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Monday, July 31st

You've heard the top 100 guy movies presented over the past month. Now it is time for the ommisions, what are the best guy movies that didnt make the list.


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All right we're back once again. Boston sports went on he just went for short. It is we are back with our final mission. Show our final mission of the hundred greatest guy movies and every right to a great interrupted. I you've Kerri Strug that entirely that yes stock spot. But we're doing what we talked about is our broke missions episode. Which is if you've been listening tour hundred greatest imovie all five episodes when he movies an episode we have completed the impossible task. We have visited the undiscovered country and we are now going to talk about. Pretty much what a struggle this project was but let me introduce our cast real quick the definitive. Boston sports one on one as nick just said the league of very ordinary gentlemen. I'm your host a good bucked we have Terry Thornton. Hum the last Preston Esquire an object Theodore Logan whilst yeah. And experience. Dead or alive your coming today pool. Metabolic. When you deal. To eat the but it's that the and now Miami a dirty camp. What you talking about Willis. Don't know. Stop start well let let's just begin you know rule. That's. Well we have a stroke S the emotion. It's not made that Michael Serra make it that funny face that you love real watching with a loss or rafters every Saturday morning Merkel. I'm. He's not the best color man and a business for an upcoming votes on. So so as we go so our our goal here with a fifty to 71 of his episodes. Is getting in a moment. And it does that give them different stroke an island I'm. Oh. Oh and it applies well what my spirit for human spirit is. Or in this case the one. On so will we did this project we. Each submitted a hundred movie that's 500 movies in him occasionally. It was eight came out. 66. Where we all agreed at a hundred movies and I and I find that should be. Absurd it's an aunt and I think we need to get into the whole idea of the way we aligned our selection and rank the 100. In so much as the stacking of sequels because I think we're gonna see some sequels come up the paper say if you love this. Welcome you forgot that or you can't have the sequel to the movie that happening the original on right in the premise was again it's a hundred greatest time always is not necessarily a 10000 greatest made movies. Or even a hundred made me guy movie some of them. Our house great week if you look at it as a film like a films student would look at this signal what am I watching. But I sit around and they like Jerry is always said dish washing by a and it's repeated viewing so I just compiled a list of statistics that like you guys to realize. The content type of numbers were looking at four hour a hundred greatest movies that first of all. Thank you Jerry. On there's carriages suggested bucks and jogged my. I'm Michelle and only. Now I haven't been docked and now I'm talking like this golf useful on. Hey can I think there's a price to be paid to get into his students are all happy he is happening. I. We a lot of actors that made an analyst who times Bruce Willis Rodney Dangerfield Morgan Freeman recently Oda. Robert Downey junior rely on twice penalties get. Randall was going on twice. Anthony Edwards Fletcher of the different strokes audience. Apologizes Todd Bridges on George. Couple this from a crippling you know Ricardo. Ricardo Montalban medalist toys. This is the second are naked gun and that's right. Yeah I yes. Here are the gentleman who made on three times Bill Paxton. Sylvester Stallone Mel Gibson Patrick Swayze Kurt Russell. Matt Damon Sam Elliott well done. Gene Hackman George Kennedy and tributaries for all three time award winners messy that proves that however. One key this was because we all came with different films and mail list is probably a perfect. We did something right because that is a mount Rushmore of man action manly men elect this guy does not one of those guys say it's. Back is a way like the comedians the entertainers and you know the bomb the Johnson clowns that we've all just repeatedly. Watch and love Tuesday only gets better. These are four tournament we have for our whole lives in fort timers Carl Weathers. On. Yes an accurate yeah. Giants on Niekro Brothers Josh and Jonathan candy. You. Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's. 22 guys that do not yeah. That is ill or any fresh start out we did have to five times. And yes George the man has got to correct you're not allowed again. John camera. That's not a bag. Internet site to point Morgan Freeman who. It. Time is up gentlemen will Farrell. It makes integrated pulmonary. Oh. Come on a vote the miles of every guy in this room it is in disgrace but there was one gentleman who makes six appearances. When you talk about about Jordan when he talked about film making. Director producer writer and actor that Terrell Ramon six movies on our dialogue they had parents ray machines. Rest in Addis and visas ghostbusters caddies jacket the writer back to school producer and writer animal house writer Groundhog Day director writer and stripes. You know it. That is an amazing piece of trivia you know I made double on whether we discussed outside of this except you know. Us will group we will always recognize that that guy is is a first ballot guy movie hall of Famer but I dark horse candidate. And I do a few special awards Clint Eastwood made it three times okay he had the longest stretch between movies. He did good the bad you're going 66 in unforgiven in 9226. Years spanning guy movie greatness. Not pay when they meet the female actress to win in three of our movies Sigourney Weaver. Yeah now it's really did one V aids. Yes ire. Cheese yeah Archie should we did to Iraqis and we did it got father she could have been around 67 times based on. What she was it. Can't. I'll get a lot of athlete's career goes army to appearances. OJ Simpson Reggie Jackson Jim Brown. A lot of wrestler Jesse interment on its way some Hulk Hogan once. Roddy Piper Terry funk also appeared. And as far as any writer appearing in their their writings then attorney in new movies are Scripps we have Stephen King. I'm seeking twice arsenic in the running. As Richard Bachman. That's correct. And so I have also compiled speak for you guys and it won at home who wants you there Google machine. But what about Ian black here there's. Where the question predator made it on there and he was in it. And then he also wrote lethal weapon that's and yet I just what was our top director which was her rim but got no shame blacks certainly jackets made some significant contributions and if I had any stones about me. I would have. Contributed the long kiss good night which is one of my dad's top five movies and that's not even Ahmad permissions and then sat through that and also I'm still talking agers and. For you folks at home we dig compiled the best nude scenes and so here my. Top five and corsets were a few also rans the real penis being cleaned. In the coming to America the credited boobs in airplane that we side charity that's very experienced by our aren't un credited moves the best kind there. Certainly the bigger the move Jericho back Beverly De'Angelo indication. In the bargaining caddie shack. Well I am out here are the top five Heather Graham has brought literally bogey nights she locked yup I'm totally throttle up right that they don't like Pete. The only full frontal one let's listen in and yes I beliefs on. We've got Boone should we have Abalone from the guy father in the race. Simon at this definitely and I really put runners of the George can feel even worse that he sold out what the issues of purple rain. I. You know someone said yes when George asked them if they would marry him. Expect. Other way she obviously had seen the godfather area side topic but after prince died and was reveling about purple rain I watched it because he had died. Like a hose got slapped in purple rain. Is not afraid yeah. A smack oh Laura is very offensive. Locker. David. Morris day was the stuff that last. Hole. At the whole episode. I think I'm gonna slap yes Saturday. What's happening. We've answers during this during the last episode Kelly lands being. And a very do Mitch Glazer who is prince Bill Murray in Emery Brothers costs an icon in reminding him about. On her being plowed by. Well. By swayze. And it indicates that at times reprise number two. But I have. A definitive winner Julie Michaels in Rhode houses the blonde who strips for Brad Wesley but then initially appeared also in point break. As the naked chick would beat the crap at a cannery. By the way we left that out Gerri on our greatest fight scenes in film history all point that that might indicate it is hats and yes. Yeah out of the road house one made it thanks to a text there yes about where he pulls his throat out but yeah we miss point thank all take out and you forget the road house fight immediately released exes from an it guy's throat. That's the name of the number of other movies. You've seen a guy get killed by throat thumb I'll wait no I don't need to DS zero I judge and a chef it's on Netflix ready now Don in Morocco story bio I remember I was and I am legally blind to who he jumps and is jobs as an open is lies places there are some. Repeat the actors left opt with I was surprised by this Chuck Norris did not blitz why is that white hat North Carolina hi. 'cause I mean address that. Rated shameful remission moment. I'm gonna say 'cause we did what John glad indium and that seemed to hit up our air you'll be wise to show yourself out the door and keep. Here now she has more Americans though we should have you know usurped the foreigner. John club on dom and placed and replaced him with the American basically what Norris OK so don't aren't. Do we should be echo with the permissions I mean I look at it. Bruce Campbell also that Nicholas. Again to be addressed okay. Charlton Heston only appearances and a cameo in tombstone dude you are really mind you. Excuse me my bro mission our art so let's. I just have a couple of questions for you guys because I I think the few things we need to understand and answer before we get into Barbara missions. First of all white car fit this category. I feel like this are out there we energized but which Halloween wears army of darkness there's a lot of horror could have been included in weakest. Why is that I thought about that it's amazing grass question I think a lot flat bottom like all my favorite horror movies and besides like. You know horror slasher porn likes are something I think a lot of those films were. Addressing feminine issues are girls can get into them like Halloween is as heroin story of the woman leading search and of course I think. You know we had a discussion about alien and aliens. Credible action movies that it's basically character was a feet and yet you also have used like. Gender shamed. All of us on the list like I you can't now. Have a a female like terminator two is two prominent female and all of her masculine biceps I'm not comfortable that. Him. By the way I'm flat out cool with a woman be in the star of what I would considerate guy who we kill bill one until. A you know of. Wonder Woman I would almost goblet of our favorite of the kill bills by the way because this is very polarizing question. I would want a little bit more like yes like India but I have a diabetic to do either one. Movie that is cuts cuts split up with aliens is you know what desert island movie from me that the second one in part of its because. It the whole motivation it's all about the maternal instincts of bird protected new to whatever rights watches lined with yet. I think with horror movies like I consider the shining the best horror movie of of all time. Alfred honestly discloses what is this is this is fun it's action but it's not scant and Crowe does get a hatchet to his heart I want an out of. One of my main criteria advocate Satan episode one was would my wife hate does my wife hate this bill dollars aug guys bella does that B action can be comical but like. They're stuff she could clean and be inspired by and enjoy in the shining hour Al Weiner yeah you know it means I think that that's that's so funny because one of my main criteria for this list in the movies selected there and was. If an elevator opens up in blood pours out of that that it definitely does. IR is also not everyone's cup Petit Wetherbee guy or girl so it doesn't you know that mr. I I I know what kind of laboratory and it not as its content I don't want our. A car has that. Virtually every other movie on this list does heroism. NN terrorism might be Bill Maher you know leg blown up a goal for a whatever big east he. You know he's the guy that you wanna be the root for whatever or whether it's you know ramble or whatever. Armor is by its definition and negative of kind of you know it's exploits darkness and it's not what I considered got moves with the most is. Movie and redemption right Jerry redemption aunt says a lot of them even entertain they just flat out scare some people just like to be scattered late cabin fever I think it's fantastic he rots cabin fever but that you see you iris hostile to gets messed up at movies mascot a cabin fever. I can I get John or are the audience that love apostle is completely different than those who loved him he'll still like your next answer imposed its al-Qaeda might well hot the first pap possible is the greatest gamble of all time the second half oddly the scary and you actually it's it's messed up its. It's I'm done with the torture porn also seen a little bit of that scene a little bit aside even sought tries that at some sort altruism to a plate. I will watch you play it had not gonna celebrate and analysts like this when news action movies wall movies. Comedies look at a financial OK it's a bachelor party you're still little hung over from Friday night. You've got big plans for Saturday. And you labored through some sort of activity in the daytime yet two hours to kill. There's fifteen guys at the cabin for two showers the guerrillas lay it is that time of the year someone's throwing on a movie. Are you guys are gonna want to watch a horror movie are you gonna throw on something from. The George stepped on my stool and amid loud noise and little movement thing there but yet. Are you gotta throw you throw on a horror movies something unsettling or throw on something from. Our guy movie one. One minute two biggest names and I seem to notice all the movies we picked. Our Odyssey from hoosiers where that does not seen this kind of the theme of a lot of these movies was where Kate goes I just wanna win this from my dad is a ton of dad movies earn things that you know to connect fathers and sons in this list but then the other yet alone was here's my wife the wet blanket. There was a time it's not always Wear like the women are just that noise and he just yard annoyed by them and the guys. Whatever they're doing time. Oh. Is that appropriately you'll get ice guys are excited to be okay because my wife is my best friend okay fictional I think it is this the conversation we are just like on top which went like. My minutes and refusals in Aussie I'm. A lot of guys movies at ten. I intensely or otherwise have really insufferable female characters and end. Adrian for Iraqis. It's fully borders on well we got that idea can't had great okay what I just quit. Hey you're an adult actors only and you know turtles and I don't do a good virus what does lately anyway Amy Madigan is it and infield Adrian yeah did they give. You almost 21 minutes into. This revisions but guess hi guys first iTunes critic. There have been over emissions. There. I am a couple couple more rights prompt them to the Brohm isn't. Is their greatest guy documentary. I I their kinks period when Americans are Gary streets Altria. I did it with DOJ its story and it articulate it you want. To go with King Kong. I'll tell. It's absolutely pumping iron Schwarzenegger is averaging and the with the coming to retirement Bubba Mosul. I'm currently has received movie and milk. That it's literally the real life story of spinal. If you evidence if seek a check out well. One more. The one American. Coleman Coleman. Comedy as rumored move now okay that's what's going on. And it compound called the American League American. And that's one of the funny who's others. Absolutely. That move this. Economy film. It series but there's only. Someone from a two years ago and Eli Roth was involved in it with that. That that kids had been making achieve Christine remake. All of raiders of the lost art. And never finished it because they had a split up over a girl. Yacht and he reunited them to film the last seen that they couldn't do which was the flying wing fighter with the Nazis that it look at it looks phenomenal but Jack king of Kong we can do an entire podcast Sunday. Just the bulk that ultimate story of good vs evil. Over the Donkey Kong video games genius. The other guys in the dark podcasting to really good and parents are gone yet King Kong is that it's related in a great movie I'm. Like you want me to European I would say pass. What will we since 2008 that was the latest movie list would you guys think might make it if we didn't show again in ten years. John John wick are okay. I'm a few dead pool pats are ridge will definitely. Or acts big shorts was 2006. Sorry short. Argo make short. Argo force awakens I think you should be on TR a the force of wind and their ball is weird. Aren't going to force. I. Oh the forcibly scenes between all nick when you first saw the trailer for the force awakens I was so deep depth and so side that's because I had all that Star Wars love and they have to think BC Star Wars episode 41 Vietnamese new low. That satisfies the entire Star Wars quote. I do but I also think that after seeing that though. The force awakens and as opposed to the Greek source. After seeing the characters and not calm in the movies and in the settings that you want to see thirty years later. And the tears they came during the trailer the tears that came during the first scene. I think that counts is that I'm only. Even with the feed and protect us and you. A parent I'm very hum very good with dead pool I could actually I said but Emmett Till may have got the year right when you see 2008 Ted. To Syria jazz shadowing and now it post state hasn't yet it hasn't and the Atlanta. I hacksaw Ridgway up on the list from me I I made the Al aforementioned. Wonder Woman again I I can't stretch into the guy movie category they're on the I think it's among the best superhero movies too to date. You know Mehdi. All create an attack it. Rocky just being already. Employee illness greeted span as we have met and George was literally showed that one movie forgot to mention on as the ones. Was Cree Cree is phenomenal it's such a well made news at any love for rolled one I would which is way better than what's awakened by. I don't know all antsy but say you do I ice I stores I laurel hill and over there as much a family movie but believe what we originals towers on here's one. And then so my pick would be hard core Henry if you guys ever heard about the smokers in the first person for birdie shooter you get a chance of watching to really really intense and means it's actually a Russian movie. On that you're pumps out about that. I think I could handy it's fantastic there's so many dead and did you know make is that I don't tot do but I swear their fantastic more wolf Wall Street. That's it but yet it is to see our current read action and at the first person action is very interesting in and Tim Roth plays tennis prize cameo which is great on guises spirit what's the least imovie of all time so there's a great. Evernote did you say there were no movies made after 2009 I mean just audience it is not step on my hair. Out. That's on Sunday night vision and doing their number one of them is does have a project a it's like seven rambunctious. Boy Terrell. Like yeah I sense that this same place for Tony's on the other line the other. It's like a large child and I'm not it is that it is it no movie after today. Did in glorious bastards routs number 2009 lives amid a mere. Sue me and shouting yeah facilities that glaring omission on my I grew mission no no I don't imagine anonymous pyro. OK okay writes excellent. A deep deep almost the anti guy movie at least I everybody's got by I am going to have to take the the the far end of respect and to meet the most chick movie of all time. It comes down to two either eight pretty woman. Which is the most is. It ought to every element of that you I can't I can't sit here and not say I love materials ever have a little out of Antioch. Everyone that she's a prostitute. Julia Roberts. Reject your heart that they are right. To paint and it's. Like. She almost. It. I had endless and the tie for that news. Dirty dancing. Idiotic beyond did you know what's I don't know that it's it's the most on sleazy. I thought I have the the winners steel magnolias on our. Nicki Allen. Time between a magic Mike. Yeah now in fairness is that what's her name irons that are printed in America's. Bolivian mine should have that yeah only telling them in there you you find the video of this particularly good why else I mean I'll see anything Steven Soderbergh but Wu. Boy that was just like what if you wanted to work out as much as after when you saw 300. But hadn't out of the visceral thrills of that hour and 45 minutes is cinematic joy. I and every movie were a dog dies. Ala the Harley Harley just the day that they've. All gallery. No and I don't gallery guys a lot like well my eyes out mine old yellow actually how old yellow and witnesses like that's like the guy move. The I'm deeply immersed in this. Shook. A soccer ball. Now. I hobbled great my Texas beats OK and I else I had elevate public right there aren't barber seek some guy's done. I also a film in the weeks. It's is so anti guy on top MacDonald Brad Pitt or some and then. And then now I was a notebook but Rich Gannon has some of the most fantastic. I'm chuckle lots of revelation today that drop. Any if there are battle last question where we get Norbert missions what is the closest thing to a guy chick flick and I'm gonna give you my my two win and you guys don't. By closely to a guide to link for me is princess bride. And it's and it pleases everybody got an love Macs. I love actually is the cup cakes of movies that movie is so overrated are really just are cupcake that's very. I don't I don't like cupcakes airing of actuaries o'clock in the guide to public. Up my favorite chick flick which Tony I know I enjoyed as a guy comedy. John Cusack at his absolute best say anything. Joy chick movie and yet it's he's planned a guy comedy character and it impact they've it's like you know. Al hmmm odd guy. And guide well you may handle it. He's he's sure. It in the Alan and I I love it McPhee Richard. Miners and shirts when the next two is a league of their own sports movie right now all time and it's great. I keep Betty I went to redemption from Shawshank. By way of life that is all right I. Usually try to sell your stock on the floor now Joseph let it. New line. I'll go win is. Breakfast at Tiffany's. Because I think every guy has seen that movie needs to see that movie 'cause needs to do America out c'mon. C'mon listen can we all just pretend for a second. That we all have either like stared at that poster of Audrey Hepburn. Or that we didn't think that she was one of the most beautiful women ever got George it's got the George art from the eighteenth. One of the greatest movies. Felt and I don't know what I think I saw that on film yes Ira call we'd both kinda like yet. And that's one thing that we got. I say just are at this could be called drug missions or knicks coming out party. Really happy Nick Clegg certainly except to we have big long outlook deal which is going to be body art his girl Friday. I've actually after making that got that taste like. After a classic American content. But you know our guys spotlight yeah eggs some like it hot again at guys and all all yeah yeah tell me what you tells me that some like it hot as a movie that makes me want them. Blocks on the other side street Pete and today I have no problem that the yet today. It's. Some like it hot was picked and choose one of the two best comedies ever by EF five. In both of their top choices involved cross dressing. And battling some like it hot is really good chance that those attacked it will still make it very hot Maryland now what is the other one. Tootsie act. Now that he's gonna shoot we had no era when Bill Murray and it was legit funny. Charles Durning funny and Ike daddy. Thank you for Manning this back up nanny after making that Oakland's pitching well we are guy movie Jerry Maguire. Jesus will god all well it baldor. Orbit chick I realized it was about baseball in sacks to only. Our topic or reject movie there's more about it next podcast. Two years ago and I guy Malia perfect mind would be and I made fun and nick for being that this is gonna sound like. I'm literally in the middle of a transition. A couple of but odds are shirt for a guy blew a girl movie a chick flick that really should be a guy movie too if you were honest. Is freaking Greece. Does that movie. I heard stories lockers it's the music is phenomenal. John Travolta and his. Crime great singing. You are saying he's bigger and nominated for best picture I think you're actually so all that's asked about. The movies about teen pregnancy. And it's it's. It's it's it's out of that boat bullying. Right there is all agree right there it. Dara it's about a high school kids are 28 years old city is 57 years old and who he. Hi everybody. Number one iTunes commentary. This podcast is now thirty minute then and I've heard no provision I went out on that note let's go and get Barbara right now. Nick Stevens you are on the clock oh Michigan's number one all right look. The biggest problem I had with the entire list was the fact that we had. To rocky movies on the list and neither of them was rocky. I. (%expletive) Do you have to rocky movies. On god 100 no list and not have. Rocky. A rocky in my top ten movies ever made it I've told Matty yes talked about our show I've maintained for years. It if you're gonna build a capsule. And the last displays it like one representation of a number of things you want people understand about American life. I'm probably putting rocky in as the movie rappers and sit limited today. And somehow. With our weird convoluted voting process. It shows Rockies three in more. Thought the original. This isn't staying. I. Ash Jesus mercy and Joseph it makes no sense to me. That we left rocky off like that we should like I think what we've probably dead wrong. Was we should have just said like instead of like rocky to Iraqi three Iraqi or whatever it might certain ones had their merits and on the some sequels are terrible the redheaded stepchildren of different little cinematic moves yes unease that were shut up. Like James strategist and I think in the current talked about golfing wishes of the rocky movies. Or the Rambo movies terminator one and Juba were on the counting wanted to because terminator three can kick rocks in Genesis is a fake movie but the fact that there was no Iraqi is just. I insulting and I think the most people that talked about this. On social media the most tweets we've fielded were either oddly enough about a young blood did not make mine. To not make my permissions be the outsiders didn't make mine either or seat the fact that there's just no rocky it's insane so. Big huge glaring pro mission and he spoke on our graph. The other three movies. I quoted from one when I started off what Milo and throw line Robocop. The Robocop is subversive. Internet political up it's funny it all persons and Palmeiro and yet. Just celebrated thirtieth anniversary it's bloody it's violent it's glory its action packed. I buy act for our dollar money all that movie stands the test time and somehow. Real Detroit. Turned out to be worse than Detroit in Robocop. And everything they talked about with the OCP taking over corporate ties Agassi in your police protection were watching it all happen right now and they're actually rubble cops now. And one of them accidentally drowned itself reason which I would like to do hero sometimes. Planet of the apes. All that's yeah great movie the original. Great movie. Phenomenal iconic performance by Charlton Heston will celebrate it's fiftieth anniversary next year. For Kasten told that the future that always now I've no idea about agrees with them in an all time that that target and it's got the best sending him I think the best any movie history I knew about the ending when I first watched the movie in 2001. And when it happened and then it just cuts to black and rolls credits I'll see you do the waves washing sure. You're just you're part uglier nights you rushed. But what a movie. And lastly. It's no specific movie I just wrote I Chuck Norris. Music. Sit right I didn't write a movie so what's the big tech north if there are so great will be just so fantastic. Tell us so you hit a bunch of. EU while he's mine is that yeah it was. What else do we we had nasal across the bull and damn movie beat notes in driver Brian that's what I. That's totally wet and dark for a ride wasn't able to do would then and did that movie save himself. Actually rank him home but that's did that kept him Mallard if the army immigrant and. I know what is what is the tour de force of checked personnel Ellis and I you know I just gonna you know I'm gonna put in for my fourth emission. 1980 to 1986. And it's gonna say it's six years at the north. Delta force missing in action. My personal favorite statements and the classic Friday night's channel 56. David Carradine vs Chuck Norris lone wolf equate. Mental. Despite that movie it's so good I think we covered with predator. Think it was better and bigger biceps holding bigger guns in not giving up jungle can't appease not this. I've I've I've I've spoken nineties I've. A lot about especially the rocky a rocky was my rocky choice. And it easy greedy piece of seventies realism and the others as much as the global. Cartoons. You ask your average person outside the street outside Jerusalem sidewalk that's rocking the evil. Forgetting that you know the first one was. It was out of that seventies animal likes school SEC and and he'll COPEL and whatever it was it was from that time and not just. Oh we're aware of flag shall it's unbeatable again. Real quick the movie William colonies it's finished just beneath. Odd Chuck Norris movie or the Chuck Norris can. Taken stand by me the wild bunch aliens army of darkness and parts expect white men can't jump escape John wake Silverado. Terminator two that didn't make is beyond me and next here road which I think is by all of them. Diner reservoir dogs. Just Els and while while done. Exceeds its edit at least we're gonna move on to dirty kept. Berber mentioned number 21. Iraqi yes are as being patient but you know I am writing a you know I'm ready to leap year defence nick and I think I wanted to set a rule on this that we should just have the blanket like apple with first blood. First let's on the list but Rambo park to prop. It. It it is. By now I think by sitting here in this and talk what rocky the first interior defense of it actually might be its indictment. Might not be the best guy movie rocky it's very romantic. It's very restrained. It's as much about Adrian strife and her family life as his Iraqis you know and I mean like Mary cherry channel three might be that guy like couples is that it is an act I think I can sum up my feelings about. Your feelings about rocky and it topping analyst with one of Rockies quotes rocky which is. You want to go you could pick could pick up a. Well I have one of the cut in the deleted T. As a customer. Agents had shouted back you know I'm not and that that's what I've been thought out and not as much for actually going to need you the cap on earnings as. And you Google. And I. At any later says to the hurdles he says it to I I I you're average couple chances of another Turbo mode immediately meaningfully. Up go go go girls one cup. All right the iridium first terrorist go viral. Go to certain want to thank you spoke at. Putting your team the Iraqi navy go under special features us. Go ahead deleted scenes an annual C Elisa then there's rocky takes a bad. Rocky changes in Hughes and then there's the one as is needed to go ahead as he's. Provisions on it sucks links did improve the nation's number two. Yeah a lot of feedback. I saw our social media was sand sand is like imovie it's a coming of age movies I want to address that first most. While there user. Your socks. Off and I think that way we feel about written by someone who thinks that this is how people feel about baseball not someone who actually knows how to feel about these launch yet. So and I just like Tex. Sorry sandlot fan of one. At Sanwa analysts say this sort of put. The forty year old virgin really. Some feedback on the speakers. Jut out but now I think is fantastic in big fan. But I think. I think that the key to this. Entire movie it was steep Crowe's performance because he doesn't play it as. As Robin Williams yeah we keep plays really buster key that's very quiet and I know Europe a bit less because there was no sounded prosecute them. I mean it's it's very low. I mean it's. Either early or does play it it'd have recorded dial up so. He's done. Funnyman. And you've done we'd about Willis when it which you don't vote it's what you cook. Struck. But. It's not slapstick image in it would have been prominent actor. Yeah its economic if you view on professional acting before not voice over. No you're right it's it's. I knew well how does that Internet games other guy that's been. I hear you right you know and that's what that's what. Corel does so well these can be super rob like anchorman that start to explain actual. So gritty it's. I love it after that is one. There's one scene after. He doesn't have sex in pieces. Under his breath like this thing to be about sex. And it's just telling them from his character and it's so it's brewing. We knew nominated this one I was like damn I wish I'd done the same because. I have the ball as it works in so many levels it's ultimately not a sex comedy. It's about guys it's about their relationships to each other it's about how they probably they. Look at sex like you know. And that it had what a lot of these comedies he's listed doesn't have which is it really re great ending win though that just a punchline now. He finally gets married they do weigh in at last like two seconds and she's like and can't is good that you do it again but it's like. Two hours later and she's like exhausted. And that he just randomly starts singing age of aquarius. And the whole cast comes out for the credit roll. And it just that reminder of eight. We have a lot of fun to witness it and to hell in all and already meet Haley and it. Elizabeth Banks as it went public that it's hard courts aren't just little parts there. And I'll let out all entity when they're they're. Even with each other guy who plays GA and Bhuj are screaming at each other and it is on racial epithets and they just. Be still working for me Freddy yeah okay but he bring an end they hug each I'd like that is such a guy chemistry relationship. It absolutely adored what Earl urgent animates the crow last week and it was so bucket list from the it was so awesome. That's when his clerks. Com which I I think is the original romantic comedy. It it's. And I am curious what you are taken this does is just an indie film back in the day. This was die it next to resort dollars these for the like the movies announced its schools that they were always pointing to like. Look what you can do in terms of all modular Greg friends and minimalist success and no one was like studio finance but fairly the other one. This credit card and it's yet. And when you 2000 dollars to make works. It was the first time I heard guys talking like us rate here talking about the death star and if they had toilet means insolvent at death star in. And how useless customers aren't customer service this job will be critical wasn't for the (%expletive) customers and and the relationship between Randall and Don today and and how. You welcomes all stuck are on his curls and and the other one just like to just just enjoy this job it's the easiest job in the world. That would whose ultimate bros you know I I loved every say it in Jason muse as today epitomized. Being twenty years old in the ninety's like hip hop grunge cursing B boy laced with pot. And I knew those kids added it's excuse. It fits faced him in room. Now. The next I have is the warriors don't bring a friend into do this line. New York's favor omission. Is the war enters. Looking at them plus we'll skinheads under way to Coney Island this movie has everything. Mind splat militants roller skating men wearing the overall. Doubt Levy from Carmen San Diego. And you'll be knocked out of the park by the baseball furious a gang of baseball players who wield that since the dressed up like it. The real bats and discipline to kiss Steven I want you to take yourself in his house than it before when his right. Yes this are pretty key creepy and scary but they're no match for the warriors and Indian team best is an app throws up can you take that stuff is. And to put. Gloria is greatest for conservatives get here this could be another podcast. Dug up three Beers. I. Movies that need there's so many movies we lament. That are remade Karate Kid on an island why why why. This movie needs to be remain grips verse excited because if you did a dark version of this a realistic version of gang warfare in New York City in the seventies and end of the roller skates in the face pain admit to stop all the Q and made a cup battle in the seventies. Our movie kick. Asks they did that. The secret in my success. C. A lead sponsor. But the am at my last 1 am I'm sure that it gets some (%expletive) on this one now yeah sure I am next. Is that beautiful girls. It's Natalie Portman is not. Yet. It it it's a movie about. Thank you. You guys are. And I just I don't feel like you all and I had a bad deal expired about rich man army it's it's fantastic movie. Timothy Hutton moves. Back actually visits his dad in for his re news and high school reunion. And the girl who lives Nixon announced thirteen years old and he develops this this sort of crush on. And she develops a crush on him but of course they can't do any thing. That's accepts that it's. Like you you can see you understand why as a guy. Why he develops his pressure on. An end. It's so it's so this innocently done and innocently shy I am I saying this wrong and yet never presumed insolent. And an excellent man that as it is only sell alcohol and so any rights of the mind that this Cairo the point form actually know that was Tom's. Apartment. It. I. He ends up telling bird that let her down easy saying it you know compares to Chris Robinson went to. Christopher Robin ends up forgetting all about when you won when he gets old and it's really heartbreaking it's ready to. I so I'll tell you right now George that any regrets said he didn't bankers that Harada when he was still thirteenth. Yes no I actually ever let them and I can girls. And I am I don't in the days. My my theory is that she doesn't. That that whole characters on all of it. It's him it's him turn to deal with because. Think think about beat him reality there this girl disguised as you know who's. Fifteen years older than comes back and I think that the whole time she had to make insult I've human fat. Project may have. But that is a great doing a movie column that references the Celtics in the and the Boston Globe and in it's fishing it's you know. That is a great movie that's a really good pictures like that is that your fourth. Fourth in my answers real genius that didn't make us a a few good men. Wayne's world total recall RC blues enemy of the state. Or at it and menace to society enemy for enemy of the state alone you should have your fingers words and mistakenly. Enemy of the state to criticism had all of us a hundred. All of my favorite other guys those other guys from those movies so we forget about weird Barry Pepper Scott time Jake Busey. Jason leave keep different favorite as it. I let's move on number three. Bro missions numbers Hillary. All moves. Es son in the coup. Oh you were gaze down. So clues you're. And dream and who. You're hanging. So. All love mud and I'll really. It's not it's. Three amigos it's right up there must bout that for me it's Chevy Chase Marty short Steve Martin's. In their primes having on a lot ball gives a career performance. That it's the greatest I mean. I gets on for an hour walk. Three amigos Liesman lists of permissions. And it's and it's also uniquely guys comedy to me history women. So Ainsley like recorded in the beginning we knew. The moment when you think it wouldn't think Carmen open up that was overlooked you up. At night right. That's ridiculous. Number two. Would be mannequin where it's a lot goes. And I try to test out these guns that Germans are brought him a name does well data up again. An old tired he's forgetting its its at play at football like the bank and got up at bank of the great. That leads up my list this movie came up actually golfing speaking of broad scoffing with. The guard like Terry Thornton the other day. I love revenge movies and this might be my favorite ever pay back that Mel Gibson our says ultimately guys film gives us also sneak attack. Lucy Lu. Like the real first look at Lucy Lucy's in the dominatrix outfit and she's beast crap out of out of all I I just love this movie it's a Larry it's Mel Gibson is just so. Bad ass in this movie it's got great fights on I don't think anything about this movie would be enjoyed by a woman at all. Which is why I love it when it meritorious prerequisite yes. And then this movie I want to pick one from my youth that I felt left off one that inspired me as a young boy that deals with. Issues of three to thirteen and that his vision quest. It's like the rocky for wrestling out are up Karate Kid for wrestling here. I saw. Yes atlas polices. Husky voice asks and then like just great eighties soundtrack that stays with me like that the big board scene when he no one can climb the peg board in the John weight people talking end. In this saying that you need he's kind of jaguars are off. And then the Al lunatic fringe warm up for the big match at the end and in the great monologue from his mentor. About scene Pelé. Kick a goal to win the World Cup and noting that three minutes it's what happens in the three minutes the most god in glorious thing you know. It's such a guys. Sports movie night low vision Christmas soccer for. And then finally this one I actually was gonna leave off. But uncle buck reminding him because I honestly left it off because that it what you got to think I was trying to be like nick like well. NYU film school I'm just as Smart I'd love Smart movies. But this movie really did affect me deeply exciting college. I wasn't a film major is coming just days of I took this course called Asian films. And and it was. Curacao I made a final film called dreams. And he throughout his life he had. Six or seven re occurring dreams thought his entire life when he knew he was dying. So he made his final movie and it's it he puts to film all the dreams Zia to us like the recurring dreams. And eighties it absolutely deals with the man's life on his his trials and tribulations of war. On his regrets. His visions of the future. It's uniquely guy. And at work in his underwear. Hell yeah Modano. I it's and it's. It's no not bad I live I'll have that dream might just feel like a little note a little premature ejaculation. Knobs are here your Carl about this bully than I've I eyesight Sears you wanna see this it's. It's so stunning and like a little side note to history movies. There's an unrequited love thing he always had in his life that you know is Jim box girl. And he has have dreamed about being in a painting a van Gogh painting. And Marty Scorsese plays Banco. In this scene with painting comes to life and carrots are steps an opinion it's it's just a it's unspeakable the great and I distinct as a guy especially as I age it's like these are the issues you deal with regret and the man who wasn't fail in life assist. Phenomenal it's a little deep but I and then my bro mission promises are left offered No Country for Old Men. Love that movie I think that also do as the guys issues a final monologue that Tommy Lee Jones gives to his wife is a cry thinking about it. Heartbreak ridge and he stood on the of that nose can't. It testicle recent. Vintage woman in the Clint Eastwood make at at the age of late 85. Bright and repeat that could enact compel you don't agree. I'm sorry your body. I'm sorry harper agree jobs or how it easily hacked or Julia LA and I laced up our heartbreak ridge. Also ahead of phenomenal. Guys military fun kick ass is all kinds of little things going on between the the that platoon that you know it's just stood to cheer when he goes beats up that the big. Beatty got beats up the ass Saul is so it's so great and then. He comes out retirement kicks ass in a war situation teach the young bucks how to do it this Rick and it's so easy and then my final one. That got left off my bro machine remission is. Forget it Ethan Hawke. And Denzel Washington. Training de La I agree although the whole yes and I I just think it's it's it's awesome it deals and masculinity and trying to be brave in the situation I just lends itself stands alone the whole thing is just it's. Really hard to watch it on a great way. I'm really glad that he brought that trains will be because one of the things that I really thought about selflessly we started this. With the trying to look at some moves and it seemed forced some really great movies that just for whatever reason just I missed. And you know it's I have a friend used to listen to this whole series and he has stared pop in and always he's never seen before. Like. Can that rate empty he has you know its system watching movie after movie even going back to re watching caddie shack or some movies. So I feel like a lot of people that are listened to this. Our cabinets in Hampton so glad that you mentioned. It to Jerry's its payments amount. But there was another 10 cool hand Luke he had seen what ever her arbitrary seeing colon looked watch it. He actually love it. And I hope that that's what people are able take away from. Do you think I'm in the middle good the bad and the ugly which any jury loan. I'm just because. I saw dirty dozen right Jordan's threat. Our what was kick boxer or target rights only go. Nicer and the answer is that the movie with the the thirteen year old stuff out. Let's move on active grow mission. Number four or probation is no move and pull. It may. I poke our about it I'm gonna start with some. Easy low hanging fruit here. Giant popcorn movie of recent vintage that didn't make the list we had a lot of superhero genre films a couple likely not a lot of couple. Apple we left off the best one of all time marbles the avengers. Acted as nobody didn't see there's that he you know worldwide box office and I'm not it was eight heroic job by Josh Sweden to bring this entire universe together had been built out of a dozen movies. And make it work may get a narrative. Be funny be engaging and calm and you get a. Thank towards and it's a dirt and little up in the tent violate that bellows. That's. It. By the way that is the incredible Hulk from who went what you what do you want to rip in the the invisible flying Hulbert carrier. I. Well hold those like them on. That short guy that Julia hookers don't. Ares I don't root I don't I don't I don't added to take it deep idea. Everybody's not guess the somebody hit it honestly trying to unzip it and other jacket. From their past hall. By the way it blazing saddles did make the list right baseline that that fired elegant just as it is a brief reminder protect. Just fired in movie history after bullies. Again. At least. Every race and aggravated mild but it looked like step Brothers. Was not fared well at night now I can taste it on the Don. And that. And thank pays strategies. Yeah. Do we paws legs so the so there are all right nick bile blog and so yesterday. As. I. Sec what OK this one. Yes I admit that this is silly I can't believe it doesn't get more love eyesight. Five minutes into what I said this is going to be one of my all time favorite movies and it has been. 300. My Joseph will be able time. L a lot of pace on the actual history historical record that battle of their mop like took place. The mystic east did Abbott naval battle led help save the date they do. Stop booked at Zurich tees awards at the at the high gates outlined a vote. You know our barrels a lateral. I'm asylum we will fight initiate actually happen as big a hot game. Oh sure Saturday. The fifth at this stage of death or BAT and. Got to do the guy with the eye patch now definite. He's not involved suggest. That he would be go to Atlanta. That. Look at your own or her own brand new wave being locked thing. Portsmouth. I get that there is it becomes fantasy. Is Salinas could you make the argument that chick flick Republicans on the abs. All majors the British are wary anything at all kind of big guys run into the gym like you to check like the enrollment like. You know gold plated fitness all go to the reason we got our street is. The reason the. This part race thinking about is because of of this moment. Also though that might favorite romantic Mo moment Everett a move which are career Michael when Gerrard Brett was about to die. And all the arrows about the fly Adam and he knows he's got moments alleges. My life. Night like he. And then it gets. Punctured by ten million arrows it's a great moment so total fun goofy popcorn movie there. Great. Now kettle with serious acting class. Master class of acting that didn't make careless somehow. Gary eagle. If you haven't been in sales. You know that that movie is a complete expression of the misery. All the haven't cold all people. Haven't like pretend you're something you're not in order to sell people's up and the single greatest acting cameo of all time without even a discussion and the blue. Oh all the. That that character does not exist in the honorable. Jack and Al check out out of the the office manager Kevin Spacey. It Harris is Phnom everybody and it is great it's to reread stark is suppressing and in also fits this category because. No woman can watch five minutes. It's just slips overnight. Or email dialogue. And it's the raised it. Your and then like that. I'm trying to impose. Import and guys like pledged. Podcasts on its Wednesday it would happen because it's such explosion literally and figure of last honest. Jerry started his review and enjoyed dividend it into a corner of the room yet and ripped the largest part. And right to the point I didn't that was happening I looked at nick and it looked like you cannot just about Utley up at them they always. It's accuracy it's like on prices right where they play that game with the giant novelty cards in this giant Dick Wolf what if somebody shuffled. So largest deck of cards on an apparent. A every. Nick and Matt youthful worked clubs with visible and about in the park and pass it without I don't know what point you're going to be very close the punch line and it's. In that's what that's like and that's I apologize to our district and a soldier a. The idea like open up the door step and Omaha we briefly and then just like you know crop duster out there than stuck it back and it was time. New pictures body made I I actually mean. I thought might think it was really what you do it to completion on his respect. We're we're Jordan literally played racquetball that thing he went over the corner popped up to walls and it's becoming that way. I Jerry is that all four for you know that's straight we have more. Yes last month. By grab sides hammer out by a solid solve all our mind you shall be OK just. Galaxy quest it is works on every level the only person which I am reason everybody should like. Back to the future was one that we prince says prize one. Nobody except people who extreme. To have extreme hatred towards scifi. With one of this movie and works as a comedy in Latin Tim Allen is brilliant. I've got his this'll professors today. Allan Rick man is is maybe. It. His second best I can't have a played. Design group is buying the security weavers and yet otter Justin Long. Ago how much it could detect it wears. It's all so. It's an action there's kind of an emotionally invested. The redemption at the comic con at the end it's such a well made movie and that this and open Shatner went. He's walking through is. You know that is you get paid disease womanly I mean exactly like the young owners that care. Genius so much. I thought out of him and then I watch. It was such inquiry. Leonard comment public to. Just online went in like they call him for help them now. It. Jerry's some what is god has now got kicked ass now. F and let's hope that that's the only two times in my life at that guiding a testament to them saints. I'm is get a I'd get an absolute disaster that is that mine with with. Well it's. A. Another comic book movie sin city and I think that guys. Every nasty puree it interest in highlights of sex the violence that we Wall Street. Comedies that did make the cut young Frankenstein. Like hope Bryant. Doctor Strange love. Easy money didn't make the cut a cup of nations. Forty year old virgins at aforementioned public see this against it was a it was a tough cut. We somehow Denzel Washington noble wants me a list I would put him in glory. Casting imovie. And long. Oppressing great knock Nazi movie he's Edward Zwick movies it's beautifully directed its wonderfully acted it's incredibly shot muse that is. Emotional just. I don't know like it's it's hard to go back and re watch music I've movies three hour. Epics gad atom idled the war John is a big thing for me at. Terribly under appreciated superhero movie Spiderman two and I'm gonna go obscure a year because. One of the actors and has died just recently and it got it back on my radar screen World War II comedy. With Clint Eastwood and the late great Don Rickles Kelly hero oh my god yeah now it. Wouldn't of made my top hundred but it's somewhere Holmgren around just outside that that John. Unbelievable good call. As the fourth and ethics. And I think they did not get respected there. So I you know staring Jerry. Go to guy after Forrest Gump did his speech and it was like and I IDs cadets I'd say about that. Because that's right around here with you nailed it. Terry gum. On the so. That leaves it with the final with a broom with a five. Omissions. But five. And my list of permissions where's. Was funny because Robert personal and not an effective means. That it to them in times. Hi tech airport. The original airport where original. Dean Martin George Kennedy Bert Kessler. On Jack witness editor he sells really. Well that's the that's the thing that's why didn't make as. But it's definitely worth viewing it as the regional airport disaster will be appointed John Wayne high and the mighty. This one as the movie where the airplane is having problems. There's a bomb in the back that thing goes out the Galilee and the plane George Kennedy the snowstorm in the cattle in the thing George Kennedy is assigned to clear the roadway. And I know in due course that George Kennedy did to get a plane apparently in the snowstorm. Can ever gonna do it all George Kennedy doesn't push harder on the panel are on the throttle at this handed the thing Terry's. Car. Right at our mark at me and he gets the play and probably for the thing to and giant snowstorm. It is wonderfully shot it's a wonderfully sixties. In ridiculous it takes you back to when plane ride like Jerry talked about it podcast or two ago used to be you'd dress up with likened him being. On Sunday was happening you were doing. Burt Lancaster is fantastic the Martins is this cocky pilot in the white with Jack on the set the stewardess because it is remembered sex symbols back then. It. Yeah. In the mikes the bent a but adds those aggregate but. These the the thing that makes the movie so great that it laity to Natalie all these Emmys sequels like airports and salmon and went. But if it doesn't happen in these giant after movie of airplane program so at airports one of my pick on and take victory. So one of the best things about it always adamant terrible but the fact that we cannot relate to the terrible news of age has been greatly the same time is fantastic. Michael Cain is stuck in. Cut is catheters gambit at the prison camp. In there will work to Max pants though wants to try adults are relation between the away captured. Soldiers and the it's in France. It's occupied France and they wanted to train for a way to kind of get to understanding on the war. So he wants to put together a soccer games and charities game it's a soccer game. Against the soldiers. And German team and he wants to have all the French people come watch this has kind of unification of what's going to be the new post war. World. And what do they do they pixels that's that's the guys that replete soccer when he make and the goal. It's insane. Make the goalie lost Q that's in the break the guys are. On the and and sell it a point though is the will also liked it to give the notes are tired tip off the the difference for reference freedom fighters who were you know outside the gates of the prison. To let the no plan is that they're gonna lead at halftime of the soccer game. He has to get recaptured city Beckett in the game like the plot nonsensical. But nothing makes it more satisfying than the fact that there's our soccer players Pelé. Played it played soccer game. On. The nightly. One branch. So. Yet the idea that they'd they'd throws lately makes sense being in this film it's is make better gussy victory. On or in the stock cars are up for. He stood on the other day you guys are literate and he adds drama. Welcome back to the drive in this week and it's being the driver on victory. And movement grew up you lose. Another fantastic. Horrible movies best the best. This is it and source appear every BS out this. This is that every about members is best guess is that's among the others don't Eric Roberts and Chris and it's the great heart rate is terrible movie. Of the Brothers of pop's famous Hollywood people. Team Gerald Jones plays the coach of America and Roddy team that goes to Korea to fight. All of by the way their top their top guy. His brother was killed by the top Koreans so he has got to deal. I'll list Sally Kirkland than it. Best of the best go watch it it is so painfully terrible you'll regret arm and and this is one is my final movie this is the one that really kind of the more I thought but I cannot believe we left Jeff was One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. On Jack Nicholson. And is the height of his powers dated to veto Christopher Lloyd. Louise Fletcher as nurse ratchet chief. The people large and you meet the new John who have Robert Parish was named after he Celtics. Brad dad Dora who played Billy data the kid who has the horrible stuttering problem. And until he finally David britney's Carroll had a big party and then what happens abilities that stuttering until there stretches as a machine yourself and he just can not stammering to. I mean really the ultimate guy's story about the units this element DeVito. DeVito is is just unbelievable as them martini. So he had that is in the and it's it's an all backed castings really against. You know what guys have to deal with us. Sciatica like cents. It's innate cool hand Luke Balt are absolutely right it caught and that's a great I never. And said that was the film but as you as I think about it yeah out fishing trip it's all against her CC right now he's our. Korea authority. And then they throw they have what's happening creditors places standards in bomb to Douglas Jonah hill's best line. Argument now. On so that and that's it as far as my top form and I hear my here my house or ranch Highlander. Hanging over. You know I Saturday night fever is not my favorite but I'm surprised to Nicholas. Risky business or ease my new Jack city. How to young guns and about no Russ Meyer believes the critical regular. Nobody says cellular could have made the great mix of poured in movie. Death wish great escape cable guy panel of him. How about how to over the top. Or it. Or Richard drives. And it drives. Gentlemen we have now. And we've now gone over a 120 actual movie series of. I mean I am glad we finally got to one arm wrestling move because I think old old daughter has been under represented at my favorite. Moment in Nam movies and he drives the semi through the front gate all of his son's step dad's house. All for all the statuary into the front door of the house ending gets out of it. And lately can't open his room going its. I've I've said eighteen Wheeler coming through the front gate dad is probably is the upstairs that their team. I. Another Terry funk appearance it would have made super Terry. So Terry funk would have made this list but Denzel Washington. It twice. On another nice tight well. Episode and it's their right. Under ninety minute or two hours kind of under in seven did not know we got 77 minutes a one hour and a half past. I just. It's the longest. Fart. That's sound. I want you to listen. Here's step MIT if you're in your car we're reducing this podcasts go back and listen I guarantee that picked up. It was a duplicate or bargaining status nobody has ever needed probe out X more than George dividend I just can't I can't stress enough. And even of the might Ron didn't pick it up you heard it live or do you learn. A gentleman we get. And it we've completed the hundred critics that guy always with twenty legitimate Brohm missions and probably as several dozen more. We hope you've enjoyed this as much we've enjoyed making it we started this like recently there was snow on the ground it is now. Almost August. So we will wanna last sign up right now. By saying thank you so much and you couldn't comment or subscribed with us and asked her today and at follow us on Twitter at real BS one a one that's right thank you ivory can you can check out our host with the most thank you about for organizing this great job. Thanks for experience I can put together the list that was. Absolute almost as hot as George is bottle and started that that's. At uncle buck WEEI of course Parcells sports and formally WTI and part time Phil and those that you have Jared Norton at Jared Norton one Georgie is. The other pats fan. But co host would become most at the Matty Blake I am at a point nick Stephens and of course you can also listen to show three to seven Monday through Friday on WF. That many nick WA half an excellent idea for you you know a lot of heavy lifting but thank you very arsenic. So we'll see you next time at the movies and we did you find a deuce.