Bradfo Sho, Ep. 43: Xander Bogaerts opens up about injury, season

The Bradfo Sho
Thursday, September 28th

Rob Bradford is joined by Xander Bogaerts to discuss the Red Sox' shortstop's season. Bogaerts goes into detail about the injury that derailed his 2017 campaign for a few months, and the challenges he faced while trying to get through what was a brand new experience for the 24-year-old. Bogaerts also reflects on his first postseason experience, while offering his thoughts on where he likes, and doesn't like, hitting in the batting order.


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Bad road show. That might open deputy police reported that I don't. Where were you don't know why you're stupid can Brad goes show. That's delicious. Well the last ten years on the broad strokes show it was the Dennis Becker's. We're moving on turning the page today we get an advocate an American audience it's it's pretty cute it's not a bad one. That is set top player and I asked around about this school to people wanna hear from on this Red Sox team. Lot of guys who work reclusive. And maybe not have the most electric personalities and I think this guy is maybe maybe under the radar in terms of the contrasting. Quota. And intends to confirm that I I reached out to another and our series of cameramen. Who are helping us with the introduction today's claim Gleason. A friend of bill Messina who was also introducing. A podcast horse early years the smoky bets podcast in the last climb just to confirm this line. Who is the one player that you would really wanna hear on the brought Russia. Eight ZD a blow back so now I'm outvoted here would Zander has to say he's he's a pretty cool dude. Well we only do cool dudes on this vodcast so Europe like and well played. Thank you for confirming that this is indeed they could pocket he looked forward. I'd very much imminent looking to help increase your following on Twitter which is at pretzel. He's got all periods in her Bogart's. Fitter Bogart's Estrada Izturis who drank the Boston Red Sox. He's here sitting right here with me. With just a few moments left in the regular season. Since their first off. As I know like how is this season been for. And this is you I remember talking to win the weekend we did a ten minute podcast there you say I wanna do this I wanna do this then you have the entire season. What has been the surprising part of the season for you how the season then it's looking back. The fight isn't right for me it's you know injuries coming up another. Delegate that in my career. Not even a minus. Anything that would affect my game almost they held town of the field and on the sand or close to that. Obviously had to speak well a lot of stuff them. I mean maybe you haven't looked back exit the vehicle accident have been playing some blood coming at that if we feel you're gonna respond to it displays so. And l.'s policy on that time. Let's go back to so late June I think this what you're talking or are I opted up until then I think you're pretty L. Yeah almost all the good. And I'm happy kid to kid him until Ronald. I got a base hit and then the next day yeah Alex or growing. And then after that I mean. He went on to somewhere else and I think maybe that's able to leave Iran is you went so I think you went to. Taxes and then Tampa right it's so so you miss some games in Toronto and who you crack me. But the chemistry with Texas right and so now the all star break is coming up. You you have that first game in Tampa the first suit that you get hidden hand right. So that's I believe now. Facility a one injury it just keeps you you can do you let it be blog you know and that's it's sort wanna stay healthy. Thank you so I thought this thing well so so what I remember you saying that so you came back and play a little bit in Tampa. But you you didn't wanna miss a lot of time because what you do the all star break this down enough. So and I also remember YouTube I was very fortunate you let me take your picture here and it was very swollen. But. I'm thinking I'm look at the hand in my cannot play not to play any go out and play. Looking back at that was that this I got to go out play got to guard play in this is this what you're talking about in terms like the learning experience yes that's that. I wanna be out there you know. I mean I don't have anything broken hill so popular at that have gone out there floor. All blog Norma going to be the same that I that I was able performance enough that I a lot of blood. Look at badly and it's of the father took a few days off my fault with the also brief comment on how would have been mindful of Coleman and investing in Helena came back. It's never even come better. Still believe him back the airport he should somebody standing right in that that was like maybe this you know Iowa the billboards here that I thought you know let's set. They don't forget that tap out that. I think public client also upgrade so I guess I could have made out. Anyway I went home it was Hussein. Let the word so you're you're ugly dude. First up first three months of the season you're doing like you said we talk to the winner are you doing everything that you wanted and the injury happens and you're trying to fight your way through it. You said you'd never gone through anything like that now you're going through July. August and I would imagine you want this for people like. I got to figure this out some way every month so this is something that you would never dealt. I have a noted. I've never exchange my thing like that maybe in season as the economic policy team if you saw played seasonal not really. I've amendment they have got an advantage goes to believe that the bus on the way I use them I doubt we would not have me well for me to be able to have bad he felt a lot of stuff. And that kind of let me from getting an oil law so that they definitely. I'm always if you listen wasn't as tough fight back against that and as soon be over the infield. Clay that was there was a lot of hope it will likely cause innings. When did you realize everything really it got screwed up like when one thing it led to another to another to another piece saying this is in me than you know this is I've become something that I'm not. I'm Jimenez also written enough also agree I don't you know and sweet biggest names in the game who's doing the work goes about it. And that water and made candidacy and inside fastball if you accidentally and that. They'll look soft man it was so that's what kind of muffled what almost. Inside it is that I put into making them alone if my if I hit it but she won't miss a fastball. In the middle. Have my head it was bad. Really think about shouted down mom. I mean I got we'll play around like he's mentally I really need to get this bit of this in Ghana that I thought. They got bad that I got another another phone thing on the similar to that but in the if its bottom and and I got another shot and free shots there I don't really annoy you only get three year I got by got food and and after that cycle that I yankees. I sat down in New York a few days. It was getting better and I think we can pull that stuff yet it was fun and that we came home that whole thing it was good news good. You know home run on. Wednesday night and the Utah your vote inside pitch hitting home run Nestor game you come in I'm gonna make you pay everything else. That's when you put on Wednesday night when did that come back to you. The VP MVP you're caught a lot of BP and BP Allison had a lot of insight if you put it warfare or you don't would hit the right way it's. If I thought it though the whale on it is gonna so. If so I think a lot of thought Brandon. And knowledge feel like I'm I'm getting it back. We. What funeral funeral for the moment are around the moment where it's like OK it's I'm back I'm I'm not changing stuff I'm back to where. Probably a thorough open and I hope that this had to hold them came back. 'cause when it won't indicates that's what I really know how good or bad it was first physically fit before and then after that season. In the case of those that are making you know Bob Bowman was getting slowly better looking good with the ball away but. Not that I thought made a lot of hard on that make a lot of hard hit balls at people like that I thought being a problem that it was like I've been big northwest so things. Were you worried that this is I'm gonna get to the end of the year and this is what is going to be yeah. But that's why you UV got will be. We do what we did in New York get it done. Have you believe that we're they help me it was time I mean this is gonna help me those who have and I got I got much better. That. So as the year as we head on into the postseason is this. Do you feel like OK I consider Bogart's on the player. I'll go back to it were for city were to reach him that cannabis fields but he liked it when it I you feel like you're completely back to. I have a player they can be a lead player who can help carry a team in the post. I'll yeah I mean I have confidence also. I'm a lot of good aluminum on the set of rules while on a percent on all of it in the book. Both reacted the Valero have no defeat in Vietnam. We did can be able to do that again but hopefully everything's 5056. Salute metadata and had a wonderful season would have loved me good. Before. You like leading off. Papa and to be honest I can you know listen I know you don't like I like to clean up. Yeah right hopefully by the league but we do like leader wanted to thank dizzy walking. I don't like 60 except. Let's talk I basically am glad you gotta do it clear to me that are that that was really what you stuff you read what you really didn't say it's right yet you can't say that Monday you know they have developed improvement and maybe we'll have we will split. Help me. If you play bad you gotta gotta and we didn't. They know nothing you do but. Tell about a year of lessons holy mackerel you know it's like three trending up in six regular crawl my way out and the year you're hitting first so it at you you go through injuries. We. Back to six candidate. Can win anywhere else want. I'm happy come up with them. Doing pretty good right now so you do anything different. I know it's this one at bat but still don't base a lot more failures so you you take some pictures maybe you. Coming up with a good pitches. A lot the whole year but now I'll probably get in Mosul Mike falls on my side calls that. They were balls and hope I will pull us right before. Now get in the fall ball the ball they know the white woman alone for the games are. You get that back outside pitch for you this right I mean this is the biggest thing if if they're gonna give fifty a part we give you. Or give the pitcher that these two inches off the ball. Right place right detonating today that's when that's when you get in trouble right that you thought Jason that hit him a little more off with the thinking of the flag and you can't be told wolf for me like when you turn when you turn your sort of hitting around I remember when he first came up with second year ago. You were chasing a lot sliders out there that you figure I can just dumped this in the right via right but if they're gonna call that that is like it's just a little further away. As I've that this. This you have probably about a fifth of all biased. I'll call it flexible. We've do you have a game that would be bad book. You don't want to have a really really good golf ball vehicles you've got me. I'll definitely get there long enough we'll do you know that you have witnessed by you've been around out you know which umpires do what call gonna call one. Postal route one of his. You know obviously the weather in the interview room if you could choose what they got a thought it was a you have an umpire also. We do like beating like that hired us or all or did know full well what what independents view of it is that they call some umpires called. Inside and not a way of orally not in all four dollar pump up the umpires look different and if you go that. They can be in a vanity. For me if I was you might be like if that'll part of a call that pitch on the outside corner phone call in now opt out you're dead they call at all did so. The last thing is I go back to. 2013 when you came out I was curious about this as I talk to devers about it I'm Mike. Between the usual you like your nerd like if if I was twenty of crap in my pants you know I'd be so again are you nervous. So for you to go back to that time you know you do look like you were nervous but when those those who have. Itself available mormons. But as a twenty year old with DC twenty year old rough you what do you see devers CC. I was either like that as a twenty year old or he's different. I think these youth and over more better advance. He also realize you also do a lot so he got into real mature dialogue. I'll listen more I'll with a guy that was on events maybe a plea here and against a lefty matchup zone like he put me in this. Because yes you can do it and you can play lots of time I've California events. Sped out. Commonly that is get a feeling about what against role so but. He's a fan view well planned and hopefully the dignity we have good experience for him. To help him on leave or on twenty years old you were. Knox and year old. I'm there today my biggest hill promises. As in the World Series bottom and they gave me Rosenthal and expect and we got a run on second. Two while Obama it was a I want to and I got a piece of the mill RBI and exciting game I think that was thing game Adams would middle books and commitment that we'll put me in that situation on the nose problem lobbyists hit an Alice that age you know. To go back to last you're tired of all maturity and everything else I thought you can tell me from what Kraft is. We talk about home field advantage in knowledge doesn't mean it different but then we get to Cleveland and I'm like holy (%expletive) This is nuts and then you know I see you guys for that is to the playoffs do you do you. Can you say like do devers. You don't know what the playoffs are like you actually get them because there's not proudly you know like Q would you agree that last year that would whom I can assist Cleveland crowd a little different. Or what it was that you you're used to it. The sickness problems but symbolism it ruins. We'll see there was this week singles by flags that time to get some slight. Like cinema a strikeout with the waking up flagging you know you gonna get it clear that it can be do you notice is that emit it. Is it sort of and people on the tools for the title falls right. I think to have that what that also going on for that's for that means that people's crap public home field advantage to his home field advantage means something I think that is best and that's what. Haven't even had exploded. We wish you would have had who was sort of a home this year but. Other people haven't yet excuses when he gets it biggest incentives that you guys have gone through last year I think he did affect my dad right retreat. And it took but no I think that you have a core group of guys you monkey Jacqui all you guys know how to handle better. Yeah. How did I think that was the first full season although it was their first four. So with an over differences together experience it's it's a tough environment where it would also fought it all up. You've got to do really everything. Sided with the right where by your team because. He put idol where one guy over you don't really want him in the season but if you got that ability got a modicum of go off guards placed shift on you fun. Get tape got hit don't try to hit home on this. Hope mother do if you can get a group on his ticket to seem like a long season. Yeah you'll lock off it's car. Since the law. Throw a lot of confidence. But. We all right knowledge that this was a few more days hopefully we get good results of that. Well listen you can go through all the stuff all yearlong. Now your plan while now your feel and this is what the lesson that we learned just as bad as the conceived in the course of a season. When you we roll into October if your film OK everything's. Let's all of that is you know that's that's specified time it. I went through he team. Well you primetime on this broadcast I appreciate it's an excellent. Take you.