Boston Sports 101 - A Look Back at the 2001 Patriots

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Thursday, September 14th

Uncle Buck, Jerry Thornton, Fitzy, and the other guy walk us back to the beginning of the Pats dynasty. Take a listen and remember how special 2001 was for us Pats fans.


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It. Airway years there. Yeah I'll or other business you know our heads out of the teapot. You know that's our eyes off flying style. BS went on buses ports one on here on the fabulous and tonight it was the UP EI. Podcast radio network I'm an uncle buck. And we are here once again nick Stephens. I'm WA AF that's right and most of my dreams and nightmares. Girl pals that's the normal voice we don't her records as some bad things buffeted her he's gravely ill yes it things wrong and they have the right. Prognosis is much like. To stand ready to open. He stand league and it's recordings invented to remember after he's gone and Jerry Jordan mr. Parcells ports themselves Jerry. Fellows good to be back with you I have no other personality is is it. President does not the voice of my head is in my own voice and this is the voice of my head. It's it's really like that they don't go down until like in inception you'd just get easy to be here with me right now I have no dreams. Well I folks are the reason we are back on the air is first of all. We have a lot of free time and second of all we decided to talk about well I don't I a lot of free time and you guys are it's hopes enough to join me. We're going to be talking tonight about the year 2001. New England Patriots and we're talking about he doesn't want to doesn't 21. Winning Super Bowl team those Super Bowl 36 champions Germany are very. Oh yeah spoil them for. I. They're the ones who changed. Everything not just this franchise but for Boston sports is we're standing right now at the end of me. Sixteen. Year run where. Boston has dominated both the sports world and pop culture and entertainment and reality TV and the Oscars or whatever the fifteen years prior to that team. Zero championships. We were at his downtrodden city was loser of bill nobody cared you. Team of guys putting it in their contracts that they couldn't be treated the Red Sox like. Paying considerations to their teams and I come here it all changed with this team that would. I don't know it's mostly because a lot of people don't like. Being called the N word nappy penis I am but at the same time. I understand because we did had come out of the decade and a half futility they usage area also that we here we are standing at the end of the fifteen year run. To which I asked do you know something Cassandra. Because I don't want this run end anytime soon. I'd like to think as Tom Brady has now turned forty opener against Kansas City for the 2017 season that stinker aside. This isn't coming to an end. Anytime soon as far as I'm concerned Belichick and his coaching fastball are still peaking out in the high ninety's. Brady looks as fit and fresh has any sort of lattice you can buy at any local community farm. I I don't see this any time soon but it's in arguable that. This reset this particular season. Reset the standard and this is still. My favorite. All of all of the Boston sports championships. Really yes of photographers because is the first because all the other ones. I mean I was I guess I was I was preteen for the Celtics so that was awesome. But I hadn't suffered enough yet and I couldn't really claims miners are like born into and executed it but like this is the one where I was able to have grown up adult feelings I'd. And able to suffer long enough to really started. And around the time and we were born is like being one Richie as the sports yeah yeah our biggest trouble is that are the number 2.2 Diet Coke and who cares. But did that the patriots this is a shocker the buys them appreciate soccer. I I noted Elizabeth I did the opposite picnic and has not yet. I. Every player. A few extra off and I don't need Garrett at that really reliant you know older beloved son Bruce with Richard present again. I don't but I'm not saying that this is the enemy right times and we're sitting here we are fifth. The years into a run is just the sort of I juxtaposition. If you will there's a there's a great balance and equilibrium when you look at. How old this sixteen years and counting has not sent the previous fifteen years. All of just. Sucked pills and kicks to the balls and and utter futility and us being in the place that. Nobody went to go to where the highlight during that fifteen year run. And I music that really ironically was when they had a rally at City Hall plaza. Four race rotten Bork. Went and had to a couple of the avalanche the lowest of the low points where all the sudden we become this hold down college towns like. Good for us. We have a piece of that that some other city one. You know and now you look at aware if you go to the AFC championship game. And lose on a missed extra point it's this guy is on the rivers have run backwards that grip the debt arising from the crypt. The patriots are all in one of good god we got to survive political week that's what will we deal. This is a great time to be alive and it all started again with this team does and I can't completely honest like when they lost that AFC championship then for a I would rather than that. Most of right and I'm stuck it made me and it began here. I who didn't start off so great for mr. Belichick coming out of the New York Jets quitting as you see in my Jake. Per season he's five and eleven right in the 2000 patriots. Certainly a work in progress he drew blood does got a second year is a hundred million dollar contract and who signed that Diaw did that. Eighty closet that. He would still the vice president in charge of the business ops of holding on to the patriots of all this Belichick is now trying to flush the office and. Bring in as well as I exit so it for the power that Belichick had it wasn't the power that would later come. He was still beholden to all of corporate structure that crafted put into place and so. Yet signed this deal probably would never know what we know about him and how we his whole model was manage in the salary cap. Not to mention and I will die before I allow this to get bogged down at the salary cap guy it will it will to meet you your brain cramped even think about it. Like they were in so much cap shield that. Like 38. Million dollars was tied up in ten players and a lot of Lawrenceville plain and they would just given away bonuses to do is kick the can down the road. To the boiler Belichick had to jettison guys. In still wasn't saving money because it was all guaranteed so he had to sign guys in his own words. Got them under the cap by a boat 200 dollars despair. Well so now they're there there are coming off a season when there a need him to Pete Carroll. Bledsoe just signs it's hundred million dollar deal so even though you're right Belichick but got rhythm and probably at some point or jettisoned most of that money that he'd it would seem to talent like 115978. Nate in that final game now he went ten and 69 it was to our lower guys you're all like I am a forum with Parcells right. And that final game he was shaken hands on the satellite has ever at a news and right was on the wall it. But so then why does he come here what what's so appealing about a cat GO franchise that just when he made. And added besides Specter you've been here for one season a few years ago what was the appeal. As simple as this he trusted the only. They had a relationship any felt he could believe in this guy and part of that appeal was the Al form mentioned cap management like Kraft was fascinated. Belichick's first tour of duty here about this is how you managed. Caps this is how you you just have sustained competitive balance in this league. Is it all starts on the business side and so that's why I brought him in and they had their relationship. Give the mind he had signed a deal a lucrative deal to go to to take over with the jets yeah the problem with the guy he signed the deal with is he dropped dead. You know if if Leon as as was still alive he would have taken a job but he just said this is does not I don't know who's my boss canopy and a couple weeks and that's when he had the famous fresco. Well if you've seen football the jets have played the last sixteen years. You may think differently about the problem with mr. sesame made anymore a blessing in disguise but. What is in the F. Where has our positive I Miami governor Arnold has spamming and years I have yet. I know her exit like oh with a problem with his family heavyweight about portraits in now halls that are trying to set. Like on advantage does he. Told me that the that the youngest of the illnesses has a map on the wall that still has seen monsters on the youngest of the passes because oil money. On the law of her call. So in the 2000. Like I said their final but but Belichick does for some odd reason keep a fourth quarterback young man Tom Brady picked 199. In the sticks around. But still Brady only has a couple of snaps certainly has no real say in anything in 2000 yet completed one pass in 2000 and that was it big in the Thanksgiving in its lines and mop up duty to our Agilent maybe. Was going to as the tight end Robert WOK and we. But then in 2001 now in the off season they bring on rod Rutledge really gaff yeah him a couple of years ago do in the tailgate show that the SEC championship let viewers ring. No now I have an I was as excited me the Super Bowl champion. All the smokes I get to Wear the ring out I mean I've her eyes got a picture with the guy who cut Tom Brady's first and that helped raise him I did not enhance their about that for us. And all men that he was hot giant human wanna nice guys do. And quick aside he was drafted during Bobby Grier is famous literary should period right well all they do is GAAP guys that double initials I got good that's an area heavily demon dense and then. Crist he would. With the exception a rod Rutledge the one thing I'll that they also income was not a home could play football and a double sidebar could double the size it's day. Chris Canty will always live on in my mind as one of my favorite planets in patriot history. If not for the line appeared in the glow of the day after he was released from the team. Chris can't he's been released by the patriots. He was found in a car with a beard and my comma much like ever Seaver he tried ever cover with the patriots comma wide open. I don't know aluminum that pepper the fit seat that we I don't know how out algorithm that wouldn't be surprised that inspired me so anyhow she's known before 2001 did you pick up Romeo canal for now. The Cleveland staff okay former Miller checked. Friends and basically coaching both Tron bill. Look at the pieces with the people that it worked for the every year from different places start becoming the country's de facto GM was Scott Pioli. Amos and produce being married to Dallas Parcells but clearly he and Belichick worked totally some medical. The patriots start the precision Bryan College normally do preaching that rank are absolutely Smithfield Rhode Island night. I was down there for that one yet I way I brought might might all the brother and mighty then. I think five year old son. And watch denies that the my brother OK and mrs. This was of its time but it was a brilliant reference that is velocity his humorous it give me reasons to be cheerful part three. Injury in the block heads on look it up you will not be sorry. I'm and he had a list of things to feel good about kids I was all games that we didn't register with me even a little bit but now they're. Lake in PG its war Brian Cox Roman Phifer. And they play means a lot in Hamilton and we did recognized but that he was though the lesser ones Julie Andrews he might Compton. You know all you know I'd Antowain Smith I mean when they signed into Huntsman at the wasn't a man among a spot. Problems. Usher and a but we'll you know we're we're likely it is again that that. The last half of the previous running back share in buffalo. Like if you were disappointed is of fantasy and Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams in the mid 2000. Wade into the use on Antowain Smith and the other guy in the late ninety's in buffalo right at a guy who gave us yet another spelling and Antawn that we had to like in the world just settle on one. Give it to his like anything in. Into AT&T AW and and it like to stop already by. He was a just a beast we just to recognize shockingly good with the yeah over a thousand yards and these are all guys now you mentioned these names like these are all people like I know it is early this guy meant I'm back I haven't over any time like. Who who'd do a thing about them aside from like jets castoff. System guys footballer I've familiar face like. It almost felt like Belichick was just surrounding himself with people that made him comfortable when he was gonna receive really bad news. And again he was in such jail he had to get guys for the airmen on. Just the stock is roster just to have 53 man he just well and it 2001. Free agency comes and for member than it was on a Friday night at midnight is when the free agency kicked him before the NFL realized we could monetize the hell out of this. The phone rings at the house at eight castoff from Pittsburgh who they didn't know what to do with named Mike Vrabel. And Belichick proceeded to cite chapter and verse of obscure plays that Vrabel made that no other person in the world knew other than Vrabel. And he said I am I was there I I got an off from another team is that I wanted to go to them. Mike Vrabel meant nothing to me other than the guy who recovered the fumble to end a playoff game that drew blood pull lost. Now Tynes is 776. I always sets the things that's why I think it was seven and you know what's what's amazing about these guys. Is that like DF formats in Compton enters the last Hamilton Cox picks that are. Is that these guys. Would come in familiar with the Belichick's system an influence and help subsequently. Not just free up lanes in space for great players like your Bruschi is in mcginnis but would help get the best out of in Belichick's system. Guys hold overs like Otis mime and Smith. Who of that how was Tebucky Jones but another joke about busted draft picks in New England yep before the 2001 season. And I think what all this come together that helps mold and shape the team in the tone. War. What about the scene so and so. Eight a third receiver special teams guy who had been cut like 27 times in his career. Named Troy Brown who is just lurking in no way knew anything about him around eight he was picked the program yet vision no longer exist and and the receivers they signed word. Kibo Patton David Patten inch. Charles award Charles Johnson. Number weren't I'm. He went negative because remember him the first ideal under the screen the completely unknown. I'd director for fox sports at that they kicked administrate it the first guy sees. It gold they don't. It. T shirts Belichick hangs teachers winners wanted to heat's locker prank on and actually take the whole group to Providence Rhode island's Weinstein. IMAX cinema to see Shackleton and adventure the Arctic adventure remember and so stories about team building that point. But the real quick on that story is in it's it's one the greatest adventure stories ever told. Antarctic expedition gets trapped in the ice they survive for all over year in the worst place on earth. Finally decide to both some uncle wrote an an open boat in the worst sees in the world. They find some Wheeling island and then have to climb a mountain to get open over having done nothing but eat their dogs for like months. And. Every may and made it home safe dogs they lost nobody it's it's. It will hit solicited they've brought a lot of hot dogs. That. They look a skis and they were at least as a brand is not granted permanent and if you before you got to vent my friend Harry. I Bonser and we just defeated Jerry. And John husky dog today. The red part. I'd look like well I enjoyed the little red flag crack. On lipstick. I was gonna it's a high but actually 12 please mark twenty minutes into the patriots 2001. Celebratory ride to the owner joked. That section bloggers who have gone without talking about Dodd's penis and one of these podcast so gov. Then we'll start to grow as people right. And we don't have a sponsor. It and I'm sure the humane society. On the death of Dick grapevine known Belichick's team in the pre season was quarterbacks coach I was the chorus. Who when he came in the draft room in 2000. It was between. Tim Rattay who they considered and the skinny quarterback from Michigan who wasn't highly rated in Tom Brady and race vine head. Personally spoken to Brady at issue and worked him out. And no. You know. With JFK expression that success has many fathers but failure is an orphaned. This is one way everybody said none of the success of that pick is on Dick Rabach. Like no one denies that it was his call whereas. A million other people's sense of tried to say all I wanted my team new draft of two is a guy from the jets who insists the equal stood on the table. Demanded that they draft them by that out ourselves that we just drafted Pennington. What is it just. From the colts nine matters in the that the jet bill holy cow insists he had a first round grade on I'm breed but. Why would we take them because we had paid Munich to know you wouldn't take it with a 153. If it is up for us. I'm quarterback Alex and I'd taken O'Connell. And percent random mr. for the colts next week and a drop below and like. Like they wouldn't wanna have Peyton Manning insurance with why did the raiders take Connor cook in the fourth round unless they think he could be a first round quality quarterback in the air David Perry it's. Complete complete flaming car. And to quote another President Reagan said it's amazing what you can accomplish when no one cares who gets the credit. That's the patriots model I don't care who gets Dick re behind goalie Tim gray by gets it fine I don't I don't need the credit I'll give it to him because it was. The greatest single draft pick in the history of sports period. As if it was the Brady seventeen what somewhere else to this is they would ever. So this is Belichick's comments on Rima and and it's the one I mentioned this is because the guy did have a huge footnote in the history Boston sports. Dick woods and exceedingly kind man who above all else chairs the Stanley. To an incredible degree I know a few men with more Lovejoy. And love and joy for the his wife and children and degree bind. It was the privilege you know such a decent man. On September 4 Belichick announces that previous year's fourth stringer Tom Brady. Will now be the second man behind behind Bledsoe steaming viewer will be the third day of then cut to unfreeze and Michael bishop. And we're going into week one. At Cincinnati we're at a Cincinnati fellas. What the patriots and absorb a 23 to seventeen loss. To be Corey Dylan led dangles guys I was driving back from my. Having just proposed my wife from Martha's Vineyard. In my Jeep Wrangler with the top down my way of covering up the flowers that I governors and an uncle blowing away. I'm listening to this horrible game and on a thick myself on the way to my parents thousands. If you regard and it's in a Democrat I patriot team doesn't get excited about here but Christ could we beat the angles. Now here comes a continuation of the two that not just another crappy patriots team here comes. A continuation of the 2000 team sure of the 2000 team didn't really get blown out much there in just about every game and I feel like. I shut my eyes and try to remember any particular game from the 2000 season it was. Reasonably good defensive effort with a lot of and with a a couple of somebody's in mostly nobody's. And the game ends with a Bledsoe. Down less than a score and getting sacked on fourth down the only one that sticks. To me from 2000 was was the dad it was it was snowing in buffalo and military hit like four field goals including one in overtime finally win that one. But the only stood out because it was memorable for the snow in the conditions that are running an ice he couldn't do anything. The rest that season was just you know it's like you said it was almost like the same movie over and over. The monitor and everyone's lips who has. They've got to find a way to get Michael bishop been there we that 2001 training camp I went to I counted about two dozen. Michael bishop jerseys. And I mean I don't know what they were in 2001 dollars probably in L 75 bucks eighty bucks a widow for a guy who. After they Cottam a couple of months later was being waived in Canada. But he was the next guy you is the big solution and clearly they made the right call. The patriots are all one after we won and that two days later is September 11. You guys. One a share where you were when I'm when all that went down. In America today and has. I would I would do as I was at work. I spent weeks just trying to shield my child from what was going on who was like. Then it's still in nick junior age. And nick junior bless their hearts they Indies need channel just said we're not gonna show it. And they just would roll scroll across the bottom of the screen we just trying to be here for parents and the gang up until right he walked by TV and it's not like a couple weeks there it's like are right part of his childhood just. Just died but the NFL to their undying credit and the players union said would do the right thing this time. Well I remember. Specifically I was in breach at the time I was actually the car was packed I was gonna drive back to your that morning after having spent several weeks at home. With my family on Cape Cod and then while watching the news that more minimum on maverick of copy phone rings it's my dad and and he got should turn on The Today Show us that they show I think things are different now while I'm not conduct here today. But during the 2001 season I had. Tickets and I tickets every home game because as I was to a job the patriots. And just opened. The patriots this is the final season of course amendments is yet this was the final season. Part Basra slash solvent slash papers slash Foxborough and see that everyone's favorite aluminum bats down. And the patriots were. Building what is now known as Gillette Stadium but of course the original title of the stadium was CE MGI field. And I get cast. To host the construction of CM GI field video really knows why and four randomly out of the blue. C member of that evidently the and program that season the yearbook program that was building blocks and was all the players with construction outfits on debated Ted coming soon CM GI field. But that was what they're that was what their banking this season wasn't this doesn't appeal but well in a statement. Was able avenues stadium it's going to be exciting it's the dawning of the year of the new patriots. So I had tickets to every game that year. And the first home game was the game that was postponed. For September 11 the next week and I remember problem my best buddies are brought to the opener against the chiefs last week and we got all face painted up. And like we have fall hacksaw Jim Duggan like somebody gives an American flag would put on a two by four we walked part to rule one lakers walked the mile to the stadium. Get all pumped and jacked and the stadium member of the kick off to that game and Jersey whose brother firefighter among delegates who comes out of the two Americans. Three Brothers in the data with a retired. New York's fine. The best without this is where repeat that year. I mean what a tragedy but also what if an and a I look at the picture of them today at three of them Holland patriots year. With their dad stand behind him and then in drew Z in. Patriots gear with shoulder pads and everyone of them is of its jets banner giants in whatever but I will never forget the story of and I should remember the names of the Brothers but it's not germane in the story that the one of them Tito Marlon Jermaine and you just. Champ ahead a and he just walked into his family any put his fingers like two inches apart this day. That's how close I I needed there and they were all at the scene at that geared. You know million to one patriots connection of a guy that the pact signed it meant nothing to any of us by. All of a sudden gave us this that team this connection to. Ground zero in and them and you know New York's bravest or whatever it was just it was gut wrenching yeah. Some in the sound them as as as emotional as it was. Walking to kick off the injures he was the flags. The awesome thing wasn't gonna happen until one of the aforementioned somebody who shares name in common with three stooges did something so. Here's I was I volatile and violent later that day now where you put all the games a year while I was also this game. My goal in my father back to my father had season tickets to this ago. And down he complain every time we went about. Fox for a safe and he was going to fox preceding them as a kid with Budweiser Beers in the Sox because they've assumed there would pat you down and give back and mark Brazil plays that got patted down and went in I. Evil does name NAFTA Schaefer Schaefer never. Got the naming rights I mean the the peers selling rights so. It was named after the that was not available for sale and by the lake it would do everybody a solid by as is cheaper is the worse will autism have been brewed in its share of the into the end by. You you could smile of yours America's it would. I've utter lawlessness remember so I I it was working that Fox's time September 11 happened. So I got called work because I had been working the night before. An odd hours so I had written enough note in my email sent out. The big news of the day in September 11 was Michael Jordan is on press conference. To announce he's turning to bask tool to join the Washington Wizards that was that and we were offset for live coverage that decree. Michael Durham is huge huge. On in the and I got. Call it wake up and it's my boss telling you you've got to communities to tell people like carry Ager. And they would say page or force as the news and telephones where I had a cellphone that it wasn't like it is now. And I would tell people of the plane lands on the White House know probably only. That was my joke that was running it so I called in the week happens at. His especially probably you probably gave you do now. And then but anyway there NFL does canceled the festivities for the weekends and then we're now we're going week passed him were two weeks. After the first. The game the jets to come to town three but brothers' names were believed him and mark the commuting research. The injuries Brothers. And it's an act she felt good being a big team to learn it is great but if upgrade but also the great it felt good to have be playing the jets. Because you almost felt like dissent even though the jets that it was like New York Boston we wanna Tryon you know. They are using evocative play the jets because again win now players make that it was possible that's reference. Three yards and a quick I think you're taking your piece you did on its. A rat. But it really did know it is like a reef of so idea that we you know he's headed out though first. 9/11 because there were people saying will inevitably joke again. Dual it's the death of irony like why let why iron and a late Unser or prop comedy whatever. The first GO that really came out in the aftermath of it was Gilbert Gottfried. Who said. In all you can tell how upset you are piled this based on how Long Will take before you're able to master being again. For me it was between the followed the first tower and the second. Which how horrible it was also like. Okay yes someone's settlement has broken that bad debt shell now all week in May be start to move on a little bit probably. Only Gilbert could have gotten away with that night and it is for career. You know apparently he made a terrible joke later on about it act and that different possesses the AFLAC almost and his where. I remember the first sport they liked the page you don't that patriots game was the first time that I felt. Good yeah but the first sort of like smile ally and was back in New York. You know just when you could still smell the burning in the air remember driving back five days later and I came back the following Sunday for the game. I remember driving in and Marseille where the towers or sister is on it smelled terrible around town first. Big sporting moment was the first Mets came back. He as a member piazza hitting a huge home run in the eighth inning and everyone gone bananas and was like in your expert like New York's first moment where people just focus about a week after it happened right. For us around here is Leo mr. everything back to New England in the way it goes. That was a great moment because. There is the unity. Gasol Brothers we saw the great salute to America if the flag stretched out across the field which is now become much more common place but at the time it was not. And while we didn't think that we had much of a chance necessarily. There was some togetherness in the few others who healing and a little together as a great. So in the fourth quarter obviously patriots losing in the near his Mo Lewis obviously next. By the awful game opens a terrible that I'm watching. I think once a week and toothpicks and up to that point he gets Joseph Beimel Lewis. On clean hit by the way. Yeah good good for good football it had number the only sly quarterbacks go down and also mark Everett had a fumble as he's going indians' only bad things were happening. So the blood to get hit and then he is these are problem in this series then ultimately comes out as longs are filling up with Greg yeah the ministry urged sheared artery. And he was you know what what. Kinda tipped. Off everybody that there's something wrong. Wasn't that he looked her. He just started talking crazy talk lately Brady said he was cynical what do we had a we do I would do equity Ted check with me like that we did we could do some of this. And the globe had a story weeks later about. From U Mass. General who was on call at home watch in the game and he said there was life. My my BP is gonna go off any man in after the one of what what Bledsoe looks and he got really hurt. You may be just have joke and maybe it's apocryphal that nobody went in and Bledsoe was close to death. His lungs filling up yet a collapse long and his body cavities filling up. Testament to how half physically tough Drew Bledsoe was that he retook the field aggregate data and. Is there for everything. Favorite bullets moments in the coming up as but from the cape cities tall he's got a green mini style program. But yes so am anyway Tom Brady comes in he throws a couple of owners nothing seems to pan out and my father and I want the car. And he's limit my targets in the car and as odd as it is over we're going to forget it. Mr. and I Akamai and absent that Betty as you can meet its gonna save us now Tom Brady. Literacy and I you know let them I guess that put that pressure now who's gonna save the Amazon okay. We've yet all we are all they heroes of our own stories you are like that all podcast. It with a great uncle buck yes with your dad might get a McCormick I gotta say though when he came into the game all there was a little bit of a happening here and things about the spree I remember reading that particular globe article yeah. McCain in the patriot news and notes. A few respects and like Brady's going to be the number two wild high tech has seen so many good things out of and we came in. For as for the first time that I'd seen a quarterback like. Move. You see yourself. Tom Brady not necessarily just a different look we had seen blood service years or decades. We've seen fluidity we had seen my abilities and younger with fresher legs and this is Tom Brady news hardly known for a young fresh legs. But Drew Bledsoe moved around like he also have been described in the Boston Globe years prior. As a giraffe on stilts. Shula and. It would without that pocket well let's I didn't recognize him Brady yet but. Brady had that innate sense of knowing when pressure was coming that he couldn't ABC the peripheral vision coldly to a that Bledsoe. Didn't have and never developed and I he had to be out of town for a year or two before I really started to do it we'll see it through kind of objective guys that lets. Let's face it we're O until we've got the mean upping coming Indianapolis Colts commended talent they're young pups are quarterback Peyton Manning. They're not asking Brady did to too much either player now in fact in caretaker don't yet don't turn it also is a week three comes around and and a look I boiler. I don't mean to interrupt your flow two things before we get off their jets game one. They rescheduled the game that they skipped. Back to their bye week. Because of the weird anomaly in the history of the NFL he went to deal with three years where there were only 312 with a torn odd number of teams because they brought back the new Cleveland Browns. And didn't start that those Houston Texans even things out until two of now though they tell us right every week of the season somebody had a bye week which is really odd in the patriots just happen to be week seventeen which is like I imagine that is you play a few games in a row that you don't read it rests. For a score. And sold the team that they. Didn't play and we'll get to this later on was the Carolina Panthers who by the time the pages got them were about to fire a coach in the worst team in football so that's gonna benefit them another thing. Late in the game. I'm Bernie Vinny Testaverde was that the jets quarterback he goes out throws it you don't pump fakes gets hit fumbles the ball patriots recover. Refereed review it and say nope. Because of this obscure rule called the tuck rule. His car was emotionally airports like the patriots get to keep that the jets get to keep the ball. Nobody talked about it because the only story that game was Drew Bledsoe gets her. And it acted in fortunately announced on this worst screenplay that scene would have to be included people would say. Wells there's an Testaverde right fumbling check offs gun. Right you know check offset in and play the first activism gun. That it could have negative bet someone about a fire at an act three year old swipe of the freaking god why bring up that rule you'll find out. So the big play it is I mean people went to the stadium on sale item to see Bruce Armstrong being mentioned there are honors. He just retired in the off season. But let's face it the Brian Cox Hitler or members. On drawn. Thank you that is that to me. Is the turning point that's when the page that's from the 2001 patriots and it's it's obviously the turning point is. Mose its bullets and pre comes obviously. But to me. It was a symbolic rob this is really different team holy smokes just I was back again I was at that game. And out of the blue. Jerome Pathon who was Austin Collie before Austin Collie was. Just a Welker who before Welker was that moment like before just. Ultimately on punt. Al love real real science and I know that it otherwise we'll have much pop patrol. He was dropping income was one of the original sort of like slot receivers that somebody who that nobody you become somebody thanks to a great quarterback. And it was Manning leads him over the middle where a lot of guys have just been. I've been hurt mutilated previously and and Cox just I mean his clock. Guys closet anything that needed claim. Just it's so hard and paid like downed cows Pathon and everybody in the stands it was just like who did and everybody cheered and nobody did that. Note there was devastating cost cutting and I never did edit the patriots received it. They never made that that's what let me now. New team. This Manny gets intercepted three times. Brady only throws for a 160 yards and a meager thirteen 23. But the pats get a forty would have no touchdowns and no that's OK but to. I think two with a patent and nineties went for returns one was a dismissal was time. That's from point. And they had a good game and Huntsman as violent era in deception. Manning them and that I imagine so I guess for another time so lies. Care patriots are one and through now and now we're going to Miami. Where they. Suffering humiliating loss thirty to ten and Brady throws only 86 yards human gently through 86 yards and a football game. That the kind of re played image with that sack fumble which Jason Taylor scoops and scores. On in your pats are one in three Indian you can look at the stats on one and three teams. You know making any headway O into teams and only one's a bull once and with the cowboys I think and the second or third. Of their there's there's three simple in the ninety's. It's an hour week five. After the game Belichick bears the ball there yep it is went out there just. Date they go out this are you a hole in the ground he dumps these stats though on some some dirt on their answers are right. Will win that game as it were more well and evidence are not always the original on the Cincinnati. Yeah age exactly a move later copied by plane Rex Ryan. And calm you know Brady said he likes stomped on the on the dirt after it was all filled and whatever it is his other assembled in addition to without armed. To the T shirts was he had an anchor. And that rate the middle of the locker room and he just said this is the dead week it would be in Poland around reverend Morgan stop. And announced conditioning that was all about them being in better condition better. Team you know it's it's like you know last over the hills he got he got a human condition because you're not a better other things but we can be better conditioning guy I do. I was at a presser you he gave the Xia reset my first year of quarter of the roster couldn't finish the conditioning run rights values Aaliyah and they had Johnny Parker the great you know conditioning coach who was this alleged. First guy Belichick fired just this guy look dissolved prestigious it. And you're out of your guy Brendan from Dallas who had won three championships. Little. You know it is game today actually cereal and missile that yes exactly. Did they have to poll the anchor now as it was at 4 o'clock symbolic house so a symbolic kind of like the stumpel what Jack del re pleased happens side. Locker room at the jaguars that the pleased to have to keep in keep job was threatened in the Conner almost as if right it is quite at that point genachowski. With time because he appears as its current anyway. Talk about weird things Danica you're never seen growth. I'm week five imagine this. I DED idea did Terry Glenn and them coming back to the Palmer hold out yup. Back at their pads or one and three but their home at least against the San Diego Chargers and their quarterback was. Stamford Douglas Flutie. Can you believe that. It's funny going back through these is that her I had that was like another lifetime of quarterbacks on the face left ankle everything we have done we will do again looks like you go regular wrestling team Hulk Hogan's that by guys in the seventies and sixties you know like I never knew what it is like these weird cross Emery. So Flutie and ratty hair certainly unions in league pitchers. Brady going 33 of 54 for 360. Or. Lead to eight point 926 comeback in overtime. And Glenn had a hundred yards in the first half. Finish the game with no more catch is no more receptions. Basically shut it down just one and said this is what I'm capable of doing. And never did another thing for the team the rest of the prior to each has its either suspended or. He was holed out for his money your money but then remember he won a sports final and said to Steve Burton. You know he's Siebert says you wanna be a member of the steam because I did it he did because the idea I did. Via it Dade Dade. Training camp talent or dismember him run in the toward the sidelines on a stationary tight areas so they can't sickening at all and just completely fake and real time. Exactly and and the first thing Belichick did when he got here have to fire in Johnny Parker was absolve Clinton of any punishment he would face and a Pete Carroll Carroll it find them and suspend them. And that'll chicks at the start with a clean slate and this guy couldn't respond. To that coach that quarterback Brian Cox Bruschi all these great players he just was all about it's stupid to. So in the history. Either. Boston sports flame outs or. Boston sports almost as cowardly way to thank you okay which almost sounds like another subject ministering in the yeah right if I don't think Saturday and that idea and opened Saturday in ways that waist down. He might be top ten because he had some amazing efforts are some games in 96 including the first playoff game that he almost single and male went on his own. Can do everything like. Have a third one in the Super Bowl and when they have the play action Bledsoe goes 45 yards down. To them the Green Bay fives at the potential puts it fourteen diving catch ray diving catch a flat and let housing pictures. Leo you win that game that becomes that Lynn Swann highlight it going get shown over and over again but to the victors go the spoils. It's got a lot state history except for obsessive patriots fans like aspect yup a guy all right with all our ability. Running down the field hole is on the after he threw the play action bomb to Andre rise and make it's not that that picture of that and as allowing lighter lighting my apartment on fire after desert and he knows tied up it doesn't. No one would dispute that that's the rational response of of that same person is. It was the only appropriate thing I'm still wondering why I didn't set file. It's Andre rise and so I thought you know you know as a forerunner to left thigh burning down his accent thought that I had my country. Do you want these crimes. Weeks sick so now he's the pats are two and three and they're going to Annapolis Ellison and delicate resemblance called the best time. Continue to play the colts twice this agency's deer in the city of residents and Israeli had realized I didn't realize I'm Myers right until the Texans came in and then they went to though. Eight divisions of four and missed them play in the colts twice I wish there was Africa. That was fun if I was funded community I had playing twice every year we during the Brady books and I am so sick and tired at all like this year were recorded as for the Tories in time that's when seventeen season. They're going to Denver again like I just wish they would play Denver twice which we'll send it percent now let's go to formula for these teenagers and actual formula with the way this is set up. It's are simple answer it's you you rotate through both conferences. Obviously play your own division home and away. And then you've got two other games it entertainers a few innings in the same. But stats held. We keep and it would Denver yeah they're in your Steelers they always end Japanese spot that we do and that's Julio is in a plane. Still merely an operating basically each other. A billion times and it's panel wants the history no public. Elway and Marino what contemporaries drafted in the same year plea to each other a grand total of three times. Thank. Well I honestly just salons. And now obviously I'm not palace and 23 dissent but so it takes eight David Patten esque performance of a run row. Which is the double pass yet and catching a touchdown for them to win 3817 a walk away win of 21 points do you remember this game and this was only I don't recall patent be used as he was the first woman the patriot she's gonna open the playbook it's atlas is going. Yeah this is the moment Brady caught a pass to was in no other amateur is easy intimate. David Patton did throw before before Edelman completed a pass patent through this little double pass I watched this from what was widely known at the time. As one of the only good ever back in the day we guys I was living in New York City at the time so. I would have to go try to find bars that flat out had the NFL package will this rain and DirecTV thing you know in 2001. And there was a bar in the upper west side which later became or was kind of becoming known as the Steelers barb that a couple of a little like we're talking like. Security camera styles televisions. Like the parking lot nine inch security camera TVs that would show games. And I watched in the back of a bar there. One at the bit in the back of the bar that one and I remember just being floored like. The Who went wide receiver option that is well and the roster any kind of workers they did it. Our credit. To. These different patriots. And it's in the Indy touchdown that he ran for was the end around it that he had done against Pittsburgh in two dozen floor got long strides yeah yeah. So the pats are now 33 they go to Denver in week seven. On that thing I remember going into this was Brady what it was the record holder it was a new record for most act in an most. Attempts without an interception and this is our next earnings career. And unfortunately though he threw four picks in Nanking and you know again just a brutal performance in which they lost 31 to twenty and our kind of merit in Elizabeth on filibuster the seeding it suggesting a piece on that morning two and is a good one on sports. NFL live in the morning show was remembered and I'll contact count on generating yep and go to that are that are Brady. In laser Lee brought back the cast of Brady Bunch and did a thing as Tom being be lost brother. That day that visited mansion after he had martian as a football right now with the entire segment I would say there and they were three in three don't get their take on some arm. But it's definitely needs. No I haven't taped somewhere I don't I've looked forward and three entry onto the reform they were threes you're going to Denver and now there's at 33 bradys are starting to get the press in the bus because again he got to fill time on sentencing them right. Guys like last year when they did get rob wriggle Dolan that she meego rappel. Kinda take off on from Hamilton panel Arab -- it was cute is that it what's the name Barry Williams it was the key to play Peter and they're also talking about how I look at how many great arm but you know what he connects him his life and even had Brady's IKEA my Brothers Peter and human being an optimistic I am of eating a diet even as the second well. It's brutally Portland to impound the had a baby fat faced with them and yes I just must increase. Quite handsomely as well as Israel and Allan Bud Light. Alia that this is that now we're into week eight going to Atlanta and guess who we're playing Natalie playing crystal palace of relinquished the yes. He said go to advocates for. Braves wells due to I was little bowl that the glam Boise State and I am not at all. Chris Chandler who. I just accretion of any adults and and the worst Super Bowls of all time Chris Chandler and then that opened in their backup Michael Vick Michael. The wall of the cats act and Mike Forte and I asked to connect to it in nine times nine irons mrs. fielder Michael Vick a future a thousand yard rusher they sacked him four times it just shows it's nice teeth that defense was it was. It was grow and he these neat quote unquote conflicted feelings we felt as pats fans. Almighty god the offense this is great I've seen this before but it looked different but they're getting creative in the spring as great but also. This was really the first time it felt sexy. To root for. Defense yeah. Because. When you like the Celtics as the eighties they weren't known. Maybe there's no more defense and the Bruins in the seventies again not a hockey guys obviously hard watch hockey that play it was played Favre was born. The Red Sox sometimes they get it sometimes the pitch but with the patriots you were excited about them in the ninety's because of bullets. Let's own Martin and maybe military and that that's why I love watching him. But this 2001 team sometime that this is the first time we've really got excited and now we you know go back and forth now it's mostly Brady but again. This was the first tee in the taught you it's OK don't love defense it's located just like strangulation. And to strangle and I regularly I just I slipped and I particularly on our cars sometimes helps regulate it like I think it hit it. This is the first time he ever really get excited about the pats having a great defensive effort in the offense would be the complementary piece is opposed to like. Got out score and today bullets is gonna have to throw fifty times in the second half against Minnesota rat. And the guy that they had drafted who we have mentioned yet but he never eagerly shows up in small parts is what was key to it and that was. The first pick of the 2001 draft them richards' team. In all who didn't put up big numbers never would because it wasn't his job to book was. And unstoppable from watching double team yup the pool perfect. Five technique defensive end and what it Belichick wanted to do right from the jump and. You know still to this day I think the greatest player of their Ara. Not named Brady or Ty Law a three ring guys and without him they they when none of the deal often. I would say no only for this reason. Kitten is really prejudice against defensive players in general. Also defensive tackles in particular you like it unless your pass rushing end. Or cornerback with a ton of interceptions it's just hard to get in there the fact that he's entitled to Vince Wilfork gets in it. The fact that Fred's moralists is an end is a crime against humanity. Well I mean I think he has he is a shot because really when you look back at those patriots teams there was so much turnover. Who's that we're the guys the panelist on that and that top ten patriots in the this error enemy Jennifer Seymour probably in their somewhere. And even though he doesn't have the descent defensive stats to to back it up he was just such a game changer on how you strategizing you had to do is on every play. So anyway are you ready could garrido act I you mean you're probably right. We nine now they're foreign for the go. Other back home now on a plane and one in six bills now sort of feel good because reform for emirate where it'll take on the crappy bills. And turn off we go on and wins when he won 211 Antowain Smith has a 42 yard. On touchdown run the kind of ended because it was probably too close for comfort which a lot of these games towards maturity or matter if we're playing a great team are not great team. And my friend at five and four we were facing their preteen following week on finance football. The greatest show on turf. And this was to to a first and seven and one all the patriots felt like this it was the moment. Where they proved himself in a loss but this is where they started to really think you know. We weakened the well a thing here because they were stride for stride with the rams that you know they were huge underdogs inch should have been. Word not for a couple of mistakes late in the ninth game. They had a chance to pull that out against a team that had won a Super Bowl in 1999. Don't know how they didn't get to the Super Bowl in two. Now they got housed by the today did the saints. Willie Jackson had a big received they lost in the wild they lost in the wild card division round went underworld who had a ground like their first playoff when I think it was. Primary that has them for making things like Jane refers to second to. There's there loss of the in the states it. We did absolutely wagon and we are under the office that defense was filthy as well. Team's greater importance sizable this is where Dick Vermeil got his rang and then said you know what Mike Martz is the new when decay and the stepped aside I've had my fun and let him take over. And they come to up. Foxboro on up prime time game and just the fact that the patch a competitor of was enough to say. The dispute eleven Acura the time the things that make eagle room. Like it Belichick and the second 12003. And then says. I'm good I want to directory like. I swear I'm gonna turn over you know term analyze this that your team and that we're standing here right now. Currently at the files or was it in 2417. But it was like beliefs glorified level I don't let all the rams put on seek re easy clock killing drive yeah nothing like it. Minutes or something and they and if they they just couldn't get the slot that the load dagger in the patriots is couldn't come back from it but. I went that in my dad. I'm an adult ticket package that took him to a it was disappointing. And neither of us at the fore sight to see the thing like 55. Maybe it is isn't it time would have been called the current one but. So good to compete at these if it did but the same time like that like we are starting to build that like. There was a little bit of a lost for more than like the rams cut it felt like more reality check than it did. A sign of things to come. I remember hearing the next week. Mike Martz said. That team that played out there or see them again this city column Super Bowl caliber Super Bowl caliber team I guess. I guess maybe we were able to see from the stands him might was actual count code if I could and then also the patriots. Plates are tough and were set. The caliber of the patriots on the field in their engagement with a team is good programs maybe we should have been impressed by the fact that they called the rams Detroit. Members the into the NFL Belichick sleep screaming slant and intensely and I at least it was about Otis Smith with the interception come across. Coming in and cut on bunkers the current Northrop. I mean Warner for this game 401 yards with touchdowns. On which is an honesty here zed you can almost holed that. I know it is is it's not real. I remember I guess is that the league has but he Justin who left the tickets in his car when he picked me up and test and yet. I sew up my slot he. Might box. Studio offices and I had to drive back and looked where's delegating the grabbed him and then weave my way back an important. On which twelve I've US one job. Who actually had to leave the tailgating and what else knew this was a different time I couldn't like go somewhere in print on I couldn't go to Arctic has that there's now if only just you know that is poem of the stub of I know that that is at all that it laminated. Like he's outside the time was your bedroom. That's. And I will never let him against. We too stimulus by the way for a different kind of stuff but collapsed. A week twelve the pats in 06 and five and were at the New York Jets I was at this game go on this one as well I was traveling on magnanimous. And made I was engaged in these areas. And data packet loss of that team pats were down thirteen to three target thirteen to zero at halftime. And Vinny Testaverde picked up my Mike Vrabel. On and it as a pats meet a furious comeback and won seventeen to sixteen. Fred Coleman had a 46 yard catch and run. And I'm sorry to row Barkley when it with that and Anderson. I once looked up Fred Coleman's career stats the original offense had who catches in his career. With almost 4646. Even visited Korea with two catches for fifty I it's I guess I could not and get it when he made the catch. Everyone in the world said the exact same reaction who Gore's call. Right and the other note Goldman leak in the year that we won't mention now same thing and I call that the Fred Goldman moment where. A guy does something great for the pages it'll all we write the. Seoul is well. That was the birdcage. Oh Goldman Coleman. And let. And again why I was I'd love got you do little that all of that movie I was of the obviously morally spark students who's been before. He's used so it dragged never realized that John Wayne one click. I called I called the eight team and it and men and Arnold on the drive back. The document this guy Tom Brady was doing that well. And they hung up on in Bieber their nobody was bill nobody is buying have you guys late day I'd do and a podcast. Ares aims to end it was. Divisive civil war this thing to roll sports talk radio is the UN team Tommy you wind team juror. It's a black eye it abruptly to a my older Brothers one of foam was the first guy who was on Brady just said he's my guy. I don't care Bledsoe never comes back. And another brother who a year later I was buying him a Bledsoe bills Jersey because he resented the fact they won a Super Bowl without him. And a much yes I mean just love them and the fact that we're coming up on the game when I turned. And of course I've made an area we missed the previous week for the jets week eleven or five and five going up against the world all of my got app that was my moment as the game in which it. Bledsoe Belichick and started Brady you know Bledsoe was healthy and he said for the foreseeable future yes and Bledsoe grumbled the media as saying look for an forward to competing for my job that whole thing. And then adds on to get all the coaches. We've told the coaches we. We pulled the fans at the wild love Paula fourth grays of Poland Barber's pole and everybody is like like it's totally different about the check that early in the crowds Diallo happened as he had never a bride joked that way if you enjoy if you enjoyed. The injury report comes out Wednesday making it again that is so ties if you enjoy that dad and long before there was a theater there's stuff like that but. To the idea of where you'd team Belichick re team. Team and it's an honor to go and read team and how it check or read team Brady. This isn't just like some guy. This is by and large because there were a lot of other favored patriots to have where the work I was recently at the time. If you're 405060. Years twenty. There are a lot of other favorite patriots by and large this is your favorite New England Patriot Act right you have a number eleven Jersey kids had eleven Jersey had the picture on you want all you had to. Signed tackle whatever right and now. Here comes this other handsome well importance on this league in this upstarts. The second year form race in the NY GA. So playing him now we hear he's our quarterback for the future and yet no and so that it I was when I was with a red hot hand the pats won 3417 in the rain and Huntsman at a 111 yards rushing one and Ricky Williams. For the saints and Russia's war 56 yards and you're good moved it goes so Brady had 300 plus yards right to be a three TDs I know we have an OPEC stated that one to mark Edwards where Edwards caught it in and Hydro plant and a few. Feet in the end zone and agree I highlight. Back when Charlie Weis who use the fullback in ways that Josh McDaniels he would catch you would run these it wasn't just in need he was in his juggernaut from the X-Men. Now having said that this is my moment right just said okay. I'm wallet and let's see what Brady does when he's got the franchise. Looking over his shoulder. And he thrives and I said no lawful and know quote McCain. All in on him my chips are on the table. Bledsoe took the high road you know is first comment was I know you know I'm looking forward to the chance to compete to get my job back. And then the next day since some long lines of like I said. I just wanna win I'll do whatever it helps that it it it takes to help this team. He received and does he wasn't scenic but he didn't take it out on Brady he didn't take it out on on anybody didn't. Told Terry Glenn here's the other guy antithesis of what's happening here and it was sitting out. Over money in instead. Let's so anybody's lives in the glory he's learning Brian and it could have been insufferable prick about it yeah but he was CN days a week eleven they beat the saints we too while they're at New York to beat the jets. We thirteen now our home is the browns is my last every game gentlemen fox proceeding as well as Haniyeh as the this is that Brown's third season after they had returned to the league. And the pats come elevates when he seven to sixteen. Win it was kind of a boring game except for a brown did highlight with 385 yard touchdown punt return. OK so little foreshadowing and now on yeah like you said that under way to they would have maybe he's shown that as well. On his way to a hundred catch season that's right basically a non factor. And acquire this hundred catch season and here now was his Rico party that's we have. Radian hinges were on that same kind of psychic giving sharing two men one brain. And you know I Sylvia before I think he got like seventy catches from the price that you look in his career totals thirteen 80 yet. When he for document team it was like being a slave for his believes that breeds B Braun I was younger guys Embree is BO is with economy and he's in the brown barely sunny playing time. But brown didn't in the plane Super Bowl 31 if you remember it's I don't match where as a special teams ace. They decided not to play him and then lose on kickoff return this gentleman is one of the most fascinating teams I believe in history patriots franchise. Week fourteen they go to the 211 to an eleven Buffalo Bills and I went to this game travel all this one because my brother Alex was going to offer universities. So which is south about an half of buffalo Rochester area. I'm Alfred University it's a mass on behalf of the entire audience. That houses on offered to give you going to be a Butler. Alfred. On my friends and I was stationed about an app that going after a local and all in all seriousness of that just wall to see the world. So now. So you have knowledge prior to this game has shown the team to 2000 Breeders' Cup. In positive positive in the middle of and asked who's gonna win this race and then. He tournament it is that it doesn't matter because it's not a re trying to tell these guys it was some of weary five right now we've got a nice run going this the lotteries are run here. On headlines are being generated now too lightly I don't like to for me if this is a movie. Now we get a start like Spanish headlines now receive any headlines towers in flashbulbs going off like. Patriots or bill and up ahead of steam here yeah now there's more than just like so little fluff piece on break in the great about it the newsreel footage now. Alabama judge Charles up the British Scott they aren't I asked if that. That America has finally on orient you have to Afghanistan but he's young man's gotta do believe it themselves that putting together up. And now I'm a team also Joseph Kerrigan last manager in the history of Boston a lot of. I'm shaking hands and put him to Cameron for an energy and and camera. Bulbs. So it's a here's here telephone music cause here's what pigs it's interesting. The pats are announced nine to six OK with six minutes ago on the game. Adam Vinatieri ties it goes in overtime in overtime brought it up Peter tip the ball goes in that David David Patten gets hit and knocked cold. Okay scoop and score by as bad bills safety Yankee on carpenter and it looks like it's over right. However there is a rule in the rule book rule three section one article two paragraph CBO basically electricity. Because. Because. Pat his head was out of bounds in his foot was touching the football it's a dead ball and it goes back to the previous team. I don't ever call is being called. I don't ever Collins hired of that fumble rightly so it's a dead ball because he was types. I Biden is out of bounds his show that he was because he. He hit big think I know about it yeah it was it was on a review. That they actually will it was overturned. Hold on anyways it would not to think like OK so he's. He wasn't sound like on that session that's it I'm like that good of teasing me he made the catch OK then he gets hit but he gets hit so hard. That he it'll literally just loses loses his. As bodily functions and balls the ground and can cut state landing headfirst into the out of bounds football balls free enrollment it is. Because his is touching about. Al-Qaeda have known as the newsreel footage eyes and nothing is funny how that went NFL players knocked unconscious. Boy you know he's got a beyond twins played. David patent show which is like this on it's literally like that's the item and meanwhile nationally as a lot of why don't we talk this on the way it I did you know that ESPN guys who Agilent Hewlett is Jack up. And guys and I come on man. I could feel you need to tell the truth. So loudly and then you indicated it got ugly night as week. So figures on retain great actors that for radio while hiking suited me. Brady and yet that was already got hit his talent flying it was gone as far as lot. Walk yeah so that's back when you're sliding it destroyed and buffalo could bring heat Pacman but that's all because of losing twelve to nine in overtime and after the game Mike Vrabel says the Michael Felger. It was a beat writer of the time. At some point at the start believing in us. A lot of that followed all of us all senator Harry hot chick wasn't. It. Negative it was like what. He was being in the face Arial actually playing on turf every major in those aroma. It was have a negative. Towards you while you were to them so that was week. Fourteen the pats are 995. Home against Miami. And this was and mark to be the final game at them Foxboro stadium of all time out they out of leads when he is three halftime. And they honored Mark Anderson a plow driver at halftime in the even had a whole segment on NFL and podcast. Now John Smith is the kicker is that arc arc Anderson. With like I was on work release him MCI Walpole excuse me everyone a Walpole MCI cedar junction. They don't want to recall while people there's a police I know with the prisoners go with the juncture. Ia who. Was and I did a book signing now long ago where a guy in the crowd. References from darkness the dynasty available on Amazon books it was him. He references Sunnis as you know Mark Anderson the guy who drove the snowplow that you get the kick yank just in noting is in jail for eagle I actually don't know he has. Breaking into my house. If it's. Integral part of great it was like I came just to tell you that you're in hopes that when you do it digital like. You know and afterward. Can match you know what they're he would via like I did a couple of books eyes thinking Iran for the great response. The most surreal part of my autograph and booked or Natalie as meeting the guys who said you know what you missed it is greatly admire most. Eight and the fact that they love honor and celebrate this guy you can open. Or. Getting on a John Deere tractor at the has the of the coach in carving out spot smaller but it's. And and I don't think it's not like. Cronin berg all over the place. And that the referees did basically like the Bugs Bunny cartoon running up shall inherit a robot bird's nest an elephant can't play baseball. It was literally nothing that's it you can't take it John Deere tractor driver onto the field. At the that was great moment in patriots history they want it for me it. I'll play great on the right rod I like if Ron Meyer. On liar and a thought it was because I didn't deplorable and those Iran Meyer came to fox for now we celebrate everything it was sushi prior to. Let you know and especially the Brady years of Ron Meier game now. If you love when they forgave bill but it's actually love again Ron Meyer yeah available now I think. About that tractor hangs in the ceiling of the digits museum. Late late does like the kitty caucuses that's on what political. It was cute bikini operas where they worry it was with Wright Brothers plane via paper yet whenever but the fact. Actively that's that's a secret relic but he was like. In twelve that year and it'll say. And it'll play out there and plant that age you strike shortened season OK so basically every every finally got to drag music and Don Shula meanwhile Ike has lapped the field that might career wins is mentally he peeled coup. A at the we we Revere that moment that they brought him on a rate that and weather and had real quick that tracked it was owned bite the GM of the team buckle Kilroy. Whose idea to check out just bring mine from all like god forbid. That said it turns out this year's. For now her. Is it a couple of blacks it is not. Probably like there as we record this today September 11 2007 team. Ripping open replacing the turf at the stadium wrecked it it probably to put in like. Heated to her in prison by this time they they would went with leaf blowers to Clara and I markets as we all we discount. So that was yeah I mean amazingly at halftime they can edit Walpole prison there there and look at their job to do job zero and then. Out of the plowing at the patriots game. Job logger to watch a game anyway Simon. I can peacefully rub my pants. That's amazing so the two things that really stick out to me in this game there was one thing where is number it is a son he's the ways to come in. Patriots did at that Belichick offer like a pooch punt. Annually ability to do about 35 or some my dad and went right Miami's. A field of view where the sun was right in the face and had a terrible fumble. The patriots recovered in an opponent's scoring but there was also that was a pitch to Faulk we threw back that the Brady. And the fate and the famous you know Brady there's the Faulk and Embree runs out and end up catching it over by the sideline and it was like this. It doesn't you'll certainly noticing Charlie Weis is really coming up and he's playing right right great it. And they'd never had that kind of creativity I mean you know. Parcells wasn't a flea flicker kind of guy he was and I you know halfback pass panic he was smash mouth no nonsense. Until it up let's illness okayed the pocket pass that it bought a basket guys open appeals cut the scripted it that tight end. And then at the end of the game they had and Patrick Pass and touchdown that game too but there was victory lap that they've scheduled to go around and in slap five all fan in the front row and it was I'm of Belichick and Brady you know these guys been so excited and and I think Haiti and Clinton a playoff berth at least to get into the plants of that database I think they sealed the east the next week but they were definitely in the play well so it was just like so mind blowing like I was expecting. Six and ten would've been so now there were two weeks left they end up with their regular schedule by. In the end this game you know so the final get a bye and next week they had their week two matchup against at the Panthers now what. You don't realize and was you go back and think about it was very rainy what was that you had this in his first seating plan the Steelers and the raiders were. Battling it out for one the number one spot the entire season the raiders by the last three weeks of the year had lost all three. Games they Easley in the one spot. I pushed the Steelers and the two but if the patriots were able to win at the Panthers. They were gonna have the number two seed. If the raiders had a loss like the jets in Oakland so it still seemed like a far cry but the patriots grab a crush the one and fourteen dancers and. George Seifert was the coach every hour on the world though he was about to get cancel it essentially. Was a bye week against the that quirk in the schedule that they had. A week seventeen. Actual by except. 9/11 priest read Jaeger itself date Filbeck game and during what would have been it would have been the only team in football was off that. Points and sort of smiley Pete played the worst team in ball. And then by deed John Hall kicking them the monsters feel oval because of fifty some yarder gave the re 53 it was with a couple of men and under two minutes ago and they they've blown a lead that. The patriots found out on the plane home. That they died the spree in break from the gods sold the jets. Go home. And then fly back to Oakland still Oakland instead of getting a bye week. Has the play the jets twice in a while while the patriots just for equally he added is live right third bye week or pats or jets like why is way out like. Well pre. Social media for immediate information things were a little bit different sixteen years and who know lift they could've seen this scenario where. They literally win now and then but at least you yelled effort fit for the week you know right. You'd have that figured out for him but I got a side street and have closed delivered here on Monday that that. But a colossal collapse on the stretched by Jon Gruden. Raiders in Arab and rigid and it was going to be immediately to fine in those raiders. With Jerry Rice hand Tim brown and Shirley garner running back when those raiders were to come into Foxboro two weeks later for now what will be. Ultimately. The final game at Election Day for Foxboro Stadium. But the point spread but didn't everyone feel like. Even though the pats the better record and the better seed. That never liked the raiders were favored post yet idea then we also liked the page at his house money favorites. But it was only a home field thing they'll have to look that up but I mean it. No it was sadness and while the patriots are a completely stacked and Tom bradys the real deal I mean and you know he's. It was again and it went in the link Hoffman may be an impact on the team and program that was. It was just strength all or a college I would have pretty awesome and you. Right right so put on top of that listen to that on this of this. The NFL decides and nowhere you know what we should have won these two Saturday games disease I even wondered for him on floor. Let's put when he's on prime time okay o'clock Saturday night let's take a look at who what teams we have available and you know let. It's patriots raiders. And oh my goodness is a blizzard coming it was at its huge snowstorm coming right yeah and it that the belief is that. Because Kraft who's on the the the broadcast committee that he said. I want to us I want to stay home when no one of the national restaurant set the first Saturday and again remember. Watching the pregame they going to do this Saturday Saturday that whole song and in the lead up to it. And of course now now just a preface this drag us from a lot of time and plant just because of the fact that we've gone through this we've done our. History of the patriots in the wild card issue playing the idea is in division it's on the archives guys you know back and listened. Because it certainly stacked if you came into the game in Super Bowl. But on anything really stick out to you besides a member of Brady's second half having ten completions in a row. On them a lot of bizarre diving catches. By yanked the likes of David Patten and Jermaine Wiggins in that game. That's exactly as I sit here trying to Google and find out what the point spread was and I really hope likable wasn't. Really trying to find its. But when the one thing and now I always remember about that Jerry is even after I got tuck rule yet. No sorry sorry it's been just that you just sort of everybody not just hit a 152 fast court definitely went a the first thing at six after that game. Not just you know Brady running in the on the touchdown that he was accountable for that night and then spiking and slipping in this now. Not obviously the two amazing takes five minutes here but especially the what many consider the greatest kick in NFL history the 45 yard line drive would. Next in no time left into the wind. Not yes I'd just hit it a than it should have never Vinatieri himself says if I tried that a hundred times media making it ten right. One in ten tops not that not be tuck rule not the fumble that was vote wasn't. I think the thing I remember the most was. On top it was a group. It was amazing now once they were able to get that kick off. Just the same way. It was when they score and they stopped it land in super mobile 51 with a minute left how of their stories about guys sing to each other on the sideline. Like don't put your shoes back on they got this like Canada I would editor for them right now it's over time like we tied the game up. We got my Pinto Abreu we have twelve we got this. That was. Our first real glimpse. Brady being like everyone of those passes every dark he hit so many passes to Wiggins to patent. And also somebody who deserves if there isn't a podcast on the line 1010. Unsung guys. On our guys also sounds like it probably like karaoke and Chinese restaurant. J. R. Redmond. Yeah yeah it was. Just look screen pass that before it was Shane Vereen before it was James right before it was e-business that the Kevin Faulk it was all about chair written. He was Brady was lights out when those. Eight to fifteen yours at the end of that game I'm awesome just awesome. OK couple things from me. And you're gonna think I'm making this up by ice where it is a man I mentioned before the guy at the book signing. Another old guy stand up and you weren't old NFL do you like from the nineties in so like I I trustees completely Judi says. I. I was work in the chain gang in that game this noble game. When they changed possession. The officials move the ball went to move the ball but they had to change more. Then when they reversed the call when Walt Coleman famously won under the hood and according to legend said. All flock immediately he knew that he made the wrong call based on the puck well. So that he. Line the page it's back up in it was these guys on the changing said wait. You had us move. So the ball as five yards further back than it should be so we actually need to move up and have the ball come back and officials did you write. Vinatieri kick was good by three yards. I don't. Did you Forrest Gump like you're there you'll witness to history you affected. The good of the greatest history in the end and all of Boston sports because those guys who just in their directory earth yup. Put it was eight gave the ball was in the wrong place by five yards. Because oath of the reference Ara has that they corrected the mistake so it was actually line up in the in the right place and I don't explain it well again when they gave the ball to Japanese traders. Now when you see kick off a two. Can't because I don't is because it wasn't a fumble recovery now it was an incomplete pass so this. Why go back taxes by dad. When you watch the route and again all we have left to watch this with basically. YouTube clips that we can find him what I'm on ITF game whenever or just like in oh. And FL network special salute that guy I don't know anybody and and and honest some friends chaired breed comedian and enemies are funny. You can barely see the football. You can barely see the phone like eight when it goes up it disappears. An error maverick like when it went wives they unite. And then you had to wait until they came out and Greg Gumbel just you know had a verbal baby. I am I. I'm sitting downstairs by myself the kids a little. The Irish roses put them to bid for the whole first half she comes down into those are things on them I'm. Like coach neck of the woods stole an watch in this tableau unfold this dean plead no snow globe and just how physical and legal analyst. We don't like ten. And obviously I hope they come back and win regardless I am never gonna get this game. It's the most amazing visual it's a miracle that the we've been here this is incredible. Had no luck to Pia what I was in but it was I I swear that's exactly how the conversation when she sat down with mean. When Brady got that touch on many tried to spike because music kid Tom Ackerman had a big spike and he tried it and he fell for it right on his face. I got them in little it's you know PT pajamas on the floor down the basement diddley daddy tea bag yeah. Well so but you got to remember after that touchdown of the raiders of the ball back and kick. And there's not enough time to stop them here and the ads before that they that fumble the the tuck rule. They go first down nine yards. Always a first down it just kneeled down again and did their name the second no gain their again. Her eyes as quietly. And a rigid seem off Biden and put them upside down I've seen the footage. And have also looked at the NFL box score. They've got it's somebody else but my hand to god it was all seem more penetrating. Weapon of mass over tko oh geez even mention this. That kicked by Vinatieri. The pets call a timeout it was they send out like all the guys you know it's as minutes or so with the size fourteen chooses. They're entitled to overtime gave look at drive well that's right right you can't do this now we the right now so definitely the first kick they didn't have a timeout. In gruden didn't ice and snow all get it right you know what they tracked I don't know that guy is a mother nature's ardea ice man and so but in the overtime he did subordinates and doubt everybody and they just all sinners earlier apaches. This time I declare some and then. It's a reminder rate bump like you have growing calls a timeout and dancers like a Mike thank god he dig is now I just got more time over the bush has declared. Claire's son Alfred Antowain Smith said that one run in overtime where he got hit. And then he kind of bounced back like Gallic Mario or something's wrong video games as it kept going another 1015 yards and Hydro plant again on this little. I feel like Oakland studio like we all know that Oakland isn't over this this is there like if Super Bowl 42 retirees are much or grundy. We've got a couple of subsequent sub much program guys. Not that anyone alive and that for that span a few like this has still there's a Leo yes has like. This is their net while why would you miss over this this and the guys immaculate reception got to be sure but you know I think it says. From my world view. I remember the rough in the passing game the biggest day job in the history of the NFL I'm convinced that that was not on the level. And its debt that moment was found badly and that's my parents being killed in an Alley and so I feel like. I voted no universe always just one. And that was because the accrual was legit it had been called before you can sit there and say you never heard of it that's shame on you as you mention it happened. Against the jets in week three. Stick it appear as we you know you we still have one coming to us because that was completely on the level and why. I'd like to also win people like the patriots. However 300 dollar to pregnant darwinism is it that ever present that's great this was like oh you guys like us to we have one is in a while lovable loser town like I was so adorable. Nick year like. Living down New York Iran like the patriots. In valued as the F funny acts that you guys that pack caught up there like. Now at now the rest of the world dislike which is all of us would go away and we do it you know Brady and Belichick would lead that will lead the charge. Down arcing called the cheaters the second now. Back then it was fun to be in national darlings there was a time everyone. When everyone didn't actually hate the patriots that we weren't like that cheating scum of the sporting world loved it. Loses gag somber new ad that. Odd little eccentric you go to who seems to be called the shots down there or whatever act and isn't true all I opium still classy abilities yen on the whole thing right. Yeah I was already dealt with iMac and on the Arctic daughter Lisa Dugan does it do that I think we just 45 minutes I guess so that's right so but listen. Pats obviously gonna win that one. They and now having good as the Steelers in in the AFC championship game they're playing Kordell Stewart chance I didn't even watch it live I watched it on VHS really. Kenny I worked with the. At a time is working with a common accompaniment in modern humorist. In New York. And they were very funny website and they on occasion it was really some roommates and friends who had a thing on them. And they invited me into just how do some readings of some of their lives work on stage in now you know on certainly trying to come up in the comedy seen them think and a line guy can't leave the pages in the AFC championship and they don't belong there but I have to go to whose schedules but remain nine. Just kept yelling at each other all week like who the hell schedules a rehearsal for comedy show and alt comedy show. On ABC's chip Reid on championship Sunday does have seen this about I've heard of like. Are added. We got to do this thing now later on these guys have gone to write like ten Hollywood movies they've written Mike called the new job. Are your kids have probably seen the real penguins of Madagascar and among many others. So we take it that's why blame exactly so. We taped yet and we went full radio sounds and told everybody with a phone there like listen just have lab Forester and were able to shell out up. It's too that it's January 2002. It was a lot easier before Smartphones and social media and he televisions every 450. Million people watched the civil so. We'll radio sounds of the entire arsenal told everyone not to tell us anything and again camp first thing we said. Sir excuse us if you wouldn't mind we yet we don't know the results of the football game don't tell us anything. Okay and then drives this home and then so when we pulled out the VHS tape rope around it left the TV off went back to start of the game we knew nothing. So that when the Eagles rams finished. That night because the NFC had a later game. We only found at the result of the patriots game we'll watch it and I'll tell you what. The joy of knowing the rest the world was already celebrating. And that we knew nothing and got to experience later on. On VHS to Iowa every moment it was just Athens fantastic. I think you're right except for one thing I know the patriots have that the game because it was a day game it was a challenge and I millionaire and enrolled in early Eagles were at night yes so that's number after actually watching and please don't please. It's Africa program for the the great call by Gil Santos. And despite their predictions of doom Anglo mime outer order of the day yeah programs prognostications. Of doom and gloom I'm habitable at that the patriots. Haven't fact shall not. Ed some I'm going to have to drill into my head any time. I think the patriots are heavy favorites yet whether it's year against the falcons last year that the giants who bubbles whenever. You doubt was the ultimate oh where a fan base just took a team week to light. And then the stories are coming out about them Steelers party packed and made it out of the treasury bill luggage that was there or repeat it became aware that all their luggage in their family's luggage was packed because the it will flying directly to new warning core outdoor it was like I can't wait to get home in CO my friends and family nor own plus wasn't this also the last week of the one week vacations. It was it was going to be two weeks except 9/11 because 9/11 analysts everything's happened so hence it was I think the last of the one week yet it was a. So the patriots going there and obviously you remember Brady gets hurt Bledsoe comes in what's it goes three for three all three to David patent but he does take a shot. Yearly similar where he gets knocked out of bounds instead of the semi pops up. The clapping his hands. Are still fired still active and fired up and Ian Drew Bledsoe when that moment you had to stand there as starter. Since you first came into the league. You know the highest paid player this humiliation you suffer standing there with a hat and not clip board. And how you get called upon. And in urine and he drives and done and the the the path that touched down as the David patent. Charlie Weis basically media in his head. Because that corner back and was I would have been out with those would be the experiment that aren't flavor receivable member yeah yeah. Ya that they had a corner who like to jump that route on the flat so it is that none out and I'll go out and he did yeah I'm in the back Indians no I'm sort. That it that was. Back up to date. Could now. You know what I'm in I don't know that would in fact was there is similar play in in each of civil football core both quarterbacks in consecutive games he David Patten in the back corner right. I was gonna say in Super Bowl 36 Brady's first touchdown pass. Is the exact same plan. And yet you have to say I Johnny knew that you have to jump the routes yep and Patton has to go up over his head. And catch a lawsuit rule he was twisting symbol overs it was turning right there right let's isn't perfect but in the Brady when he was twisting and airborne and barely lands elbowed him before hasn't backed west while I watched that now doesn't say. Any time anyone ever came to me it was like well Brady should grab Brady should read the safety coming over differently and put it in different spot. You know on Billy O'Brien said famously like god that's not a while that's not walker. Wherever it is guess what with the big game on the line. You know you come down to crank them out if I've when he welcomed person albeit model like an obvious but if that's not real good. Yeah you gotta make that catch you gotta make the catch and Patton made that catch 23 in weeks in a row. Fun fact about that Bledsoe to patent connection was splits those first touchdown pass of the year. It did and that's the bad news you've signed a hundred million dollar ten year contract. And if you don't know at that time your first pass is gonna come the last Sunday in January. And honestly as good as he wasn't a three passes he was equally shaky as the union of one dollar salary hit well. He's the only reporter in the chance to do reporter can move locked in the audience in the would have been mean yeah untouched. He also had ten or one victories he also have already tackled and like Adam three stooges just threw the ball back at all like. Back just the ball in the hunt will come out and you'll have not cost us the game we Yankee that was. Nightmare fuel but the things that really been out to me in this game and special teams as a first of all there was a play in which the Steelers for punting from their own hands them. They kicked the ball off and programs back to punt back to receive upon now he's dangerous kick return Arnie turns and center in the year. And there were instructed you have got a kick out of bounds but now I'm returning it you're on the left actually kick it goes out of bounds. Lag for forcing. Being forced out of bounds and being coming in an effort got to commend all of and the rough warnings of the jurors half. And so speech that they are there honestly honestly those shoes he hit it so rep for the officials. Go back spot quality splatter on the right hash for some reason they just. They just (%expletive) up they put it in the Red Hat the ball's kicked the wage for brown get to meet field. It's for damn thing. Rightly or not had time to touch. In the end of the book on him according to her with those the the outcome. Steel super spy saga like I said Mario sonic was. Force him outside make them run sideways he ran up the hash marks without ever Lee thing that let he could run a couple bullying now. Yeah without going Aniston in the gutter in a new year degree of old footage of carry on. How do you screw them up yelling at the officiating is that it's like dislike Lamar balls. Pain but it's the turn around founders and stay in your own when it halftime I think the patriots Europe I think fourteen victory. Pittsburgh it's eight it was first year at war about a lot of us it was the first few times I was going six to twelve. It was the first your field and by the way if and one half hospital all multiply this with the electors that. Jacket on that didn't understand that well. It's Jerry year. It. I'm gonna bring penises and it was as it was back in our one. This is also an out and out for the 2001 patriots the fellowship of the championship ring. So. And half and they bring out Sheryl Crow and Sheryl Crow has been done with they've paired terrible Taloqan enough for retirement coming at her back pocket. In the first he's he says this stunned pits regret his. And and it is like you could have heard a pin drop it was like when homer and make it now that the dog have been hit out depart on I don't know right now armor all the economy is back a moment. All. Our main. Why why. Why is there AFC championship team entertainment that's what they did it or so cocky this subject that it wasn't Pittsburgh was in a while they were trying to pre. Working in a musical acts and steps that if you watch it it's hilarious because he says it and is not a single class in the back here. And so arts and she how he still. Really gentle girl. Also. It's Armstrong he's not Spain I think you're not really produced beware you know we don't. A soak up the sun. That was certainly the premises it was like everything was actually. Happening. Survey. They're rat that one up and add their guys were observable now in the Super Bowl we all know what happens you can go back to your parents listen most of that anything else what cover from Super Bowl our. If you championship despondent do you have very quickly. Another special teams play and that game was I am I pinned my hopes on and we will really clutching at straws. Yeah it is little humble and there is that. And of those Heinz Field that's kind of tough to kick into which which is still affect its. Today the committee and is the case yeah Knick game that it is that the percentage going to one direction is really well. They use. Wrist field in yes it was a it was her first season that was quietly open lines a year before have been there as well and to. Score is an area right up right in Wyman won I'm Catholic and I think it was Kristin with a KT Ryans who loses. Ground this front. Okay. He wasn't agree kicker he had a hard time at fed into the field while he gets one blocked. Again Troy Brown mr. patriot mr. clutch exit of he's a boat to get caught he flips it to. Antwon Harris Harris vet games Fred Coleman legged demagogue edits for Brad he pitches it Antwon Harris who. Also mayor may not. Be in like if people say that like Kevin dies. I I know I don't I heard secretary Mike Jones is that it pushed that frankly is not as collateral Dyson was a fourth line like that might have been right on the line Lotta people try to. Four run put forward ratify or where the Afghan of Troy rounds lateral to Antwon Harris being a foreign latter sure hey guys push that yeah yeah I posted. I don't know all these what if it was seven yards forward he is one person with a bucket it T shirts at a lot of metrics that I am a I think each guy you are not you had ample opportunities to win that game UN heavy favorite to get a pin your hopes on. Your pipe that Korean fear from a ball planes and angles like go blow it out you're asked. Yell the bag as they still could've won that game. Could Els Stuart rose one to lawyer Malloy right now they're too I think you do when it Tebucky Jones them 10 analogue out of great lithium batteries like the book of Cornell. Now not very good he was the hot and stand in my entire existence on this planet. I've been told that running quarterbacks that you think that's the new wave in the NFL and he was slash and that's how people justify this fetish they had the Michael bishop. Kordell Stewart. You seem like it's a good thing I don't want Kordell Stewart's I want. Tom Brady and want Russell Wilson on line you don't let that guy who will prosper as I can also sort of run. It's well hey give Drew Brees and if you want an error and ride his bag of by Stewart. Was that guy who. Rand first because he wasn't good thrown passes and now the for the tech. Patriots to be able to poll of franchise quarterback off the bench. To pull that game out. Water and on and then the whole talk after that was what's gonna happen in the Super Bowl you have Bledsoe do you have Brady. There was every decision if and medical cleared Brady was the most no brainer of all time. No brainer at this little freelance job ahead working this production company in Jersey where I was the money after the AFC championship for him over. Where was the Monday after some rule 36 pretty young over miserable. Physically miserable but just so full of joy that I couldn't feel any of the pain. And I remember. After the patriots won Super Bowl 36 and I won the football squares like I want a couple hundred dollars all the money from the space several tornadoes that Brooklyn. That I I won and I hugged him I jumped off a self aware of talking to guys Milan before we hugged fell to the ground. And I remember I had this little like indecent proposal moments where my body was hosted parties go to. And I team up votes and then he just took the money and he was thrown ones in five. I was just in a row I. But it you know all this money just. Like if you like this is truly at that point did you. No joke either I think like I was a month than it was two months at a dating my now wife who's bore me to the most votes ever. So many images in true. Per share. It's still a top five moment in my life that the time may be the happiest I've ever been notre yeah. There's a level of euphoria you only she and I hit it and the only other patriots moments while the only other Malia felt. Butler. Was it over time it's about 51. But that that that first time you can like. It would be like you know I mean did it did measures history even. It's stepped in like what it must be lights hi when your dates to a terrible drugs but. They say it's never I guess is that is the first that yeah burst that first time. You know they say I was 4950 was 36. Would say 36 because there was no there was a 4936. In at thirtieth and 39 before 51 even though it's the greatest comeback ever. And 49 told you after we have seen in the catch him in the Manningham and retiree and we got polled. You know from. You know from the or house to the penthouse so quickly with a Malcolm and recession but they're just wasn't anything like that. That didn't have is what how shocked I am that you get it doesn't happen. It stands by itself that it really truly had done so well at expectation yes in full what had transpired at fifteen years prior in Boston. Wait chance hired all of viable lives pride this with the patriots. It it's gonna stand alone and I don't know that for what it would take for something to overtake him because if last year didn't do it. Not that well I think it's that the conversation between that. Well the whole for Red Sox I think that's a fair apples to apples comparison but as far as the other super bulls it's always been. Mean them but even though for Red Sox they were. Predicted by many in the World Series Sports Illustrated every ounce of the patriot that she's true to drill and I am torn sixteen were supposed to when the ball. Nobody said oh by the way and 21 injury. Meet on 23 in. Mean mean mean later it is funny how how. We seem to have battle these amazing things there always a little different and amazing in their own right the great comeback. The last sec general and by now on the mountain. Agreement not to Butler and nobody. The amazing season that we've just recap the year in 2001. Our guys were going to wrap this one up. And when you're saying it if if the thing Super Bowl party with the money. You said indecent proposal I kept thinking of kingpin. When he city as the while throwing money in the air and his friends and they would eyes principle. Their mom is now is pleasure where's it yeah I think. Your houses up against the wall throwing money here. That's that's an ice you have to cram expanded over the Carter just go. It was so great then later that night went home went back to the apartment in Brooklyn got on the phone I know when I was still my buddy's house on the phone my dad. Probably wasn't even my own cell phone that it was so broke that even afford a minutes plan. On somebody's found department general quake and then tells us that night as I have a I think it's over with this that girl Emily and air. And I did and I was the first time. We know we've been dating month and a half and I was like. Thank you Jermaine away and rich kids seem all our I don't lose as the owner irons in my mind act where you wouldn't examined. I. And it's Super Bowl tradition of going to my buddy's house him rocked in the and a little separate and attached. Posted its that is a grudging just have built in onto intern in economy and capable by this time. Married got a five year old and a he'd be at home with a a sitter. And we bring the five year old and it's funny mentions is just the other day I had all our old pictures and on to a portable hard drive. It's filled with pictures of us at that card and meet like point into the TV and costly ultimately you know where an hour. Are like cheesy like Lee ninth easily PT it's steering crap. And oil blew a giant numbers. Of exactly and like you know that would deal on average and through this daddy. IE every time a year that you'll see and does well or if I watched them the America's game which right until nine elevenths with the with the players crying and I am. I am for and Pavlov dog like I burst into tears like of them pepper spray every time India and the. And Oprah I was on a patriots fan site at that time and my old he analyzes. Mole rats penis. Look it up it's in my book and then I switched it to its ability it's good yes exactly and I had to change it from. The worst moment in patriots history which was Moet pianist two of the best moment which is it's good it's good and I. Everytime I hear it I have the exact same reaction and I. I age. Well I was eight to the mile up the road here apart and we are ranting. With my buddy's. House and immigrant here right wherever I am market street this industry. Elmira street and street. I could still walk there right now talent. It would mean if you know if you aren't so John you block if I was we're still going to just crash there in a moment. So the yen after it was over we go into the green briar and jump to people's pick up trucks that we never met before cars were Honda people hungry out I was in Brooklyn what was the scene like Specter and it must've been down Washington street it was he saved his charity drop before and we literally jumped in the back of pickup trucks in the would double parade fifty yards then jump out and hi by the driver and it was knots. When the Greenbrier Weasley and insulin closed. And then came back and drink giving a free agent pass that were re. The next day same thing no and then we head of the parade him first and we had to put it the first time that Portuguese that's how old price was didn't know what to do that they they brought the dark take on duke. My sister sent me a picture of 86 Celtics parade in Larry Bird was standing in the back of pickup truck with Greg kite like for the guys. It was a pickup truck they were part of the he got lost cabinet that puts them. And out of the and that's from the duck boats started because the Boston duck boat company genius Lee said hey guys will give you as their votes for free. The GM plant and evening and meters and use our stuff of group of publicity for us and it took Nana City Hall. Do you remember that Troy Brown because the patriots have been as overnight sensation. Was recruited right where blasted you the NFL united way to go out any did the bingo. And so at the parade goes back and go I know we now where it. I'll wait again my but the funny thing is my that's not my favorite moment even from those commercials. Doesn't Tony Gonzales like who's supposedly that was the most sure handed person and I felt the time is fast Intel has it's to have a man isn't just that. Great piece of physical comedy that I was decked out next being. Brought up but it. But it. You haters gonna Janus okay fine. The first. Piece of hate SK AG -- tests tighten Currie came from that fire that a vote. That's it was a memorable when we start with when we reverse the parcel that was secured doc butchered. Our guys that's in this episode we're going to just quickly announced our poll topics we've got a new thing we're gonna default topics. For what we're gonna talk on the next absorb pull topic number one the career Marvin Hagler. When a great all time boxers or Boston sports history shore middleweight champion. I stand before you one of the few social guys who never met him everybody are that's a certain age has a I saw Myron handler and haven't practiced at 2 AM or whatever story but okay one of the absolute legend has sued that would be huge in the city of champions Brockton worked with some of the Marciano is there a super defensive of his legacy and and and how. You know great although the brought in guys tour. Is topic number two code did the and the monkey bones get there in the garden rafters with it to mark down. I'll let. I remember when they short on the original Boston area about Tebow and they found monkey bones in the top of the bus and earned the fan knows what old really hear that. That's me now is they've probably escape from mr. because they were they they they found. The plot not es somebody if you made it here now hour six through. It's like. Please corroborate at me they found bones. Other fish and I and argued topic never did that at a Boston Garden we topic number two can I. Do I think I don't know I wanted to throw it garden memories because top five favorite Boston Garden memories as the oldest black and and you'll have Matty and for that I'm your own say hello gang went up gangsters and monkey bones is is in that hello we have we have days like top top five. Now our topic number three apple this week is going to be the 20022003. Patriots like that too. Because that was the opening -- it's Dana as the raising our first ever banner and it certainly right to cover Nazis in the war we break into 2003 season. But that's it for this week it's kind of emotional empire strikes back to think because like the bad guys. When. And holds it footnote that seat. He won that season with a double digit we speak. It's cool opera well playoffs and we also listed. As that's and in part of the documentary which I thought to have been please. In the preamble on 2000 scuba quickly of the for the love of god not the angles Saturday. Those are three pulled up next number one Marvin Hagler number two top five Boston Garden memories and number 30 to a three New England Patriots. By and check that out on Twitter and real BS. One a one and you can vote there he can also check out knicks even that point XT is also on the main show everyday from three to 7 PM. Daddy nick W. And Gerri where you find you Jerry's on line and also view on a link to my podcast at leases out shelled. And once again I'm your host uncle buck and he could find me on Twitter. Uncle buck to be once again for joining us. On this edition we promised them George and some more surprises next time you listen. So we since day in true George in speak at the end let's go pats and what do gangsters. Completely yell so on gangsters.