Bradfo Sho, Ep. 39: The Eduardo Nunez experience

The Bradfo Sho
Wednesday, August 9th

Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox superstar Eduardo Nunez to discuss all things Eduardo Nunez. The infielder candidly talks about what went wrong along his path toward becoming Derek Jeter's replacement, and how he became the player the Sox have marveled at since coming over from San Francisco. Nunez also reveals he patterned his batting stance after two former Red Sox when growing up in the Dominican Republic. As a bonus, Bradford also talks with Red Sox hitting coach Chili Davis to try and decipher how exactly Nunez is doing what he is doing.


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Brad rose show. That's my open definitely probably would've brought that might help. Quick where you don't know why you're prepared. Brad broad show. That's delicious. Very important for all of us at this retro shows to have the best guess he most herded yes. So when we were searching for who was gonna follow the great smoky vets broadcasts of the other day. We had deterrent to use the guys who might be the best baseball player of all time at least the last week or so at least. Floor his time his brief time in Boston and that is Eduardo. Noon yeah it's so and Eduardo. Jumped on in the breadth coshow studios. We got the chance to talk a little bit but what this guy is all about. Where he came from worries then where he's going who he pattern to is batting stance after him after we doctor Eduardo. We we lump that little bonus track. From chili Davis. The hitting coach for the Red Sox who tells us exactly why Eduardo Nunez is hitting about 800. All of it pretty good podcast to soak it in. Sit back and journalism. Very very fortunate to have treated water ninjas on the brat such Eduardo for a blog you wanna be called Eduardo or you necessary we're already won a recall. I feel comfortable either way you know political Milan though no comic Eddie vocal minority. Knowing is in on the thing I your fears. No no nickname growing up as a kid note no nothing that we haven't found out about yet and they've come in there and necessity. His buffalo phone alive and well they always coma and death only teammates all the the played so I don't speak Spanish so I wonder what does that mean pet. Is that this estimate at. Think I will make joke. All of their their negotiate so you were. Three seconds and Girardi learned something about you first of all welcome Tom I expect the argument that 600 for the rest to your career. Could so the first question is I guess is you know you've been various teams to do the Yankees and the twins and and obviously the team in the giant. There's everything different you join me for a week or couple weeks is anything different that you feel since you've come here anything at all. Yeah yeah yeah and Agassi who plays ice cold here I find out every well Hoffman just while money. Swung gore in the mine pits we gain some out of who'll win the game so energy they known to have. They have classroom so I just into my serve food. Two area and we've faced good. But you've you've been on other teams is it more than other teams you've been on is is it different that respect you know everything's different every play is the footing and I have different language and well. And as these dual host says the Pacific but not an easy. Still home with the wing I don't they have most in the holiday. Especially. Energy industries. Doing we just enjoy the game. When you did do when you came here were you nervous and you could be sitting here without hit it right you could be sitting here we be hope for authority you know you've. But were you nervous got to get it right away I gonna I gonna do something right away. No no I'm really very coffin went says I always have. It's my in my face and a lot of low pressure myself that I may be made mainly serve easily. And I just say too much to the my serve and third did you out the team. Don't go to Mars that invasive remains in giving game theory think they Karolinska. He Tyrell putting pressure on myself and obviously you know he I go to your Wikipedia page I looked you up and and you know one of the things is his view starting a career you were going to be the next they're cheaters you have heard this before. Palm to look I don't know when you go back to this and for the people listening he came up for the Yankees. You came up in 2010 right that was the first year yet yet through thing almost an hour or so leading in new by the he signed in 2005%. Of in 2004. 2004 OK so you sign and you're doing well a mile leagues in and seated sort of coming to the and so everyone was god this is going to be that nectar Peter. Even in the mile leagues when you heard that was hard creative. No one's always the early hours of the idealists. Painful wasn't anything along mean that way. But they say you always dollars usually or Canadiens put Bellagio what do you. Obstinate and Eric King and I think your man and he's the of he'd be he'd let me so well. Think going getting all the bad but I thought. So you weren't so either reached the point analysts say you got up in 2010 you reach a point where like. Does this ever got that right ever gonna get my chance. In see you how to play either Paula Hammond technically play where every time. So always rated while awaiting their way. And did you has passed it's passed and I doubled to lead to play here today who can show what I can do. Inning I don't too long to play defense system to get in my body. I think Dallas police did Ellis already feel what's on us our payroll Judith and all those tea and hot and that reform mean by that time. And in so me imbued the whole plan you probably thought by the time you did come off. In 2010 was all right one of these guys will be time and I'll be able to play just one position will be able focus one position. Exactly and so dog dollars in my my my are so many memory get a run retire soon enough. And he was similar GOP playing advise you at the moment indeed I was to go on that I halt. Who thought if I. Just waiting and that was it was not so looking back now was that hard to deal with did did did you feel like. Today you may have had more success early on if you weren't had to balance around as much for Sharpless. In all if you and I about the need to chill awakened do you know have a much well why you can especially Kendall. And what a fine Ellis loaning allow all of those guys. I notice of the bear myself how to play your game in the right way David is buying interest and a. I mean that's one thing you grew up I think I analyzing Jeter he really like Jeter grown up and indeed he came here. The press are you when you're introduced right that must have been to actually meet that guy must've been a thrill for folks showed a half and being. You spoke to me they hate you for a player that I liked what I have. Can't hide it and it epic denying these medical he's been humble and he you do call fate heathen do you know you rookie to do look at who personal. And this mean that to me. We may call for it to working always hang on a time. In loan from Cyprus. When did you realize that maybe it wasn't that the Yankees wasn't gonna be what you thought it would be. That the that you weren't gonna get the opportunity that you thought you might. You know assumed I saw. The kind of on a NATO suspended. Did it was her and they can bring people that thing that's always like come on that little chance here. Let me vetted for it to mean something now and I'm a game and they tell me oh drug. I mean it worked out so you go to the twins right after that it twins and then you actually make the all star team he made the officer came in so. When you do that. What Wendy do you feel all that you've finally felt I am going to be Major League right I am going to be a guy who. Maybe might make more than one Austria team maybe might be able to hit like 600 foot you are right now who ended do you actually feel like this is going to happen because. I would imagine there must have been some doubt. In your mind when you're going through those years in New York. Yeah I installing these and thank you feel seek. And you the most fit to play in the later that day. So are you going up improve flake and will somebody let the regime and in the day working now Haley and HM that I know. Are you that's joyfully utility guarantee yes so that's well. Somebody in the food Lewis says if indeed we Uga played bad day wearing if you do then had to play. Cellphone thing in the world can now and then though that it looked at it and there's going to be insist they'll life I respect and it didn't go there. They dual die jobs. And that's how yeah so I didn't have a I could draw a second play every day when the telling him it was two minutes of play. So I can enjoy view on everybody and myself to. Welcome the press can be. When you're at the Ulster was in the all star game where you look around that I can do this I can beat this guy. Sure solar solar. Of a multi. Bomb that we need to go read at an all or trial almost be players. I say. There's my level I can be here and I I can keep working. Improve and can be. The kind of credit that illustrate. Is it who is so you can getting the all star game is there would be and you look back at you always. Everyone loves a team they came up with everyone loves the only team that you signed without the team. You know I know the most people and and we just went through what you know why what was blocking you. Was that you be looking back do you really wish that that could have been the team the Yankees that that would work though. Does and he's in this series and most snow have ties Ohio are. Several casino. How are feeling as the business of the space with some dying girl when one team you fear god and another thing. This business of sort of as well do you ever think you end up here wearing a Red Sox T shirt Red Sox uniform rats are sort. This library was falling in and approve the wave of the future and I mean night in and I'm really honestly we hear. It doesn't make room for the realization. And I'm happy to media. When you when you were with the as it went so you're going fitted with the giants this year. Tom and really you go back in June 1 through June 1 the one of the best hitters in baseball. Was there anything that happened or did you know in spring training you're gonna have this sort of year that you know it was. Things are just working our did you make any kind of adjustment. He'll eat you that you restrain your system working. To lump reason to play the success in alt U and us unique eat if you are wanna keep it honed it. Well you never know what I'm well how is this isn't an award golf so they have but you deuce and I have. Back slowly and whatever topic bully anybody we child who you know that's why you walk in they'll see some really hot. And that's what can now we did do you do anything different this lawsuit I had related as saying that good eye Jim I work in a minute I key work Al in my swing. We can all pull or kind of shown. Agents who would those who wanna we who have now in Miami era as in the meaning comes Medicare and some panel in the capital city. So you have you you must known David for awhile they were teased for awhile yet yeah I've known for a while yeah. So did wind when you came here did he reach out to you DP give you I don't know how many guys you knew over here to be talked to about what it's like to play in Boston. Sure sure you tell me say this you know you were here before just so different to how he covered until really you know all published these aria. And I'm glad you're here enjoy in the U team donation to. Total things. Went so you when you go go on the type or run you have been in this isn't this is an a week this is in two weeks this is a couple months now. Is there are some but it was it has there been a feeling that you had that you haven't. He had at any point your career. Because once again it seems every time you get up you get it everywhere you go through good times and bad times but does this feel different than any other time. If you coffin shook off putting the skull for his swing call for his timing. Socialize you routine lately doing behind before the game. The bat in batting cage and they you can refer in the game as soon as he's confident your English is good it has always been against. Thank you think Illinois said he wasn't going to Alice's house it hasn't really been gotten barrel last few years or has always been good how do you learn English. I about the score of the megaphone in les then the working here again better. The total France always people some Roma are you so you still do that. I go to door and getting these of its. Could see you back I'm Tina I get I don't go to school for Spanish so definitive. Is so a lot of is very is everything else you know like to ask this question is anything that a lot of people don't know about you hobbies. I think you like to do or anything then we'd. We read the media guide we know if you know if you ignore guard are needed as president thing that maybe a not a lot of people nova. You know simple alive and make up which you know if when it's relentless day own collective food. Well I wasn't afraid. Love always. I don't watch that's for the most glad to hold little it's nothing objects and Netflix are so it's all Netflix. Almost that time and making a murder. At nine but who was here go to Netflix they always serious any serious any serious. And paying so it's more week. So the base of the big things cappuccinos before becoming a part always right. Always almost everything yeah yeah I'd have for me that's my five hour energy. The cappuccino and then when you get home Netflix had set in and no sports no no soccer no baseball you don't get away from sport. Yeah yeah mostly out of I love to play basket would do well Hello World I grow about to a player but the minute guy unit. Silently. Professional muscle while Horford has gambling at the wheel to a score and you say. That we unit. I helped the and you're play itself or not who is that in the event level. Resist so you you instantly you need this because your boss to you know to say your favorite team's self expert who. You what's what's your team wants to play I was I was going right found most fluent. Yeah I love god. Try to issue I can. On the bus. Yes because you know when your kid and you do a batting stance to try to of the batting stance like someone yeah yeah he was a rest and an average. Kind of good to see judged on the most. So we saw that video biology in the area. Cody was the best player so. Grow we've left over Rezko so do you posters post posters in all not a man. Not. Who was Figaro so yes that you can take Kobe did you viewed as a kid you know like I imitated. All the Red Sox players. Did you imitate anyone your batting stance drawn up. Yeah and that's a problem and I'm hitting yeah it will pull gossip but I don't know mother's home tomorrow. And none of them made it. Olmedo to Red Sox. There was yet we've got and the many gods and can't rest on the over the month but good thing. We don't sit on powers eye shadow and see that they before now is different now anyone can see everything but back they like try to see. And then you know. Padilla laid it. On the path. He has done Kim must. You know it's funny you said that I can see Nomar stance in your stance and I can't. Actually I did you call a combination of no modern man you right back at the delivered a much of a little bit like Iowa I don't get a get on so thanks so much for joining. And it's pendulum has thank you. Chili Davis is solely responsible for Nunez the new acquisition hitting 800 in his first week and a half. Well first of all welcomes. Thank you oversight Amezaga take that on but. He noted that the the the one thing that the danger in that is if you start struggling and I got to accept that I'm responsible for. The well it's oh so he's talked Eduardo and here's the thing I wanted to get your take on you would know. I asked them so we're in their kid draws emulating batting stances. And I could go through the whole 1970 Red Sox banks of the whole lineup. He said he did Nomar Garciaparra and Manny and then if you think about it this kind of accommodation to write yeah. You know there this very good right handed hitter. And they always seemed like. There were setting up a pitcher Manny and Nomar. You know who does that too is like Albert Pujols does that you know is watching guys like that hit. And I I love the watchers swings. But I watch more soul how they take pitches and Wear those pitches are. And that's telling me yeah I can tell where you're looking now at night and artillery election you know I mean but. Eddie. Eddie is is a guy that when he got here. He had a routine. You can see that he had established a routine he knows the purpose of the routine. Who knows what he's trying to feel in that routine. Any he's constantly. Trying to repeat the trying to find that feel. Any takes that routine. Into his VP so you know he's he's he's building is trying to build themselves. A professional hitters. So when you watch him hit you break down this morning and obviously people goes through highs and lows and putts because he called streets. But when you watch his throwing as excited right now he's on my street. What is this thing you say while I type this that really really well. These what he does really well all that I see is. He maintains. How would term it could be eased very compact with a swing. So it's never is the hands are never going away from his body always traveling in a small space. And that top ten is always always seems like it's punching through the ball. Which keeps the barrel of the bat in the strike zone. Forever any allows him to adjust to balls running him running away so these guys he's building a very compact swing. And to me that's gonna work. In any situation at the place. You have seen him he gave me this is an an in camera you've seen him became the major leagues in 2010 so you had seen him before. Wasn't what you were delivered here are different from your perspective of him as in the years that you knew him before. He's always been a good hitter. Column with Minnesota. That's ground CNN the most I think that says he would New York when I got similar Minnesota. Has always been a good hitter his style. Was different but you could see. Why it was differ what you wanna do this when you feel like. And and and have a name here. You know and talk and told them you know I just got to. The correct one thing you said earlier you know. I knew he knows what he wants to work on so Weathers in the caves were Victor or myself. Where they are watching him he's telling us what he's trying to do and he knows what he wants to do so I'm not responsible for history he years. Well I'm Ricky ride this wave of chili Davis solely responsible for water needed Douglas Kennedy just sort of low that I clear that up yes. Betty. Let's Levitt let it be sent chili Davis is not taking some responsibility for it wanted to despite listen. It says dude get your perspective Chile and and we'll loop back in a couple weeks and see where were out with his dad and hope. Four days throwing in the bag even better because we need him to do that and I tell you what he has been a really. How much bigger. Addition to this team. Then I think we all expected and he's been a professional in every way possible. And you know he's one of those guys when he gets up to the play. We look we expect something good to happen with them offensively so we're really happy to have him here and there is a pro he's pro. But your approach Chile thanks so much for joining us you welcome very much.