Speedo and let it. Don't with a machine guns and rockets and winds in Ireland and run. Somewhere somehow someone's going to pay and that's what it said on the poster. The lot proposed. Let's got to number 28. Number 21. You know we try to limit the senator alive contributions through the fact that you know so many of them make good movies but really were better is as skits is senator I was gonna is Wayne's world. The movie is. These terrorized kid had so many different layers to it but really The Blues Brothers. Which could easily be top five for me yes on I think we aria yeah is socket make all five in the slips I don't know if Georgia is complicated. It's it's hard. For this all started Anna Kendrick and rebel Wilson and I have got a. I you have pollution act were edited tag team that Belushi did just in time on Google and didn't score cheerleading or been in this movie that. It's another look putted nobody vote for the blue Brothers to make a guy 100 hit. On. We. Do is that I. Can't I'd talk about it all the wrong. I thought I don't know yoga you know treatment of blocked out. So unable unless we should they limited whose Brothers for him anyway the bad. Digital it has started to witness says the impossibly dark Lord of the Rings going from an incredible record everything. Taking a sketch of survivors hallucinatory kind. In the back you know it could be on the Chris Pratt was on a motorcycle blocks around this ahead and George apocalyptic. It was. George even a little boys when a motive for the first 2000 didn't make. That the public does seem that none. All of the penguins penguins yeah fluids actually watch it recently itself does yeah it is don't want guys. I think these stolen money legacy just object Greek argue the odds are. Thank where. She started she pulls all the metal rod and started swing and it and Belushi wedged into that little kids desk has the Holland down the stairs here is one of the classic slapstick moments I define anybody. Not tell his their pans labyrinth. Same when he EC's delight in James Brown sturgeon to start doing back flips a gets the ever went up dancing a little if any comes back. And then La you know they decided to the band back together in minutes is that comedy of errors is they go around. There. And ugly season. You know Murphy and the magic downs top. Our thing it's ladies night tonight at the palace sell tell borrow you know all of us cycle. Every moment you girls are your friends. There is no plot whatsoever it's just they need to raise money to save the orphanage the rest is just an excuse industry Ali musical this going to be a highest musical all right Ali I. Wildcats eight it's so burba and white kid that. Who like. Watch The Blues Brothers premiering Saturday alliance at that he'd like with these guys are doing. And my imposing on you don't they're not it's not a joke they're playing musical I liked his music. In this movie was all about soul music and it is Meehan my buddies to a genre of music that. Was un heard of does to the point where MacIntyre Murphy's wife doesn't song I turn my buddy gone. The set of pipes and this lady and while watching the closing credits Aretha Franklin old story that frankly it's. He's the comedian mark men are stocks about like if you're lucky you either had. A neighbor kid was older or older brother who turned you want all the cool (%expletive) all the cool records optical movies and in this case both in one and I had an older brother he. Terms and all the cool musical reference listen to crap thousand to old Hendrix who you know all the good stuff and he turned me on this movie and I remember the scene I remember it. When I was like whoa something inside me tingle like when you saw Phoebe Cates put come out of the pool but the music version that is when they cut to Chicago and Johnny hookers gone. And it's. I'd never got NA NN CNN Aretha coming out sing in. In the diner thing you bet I think Adam is like it opened my whole. All. Inside opened to the possibility of this music existing and that's what they want it you can tell this is another example of artists at their prime goal and this what we're into we're gonna bring it to you masses and you're an eleven to public and Callaway. I'll ask. It okay nightmare film wildly over budget John Landis lost control of the production. That cost overruns John Brennan after he was but he was to he would disappear. Third nights at a time and it Akron was charged with trying to keep track of him and nobody could. But this is when you have like shirt Belushi would unravel years later. And sadly we lost one of the greats but they are at their prime. I'd say may be is the best soundtrack on this entire list may feel that maybe the one of the best movies if not the best movie soundtrack of all time. It gave us and resell. I'm not not the result was an Henry James and he gets in Illinois Nazis and Fiona. Right right Jay join date they are delighted to rewrite the without prison terms it was as I've always loved generic. And I guess they they. Meet you hate racist now I'm not seeing that we embrace racism acknowledges it just wasn't a thing that we deal with you know and you know what hit it cargo 500 feet aren't the only announces it urges you to wrap that thing back. It kind of applauded that what bridge is higher in the Sears Tower and I don't. It was just plummeted read hundreds of police and then every gives insurers the brown Sherrod I Simmons says I'm always loved you. Yeah it's a job can't ease and it is why they're all day Hillary Eric Fisher keeps trying to. Blow after blow on you president of heritage. I know you're outlook for the I don't knicks made diamonds are this was let's move on now who are willing other people he's banned. Arms ripped Armstrong's that. On number 27. A good tactic act. Tonight we're telling you and I got these aren't. Hollow and already has just wow yet number is that now that meet again like this fire. With that because it doesn't have any Kendrick can't. Yes I did an admirable Wilson did you sing in this one as the Joker it's a great. It's listen this movie's trail Lotta people Lotta guys might put this in the top ten deftly tucked wanting. And ever the contrary and this was this is not that wasn't my choice I didn't vote for this movie but I'll happily take it I'll take it because. I voted for Batman begins that's my personal favorite of the Batman movies but if one has got to make it. And it's gonna be the Dark Knight which is I mean yeah I just I can now want to sit on the Batman movie. Hey Shane. You either live long enough to you know he didn't. And the rest you know that goes yeah you know at the attack lie and the season. Well good for you. Allowing your you know telling you. In these tiny room. Have disease have become known. Martha original content but my friends and I look in Obama. And open up local rules he's the impersonation. I'm Michael Caine and put the puck. I I found it we filed a child climate of ruby is always the danger read. It turned out to war world which is throwing them away. I mean like this is that it at this point now like we can all share in these movies like. The Dark Knight is. What's so great about it is that it forces you. It's a giant moral quandary. There's there's incredible action in the movies at the bat mobile they jumps into the the bat cycle as well crate chase sequences it opens of that awesome sequence in the bank. You've got. For green performs as I person like Katie Holmes bettors Rachel doesn't love the Maggie Joan I'll switch agree. I mean. It may Joan and I sending out in big Bristol it was twenties editor now exactly yet it now I don't know if it's red because they didn't think that she had the emotional have to pull off the role if you are just as secretary. Of the Korea. I felt like cutting myself after us on this and but like this movie forces you to I mean he plays report is out of this world and the music's incredible on this special effects. But now is is probably the best comic book adaptation. But I don't know if there's another movie that forces you to like live in an inhabit all the moral quandary in all the grade that matters that comes in his movies like. The Joker tells Batman you're not you without me. And then you've got that whole sequence when they're on the fairies and they're thinking about long one up and have to make those choices like this movie is chest. Ridiculously. Suspense or the entire time. And you find yourself at different points moved on how much I feel about this I think I'm man I actually sat with the Joker now at this point nine some people do it is wanna see the world from a maybe Chicago wants the world burn at this point. Yeah and Michael Cain gave an interview and I think it was during the Oscars or whatever but amendments and the thing about what Heath Ledger didn't he took this impossible. Character. In medium plausible. Link you guys that could be that guy that would weird that I do agree to make up and be that's psychotic images debt off. On beaten his agent of chaos and it ended in a worst when he brings the pyramid of money just because it doesn't mean (%expletive) to me he just one wants to watch the world and again I saw this movie. On one of those IMAX huge screens ML never get as that scene where ledger is leaning out of the card slip in the wind blow after you stick. And they just the way Nolan cuts that is his leg wound. Kind of a tone almost. And like jokers the industry yes he totaled we've actually just letting the wind so it goes hand he's going and I just like wow I've never seen anyone do anything like this and any comic book or anything like this. This is what I always hope for. You know you see these scenes and I wanna be more realistic line were grounded and I wanted to scared by it. And man nailed it's there is that they didn't bat in the instantly gave your realistic portrayal of how that thing that's happened grass is there a better performance in the last twenty years and he pledges Joker I don't think it's good enough better. Just remember if you're ever gonna do something to reduce for for. And even what's his name a place our Harvey dent. Story arc is really that is only moments and asthma we think I will they've got to wrap up this plot legal illegal we haven't gotten to. The ferry seen and we summoned on to his heel turn because he's so tortured and that special effect will they have the two faced thing going with all due respect to the Tommy Jones Tommy Lee Jones two face so let. Attacked at half the exact issue with his face just mangled and distorted he so tortured that he just. Will Al Cilic child. Just because that's with the Joker created is freaking phenomenal. Can be argued that the worst thing that could've happened to. Superhero movies if not this the Batman movies is what shall Schumacher did Batman forever and that's absolutely Batman Robbins big gain at the Disco and I. And I. Debate yeah editor Robin and the starlight express music from Angela whoever George has had an honest it's. Gala that actually next death no we will never find it but yeah. As certain vitamin existence no but actually. If you worded no later on that the Christopher Nolan movies. Which were the antithesis of this that is such a stark reaction to it like those are so over the top so crazy and you know c'mon two out threes. I've ruined threes like. The these movies in response to that so if I knew I had to go to the hell of the Schumacher movies to get to the Christopher Nolan movies I can do it. It. Are right let's then move on now we are looking at. Number 26. May be bribes kickbacks and the costs of pot belly to conduct business missed amendment but they had not thought. Well it's certainly nothing I'm teaching in this class that now now standing testament has come let's which we build on that a planned Al. Back to school love my movies of all times you is there could be able with a laugh to laugh funniest movies are made Rodney Dangerfield goes to college with his son Jason Malin I think what I know. Kathy justice and proud to have Darrell. CNN will be out leave days owed the Gehrig Jersey man knowing I mean he's fighting very very very very data did director now. Fargo left over is very but as Jason Madeline. That to some of this tough rich guy he just comes up horribly shorter than the love and to colonel north. He tore regard. You know like zappa goes on and on and on that you've gone back here on got a bad. Mailing. And and it just like you're gonna end up just like your father yellen hopes slogans like happen to love the guy. Up to the yeah. Testament to how great this movie. Despite such a big hurdle to overcome got the black ravens on he's gone bad ass of the party anyway in the film itself is. Unbelievably funny like makes a joke for joke page or page might be an all time if not one of the alzheimer's Rodney at his best he finally kind of got his chops after caddie shack or guard is I do movie did easy money before this. And it also good that grave but it at this point he's like okay this is how you doing and did it all but this is also produced by her ramps right so we've got the right talent to exactly right up back with the with the right people in Haiti now go. Julian high speed and the road. Yeah that's right I had mine at a public are only the most to have the party. Annie's board because Adrian Barr about his wife I want divorced and they go to though all right what do you imagine. Making it takes a giant lol my sprint and all of the bread and it poured all the hard boiled eggs. And that all the all the the people that it's bad and it. What was that which really could. Actors aren't their thing. I'm gonna actually look this afternoon via burned beyond part. As loop Sally Kellerman on his piano pop looks Juliana but I. I love then that. It sounds like a political pot do you let it go. Oh that is so he's so funny I don't know if anyone. A lot of times these movies that are designed for the comedy start to enjoy the standard starters are they're super funny when you see him. They're okay when you watch him again maybe six months or a year later on HBO or when you rent to make setter. But they don't stand the test of time. This movie is now 31 years old in is still as funny as it warily and I don't you don't find younger people that watch or older folks who missed out on it say like. I that seems like it was probably funny at the time it's just funny. Period Robert Downey junior is there a glass slide a drug abroad and the pin is it a foot. The bulletin bulletin board football as a crypto fascist met a full a full laurel and political and it's M Emmet Walsh like. Transfixed by watching him do the triple MB yeah except I. A think of that writers that Kobe does. It writer's room belly laugh fact that whistleblowers alleged more freedom project I'd document and then zap elect I have got our craft. It's crap. Well this film I'm so mad men. A little Rodney moments like him in the hot tub of all the co Eds it becomes only other models as loyal Butler Michael marine biology at. What do you major edge in the apology go take a bite later gonna be straight about long valiant hearts. They went in Villa but it. Reduces. And. I think it's your member's name in the movies. We're not going to now and I started that they didn't have my brother and every time and it happened allowing some of those flip that's amazingly. My five to teach us a. One more surviving it doesn't report on Kurt Vonage opinions and I think. Oh yeah. And it added the score of the opening scored them by at Danielle. An opening. I didn't I'd. I had to put together some of my buddies once and I did that and that was my and I went to clips of all right but. Yes a BM. Analyst Richard but IU please all sides and I. I didn't play and scored nine man looks at a you'll fat either via telephone and that's about those gently Soviets to any on the calls. I met as apt get and a show everybody is his cranky cranky Carnegie garlic and so I dig right in and then I went I know more thing and it unfolded the full global regional. Back to school posts here I am so he goes green because I'd never see what do you these originals. And I go yeah would you mind signing screw you Mellon yeah. I'm beside my house scout I'd be remiss number one yet and I'd be remiss in in in doing this film without mentioning. I. One of the great comedians ever that we lost two young. Yeah he's their income author. I'm up to my knees and. I I like Yankee. And I also get yeah. It's time for number 25 this is one of those ones where I feel like it story and it's headed back to school just because we had a mix of your movement. Moderate 25. Did it feels good to be again thanks. Our hero facing grab your jump to conclusions. Stuff doesn't start right for airline mess yeah. Me. Okay did he do the government Ed Sunday. Oh well let's. Baucus and all. The drilled into them or whatever that beat a joke Blue Jackets. A day is it's perfect. Don't ever captured the every day nuances of what could teach you Google. President Mike Judge here this my level of abuse it okay are just the poor guy at the famous name. Michael Bolton who has to deal with that every day of his legs. I geez he's got to see yeah innocently enough enhancements news network and and I got gaga I don't. It until I heard the monotone bus to express this the same enthusiasm. What I told you that Brad is Hawaiian shirt day but it will be forced you to work overtime in the week here calls three distinct corporate Kerry calls jeans and luckily best. One of the best actors and actually an immediate Mike Brady doing those are really. It sent a Ricky Bobby is that we don't ask her to bill closes on on this list which is. Brilliant it everything they ask them do you know what what one of my favorites though was. As the waiter shots Keyes who seems a bit too. It is fantastic to offer everyone some pizza shoes shirt opera's courts try to keep this exhibit is like yeah. Monday chain restaurant is that don't always grab the manually yeah. It's just it's so great Jennifer Aniston and kind of Greg. Did you get it right friends like. It as the waitress who doesn't want to show her player of the people and it Ron Livingston who. It's the way and realizing some men just weren't meant type boat TPS reports in the cubicle. A fantastic. Fantastic. Fantastic you know this movie is. It's funny were making all these quotes and suffer realizing like we talk about commando and all these guys can't assist things like we wanna kick ass like this is commando for real life this is a subversive. Double barrel middle finger to having to Wear pins that worked out an answer to a deuce back boxed up and sit there and listen these inane people you work with. A W it out while question I. I'm sorry I. I'm good enough. No we get a few bits like party you've ever felt those feelings inside you and this is yours this is this movie that lead protagonist well. Is your voice in that mark is like. That you at all it's just I just don't care if that's all command early I. I just don't work to GAAP and I. Just fire does anyone and I think we've even talked about this on the radio show before does anyone examine. The niece is of residential. Professional. Contemporary community better and then magnify their weaknesses the idiocy of them. Just and all the cruel Mira to the better than my judged as like the in a theocracy as. All went politics and society are gone extract was not bad Beavis and Butthead the way kids behave office space. This movie nobody King of the Hill John King of the Hill to do with the several Texas life. This movie it was a dud when he came out it made no money at all but I remember when seat on Saturday afternoon when I was home visit from new York and Braintree my brother and I side. Just kind of wanted to go see it never coming back and I felt the need to call as many people as I possibly could as a team and 99 Summers mr. Ernst secondary melts. It has dialogues in the ass and it's like tell it really you have to see this movie I don't believe how funny it was what a brilliant satire was yeah yeah. I think it is naked it's a cautionary tale about how not to market a move we don't know what the (%expletive) it was like the movie poster was a guy coveted post it notes which seemed really clever to somebody would sell its. And religion or whatever makes economic well. Went back in the days of brick and mortar video stores it used to be a game that I would play every time I. Started signed a police thought I would look to see if office spaces there. And it was always the empty boxes on the shelf because it was always checked out. It was this whole word of mouth and everybody had it was the ultimate cult movies like Fargo. It nailed every single note. And everyone can relate to what a friend our friend leisure back in the Beisel day she came to a partial pardon with me. Our customized green and white striped shirts suspenders with Blair on it in the it's all clear is it until at least supposed to be and yeah so perfect that is that that nailed it. You know it help us and it was dvd market finally came to. Came warehouse yeah and it just became a huge yes I Oklahoma city's first came out. Getting a member of the you know like a comedy in my grad dealings are really more like Braveheart Herat all right guys thanks Mina. But and that was out space was one of the first dvd comedies I got because Wright is like you know I wrote that being like this huge. A hugely one of the first dvds I feel like that became ill was released. All right so we will continue on like this was a dvd. With number 24. I am Jack's twisted numbered 24. OK this may not be every guy's favorite guy movie. In that it's about unpleasant subject matter it's kind of a comedy in a lot of ways shall play violent movie. It's satirical it is wicked in spirit and nature. But again talking about somebody holding up the cruel Mir to ourselves nothing. Lampoon news Saturn rises and kicks in the Dick contemporary consumers culture. The softening of men and are losing our way better than fight club. This is one of the only times I actually saw the movie went back read the book and was like almighty god. The books that the books better in this movie is in our top 25 of movies guys need to see. It's an incredible book it's an incredible story everybody should read go back if you get a chance read that the second book that guy Chuck Palahniuk wrote. Survivor both African great movies but the group talks but. Fight club. Is so so well made. So viciously made and has such a keen eyes and is so visually death because this is David Fincher when he's just like. Turret like coming off of seven which had such a bleak outlook as well. All the tones are kind of muddy all anything bright in this movie is kind of obnoxious because he's sort of like plan up all IKEA thing. And you see that policy in the beginning of the movie when Edward Norton as Jack court tennis unnamed character is talking about I think it would be Colin Campbell in the tea. Ten round you know edit this it's all summarized in that first scene when he meets Tyler Durden. And they go out the diner needs is why the (%expletive) you noted two days. And you know like that right there just basically sort of summarizes. Where all of this is going it's an. It's an article it's a counterculture is to film but it's made in the style of Hollywood blockbuster and it featured. At the time they Hanson missed most bankable guy in the world we Brad Pitt and now. I had a lot of positives it's and name means Andre the only actor in the world who has the same my dietary prescription the I offense and I'm so sorry I apologize. Gamut from an IV it's it's got a great soundtrack by the dust Brothers it's really intense it's greedy is Al. And again it's not terribly close and doesn't leave you feeling great but at the same time. Requisite guide you. Reminds me a lot of we talked about are majors earlier in the list about how. It made you question the nature of your existence finger and that early days of like the Internet and people have a second online life. And the song was morally that consumers like you nine. Where he has that tell like you are not the things that you buy yet Elliott this stuff that the you're holding you have to own on TV. And then it sort of becomes this thing where they're taking human fat and make its open solid technically is a tough thing done now and going to. Support groups of men with. Enlarged blood comes because they did taking cancer treatments this old acting grit. But it's all part that would what what does it mean to be a man now you know if you did the only do video whatever and I didn't see the twist common now itself they're nobody knows what the hell it is by credit to one person listener who doesn't know. It's a boutiques aside wasting that was a surprise in the back in the day units can. Brilliant and hard to watch. There and fight clubs because that's the only way they can feeling. Because yeah all the numbed by. Our consumerism and consumption and it's just it's it's heavier than you would think the average movie is on the guy list. You'll get all the carnal pleasures that you need because there's still some great fights are some great sequences but Helena Bonham Carter and a high not super hot. Super high. Our number 23. Number Michael Jordan could. Finally we get to the greatest sports movie of all time. Some people like or rocky some people are fans of the natural for me. I think sports movies. Doesn't get better than hoosiers. The greatest underdog story the side of Malcolm Butler. Based on the true story we watch the undersized and undermanned Hickory Huskers slowly morph into. And Indiana State basketball championship contender under the watchful eye of controversial head coach. Norman dale played perfectly by one amenities favorites Gene Hackman. Watching these small town country boys traveled to Arenas that they had only seen in photographs is inspiring in itself and and to watch them win the championship spoiler for. All the small schools that never had the chance to get there. Goosebumps. Dennis Hopper nominee for Oscar for playing assistant coach slash town drunk slash terrible father shoot their flats. And Barbara Hershey can't even spoil the movie at the depressing Pete Miller got Gaza. I turned Leavitt says things are Kyra planet she shared those strategies to beam in all these. Is down but it all comes down to Norman dale calling the picket bands play in the final huddle and Jimmie each it would like a camp calls off the plane simply says Ullman. Whom and he does and it's the greatest sports movie of all time. A tie into an argument here. You know this. Earlier I said that at its best movie can literally partake in your life you can become party alive but I can't tell you the amount of times. I have taken moments in this movie news to inspire myself the measuring the tape measure on the on the I've done that a million times and different. Parts of my career been like I've done this before yeah that's a microphone or it's a camera but I've done it here here nearly carriers say might the same do your job you know it's like that just moments like that I love movies can do that I saw when I was a young basketball player in junior high and I just wanted to live that I shot a thousand jumpers today because I wanna be like I wanna say release is Jimmy Chitwood I'll show I want to have a coach like Gene Hackman was its and the end. I love you guys and we you know what's real to that adds an element to it in fact in that film that actually. Play date in her wee bit with the voice over these movies but they actually play some clips from the actual game. Which little factoid here in real life it was a very boring game because what they did to wears is held the ball forever I guess. I had this is kind of cool historically an assist is David Glass. Is there a man among us that has and at some point grabbed a dinner check piece of paper off the table wandered up and not said. Coach stays locked. Brought here to teach these boys that game is basketball which have done to the best of my abilities. I apologize for nothing to sell access tax and then David took the stone. And it. I'm good at facilities being all. I'm gonna do this to my dad though the pirates went. With shooter and he's in the he's in the sanitarium. Because he's like rehab and he's listened Angela. To the game and yeah you're right yeah. Drunk before that may have saved our jazz community kind of bonds around the kids they know we get the drunk father and you know small town Indiana and Americana happen all the time. Just such a great you know there's two kinds of crazy is it got a guy runs around naked Howland at the Moline and again. Does in my front yard translation they're like. Also my mom's favorite movie of all time. She and who's Sacramento and replace them the former coach because he's also Rudy anything Majorly young and he just plays the Illinois everything I wanna say you guys just rename he has a female team he plays the pitcher. And may with big passing lanes that are already also plays the coach plays the senator who gets that would the face of the football and. Movie I'll definitely be submitting for the permissions the last boys got. Well yeah ever. Former Hoosier when it first you're not it was kind of pass me I didn't heed the HBO. I remember being so it was like what these things remember back in the Davis show movies like 2 o'clock you know like he's BO. I caught it like out and I was Saturday at 2 o'clock and made my dad's the data watch at 9 o'clock in the replay it. And it's been a staple of our family ever since shore in enemy and all week guys on the team too and it in the kid with a thank my shot I always points out everybody watches that. What a minute the buddy buddy buddy Saturday activity may yeah that's our interview with him and he had he said getting cut that scene bullets Israeli acting scene my my my favorite thing to watch these these things since so many times is the idea that. In that final seamer Jimmy hit the shot they were filming it. Gene Hackman is notorious pinprick on these films. Jimmy's at missing the shot as the cubs game practicing the seat backs he keeps missing it. It happens pistons assistant general thing why it's that they finally just Aaron listen we're just gonna Bruce gonna go with it. And so they tell that in the scenery makes a shot at the end of the movie is the actual first take the need QZ pack not today Pacman knows he's not gonna make it. So that when you seem hollow Akron Akron had a big smile on his face like I can't believe we used to that. He's smiling he's definitely this bastard who's the only actor and wrestler as a basketball players is the only actor and McCain made a shot I had waited an axis smile. So. And the way that right needs it that back to school is so good that Ryan Nece kid couldn't Ronan. Even Gina act and make it out with Opel Wiener could. Well I hope this is how little Sheehan and about time the world but winter coats. Don't know the one coach that nothing actually works memories he wants in the past worked on details on that. He can't we see are gradually gained other women and any calls lately and do we think. Lesson I mean I. I'm and it had this guy he didn't let me get damaged in Dallas aren't that direction yeah like F Farrell and do them thirteenth. All right so let's move onto a numbered twenty to. Uses the light zone is for unloading OK and he and I. Yes what worthy dinner options against my own chicken and fish that's I've cores are Brad lasagna. There are quotable movies there are set tires their quotable satires. And then there are comedies that come by every few years that feel like they have shown you something you have never seen before. Or maybe that you've never laughed before so hard like when you see this movie and some of the other movies made by these particular. Guys to zucker Abrahams zucker trio. We really can only pick one to make Ellison if there's going to be one to represent because it would have to be airplane airplane. A send up of airport 75. A relatively innocuous ridiculous 1970s. Site disaster films. Becomes this movie. That sort of it's not a sketch film it's sort of it's it's almost even hard to describe would you call it like well how would you describe the comedy of airplane it's not like it's. It's not a pet and it is a parity but it's not necessarily parity it's like almost like deconstruction is solid yeah they sell sold at the LA area you would. And I'm aware of avoid air absurd just comedy. And it makes. What's great too is that. You don't have a lot of people like it's not an all star cast of funny people who the hell sawed Julie Hagerty I'll let these guys and Lloyd Bridges. Robert Hayes all out budget series actors and the great thing is and kids out there everyone of us. As many of us are given to just being his rod huge and hacking is possible sometimes understatement sells the joke the best. And everybody plays this. Straight as possible into the bone and for ninety straight minutes. The movie just does not let up in the first time you meet Leslie Nielsen. She is excuse me sir you would doctor is nation he showed immediate attention comes up. Prior to this humans do when. Like TV detective dramas like she was the most straight up like serious actor in the history of the world and somebody figured. This guy could be put Lloyd Bridges was like well like god how far mailed. You don't TV character only a show called sea hunt we wait like telling a diver and they took these guys and have them deliver preposterous lines like. I picked of Ron data quick drink it followed by I picked Ryan bitten it stiffened low ball likely there to kick it. Take a barrel and what it's the right kind of as I have the wrong week to stop taking amphetamines oh yeah. After another after another and then they have like you know like. Try to shaken up the woman on the and the airplane and Iran's wait in line and then laying down a smack him heck of post and I thought would obviously is. To what Robert stack. Almost got Robert segment I got here it is. Trying to get him out of the Ares is yes he's he's a menace of the sky. Yes birds do it I thought yeah. That was somewhat question on the box it takes up this it's that passes. Cut out yeah they're gonna go HI. Try dragon land me here and actually. There'll yeah go go to any. Culturally aware person in the world than say some like. He's in the cockpit. The cockpit what does it. And if they don't really think it's a little room of the final play would have time for that tell them you're not that I got it surely you must be joking if they don't immediately say don't come surely did not different and never will be. Block from that person right and if there's not an important moment in someone's life and you know walk into the rooms as well you all know were account and blocked and then say five more times than. Adam goes on living your story about that. Is it because you a story. So yeah my dad getting married. And my by. Wow my brother and I were standing in the side room in my in my Brothers lemmings are my taxes on red or whatever. And my father is not you know Mr. Big speed to them the ball game just sticks is headed and this goes. Owing to oh you wish you both good luck we're all counting. The god and love. That. That's her answer. It is everyone in this room as a kid you saw this movie that was a funny at the university. And you sought again high school and you've done this may still be at the amusement is set analogic now you left just started now you to relive it with your kids open their kids. There's going to crash positions dominant mystery gets bigger and grasses in the boobs complying well I. There's an element of jello and seeking and she's intimate it's a matter of minutes is record mom whose genetic material will be case I think that kids can knotted at about announcement friend Glen and I found out there's a rumor and school that they was boobs in that scene that's so we got the VHS. Of it and like studies like as a recruiter on how to find appointment I can and deposit and resolute about it though there. Kids now can just. But in my god. That the threat of being president of the I just don't want him and I airplane. They're actually alleged actual women have actual sex actually airplanes fly by and borrowing from the greats to like. From Mel Brooks. When they're talking about late that the plane is gonna land. Yes I've yet they're on instruments now and kept the cockpit. I had elbow all those tax understand have been hacked it's just. It's everything all at the workplace they take everything literally and you get seed visually manifested. And it all plays terrific not a single Jay's gonna dream probably can't get all the modern is about that (%expletive) brilliant New Jersey is. That is where there whereas they date wanes it and talking to the doctor room Mac. And Lisa Leslie meals and he's going anywhere who efficient this plane is gonna be combined you know in the next thirty minutes whenever. And in the capital looks over kaput over is why he looks over and it's a plate of bones and fish that's. And there's. Nobody because he has and when. And ears of demonstrators and there's this it's really hit the fan may literally pushing an affair I. What's the name of the inflatable. Auto pilot Otto Otto. Taylor yeah. He's a cigarette doing you are now watching the united sorry I'm just a guess and Isolde terrorists first time. Not that nervous before I. Spoke let it get. I just fantastic let's wrap up this episode I was number 21. And we're. Oh. Okay tremendous premise C a World War II movie where you'd take guys that are on death row with nothing at all to lose. And really opened the live for his sake here's your chance go on this suicide mission. If you survive will give you up your pardon. Brilliant Reagan premise that tried to be ripped up by suicide squad really badly went out to emigrate bad always attack embody great movie. Dirty dozen one of the all time testosterone. Movie so much so. That it was reference in a chick movie Georgia may remember this passionate let's listen to save us. Seattle where their Megan on the women who cry at movies and on May second part of the dirty dozen slim Jim Brown out this side of Vegas today. You guys. And fight deal oh wait what I see is Jim Brown the greatest football player of all time sorry Jerry Rice left his career. In with hundreds of grateful. Well ahead of them. To make this movie to become a star here is. I'm gonna read just some of the cast members here but it just emphasized how much each one of these has what testosterone not all five of us combined. We Margaret earnest board nine Charles Bronson the apple mentioned Jim Brown John Kass of eighties George Kennedy. Robert Wright tell Lisa volleys Donald Sutherland clip walker in just a punching guys who have massively like you know we can lose his testicles are clinging together as a people like Gary give him myself like a hot led. It's just it's a cool premise it's this whole thing where these guys are the worst or worse and finally the Magnificent Seven just come together. Because Lee Marvin makes an enemy of himself as their commander so that they have no choice but to oppose him and then sort of galvanize into this thing. Pull pars and that the plot is to kill a bunch of German generals in a mansion in Nazi Germany and its old (%expletive) bad ass. Alain look we gotta democratic as a it was a for dirty dozen we wouldn't have expendable so. I think I doubt this is one of those movies. Jerry's its funny too when you've ended up with a lot of these there's. I ever six titles that come to my mind we think 200 guy movies of all time and dirty dozen is one of the ones is because being right away pastor beyond an essential guy movie list. Obsolete and it's like the original. Slick super movies like our ensemble that you see all these guys come together now this action bootleg where the all these guys here like. Well 7060. Years ago or so when when when the movie cannot 6070s. Okay so exactly fifty years ago yup they all came together. And god it's just like there's just so much acting testosterone in this movie you've got like an entire like an entire college football stadium worth of just like. Testosterone just like manly man menace in one movie like Brock what you're doing on the tele Somalis right and like there was there was they're literally was. No man they are men nobody had a more of god damn manly voice than Lee Marvin Brett. Who was a real war hero in charge of the old guys like Blake I paid I apologize for not know what specific what battles he was him but I believe was like Iwo jima and just I mean carried. Men off battlefields of put himself in harm's way so this cool beats a nearly. These guys. Want no part of the stage is totally on team mobile. And at one point dipped pissed off because the shape with cold water and it is felt that sick I ever feel as they shared unless we get a hot water and though their. Second in command is like on guys they bring it all all polish at the night is now. All let him have this revolution because it's good it did get coming together so it's like this psychology and like men and he knew enough football that in and the mission itself. Is to really be filmed in. They're dropping grenades down these free and pipe troll these German generals and their forget mistresses have an up party it's. Violent and bad ass and all these guys were carved out of a solid chunk a testosterone. And Georgia a lot of the scene when all of. All guys come together and do this acrobatic flip cup routine. And I think they match. That's why can't I can episode that the left is Glenn map zone I did just. It is not a throw a dirty dancing in their before we go while we doing dirty dozen William did and the other Gelb president version of dirty and it's you haven't seen it obviously you're Tennessee at some point in this lifetime just remember these and sometimes these movies they may not hold up as well as they did a long time ago. But you have to watch him continued to in order to understand where movies went where they are now hopefully will go you have to see classics like us. Yet there they were the ones that paved the way let's go ahead and just recap real quick who we nominees for. 4321 Happy Gilmore was forty rocky 439. Anchorman was 38. 37 blazing saddles Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring was 36 ghostbusters game and at 3534. Rambo first blood part two. 33 was money python and the holy Grail. Thirty obsessing 332 was Major League. 31 gold being. You know was great mr. Howard Stern adaptation of that song cool staying saying yeah has done by. Sinatra junior. Vacation at thirty. Commando it's when he nine Tony was blues Brothers 47 the Dark Knight. Back to school 126. Office spaces and I rented 2524. Is a fight club. We're three hoosiers. Airplane at 22 in the dirty dozen. Rounds out number 21 fellas we have so much meat left on his bone that is the 100 greatest guy movies but we know it's when he left. But will they be how they react. When the truth is told by its content wrapping up here thank you again Terry Thornton. You know I don't know we're doing bush about the wicked people Telus. Didn't stick it up our ass because we got something wrong and everywhere it went well. It is that we use remove recorder we had the wrong movie can't believe that was that movie. Pittsburgh Pittsburgh that I aids. Real BS one a one on Twitter on Jerry story nick Stephens Manny like George he can't find nearest uncle buck. Thank you once again for joining us and we will see you next time at the movies when we count down the topped when he. Guy in the least of all time. Can stifle signify. A.