Bradfo Sho, Ep. 36: The definitive Rafael Devers podcast (Pt. 2)

The Bradfo Sho
Tuesday, July 25th

Red Sox assistant GM, Eddie Romero, joins Rob Bradford to discuss the decision to promote Rafael Devers. Romero explains what went into the Red Sox deciding that now is the time to make the move. Listen to the behind-the-scenes account of this team's most important decisions of the season.


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I. That road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're. Brad boat show. That's delicious. We're back Zach after a long hiatus from the rest road show I promised that we would not go dormant for cute too long. And that is exactly what is happening because we are back you're back big. The second preeminent rock field devers podcasts once again return to the guy who not only helps sign him but nurtured them all the way up to the major leagues. That is Eddie Romero assistant general manager of the Red Sox. Talks at length about all the decisions that went into calling up the guy that ever wins turn their focus to Raphael. Devers why they thought he was ready for the major leagues when they thought he was ready for the major leagues how we used. All of it Eddie had it was good the first time he came on the podcast talking about Everett's. Earlier this year and he's just as good this time this is the buzz of the town right now in terms of baseball Raphael devers and no one's better to talk about it. An editor marrow. On the Bradford show. Elder Merrill back. He's used his free T shirt for a sham while on his car the Bradford T shirt and which I don't mind as my demographic and and he liked it so might see his cart need to be cleaned against him he's back in the podcast for good reason nobody. The guy that we talked about last last W Iran is now our major leaguer Raphael divers to welcome back. Again for a for a lecture at. So obviously you know we talked before a slow the progression of Raphael and and one of the things that. Units of time and in came to fruition was he was gonna have to have a stop in Tripoli now that stop only lasted nine games. The first question I would I guess I would ask is how important was that stop in terms the valuation. You know I think would you do differently being different made this feel better about the decision to call my mom. Now you know give an effective that you went over there he. Assimilated themselves. Very quickly. Intimidated or comparable anyway. And paid a lot of quick adjustments in terms you know. His performance. He went up there it right off the bat. Also made several defense plays network or or above average according to news. Our stats and lower about it so. There. And and and we we know that he did make me or slightly but again you know he did it is and he mentioned it very good places well. So I think. There was no there was no I'm not what you owe learning curve for him you know. Major adjustments very quickly perform well he showed the ability. To continue to drive the ball and drive the ball the other way insurers can attract attention. So I think it is it is more comfortable that despite these genes short look contingency. So what was it if there was one thing if there was one thing when you said yet to check this off. What what what would be. For news from that yeah I think so I think what day it was just in continuing instituted to. Reckoning arms approach it the best way to city eulogy or is he continued to conclude that. The progression that he's added in his overall approach that's a purse this year. You know I think the numbers which would indicate. Also witching with the naked guys that he does a better job of patrolling the strike zone and realize that cater he's becoming terms of it what pitches he can handle digitally. How pitchers are attacking him giving cute. It counts. And he continued that you know with a higher level at AAA and he never. So I think that was just to check opting and despite it being short lucky he management so imagine. Was you know comfort and insist that we think he'd be ready. And when we talked about it we all did stories yesterday and a lot of them revolved around what you have the twenty year olds in a broker to its one year old. Yeoman Connor was really is called up and I know that Carlos I was having talked Alex spear rumpus. About Phelan that may be Raphael even though he is a city majors you know on it was a little more advanced in some important. Aspects of the game man I don't wanna say that the only one who wasn't ready I mean obviously guys felt he was ready when you call them up. But what were some of those things that maybe I am and you said the I wasn't so much about learning from you on my chaotic if they're two different guys. Vote what or something that may be separated. Of the two when we're kind of comparing him. What I think for one you know racquet has been with us for a while it Gretzky signed with us when he was sixteen years old and he's. He you know the that the Red Sox it way. Offense approach to reaching a better player development staff. Teaches starting greatly improved perimeter gate to a yo on you know signing yet. Nineteen and then having you know. Sending being sent to more advanced levels early on in his career. I think editors just. There's a learning curve it pepper for the time that you really get to know the way that we attack pitchers in our kind of our principal. Are meant to progression permits keys for our hitters when there whether at the plate. Actually you refugees at a better better base for it accurate that you'd been around longer it in around that longer he would hurt term or terminology. And a way that we we preach. Hitting an approach in selective aggression in. Not so I think that you know. Smoke attitude in this physical attributes this push a little bit more advanced humidity at plate you know or any international level was obviously a few years older. But rat he did have that. And managers being ingrained habit from an early age you know using using it sucks school offense for you know a few more years thing that. In all the corset Dave Dombrowski had after the game when you announced that it devers was can be called up that that jumped out at me was saying some the effect of this was the best stop this is going to be our best option and that's obviously wing and on the cost of getting another third baseman as that it's waiting endeavors progression. What did in your mind when did that sort of become evident that this was. The ways that it was going to be trending in terms of how you gonna address at third base spot. Well you not think they would part of the best answer that they've been the one who's been most on the phone in and it's got the that's fuel for the market but I think overall our discussion it was. Just seem that the price is concur that it you know and and that's something that we ought to do in terms of addressing. That area need inheriting you know it's. This in house option that we're aware we're excited about I think makes it that much easier. Along those lines when did you start getting the feel. Knowing devers as long as you've known them and then obviously tracking him through this year when did you start in the field and maybe this was when he is double way. That this was going to be a potential reality that you're going to be sitting there on. July 23 and he was going to be at least in the organization's eyes ready for the step. I think come given that this start to eat occupation year. You know he had. Several goals in the offseason that he wanted Q to choose to reach you know in terms. Playing some winter ball in and working on a couple of things and I think you win the outs he's needed those he came early this spring training or tortured Dominican academy reported to spring training early. And and from there you know I think he shot some of the results or eat Osce pretty early on in L. Felt good about so often cropping sure that they do work hard it's not she's almost on a few of those goals and I think it was pretty evident going into the beginning of the season when he got off it's always tougher for young players actually someone from a warm weather climate craft years. To adapts to you know that the wintry ship's decks of baseball being played early on in in Portland and you ought last year he to a rough start in any battled his way back in the that he got off to a good start this year. I think really opened his guy's opinion and obviously you know we saw for our coordinators from here and Crockett and other players it's solved. Where we're very positive about. Both it is it is progression on the offensive and defensive side and ended refining that approach him. I think. We watched with the success of that that the power was sure it more power short itself or regularly and in the past. There to secure indicators that hopefully. You know this guy with a yield opposite some point this year. You know ID one of the things that in him maybe I am fraudulent saying this spot I just feel this does is sort of my gut reaction to instances like players like this. Where you can start a single way. But there's something to me if a guy his client Wallach he says he had a good offseason had a good spring training he hits a seasoned ground running. And when you're playing well you having a lot of confidence and then you do with the next slow they do the next level. Some of the deficiencies I think probably can be over overtaken by just the confidence of playing well I and am I wrong in thinking that. I wish secretary from personal experience yes I always have a lot of costs and I've never been on much overall. What I have been on a roll that's I've I've felt no matter of Steven by the way it is good. Equity. I you know I I think you know that the mental aspect of the game it is so huge and I think in due to a point where. Column you know baseball will be different than in past bought some urged portrait where you commuting to the zone and you feel kind of elevated to another level. But I I think which you know you develop that consistency especially for young players are seeing positive results do it play you know certain written that you're setting your game the result you hope for. I've eaten there a bit of an avalanche you know. Resulting Erin and and you know a lot of times is. You're a side effect of that is that you know you you find other side improvements in other areas whether it's you know what to strike rate or whether it's yours you know workers deep into your base rate improved I think it's all just having that. The positive mindset. Com. To which eating one gold does have side effects that that we keep uttered. Acts of the year ago I feel a little bit better about mine. My very un informed opinion. You know one of things one of the biggest things when when people ask about this move. Is as I look at it this way is offensively can't get much worse in and that's not a knock on these other guys because you had a decent run lately. But I just elected devers is in is. Probably going to be a little bit and optic even though there might be some holes here and there is going to be defense league this is where it turned for you guys went all the sudden you're making the plays. At third base so tell me a little bit about where you feel the devers is at defense. I think I you know that was that's about the couple weeks go away and impact we feel comfortable with them if we didn't puke of what we learned that we would be making this is you know likes. Again he showed improvements. Across the Ortiz. In every Eagles since we started stabbing him you know their hours. Cut it to its feet it's the word worsening doubt he had our strength he had an accurate arm. You know some of the years that he made it seem that game. On plays that matters is what keeps you or it's an off balance. You know throw attempt or public debt so. I think now we don't need him to make people clubs split which is secret to may be the routine play at we're confident that he gave. Is there is there are one part of his defense of game which was may be lacking a little bit that he's really improved on. For creative person you know from what are excellent as collateral. I only work on content but work a lot with Andy fox or greater and and com. Most analysts and tempers crabby what you got to its circuits for the short time there but he and then you know if they had mentioned that it makes progress in that area. You know because. And you know he's he's he's as he did early build it. And column but the fact he's led honesty I think you know he's worked on the the proper full working started going both ways I think is Raines has been for me which. Which come on no have what was when did you talk to him army worried Gregory the one who talked to him to let him know he is coming hopper went. All I act I could talk to him yesterday that talked to a modest quarter earlier today a couple times once you know what she writes enough in Seattle so we have we've been touched. Well this we've talked about this before a muted maybe Whitman title last year. Is that for you that you see this guy's going back so so long and you seen the development you talked. About like the training and doing the red sox' way in. And seeing this guy growth in the struggles of the union last year in fighting through that all of that and then you have that moment and why you might not have broke the news to bomb. It must be still pretty cool just talking to them and and hearing and he's he's a smiley kid. And like you said that was his nickname right smile to remember that. You got here. You know it's it's it's a credit to QB for the department you know Tikrit remaining in your purse found him and was pounding the table from early on into the roll keynote and that type two who. Waited and saw him several times. And were really convicted on him in. For a player development happen Jose's a pot that those guys that first started you know with and you know he's got its first case that we had from. You know from from. Signing him from static image you know these teams it's starting him at sixteen and watching him develop him you know now you know he's still twice you know it's it's. It's a very cool moment her for the department and and you know I mean hopefully everything goes well and and he helps as options where that's ultimately what we do. We do what he said the first case or want it what you mean are you got other cases of guys you signed international free agents whose side and is is this. I'm so tomorrow more like a collective group that you know I can't help inside the ghosts I might be its corporate scout Texas yeah. Yes so that's that's pretty good yeah and so I would imagine the guy's argument conference call you know and raise a glass. To yourself with a I thought it Texas. This but much like we do at W. You know it's I've I've I've every one thrown out theories and and gas is about what's gonna happen and and so. I can't imagine in this is one thing that's been thrown out there is that you call mom now can you whatever week just over a week before the trade on line you see what the it's. Is he what you can do and then you make the determination whether you have to get back in the market. I can't imagine that like this seems to be something that you're going to be a little bit patient with him in my wrong. I think that you know and getting David probably the best person has questioned you know like a blow these. He we're looking Rupert curse architects think you know ease. He's gonna do everything he can't help persuade them and ultimately that's all that we need whether you know. A week ten days two weeks from now you know I don't. I don't think we're worried about everyone receives its rockets going there to help this win games and hopefully he can. You know it's. Even one of the things about we talk to a ball art monk product you go back to those teams when they came up. That that they weren't and Jonny Gomes of this when he was in town that day those bogey when he was called up wasn't leaned on partly at all I mean he. He started very few games all the way from that lasts a month and a half you had a very good team last year you had used to let Ortiz in the middle lineup. The perception is. That devers is going to be weaned on a little bit more by right from your perspective right no these guys can be protective of me you do not by any stretch to imagine. Nation wanna say it is our cleanup hitter go hit some home runs forests. That the news that do you that he must understand this right don't try to do too much just because you're a team is not having a lot of home runs don't feel like you have to be. The the be all handle. I salute him and I am sure you know like. I've discussed that would have been endorsed apple also discussed that with Adam NRA you know ease. He's gonna be stated in. You know he's he's. We're gonna give him every opportunity we camper in the succeed that's you know putting him in the in the best position to be able to do that so we're not expecting him. Go in there and and be army producer buying means I think I think you understand that eats here you know it's. To complement between him in whatever way he needs. And we understand that and that's one thing about rocket that he call about the Red Sox and winning you know he's a diehard Red Sox and from when we first outing him in. He was always an arc he's been I think. He had the good grasp just how important winning is. To this organization into the scene in this city I think he he he he understands that there that would that he was close. Quality regulations. Right places on the T shirt congratulations on getting it are being part of the book the whole equation of of getting this guy in the major leagues and then. Which causes. Well a civic the next time musically all you have to do is next time you sign a billion national freeagent does have the more now prize. As it is good for the brand. Eddie thanks so much now appreciate it.