Bradfo and Drellich give their take on the Goodell pic that shook Patriots Nation -- 8-13-17

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Sunday, August 13th

The guys get into that now infamous picture that Roger Goodell took with some unsuspecting Pats fans on Thursday night. Evan doesn't really see why it's a big deal and thinks it's actually kind of funny, but Bradfo says that Evan doesn't understand the vitriol and enthusiasm of New England sports fans. 


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BC news that. Sports. Rob I mean you feel used when you see that picture online you know. The NFL is portraying it you feel. Wednesday. You have what. Or why don't they did the poignant picture I'm sure no robber like Gary though agree that picture and that it would care field I want to hear that and immediately but both I like whoa now but I want it just wanted to kind of no you. You like you know that hey you know what do in the patriot center welcome back probably been. Yes they definitely do so didn't do you feel you'd like that's the question do you feel you this they haven't moved up. I NATO allies. That was that was Josh businesses being cracked charts this in one of the diesel diesel. Bunch of people constantly. Yet so at least it'll eighties it we went okay. But. So we are good you designs fast. I. We're gonna do another trending now you're gonna do it because we have been neglecting the PGA championship right. That what we're neglecting I want him there I've done treading now you can do it we yard golf. Reporter on this show at eleven. Eleven and also it'll I don't also know also no no no no doubt know. Now where that and on this won't say if you want that propel duke connected to do three. But that can be funny I don't wanna do this to theory now that's for maybe. What the three unmasking listening to reduce in this article have a drug listen to. Pretty much everything used to amuse rob on the ship pretty pat Bradley thought is working at a Japanese working at the highest rated show ministries for time slot right lol are you with a rifle low post. Underground this man. Kill little run run run roughshod over us. Keep doing it though lord help us educate people. So in case people don't understand or arguing about it's I asked ever and at 11 o'clock. To give nicknamed based on the whole news of the the MLB players for one day when day right. I'm gonna have nicknames are new uniforms the MLB will see why people keep saying. I want you tweet out a screen shot of the collective bargaining agreement that says why I can't call the MLB. I ask Evan to give a commitment nickname for people the station that we could we're on our salt water ice thought it. Sure and I and a couple of weeks things of their weekend series were all the players have nicknames on the back of their jerseys they were announcing all those today did does that apply to the managers as well and and if so what are you got on the back your Jersey. Long you actually I saw that it was open to go to homeless. I didn't go there. We got about to say what order I don't know about short. Great question by key and incorporate he's great. Without his intemperate ever about manager John manager job with the word on how to have fun though that you once. I think players got in and out of proportion. One manager John masters you're saying that last year I did interviews with a he's the same injured on last year. If you the only one called the manager's job that I who cares. But as to what I was asking Evan did you in that spirit which is come upward nickname for people the station SP these people who have in love so much. And sees as steppingstone to his career so I'm a climber I ate I just asked haven't come up with some some name for people and he can't do it targets what I'll do. It's up. I guess well do you have in is you have a nickname and your revenue miss Puerto. That's your nickname I. Plane that's I think with the line in the other night I don't listen so not no no fault of a lot college graduate student paper loses you know chubby cute it's sportswriter. And a bunch of the three or four editors one night. I'll be in Q. Yes that's me. There are being queried when you're out there were elected gigantic Mets Jersey all the time it's it's discounted goof ball whatever character. And a bunch of them late one night. They had. There there was that little baggy involved of a bit of an entity some you know a lighter involved and he can they were gathered around I wasn't there. And they said. Let's call of the sport snooze fest that split between sport. On matters news that's so they snooze fest. Or they held you down wearing a masters Ian sweat pants. And punted you wind chance of sport and he's now. Like the names were all really know announced the low low for you like that McMahon. That's the dumbest name ever heard in my line it's it's I can't tell us this year this year if you call and you wanted to call and by the a lot of different things give evidence nickname. I'd human nickname right is that it sounds are mr. Bevan indignant let it can't be creative enough to get any anything. That's low. Well days block 67. Sevenths and I tracked 7937. Give evident nickname is Avant relic of Comcast sports net New England nobody knows that we is last week proved when he went street and ask people know what goes through is we have to help his brains. Tim Evans relic a nickname please write the songs fast. There yeah. News fast eyes and we were talking about. You you said what's the big deal about this all these guys to the photo and it is isn't isn't a big deal no one should be that so here's a don't want here's a question I would ask you sport. Who it is is when Robert Kraft sees that photo and then here's Josh prison on where is Hamas the Marty in mind. And say how he was set up by the NFL NFL PR how is Robert Kraft feel about that. Democrat Carol the you all you'll think is that you don't think Robert Kraft had a little I am over that those couple years because of this to placate don't think Robert Kraft legacy with at least put a dent in a little bit because this car so win win win yet about PR does this and say hey look it I got these guys in my side. Was in the opens and you just beat Robert Kraft manual encrypt that thicker build in Korea -- one and so you can be getting our relationships he damage to you if that's not that there's been this animosity so are hobbled. Robertson stated I've been Robert Kraft. About Tom Brady out Tom Brady feel about this Tom Brady's too busy eating all the college and by those who did this services over the line this is not a good answer. I'm asking you a specific. Question you very specific I don't think Tom Brady gets tool holds about a few putts they have taken a picture with I don't think they'll think it's consuming him Avant but do you think that he had a good I'll tell you you might penny Tom Brady does not give a flying you know why. If a couple pats and take a picture with the commissioner who ended up being this build this. Central figure in the story of the New England Patriots it's not about taking the pitcher it's about what the NFL that'd be using his failed to rise a product right so and so there was a tweet sent out by Brian McCarthy and Tokyo yes. It's public plastered all over NFL network had not had del and pats fans make night killing me. All right Brian my logic is to Belinelli now this none of this is as important as a lot of other things but I think I'm asking you. Your opinion on or how do you think why Tom Brady might have a problem doesn't and you say he doesn't have any promise not at all not a rod feel free you don't have come away from this that you know wouldn't you know it but it's. Is that I don't think you understand because you weren't Houston when is to placate stuff was going on right I never even heard of the what happened here you don't put a pin and some football in the air that I'll be destroyed until you have but he did nothing on who have no scope of one how important this was to so many people I hit rob but it does not only you don't exactly want the Super Bowl ever believed it elbit. I just I don't see ideally it's a big deal Robert Ryan Roger Goodell and that I picture where you think it's a big deal that Roger Goodell coming back but it turns OK so a lot of it when Roger Goodell. Shows up at Foxboro when you're saying it's a big reveal much blues music exiting the big deal and then he comes down and uses patriots fans have propped you don't think that I think if more money yeah. The story that a bit I don't understand the level of if I guess I guess I'm watching. The WWE and I'm not really wrestling fans may maybe that's what it is I'm not a patriots fan among vested I don't hate Roger Goodell so I look at it as an observer and this is amusing to. You're an amusing thing. This is where your missing the boat. Which is. There's a raise you with the patriots fan I'll don't know this is why did this to placate saying it's not just oh well it was amusing ensues WW you flick it doesn't work past it now what we will endeavor be passed to tell the legacies will always be discussed but the photo is not. There's like a million. Then of the lake. Okay Chris himself for you don't cress. I'm already acted like he never mind. I'm already out. Let I don't I don't understand what you're taught in. School. Yeah I hate to Dell's neck I hate it. Where I I like it out I think he immediate. It when it comes to disrespect a pretty Smart when it comes. All the but I know I hate that guy obviously put it that big Tom Brady. No I don't think he cares. By it is I think if you asked to talk well let's talk let's just agree with little Chris Chris hold on 12 once kicked monthly interest. That I wanna make this clear I don't think Tom Brady's losing sleep over this but it's the same thing is Tom Brady looks up and this week and c.'s Roger Goodell up there with Robert Kraft. It probably by. And an early like that. Nonsense no you don't like oh really you don't Brady likes. Tom Brady I think I. Brady has seen the picture. In your probably right. He bigger. Yes you agree they. Agree. And I don't think yeah I write you probably keep it doesn't care. He'll collect if that. Back at the story I mean everything. The old book or seen about India you know and saying it all but they're all playing nice is too much money seeking her everyone's heart. In and out. Port au political and we care about. Obviously it's it's like I did you say that you see Chris Chris Chris I had to press you're walking down the street or even at the stadium. You wouldn't find it kind of under the picture with the bill. It. Outside of two different things is either taking a pitcher or you're take a pitcher given. Moment to. He yelled Millen a scenario I thought I'd hear more also pat answer but it between local that I am. Take it let's look I don't they absolutely blew it because hey my parents are more public real equal or Spock. A talk show host city in eight children might meet who. Wanted about the patriots they were more. Prepping the hot. Or would you try to do the photo. Well I don't know I'd probably try and name you know some sort of play key that scenario that's. Trust that you press a slight he backs an area. I don't I don't know if you can do we like to unite America to be perfect for us with. That sounds like a totally different like. Affect. If you love me ever tried that flight there it's like as though not nudged up not all the way to fight. You do your dog is an excellent connections in this instance you know so slight January so it goes back to lead your people still riled up and I think Chris speaks for some people that we moved on the patriots have won the Super Bowl. What's the big deal. But at the heart of the matter is that this guy in this is what Kraft Kraft wants you to be exactly like Chris Chelmsford. Exactly like him removed Dodd and Biden on the buy guns so forth and so on but the fact my putter was. This guy Roger Goodell and his job. You know first of all spent millions and millions of millions of dollars which should have never happened. Made this into something that affect people's lives when he should've talked about our lives about people's lives. This guy did something that would slow idiotic for the position he's then should we keep holding him account. This is is is reeling him for photo holding accountable. Really all him setting it up and and keep keep pushing along error so big an issue the commissioner faces as regards to punishments will. Domestic violence and but that does that is linked up you have the re right situation where you give the guy what did you attend games and it's. I hope that that that's the problem when you do a bad job when you and Roger Goodell does such a bad job it's something in such a powerful position. Then and it affects so many people are basically saying you know do you think it is shameful or inappropriate for patriots fans to take a picture of Roger. Now I'll hold mile pole I I think it's shameful that they use those guys the prop and think it's shameful that they executed the way they did according to jive their song. I think it is but I think it's too bad I get those guys were. Don't you fix it on the same way the curtain and and use some proper excuse me supporting McCain to use people's prompt do you think people props it's not something I support. But just says the sport MacKenzie segment it's funny I think this photo it's funny for the reactions created. I don't think that those people news. Had nearly as much at stake. Florida McKenzie is not the same. Every you're toll downplaying. Of how this and impacted a lot of people all know placate. But no one is. It's free. Oh like it's no viable though lately non I'd saying the way that they as we heard error or have to play as we earnings per pound rock as a yes quote she saw it is wrong. All I know that like and until like it's not like the fondled if if if someone if the people who are involved in that surfaces. Once again. And then actually execute this prop using these guys is crops. You don't forget the bad thing that was a bad thing not a bad I think it's funny now as market Dorchester aide to mark that thing. Are you guys or they are good morning. More armed Allen's column about the whole you know that you would it now I mean I. Don't want to doubt at all. Hate him but I spoke to get the picture it's. And I hit an L commissioner. Like I heard they're talking on dale and Holley and somebody about their matchup and about how you know. You don't you guys like Guatemala dale Polley like you guys are. I found out we all the time around eleven birdies on I'm when Hollywood Sam Mikey window across whatnot around these people like you guys are like process that big tech. The piece. Sort of part I heard mark I heard them that conversation when the examples they brought up and was OJ. Would you take the pitcher with OJ I'm not comparing to dealt with OJ but would you take a pitcher with a even though he's fame testified that he would write yeah exactly. The caller who called in and said yeah I would take it it's that's your prerogative. Would you mark I want I want to go open the door as the storm yeah South Carolina hold on Baghdad now. Yeah like I wouldn't go well most of the ghost in March 2 will be finally you'll mark unique name for on the Evan yeah exactly exactly that's what I marked that I can. Perfect. I think that that's goes in the back of your ass off uniform whom you can see the look freaking out too much about let's. And slow developer. This is like this is can we get this guy out here here's. I mean I want you anywhere you went where we're gonna agree I have a congress say that is a rot your writing everything you say is right to have a little bit of perspective on the six month absence doesn't have a nice it's twelve web 79793. Several beard back right after this. Radio network. These retro show with the other. I'm anymore. Get a farewell speech yet a farewell speech ready to give in Asia that should tell me how long we're we're we're here I told me this is your last show was his best. It sacked Weaver and then. Weber Loper in reporting MacKenzie yes yes. Anyone anyone else. You know you you want dissenting opinion that's what you got for me with Brady and I tell you how I Jenny it was the only way and it frustrates you so greatly lessen it and I spent the air about it well I don't care. Believe that that I telling you how I know I'd tell you that's why I think you are underestimating. What happened in these parts like you're Houston. Trash to flee if it wasn't traction and attach rate for business line. It was great for business not that I'm short well our business short throw the box very long time love who was the most famous person you've taken a photo when besides myself. Which I treated now we all have regrets about taking pictures of people and I took one unfortunately with admin spring training territory doubt there's some funny replies to. Great question I don't know the and I can't I mean Martin O'Malley who's the president aren't aren't met up please take a picture of cool. I don't know I'm OB I don't know if that is the about them now. If you like a wrestler one of the young theatres really look at Jimmy Snickers around talented. Double for the wrestling fans out there with an. There's this tag team called public enemy. Can we get that I can be get that put that up. I'll try to find our eyes please act letter signed my have a them don't tell me to take the calls Batman. Goodness gracious. You may make that the symbol of take the call you know so easily distract. I'm not distract him have a conversation is what it's all that your own conversation I take a picture. Wins won the first self he's ever taken in the history of mankind with a disposable camera. Bill Murray and I 93 all star game. And it came out on some you saw this picture of and I don't think I actually got on it's really an. When he disliked palmary now that I had no problem to but he wasn't cult figure he is now right back that. And for no you didn't hear Bill Murray before 1993. Being facetious but is this moron yours like your Bill Murray with me even if fate in 1993. Prop. I'm asking if he had the same level of its all SE cult following and now yes he has become so you don't let guys in 93 yeah. Let what do you want what how can only mean they the legacy of Bill Murray has grown with time and he's randomly shown up at parties and he's become this kind the he doesn't sell Balinese things golf. The yes there's the real story here that your once it goes over your head there's the movie caddy shack. Yes that was either goes for ninety yeah. Ashley Greene Gerri see you Pete I live I get it you're seeing news team is well known figure and asking. What's weird is when I let you have grown up something more Lopes when I think that pitch them I know right in Liu was it just happened to all the sudden start showing up a golf tournaments as it. The answer you do it in the guys had. Almost like the stock price and I apologized. Altered its nation through these three guys and New Hampshire appropriate. You see there is. Well anyway I would have taken a picture with him what to look at some Photoshop involved is that we're eventual number one and I pistol. Understand you know how you hit it in whatever and on the road which I've ever taken was the celebrity type person worst years ago or Tahoe its that is celebrity. Ulster emitted graduate. I had pitched Aikman Michael Jordan. And actually got to buy him a beer parties thought I wanted more now on autographs is and he says ultimately you're by and then he went in via. Hotel there was staying out. And a lot of a beer with his entourage and thought that one to stand by quick Red Sox question as. We have eventually Karstens so open this year. I know he had a sighting in Portland and I wondered what you guys are facts and love show and have a great. Thank you read you have a great Sunday as well I was tied there's gonna lead to gambling story with a Michael Jordan but evidently didn't. Carson Smith go ahead down. I get a good outing ensure there encouraging stuff firms strikeout stuff dessert yeah I think you might see it was a question we've seen this year. I think we'll whenever you deal seems obvious what you can use the righty specialist in September. We assume suggestions about every nickname from what the tax on new tax line pickled pork. You in terms room and it's so said Avant relic equals ED erect tile dysfunction us original. That's a good one she surprise my life more at how that may finally and champagne or of your problem. Evident equals lumpy. There's lumpy is another one. NC. Relic my balls that that news that was my college girlfriend says that and that's how opal. Is a joke and that's how I've sometimes we'll tell people remember how to pronounce my last snarled keep him shot Rel licks extra labor and comedies I think there's something there. I think there is he you tax them to Lopes was the tax Orleans ED back like I. That's somewhat 3793737937. Keep on the tax would keep effects coming. Every drug needs a new nickname he said his nickname is only made me what your nickname is sport oh I've had some good example. I will tell you right after this break.