Bradfo Sho, Ep. 38: Being Mookie Betts

The Bradfo Sho
Wednesday, August 2nd

Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts joins Rob Bradford for an in-depth, candid conversation about his season and some of the unforeseen obstacles he has come across. Betts offers an honest take on how he and his club has dealt with some of the challenges thrown their way, while also explaining why Boston isn't always an easy place to play.


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At road show. That might open definitely probably would've brought bats by over. Quick where you don't know what you're. It Brad broad show. That's delicious. This is a good one today is the good one product road show will keep bets. Making his first appearance on the drive boat show and first question. We gave him and ask a memento right now. Do you know who Billy. Says that look you've got looks exactly like Billy. You know I don't know if you Driscoll 45 but I know these moves. Well we're gonna fight about that and I tell you what this is a good product podcast this is a well worth it. Some of them it's okay you can listen I can't watch it but I can watch him. You can imagine what it'll be like about John diiulio last couple been okay this one's really good news is going to be good on. You don't usually get smoky beds. For about 48 good minutes and that's exactly electric minutes. That's exactly what you did so moves you ready I'm not like him in stand let's go. Here it is smoky best. I don't know if this is moved its first timer runs project salvia was that a gay actually talked among key. When he drove a golf cart into the lake but but this is the I've degrees is our first extra incentive to sit down in this rapper and his doctor. And now so rookie first of all welcome. Thanks for having me. That that that I think you'd data has actually been on the podcast so. You normally use your last year he doesn't use electric. Yet he came. I'm Noah nailing his regular day but they recognized for that for the Vietnam veteran things. The good day for him. Well obviously we punctuated with a Paris in the podcast so before you go and it died. Suppressed progression asked her eyes or do you know Billy. Then I asked to do you ever see empire strikes back is Billy. And empire strikes back in as the reason I ask is when the camera and bill Messina big moose. Says Al rookie looks exactly like Billy. And then I finality you know. You this is always oh straight ball right down the middle for any any of us who grew up in this area universities and he Star Wars never seen not one Star Wars movie. He got a TV show nothing. Never never seen concept pot broadly. I know that you know who Pearl Jam was going back. But it is the Star Wars this sort of thing that yet half this. You have to stumble upon. Some. Seed and for my name. From my viewpoint I don't like movies. It better. Like fake so when I say fake like transformers I'm not a I have never seen me transformers Israel that its. Nets head and you know that memory up you know so by Epstein. And most likely. Animated movie and those have really good story behind this but like. Mike. Myers transformers with everything I just don't dig into those type of movies like Star Wars never again until it's because it's ninety Micah. I'm sure as to plot and everything but this is not like a real I can't relate today. Were you friends and in this this is something like where you but you said you have to stumble upon it used to be forced to write. You know you know maybe friend or girlfriend early on in your life a regular east pricy star or to empire strikes back is like seven Star Wars. Yeah and that I'm more avoided somehow I've avoided every time I had never had anybody that they need to watch it. Every time in us that never seen it it rises site. Okay coon but. No nobody's ever recommended hey you should go watch Star Wars to meet them. Tied with grief enough about them where you should look up who Billy. Because he was the man back in the back in the seventies. Anyway so again we're just sort of talking to give time to check in we have two months ago we got through that trade deadline you have a pretty good year. But you know I as I'm watching your year this year I had Cuba help but think like what's it like for you. You had a great year last year second MVP voting in and what's it like I'm I mean talk combo just to us. Playing on me near what is it sort of third and a half year rate. Yeah. Yeah maybe so anyway so great but. So I guess in a nutshell this plot out your house this year been different for you how's this. Season be different you know and I'm nine time all of us from more curve balls on the outside corner how's the season in different. Tom I've this year has been. Just a lot of she's been rough means a lot of failure and a lot of adversity. You know obviously Liasson like where we sit last year didn't come from Goodyear. Denied doing a lot I had David there Canon you know. Protect us I guess this is the thing in that he's not here we don't have that one big person to. Kind of oversee everything. And I mean. We have to kind of collectively as a unit. You know kind of pick up where he looks he's left off and I haven't done my part do what I came in you know fields in great hands and playing they're playing great. Guys salesman for pitching great I mean we I can't think of bogey you know I came thing of everybody's right now this. On the front I think guys have kind of kind of pushing the kind of cushion and I feel like I haven't. Done my part pushing you know like but apps have had some moments some good moments. Number of had a lot of a lot of stretches grabbing them then than anything so. On this just this year's been kind of learning to deal with the head and learn how to get out of it and it's. Knowing that can really take what I learned from this year well what I'm learning in your years that'll work. I'm just kind of take what they want them learning Canon. Switch hitter or get through it it is going to be huge curve for me going finishing the year and I think from. First record tenth let's go back to spring training in this directive OK you know we don't stories what's life going to be like without Dave Ortiz and you brought it up. You guys had all the right things. And he you do your best to guess what life is like about the Iraqis. I've been around for a longer if you have here I didn't know what lack of opportunities is going to be like. So in essence once again you brought up a little bit. And what's been the thing that you didn't anticipate and I'm talking about bowl for you obviously you he was the best offensive player in baseball last year. But also. That said taking good. The brunt of everything. In that club yeah I mean you know I think we don't be lying if we knew what to expect we'll let you sit nobody did. And you know on the and we know here's David Ortiz. So. Just knowing that. Not one guy has taken right after being. We had a we have to understand that anything a little lot understand. It took us awhile to find out our identity. And then I think we've we've. We're certainly figured out I mean you devices and take a month and then we're gonna Knowles. No and and in May take Jessica Moore your wrist is fully understand it but I think we're we're starting can give you a little. And down. It's in it's we got to know that. It's now one guy and then the rest of team behind him now you know it's it's kind of five or six guys you know that are you turn on feeling and off field on and on foot and a half the Filipino and then got to know them. There's there's. Were brought together you know even though were altogether would David we know we have somebody that we can come only knows now it's. A group of guys and I am. You know. I can't say I am one album but I can Sam now one of whom I know. You know I try and do it can't as far as being a leader in the room and kind of taken the brunt of things. And I know I'm about myself and I think. But the guys in the clubhouse lieutenant I kind of understand that and so it. You know as of struggle and I know that I'm not alone. And that's huge to note that you know I have guys than about any kind of only known as that is one person and I got to kind of little it different. Opinions from different guys and I just need that. Other guys to never endeavors coming out and mean you know other refusing and whatnot so. On the senses when guys it's I'll listen and off the field. You know we've we have our team dinners in when nine and it's not just. When David wants to have dinner we have dinner knives and maybe 45 guys they want this person wasn't general we really move this school this personally today to illegally and lieutenant. Because everything is a sort of his mother up everything was sort of seemed like the lack of her term cleared through David Wright it won't want Simpson now amounts. Just different guys that you know you may have to kind of go through some did you feel looking back now of the new year did you feel like you reporting. Pressure on yourself to be that guy but once again you're coming off a year where we are. The second best offensive player on the team so now a year by default perceived as the best offensive player and it's in your guy who a lot of people feel because you have books. Even keel personality you've been around a little bit you can be a leader on this team in the allele you're still young guy. Did you looking back. So he not made yet puts too much pressure myself to the I don't wanna see something I'm not something. That was maybe cart before the horse. I can't they had did on a league honest my hottest thing was I didn't wanna do better than I did last year. I just can mourn and do this thing you know and I did the same in you know I was going to be happy but people want to used to threaten you the view of that yet and I think. You know last year. Last year can be arguably the best year could ever have in my career you know so. I know a thing. You know I'm I'm a realist and I know OK Ing get much better than that you know I mean when am I ever gonna hit thirty homer in the in action I don't know I ever will you know. Calm environment I am when I'm ever gonna hit you at three Tony and I don't know if I ever will so. I know on the fact we just did somewhere near what I did last year I think. It could be really good it's if it's a good year you know so. And knowing that no I'm. I'm not really doing that right now is kind of rough good. Some in the grand scheme of things in the season that over. And the most important thing is is for a minute so I can't I can't really be too mad about it you know we're we're. Do enough to help us win I'm trying to do my best in defense and when NAFTA to help open. So so I can't really. Beyond myself too much of it for him you know battle for first place and we in the playoffs and anything can happen and then. What we're talking about is only one or serious and we're not talking about the way it to seventy. You. Know so. You look at my side joked earlier about world record just talk about. Pitchers pitching you mourn outside corner where curve balls but I know has have pictures that you want out like a curveball but in other words have. There's you know there's a reason why even release of them might be my best year you're doing really well but not as wells last year. Is it you or is it how they're approaching him Friday continued sense. That coming this year and throughout the year he said we have this big guy in the lineup we have to get out. In that's. I don't know that I don't really know scatter imports I don't know when. And they want they want to be them who they don't want to. Because in the grand scheme of things you've got guys. That in the beat and beat them diseases. Is his act I guess I would ask so have a treaty do differently jamming and Tara and you need and I don't agree you're right that was a bad question there was there was. Of course you don't know like just a bit removed years ago we have to get out but have they treated you differently than they did. I honestly I think it's it's been pretty close this thing you know I think it's just. Meet then I think it's more Meehan in and yeah I can say is now my preparation for that work just hard as anybody if not everybody you know and I had time be the best that I can beat. And then I put in August and put in so much work to it to do McCain and it's not kind of showing up. But I mean. I I guess that I think it's more million in just not. I could be in my home in my own way so is this kind of tough to think that. I'm sure you know that they do with the candy give me out of their continued to do it and your I had tried to make a lot of adjustments. Intentionally I think just kind of want things and experience of the game to kind of catch up with we'll let. Whatever kind of gone on so. You know may it may take a little longer than. Foot and had a game like in our own people to listen it's Monday is Monday night they're it's the first humans Cleveland. Oh my goodness you know there you go and I edit it feels for you honestly LS that was a fun baseball game play getting hits making catches flying around the bases. So there it is well. And the good part is that there I am so. This thing I'd do it every now and then to kind of remind myself you know you still got it. This is I have to do consistently and that's that's the hard part is hardly consistent vote the great ones are. So that is all part of also have a year that you did last year and finishing second in the MVP. It is you get to spring training and I know that you know the media requests are locked in you know I. And throughout this year now wants another byproduct of David not being here is. OK cool it he has the end we're coming in or really talk to our world gonna start to move. A bit this year for you as undeniably did it been different in that respect as a whole lot more has been followed put on your plate. Including doing this podcast or secretary Reich as Powell has happened heart and all has happened adjustment. It's been since I've been just does not now hard I'd be lying if I think it was hard. I was just you know comes with this obviously you number one thing is playing well and then these kind of opportunities come. Com. So I know I've now played well I hear him and kind of knew what to expect. You know with. Kevin it and the guys the kind of let me know you know he's gonna have a little more this year. But I'm. The good more than you thought it would be heard about the what he thought it would be. I was in about left on would be and didn't think it would be anything too outrageous. It's been it's been glad it's been. Fun you know sometime sometimes I think you look at it in a negative way you get negative things that have and I think he's going to positive outlook any kind of have a kind of in a kind of haven't filed with the. You won't know Boston. And known you know was made about playing bought do you think it's hard to play in Boston and he talked to other guys Buick known Boston and you know when a guy like devers comes up for someone anybody. Now it's your responsibility say hey you know what there's always do this situation and do what's your kind of perspective on playing here now you've done it now for a few years. I'm I think being that he's homegrown you know he kind of knows it's expect. You know guys coming over don't really know it's expecting no. What they just come from. It's just up the play here you know you need. Have won that game in the chi Iranian in the middle of little legitimate the next day they could be doing so. This is the passion got to look at it in a positive way you know they want to do good on the edit and believe today. Obviously did something did exit Iraq. Maybe that's an assistant deserving but it is on the net and do it up for no reason. I think for me it is is that good things we kind of I know every day come to the feeling I can't slack. You know and that's kind of listening and keep your toes and you just know that. Yet strap on the ratings. Last question before you I like I did view the to form and you can ask any question you want com. You know a lot has been made a run especially on the all star game about the the whole demographic of baseball and the why can't we get younger people into the NBA. You know they they show their personality more. And here when we had that conversation yesterday and I say this is I think I think you know I might be totally wrong I think that you guys are so well trained. To a lot of time to be for lack of better term careful. You know that a lot of the baseball and this is only the Red Sox I talked to a manager and in the American League said the same things that. These guys are tracking to be this way. What I just I'm anxious to your thoughts because you're a guy who you know you could put a marketing Camby behind. You you have a good personality people could show you see that personality. And maybe be part of the answer and I'm not saying you don't tell your personnel around us sort of not saying right Iran arms coming anxious to get your perspective. Tom. It's tough thing is that I guess and and that's why get so many different personalities. NM in baseball you can budget first has to keep you talking about. You know. But it's not the thing you fall you fall is not the semi and I'm I'm obviously twelve counts are little looser and basketball. Palm buddies are who are you do you feel like sort of because it's such a long season because there's so much access that. It is better than on the air on the side of caution rather then maybe to be out there. Little bit more I mean they could because baseball's Alec. Blue collar sport may be fair and that's falls a little different. The invest well again. You know guys are bigger egos and in. It's just my opinion yeah that's right yes rats we unite bigger egos. Everything's kind of about them and that's just how basketball is you know had in mind when you go and one guy joins the team. Automatically everybody gnomes. Who we and it's everybody knows. You know what kind of eagle he has what kind of person he is. I mean you know. Thank for it indeed for instance you know he's he's very vocal on Twitter at and so. You know. If he signs the Boston. He immediately he's gonna gain hundreds of thousands of followers is because people are waiting. You know for him to and he knows that and he knows he can use that platform for a. Anything he wants you know and like that if we get. I came things some whose whose. Stroman for instance he's he's been active unfortunately but who you see the fact that you had to struggle to find someone who really accurate based on Twitter that saying yeah I. Exactly and Mike. Show was really active on Twitter and social media but he he goes. He comes here coming and he'll gain in my husband is suspect is not the same doesn't have that. And he'll have a platform to snap the same. The personalities at the same thing he has a big personality. But. For some reason in basketball Andy's personality. Is going to be. Way more work and whatever. I think you hit the nail on the head and this is maybe some of the above fight the baseball can't win is that the NBA is personality driven more and and and it's it's one guy one guy one guy couldn't be the face of her franchise. I don't know if baseball he can survive with a one guy being faced Maria. I'll hit and I mean if we didn't show slight we have price target we have Mike Trout we have. You know who's who I mean whoever he could think of those two guys off the top you know those are kind of the faces of baseball. And nothing against him I'm not talking and have the stuff. But they have they have won a World Series and yet. But they you know they have been one that the personnel to have that. Everything you know it takes into the best players in the league and you know they can't. They still can't get on social media and maybe make the same effect is. Yeah I drove competed and eat or maybe you know De'Angelo Russell and somebody you know. So I mean this is the type of thing that I mean it's I think is how baseball. Didn't. And you can have one guy the bride can go to the Celtics. You do whatever he wants us and even then I'll also win or championship. Just because LeBron came over you know. In that kind of aging men as hasn't really happened exactly so you know I think. In the end no one that him not LeBron no one that he can come to the Celtics won a road championship. And everybody knows that he can do that is fight I give. That makes his personality that much bigger you know and I know if I go to. Whoever whatever team. That I mean no one was seriously you know so I think Nick Cannon. Kind of shows the difference in number you know no matter where I am just didn't take. Meehan and my eight territory for other guys to win. Last line last question five years to announce that ten years from now do you think you're going to be even more. It's more open to showing your personality. Yeah I think so I mean I think I shall live now from. But. Yeah I think you know when I get fully comfortable in it and funded established and understand. Kind of player I am announced that as the collar and in under. 1991 year and hit 318. The next year and now it to sixty so you know I can't really don't have that kind of foundation to Canada you know the but. Indeed you know so. What. That's because neither feet. We keep with a 22 year. But that's the that's the point is that you do you look back right to it as if that's the MBA. It's like they don't have to be established that the global Lavar balking come. Yes you play the game and Visio. But yes so it's admirable line and I think he said well you know I knew your thoughts to it you said. Can you might share more your personality but you don't feel comfortable that's because. When you have that victory David Ortiz. I mean you know this this that. It's based on I think might use in baseball is yet to eat you can't come by here in. Show out and into almost everything's and you have nothing in the back at them you know so. And that's saying I wanna chill out and England. Just come back haven't find joke in Latin know something's in Iraq to the fans and when that that I am not. Comfortable with that unless I am established in my career and understand the kind of player and another understands. Each and every day wouldn't what I can bring to the table and although something. Big moment. Question. Padilla. So. Everything yeah. I just wanna know what do you think about. The Dodgers. And wire they Soviet. The stars who is. A guy named quakers does not plan right now. That you go to Yu Darvish that he go to rich tell. Then you go to. Ballinger than he goes to. I mean I guess the question. I don't know if you're anti car asking this question about the philosophy of widely alive their buildings such a good team. It comes back to for first of all they have like fifteen former GM working in their front office. They tell us out of high aim it and in so lid is everyone's looking for the secret sauce the formula. But I do think that they've hit on something when when you have a team rookie. That can traitor keep trading for guys and then another year comes up in all of their farm systems loaded. I don't know how from your perspective of how you you guys saw the world trade deadline. But their teams like that is like Texas same way they always seem like they're they're not in this year. Always have guys you know always. Yes well that's the thing the Yankees who like. We thought oh there's heron farm system and they got their young guys also and now they're trading for guys. And what did you see yesterday after the trade for Tony grade this still hold on to Torres there's so hold on to Frazier. So I don't know how that sense specimens question the Dodgers. I'm Matt I don't know I don't know I don't like at out of my question NASCAR. Have you since yes I feel bad as well immunity opportunities like weeks it's been around the locker room. And we do say though there's a rookie that's assassin a question it's not uncommon guys we're like. Even if you lose your best friends. I asked you wouldn't ask you a whole lot of questions who would talk. Am I whatever we're talking about here you know Matt's question and I'll. What color do you think you should be yourself but like as far as personnel ninety nonviolent but like I. In random question both say this is it so like when I started Travis shot when he was on this broadcast elected nine times. Is that you know he said that you'll his question was why do you guys do in Iraq McLouth looks. Evaded a place that are out but he he said we use it is he thought we were you dropped it. Well equipped with a even like that like for me. That's a question after the don't care and an answer and let's drive guys who know if there was any part of the job farm you know I don't know and I don't. I mean Padilla we do I'm up fully understand you know fully understand it's you know I think that. They have more questions as what the note that I just. Wanted to know line you know and I'm last in the that in anything I just want to understand. How they got so and so as the those type of thing all you see you again youth. When they get diaries ray mean its like oh my goodness I threw it down let's go Catholic Church operates hills Christian grades. Do the top four. And you're right amuse and everyone's sort of looking up especially since we're on the East Coast around looks like oh my goodness. We like. Like I heard this last yesterday move keep you know one illusions that the trade deadline before it Darvish trade that with the Dodgers. There like forty games won't hunt and how they there's no way they can lose is there they don't. Obviously don't need anybody. Anyway while McKee thanks so much whose guitar can appreciate you swinging on vines there.