Bradfo Sho, Ep. 115: Reporters in Rickshaws with author Alex Speier

The Bradfo Sho
Wednesday, August 14th
In the latest installment of Reporters in Rickshaws, Rob Bradford is joined by Alex Speier to discuss his new book, "Homegrown," the expertly told tale of how the Red Sox built their current stable of young superstars. While riding through the streets of Boston courtesy Boston Bike Taxi and Lord Hobo Brewing, Bradford and Speier soak in another historic podcasting moment while discussing key scenes from Speier's works. How did Mookie Betts get to be Mookie Betts? What behind-the-scenes obstacles did these players face to get to where they find themselves? How fast can you go on a pedicab while taping a podcast? All of it is uncovered on this episode.