BOSTON SPORTS 101 - Boston Teams Mt Rushmore

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Thursday, July 6th

Uncle Buck, Fitzy (Nick Stevens), and George Kipp look at each Boston sports teams Mt Rushmore.


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At the video iPod goes to lose him for. Boy is an exciting. To be back on the air and doing everything is a little different today. We a little bit of a pause situations they demand again in my chair for humans have. Averaging go. So. That everybody is. BS one a one of the great sports when Colin thanks guys held her tight. I you know we were doing things off the cuff today. We've been doing a 100 greatest Boston. I'm a guy who's making ninety. And never has been behind me. Armed. Men and we got an eighty moves into that incident actually we're gonna wrap up the last twenty tonight though we're not because you know he's not here. Jerry it's just proving how difficult it is to get five guys any five guys in the same room at the same time I don't know this speaks to careers. Schedules menstrual cycles baby's diapers whatever else it is but the stars were aligned. For those first couple times. That we were able to get together and do the hundred movies every guy needs to see podcast series and we went from hundred to 886060. To 4420. We've built up to a veritable fever pitch buck yeah. Not the movie gamers and the idea of fever doha and we didn't actually know like to reveal that fever pitch was number one dollars and realist it's time and that's Wi-Fi guys emerging talks organized. How well. That event that never got a large Fries tocchet never a large Fries you donated that puts on the presence on the back nick Stephens the straight man for many naked here of course. A hunt lie. And because my partner Graeme dirty campaign well up gangsters. In don't know what that is becoming a thing. We know it's at like at like these that I think it's his license plate the game what I gangsters. Sixty let her license plate and I don't know isn't it W Asian gang. That has let the stylus. So yeah we are gonna wrap up the twenty greatest guy movies next week. We promise even if he has command and now we're in not an office hours time. On the tonight what we decided to do because the wild. A week that the greats in Boston sports have had on nick Ed suggested we do a show. Not only talking about what our map Rushmore of Boston sports will be right but. And that yes but thank you expanding that but also we were talking about if you had to go beyond that initial. Mount Rushmore what is the underneath that ground. The Iraq right now. What is the pyramid. Of like the food pyramid of Boston sports and I think that's becomes a more instant camera station though what I've died guys when we're first during the researcher on this. Was that. Fifteen years ago would not having this conversations pretty much may be maybe your argument fifteen years ago was it is it bird or is it Russell. Everybody else is kind of in their placement now because the burn some of Brady in Ortiz in the last fifteen years. He really is debate right you don't have the number two patriot. You know you don't have yeah Brady clearly is it is the football player but. Fifteen years ago you're absolutely right but who is. Who was the football player you have people sitting on planet at one for every sporting usage John John. And a media blitz sell it maybe that's why it Qaeda terror of epic. Sort of championship talents or all time goats if you will at their position. Or Boston sports or the patriots even at that like until Tom Brady did exactly the greatest player was a guard. Exactly I did every great cornerbacks great linebackers yeah exactly where is John Hannah and no it is just like. And may affect the US considering a while you know it's important very huge regain feeling left tackle and I don't know why they left tackle the most important guy in Namibia to Saturdays on and on guard like having it's like having the greatest catcher. Yeah right God's greatest an important position that like or like long snapper like it was a unique is happening as it turned be a problem but. Ultimately. You know ever how great their assistant coach was. But the third base coach he was. But then you had the Ted Williams is obviously always going to be the Red Sox. Are so I'm no doubt there was no doubt that this. Now this conversation yet another is a conversation what we decided to do tonight was gonna go to their mount Rushmore but let's let's start real quick about what's happened this week. On NFL released their hundred greatest players on that 2000. Our sixteenth. And now for the second time in insisting cern do and listens as eleven Tom Brady was named number one that's right Tony seventeen let's came out at the suspense I think was really. I think Hannah over by fair on February 5 like there was no there's no debate there's now suspense everyone knew Brady had to be number one this year. A special Ed just said it is the NFL off. They didn't seem to send out an inordinate amount of pro Brady social media. That day in that week as well seeing now is just like they're just taken it like champs like pros like. That is gobbling down that that is that medicine the suspense really was was with in Boston fans. I think to screw us. You know right as they do with the espy's best beat nominations apiece are espy's. Right but seriously it if you have best male athlete. Tom Brady is now one of the nominations for best male athlete of the year. Well I got that's easily that will Farrell didn't win like best actor at the MTV movie awards. Similar it's similar but courts where it was basically who's available rain right now went but what Matt Ryan became the your NFL MVP came up this pants. On the the greatest players of 2006 the right here. You do Brady was when he gets he got a little he operatives who had fun Miller finished second Von Miller had a great Tony sixteenth season yes he's an excellent player is still at the peak of his game and he's a defensive frequent magician and how are second and the whole listens and didn't JJ watch it like sixtieth and he played two games right input probably they're clearly you know can I grant played half a season didn't even have his best season by far man JJ watt placed two and a half games is largely ineffective. Has to Pont. In the middle of that game where the patriots smoked Houston in Foxborough back in September that there's enough apologize. They're all logical and more sign of spots and upset with the bootleg and everything. Adelman should have been higher element was hugely affected this past season. So today and that happened Ortiz and his number retired fairway and I felt when it was too soon I mean I was at the game and I was also in his last game last year. It just felt like we do is to the whole thing over again yet. In October just happened like late October early November lives October it's like 66 monthly payments and retirement Tora lasted forever. The whole last weekend was his video tribute after gift after tribute. After wrapping up the American League east by giving apple walk off Grand Slam to Mark Teixeira it was the most disappointing finale to a season. Wrapped up in a commemoration. So almost felt like maybe they wanted to do it again like okay. We can't possibly back into the playoffs now we can't possibly worry about it it's up by Cleveland let's just. Let's just do it now yes it did feel to it wasn't as it didn't feel like we had time to remove ourselves and make it especially are also as she seems to. Me like every time they've always had somebody that they wanted to honor I'd this. And the guys you've been away for a little bit over the guy goes back to his home in Indiana or Florida however the guy lives wrecked and then nom. But that Ortiz like cut he's been spent around he's promoting his book constantly like he's just like you see it every day. On TV here on radio interviews or something so it just seemed like really really suited to bring back and your t.'s pull up maybe I mean it but. We're talking about probably the most clutch athlete in history of in the Red Sox merit somehow it is maybe would have felt a little more fun to be at and T sure Natalie Natalie. I saw great hitter. They've got risk much history as the greatest clutch hitter Marlon it's elegant and amoral we talk Palin is actually is rose. And then European summit about Bobby your next he had been he just attended and as a fan. It's also Sammy how cool is that north panel above your. Arm but that Larry Bird was part of the 3030 you've noticed it seemed like he told the guys producing it like listening to be like twenty minutes Delhi's demands because they have barely talked of public ML Carr do we get match. Two way too much in my car. Yep but Larry Bird if your bird. You disposition hasn't changed like you're still just that did that old crop like year so like how much as we talked about this like him. Like I did bird magic if you want to know how this rapper went if you I don't know what the crux of this relationship was. Go back and watch the already phenomenally HBO documentary we don't need to go area Iran nationals still possible to watch. Basketball fan and not Celtics lakers fan or not 1980s. When you alive or not it's impossible to watch it knock it worked up about who joined there even thirty. I'd I'd like some of LA Teddy. 84 season the 84 playoffs. You know I was a kid nine years old watching it being a huge Larry Bird fan at the time seeing that. Again and beyond being 41 at the time to read it now realizing how important how big Al clutch. Every game was and how it down to the wire lancet. That was some special watch the other you know the 85 BB it will doubtless. Rehash from the bird dot magic document yeah I felt like a living through it. B there's been a million documents ready. Amid renewed talk tonight back in the Isuzu sport century memory and in. Yeah so ports so like those are great selecting her documentary I did there are great it's like is like. Is like part football life park Ken Burns. Yeah Yang and they didn't it Allen Everett area. But the the idea of him so much that it is now the Celtics have have been pretty much just rehashed. It was like a Laker stuff that I even had forgotten or wasn't really aware of and actually put more adjusting as part of the special. Arm but on top of that he then yeah it's army which is a horse I was screaming when I was then they need draft of the address you still have NBA draft choice I do it's crazy that's not because I lost my voice for a week I had suitable anti terror noisy and a week afterwards. I sound like I should have been doing movie trailers and they want when you block your voice sports celebration you Wear as a badge of honor I don't like it wants but they'd be looking going my doubts matter Lyonnais sickening and nausea CB draft and I like your reach leader by the Celtics and I don't. There was Taylor and animal like the people in the Booth as they were covering that guy NB ATV areas Deanna where it wasn't like. Why is this yes and hell is wrong we're looks amazing live this season to even think this isn't what the rate. I mean honestly there was there was a lot of lets the sound the chance the southern as the most vocal it was really Phillies fans Celtic fans. Top tier and then it was like Laker fans Knick fans and then like next level is like there was some nets fans via. We Brooklyn that I was it was at Barclays and down Barclays and a place to live ten a ten minute walk from puck was hanging in my adulthood for the night you're there. A spot wasn't even Atlantic social little social beer in the best wings a lot of Afghans is that oral what's your birthday party god nobody it was it's. Ten minute walk the other Russia Denmark as get the general gal wings I mean yeah. Paris is some of the best in their ambulance integrated bar at left wing has in the pennant now all they have. Yes that they definitive that arm but yet it was it was grays we've brought you have been brought the the flag to a complete or nets who do we really drug betaseron to think so. But it's what you go to voice of the can be so bored I'm like our commodity grade by the we left after the fourteenth pick because it's Sony is something our priorities guys are app from our. Arm I've been really said getting back to the Russell Bill Russell was honored this week an NBA award. Bomb event and an awards show inferno like five. Senators and Jabar. But Shaquille O'Neil to Jimmy did tumble of runs on our show is David Robinson. I he had sat there at 83. Tells me would I would keep all your asses anyone else I mean how great is that. Awesome to script that he still has. The attitude that he's got the swagger. They are so accurate yet now I just give up their assassin. And the thing is he's the only guy he's the only guy they can do the ultimate scoreboard. He can hold up both hands and say I don't have enough fingers Bill Russell. Is such a gangster and it could get to where he's got the only NBA conquering. Bill Russell. Getting out I don't want to I don't want to tip my hand but like I mean. That should he UK I can guarantee let. Ebert would have been great thirty years ago I guarantee you Larry Bird would be great fifty years from now because of the ability and because of his will to win and the competitiveness. But like. Bill Russell just has size and talent that you can drag and drop anywhere it and he'll always be one of the all time greats he and the only difference to be easy actually same height as bird. So you know he wrestles 69 EA six ninths how he would and they would have played immediately we wouldn't have been a senator why even a small senator I guess. But he didn't he more likely would have played mega star forward when government. On there wasn't a game was different but that's what deterrents are when are we saw those amazing things happen to cement bad real Boston legends this week. That's what got us talking and resonate hosting the show while winning for Jerry to get back from the hospital. Our whatever he's doing on and how is this is transition government asked how good you know the Geraldine Geraldine Jonas and Josh. Check out books if it the so one of the things they just wanted to mention here so. First we wanna go over do we want to do our mount Rushmore first or go from the base of impairment and work our way up. I think the rough I think we do the Russian horse rescue efforts get out of the rush source for us this in this by the news I team by team yes he got your Rushmore. And then who was there are nipping at their heels. Who held them up and who laid the laid the big east fifth in its fifteenth 123 for RCA so a real quick I just wanna mention that we decided that this is going to be. Though for me to Boston sports. As opposed to like Marciano Rocky Marciano is not included Marin had risen include differences we met dislike certain the gym this girl who has just talking about it raised in mister stereo all eyes Alley race and she would be number one and all she's all fifteen spots on the pyramid. She gives an intermittent is that a is that. Yes front that they can really realistic as it. Chairman. I try to dial in ten stamps won't. And gangsters. I wanna apologize to any of her friends and family who may be listening so let's go ahead and jump right into laughter. All listening there I didn't either listen and I agree. He has won a lot podcast like. That would the ball you know I get to the discussion about. Drugs and crazy. Right let's go ahead and start when Lara. Our mount Rushmore George when he kick enough they tell us who are your four guys and your mount Rushmore Boston sports Mike for the first two or. I would say a pretty obvious Tom Brady okay Bobby or I'm not familiar the yeah. And in Iowa with Larry Bird in David Ortiz OK so now winding Hugo Ortiz over. Definitely journey and there it's I want with rings oh what was I championships I want with the guy coup. You know essential and I. Stopped the the curse or if there was such thing as occurs by us stop 87 year. I try out yet drought from. World Series. World Series championships so with him I want with bird because he was always my favorite choose always my fare best ballplayer I didn't get to see the Russell days obviously about. Larry Bird was just everything that want to be. At as a basketball player Aron and I've never seen anything like him. Then the horse and so you play you've been a big mass governor alana and I really and I Wii is the plate. At the time we played pick up all the time Braintree that we played a site usage on the street I Barack bond. Was the James A Jim Calhoun memorial basketball Conan so the real former men's coach of Connecticut yankees have retreated to break I guess government knows it immediacy and Hartford and now wait town we would play every would. Every summer every afternoon we can come home from school for months I mean listen my dad's a very obvious you know it's now obvious that like very solid. Sure mount Rushmore certainly. Nick are you in the same agreement with the no I'm not actually Ari what do you now I went for a more traditional. Boston sports mount Rushmore or Campbell in in the news USEC oil can Boyd. I've got failed plan tear. Planetary. Rich get men and give me. I've got at wide receiver Stanley Morgan. And of course the great that you broke an intent on offense and no brainer as the steamer obviously is an airman Al Ani just made it through. So I've got. Everyone's number one now and I'm not doing this to be contrary energized to spark discussion are sort of like make this like argument shows like this way as well you know. That's between commercials for two I was. And any additional yeah. And there it is evident WA AF. She got I mean like it's always just like people trying to sound different we can all agree on Georgia's mount Rushmore and say it's reasonably indisputable. But. I'm thinking history in perspective. Part of it is who established the greatness. And part of it is who. Sort of finished on shore Brady is the one. Did that the most indisputable Walters yeah Bobby or. A close second in terms of in an arguable choice I think it really just comes down to Hoosier Celtic and Hoosier it's that's exactly it. And as much as I just argued earlier about how you could drop bird into the game fifty years ago when he would have been awesome and bird would be great forty years from now. There's just something about Russell slightly less hilarious there's something about Mary. There's something about Bill Russell and the fact that he's got the eleven at the eleven elevenths and number we love his blood so it's settlement it's the magical. Bald girl from stranger things. Bill Russell's eleven championships and played thirteen years. Eleven out of thirteen at the eleven out of thirteen reasonably successfully integrate like play cards next to Bill Russell when Bill Russell invest you. Listen. Also think about this too sure. There was a much smaller league yes they did not have the kind of ridiculous explosive jump to the ceiling talent that they have now. He did still have to guard chamber on occasion and go up against him in big games. And while cousy who had his hands full with a west. Russell did a great Joba Chamberlain and got the better of him and a lot of people think will Wilt Chamberlain might be the greatest basketball player of all time so how might argue with the man. Who's basically the grandfather of greatness. In Boston sports so. Edging out Larry Bird ago Bill Russell. Okay all right and the Arab fantastic guy I want here earlier inside these guys guys before becoming. Mean. Ortiz is the most clutch Ortiz is. The 21 century or teases my. Second favorite Boston red sock of all time. Again sound choice but. Ortiz also didn't. Fly a fighter jet in a fighter plane in World War II he wasn't a decorated pilot in the Korean conflict. He wasn't probably the greatest natural hitter of all time and gave anyone who. Went to the Red Sox. Went to Red Sox games drawn up for like the first half of the twentieth century a reason to root. It's hard to argue that Ted Williams isn't maybe the best ball player of all time level on the greatest threats are. A grand parents. Are you and I don't know I got to know Williams it now and now it sounds like oh now you're trying to make it sound like you're not used to it historical now can you wait to resume their assault because I think I texted you earlier I said. It fuel Ortiz Arizona hymns. Ortiz why aren't there. Ortiz Williamsburg Russell who don't do yeah you can't go wrong with with either choice you know I candidates all prospective. So my my for actually goes I did pick Russell Byrne and I said earlier on the show on the many nick show is that. When it comes down to it you want to make the argument to Boston's greatest sports city. One of the ways you do that is championships thirty fortunately Temps in the city. OK if you take in New York which has 55 and you might just break it down to one team per sport. The most Shimizu eight championships things come up with is also 34. So. If that happens because I know Russell 111 and thirteen I don't care what anybody says it's in the record books. EEE goes through the NBA champions in the finals list if there's a huge swathe. It was a printer did nothing to print Boston Celtics over and over and over and over for eight straight years at one point. Mean Bill Russell would lose its image and then go 100. Kennedy like it in Los Angeles and her new book and multiple yeah. Around yeah what had a very sick I met him was nice of which Riggs you where I said that. He said the first one of the last. And I Sanyo has has he very lonely and he did that goes funny idea in my book and I left. So I'm not a good stuff looked at but. So an app and I think Russell and listen I am the biggest labored fan of all time. I actually love that Russell never lost the seventh game never lost the finals. He is the reason why we're in the conversation as far as championship number. And so that's why pick Russell. Or is clearly the picky change hockey. Reich like consider really greatest pro and greatest hockey player to ever enter our war Bobby our national army our. He is his goal to win against the experiences he Louis blues is still the greatest reward top two or three if not the greatest sports photo of all time in dumbed dive into the air and also. I'd say top five Boston sports championship finishes yeah. What would you say is better so little sidebar is it or is goal or visitors can consume rule or sex. I would say it's military stick only be well Sammy aesthetically of course the goal. But I dignitaries kick just the fact that it was such a shock. And we had I won us a long I remember waking up that morning pylon you mean ever can pages and everyone assumed we just win. Plus one hole and to get well Boston had been in the middle of today. Fifteen year champion sixteen because it was sixteen year championship round but I remember waking up the mood at a boarding literally simulate a fairly pleased when asking a crash like I didn't actually invited didn't particularly like an I call that like the house money the guy like. You can't. When you're playing with house money. Technically you can lose but you don't lose because you're in this with something you never thought he'd have in the first place and just enjoy it enjoy the right that's why we all have such a hard time. Watch the patriots now our time I've locked up your first pop problems but that's why I like the first half against the falcons was. May be as miserable thirty minutes of football as anyone in this room can remember watching because. This is different this is Tom Brady this isn't then that Tom Brady and Adam Vinatieri and it in the Bruins. Illegal aliens or goal they're gonna win it series whether it's later that game a game 56 or seven never gonna win answered and that's why I think I and the fact that I. None of us were born and I don't think it. Or series was a 77. And that's why I beat either on not. A wanna listen to the rest of of bucks picks but that's why can't Tim Thomas not at the bottom of the of the biased here pyramid but. If we got down to 67. Tears Tim Thomas to be on the actor because I saw him. Save that series survived an entire playoffs even though he turned out to be cooped. But he was Q how huge was he to bring a Stanley Cup. I personally cut that we saw her to Boston. Now I believe a lot when he talks about so lips. When I say yes I Brady obviously I dread are or Russell in my red side is Ortiz. The reason why the court tees where Williams. Gone in believes is certainly a valid guy. Down pick is because it really for me 2013. Okay. He didn't see he was hugely as the Yankees with a game for home run. In the game five walk off pit. In the ALCS 2004. He played it more about just an overall Roland but there are attacked for just a steam rolling team in 2007. On the cut 2013. He carried them with a Grand Slam in game two against the the ad tigers. On it is that doesn't happen that none of it happens and honestly there was. We just kind of resources better than assay year that the Red Sox had engine no reason is the a little higher learning that's there's raises they have out allowance for anything to go wrong in in Ortiz is basically pulled in an hour. But he added 688. The World Series six ABC got the appointment of commentators were going. Why are they throwing to him and all the pianist rated bases are loaded just blender run at least right there was much damn why would you read a relief pitcher in the eight inning with the bases loaded. In the ALCS when you have absolutely society that in half have a guy who throws the strangest fastball high holidays I don't Simon I was driving home. From. Did the patriots game right well listen on the radio and what happened earlier that day in the pictures that's when they come back again real Tompkins I tell you. I was solid credible that was may be one of the five best Boston sports Sunday is there another podcast subject are now. And so this one Saddam Clinton and but I take Ortiz or Williams. Time because of the fact that it is not fair Williams but I mean Williams probably wouldn't you then beaten babe Ruth's mark for home runs career home runs had not missed the five years and to go enough to work. On the people will downgrade Ortiz missing wisely DH listen or Dan Williams is not left much of left field he probably would meet the needs to. If they had that kind of ran forward that have extended his career. Heidi well it I don't think immediately twenty years and went when he hears so fact that would trivia question you can say with a two guys distilled stolen base in four different decades. Rickey Henderson. Ted Williams because Williams played 39 to sixty. Now installing it on my release was stolen bases 39 it was 16 we will be using that Fareed trivia question to win a prize in many nick pretty soon and so yeah. But I have tea exciting trip but it. We have a rector of Arab culture. With. So let's let's guarded our pyramid now summit as just talk about my pyramid so we're gonna just pick one player in the top record and I got to imagine. We'll probably hear all the savior but my Dick is Tom Brady to go in the top of the pyramid and I pick Brady because the NFL. Right now is the largest most popular sport history of mankind membrane he has done the impossible. Wildly improbable. Take a complete lasted laughingstock of the team but it targeted to you. Natalie would agree diocese but ultimately that time his career is over may be done greatest. And also defied time. And become someone who gets better with the age he's 39 he's the number one player in the NFL. When he seventeen he turns forty in August he's basically the same age the rest of us will have a hard time. Getting out of bed without in the same again is on appeal in America moved an honest to god. And Brady is more pliable more flexible. Better sharper smarter than ever and when he says he can place except more years like I'm argument. And we all actually it does not. Tom Brady has been a seven Super Tuesday and is that's and it and he's. I could not under the fifth to ought not speak about with the total output in the or the purple care delivers mail delivery system. He's been to seven Super Bowls he's been to 111011. AFC championship games. And yet still here we are standard and the Merrill Tom Brady having won five championships in arguably the greatest court records patron of all time. We are still might be disappointed if were recording a year. And Brees and have six approval we're such Clinton's camp were so greedy but it's because Brady not only is he the greatest Boston sports. Athlete period has raised the bar for everyone is degrees probably the most transformative figure non. Revolutionary war department in Boston in for a century. What you yes I have Tom Brady it to them my impairment I'll. I am and outside. Is it weird kind of local Boston sports. Don't when my buddy nitpicking here because on the issue with the videos of Tom Brady now in our end it it has so many great memories. With my family what might. What my dad is long here with with. You know I mean I ever heard nick actually beat us being there and him calling is that they are among defense or offense having that little thing with his dad because. Of the pictures because the top rate because they became relevant again so. Peak because of that I I hold him at the top because he has brought. You know put so many memories to us it's unbelievable to see the greatness to seek now to what Chicago felt when they're Jordan. It we have Brady's son that's fine how much I really. Like I exchange biased sports and change did all this when he used to be lovable losers like. You know what I'm fine. From from this different that that one of the select the 101000 foot view like I don't AP in the Yankees missed but it's really fun I don't mean. I don't might be insufferable prick it's really fun about watching my team as the wind down Louise B assemble pricks who would variants does the talk the backing up and as a mega. But sound bytes of we are an agreement Brady who tap. Where who are your next to the gondola down a bit this is probably kind of controversial pre guys I have burden Russell is mightier to. I promote there really okay. Because of that amount championships they won and I always. From I'm mount Rushmore at a bird because he you know I grew up watching him and respecting him and watch him play so hard. But did escape either Russell won eleven championships so. For him winning the most of the bird being probably the the most gutsy player I think out of all of them. Bird Russell as mine mine. Top 20 and I stayed on point with the Rushmore I didn't veer off the Rushmore for the top four so I went. Brady Russell Williams yes so how does that Russell that I had wrestled it to go to because of the rings and I think Ted Williams. Now I spoiler alert I have now the fourth guy from Rushmore body or my four get to the rest when it's due to an innings and library. And oddly enough I do have them. Yeah I went Williams three just because I respect the greatness. I I did I held both Celtics is the Celtics were problem. Where will we all need to measure to gain so I thought the Celtics were are the most. Important franchise in the history of Boston sports Zardari after it I think so. Yeah I mean what it is we I don't think about it Red Sox town right bullets while of being America's most people consider in southern support fair reference. Right with the most championships at they have the most championships right now I would say they're probably third in pop where is it right now is patriots won. Yeah it's. And thanks to its Red Sox following now he has always had an iPod enemies and I call it. I think baseball's falling out I would say Red Sox baseball baseball is following I would say maybe I think the Celtics are very exciting now. Tree it's it's patriots Bruins Bruins Celtics Red Sox in his Sox might be sitting fourth. The star right now. And fourth through me and the Celtics do. The Celtics Celtics and pretty late anyway so they now but the great that's great realize these players they got waxed by Cleveland and they're great they got I tell them that their run. This new expecting engaged in such a popular Miami told my son's love the NBA and it watch it. In and neither one and I think they like when assembly but with the new example the other day where like how it went for a teases that but my buddy just never coming back from. The NBA draft and so he was going to be an area tickets securities thing so as my two sons just tonight we go there. In just like I gotta I gotta suck the tomorrow probably stay until but the fourth. Try subs were arguing and Lisa leave who can I finish because it is like. You know these days also slow Dixon is a lot out of the basketball game no god first professional sporting game Boston sports edition that I took my kid to. This past February we get nice seats and I took him to a sell this games I thought. He's gonna run around and wanna play up and down the ramps and railings if it's a baseball game. Football I'm not paying that much money and not let him listen to that language around all the drunken fans present company included thank you and hockey. Not yet decided I was net win grew up and hockey doesn't know that I hit yeah yeah I. Why will safer for football if you are gonna take you keep your son. I'd certainly you know he's he's very dogs eat up when he appliances but. To do regular beat Clinton is fine yeah but but I would I would take into priest pre season can as the honestly that this sees an old used ideally and it's against. In their half price of what the regular guys are in so I have some available it's. Happy to have this is a compass that asset impairments. And they missed the and it's pretty Rushmore here. I. I think it is okay. Ides let's go on the good list going to next guys here I have at number 2 and 3 I am Russell and lower. In the reason I Russell organic is Russell because in the ring with an or because of that these defective he changed the game as much as he did. On some though that two guys have got a brief me wrestle and an hour. Erica I think boredom we should probably have the same top six is what I'm guessing. I would pick up nothing in the the same types as a jurist who has gotten my outlook is my life it's interesting on the bottom you know am I holding your level three who's your next series Ortiz out Williams and or. Well on a same cast of mine goes or a put Byrd five Ortiz six yes minority tampered. That's fantastic that next right thing so it'd edited spent interest in this in this that's yanks so it was always Celtics and then. We became baseball obsessed and the Celtics were still the Celtics were. Dipped a little bit and became relevant again but as always a baseball town basically. So it's monologue the brew prisoners are always there right and steady and the pats set forth for so long and now. Has been a decade the patrons of the babies. After their accessed on the second. World championship I think may become Super Bowl 42 that's in the patriots took over and they have not been unseated in terms of Boston sports popularity. Since then in the Red Sox. Who increased use. Games Al rink ransacked source investment. And by the way just to mention like enemy you guys that I didn't like this in my pyramid literally is like or Ortiz burden will he did not say when guys are good nor I nor my next slow them right so I can I. I am I ranked him OK okay and I guy I mean just I didn't lump them Europe tier one year to year to year tier three player went to the painstaking trouble of at least five minutes ago writing all fifteen of the so soon add it to that theory all right level. My levels fall so this'll be adjusting. Number seven yes the resentment Raymond Bourque. Though are at number eight. Pedro L duo mark the addresses. And it's number nine. Car all cigarettes and so early this Yastrzhembsky. On candy and ten. John Hanna Barbera. Out there those are gonna say like a ball and he was before grade the greatest patriot of all time complies the greatest player at that particular position I know. He played guard. You don't. I listen I want it to his face I met him for a second and is helping us all of my whole right arm and I'm glad and I like your four because this guy we have two of the four I had. I have I have three of the four time I have 34 I have I have a true thing else I am more OK I have Hannah. I have Kevin McHale. O Aaron what is wrong with the of the only way this is you're watching the trailer pitch perfect three you regret maybe yeah well I haven't yet it does he wins a majority in the post I'd lose Mikhail when the as well I had a long arms man right to be able to talk OK could but I think one thing that maybe we should all say like not. Naked make as disclaimer but we're all of average in similar age in this resort. We grew up watching the Celtics are we not going to be in love with a course like ours I immediately is wanna run just like preserves Jim Rice Roger Clemens kept Miguel that it's our state so I so I'd I guarantee you right. But I tried to do this from a blue literally yeah historic perspective yes so here's my for Pedro. Pork. John Hamlin checked it had a Adam Vinatieri. Wow ten yes ten and you get it. Defend him attend a game so here's military. I 96 to do to ease I've played since George W. Bush was in office what. He's not a player for the patriots is still active yes and what are three presidents. He has three greatest kicks. BB in the history of the sport. The win against. Prisoners into the snow ballclub is of great attention illustrators Peter King called Erie times the greatest play in football history not a kick. Greatest blade in the ball history. It was. I'm. Is it possible on not one to let them on the back. Twentieth birthday yet to. Ticked off that ball over the and I need him much less its 45 yards no plans to repair kit to kick that I did rocked yeah. Crisis today. That you know Arab Gil Santos said. Throw maelstrom of them. Okay not. 49 yards them to think that kicks everything off. All of this testing on the last fifteen years that doesn't happen Beckett doesn't policy I think that's why and so level five teaser ring Yi Yi kind of need to give him consideration wrecked so. That he winds of the bulls to bull. One yesterday 48 and forty nines whatever it was forty act with that was. The first 14 or six super Super Bowl thirty 46 he's 45 years 45 Garrett has the raiders forty yarder in Super Bowl 36 and then it's rule 3041 year one. 36 he wins his basics he wins 36 with a forty are any winds 41 members thirty in the manner Mathis are there. He's six ended thirty you know of the day's hearing about sanitary as he has probably sixty personally and have a great etiquette. On the come tripod over in north and South Dakota were referred by community is related to evil continual but it's really. You know from the hope he's happy music like a third cousin he's evil communal. On he had he actually doesn't have a greater symbol kicking in percentage he missed what would the cult that was like a it's short ten yarder out of it is Saturday to entity just two there it was blocked what was right in a best. Source precision and anemic grade them out but. But Eddie also had to kick that went to Desmond Howard became annoyed back yeah you know it's so it's funny comedy about a cell listen that guy. You know I would I would if there's of but it doesn't mind I would lay from the walk over me again and across the Maya Iowa. I got my issues if he if he needed to have sex with a woman out off from Iowa he was the NFL he was the advocate and Randy all I. Like that's what they are all about is expected to the NFL league Adam their kicker misses yet. A program vehement. And a Fella named him now on the all 2000 team ya big picture of Andy has a record 44 street Google's new you know I think that public. But. Skills kicking indoors. No but I I put I put him under admitted as far as tablet check goes. On exactly 62 to 78 was eight kind NBA champion which is the second only to Russell. He was a thirteen time all star he was part of the NBA 35 in fiftieth all time teams. Averaged twenty points with in a league winners of three pointers to he's still in law recently was that he syllable and he still bought one point. But and my father still ball wants. But there appears only recently got rid of it is last is into the summit passed him in the altered some good scoring list. How frequently is what Paul Pierce shoot really spots that's right. So that's why Ametek is of their for me. Discount Pearson a lot of his stuff to see was no Condo and I certainly for boring work to restore yeah I mean he's. Let me just. Run through this record report. Because we all have them this tear. But people don't really realize any kind of vague de unity in the championship it would then Berlin Juliette with the have avalanche. He was first in careers points scored by defensemen he was first incur goals scored by a defenseman he was and he won the Calder trophy which was the rookie year the time. He was a five time Norris trophy winner thirteen time first team all star in the post season I'm talking about like in the post season awards frost are. Bob he was the he's bruins' current alternate career leader in games played assists points. And he also holds lead rec league record for most also he displayed in which she played. In the ouster he every year his career except twice the names that have won it here. Bomb hockey news ranked in the fourteenth greatest hockey player. A all time. Bork was the fourteen acres so double. Double the original number tell these sacrifice attest and went 77. Over two decades of being pretty much the premiere the being the LeMieux being the Gretzky of defense yeah yeah. Ending the heart and soul one thing I like to recognize for some of the guys in my Pearman is also. You know I've got one later on who you just named Jack two dozen. I have the stats that haven't checked as one thing I give people credit for the same way lycra Ted Williams like Ernie Walters for him to show it's a damn shame it's like. A certain director not coming away with an Oscar or certain actor never won an Oscar. Notes that it's a it's a crime that toddlers have one people that held their team up single handedly gave them relevant stirring (%expletive) storms. And there are certain you know have a check also and decent team around from had to do not so some new owners some other guys did so here's the sixth man for awhile to work work work was like. Work was the Bruins and they nearly comes along but he was also. As such and I he had such a sharpshooter as a defenseman scoring goals. You have every year I think he went five or six of the chair Judy competitions the had such a nice for the goal in me he just mean you know what I Allison. Health issues and the only reason my we all actually sat down on a Saturday night and watched the avalanche when the Stanley Cup embarked. That is a 1611. Of the games of the it the goal in winner now. Wonder how that felt formally he won a Stanley Cup but mob you know what he is a perfect guy he brings the cut back to rate Jeremy Jacobs face and has little rally of 20000 people you know I was kind of at the time those kind of like Justin knowing they'll situations edited ten unit within a few guys happening go any ground captains and now at. Are its let's go to our next level this is the final level that we did now of the space that we can do a gazillion levels here but. We are actually have realized aren't so. Number eleven are our last five players on impairment Jorge on the fifteenth he simply. I have drunk. The eleven yep a car brought to my eight year I have grant gathers in this disease though. Hondo. I just made a change. I dropped nearly time moved up Willie McGinest. William is okay. Now all time I idea that pat patriot is I only had two up there I Elliott all in ground that only about three. Yeah of the fifteen I thought I needed not a patriot up there I asked them. I was looking at the stats and preparing Tennessee's all time leader in goals for the bronze I think in. One you want cup to me. January day when ninety resembled their you know having recently sought out just give us that's point of view for him yet and that the board thing in the you know so. Theater he must have been with the. I love those guys I some top shelf res thirty K you can't but it bastards like I usually do did I am I paying. I don't know I think it's well above I looked at his stats he writes I. I ask you this again as this are integrated making picks on this list. Because like some Internet guy or some VFW hall dude someone who drinks their breakfast and smells like hot dogs peanuts and failure to. Failure to I have got no I just. As. Zero yes Sharansky. I didn't Iditarod dog it's yeah I'd wanna be that guy because I know the legend of John Hannah even though I don't really remember a lot of those games I know the legend of Ted Williams even going to resign him play. I remember ray Bork taking off his Jersey and giving us disease though his number I remember stuff like that but it you know. Who had about a created nearly heiress Dziena but I also feel like there's so much. That he could read up a decent these yes stars that it's almost like asking somebody who reads a lot like oh so. You don't like you know rousing Caruso because you don't think he's is valid because. You didn't have made a movie about a yet so I got some movie let this character that makes him more ballot in the in the argument. Just because you get simply if you do your research yeah I think the human value ballot argument from these guys it's I'm about to do right. So I I also be you know I put me get us up there because. He's won three Super Bowls because. He's the all time NFL leader in sacks in the post season. Because he was. Up ugly tough first round draft pick of the teachers I think I was number miss USC. Because she's down what's new from the obese CEO. I. Because he's so well spoken and a dog or he knows (%expletive) to aid team noses stopped. So I I just changed me give us stuff from nearly a Maginnis because I felt like I needed. A defense of pat on American because there. I appellate those early. So tough like those early years cartons Bruschi is like a mistake rating agreed Thai laws on the great quarterback so and I. I was on my first draft. And the fifty some success here at camp because of the fact that I'd look at him as the defense inside and what Brady was doing. People feared that the Iowa he knows he was absolutely monstrous quarterback closed this decade you didn't throw dialogue longer electric. Apps second shutdown cornerback and because he had really part of the kind of takes a wave that is of activity it was about seven years of playing time before he wanted the paycheck and went to the jets. If you didn't play in the 2005 Super Bowl he did you don't like he scored that he had an. When it was way better than him by the Kurdish and find a moral and well OK I mean like. Guys like tip it. You know I'm right Andre took my canes might be consideration. Andre Tippett like if it wasn't an even Lawrence Taylor wasn't Lawrence Taylor in the 1980s I'm dale lot of cocaine we'll have to. But it wasn't out there like Andre Tippett might be the best. You know rushing linebackers last hybrid defensive end linebacker we've talked about or hundred sacks applicable that I ferocious even being. People with karate for God's sakes highlight gave birth to the Peyton Manning's place. Yeah he did. He inherited my nemesis just ruin that poor man's career. And I. 21. I think he might eke his way on their just development just because of the way. He played like a piece in 36 just because the way he faked his injury so he can get a time talking back on the field that day and then. Yet Edgerrin James in that famous play against the colts in 2003 he still loves and some patriots he didn't finish his career than he shouts about chosen so much respect and the NFL network. Talk about I mean. I know people put together their 1015100 patriots I'd have a hard time keep an bottom topped one he'd pay top fifteen patriots. Sure didn't know I just think he was just Orton he. I don't know the stats back it up the championship spent the last stacked ascent records under rated statistic now and what he had read and comment on spears father. Number eleven because he wore eleven Drew Bledsoe wow how high and I mean I just like. Member what I said earlier about how are at number twelve Paul Pierce. I'm lets on pierce all argue for a moment your honor thirteen John have a check number fourteen Bob Cousy. And then number fifteen. Adam Vinatieri. Good at any you know what if for nothing else just Gil Santos is called. And then do you know they're going to it's going and yeah. I was I was looking up to commit these numbers like I think about cousy before I get into my defense and eleven and twelve let's appears. Cousy when I think of the old Celtics funny thing is like. Bill Russell is on my Rushmore. And could've been leaked out by bird Ortiz. Packed wallet rampant want to meet semen it was going to be going to be bird but. When I think back to those old Celtics. You only see footage of like Susie green the ball from the four who did you an hour would you the guy just like. He I don't Jerry West is the silhouette of the NBA but when I think of all time basketball it's a black and white and his guys seekers look at what we've asked Leah. And that when I think of like all star sneakers and at the converse and chuck taylors even another name for a guy named Jack Taylor however he has great news. I had a body good news and look at these look at these stats six time NBA champ he was most valuable player thirteen time all star. Ten all NBA first teams eight times use the assist leader Tony fifth anniversary team thirtieth anniversary and here's the biggest thing. NBA's fiftieth anniversary all time team so that the fifty year mark of the league. He was good enough to be one of the five Rican players that they put on the team I used an hour or one of the ten players that I mean that's pretty freaky and impressive at those early Celtics were dream team on to themselves but if I got Russell I get a play if if I got rigs I gotta put his march on there yet. Alan outlets so yeah I lets it appears that we had Bledsoe and peers for their blood they're got to sacrifice. For the fact that basically Bledsoe was the patriot like. Let's Sony has interest in football again Tom Brady was the reason why we won. Radiant health experts say Bledsoe cardinals got us back on the map they put us back he can't putting coaches and Bledsoe c'mon. I mean that before Tom Brady. I'd have a hard time I got got Hannam ranked are a little higher on the list out of respect for his position of greatness but before Tom Brady who's your favorite picture of all time. But let's and a 100% it was let's shore Drew Bledsoe. Was the patriots for a decade he gave us a reason to care to route to be interest to. It didn't do quarterback sure he played like I think as Shaughnessy before its operating Chauncey which has long time ago. I think he described him once in the pocket as a draft on stilts wasn't his fault although he had his own physical limitations. Let like for 1990 four's game where he chucked it seventy times they came back and beat minutes total Lanka. Just in process revenue after my father member of the left. But you have the greatest a tight end of all time. And now but they wanna Super Bowl without him and they want us there one place of rules and appointed to explain that in two. And convert an along that same parallel for appears. Who I mean who do you care about. Byrd the late ninety's. In the two thousands until the trade for a decade a single human being. Kept the Celtics relevant brought them to the playoffs and even to the conference finals. Paul Pierce enemies like when they want Garnett and it took ray ray yeah Agee and KG may have even been more the heart and soul of that team. But you are happy for fears I was very happy for him but. The thing about peers elsewhere he's Crandall agreed to now now now I always I always I always liked pierce by. He phoned it in the couple's. Isn't he he he shot way too much she. No matter who you know she's a tank now. I'll tell you never take Garrett every rational and it was here so all my cheek he tried so hard he cared about his tells us why he's talked about this before. When the patriots were in his last Super Bowl he is disagree on this picture wearing all patriots here it is simpler we're we're back you know you have but that it. I mean it's clear he's the ultimate Celtic is still appears. I doubt anybody else when defense and we wanna Reynolds went up. That's that's pretty much what I got and you do years and then a couple of are also rans just yeah so I have cousy has girls I also have ground. Here's my argument or grunt okay. 2010 today ease into danceable champ Fernando he was playing in the actual last super ball. He is a four time pro bowler since 2010 so in seven years of the pro probable four times and theaters were just basically because of injury. On the first team all pro four times. He was it to ease the team leader in pastor receptions. After seven year to seven seasons and three of which are injury riddled yeah and he's got he will hopefully he's got the most touchdowns and a single season for receiving touchdowns by. I tied at this season he should finish if it plays totally out this contract into and it's just set the record last year so who knows how long and Tony is gonna play. I've for all time donated touchdowns of grunt can reach that. But he may candidate rocket will be held reasonably doesn't his 2011 season what we all know Brady would have six in rock would have three. It not for our Pollard. Yeah I can't wait to the PS 101 all time Boston sports enemies list. I'll be given that's going to be some putts like Louisiana here on. And this is where I I go a little ashtray with you guys I'd Clements. OK I Clemens goes from 84 to 96 a three time Cy Young award winner five time all star. He was the MVP in league. American League would back you know it is six and for the longest time there was no pitchers that we would consider for a VP I think only Steve may be like Steve Carlton and one of the reliever Billy Hernandez's. Unpaid Bershard when an indictment he should know nothing about my people because he didn't accurate. Yeah because it only was he was only a picture that was the year pudge Rodriguez one witness. Has a say in all his steroids he's that was. Untouchable Clemens twenty strikeout game twice. OK he was at Major League baseball's all century team bomb. And you know had another Virginia can't and is shortsighted as twilight we've destroyed at least error an air of clever thoughtless I don't know what would he have. I need out that fire lit under his ass I don't know why I think it was a -- problem in the league they probably would have but I mean you know deceit meet McNamee open to run around is that whole thing happens I'd write I Subaru I am McNabb effects from that maybe it's but he made it. And this is where I'm going in the zones and you win a scripture yet so Eddie Shore. Is on this list here but he sure is the name of national hockey. Eddie Shore ratio all the time. We want approve the host a trivia night Hala a Sudan's daily cup champion okay fortunately give BP nick you know lately that those as he was and son in law. Larry always has what was his middle name north. Currently only when Gretzky and they had and now how I'm Bork league MVPs. But be agitated as right now is just I thought it was it was I I Al cramp I think. Facts guys seeing that now you're gonna go now to be just wrapped up in how to say about resolves Bledsoe the earth now. I'm supposed to bust each other's baseballs bats balls over the any sure it was once awarded is advancing a very rises believes that mr. hockey by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. And he hit and he told his. To pick up on his spirit when it was baseball bloopers and his favorite uncle. Yeah and you're generally in my desire ot talky. The people talking motion pictures. Why what do I do take a drive Bob cock to go to C out motion picture and people talking. And in my final line is. This is the only tell you why it's such a walker they named an award after all of a hole. The most wins in the he has not attainable amount. Let's just say here's what happened Siam comes to the Boston at the age of 34 RA. He would you would 511 games OK but the majority of the with was with Cleveland in my dad actually before that. If Cy Young does not covered the Boston Red Sox into in 1901. American league baseball fails there is no baseball as we know it we are still a boss embraced pound none of this happened without saying they're not say why. Cy Young cubs over would. In 1901 with a all that Spanish gold in the it breaks you feel so stupid of like I like strong yeah. Jauron Georgia's list like people I've seen on TV in the last fifteen months. It. My favorite patriots hit Chris Hogan enjoying the event Danny haven't don't know. Malcolm bot I if you does that Malcolm Butler I would have been like you know what that that's okay. Can I finish my rant aside after this. And as evidenced finance and British. I tell what 1908 OK he's a World Series champion those three he he's a legion funeral for which by the way. They mainly based Bausch and recognize the Red Sox are World Series champion Zach here because the giants are the ones that decided not to play we should be given a World Series championship there. He pitched the first ever be perfect game in Major League Baseball history under the current rules laid out in the field. Rightly pissed. It's a bunch of good that's like one hour that we're shoe salesman in Iran white. So next. This our last episode thinking everyone didn't he he was means they baseball's I'll call center team 25 and 13 consecutive hitless innings all of the Red Sox can't name another player. And our pyramids and our our Rushmore they named an award after. But while that's true thank you for if army backing Mir but also in his first year and I said this in his first year with the Red Sox. He won 42% in the games that the entire team won that period that he was these superstar that comes over into The American Legion and validates that as a legitimate league. And you know he brings us a World Series in 03 in 41 that he third tourists to insert a third career no hitter in 1907 and had. August 13 1908. The league's celebrated Cy Young Dave is amazing. No American League games are played. Andy Red Sox played a exhibition game against a group of all stars from the rest of the teams and league do you imagine that happening like you Derek Jeter retires they don't you know we're gonna play the Yankees for is the all star team for the rest right. Actually think that would be more fun I would look I love watching super teams play Al stars as like my ever say tonight big dumb idea to fix the probable. Is to take the worst team in the NFL and have them play the college football champion charity. I'm going to be awesome I got a love and I love ideas like that like the best in my the World Series champion plays the rest of the Al stars for charity or. In it in honor of Derek get churches were time like for David Ortiz like I got swept by Cleveland by you know what it's in the World Baseball Classic which was interesting for all. Seven seconds I watch a game one night like. I'd love to see like. David Ortiz and I'd love to see the Red Sox Ortiz and pick a team in play against the rest of the all star Toby so Gould connected in New Year's Australian sport and that's sort of hold it up to be to use. Well the NFL left the secret police to do edit the Chicago Bears won multiple championships and what what happened was David being the all stars in the bears' ability authors write it wouldn't see you want. How cool is that what would you love well I'd I'd love to see the patriots final starts. Well now the Russians just played and it's all stars. And that's right and we actually and was. So who are here are some science real quick smile syringe that I had written down a medalist while trying to get this from memory you know Wikipedia and vault. I had at SP Zito. Nearly. Jim Ryan ace Roger Clemens Mikhail. Wrong. Think that was it's our probably would have made it so that that's kind of where much when he won would have gone. I hit Curt Schilling who knowing mentioned Ty Law Hyde pierce Robert Parish to be Bruschi. I DJ who really want them on here. Tim Thomas Evans Jim race military items dialogue and I was gonna mention Zdeno Chara actually. Unless you know now he's if he's been kind of a stalwart during this Aron what about birds to like a we have been talking about it all I think he's so in her I think Bergeron may be when we do this ten years from now. I absolutely and that's a version that's pretty great. He had actually has been but I think when you think about this team and then they impact they've had a league turns the first guy in my church felt and jars guy who most looks like a character from Tim Burton movie two's. That was not necessarily mean. I don't take it back because that's who I am but at the same that well charged Chara and Bergeron are great it doesn't have much legs left. I think that they makes more sense than insulting and almost template management and let you know exactly where you work every day three to seven. We'll get his number retired Charles yeah I. Buck unease about anti certainly offer Lieberman com music oh I think he was three or four years of that I don't and then. He was he was the Charlie writes yeah I mean it Otto and kid it was surely surely leftists like first thing he did was Ulysses that the GM who love somebody. Rescue on what would David Price and over pain form for the short time yet him in Detroit. You see guys when they come overs GM's bring there a guy like I gotta have my guy Rex Ryan went to jets. Took all those ravens with him after he left like that makes sense what that was like as the best guy. I have partnered up Parcells and Martin Matt Byron was a kicker missed. February I did make it. I can be fun though following your mother people about this I think this podcast if anything is like a conversation starter you and you can join us on Twitter at PS 101 real BS 11 at. Real BS little one on Twitter. And certainly Colin many knicks don't give us your opinion I'm sure this is tapping you guys look at some more at trash him. Public guys think he's a majority Kemp was again thanks guys BBA's eco. Why and that nick Stephens pop opera for. And let me make sure every day three to seven fancy video ship that's fans say it would Georgie can't you be. And now I'm heroes and about a week thank you for joining us in next week ice promise we will get finished up with a hundred greatest guy. Movies even if we have to drag Jerry in here Geraldine as it is so we will see you next time take you so much for joining us.