Bradfo & Reimer - Trump calls for all players to stand for the National Anthem. 9-23-17

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Saturday, September 23rd

Bradfo & Reimer from the Big E:  Trump calls for all players to stand for the National Anthem. Did jobless Kaep start this all? Callers react


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Thus Sox in the post season. The pass anything and everything else talk about it now with Bradford and -- sports talk on the weekend continues right now. I'm Bradford and Alex dreamer plug Sports Radio go. Our number two. Accurately noted quickness our government are incredible art idea they elected figures because your drive buses and also. We're outside here. It like it's that I'd never done this show before right next who he. Shaq I get next great beginning it's good to go on let's backtrack on. You witness it factors of the joint auto mileage eight bullets rainbow card players and I'll I cannot confirm or deny that any use it you never written affair before I'm really so before you leave. You have to go up right next with in one's life where you sit on a burlap bag I don't doubt you'd ever doubt about it. Audio or not I could every. It like the bush beat down on top of that and other sports slides easily type things that but nothing. McDonald's side here so yeah that's the Woodward for Michigan you're all these things well. I'm not gonna find my car psalms vol I will be here all night long. He'll work with the now they're worse places to bees or you're taking your calls until Red Sox baseball at 325. Magic number down to six open I don't know like guys like my headline is that this relic. It's not well paramedics like at my quote only last night I said it started the taste like the play I'm pleased to keep it. Open at least well I would it's I stared at my computer for a half an hour. It's now or days. But it it's like that you last idols nine hours on days like the I don't love. There at least in the playoffs I'd like you did it surprise you don't have the love that rotates or they gonna be back right Serena were so low sort each as the third guy price behind yeah that's exactly why it tasted like the play of last night but I will save us. The start or grow I don't think reports that that was royalty enacting. The policies that strategy. Waited out a week you have to go in the right now if you don't give up my Grand Slam to scooter next followed by all this plays out and only did the calls but. All right they say never talk Red Sox or talk to you check on the net and off the list or you have you get the great thing you'd were 41 yes. You like Marcelo that product you know with the 2667. Innings might give up or I'd run. But they take the lead by war in the we're solo hits in the fourth inning he pitches bottom of the fourth now you how. Believe yes are you to do with that what authority and I know that the winds are archaic that. But believe me when I tell you that you do care about this. What authority and you say now your vernacular you pitch that they've even though. You would already pitched. Three scoreless innings after giving up the great. That's why he was this stuff CDC were so you you agree with the way to the air his grievances. Yeah so tired yet like it's good we won the pulpit of a great job but. You know I'm not used to this national. Book is weird world I'd is visual which had nothing to do that room because. He gets in it had nothing to do with him being taken out and it so. If he used to it though because if you want to pitch once you start in the playoffs. It's now that look at that that was. That was the ad they don't wanna talk about it travellers that was bigger bill that's going to be totally writes I think is the most next sale the most important I'm getting snow in October now the general. Yes I looked at her with moderate dose of innings in the playoffs now. Or six and I'm. Five most times though so if that's if David Price and it's like every game we got that email updates now I know how that works stick. So on 7779797. To the Red Sox and reds are playing last night while that was going on there was total madness on an Alabama. My favorite state. Guy that I think just about as well there's I do hear that I'd jump was already about who is healthcare bill gonna be torpedoed chasm between. Join his maverick streak and stand up against it you know on Al scares the drop was already gotten. Dude he took out his frustration. On the NFL players were protesting aunt and Jason do we have that's not ready. In the studio. What you love to you and these NFL owners. When somebody this respects are flat. To say get that some of you up appealed right now out in five. Okay. You know and some owners get to do them. He's gonna say Baghdad that this is thanks. These fighters. And sat down they don't know what they are not their friends of mine that yeah. They don't know W the most popular person for a week. Most of these persons. Is actually totaled disease that. More hair. That's a total disrespect ours everything that we stand for. That Donald Trump adjacent you can Panama Donald Trump let it be on harsher on African American players practice in them that you not. Yes it's just not throw that out there folks there's no debating now. Harsher on on property Michael Bennett you've got it to record you have raised there is the hair harsher on them. Then on. As many of those guys ever gave to his campaign never will give to his campaign a lot of those people that you were talking about Charlottesville they dictate with campaign. And so he understands that that's the problem within its its. Drug ultra with giving dates around. The issue went everybody knows politically it's suicide. You would think it's suicide to not come out strong like in Charlottesville but he's gonna get around because it's about money went to get it's about business. About business you say all owners UV. Should fired for allowing these guys now that ladies say that now the player other players we said you should do this but I still don't know that if that could die any of them are my friends sent exactly. Right like waste of space the outlook I was gonna play to have basically. The whole thing right there are you kidding me Obi talk about the play people pay them money go to that thing and it got to see Donald Trump failure hired the same. Sorrow over and over again. A Devin accordion mentioned it last segment spoke out against trump on Twitter guilty patriot that now has issued a statement as they're coming in all morning auction on NBA players. NFL players this is what the according to when senator joined Twitter account I think it's really you have a joint Twitter account. Right now so it's on its employees who. Apple Apple's that that's right at the boys the boys over I. I packed my on TV today that's fine but I think that if we if that is a beautiful wasn't bears all of our god is with the big yeah all the boys go through the boys. The port of Portland what's avoid navigates. Date on a package he does is it right now I'd going to be shameless anybody here wants to be free stuff but come on over. That's what we're here for right right and I allowed to drink from not I'm not but Budweiser absolutely. That's their equipment over here if you want to and yes actually waste land I'm sorry. Odds are saying at the 42 QI joint Twitter account yet like the couples like that couples with joint accounts and equipment. Now. Make it when I was growing up some of my friends' parents at a joint. That it perfect. That according to a not equate to a tweet something odd few hours ago peoples that it was disrespectful. Not going to the White House that the court which did not go to the White House this spring. Monster they are why not as being called sons of beads and that's a great point to all these stick to sports people stick to sports. I don't hear them telling Donald Trump stick to politics. That's none of job what do right now. Don't hear that elusive to would you want all the people stick to supply didn't wanna little bit apparently he's callers on. The screen okay it will because usually Saturday afternoon we're talking about whatever were not. The diving deep into Donald Trump but here's the reality of it. I would tell anybody with a two bell hill. Mean this is this have become sport's deny it if it if it is not attached the sports we reduced our argue about Donald Trump. Las yup healthcare what I would agree with them. But of Al hill it's a sports station. ESPN this if I just warts if the athletes you have the athletes on the New England Patriots which is insane. That somebody of the New England Patriots actually it fertilizing their opinion it is that. Right you'll and you you mention that last hour we'll see if Robert Kraft Cheese statement we'll see if that apple literally of the hour later via later in ya all later in the hour. As fast as our other guys that have but that's it to Dell hell I'd accused you know as your apology. How do I mean. The teller tell your county got to stick to sports as you said they're totally intertwined sports and politics now so. I want microchip now they'll figure that road yet to be issued an apology as well let's go to Terry whose main fees Terry what's going on. I was or ma well yeah they as a better. I absolutely agree with talk like what he says it was very. I was they set it you know let's not let down the shut down. The amount of money these guys they make so much money. And they have so many opportunities. And it would just CT and all that and it popped. You go into those not in our order was. But he has got a loud get a regular job like like that's what they're I can't carry these. That that's nice speech but let's talk about what they were protesting how predict was protesting police brutality. And blocking me you don't think that's legitimate issue worth raising. It in some cases it is for the most part. I mean you take you know certain situations that happen if you actually do research. It wasn't like they are treated him in the media. Any get exploited by the media for example Michael Brown. Re read the transcript street grand jury testimony. And it will black people coming out they end. I really getting that needs it and it's right next uh oh. That's where it differently if I it's that before. I don't agree we're taking the stance of sitting down the National Anthem. Mighty football players if the crime you don't agree no I don't I didn't know you were anti in the protest I doubt it that because. It's a very short time right if it this is every every small. Part of a football game small part of let's talk about the Batman movies which they market people feel right now boards by. But I looked at as. And what's wrong with that give a few minutes the National Anthem the flag is something like it's that before a lot of people died wore a lot of people bought thwart the right to do this is a small thing if you want your word out other ways. Then the org this time. All of honoring this one moment it's. Sort of a lot like what happened at Fenway you know. What that was a terribly timed morally better drop where this you have that's where your honoring veterans would not deny us. Who says the national ant then it's not just with honoring armed militant. Analysts are utterly no it's not it's not honoring cancer early on during the bill when I don't let them build its list of military is on during the National Anthem the military what do you think it a lot of these people join the armed services office country. The three that were on top critics freedom to deal okay that's on that note that for his freedom to do a lot of things want things in this whatever a minute and a half. National Anthem blogger that case unfortunately. When it minute and a half nationally though there's. If we just not used that. To do wit it men of all I can do it that's the timing of it duel where it is is somewhat of these sacred native what's the point of the protest to get attention nice short well Whitney's gonna wait to get attacked and I don't likeness. I thought. Alex there are on the different ways to get attention went to the biggest topic it is over year right the because college I predicted picket sign and then that you have the guy in Kansas City we got to argue that news this others at all all my goodness we were all talking about that after that this act at predicting how predict. Actually had a message object I don't know afterward that the market that is that much right exactly but these people do you think you'd think let me ask you this. What percentage of these people would fall in line with Africa who have sat down or or it yet sat out that way at them. Actually know what they're there. Actually our I have are at convicted if Colin can't predict what's needed I think Michael and it certainly is I know I've asked you what percentage of savage reported I received a lot like me because I think that they they have a general idea of it if they wanted to. I think they don't wanna do the right thing I think you wanna do the right thing but they're getting behind a guy Collins now predicting induct bill Jerry Kelly and but I had this seat belt. Okay well all covered it you know he said something that was the topic should be raised and he's at the absolutely stupid things to do. Fight okay our. You did that but the conversation has carried on because all of can't predict is in sight when anyone that you could make the case that you go outside and when we get. It is it's it's not me that this last hour he does not think it's better than. He backed up in the league and better than some starters. As well not I'm not disagreeing. A reason why he's not signed him because of the distress he's black even Jerry Allen. Lot of diesel Jared did you know you well that being dale listened we are right there and truth right but you. That's what brought up some markets Peters sits during aunt that week one night you'd think that would be a big story. It wasn't at the protest actually we're going down Mike Freeman of which report at a piece a couple weeks ago about how dare. You where protests this year than last year this story with high. On the back burner but that's our carnival barker chief brings up last night Alabama and there's gonna be even more protests. This it across the NBA I'll eat just ample wide open. The patriots you would be surprised at all instead of death rate if it's. Actually the patriots now it's because you asked why were you talked about the character to be different moments along the way that things have happened that you continue to talk about. My problem is once again it is. If you. On here. Right the plant a supplement. They Emmys anyway my problem is it that minute nap. You know I think you can do it in more constructive ways using outdated map and I will use the Bentley park example you could have done that and more constructive I'd drop that banner that in the fourth that he went on I bet that. I would I would about a problem that all of these things that's. Our were executed was saying with the humans it was the message racism exists and it's it's everything. Across the board when it comes to mitigate the openly racist stuff. Across the board when it comes that's do you rate the race of the stuff so right. He. Across the board. If the messages to be deeper about the race in Fenway Park Adam Jones all it. But from all sides it's been executed terribly in debt because people target on one side the other. That objective OK you know that you went out Perot. That actually saw the like this happened well wolf the guy on the year wait three days that if it doesn't mean our argument on the other side of it. Well it's like. The Red Sox. You can be bought the day after all and by the way we dive we went well if we get someone who called someone a racist. I don't think it probably. Because. With all that up about the buttons in the week the day after we got what I. Hear about every single problem which I believe app with a league people it at least parts they awful thing. I wanna hear about those not just the day afterward to what rub it caught someone's at the so I thought it. So great great so be it how we heard. We publicizing it are we starting that congress AG at. As. As boisterous as we did that the day after and at the buttons are perfect and I'm like like the answers are wearing now about how. After a day. So this might point out is that because people are so delegate on both sides and that's about it that way our. Including debated thing. Everything's being executed our. Terribly we happily in the conversation because somebody in that may be the latest example of it where you're like what's what's. I had voted or is it that. What's in the Red Sox the Red Sox that well they were very nice people well what you know what if you don't. People that do that you're stadium then actually say you know what they say they are banned from front that's why are. Entity that what is it racist. Me the Howard Bryant why you think do you think it should be treated in music the but he rotting on the field throughout the game. They are. So they work so. That people are in jail or bring up tied to. A lot of talking about it this freaked and that's all I've got the ball. It's like oh thank you for me it's any comfort I. Did you sense that there with a very strong message from the right like that you know what. But you doesn't get brought the data for our wall it's gonna be severe it is I'm sure other. If we've. All the years that we are based eloquently park we've ever had bigger drop than let the wall and now all of that we will never the height. Which we excellence right. People not where people wearing shirts in the leisure haters. But we got pretty big. But now we got error of trumpets all different now are all charged up we see you on the phone to get to next Radford and Reamer live from the big in Springfield and did you meet. Bradford and Alex dreamer. If you know what's hurting the game more than that. When people like themselves turn on television and you see those people taking the me when their plane powered great nationalist. The only thing you can do better is if you see if even if it's one player leave the stadium I guarantee things will stop. Things helicopters pick up. I think. Some of those chargers fans are following his advice consider it no one's going to see or Amgen's. The reason that's there are article. One yeah. Worse than that you read that story is security trying to convince the project targets to act like you know. Joseph politics and it's on its pockets. It did is this all about getting the market that we come back do. The business is all about business although money while for them the money users aren't you it's like this get a team in the market. And for that not only that they can matter that people show up now it what it at even the market. And the product can be that it doesn't matter because the rams are the fourth most viable franchise in the league right now is they moved to lawsuit yes. He stadium being built and Inglewood so the product doesn't matter to these owners and that's why you see it mediocre. Product on the field. 617779797. Radford and -- taking up until. Red Sox baseball at 325 and got some people rob wanna yell at me so let's answer coming up I. I I did meet a fan yes Sam thank you very much. It's it's a small fan club I don't know I don't maybe you bit me we underestimated the speaker Democrat I said the silent man on the sought majority. The talent majority in Richard Nixon we've always in two peas in odd jobs and socket and hanging on John what's going on tonight. Hey guys I'm going on graduating. It goes on unpopular but. What people get caught up with light that they've read I'm sure you don't protect your freedom for the ball. They have the most important job in this country but it'll protect your freedom and it took an all protect the constitution. And in the United States that are 37 I think it's 37 states and Iraq will. If you protest at work you're welcome fired. You don't have the protection. And and I agree with trump I I don't think anyone should view their the national. It's appropriate for the president of the United States to come I can speak more exercising your first amendment rights. It can't exercise that right it would have been written there. And yet but think that part would not W don't break it of course they do the right to do you the president to recognize. You may trump in the do what you don't know what. I know but what I can I mean that was anything. Trump I wrote about a news I have a member of the common sense party seasons yet. To vote. Of them I voted I voted for. Four. Hundreds yeah. But at the DuPont it's. An about it or David Wright and most importantly we're Pedroia. But. Not reach the idle idle. I agree. It that it is out there that if they'd better places to protest it is naturally the because I've picked it. It deserves to we deserve the honor the National Anthem in the last. There's nothing wrong. You get to that kneeling on incidents while that's the freedom that we have to do it be appropriate to do that well well what would the guy who started that dealing. Is it Thai police correct that wrong on anti police brutality day it died but by at least in my. I think he was up its IE police brutality to the point where. Sort of hitting the Rodham Russian idol concert pigs Sox not great exact body exactly so our if you gonna do that that I have no problem. Along with the evidence of the other things but I also adds that they have the right in there are gonna get fired this is this whole idea we had two callers now. Where they say oh well you know they should be hard work of people like us that I did this I would be tired I'll point out how. Away what if nothing else the Credo that you did much route they show the much of all this stuff should be it's about making money. It's about business that's what all of this comes down to it colluding with Donald drop. That's why again Roger Goodell on the NFL did issue a statement out against trump today not as hard hitting as some would have liked it a surprise they. Said something has dogged Dell says to this of comments like these demonstrate an activist. But that the divisive. Think it's pretty simple straight starts and makes me somewhat of an idiot I adjusted their cradle it divisive comments like these demonstrate unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL. Our great game and all of our players an affiliate understand the overwhelming. Force of good art clubs and players represents. In our community so you dealt in a delicate issues statement against them today. Players have been doing it all morning our team on according DeVon picked including Devin forty now the question is does Robert Kraft say something. Does Jerry Jones Dana Snyder do any of the NFL owners. If she was the measure up their play any. Even if they don't do it statement to the streets of the players did Robert Kraft is the that would court. I can I don't like this where it coming down on this this is where college they I respect your opinions. On it it it. But because if on them accordion I don't hear anything yet that that video where I thought you guys in the locker room after the game we. Like probably the replacement gave the ball done well last night. We're recourse yeah he photographed and I wanna talk to home was at the homeless Kevin before god now homeless Kevin is a good friend of mine in its great to speak with you what's going on Anheuser summer. And what's happening at where we're where are you parked in the big heat. Actually don't find it kinda know those guys have been you're probably ninety days. Oh my god what happens I don't know I woke up and uploaded go to law that would look out. While ago a not so we need Obama so people like Kevin. In the car can hit dead on with Kevin to keep good health matters are Democrats take them out. But I dialogue want let it would trump. Like you know you might do you feel control. Except he's a president that's the extent of what it is committed to not bad do you think that this. Stance in the tournament game what they thought it would be elected president will let them respect the opposite and that they can block attitude and definitely the president. You're telling me homeless pets that I need to be Maurice I. Hey hey lets it almost government ideally asked him if it's like the guy from Maryland radicals but that's the agent on public Gavin. I will say this. I tell my kids might buy might sign with very political. Freshman in college. He was idealistic can't argue with you it was so broken up what a lot of people would trump got elected. And I don't hold ill and I told him I said all right starting now you. Readers please slate. Respect the office don't call tropical president from. And do it it is hills yet it's usually sit upon him as he has captured I dislike for the people who didn't agree with the Obama. I had a brawl in Munich re outlawed you'll agree with the wildlife that call him a President Obama because you'd shoot under the if if if the offices where it's. The Netanyahu were out. Absolutely no law is what my equipment boy it is my point is is that it till it gets the point now. Where you decide enough is enough and I think a lot of people world like that. But so home with cabinet level you know but I do respect the office it might be certain certain Evans so where where you now you're you're out of the icu you're back in the car where you. I have an obligation of who wanna ensure guys Allan and Dennis Beatty I. The topic months to Kirk Kirk where where you calling from. Our wedding wearing it on this continent granite state. Yeah I know that. Until you hit seat moved across the lines well I'd like that. Are you look at you and if they vote. I'm on the myself or not that that does this set yes I excellence excellence. Of this type of its next. Let's not like it's more like what about the right before like if you if you single item on your time. That's a question like what some of them haven't followed or home. Alex you don't know what that's about these modes now. When enough acknowledged favorite thing that's notes that they do all of you you roll your high note note though gates him. You just roll your eyes you move line. We don't Douglas but I can go. What's going he's going to get it I'm done dehydrated they take up to satisfactory. Answer it yeah I don't factory. I well. It's called a static Gregg of New Bedford where that break cragey. What's happening there what's going on guys really gonna mourn and show meant. This meets yeah born they knew they yeah bring you back but anyway what that China and I think the thing that people are missing on the whole flag thing that. It's basically. One of the things that makes double moment beautiful people standing at the fact that we can choose not right and if he ET 30000 people sitting up there. A beautiful moment. But what it's like do it or you quieter do it or you find your get whatever it is. Like that take China off the optimum right who interpret the United States coming out. Encouraging people to fire people who think differently at separate terrifying idea it's very tense time. I can't because I want it and the believe you me your father stadium. And I you know what I would like paying attention the resort cushioning effect is hate and stand up also are unsure about what you're seeing. It yeah let me ask you this before you know what and I asked Al this earlier what percentage of the people on the players and it's protest. Actually know what they know the people what their protest. But at that point out her utter. 01. At a very deeply. Because quite well I'd I'd sitting out if everyone else. Be it but I don't know. I don't like that a subsequent is just as their athletes aren't all of adult but no because I don't hear a lot of them coming out. And eggs are accurately explaining this is why I did I would like the year. Yeah I hear anybody even caring why why did it because we can't separate that conversation what about why you. It would look back it was an. You know at. That Erica yes people are saying well why. All of it was him it will be where did the big debate is very Shalit they did not talk about the CD talked about his acts. Not for democracy and the thought. The fact of the matter is it. It's standing it's optional that's what makes hitting beautiful you're North Korea like for example and there are people and it's great deal leader because there. They don't unless impressed by that he'll actually. But like over the united state thing like he people being in the afternoon cover art at least happy I it's great because I know that they don't have to do. Still the president comes out that we think yesterday that you see Apollo. Everybody not just like I mean I feel like wrecked by getting you want people can't buy it for noble thing but it's. And yet. I would tell Wednesday that an out of college like I respect the match but I will say that's of course which prompts it now. President unites they should say that it's in the east of stupid things that the problem and this goes both ways the problem is is. Doing these things and happy explanation for it because they on this side if that bullet in the conference and it's notes that that is the route the witness test if there's you can view your ticket X until. Audio you don't also went some way wrote that's something you don't want them are immediately explain I why their protest that. Some I don't I think most athletes Il they don't. Have a way that they asked Marcus Spears twice but I. Everything. So that's the problem outlook what. There's actually a lot not to say if you're the actions speak to tell us. Does it appears that it now I don't know about protest it's not worth it. Well that's pretty. Because it because I what is it if we are taking if you don't know and he's sitting there's an. If you. I'm telling you I'm viewing it now. Apparently you're gonna explain why yes. Please today Yates thought is going to explain why they're doing it I applied Alex. Good or you know having you know what I what I've been announced that the standard my whole life but after this comment this statement I am sitting during the anthem which switches again. Oh it would have right at the few times ago and let them. But at a spot in solitary spot take it week in the protest exports. I actually saw that development. Michaels at the start of every at six now going to you radiate them. They're gonna protect them the statement. That it's. 67797. Seven Roemer business rate accurate here took 325 to take your calls on this. We also got it got a little bit. Trump's comments but CTE. And a Russian not the Aaron and as an I did read. Wait too much of the top eighty the TB twelve manual it was a terrible read I'm drinking. Bottled spring water which Brady would not be out. Whole chapter about this on burnt by the idol it's why we I've hot and the drinking waters hoping I'm clear from the sun. App market is WEEI why. That means the. I am sweating glaring at the wrong and it's not in the granite state. Ladies are down massively. NASA. The NFL ratings are down massively. The number one reason happens to be like watching what's happening on. Reviews. And like what's happened is because you know today if you hit too hard right they hit you hard fifteen yards throw him out of the game. They had that last week I watch for compliments. You guys just really beautiful tackle. Ball fifteen yards a referee gets on television is like this it's a rather they're ruining the game right. They're ruining. A lot that's what they wanna do they wanna hand. Then they want him but but it is hard to be again. Beautiful tackles. And via. You know the new that you to have. Videotapes Brazil. Anymore but that you don't hit the best it was call us out of beautiful. Those valley music behind it. What dropped. Out of an interesting night and god sports talk radio guys when our president is about sports talk and be pretty good. What that takes them now have you reviewed pretty easily I loved the trucks doing here. I'll act totally another good show I think we could you know they welcome and after dark anytime you think you'll do it for closure Bucs still are trying to beat that they'll drive out of this repeal. But yeah I. He promises low socket you deliver this time now then and now we can talk about from. Does wedge social issues about two policies to rev up its pace over the summer it was accurate to you're troops. Now it's the and it now in protest in yet broken questions. Interesting one. It's a wide itself. But yeah yeah I'm obviously you people actually gave a lot of money from that's very that's makes a lot of Tyson. Is. But it you know you go back to the in this year in his conversation. And I don't know where you fall on this I should know by I don't know. While with are you fully buy into this lawsuit I used today why are you saying Steve on football for being football and team of the patriots tonight on the NFL for because. Aaron Hernandez became mayor Hernandez beat of the CP that was it. I think that lawsuit has no actually I played her in a couple of years. Between seats lenient Alfred CTE. A lot but I do you think seat and I actually surprised us he took the stance on yet dot com this week. I think that he thinks it mutually exclusive I think about. You can say Hernandez is a socio path and CD is not the reason why he murdered over annoyed they murdered those two guys out Austin. But. You can say that might explain. Some of the sociopath tendencies. You could say that might explain. Why he did what he did was so paranoid in Quincy woods using frogs and we have. Tons of examples of God's suffered heat that you turned to drugs and ought not to build self edit stroke Friday. Although this is this like temple it's took back the lawsuit and I heard the warrior on yesterday and dale all key. Say that they can basically prove the time line when seats you'd really kicked dead. So what you're talking about you'd have to assume. The CT objected to leave really early I mean you're talking about in his teens because we know from the Aaron and his story that. This guy started to which drugs are doing stupid stuff pretty early on right right and is a college student or that this ET Al. No I didn't help but that's that's legal defense. Probably wasn't the reason but it didn't help. But may have been a reason why he too yeah I mean it took on ultralight back that she still does corporate it himself in the chiefs. Parking lot in Yuxi TE you know deed doers and shot himself had had CT GUSA out of his car equipped. At C east that we we have examples before word got the CD out committed suicide until just days after the others out there like bought things can't beat you Hernandez's sociopath deceit he does not excuses up or at this behavior. But it helps explain it. It hasn't hit yet now of and help negate these people who say all the files that go away eventually because it now you don't click here is busy evidence why. It's because boxing hasn't gone away. Right at me and it's not gonna go away and I I Ron Borges who was on earlier on mustard Johnson I thought I had a good point. What you probably gonna see happen is that these social economic. Like side of business elected yet it's gonna get it's gonna get more and more and more swayed one way. Like what they're the football in. Brookline in fifty years. Maybe not Adobe waited near Springfield about the numbers the youth football numbers the last couple years in Brookline I've gone to work it out David have you read youthful like Brooke I know I've it's not predict first of all okay -- I've lived in Brooklyn upload Doug Flutie we love the Wheaties I did not play my brother was a football players look at the vice president for policy I think. Are off yeah I think it totally is a socioeconomic thing I think that's where we'll see hypocrisy security terms of yep this I think people also are getting confused with this glossy now. Hernandez I think has zero chance to win lots. That doesn't mean it's not can be damaging to the NFL as if this is not dismiss the tactic you walk about this very story dot com. On thank you as the super compliment but he did today or my job he set it out he said basically that if this goes to discovery yet felt the patriots are gonna have to unveil a lot of documents that they don't want unveil and then -- that will be out there not just for Hernandez but for other lawsuits is well. So the NFL they want to settle this thing even though Hernandez again has very little chance of winning court. And you know what else with it it's a good point. I think that actually could happen another thing I think it really did beat them was that simple quote from the and I I think it's crap from. From on the Boston University see the the police and the odds are Mickey and a mile. Of the Braves of that whatever 111 bring these audio hundred and at CT I mean this is this as if I'm a football player like holy crap. I can't believe this and you still hear the guys I think this is these guys are pretty well dug in. They they have the high they have the rise. The football as part of their life more than life itself a lot so they're like how risk my life to do this. You heard Michael Irvin saying yesterday. Made that actually government would say the same thing the guy at that probably had in the league concussions so the jets Rickie say and I guess I would die on this field and it don't think that the majority of players right now so that if it wasn't these guys would be playing right now the players largely don't there. That's true they don't and they and they now the other guests now that they they largely don't ban on. 617779797. Let's go to Peter he's in JP Peter what's going on. I have done a predator addresses with the new that. I'm just created remarkable statistic. Of current 250. Lack. Or middle of Berkeley where there isn't too doesn't it in black and white. 39 opposed unarmed. OK and here. Balance that against. Well 27%. Of African American. Live under the poverty level. And three quarters of them are blown up and singled him out when you put it simply does its work socioeconomic issue not a racist. Give it great to. Do the numbers to talk about millions and millions as opposed to 39. I mean. Independent thanks in LA and in my experience. Come across a lot more homophobia at the end anti semitism. And I have racism in any and. It near the white guy JP doesn't come across a lot of racism shocked. I I don't nights. Widely across the reason I don't like I went to be human lives and it'd be what it is Tuesday. It doesn't matter so come across no matter where you let out. An idea and ray. And you can't get Democrats racism about it at the death Massachusetts. I came across racism. I can tell you. Do you think they're good on what black guy that out but not a brown people of color opted. Then I'll come across. But they're not there though I did days that's the Brooklyn saves but what you're saying that it can't Abby said it happened. I'm saying not a surprise that I'm not surprised that he say he doesn't count Mexico and a lot of racism spurs that was my. And we hear no. Or homophobia and seem a lot of terrible fingered him a lot of there's Hispanic or is that in order and it might infect semitism. So I'm not aren't just saying there's credited the world but there's a lot more from the map and it still looks. And black people's he's not the eggs on the it's a big problem in the black argued yeah poverty level. And 70% of them are earth. At. To be executed like you can go to bed at all heard a little quality. Auto right might face if that line. A hard golf.