Bradfo Sho, Ep. 37: Why Mike Moustakas isn't with the Red Sox

The Bradfo Sho
Friday, July 28th

Kansas City Royals general manager Dayton Moore joins Rob Bradford to talk everything trade deadline, including the thinking behind holding on to players like Mike Moustakas and KC's other potential free agents. Moore offers his take on the landscape of the deadline this year, along with what it's like to do deals with Red Sox chief decision-maker Dave Dombrowski. Willie Wilson also may have been mentioned.


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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. We are on fire here's Brad showed me good to continue that trend. With the white Biden's stock has he's not a member of the Boston Red Sox podcast wryly that's just part of the conversation I had with Kansas City. Royals general manager Dayton Moore guy who's been on the podcast before it seemed like a timely. Opportunity to have them on once again considering Kansas city's coming into town and not only that but we have the trade deadline in Dayton is always good talking about the trade deadline and and his team always seemingly is in the middle of what is going on when it comes to who is buying who is selling all of that. And whether or not. This team is really gonna make a run that it's really a bizarre. Situation for Kansas City usually this time a year over the last few years. Where you've had early July looks like they go to one way and then late July either go the other way that. Seemingly has happened the last five years well. They are absolutely no doubt. Buyers this time around they are right in the mix there when the hottest teams in baseball and they yet. Five free agent who are going to our five potential freeagent. Who are going to are really make up the foundation on this team they have some tough tough decisions today. And right now it does look like they're gonna trade any of them. The one of those guys of the before mentioned Mike the stock is who the Red Sox would love to have army tell me you would be a perfect fit. On this team by the look like he's going anywhere. Oh Dayton Moore explains exactly what the royals line of thinking was over the last couple months when it comes to all the rumors in all the strategy. At the trade deadline about trading these guys particularly in the stock. Those are good conversation didn't always give it to our 20 here it is. Well very fortunate once again have Dayton Moore. The guy who calls the shots for the Kansas City Royals the red hawk Kansas City Royals were coming to Fenway Park here. But you know at first of all day now are you a welcome back. Oh yeah yeah you guys are playing pretty well and and it's weird day because. It seems to me I've followed you guys every year but it seems to be around this time. You guys are the most up and down and chaotic. July he might think that I remember and it must be. It because of that it must be bizarre for you at these trade deadline he said. To come to make decisions they come right down a deadline in terms of whether your buyers or sellers if I'm wrong and then last couple years is it seemed that way anyway. Well it pads and you know that but that's the nature of baseball is you know and you know our team is is the success of our team is. Is credit cut predicated on you know everybody Poland for one another. Of course we've we've got well a couple players in. In my sockets in and Salvador or has it really have an exceptional year Eric I'll get claimed that the Al wobble and you know so consistent. Day in and day out offensively defensively running the bases is energy is approach and so well you know we just so. Seems like it as we go through stretches where everybody the same time and then everybody school this and diamond. Of course this group of players are grown up together. In the minor leagues and they won championships with minor league level and you know this core group experienced the ultimate success and in the world championship in 2015. So. I think they understand you know that the ups and downs and say that. There every player goes through all the items 62 game. Well you talked about that core group in and in terms of this year the ups and downs this year must it must be difficult for a couple of reasons number one you. You have had your ups and downs are playing very well you've got right back to the racer clearly. In in post season consideration but there was retirement thinking. Well maybe this is going to be east cellar type deal. And that was a while ago but when you have a core group like that and you have so many create important free agents unifier I think five relief. Sort of core guys who are free agents. When you're looking back when you are going well and thinking wow man this is this is going to be tough decision comes alive. You know rob you want I would say about that should be very transparent. You know you'd give to you you always have a pretty good idea. What's of value is people players in the industry OK so if we wanna maximize. Its. The potential return or any of the free agents. That we have the time to do that when they had the at least two years left on their cup contract nor their control what would have been out. In the force. That's when we just came off a World Series championship without wasn't a prop op process to trade those guys that. You know we knew who the reason we never really focused on B and sellers is because. We understood. Four. Back in the winter meetings. This past December. In conversations with other you know what yet they like our players but what they're willing to give in return. Simply wasn't anything that we felt that was. Really make a strong impact. You know in our organization and put it on a password if future. Succession when I'm talking about future success and talk about winning championships so. We never we did so in evaluating that we have been blocked them from day one time we got spring training and what was your thinking and the support is simple players. And and and and our fan base and and continue to try to ride this thing out in and with the best team we can on the field now the landscape can change injuries do occur. So the value of your players. Perhaps changes. In the mind of of other organizations and if that's what we do we expand contact. Were console in my maturing. You know what we can possibly do to improve working but there's never really been in and out there. That has been. In a war you've been looking into. So we've always has been focused on. Just when this group and therefore we committed deal earlier in the week. Improve mobile and we like to deal that we made and still currently searching for opportunities to get better. When in date when you talk about Cairo we came to Kansas City immigrants came to Kansas City. And everyone went over to the royals' clubhouse in hung around the stock is this locker is Red Sox into the third baseman and so we're all gonna talk the Mike missed dockets I don't know what he would it's what could possibly said. But along lines of what you're talking about when you know that our we're gonna we're if we're gonna trade view you probably would trade you before this we're gonna ride with you guys. This is going to be the core we're gonna try to win until the very last moment. Do you when you have all these rumors and when you have the boss to be used for a under the disguise locker. You have to say anything to these guys who. Our potential free agents who are in these rumors and say eight don't worry about it story about its installed choice. Well it depends I mean I had those conversations before yes do I prefer not to absolutely because. The game changes in decision making a comment like that or stay in your look a player in the eye and say look gag order. You're here don't worry about it don't pay attention to the rumors and the next thing you know somebody called just makes. Proposal that it sits. You're too good to be true or something you shouldn't simply cannot refuse. Then you you look like the war and you look. I don't trust me. And that we are is that now there is lingering near fort character Kurt Warner attached. In the Q and you'll or my name well. You did choose all. What the manager in and in the coaches handle those situations in the way that you. Council player described play baseball just like you did your little boy. And don't worry about. All of the speculation in the business side other than that and in fact of the matter is our players. The other whether they've they've brought up they sit together and they've experienced a lot of things together they're veteran type players and they've learned a manager pretty well and in what you know and I know. The minor league ball players players physically mentally to make it to the major leagues and they want you break into the Major League. That those early years. Of the experience and hard knocks. Of the game continues to molds used in shape commute. And create a little pot it's about you that allows you. Separate. And go out and just play baseball so he is currently pretty mentally soft when it comes to this it'll play in the game. Yes as entrusting B bring up the mileage before it into the sort of a landscape of the deadline as we have only a few more days here left. Yeah I remember you saying that how much you prioritize. Taking care of your minor league managers and I and I think I heard from somewhere that maybe guys pay. Pay you and maybe more paid your mind only manages more than maybe anybody in baseball and that to me seem like such a good idea such a good approach. And and if if anybody who thinks that. It's not all just looking at what you're talking about your core group. Your success here sustain success. And I've missed wondering from you have you seen that have you seen that where we've implemented this and this is allowed us to get to this point where. It hasn't been one or two years has been a while now and we're you do have this core group and you keep bringing Gaza. Well you know it's it's important I think the environment. Is everything your culture so crucial. You can't have good consistently winning. Culture and environment what ship stability you know what you're minor league managers of Major League coaching staff. Your leadership team that obviously. I begin with ownership should support of what we tried to implement an accomplished. As a baseball operations department. So you know that it's important that you do not want. A lot of change. With which your readers and you know we we know when our market rob you know. Change the Major League level. We wouldn't sit there and Gilbert keeps star players. Here. Law. Term basis so. If there is a Major League club is inexperienced change in terms of their players and certainly don't want to be changing scouting directors and foreign directors and minor league manager since. An area scalps. And since gotten supervisors. If we don't have to we we we we strive for that continuity. And did that. Got to treat people right you gotta make it an environment where they won't work and certainly. He's got to do your best to compensate them fairly and while yeah. You know it is to go back to a was talking about trade deadline. Next. Every trade deadline is different and and I I I feel terrible asking this question because I feel like I'm just ideas to fall to it every single trade deadline. But as we see here right now. How is this field how does this market feel. I'm from where you're sitting in the and I understand the you don't have the same needs of the Red Sox and the Yankees are you have your own senate needs but how does the market feel. Is it one of these things where it's gonna come right down the last minute or two and we even tell that. You never can tell because the landscape. A Major League Baseball changes daily and I mean they're they're saying that you know and older and well how's that. That it may be that the general manager or orbit the manager of the coaching staff and then some of the players nobody nobody else knows that you sleep. Is approaching and saying maybe. Or on the and the social life to a player. Or certainly from a medical standpoint so everyone on this are always Molitor Billy general managers always turner. And trying to predict. What's going to happen. In the future and make sure they have enough depth if Spain. Go right. Because at the end of the day nobody wants to hear that somebody. You know that that they got hurt or your your Wall Street weakened because of circumstances that perhaps she couldn't predict. The bottom line is you got mobile solutions has been Majorly and there there are no excuses. 44. Are going out than anyone in baseball either do you felt so we don't we all we pride ourselves on trying to create as much depth as it possibly can. And that deal that you know also can come together very very quickly. We got so much information out there today it's the most. Analyzed and evaluated. Generation of baseball player ever and you know so we can now put deals together rather quickly. Because everybody does such an exceptional job but now earlier I would in all players that are evaluating the morning. Genes for. It would seem is funny says that because it would seem almost they might take longer because there's so much information in this so. That leads to so many differing opinions are as it just that you have. So much information and you organizes so when someone brings up a player in single a players ball yes we'd like him or we go. Well they can't Accenture and there's no doubt about it so it is it Chan. Perhaps paralyze you from making a deal because there is so much. Information. Out there and by the consulate filter and true art and this time a year everybody has. Are clear direction of what they're trying to accomplish. And and also I think deal and come together. Rather quickly of course it depends on. You know the direct this in the transparency and the general manager and the they have clearly defined goals what are trying to do. And those are understated. And recognize. By the potential trading partner in the if their goals. Line up and deal. Usually get them. Along those floods what's it like to deal gave them browse the. I'm David it's in my mind or about. More professional most talented and and certainly. One of the more accomplished general manager art and in the in the history of our game here he's always one is highly professional and very prepared. Extremely articulate. And understand. I think there's Hershey general managers in the game going to be and it really didn't. And I've understood. The business side and the baseball slide. Gauge it certainly one of those guys and maybe you don't actually understand scouting and player development important somebody knows. The baseball and a bit also understand the business side of it and it's. It's it's a perfect combination. What are take them. Would be I walk last being successful general manager and they're very purple quality. Last question today in when you look you Britain universally praised when you made your World Series runs about you have the you've constructed this old man and and how that was sort of ahead of the curve and and that's the way baseball's gonna go. And is curious when you go to build your team has saved can go build your team this year and even may be looking for the next year. Has has how you build your team change compared to five years ago. Well what would we want or gotten bigger. Guys are gonna connect you guys are searching make bursting blood and try to win awards and other. That's that's so important. If it your most talented player. Don't hear the most what the hardest compete the best. Your team will never reach a deal and so that's what we we want to do we want art teacher reach their seal and so. Most players that have those type ingredients you know got to deal to be selfless and in in place for the good good good good. Bad also be instead it was we have add defense and our ballpark you know when you look at we don't we don't make excuses or market. But through the matter is that you know world we're rarely get a help a couple complication pitchers. Our staff so but we need players are gonna compete like number one and that means they're gonna work quickly their command the fastball. They're in Cuba position that the old water's gonna compete to sell off in repair. The four days leading up to their their start and other gonna go out and get this chance to win. And that the only way they're going to. He'll look stay in the game be successful diplomatic and plays in our ballpark demands that you can catch the ball will say this. There's there's very few out shields there that can come in the call from stadiums and in play well. Off the ball to a shock or want them yeah and got over a lot of ground with we see it constantly and three game series or four game series what you get. Notre Dame to a game three or game four it's sort taken its poll wolf that I'm on the outfield. So we've we've always pride ourselves an extremely aircraft in the cover are out there are. Certainly build. Strong Cheshire is crucial I don't I think that the commonality of the teams that are going to be in the playoffs and go deep in the playoffs they all the catcher back there that they trust. You can call it game brief conference and a in the kitchen staff. Block. Received. Certainly a controlled the running game have that presents it's it's so crucial. And then the other part of that is I think you can you match up the last third of the game you're in trouble because. I know you're ethical Earl Weaver said that momentum in baseball next day's starting pitcher and certainly a lot of truth to that but if you win late. There's good feelings that is somewhat undescribable. They're released the relief the joy of winning late walked off if you will. And it does here over the next that you should bit about you know such a emotional and mental game and then. Losing weight is very demoralizing. And other. So. That's all the alerts what we tried to do but it starts to be in great teammates and that's what that's important you're gonna win over succeed in its cricket be augur. Yeah why is it's something is funny you mention the the red sauce sort of being made freer stadium it. It does remind me of when the Red Sox back when I was growing up in in the late seventies and then you have those teams hit the home runs but they could never win in Kansas City. Because the kids say to all the kids there team was built totally different and you have Willie Wilson and and these guys running around about Scott other Red Sox are right now so. Yeah very very an area you know. There's a few other teams that in coverage on. Exit in long that would protect distracted break in. And they they already are in pretty good as well so that's somewhere always mark what would we like. It doesn't the play center field. Alex Gordon doesn't have more speed but as well it would it would consider water a little bit certainly not so you wanna commit to everyday. Or a ball off there's not a center fielder but. We likely range in his three in the outfield so far but it's somewhere in Denmark what we all your attention or builders. All on our Archie. Well Dan thanks so much sense and it's going to be good series it's going to be it's. And this is this is where we start seeing the good teams play the good teams and and then he had in the trade deadline is going to be a fun weekend. Well I hope so and Iraqi have a good day thanks for having me out all right thanks a.