Bradfo and Drellich discuss the current state of the Red Sox and if they can keep rolling -- 8-13-17

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Sunday, August 13th

The guys finally get to the Red Sox and their big victory yesterday. They discuss why the team has made such a drastic push in the last few weeks, and Evan says it's because they're finally hitting, and hitting some HR's at that. 


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I am rob Bradford at seven delicate job Evan if I don't like people where to Connecticut school broadcast or whatever. With the Spacey chatted you training with each with the AT show that was my life absolutely is is there an inflection. Over the what is the proper delivery of the of them. I think you Wear whatever you did the opposite. I don't think that's true loafers a troop. Pretty close. To all the they tell you to do. Nobody are we got some we have some we got some suggestions for the avenue relic nicknames. On the tax climb the eight as a solution. Missed out excellent sponsor. About hotline is news blog the tech science on this on the tax flat out tax. We get some nickname for Evan we've been desperately trying to help his brand we. Couple weeks ago Chris sailer the UN he went on to the viewer on the street to show people pitcher Gavin and see you know this isn't one person thought he was governor arrow and then nobody else and so that those reports. Out now. Nobody else knew who you were sort trying to help you avenue we're trying to. Build your brand your bureau recluse. And so people on the tech side here's some peace he some of these ads of retired collaborative Q okay sure. And here's one the was see the need all the Brad throwing ED bag show. The emphasis on the and relic equals DH. A lot of fives though a lot of fudge is it. Scruffy scruffy it's. Keep keep a comic can become in this I think it's a potential of you could ever and that his nickname is only nickname he's ever had was word had some some Red Sox into what I do I think I wanna do that yes they do you won by I wanna pay off my keys also about my name. Yeah lower than. So my nickname in seventh grade was posture. Yes. He USS ER. That simply not. The reason was it was because. It was my name Bradford went to. Buford who shortened repeat third and began Buford and and there was a TV show called walking all. And the main character on that was called Buford keep pulse. So seventh grade my nickname was passed. Where you're popular person I was very popular. And as I've as Orlando vandross who called up thanks Orlando opened up for call up assistant basketball coach that you were cool on University of Virginia. To give us the lay of the land down Charlottesville. Earlier in the day and that'll be posted on line. Orlando who I went to one year private school prep school waited in your fancy you know I was the kid kid we'd better grades. But he called me one degrees baseball players he's ever played with a which is quite an accomplishment and one of the worst basketball players who's ever played. So anyway thanks to Orlando for. Calling up in a once again that's gonna be on WEEI dot com that audio along with all of Evan shenanigans. We talked a lot the first about an hour and a half about Charlotte field situation. And there the athletes' responsibilities within the baseball players we had said that you know after the game yesterday. Really no way in that'd come out and even the post game comments and anything about. What happened is I forms on to Charlotte than others yes John Doolittle created doubt and he also talked about it they also talked about it and he with the University of Virginia so that's understandable. But we talked about our baseball players the least political ball sports in and I said yes because I just think that that dynamic that environment doesn't lend itself to. Surfacing. Political issues. Odd because they just will be wanna go along get along a lot of times. So we talked about generally can call in 6177797937. To talk about doubt whatever you are correct my friend. That I did have something baseball wise to take issue with its own. Seoul. Last week we are talking about these threats passes before they want all these games this week. And I said wall if they are going to be the Yankees wasn't what the Yankees are gonna do the trade deadline it was to simply have the guys in their line up. We're gonna hit. The guys who were supposed to hit they were going to head. And that if they did that then they were going to beat the Yankees and you had said well these guys. They were there are expected to have anywhere close to the years that they did last year. That was an issue is that now you're making a police all right so what did you say I said that people expected too much improvement too much of the same from last year without account for the real possibility of what we've seen so far. That some of these guys wouldn't be quite the planet for example moved to bet that the offensive player he won last year right but nobody but nobody said you had to be exactly the office I'll tell you last week arguing with me that because of the age. Right when I said he was gonna be an error is. No no no none no none I said. Around. Around that's exactly what I said and if anybody ate like yourself who thinks update 8242526. Year old. In the prime of their career is gonna get exponentially worse after spending a couple years in the main post why after all because because avid if the whole premise of mark argument was if these guys were around what they were last year with the expects it expectation that they might get even a little bit better. Then they were gonna be okay but they have been and that's been one of the biggest problems with a construct of this show so you think in the last two weeks that those guys that you expected. To play well. Not all along regardless of email as you think at all today so comical dog you spent in ten easy example so you said that most been awesome most well okay you said day better attendee who spent not a couple of months in the major leagues. He would be right in your wheel house of a guy said we are expecting too much of him coming to this right. It wasn't specifically him I advice he had in May that he would end up with a better opposite OK that's OK okay so you had said bud you said we we expect a guy like that we expected too much. So have you ever a guy named Bill James. And who you work more outside part. So the Red Sox are putting together their blueprint and expectations you probably has little bit of assay. So here. If you get into Bennett and these projections from Bill James I know Bill James is off on a lot of things in his projections. But it will middle Brooks hitting fifty shots bill Jane I'm not. I'm on praising him right now. So when you look at what his projections were for injured bad intent. It wise twelve home runs through ninety batting average 794. OP yes. Those are just some of the things 38 doubles 160 points this is pre season pre season so right now. I mean he's basically. If he's given me all those if not outperform most. He's gonna have more strikeouts he was projected for 72 strikeouts he is 77 now. By you look at batting average 280 okay it's right around sixty homers outperformed. Seventeen doubles. He's you'd say he's on pace 65 RBIs basically oven at 359 CO OP yes means so he project him added by the I'm sorry not side. 8808. OP yes for into Bennett tenure right now pillaging of projected him at a central artery scheduled Lester record or no 12. So my point is is it your whole premise that these guys were all gonna take. Down here say that again I did not say that it's in general expectation that all these young players all these guys that a break yours is too that every single one of either gonna repeat what they did or be better which will most people and they weren't and they are going to by the way that's right beyond that but that's that is. Why you do do it Jackie Bradley sitting last week it's terrible case you know within about a terrorist too terrible. Terrible and you know him mariners terrible as I did it. What you are up this little conversely no I think ice says that that that that when the guys were there who were expected to be get better return on that's Mateen is going to be good to talk about one dollar and now you know and you talk to our other guys like rap while Jefferson's new bride Eduardo Nunez who doesn't do. OK so. You're two people one guy in the group who's doing really well Moreland. If he wasn't part of that realization last year as part of the blueprint of the team moron and a number of which about three. Bit but all these guys that's the problem when this team going Ford is that you need guys who haven't performed even during this win streak. Does in her Bogart's the smoky debt and not from a want you guys actually access rookie Beth as the tooth and an average the last two weeks. Oh loss if you look at. It's smoky bet smoky bets during that last nine games to a nine batting average 7930. Yes you can live with that. All right I can live with the disciples at the U. And many people were thought you were getting exactly and that's been the problem so in order to give it your save your senior gore like like it's been snow hasn't been fixed but it has. In Drew Bennett when I'm trying to point out when I'm trying to point out it's only diet is what Andrew Bennett and the importance of Andrew Bennett and he is it somebody. Somebody of this group is actually starting to perform up to levels now if if you if you don't. I'll say it again if you don't get more production from these other guys. You're gonna be in trouble don't care about win streaks. You're going to be in trouble you need more production they got very fortunate with the devers and new unions but they need more production from these other guys once they would benefit me. Is that. That is a step in the right direction that is how you win yes they cannot win without into a guy like him into Bennett and be stepping up that is why it. You are wrong you work out well now that you can if you if you're not even represented my argument properly I kind. I. Six point 77797937. So why do you think is the biggest reason why they start winning. It's in the home run right. The pitching glare and all your restaurants. That deeply and they go large part of that day ago but you still have that group of guys that were talking about pride that means that the killer bees the other kill or be they need to hit more if they do yeah. As you cannot rely on unions and dampers and more wind to be you or. Offensive. Centerpiece as a wrestler like it's been great that they've been bad but unions is going to fall back on earth. He has will but that and endeavor is already have a cabin that's the problem is that because you know it union's gonna fall back down earth you know the devers is probably in struggles at some point. This goes back to my original statement I sent it to trade deadline this isn't about what yeah eight under threat warming players need to perform at a very good rob that's accurate thank you thank you thank you liked it but thanks really got talent. The Sewell an ideal below par really honestly gonna mourn nicknames especially the that's pretty good do you think well what about to mine may discuss right predicted that intending. Would finish with a better all the interviews and keep it you think I'll be right on the and would you bond I don't I don't think this can and be in the case now why. Because I think that Bennett pennies on a hard street right now and I think you'll you'll you'll probably level off a little bit that you seem to pick and having Teemu group of people who. Through through you pick it up. The problem that you Panama and the Vietnam morally. 6177797937. Average relic well when nicknamed that would appeal why do I look wrong for having called the Red Sox always have a good one. Evan used to neutrality I liked that one. You elusive as elusive dude that's. That's a that actually might be the leader in the clubhouse. My elusive. And in drool and haven't driller. Who knew if there is and you McMahon. So anyway. 3793. Sevens at the text line 37937. I hope I'm not mean people have been easily have nicknames speaker nicknames. We had I had a podcasts. Every one at noon yes and I asked him you know so what should he call you Eduardo million new need Unionists was so this is what he says. They've only been there and necessity yeah. The sexy. Well but they come in there and necessity as. Who calls them I don't know like lap in exactly while you get on the part gets very lose some very views conversation. At. The elusive little tickle thanks Sarah yeah. Get the good answers. Oh yeah where they square off. You have the most boring podcasts of all time and you get a step up what do you do a lot of things well I'm the same it be nice. But you got it I'll try harder are snooze fest and bet thank you. I 61777. Title for 790s he's at that's what to do it. Worry I wanna ask you do you think Chris Sale should be an MVP candidate right after this.