Bradfo Sho, Ep. 40: Five years later, Larry Lucchino examines Dodgers/Red Sox blockbuster

The Bradfo Sho
Thursday, August 24th
On the fifth anniversary of the trade that altered two franchises for years to come, former Red Sox president Larry Lucchino joins Rob Bradford to look back on the 2012 deal between the Sox and Dodgers. Lucchino offers insight as to how the whole trade went down, while joining Bradford in reflecting on what it meant to both franchises in years immediately after the deal.

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Brad rose show. That might open definitely probably would've brought bats by over. Query where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad broad show. That's delicious. August 25 2012. That's when the trade was made. Adrian Gonzales Josh Beckett Carl Crawford nick who Dell added to the Dodgers have on day through. James Loney Alan Webster ruby Della Rosa. Jerry says all eventually heading back to the Red Sox. But what made that raid showed notable is because there hasn't really been a trade like it. In a long long time before and maybe there where. One team is just getting rid of so much money. In changes the whole dynamic of how they view their entire organization. And another team the Dodgers. Really this saying hey we don't care about money will do whatever it takes to win. So once again it's been. Five years five years August 25 since this trade was made we all remember it before from the Red Sox perspective from. Really when the Red Sox were able to get out from under a bunch of contracts and and you know big part of that was getting rid of Adrian Gonzales. Who one of them was the key as we're going to find out of this podcast. To making the whole deal worked the guy or talking to the park yesterday Larry Lucchino obviously with the president. A the Red Sox at a time of the deal and offer some insight into how it took place. How it started the aisle that talks with the Dodgers. Really sort of manifested itself in ultimately almost about a month later finally coming to completion with a trade. And the U blur is pretty good Larry's pretty good in terms of giving this sort of mind that of where the Red Sox rat when this deal was done and in case you're wondering in one of the things I have Larry's OK you know you've got out from all this money. That was the Communist most not kid ourselves Gallup web during ruby dollar rose in cherries and and front Asus and James Loney one out I mean this was a money deal but. What made it so unique was that one team was willing to take on that much money and Larry that doesn't sugar coated. It that's what he remembers about it knew that this was as he called it the perfect storm in. Another part of the in the equation here is we're only what happened after. We're having here five years now. Now lol we we saw the Red Sox win a world championship in 2013. A year after our season after the trade was made. So what it all mean did that trade lead the world championship. And while how. And from there how did that trade. Really affect what we see in this huge Red Sox team mark with a Red Sox team though the years after 2013. To give you a little bit of idea. Look this up. Dodgers in the trade 435. In third 333. Postseason they've played in thirty games or thirteen seventeen the furthest they've gotten. If the league championship series which they've done twice Red Sox record isn't as good. Is as good as the Dodgers 421388. Regular season. Post season 118 but you do have that World Series so one of the things I'll obviously ask Larry was. How did that trade what that trade mean the Red Sox winning the World Series. The year after and to go back to where these guys are right now because we're going to be talking about the on this. Podcast. Well. Let's take a look what happened what these numbers are where these guys are not ever since the deal we did our best here OK before we get the Larry the key Norman. Major Gonzales the guy's an abuse of the trade for the Dodgers since he left the Red Sox to 81794. Opium still pretty good player. You don't is he 21 million dollar a year player maybe not but still a very good player he was certainly. Why during the time he's played for the Dodgers a twenty million dollar a year player and also it should be noted. This project run through next year after finding that every year extension with the Red Sox Josh Beckett. Retired after the 2014 that's where his contract ran out. 814339. OP dot ERA with the Dodgers nick who toe. 116 games he played in 2013. So almost a regular player last season with 2014 and Carl Crawford the guy who's. Whose money was so important for the Red Sox to get out from under. Well he played in a 320. Total gains for the Dodgers it through semi with a seventh when he OPS but amazingly in case you've forgotten. He is still getting paid. He's out of baseball was released by the Dodgers last year with still well over thirty million dollars owed to him. And his contract runs through this year he remembered he signed that every year. 142. Million dollar deal with the Red Sox and that stretches through the 2017. Seasons affect about that. Think about where the reds I would be if they still Carl cropper there and that money now. I've my guess is that we receive the Paul ball in evolve type situation my guess is we will whatever he Pablo and what we were never seen nearly Marist. That the option of signing these other guys that he ultimately signed would have been out the window. After the reds got the reds sites yet you know once again that it didn't really matter at that time all Alan Webster at the next spring training was with hidden 1990 on the done. And a lot of people think you are you gonna top of the rotation guy well he really picks in nineteen year for the Red Sox before being traded to Arizona. Pull away in Miley play good nine games in Arizona. 2016. Pitching Korea AAA. With taxes right now on the DL ruby Della Rosa. A guy with a lot of promise as well he actually. Bay three to start with the Arizona went with a Miley traded as well. 2002015. And thirty games the Red Sox he just undergone. He's acting Tommy John surgery. James Loney couple good years with Tampa 158 games and earned. 55 games the next two seasons after leaving the Red Sox but he's back in the moderate AAA with the Braves. Jerry and I know that everyone wondering what happened at Jerry's in played ever pitched do you ever played I'm sorry never played. For the Red Sox ever he was in the mark but Lance enjoy hand ring and deal that and the Pittsburgh. Also live on the Asus was in that trade as well but neither one of those guys really saw any time after 2000. Well for the Red Sox and and so that they haven't I mean they're the guys that once again this wasn't about those ties this was a boat. The money this was about the Dodgers it was about where the red cards the whole the Red Sox had dug themselves. And how the Red Sox used that money the following year which Lucchino talks about that would that so wasn't Gator you know it could take the money and go out and spend it more on the charts champions of the world. They took a dramatically different tack. In 2013 by here's a think. A couple of years later they went right back to the well sin of all rarest so I thought it was a great time. To revisit this trade in really pride in doing now mean warming would do it another five years at fifth anniversary. So a good a good time to do any good data -- to Larry Lucchino hope you enjoy it. The Larry Lucchino here in in five years ago August 25 2012. And maybe the biggest trade not involving Babe Ruth went down and in and Larry you were right there doesn't seem like five years. You know it does Hamas take. It does seem like you resort area. Long time ago and now but it was as you say AM a momentous. Deal proposed state doesn't turn it down. So so looking back at it it if you can just think back when. We we turned into our guests and obviously you have that you teach the Red Sox have fallen out of it. Right around the non waiver trade deadline I think you guys are sort of vetted by it. I would imagine that there was some has been he at that time in 2012 to get to go all in on the non waiver trade deadline and and not so when you roll and targets you remember thinking that. This is going to we are going to make a trade or you think that this is just going to be that. It was a surprise. To me frankly it. The trade had developed thought it was about a month in its destination. As I think get back cited. I got a call from Stan Kasten. And I think it was a little late July. Where everybody was about possible trade moves. And I remembered it. Lisa you know lab mistakes that either they never hurt for all the baseball. And I. Yet he curiosity. I want it suddenly you're on our players' contracts. And we were at your spirited tot and it became clear. That the key of the keel. From their point of view. I. Aim Adrian Gonzales it wasn't clear. At the outset. Because we weren't interest it it'd be at the outset and didn't trading agent Jim. We thought that it he'll repeat may. Involving several players. But not necessarily including an eight year so we got. And try to cut it puts us in the other. But weren't successful. That really great trading deadline came and went. And headed. August after one of our. Internal meetings. Can't it was a giant green of common ordinary men carrying ten. We. Reiterated insisting it. And I don't always come to a Croatian. And the maybe something would happen that delete meeting. Coming up in August. And it and desire as our college did its up point. The dodges principal owner. I'm I'm. Came up to John and said he wanted us to. Reexamine the deal I resurrected. And and a done but. And message back to us and and we certainly did. And day out the shown there we're. Subsequent discussions between. The end Carrington. And known. And it got Jim economy. Name's Casey at the moment. But. And and I had some conversations we stand. John and participate in our nation. And also there. It was resurrected. Well have gone back to the before the non waiver trade deadline ended. And and you have a key so where you have the inclination of an owner and saying hey we want to explore this. But was there particulars involved like you said you didn't know until later. That between Gonzales part of it was really going to be the key part what was it what was the initial conversations like what's he just very general. But with this note that we are here to take. Our cars contracts. Players to those deals may maybe does scene is unbelievable. Day. And now that we have great. Financial capacity. I don't remember the Jack. What was in the. Who is it DL and I yeah. And it was actually does that remember it does. Gonzalez and Crawford. Or always. Names that we're being you know ourselves out. Watch your mind media does have five. Williams back Beckett Beckett Nick Punto. The media so you had Josh Beckett involve nick who toe and then obviously you get the money back in in the dome. Went Yvonne de Asus. James Loney but everywhere from the Red Sox perspective Hedo obviously. He knew if we Gonzales was the big hit guy guy who is really roll the guy who was. Still very very productive. Carl Crawford had his issues Josh Beckett obviously had his issues but it was still serviceable than. Nick Pluto was you know I got that might have been able to help a winning team. Right and and those names. Particularly. But Beckett comfort Gonzales. Always sell part of the discussion. We thought that main deal could be me to. Without. If involving. Gonzales and then Carrington certainly tried to. To do that. But. It was really the you stick. Almost a coincidence of timing that it was an August beating who wins John Henry is able to talk to. To mark. And and markkaa reiterated his desire to get a deal done. You know and Larry this though he is you go to the meetings are John Henry go to the meetings in the that you said you had talked to them previously. But even when John Henry comes back and starts and hey new week we this has been resurfaced. Was it something that you were optimistic that you thought that actually might conduct of this trade was unlike anything that we had he may be you don't ever before it really are ever since. We course we were stunned. That in in one fell swoop we could eliminate so many future years so money. It seemed to coincide. With C. Was our desire to Iran are. Every bill that we can't use that term Herbert at the at this apartment oh. Or 2012. Back to back so we thought so I'll. It changes that may indeed. But cherry tree that you traded. Negotiated the signing of seventh free agent to 1213. And up where you. The media. Did the financial wherewithal that we add. And number of those players at 38 years they all contributed to ship you out there ain't. When you go when you look at. That he's doing that deal. And if that deal wasn't going to be able to get done do you remember of the feeling within the organization about. How things are trending in where you gonna go from there because I beg you said you had. Sort of backed him on the downturn lot of money you had. Carl Crawford obviously a ton of money by then it was clear that it probably wasn't gonna work out. Where you were there any with their trepidation. About where the organization was going to if you work gonna be able to make this room. It we had to. Unload some players. Because so it court determined to. To win but we're determined to win within the the the payroll structure of Major League Baseball and down. And we we knew we had to get some. Us some flexibility back or in our payroll and so yes there's a little discouraged at one that didn't happen. But today it came together so quickly. In August in part because so much yeah. Effort was may. In July. Well what do you what do you remember about those days that day here those couple days. When he did come together because that. I remember it from from our perspective it just seemed chaotic it was so many moving parts in so many things going on from from where you're sitting what do you remember about it. Well I remember. The bottom line. Is that we saved. 262500000. Dollars in future obligations. In a I remember that quite candidly and remember the it championship that we want in 2013. That came from above us having me financial. Ability. Remember. John and Tom's while a willingness to. They pay additional gig. It was not one of those cases or her. GM had to petition. The ownership and see if we can't. Achy just some support for any. Blockbuster deal like this there was a meeting of the minds. Honest and a desire to do it justice. Station is over us departing with agent Gonzales because we get some real towel yet. Rizzo. Right right with it was at that from from your perspective considering Gonzales. The talk of meetings outcome the Boston had been years in the making. And this guy was perceived as they did a perfect fit for the park you what you guys needed everything. Who was that the effort from your perspective knowing how much how good evening Gonzales wise and really he had been great in 2011. Bomb was that was that a tough one to swallow for a. Yeah it was it was the the tough one but once we got over our. Are Iran. And that obstacle there. Good deal came together pretty quickly. The and you talked about what it'll argue due in 2013. Or going into 2013. He does talk a little bit of oh you know obviously you get all this money so you view you save all this money in this deal. And after you be clear that money you head into the offseason you remember. Sort of the meeting of the minds that this is what we want to do that you went for. You went for shorter term deals with spread out but you a lot of money committed to remember thinking leading into that off season all right. Now we have this money to spend this is what we wanna do it. Her. It didn't feeling. Energized. To go out and do some things given the fact that we did there. Made this kind of see change at long term financial commitment. In their forehead the it wherewithal. To do some things we're talking about early. And tree dumped runner that our side as many as set it on out she's about mentally. How were big blockbuster deals put there was a Sega shares. Momentum that developed after the deal should it like this. Let's make it. Pay and stuff for us both short term and longer. What do you remember this hesitation or any hesitation of not committing to the the bigger contracts ever I think Josh Hamilton was. Maybe that your free agency and obviously US made the right moves the Napoli is in the victory he knows in the David Ross's but do you remember conversations saying okay yeah we got locked into these other deals this try to avoid it may be taken a little bit different tact. You know I don't specifically remember a conversation of that effect but certainly weighs. Was well our our attitude we're not get that jump from. This massive long term futures set of obligations that don't mess it rocked her future obligations. Are. Oh we're not looking. Looked at bat or are looking to do is to. It was to take advantage of this financial flexibility that we add. In Ben's Cherokee and get it. Beautifully in the 20122013. Offseason. I remember some. The peso resentment. Including. Jonny Gomes. Players you're not exactly how old does on names but they were around players who led the that winning. I'll attitude usually have one before. And it and it was a great exercise. Justin. Quarry talent to acquire. Players who participated in a special chemistry that we had two there. And learned the last question that you look back cat five years later. And I said that this is maybe the most memorable trade envoy hoping Babe Ruth. It did seem like the perfect storm and you had mentioned that before and it's where you have a team win at the time the Dodgers were thrown around a ton of money. You guys that they had you guys have something they needed do you think that. This is the type of deal that we do simply won't see you again because it was that data a confluence of events. I wouldn't go surprises say it won't happen again but maybe they'll be few and far between this this was. Calm almost a perfect storm over the Dodgers had just come mentally. And where. Where you know Oman. Our money was no but I don't object to anything they did acquire a team or our cal what they were determined to put together. Yeah. And Ricky. And of course Adrian Gonzales. Was a perfect. Six team being yeah. Mexican American and do it played on the West Coast or and so. You know a lot of things had to commit we had to be. Experiencing the sort of historic downturns it added eleven and twelve. Which were bounced back but we were willing to do something gate they were willing to take. That combination. Doesn't always. I'll let those cells Q. Due to transaction and it based glow which is kind of conservative by nature. Larry thanks so much to do for me anyway though obviously flown by but. But it at this I thought it was a good conversation to have because like I like that before it's something. That it was sets it sets a memorable memorable event I think for Sharon though whether. Welcome it I remembered spot what does this. Important cases because it showed. Or ship then yeah. The update our cars apartment. Working so well and then gloves. In a way it's. Always important. Things in McLaren.