Bradfo & Reimer: TB12 Method is full of "it" 9-23-17

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Saturday, September 23rd

Hour 2: Bradfo & Reimer discuss the TB12 Method and what is medically inaccurate.


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The Sox in the post season TB twelve in the past and everything else talking about it now with the Bradford and Reamer sports talk on the weekend continues right now. I'm Bradford and Alex dreamer plug Sports Radio done. Our number three Bradford agreement. Rob we've shut robs my god died. Still stuffing his face that steaks and caused on. I have to send an economic in my little TP BJ yeah a routine pray here too hot. It's. To speak at all I want why would you let it. Arriving here I was sweating in the car like you wouldn't be running around just the stress. That. I had about it's the only ones like the vote so much. We can only put yourself and succeed that's what we did that day that's that we did you have yourself for hours a year 111115. Hit a putt with a well with the plot is maritime false narrative Baltic news. By the way the part burger bar is a better place that which you know now that's where we are broadcasting from the body burger bar at this big he Springfield far cry. That putted very eager are right now that's what it Berger says no better get a flood of logic at a burger. Talk race. America. Are we doing here. I I'm here so this goes sports there's ray's talk now. At six and seven cents and 9797. I colors recede there you'll get you momentarily but I did read. This week. All of TB twelve manuals on pages. It's 305 pages. Well now lot of it is eighty through two or three pages eighty through two or three Eric is exclusively pictures of models wearing TB twelve clothing. Doing TV twelve workouts with CB told Clinton let me ask you this slogan is topic is what are the votes right off the photo of the Brady photos are grateful that he. Worked honored now. On Ajax apps off the strange. While the opposing. It's the running if I know that I would never have this problem but I would I would not that often votes 96 diamond that was in doesn't happen it doesn't exactly as you did that because you're glad that at. Wrote apparently under charity Raikkonen. That bare skin rug and say yeah and day now not gonna go there but it's. Go for it just opens are looking I think that a little something that. Property is a little bizarre. It well let let me get this other way Alex we love them. Great quarterback really want a lot of joy to our lives great human being that's what for charity drive for six explode as I ya got a little little strange here this is probably Italy's. That it's strange that he says when I was growing up playing outside the son that's in July. That there's an Irish point after all these days even if I get adequate amounts on a look at the sunburn which I credit out of water right. Billy that's strange that that if you drink lots of water you avoid I would like to rig earned a break. Race to beat you right now. I would not I would like a shovel but to water down throughout that there's a lot drove right next the booties standards if you get us on the there's a lot of TV while the root of cuisine. Here at the big. And I would say while there's water but see my favorite part of the book is the chapter about hydration so great tells us we got to drink half of our body weight. In gallons of water yacht which is a lot and it. Well I thought it was a legitimate question I think perk out some news thought you know don't get up in the Golan idle time he's got some sleep. Yet but maybe not the words infrared sleep and which which you can actually the year goes. Now that's what it's a that he needs and I mean you know they made some more. But that now so you would say okay so Brady what we have here eke it out water. No because they only have this on the wire which is great love bottled water except Brady he says many bought waters contain bacteria in chemicals. In addition as a result of their popular popularity and demand. Where the apple bottled waters whose labels mean to be split water are nothing more than treated tap water drawn from multiple sources so this spring bottled water. Now top water Grady says now it is too many impurities. Filtered water which I thought was great I'd buy British filter that I use it all the time nitro water Diet Coke light. No no die from water. Pretty did say that once in awhile up to Easter bowl. You've been yes yes but filtered water eat it is that. Because it strips the water of its mineral content so. Ready tells us stay hydrated drink lots of water but all the water normal people drink from bottled water to filtered water the top water. EE no not good indeed purified water. It's insane it's totally insane so what you're reading this are you did it surprise you when you read it how insane ones. Off a little bit yeah even for me in my while it's in cherry said it to you the other day it's just so it just so much that this guy it's like. Like this is it that you have to step doesn't even make sense you know like I had read the off. The definition of quiet billion million times and I still don't really understand what it it's well it means when someone falls on news. Armed. But I Allah I ask you this what's out there if that is that is what the request confines chapter. Which afterward the Dante Scarnecchia gave my career. No that was. Let's say yes I would I would think that if not it's connect you to the couple along with a good offensive line. It Tom Brady if you meet cute about himself right now. And at bat I think that's probably more to do that all in the right way. Brady says experienced any elbow or shoulder pain since 2004. A fine. A week well I think I actually remember. It if you believe I remember this but there was. It was what the playoffs against the treatments and the problem what's his elbow. I mean this was and that's what we remember there's been a problem was Obama. It's just it can't be if I I applaud Tom Brady for doing good for them I do think what it's like people. I applaud them like I think he gently try to do the right thing but I think if it is politics or ideology return to do the right thing to do. And are not according to Alex no I would never do that. But it went well he kit that I a lot of politics when that you feel like that's the placebo. Tom its other common sense like eat healthy eat vegetables get lots of sleep or it's. The blunt dark thoughts. I do think I've talked athletes on the nom. Guerrero like athletes at the top level athletes on the term. I think it's excellent so doctor athletes have gone wrong in this guy really pass up the game notes up the help these guys. But the conversation is how the conversation aid without bringing up. And be with so. Packets going on without watching the scene it game and well inked Guerrero is walking off the field with Chris okay. Off the the Oakland press OK and you and you and you heard the Belichick's comments this week is not an. If they're not and outs is constant presence around. Alex this guy this guy who isn't part of the ratings now. This guy who is for the first half with limping around with going to be key to the second half and Christo gave. He is walking up here in hand with Guerrero and and I've I've I can't believe notice this what is going. And there's a Boston Globe story at 2015 about how the patriots are sending their players that TV talks that are paying the market rate of 200 recession. And there's a source anonymous sources quoted that story is saying. Dole's response never would it trader complained about it was well he's Tom's guy. What do you want me to do and what it says disdain in his voice from reading that piece and from those comments this week I mean. Belichick and play on it'll act on TV while. To see this comes back through the month drivers show it's all about business. With patriots it's all about misses it's because Tom Brady's great for business riddle which put the goats on the practice field. And we're going to let the retrospective on the line. And it. I think again if I do think this goes along with about the conversation about the race about people that you did on the sides. This isn't either or I think there's some. Some things to be paid for comments you read a book about it do you. You craft although the book units on ranking is plummeting because of the year and that's right could reach what was it let me ask you this was here at things that you came away. And stuff like I knew before. Drink water eat vegetables sleep well stretched strategy Pilates yoga. All that stuff and if you divide a 150 dollar TD twelve going. You know rolling pins. We're resistance bands I saw resist it. In the Rivera took me out the weight room muted that he paid market rate the two and I probably got a probably got guessing but you. This is what's interesting to me is it okay you know Handley is you know. In some respects Gately is by hand even with the richest man it's helping ease by its the other stuff. But it buy into that part of it you can hear you clearly see. I can't just go out and express the bonds because my shoulders are all messed up. He spent that week we could have to do little bit different way you feel like healthy sight came out it okay. So I do think that there are athletes in other teams and other sports who are starting to gravitate like LeBron LeBron it's supposed to be. Are they want while quarterbacks are Aaron Rodgers said Brady's inspired him absolutely yet. But I think he's inspired him to eat better writes it do to stretch more night. And I saw those bands are are honestly you know we've chosen to make the vehicle he'd be twelve logo on we got the lie to you that probably some bands that looked just like this now. Not now out there like magic dust now right now. Now that's the thing I'd want the diet stuff got a lot of it is common sense but it's the extremes Brady takes it lightly eat healthy rate when it is vegetable based. Natural local and possible. Fine note interest is is argue against app that he goes to like the acid alkaline which she they keep in neutral PH level. I'll hear of your body up your wide. Why what you eat I've spoken to nutritionists tell me that is BS you can't -- house at the moment it hits your stomach and that god father this out outlined principal Robert Young. Is in prison for practicing medicine without a license so it's the extremes spree takes its. Do you think that there comes a point after Brady becomes either. Not good anymore or not as good or he just leaves football and he gets that a few years out. And he's doing this stuff that we're seeing these pitchers of of you know Tom Brady looking like Mickey Rourke. And you know doing it is there a point where people servicing that's wacky Tom Brady yet they're goes to goes Jack the Jack laid up. I doubt that the people's opinions of Grady especially people who are not diehard football fans will be very different angles Odyssey of those voting to nothing now. It's very much like on his hands behind his head but there are so they're so touched up it's crazy until blunt there at the start of every job April 00 let's go to John in Springfield before we take your rate is hold on for a while he has a firsthand story was if beyond those but I'm gonna trustee John you're gonna bring it what's going on thinks they're waiting. So bad thanks. First of all baseball is simple boring even when I was a child and their two daughters. Ultimately this you to leave the studio I'd like to grow our heads down and up sport jacket to skip Yugoslav offensive to rob. But he got John but he got on Fenway racing Fenway Park it says let's talk about. All right so rate at Fenway Park so the other day I was in the summertime barbecue technical and yeah so I hear all the time but I'm glad. They should nation batting practice and do my young daughter. Who bit it definitely improving the whole situation that it scared it's bearable then the market so excited just watching indeed it's been. So our batting. Get your little bit laid and so we walked and I see Hanley Ramirez so I'd go with my real obnoxious. Not Spanish and I say. Or. The real well. Go with him. And signed the ball itself he it was all I can remember in what is unguided bombs. And it's you broke that record at once beach you know we each other it's. You know everybody's together it's excellent. He's that it touched you and then I'm not while I should like that you bumped back three times since we've been standing here. Touch me again and he used an expert expletives. And unlike. Yet he can you knew that you with the action. They think he did that because he heard you speaking in Spanish and listen to you know what we and so if you're being ignorant. So I would if you're being like knowing what what part of that would seem like you're being a noise like that that you resent it and something that. Lied about options the damage so I'd go until the security security comes over. He says he started. Like they've but he said he's started to just stay on this side and you'll stay on that side. So I'm on bent out of shape and I respect. I'm totally distracted and yet what my my eight year old daughter. She's not comfortable anymore and and I am. We still get a couple more autographs but keep bats we stick around and all the equipment it's like why would. Why did he hit like that to me my daughter. I'd. Statement. Sochi grounds and I have to tell my daughter's sixteen and nine or. You're gonna meet people they need an outline what light there. Just does their mothers. And so my daughter. Credible union summit that's definitely like end of July early August will be speaking guide. She was to end up and so all. The things that I am Dominican and he want. I. That's thousands like I'm in the security industry and so idea what police often very reserved. Now. Like within the last what year did become very very reserved watch what you say but. Kenya the gulf thirteen years ago they knock anybody that they talk was Caucasian was probably feeling the same way even right on top. Byrd to. When you see those people yelling I'm here. Those people that point on top ads. That's a singer weird things that are up against it the dog whistle you know Donald Trump last night not against the union needed black athletes. It's pretty clear. Have those go back when he was talking about this for example. On the race thing that way I could tell you if that guy with being racist toward the I did any other niceties at the body it is a lot of people shoving each other shocking to edit them maybe that's why they always look I think allies that's what idiots. That's 180. But it's evidence that you don't race. Let's go to Fenway Park but it at but here's why that's what it still needs to be made because it out of those compounds that accurate the N word. The jerk reaction from so many people is the way that they didn't let it is that the. That's what I'm talking about is everywhere in the game right that was perfect example. There went studied so hard in this side. And that you're absolutely right and I. I'd like to be there I don't like every 43 days and then be on even now we're hearing where's the proof they are asking him for proof and Alex you went out I'll prove that this happened back in 2030. At the guy at the number of the guy to call who witness it happening in 2030. Not to say that because that happened this absolutely happened. But if it was that good how it was a step that it could happen. And because everyone was dug in on their side no one called the guy from Thursday all the way to finally be called a month Thursday on Sunday to have a conversation with him. This is the problem. You you cannot have every one is so dug in and where's the proof where's the room where the proof I agree we should try to find the proof. Absolutely. But this. Every one is just take this side or that side is no conversations he had it just got worse and worse worth all the way up to that banner ads. British labour taking up until Red Sox baseball at 325 live from the big in Springfield on Sports Radio WB yeah more with Bradford and Raymer right now. On Sports Radio. Do we EI. Birthday that's right it's appropriate replaying the sun. This is what sixty to. Yes I'll pass the straight 68 I mean he sliced across stages a lot of mess us with a lot of leathers. He does not succeed in about where and whether any more anymore. Anymore see where I'm good to last year it was worthwhile though I'm not anymore but the weather to the there's a bit. I see a lot of well I've seen little evidence that's there we are at eat but it burger bar. But I Berger are buying this if you're if you're listening and I know people are in Springfield area could be on down that he. Come immediately to the body and burger bar that's right out of you fancy took pictures with us pictures of us but we had that happen before. You know I've been approached a couple of is what's approached on the tee I was drugs writing it from my apartment somewhere and to get. Its act on. And a guy comes up to me. Goes you Alex that and it went on agency's security or economic base and it was alliances. You know like you're he goes. Well I message to you on inclined to. A couple of weeks ago. You have it answered it's weird though the exact same thing happened of me really in a half so without helmets on guys that got. I think twice about posting at least pick up. Yeah yeah you're the public right now my friend so that I've only been approached. Not by you'd ever had a photo like you that today now multiple was we don't like TB twelve voters yes that that I have I have to sign off on all photos taken. Yeah I eat including keys I could not sign off on the keys McDonnell. 32. Hit it she put on Twitter if I I missed this at all yeah I was it's it's tough you when you win here it's it's a two shot like they call the business. And Tom and when you're comparing contrasting. The beautiful case McDonnell and the very knowledgeable rob Bradford it's tough and it got a lot of sleep. You know so I don't know what your picture here that they had WB yeah I live broadcasts but in burger bar and a new to 330. I might point out that website I was an action shots are right I know what I'm doing Hamlet entity you know what that sounds. It was so this month. They took that went man I got on the website I don't know it's gonna appeared next to my violent every article. Look like oh yeah. He usually we can't take a new photo we have to build it now let's not do it here now I exit what you're doing here but why weren't under its awkward drive security duties will be here. The big key in the blood and Greg and I am surprised by the fair and the level they end of like thought you know we started bashing chocolate not you know there are detonate we were out of the bashing truck right next in the tractor sales. Obviously it's just. Not not a great but you know it's a save David at the garden burger bar if if this is safe David Puerto Rican. Voice our opinions we can argue we can debate. We can do great radio it became. Are they don't do well. He may elect ball. And couple different ways to bring up if you allow me. Just 13 Wednesday night I felt like I disagree neutral. Yup we brought up the other night at the end panel. I don't think he needed to Grenada on its data real. It brought it up to distract people that's a conversation. Play I'll play to the people want technically his base yet. OK I did say in my opinion is he shouldn't have brought it up for whatever reason you can also say that you would waiting. You know the opinions of people they don't have the megaphone that the athlete to have. That's being dead. Yes you know you could taking the if you want what then people have a right whether the president or other people have a right you can get so. Of course but JJ that's not what you finished that's not the conversation. The conversation is is appropriate for. The president of the United States to bash people who are exercising their first amendment rights while by the way last last month. He called it Nazis very fine people. 28 that's not what I heard going on the conversation but I think he said it will. People on both not then I'll work out of line Internet thing but if you wanna talk about. It appropriateness. I felt like he can say whatever you want couldn't invoices if I did what I don't agree with him voicing your opinion and a point. But if you wanna talk about people exercising their free speech free speech work all way. It works you can see why Eichmann. Again now the other thing is it's freaky when you're being employed by somebody I don't have the right that they have right community years. You get fired if that certain things on the air would you knock you might. This is what Hitler before you go on it's what I would ask you in this respect. Is there anything in their contract that's what comes down to. There's certain things in people's contracts on the radio or newspapers or whatever that you can't can't do we would that he has yet. Is there anything in the NFL player's contract that says they can't. They use here yet they're out there platform for free speech. My guess is right. I don't know so that's that's the case that he can't get by. But I didn't want nobody hired anyone but it. Even at that we hired a particular a little bit different only been fired it. That's their prerogative because they can do what. It they think is best for their it budgets don't say it yet at the onus be thrown in prison has not signing on property I'm just saying it's it's stupid that they're not signing it I could help them because he healed during camp and in. You know spoke out against Wii Sports. Art. I don't have a little comment at 2 o'clock tomorrow to have a probably him waking in your opinion I just wish she would have done it. On his own time he's still a good megaphone away from the field yet. That a great outages rob said this earlier you know disagree if you have a point to meet you want accuse the method to get it out the lot in dealing you're in them what what you what is. The best way to get it doing it why trying to honor something that is honorable honoring what we're honoring the National Anthem at the flag. Name in it you can debate whether or not what people fight for this country why the Buick but that's par. And the minute and a half where we take time and this reason I've done it all these years to do that if I do there. Other places to do. Have actually it is not an American flag represents the freedom to low except during the on the idea of the American flag represent what column to this day. Or the hole the next level. Police brutality with providing them with a are bigger Russian he showed up that's what he's saying. That that's appropriate I would he's doing is far more honorable than most people who win it this way stadiums look at their cellphones of oh and is that right now. Now it's not right and it's a saint re really matters really does that. Go to players then why are we doing now at a Pope wears light and I don't know that they weren't even while. NFL players were on the field during the anthem until 2009 was even think up until ten years ago I don't know I don't know lightly but we play we play. I don't know what what what. Lot lot lot. Why aren't the country that were in what we went for everything on the plate would sport the use it to me. Pledge allegiance when your kid I did was stupid okay that's your prerogative but there's a reason why we didn't there's a reason why we on this all long. And if you come up its with that really good. Explanation of why we shouldn't make a bid in 32. To honor the country that would -- again then we're gonna -- knowing it but just a lot to do with sports on other places want to -- before the movies -- place and why we have this relationship between sports and it is it is -- really phony patriotism is what it is sometimes it is totally agree it is the -- sometimes it's phony like you -- people looking at their phones and everything else but if if this part of the sporting environment that I have no problem with it for political tradition called tradition and its not a tradition -- say well that's stupid tradition you can make the argument about having -- the statue -- maybe that's stupid tradition but this a minute and thirty seconds of water in the country. This is the meat is not a stupid tradition. Nazis during world ports yes but they hit an L players on the upper sports on. We're professionals. Why they started playing in at them out sporting events to piece about this last night it's inserts. Is doing it as like outlets that delays type thing it was the early twentieth century at Wrigley Field in the World Series. And they wait to get a rise on. As that's fine it's fine so how are they. If it were just it was it was like. That the nineteen technical went up let's make some new OK so NIC 75 when they're playing the National Anthem before the World Series the Red Sox threat to World Series. Art is not a bad thing if you think that's a terrible thing they're doing it's terrible it's oh so. What's the problem I mean what's the problem it's the same thing would you god bless America during the seventh inning summit comes out sings god bless America. We have to do it after the Boston Marathon balmy just that no but that's when it and double out of there at eleven and things like that why didn't we do that. To understand the importance of our country their people look at that flag and he doesn't represent a quality wore them that's that's that's perfect they would be that's perfectly fine but. When you have the guy the leader of that making Wednesday. Protesting police brutality Ewan beat. Some things said about police brutality it's such a broad brush it makes those at an all out so is he the guy and say hey you know what you should be ignoring this tradition of honoring the flag arm the national. I predict as a thumbs up any theaters now regard he told as a martyr now trump did it again last night this issue was on the back burner. They're your protest this year than last a bit more now they'll be more now distraught made this comment updates haven't sounding off all day that the court is not at all from the patriots. It's not quite hard and aid all I NBA players jumping to defense stepped curry which helped disinvited to the White House that has no NBA team that's ever gonna be like prompts there. Now it's never sold redo that reaction next and take your phone calls 617779797. It's Bradford and Reamer live from meat bought in burger bar. That means. Record dream. Live from the biggies Greenfield broadcasting from the body injury here and stop lights out as many people. Six and seven cents and 9790%. In the present the United States Bradford is at war with the professional sports world. Calls us to hear you. Picked the wrong pat Paulson there again. Back on track here. It's the same liberals have been using all time. Last night Alabama. Thank you for your service. Yes. On the human that what that he can World Series ring. He wasn't on the flow its doors at the but I appreciate that service. Not my dad is in the name of the dock right now it looks to us. Enjoyed it says this is the political sort of epicenter hits of all of players around. Activism. Colleges. It is. Different college atmosphere than what you say what you want to be you right. Now. Active with the expert on the upper Amherst. Both of narrow fairways is the first this lesson and really stay yet legacy obviously I can't believe golf on the spot right now it. Now. Now it's well what you have terrorists are the only limits the Amherst one meadow there you go outside. The activists yet know that is true that is true he. But I can tell you this someone went to Springfield collars the activism was more about what rate might principals problems coaching class that's gone. I reminder in coaching enough. Yes just has coached at right satellite. This guy. I you have to play in the golf tournament last week on an article on all of the right to your last I swinging mess at the GO in my pleased that I literally ice we saga not. Gone green and it won at Roland wants to play golf and I realized is that someone listeners that the players if it's unbelievable what they disappoint literally daily news stories of it's it was a subject that street with that let's put it was like a random draw you -- -- which I personally I don't I guess I write this showed up there are very nice guys terrorists synchronized in the united did not you never know we're gonna do one of those things lab rats with it would not being but John Paul that the NFL yesterday at his rally call that the protesters that he wants players protesting and then to be fired by us and it proceeds to eat protein causes what I was. When you go to doesn't think of this he said that the Alabama. It's like those people pay the money. Don't think if you right now watching out at every 100 bucks tonight Wednesday fired in this speech plate hits it yeah. That's exactly what it warns that those people. Ask you said. Third. So it's not let's take its stance against athletes doing pretty aunt and those guys making it in black athletes I heard the dog whistle rod not we're working on it. Stuff I've heard that no I agree I outcome will be the dot was well you know. Stepped curry. Tweeted I said yesterday. That yeah it was not gonna go to the White House. The Donald trumped this morning. This inviting stepped her. As a door to the White House is that they're great honor for it yet it's a team stepping delicately it's the full name is hesitating. Therefore invitation is withdrawn. All of the above the same thing he's got going he's hesitating he says he's he's reflecting on it forget it. You're off the table your fire out so NBA players not been coming out here LeBron James cause trump bomb. I'm Chris Paul said with everything that's going on our country wire you focused on he's yelling at the White House dream on greens are still wondering this guy's country. Kobe Bryant this is poetic. Eight put this is name alone creates division anger these words inspired such hatred can't possibly make America re. Yes he's got a short though. That's that's poetic and on topics mother well waited as well hope to goodness it's trump called players Il's sons that needs. So on topics other sad irony. It. So. Maybe that's what cease acted it runs in the family. Six on 7779790. Cannot tell you before we get good call guys tell your quick story about the father son dynamic. If you yours now be told Q. Saint president trump. It now stand during he had them I think it yes though I'd I would I hope that everyone agrees with me except for you. But. Know the other day were Chris Elvis 300 strikeout. And and he does his little kid who's running around the clubhouse with a ball. And this grasping to do it and so we watched by snow watch spies they vote that you 300 strikeout you give it to him that's very nice thing now. Think it does it look it is so it's signed by Jackie Bradley senior does not even junior. But the kid was so happy to have this ball side by Jackie Bradley seed here. That has nothing to do with Donald Trump but it's a great father stunned science story yes or Chris are we military into its economic about the plot from the roads right I guess yeah yup. Yes and gets it and you see him you see this whole deal like he put the real look at this out and let the without anything yet. Loved it you have in this get all worked up over twelve I loved it. Stephen Norton of some thoughts on not on topic what's gone on. Lewis. Good thank you could be better worthy but burger bar at the biggie it's a fantastic fantastic C. Oh. I wanna propose. That this sound. Controversy over kneeling over that National Anthem actually started as good. Accident or really a PR invite Alex ethnic it is as folks. Did you ever call went out how this happened or how the hardest. Yeah ideally he was sitting during the Anthony wanted kneeling and he did it to protest at least not yet. Well the visitors spot I had it at that time it Egypt came off a mediocre and there have been monitored at a terrible you the year before. You think he purposely cost himself his NFL career. What note no. I think it would disappointed with what his role was going to be on 49ers that here and that sort of National Anthem. What are you had asked about it. Yeah they're up against who I was protesting against. The least for now. Think you originally is advertising in them to protest the lack of playing time. Standings. Steve thanks. Nobody. Alliedsignal. Use the eight mile felt actually. I had not heard that before him beyond interesting theory but the team we're seeing Sunday at exit it isn't it sucks. Just on losses yet. Well I mean I agree Alex that he's not signed because the distraction. Once again this as comes down to business in the business of football. If winning games and in fork coaches and owners how they look at it came Colin can't predict help us win games. Or is he gonna help us lose games and they're thinking is third string quarterback in the middle of that club in the middle that locker room. As a distraction is not going to help us win games that is why that decision is how did it in and I heard boards and Ron Borges what that interview. But he said Tebow the same thing. Bo was worse in cabernet where CBO. Did you forget how bad you what it with the patriots uniform I ever seen anyone as bad as that and it doesn't how. That you know there's this big distraction for the patriots were okay item because you would have been his record is apple so it's exactly. That torture. That's not. Open this today Jan was going on let's go. Hey guys got to go nowhere to be it's wonderful. All right there path it being actually former US soldier in US army in being approached him order. I got a few opinion on this and it paid the price. I agree I agree with capital in a way it is our right like you guys that it's our First Amendment you we have the reader. The duel at our country get it imagine if somebody you know in another country is under a dead in radio it. Got the cry you know when he gets back well. So. Indeed being just I'm a patriot I love this country I will stand. Every single day and at noon nine you know other radio stations played it on our debt write up I country is yes. I'd I'd well not much yet. What I love this country but again need to look the country have to look we can't run. You know and the First Amendment bury it. Days yes things have really I think I could say that I don't agree with him doing it by ID respect his right to do that is. That is so it's not you know what I've done that argument why don't we get all note that the person than it ever has a right to do something don't even Donald Trump is not saying that I predicted placing he has thrown into prison. So I'm done with it now what what I don't care what you'd done. Well you don't feel that we should say they have a right to do. Should do Y agree that that the things he said of the that you should they now right but I'm saying that's the fall back opinion a lot of people out all do different ideas volume. Right to do it of course at places it's two different things some people say he doesn't have the right to do it Donald Trump was actually insinuating that doesn't have the right to do it if he says these are tired when I stupid stupid. The president it's the last few weeks it's called Ford Janelle hail to be played. An NFL players kneeled there and I. Knew he comes up with someone who really likes to ride things out of people circumstance. Yes Janelle hill by the way has been very active on Twitter today. She is tweeting about politics he is back in his Ottawa reached do. Some of the team now hill tweets coming up next is a season and you hear him I was at my appetite now. Really but I did we until three or four runs at 3250 okay recorded by Sarah go do that next look at geared up for Red Sox baseball IQ. Eduardo Rodriguez on held Donald for the third starter spot I can pretend like him in Cincinnati do the pregame show. You are innocent on the green and now he also who have actually there. All right so we got Joseph Mike others on the line wanna talk about trump damning. Players purchasing during the anthem this inviting stepped hurts the White House the present state is at war with the unit now. Is that were the sports world it Dell issued a statement this morning. Now the question is will NFL owners follow Robert Kraft and others have donated a million dollars to this guy in his inaugural committee. And down according to statement against them this morning will Robert crowd some say something will and a voters say something should they say something debate on that would you. I'm reprint Bradford coming up next from the big in Springfield but at burger time that we.