Boston Sports 101 - Most devastating injuries in Boston sports history 10-31-17

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Tuesday, October 31st

WAAF'S Nick Stevens, Uncle Buck and George Kippenhan are back in the podcenter to discuss Gordon Heyward's gruesome injury, and where it places among the most devastating injuries in Boston sports history


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All right we have back plus the sports one on one BS went one for sure I'm your host bus. And it's been a little while but we've got the group back together knicks' defense oh could you get what have gangsters are you guys doing. Even be here. The exact in the city and super site we get three quarters the band back together we get enough to play show and of course tonight were talking my favorite topic. People getting hurt not being able to sports. That was sort of a sports show had been talking about horrific gruesome sports injuries this injuries and I mean anyone listening knows that this is standing off the Gordon Hayward broken leg. Scenario if you haven't seen it broken every not aware of it. On what was your guys protection for side did you Wear worry was a one of those things because they had my first election sweet and hit it awesome. This is afraid I was only look at Gordon and. Wow what happened. Well let. Did everyone. Within the sound of our voices in this room was and everyone told what he watched it live or not I didn't yeah but. Everyone said don't look at it don't watch in the news like well mainly I heard this thing like is that like this scene and Hartley. Hostile or assigned in the like why I don't watch than I really wish I didn't yes it will rise brutal I had just come from. Doing the most obnoxious that first world of afterward chores to swap out my iPhone five for 2000. And right. And again home and I couldn't adamant that for you think right now while data that's Davenport was busy that. He was. Open but it was picking up that he was speaking of the composite board for the new deck so. I. Think that's a real deep inside and it's apple so. I tart but the funny thing is. I turn on the new phone when I get home the first text message I get. Is from another little Boston sports it's Decker apartment and the first things says I deceit gruesome injury. And like oh god this is awful I think that's a career killer liked Ono is Jeremy who did this was shot now. So I know let's Celtics tip off night and I was driving home I did not listen to any of its wanted to get home and just aren't DVR. I always say they would only talking this way it's come from Boston sports channel on tax alone knows is he. There Irving. And then of course open Twitter and that ever disliked. Hayward apps word lies like the poor guy it's over it's broken yeah I would admit that clip is Marcus Smart but. Now I was in Connecticut for work and I was watching. The game. And I missed the first five minutes which is just as that was it that was it and five minutes fifteen seconds into Acela square of the year and it's one of those things where. You can tell they had revolve so much of their game plan for the season around this guy right. And it was horrific to look at the field the guy now immediately and for the team was look devastated obviously all he went through with that with that letter to die right and breaking up with that fan base complex organs that the common and his relationship with The Hague coats. Allegheny recruited by Isaiah antenna switching over retiree in and that new romance and all of us getting excited and they run an Alley oops early in the game. It was in Beaumont at Johns you know back the blank up like I for one was ridiculously excited to watch Courtney were plays for the Celtics this year because. I love this game for years ever since he almost. Banked one in and beat duke yeah right you don't hit it was devastating. The injury was devastating but that. The team's reaction to be injury yet so that it is it that you read it goes silent people can't look at you've got guys like grown men that have gone through hell lot more than we have. Hands over mounds they can't look at the people crying like he means foot. Your your footage is not supposed to bang and a ninety degree turn. And I'm driving time via my sons to finish on deck hockey I pick them up after the game drive and homer listen to radio and we just here at home anywhere to charities down. And then grandy on the bright I guess it's just going and what was once a bright shining outlook to the beginning about. Just thought. Waxed poetic here about what we're you know do right he is over what happened again. And as we get back we DVR rewind it and my son Chad ten walks in the room at the exact time it happens just goes up. It in the opposite I have my father over he's watched the game in a product. They're huge free agent signing their big free agent I don't yet dad that's our big free agent guy. And I sent it goes well he got he's free. That's six. Today little levity but so we wanted to cover what so what are some of the tougher injuries taken issue bus supports us and without all sunshine and rainbows your obvious 119. That we've just got to start opposite mostly injuries at one came back it was fine. But there are two injuries and that really stick out for anyone as the Boston sports and there were just devastating and in just really hard to watch this. On this list it's either really devastating injury is part happened to the team that season. Or eight spam and reads this really gruesome watching me hit one. And that's why yeah why don't watch again it's like that pork in the pro it's like Paul George's it's a decade from Louisville as like a lot of years ago just my size and that's exact if your wrestling fan when Sid Vicious came off the second openly and number one foot it's. Aftermath. Boy does YouTube out right now mentally tough but so we just wanted to mention a top editor ranked he's but it is certainly I think the worst that Boston's forces ever seen 97 he. There are stunningly getting it pre season paralyzed and in a wheelchair the rest of his life against McCain is against the raiders. He passes away in 2007. And then of course Travis Roy for the BU hockey team. Just eleven seconds on the Tyson's first or fifth and ends up going into the boards head first. Twenty year old is in military still appeared inspires people to the which is a mean. Doc about an amazing like he's live from south. They did a great. PM it was fantastic I actually see him at the post office he runs nonprofit. And he takes a nonprofit permits for his foundation and its. It was it was charming guy when at what inspirational guy yeah you could throw in the towel and a half. You literally have it all taken away I don't you have all this promise all this potential all that hype and that like Gordon Hayward. You know what he'll probably have like. A miserable rehab so probably have like some calcium deposits have licensed art issues and after work his way through in May be the stretch an extra five minutes and two more PT next season he's gonna play again. You'll be all right. Travis for the poor kid had the most primary of functions taken away from. And instead of just punting on licensing woe is me has turned himself into. An inspiration god bless the. Now active since then he has regained use his right arm which is amazing. Com. At any still doing him greatly if he could I don't it would be if just one down in on it's it's that. On right so let's talk about and some of the more obviously not life threatening. Scenarios in the history Boston sports. On I can add a ranked as a team you guys to step in when you feel like you agree memory from not. On what many great memories affect our remember how much fun it was that time this guy broke that and then everything just. It's connecting every three. And I think it's and he. Why are things that happened before my time so it. It's been this argument that's work. The substance probably the most disappointing Celtics a team of all time because the fact they had won these violent games in sixty games a year they've got. I would check the deck Allen's. On and they go to the Eastern Conference final to face the number two seed knicks beat by 11 games in the am in the conference. And in 193 applicant have a tech's effort this dislocated shoulder. And that pretty much in the series sedan and a and a 31 amateur comes back in the next two games scored eighteen and ten points very heroically. But in game seven the Celtics do fall for the first time ever and a game seven. To their hated rival next. That obviously that injury was devastating as far as what that team could've done a third chip in the seventy. On 1982 of the Eastern Conference finals the Celtics 76ers Celtics trying to defend. They're chamber each of 19811. If he had something similar happens we're Nate tiny Archibald. Suffered a dislocated shoulder one minute into the third game he never plays again in a losing. 43 in seven to a Philadelphia. He was averaging eight assists a game at least he has removed from an MVP I think at that point he was. Such an underrated play you one of the fifty greatest players of all time it was name he's eight. Tiny Archibald is quite tiny Archibald made the top fifty top it and evolved and now oh man. And shut the front door and now it's time the royals to prior yet anyways I mean I really solve it. After a while its owner Louis I was talked out an area that was a great sixers team too but that was some sixes yet that was to exit the sixers he. Sixers Salvador Bob regional data and Tony so. High and ME Mikhail wasn't quite he was still six man and a point. Parrish was you know early in the in his prime he was getting there. And it just felt like at least a year with and that was really the last time you sign anything great with the tiny irritable situation until. Dennis Johnson Johnson's four SO. And I think that's going to be a recurring theme here. Is not going to be just like oh remember the moment like who knows what the potential of this particular 20172018. Self extremist. You know six games and now they look like they're making when they get the rooks and the second year Jalen brown the rookie Tatum. They still may be able to make serious waves in their conference a lot of times we're gonna see year. These injuries really cost that team from basketball some and baseball of course it to a few that you guys are already thinking about with snow and on football. And were also in the seat some injuries that inspired the George George you're the helpful First Act tees I knowing your guide notes that you have won a monstrous 187. On the for the Celtics yeah absolutely that the Kevin McHale foot injury Iranians and being honest put. Caused eight. Actually ever written down and I of course notes. Then the big Q a bone in his right foot. This could use a lot there but despite doctor's orders he knew that it that it times the window was closing on him bird in that parish. The sights the play despite Byrd telling him not to when he all right. And in just wide doubtful would widen the entire wall and I. There's a lot of rehab that goes and when you have that injury is a lot of different exercises yet to do that you don't have to perform the minute no particular order. Public affix that post. On the McCain L and of course a lot that year who also suffering from problems at his speed data meant you know historical problems with him in Wideman was also hurt yeah but it was there and Danny Ainge was hurt in the playoffs. You know battery issue just as good this is the 86 team was agree is still considered the greatest of the team's all time might be the greatest pass it might that you could put the 86 Celtics. Up with anyone and all healthy sure absolutely you know in the aging but it was the one thing we're missile from that year was that matchup of the lakers we had a Canada limited the rock get a standing instead we get robbed with a with kind of signaled it may be rockets again in time. Had their chance. Also. The Len Bias. Overdose happens and that was a bad injury no it was a very but I. But at the original company as many minutes may be that injury doesn't happen maybe doesn't rights that you play you know so so much. As you know it could have been avoided them and to keep on ticking missed it. I and the following year bird only played six games before he goes out whispers in the split. Honest eons of surgery here in the back problems after reportedly helping his mother paved driveway you know and then that pretty much kills him for 9192. Missed fifty games. On that was the first injury I really remember like hurting me that was mine academy camp why's Larry Bird land on the sidelines like. Isn't that the same kept hearing about and you know come up short on the shots in playoff games against the pistons. As. His back paradigm and you know it's it's a shame that he heard himself that way but obviously a guy with his you know money in stature. Couldn't have afforded to help this would drive right on pays traveler Hanik. But it it is perhaps heartbreaking to see magic still a little play via Jordan was obviously coming into his prime yeah. And then magic smokers taking away from the aids buyers. Not an injury but. But the fact of the matter that sound you just remember one bird was really breaking down years. Does sit there and watch. You know his contemporaries they'll be able to do it that way estimated really notes I've heard only spent about ten years again that was it in debt. His crew was cut short in his body was so ravaged from him just playing so hard those years sure and he played four straight years. Of NBA finals so playing this is 3530. There's something years ago to there's no Guerrero for Larry Bird there now. You know that I'm sure there was a lot of calls hot a lot of the you know these guys happy now. These guys in the injuries are only getting more severe sports because the athletes are getting bigger faster in the plan that much the plan that much harder but. These these guys back in the if they think like only played ten years while watching Tom Brady. Play in his eighteenth season and play it. In 83. And then he stepped up tonight injury nice tree thank you also in that's a pretty sure once again. That's the ultimate injury that is as tough the toughest one. On Reggie Lewis at a Apple Store traffic it's if it's an injury. I'm. So we're down with you now only question do you everywhere that happen. He said I don't actually knew Reggie Lewis collapsed on the court I think they are practice right. You know it's an EE collapsed in a game I think was Carol him it's not done. NBA Amy collapse and then it took them off the court. And then they did some. Was doctor my germ or it was a funny kind of cheating name. Cleared in the plan memory at a press out of him his wife declared on the fly. And then practice in maul them mentally collapse that the and its partners and but he was nose or not mean I think it was much. Who hecklers on. About apathy sixteen years later Kevin Garnett this Celtics go out and then the impeach him to 2008 to revitalize in the franchise. No reason it's here in the run that back to back what exactly Indian and the injuries the Utah's season and later. In the year against that Orlando non contact rebound. Hoping to get him back of the Florida never ends up happening this opportunity nineteen game winning streak at one point in the season is off or not. Umpire Orlando in the playoffs theory the idea and then Orlando in particular cat suit then and they went on to lose lakers files that would be great the lakers Celtics rematch yeah. I certainly think. When it hears of it. Yeah yeah if it would itself. And then yeah tears there a year later in the 2010 finals in game six Celtics it's true. They go to LA Kendrick Perkins and his his unit first quarter rebound. And they just get wiped off the floor in six it was like demoralizing and almost like they had a Mac and head out lethal tomorrow type of mentality which is disappointing. But they come out they fight really hard in game seven. The independently. On its on the middle 97 point lead with about five minutes ago and then for women held his meta world peace start draining because they couldn't get a rebound our right can be just Kendrick Perkins is right it's right kept account. And so that was obviously really painful and then I guess the last moments of the Celtics to doesn't their team. We're not Rondo had a torn AC on January admits in this one because Georgie mentioned it now these and that being. Necessarily terrible so I haven't would Rondo here's the tears the AC on January. The Celtics. Go one of the playoffs and they lose a percent of the knicks in and six. On but it was the final season appears to Garnett because Danny decides you know what justices Elena and we gamble that he makes it treated nets which is obvious that led to what we're looking at right now. Right and basically rebirth like Q that's like donuts franchise within ten years has gone through two major successful reboots but it appears that you know with the youth movement on this one this one's got a chance to really. Have some like that I was part the Red Sox for a second. I'm I'm gonna skip everything prewar or two OK just today just time here on but is worth mentioning that nineteen around 46. We talked about this in the past. I can remember it. Yesterday the Red Sox as well and his that's right the Red Sox ahead of the World Series just defeated the Jerry is over and yeah. In Europe. They're fighting each other folks and with that the the Red Sox to win the American League and but because of a three game playoff between the Dodgers and cardinals. The Red Sox owner at that time decides the Red Sox decent tune up games. Begin three. Exhibition games against all of the American League all stars at Fenway Park on cool by the way that aren't this difficult time for the dodges an awful law. So for our country. How do you feel the people in the but so in game to have that name he'll have to this series we're at this hour the right. It's telling that to pick up off the elbow and and that a hitting only 200 network through the Boudreau shift. Being big enemy of Ted in 1946 rosary she honestly obviously points and a Bain his. Chris Medina. Well it is there for Williams brought it with Benito and I didn't realize is that with him research for the show but terribly in 1950. Broke his elbow in the 1950 also burning in wall exceed broke the radio portion oboe though and that. X ray for some odd reason to become op if you like feel box eighteen are sewn and come down the ramp towards the concourse. Up where the effort stayed areas there at X rays still up on the wall for some reason siblings both look pretty good radio tomorrow. I guess there was no you know laws regarding patient privacy oh at all you know a lot and a couple of algae. But it ended up missing 8019 year the Sox and the pins in there. Tony Clinton regularly aero don't EC. August of 1967. Takes fastball that was left guy from start reject and opened. Wrap rakes his cheekbones damages retton has left guy and then dislocated I think there's a right. This look it's his job the famous sports Austria ever with a huge black I think that actually came out two years later but talking about when it happens there. He misses almost 68 when he home runs and 69 and signs of trees away. That never and never mind that after everything and you let Austin zone correctly but it happens 967 and August as the maker mistress towards. There Mitchell plan for an answer in World Series loss the right. The cardinals. Cart there are comps we can make to contemporary entries which will get on. Later but that's one of those ones like. They're streaking towards it like this is gonna happen. The only thing that could do real momentum now is an injury and then fastball like Tony C was the youngest player in base history in under bride. So you know it's every meeting with the very bright future crop of its computers every four. This had a devastating injury when he probably of the Indians collides with a home plate. What's amazing about this one for me is that it actually. He's kneecap and the other way exactly nineties by the way I can't imagine. Ever existed but all the way it was like it was collision at home plate. But what ended up happening was he tore several knee ligaments and and reconstructive surgery was told never play again. In Stanley he does he develops a sweet tech so he would never again you know deal with the guy coming and home play accident that was an Yankee. Without without the the famous discs we tag. Anyway he in the comeback moments later yeah it's 3311975. In 1975 though. Is the the Red Sox facing Detroit in Bern rule. Who leads Jim Rice. The rookie coming up. In the second inning and and ends up breaking his hand. In rice ends up missing 1975 playoffs and ultimately the World Series that they lose and seven you think we can be impressed that outlook account is one of the native desperate and it bitterness that these days currents are. In 76 this time it's brought home plate between canola a loop now the Yankees and NF disk. And Mickey rivers comes and we need to bench is brawl in in you know throw punches and Billy space and Billy. Who is right in the thick of things and the injuring his arm. Lee gets objective for his part he had in in the fight that really misses the rest of the 76 and 77 seasons of that 75 team was so great. Gets the rail partly because injury Billy Knight so there's a nice another window blown up from a freak injury medals. Let's passport away in 2000. Red Sox that relief pitcher Bryce Florie as this game. Issue overdo it either is it significant injury in 1999 member Pedro hurt Pedro got hurt that was 99 right but still pitched his way. In he came in in the playoffs didn't have a fastball couldn't throw Pedro who's. In 1999 in September 99 that seventeenth straight game is yankees. He was touching 9798. In the ninth inning yeah he was so and we do. And that was I hear it was here he had struck out seventeen and gave up a one hit currently it's Hilton alligators you know. Six innings perfect ball against Cleveland now that's the Pedro legend you're right and that's like NC that's when you're injured and you consider not just play through it adapts. But I think it's mean it might be easier to adapt in baseball that's a good quit like Google sidebar question. What you know what sport and you adapt in where can where's it easier. It's probably enough was wrong Pedro and I. There's something wrong with that showed he could mean it was fast that's pretty unbelievable over his shoulder was junket it wasn't like Pedro pitched well like like. You know Brady's got that AC thing going on this year that is on throwing shoulder right was it paid prison on throwing shoulder was is throwing shoulder and the guys still through some of the best buy and beat the Yankees in the LC as the one went right actually thought tonight yen at one that was its when he or something to regain portrayal there had nineteen home runs. Brian Daubach had two solid operator L a our shoppers I love to trek but it was in 2000 embrace Larry took a series and you retook a line drive remember that now face throughout respect that was less you could hear. He was bleeding from his face on the field much and not because of the 2000 Red Sox necessarily we're going to be world beaters value Haniyeh floors get this advice for getting aid that. Yeah he didn't say he seemed is that. What we need to get rapid pace. It if you going if you Google that the images of chess or fund that's again one of those things it's like if you Google it if you'd to it we don't want to I don't want to. No doubt about it all ever recover from the guy who yes does the door modcast fifty greens are movies. Which is a fun listened achievers. And typically what they're real quick yes now let's get it related to play Georgia is fifty anchored a thriller where do you think probably did when you think there actually gonna start wearing. Face masks and basketball area there's yet out there already talking about it they've tested they've piloted that helmets for pitchers. House until they actually Wear face mask errors in my they deal it's. Why take the chance if only won two in cart list it happens every year OK fine that's still one person who mayor Mina proceed think walking. I think in frequency of it is what has not happened yet I do you know that the NCAA softball and they now have the pictures. The female between blaring at least and I've been how there's basically if you look like. Sounds it'll it's like listen if the keys from take enough softball for the phase five and Ian UB. Worker Rupert person. Mom to have mean how does the mask you across the face. I. These guys recall in March 2001 when Nomar grace the cover Sports Illustrated shirt to do definitely terrorists and that body. All natural that was definitely just push ups and granola and so what Abbott a week later he was out of the season was in the when I wrote it deceit and get in get a split. Tendon in his wrist. They dated back to being hit by an issue as early as right yes and she that is. And an. It's it's still happens but. Yet Nomar was all jacked up with dot com and desperate this Red Sox team has got this number the member of what did your favorites are winning the world's had any expectations. Those are what that was like it all those weird what's. What do you like better us with a couple World Series now or us. That's what realtors again and I have the memories of you like about us about. When he World Series the intake those memories and now I'm definitely guy likes being or celebrate Martina and I realized it yet. I'd that's whenever the Red Sox in the of the Red Sox at the I have another browser July 1 2004. You know did did no bars on the bench with an Achilles. Injury now. Quote unquote yet and they're either jumps into the stands cementing his legacy is. The shortstop of the time. And don't Meyer who was in the conversation. Is on the bench being asked the penchant for pokey Reese he's not going to refuse refuses and India as a remedy announces its saying. It is Nomar on the bench he's heard he he he's not going into this game we don't know why is not in the capital IQ let's be really hurt yeah us here that an extra innings. It just. That touting his team cowering girls and to the hurdles and is this race his face really cement the Jeter's legacy and really need to parent cars derailed Bill Maher isn't really turned the city against. You know what I choose a shame too because no mark that I was on your top five favorites wrestlers I queens like the great wrestler doubles which. Or go again it was a bag and this man was don't call it red army I went from loving no mark to being so disappointed that I do have many more an eating Jeter. Do you guys still on the planet but at least at least respect respect there and I get another it's a century about in 2012 when Larry Lucchino had that brain injuries decided higher body balance. Actually the greatest but not the greatest landlords and ended up working out probably the most inspirational Red Sox in your ball time curt Schilling's place ought to ask about that app for being a hero prevailing through injury the procedure involves the placement three sutures through the ankle. Through the skin interior to the path. The Perot is premised ended into the underlying deep connective tissue. It's. This procedure also make you legends. Yes it does most people think. There are still yankees and so I think that like you know it's them all with special effects go pump the blood for effect on the well people people that people forget bill Morgan he he deserves the credit that was his idea to deal would do that I was looking into this they call the Schilling. I think it's of the shall execute serves and -- recently that the big names that they will they haven't what's amazing weather though he did the procedure in the next morning Kurt woke up and some he couldn't walk him in what happened was one of the stitches the after stitches they put nerve. Yeah and he says that once it's out. The spot this close at his post and now it's I reading up on this this hosting the stitches out immediately Escude right now. That still puts in the World Series. Did it again thing on yet they did the procedure again Douglas the hall of fame yet. And I don't know though why the big east in punt. I don't read a lot of the Bruins. I know that everyone here last in my area of expertise to do with being at a static port eighty yard that is old. I was an impairment but I tell you as he does. Sure about it once at the end is is years they expect his head after getting to a fight with a teammate during practice. But this one actually as a teammate who is probably the most horrific. Sports injury that I can think of it and it happened during game. That didn't involve the Boston are getting injured but involve the Boston injuring somebody. Nine 1933. Eddie shores and very upset because he was injured. During the game becomes up charging towards Ace Bailey. Via. Maple Leafs in trips him from behind now looking. Daily falls backwards smashes his hand in skull on the ice and Bailey's transported immediately hospital for fractured skull. In suffers cerebral hemorrhaging to throughout the night in his death seemed animate him. In it. After two surgeries to relieve pressure in the brain who. Pales in some just the living theme slam. But means of recovering and the following year NHL all star game one of the most famous pictures and all hockey a Bailey standing along the boards and Stewart over there. With a helmet it was the initiation of helmets and the national hockey. I'll ask you about about the where each door was. Now in the forefront of trying to now you know guys would realize how sensitive their heads in me. Daily for giving sure like that and one of the classic photos and all and all if you're asking complete ons a.'s daily die at 9/11 current. Median income of a whole field I've I've Helio former Bruins player was. Arguing that a present and maple hide them he has apologized. That's very. We'll we'll edit that. So. Can use think just again. Now mentored I didn't bring my dad's a mandatory helmets for another forty years but it was that time it was a revolutionary act which for a can you imagine playing hockey now. No because I can't skate but what can you imagine playing hockey. When I forget a face mask that would per protect your entire visage how about Helm period. There was a time for exactly goalies and Wear masks now. The fifties and sixties as always they Wear masks right and now they're covered head to toe in pads and body armor but there's a time they didn't even Wear. Masks there was another Ace Bailey who played for the Bruins who died in a while look at the big brain on George. Thank you went on well. Now. Are let's fast forward 1967. Body or takes a a tough shot at Taft check in hands of injuring his neat limits until we 46 games at year. And it really started the the onslaught of knee injury problems that independent first reared plays ten seasons. He still considered one of the three greats of others at the comp to Larry Bird Larry Bird yeah I was just thinking is incredible. Any of the attacks in these thirty. On in 1960 Steinberg. With this in a 269 during exhibition game when the Bruins take green was involved in a fight with saint Louis blues Wayne Mackie two players begin swinging the sticks. MacKey strikes green and hated. Green suffered a fractured skull that was left paralyzed with little hope of pursuit resuming any kind of NATO career. A year later green is miraculously returning to the NHL the metal plate as it. Works fine them catch him reds of the microwave and beat my pain to get going hamper. But number eighty makes an inmate agree makes an amazing recovery and that being on the team when Stanley Cup in 1972. And eons that winning three WHA championships. Starting and that he symmetry. Norman about VA. The nineteen year old first round former first round pick of the Boston Bruins. In 1982 in the taken we can check. Up on the boards in the connects. In the locker room after the game collapses in the brain hemorrhage. Norman's. A surgery saves his life but he ends of the coma for three weeks. This is careers over obviously it but he was able to regain the ability to walk. Laws on people that are huge fans of football. Is the fact that football just as an own the world and dangers football does not own the world of head injuries and sports it. Brutal so but the most kind of memorable thing about his career probably comes in last night in Boston Garden. As their clothes and doling them report helps him to skate over to the rest of the Bruins legends. But has said. Chapter certainly in Boston sports this them they can't great promise and that. Anchor cut short. Men in 1991 and as far as the greatness of certain Bruins teams this is the one it probably hurts the most. I was conference finals game three. The Bruins have been in the cup finals the year before the Oilers and the loss the year that lost the power yet and 1990 yet fought on the as an area yeah and then. So now the following year they they win on the hundred points there's there's tops and conference. They have the number one seed. And the ticket to nothing series lead over Pittsburgh. When he dirty hit by Los Angeles and a mother by that and a half hour today need cam nearly knocks him out of the game. Stuns the Bruins all Samuelson that break and Ulf check menial labor and Rick AB Ulf. I thought could did it but his father's. Tattoo was named of what does close mean there will have Will Ferrell star in the movie about them aloof the bruins' best players out and it happened next or means the penguins. What really stings the penguins obviously one of the cup final and they played seven seed Minnesota north stars who just riding to beat them. And maybe in six games means Brunswick and it and it's about equivalent of if that is just gotten by Peyton Manning could have faced Rex Grossman. That's that. I one last time for the Bruins and this kind of goes back VA shortening Boston Bruins defenseman Marty McSorley. It's hard to stop the first time since 1988 and it's a player and faced. A criminal assault charge when he attacks. Donald ever hear of the connects with his stick. In game can be used that. I brush here actually was convulsed the guys that it was pretty it was real that was really as unnecessary. Who was the player he used to play for he played for Harvard means HL. And a guy acts like popped up on his back in like. Club in the over the and the pork it fell down face first it was temporarily paralyzed but then. Took a long time recover never played hockey early and that he had Ayman that was I was on to an inch of frame by frame for him and he basically to the stick behind and just popped it already is just like it was. That there was no hockey in the play it was just a flat out assault the Marty McSorley went down this year Bashir luckily recovered in the cabinet. The career averages at Atlanta somebody outs now bounce up has not discussed still pretty confident saying this had is not about. It's one of the patriots in which their final team on the board here. On Bruins after is just really I am I told him how happy presently is like with the Red Sox we had a couple of your showed it today Curt Schilling 2004 or not. You know the mood has no Barbara Pedro model and it and it doesn't tailored Barrett and the prospect where they're in ruins. While that was all empire strikes back and in a in a prep is is you know he's the example that I came up but doesn't mean that they're not all included that there are some of the ones out there please if you if you have some. The weakness in Texas over real BS 11 on Twitter. We just there would love to hear some example we might have missed. I'm trying to add into the next joke on for the patriots the first one it kind of want Adam to excel. Hot you know obviously at thinking about the Stanley had. That the number one of the first one that kind of comes to mind for me for the patriots is when DOS in the first play those processes of Super Bowl. That one turned around he collapses in such an odd that he collapse is almost like a static cops you respect like to pyramid. He went down just didn't get it and it just like David Cameron it was the first half and author of the plans after Peyton and fumbled while the pain of fumbled. Right and they get the ball you like in that listen he scores a touchdown there you know or even Stanley Morgan in the following blatantly obvious like going to be that pairs team. But it was just devastating to see that happen the first play your first liberal and amp it's a season Ender yet. That was protest I'm pretty sure it's a counselor and pretty sure though I'm gonna go with yet they probably work and when McCain. Would have been a different game would've been watchable for. Half. Or even maybe three quarters. Maybe you would have played a more like Super Bowl 31 where. The better team still ends up winning it just that it was a matter of the other team hanging on that I mean most liberal 31. Other pats that prevent cremate. The electorate. Speaking of which cell numbers are hard hit the let's up escorted and the 1998 season Robert Edwards draft. They don't get their talking about yesterday at the obvious com. This just happened yesterday when bears tight end Zach Miller. His leg bands that direction Lazard definitely not meant to bend and they had to perform. Legs stating not season or career saving leg saving surgery because he had short arteries that needed reparations so. That was a pretty important for blood flow and the health of your leg and Robert Edwards comes in. Patriots have been suffering for lack of good running back because they lose Curtis Martin and Bill Parcells first where he approaches obviously it was a pickers market that poison pill contractor. Yeah and at the idea and the jets is great for years. Robert Edwards comes out of the blue and is eight saving grace and running back for the patriot and hundred yards is a rookie and a bunch touchdowns two and people are paying great. New running back in the future. More than what the power back to death. I'd collar more and more punishing often asked just. Just got an idea yeah a little bit more on the Eddie George stuff in any goes and plays an NFL rookie flag football game and a wider admirable restraint in the sand and tried weed your yard. The injury was so bad he almost had evidently it. And and then and easily Natalie comes back Lee has pretty decent comeback career with the dolphins I mean all things considered I mean. He that he played again I mean is probably happy that it loses light for its they keep them happy is injury in the history of Boston's sports. Based on the result in the way it happened. Comes the Super Bowl 38. George mentioned at rock Rodney Harrison breaks his arm down on my guess second the last play of the game I know I played it last defenses must defense and play. Yes it was didn't break on that 85 yard touchdown we on the cot. Now he he broke it on the final drive. But he is eight is it war play they could substitution made its final. And then went now in was watching the game in the in that now with a bin Laden. Surgical tent that you know Terrence again bright and tens of no return it. Also Thornton's book covers Robert Edwards thing fantastic. It's. Rodney Harrison though there's that epic visual of him with one arm raised crying after they were in Super Bowl 38 and the other and this way honestly man like. A big how about his attitude now while we're on the set running there's an average of four time 2008. Halfway through the season gets hurt and he's on the cart driver off the field is as you can see him. Nothing I'm done is that I'm done and we know it is a shame because there goes one of our. A surprise recent favor via no laps led I think we can also when he first joined team. It was like we need this got a cast not ours their lawyer Gary employ him on tougher penalties he's known for being kind of up. He's got to be no Willie clay is dead Garrett. And a steady general affairs. How him at this is probably the most gruesome. Visual like to watch and it's not the Hayward injury. 2016 or sale breaks his arm against the bears. Eyes forearm. He picks it up you can watch and you to go ahead. His arm flops. Like this. Like guy it and he just kind of runs a feeling put on a giant RR. Or casts rounded. But it was the same game which Berry. Brady duke Brian Urlacher aria a bit out there trying to handle the Urlacher in the game now as a that was Thanksgiving weekend now let's it was I don't date here yeah that was which last six we tosses them. But in and here's one I didn't have this in chronological order but September 23 2001 week to. Let's mode the most it was ideas have been nearly appeals court threw me it's sadly almost kills and with the storm. Arteries the shortened the blood vessel is burning house husband Drew Bledsoe to combat delicately and it's serious yeah. He didn't play well when he came back the next series is asking about attitude to me and then they said you know we have it was statement yet and then he goes to national hospital nearly leads. Donovan were unbelievable and you know six week as some weeks later he comes back outside jab at the end. Speaking at arts because of injuries that season now about in the AFC championship game Tom Brady on the Brady gets the ankle injury and still plays through Tom and Tom Brady. Has played through more injuries that I think we will ever have listed right on this BS 11 Boston sports injuries. He plays to the sprained ankle and Super Bowl 36 and Super Bowl 42. Allegedly had a broken foot. He's had broken fingers played their sports tourney is in playoff games like. Never never never do a million different things Tom Brady one of them do not question his toughness. But let's talk about somebody here guys familiar with the website at jumped the shark talked about the news TV shows and when they can make it their terrible. Pointed ultimate downfall it had it apex is heading to Italy. Is known as the savior. It's a patron saint of of this website. Because whenever he joins the show married with children happy days yet if you had to name a patron saint of killing the patriots. That person would be Bernard Pollard. 2008 Brady and what was inching about this Britney had been on the injury report for literally a year and a half like from 2006 midway shoulder an alternate 2007. He's on the injury report amazingly take them off the injury report for the first game of the year 2008 what happens. We were there are out. We were there and don't forget he didn't play a single snap in the pre season offers for. That's correct I think was probably still healing from the surgery that he had after and also don't forget. He dean got his ankle using a walking boot between the AFC championship against the chargers in Super Bowl 42 as well so he was. Author hasn't banged up during what's considered the greatest season by a quarterback in the NFL yeah we were there that day. All the hopes and expectations we think and here comes the nineteen no run back baby. And then middle first quarter Ali. I. Separate separated and then. George Meehan about for the people outside to play a game called let's see if we can just drink Airways. Think a state goes to bared much room yet yeah well it was it was like when they won that game. Don't care. Has it as a win ever felt more like a loss at now that's the most Sig I still think this is. Maybe Tony can I look obviously the violence of Travis right in there too which prepped of these NASA. That has to be the most significant. Injury because they basically ran back out the 2007 team. And it's held at 115 John had a lot of added one Hotmail and Zack Crockett to its right. How insane Morse was healthy again and if you didn't get outs there's another entry. Middle of the 2007 season he doesn't break his clavicle or crushes raids against the cowboys and they have a secondary running back. Then there even greater offensive threat than they went that's it I'm just saying because you know same sort of war Justin Tuck and a so expect. Apartment for a minute here. 2009 to Davos is where my house now waited and we we comment on Paula videos that this. Is that it's Wes Welker and meaningless game at Houston final game here it is week seventeen. West makes a cut trying to avoid. Paula par Pollard. ACL and then they. And stuff behind weak get blown on the ravens did it in a game of blockers. Against the ravens Owens when he met him dead that's the word of settlement now one game I remember that Garcia that's with the the appearance element comes out of the book it has two touchdowns via via. And relic whose it's Ronny little Welker. Yeah I even called them well Christine you know it is. Not an and it's 20112012. This time it's the teach him mean. Jamie chip about ravens. Well actually this is. Yes rain out Pollard hit rock. It causes an ankle sprain limits him conceivable niche and I think they call we talked earlier say Kosmas who bought 100% a 100%. Koran does get injured many of C championship. They play the giants game that they barely lost the giants if they have grown in that game. He was uses the political game they have crock. A 100% and yes he was he was you just like it was also noted that could even come back on the interception that that ponds that hail Mary that rate in the Chase Blackburn. Intercepted in the second assistant. That he is attempt as a grown though. I looked up at games that we equipment is like looking at those games the loss to split. 75%. Of the players in the league would not have been able to take the field in the branches. Above ground but. You know it's one of my favorite page I'd remember after that game that's the moment Nate Nate locked out but the missed you ogle from there on yards 32 unique and he you know he's a brat thing NATO in the last. But down I just remember watching the post game and Steve Burton going Glock was seen leaving wearing a walking in like last. You guys can come on. And then obviously without that it was a big deal like Pollard Pollard. Tackles from behind and it is our exit was two weeks does that ma 02 weeks he'll be OK am and he wasn't there could there. I still think that some maybe one of the more impressive Belichick teams he was rebuilding the franchise instilled that possible once they had the defense featured. The defense. Andelman played defensive back in the normal. The defense was Mark Bradley. It's. Who replaced versions seen where that year Andre Carter. Linebackers were made oh. Away jumpers in. Other guy and they had nobody else and that that. We talked processor real it's it's a real Ochocinco was on the team and did not come one catch him one he Collins rule. And Brady did his thing east of the final pass of the game was significant. And important at fourth and whatever it was and I'd look at him differently if you got them. And while Welker dropping them. Outline that that that's that's so high calorie how rains tomorrow like if the rain about a fingers. Are out Lamar real quick from 2013. Again the catcher in the front and nets Vince Wilfork torn Achilles. Rocks ACL from TJ brown made it that was actually is important to those you know our our day. So Wilfork hurts himself in the game against the falcons in the Georgia Dome. Last play of the game broken up by a key to leave. And then of course rockets are in the December game against the browns they help everyone thought there gonna lose that game big time they come back to weigh in but again. We're a big win somehow feels like a loss for the crime we know we're going nowhere and then of course that was in Denver in 2014. And then Ron. Rockets hurt in Denver during the this Harper's mosque game as well that was I basically every time grunt gets hurt something goes wrong. Last year and yet watch where you feel it easily avoided last year you know it's funny it will Barack saying a gun that was terrible has really mute the AFC championship. That's what you think patriots fans were and we where are so I doubt it but all right before we close out your guys police after a quick wearable Julian ailments pre season injury you know seventy rank. When it's often done and we and is it maybe for gamble because we're able to eke this one out. Now or it's just he's become one of the most beloved patriots well I am and I think he's one of the game at the lava and answer. Now look at how much to the offense resident how much. During the first half that's when he seventeenth season how many times has Brady had to go on to five cents at drops in the dancer on the pocket and look for an option all it would damage delicate. Sneak his way open analysts all much of that offense moved because of settlement I think. You'll be talking about it in the top ten Boston sports injuries but she'll be looking at exactly how pivotal was and I wouldn't be surprised as much aid to say. If it affects his team's dental as a dozen of the best hands on the patriot teased that the drop you sometime that the Amendola has another handsome but. His. The missed he hasn't this mystique about him being on the field you feel confident when he's out day you feel confident with third nine he's gonna get tenure arts play when it really comes down to are we gonna threaten him in the Iowa that's been another episode of Boston's ports one on BS 11 for short. You can follow us on real BS 11 on Twitter I'm aunt uncle buck W yeah I nick. At oh boy nick Stephens and also every day Monday through Friday three to 7 PM on the man in show on WA. Yards at the other pets spam. He and ship that's dancing on YouTube that's right check it out next week brand new patriots 27 teams that's been saying on the quiet week episode. Agreed to yes that's the experiences of while you look enough these injuries. We'll probably be talking of how we'll see you next time for my fourth.