Bradfo Sho, Ep. 44: What's really important when it comes to picking a manager

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Wednesday, October 18th

Rob Bradford is joined by former Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes to offer insight as to what the reality of this clubhouse is, how it has changed since the Sox' last world championship team, and the ins and outs of what the players view as most important when it comes to identifying a new manager. Gomes details the disaster area that the California wild fires have left behind, and how he is trying to help.


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Add road show. That might open definitely obviously. That's my L. Where you don't know what you're. Brad boat show. That's delicious. Back after. A movement this. War through the net broadcast. This year in and obviously great career and probably. A great managerial career or do you career coming up in it sometimes suit I would imagine joint ego Yani was. Or. Herb daisy. I. Yeah I surrounded by great slow I would like to think so I would really like the things. In about it before you go before we get to the the meat potatoes and I want I want I do you wanna say this and we're gonna get oh. Into the specifics about this at the end of the podcast. Five you are. Doing your part in your own California with a wildfires out there you're you started to go on the page in his other things you can do. But before we before we get into the meat it is in this podcast how terrible as it out there right now is it if I'd get real we are any sort of idea. Yeah and you know it is just the mass media you know I mean. No more you know by any means but there was some bad happened and obviously it's covered nobody. Men like how these past few months you know and out of its future innings used to. Huge hurricane coming up Florida we had Puerto Rico. Are not you know the big deal in Los Vegas. And then so now we got these fires up and you know on the China Alley. Which is just bananas and understandable in the mass you know whatever means what are they covered don't covered doesn't change happening here but. Rapper and I got on boots on the ground right now trying to help these people out. It's the only way making compared to do is like pictures I've seen him like Afghanistan really mean it literally looks like. You know. Like a bomber flew over just dropped by to our I mean like whole area talking. Like. Six Carter how areas like they are. Like all you had no scene or be like on the ground seem like. It's it's sultan that you are really didn't think it was possible. You know it's weird Johnny is that he talked about things. Maybe for the people aren't they are are paying attention all the stuff that you talked about. A little bit here a little bit there. What one thing that I think it made people stand up in our world and our baseball world with little kid who lost his memorabilia. He's sitting there and improbable like this view this. This charred remains of everything and in because I think something like that makes it. Understand. What the impact they have on little kids. That is. 4%. Of what we're talking about but it's little things like that like this. Bad. Yet not bananas I mean there's this. There's this Little League team out here he's worked where bombs. Stopped fifteen kids on the Little League team in they've been together for awhile you know travel and whatever battery all fifteen house's effort out. So now it all goes on the house sort of silly like. These kids are fourteen years old and they don't even have a friend who has how. It's. You know it straight you wanna talk about like. I mean there's multiple story mall gorgeous. Catastrophe. Like a tidal wave of fire on you know I'd. Did the whole tour behind the scenes everything in this National Guard. You know on every single quarter taking your kids here. I mean they got their like 3038. Gas was like 200. Missing people off Marron. Know which. Yeah I mean you're talking upwards of however but the missing people as the cellphone services down the powers. There's people you know in shelters you know as a shelter with 607080 people like to fallen short. Because you know there's people with you know third degree burns on their feet as they literally had to run out of the house and wrong. Run away from the fire in the ground so. Is there. Well it's. Boo to the ground. Boots on the ground alike yet so we're gonna give back to the general will tell people how they can donate your a year. Yuri dual quad meet page right and and an edit anything else they can do but this to baseball percent. Why don't well bottom line John bottom line and in this is this isn't me like asking Jonny Gomes who had been away plea for Kansas City in Japan. You're there you are in the club house this year when John Farrell gets fired were you surprised. Com. Was. Who arrive. Com. I think it goes both ways you know it's true I mean you sound like me by the way commit the day after that David lost. I said I am 50505050. I don't know. Yes thought it was. This team you know like critic you know it's kind of weird those sites. If they would have web all the way to the World Series I Wendy's Fries. If they hit the web I would be surprised he walked cover is the most unique scene like ever lights. You know if you look at the city that number is it seemed like it wasn't good but when you break it down to hitting with runners in scoring position and you know bolting ERA. And with teams winning record when they score four runs was unbelievable. Oh record when they seal who were more facts was unbelievable. But when you like batting average homers are guys out there is not good. Yeah it did game one Aly and they don't you know most of if we base all divisions. Yeah yeah well. You know so so you're you said you were on the team I was around the team I will say this in and right or wrong. We compare clubhouse is in we will for a long time that 2013 clubhouse that you weren't in Jonesboro by the way with the manager that clubhouse. But this clubhouse was different and I'm not even talking about the price I'm talking about. Lot of guys sort of playing cards. Not the music playing not the personalities and maybe if this because they're younger. I don't know why did you get that vibe at all or was this the immediate thing that were around a little bit and that's what we say. Yeah no no I did one quarter percent you know and it's hard. To say it's good or not because you know I'm not around other courthouses. And. Just how the scheme is only has just changed. Hand over fist in my six years. You know so a big game changing the players are gonna change which means the clubhouse and change. You know I mean the old news stories you know I mean drink Beers tells you know 2 o'clock in the morning never leave you talk about what. Those days are over you know where ever sit down and has dinner after the game now or has got to go and we. It's it's changed knowing it's. A water things change you know I don't. See anyone with a track in their car or a player and target are growing. I'm not hide you know own the fallen into the USC. Good because that's her op you know like. Everything for change you know brought. Yes so you know you've you've got to change with the times in is that in the clubhouse changing. Is baseball I talked to other eye doctor other managers I talk to another man to the American he's he's a good that this is how this. With this this overpowered his across the pool or. Yeah yeah it is you know. Like you know if there's a lot changing. And you know those days of you know walking hours after darker. Hard you can see in doctor Overton. But on this same time you know you walk. You know he's going ballclub that are in now. There is actually. We see areas you know there is that they'll trot you know and you'd stand there is that Matt Holliday. You know and they are able to you know pass this towards you what has worked. Q the baseball players that paved the way. There are some stuff in our games that work. In nineteen point seven for the Yankees. That 2013. Red Sox did you know which is crazy -- are Koppel blueprint that you have to have a club. So why so. Why does John Ferrero the guy that comes in 2013. Win the World Series now I went through division titles and a row and he gets fired. What is the difference here is it because. In Europe eyes but what you've seen that what you said things have changed club houses that change when you looked I looked at that he you add. Back then I mean I like I think it was nineteen guys. 29 years or roll over. And yeah and so maybe it was just. He was the perfect fit the right I mean nowadays and I don't know. Yeah no I and I tell you what you wanna talk about changing or Brussels also. App manager share I mean you're talking about a guy like Matt Williams who wins manager of the year. And maybe ten years ago he gets a five year extension for the following year I hear. You know you're talking about that manage your position these days. You know I mean you got Scioscia. Coach. And Girardi. The only long term hazard it's higher Meyer's situation. For the simple fact. Like it's ten teams that made its playoffs. Nerves are like the re at the bottom feeders were terrible thing oh hole. Really really all thirty teams or really really good and at this it's probably when this thing and they're like teens. And probably that are really pissed off when officers yes artwork. Known and respected and so you about it I mean it's a higher art situation. Oh yes there's no question I would ask you a second one how you were prioritize what you would prioritize. When it comes to two when you have fewer of joy Jones hiring a manager this manager for Boston what you're prioritize. But you know the other part about this is you mentioned a little bit about that I needed that veteran in the clubhouse or those veterans in the clubhouse. And that's one thing I think that. The people who aren't around the clubhouse is maybe you don't cover baseball and and they don't get. That baseball and tell me if I'm full of (%expletive) or whatever but by. Baseball clubhouse is. Are controlled by it used. Quarters of that clubhouse like Wright talk the Napoli is here. As I went and Adrian Beltre is the one who runs with clubhouse. It no apparent to like the manager but this is our third and in 2013. That's kinda how it felt would you guys. Yeah yeah I know what 100%. There's a lot of different ways to kind of look at it like here and there you one thing I kind of were grown man in the in there what year they're coaching staff. Or almost like your parents when your hands you know like they're gonna teach yourself and tell you stuff but when it comes from your parents. Whatever. But when it comes from your body accurate oh yes so cool you know yeah so. That. The veteran player and when the that your employer has that really strong contact with the manager and the manager comes you know. Bounce stuff off well aware of the Manger and go to that guy in the case goes to others to clean it up. However you like when it comes from the manager it's punish. So yeah I'm not a evidentiary and we you know Jairo. That's the best analogy I've bird ever but it is so true it's sort through it. It that. These these guys if you Adrian Beltre is an example today if he tells you something to do something and or or when you guys. I remember you say this spring training when guys came into that dugout. And they did something wrong in spring training it was OK you did this wrong you know you do this strong wasn't it wasn't Ferrell like. I'm sure that the coaching staff and the coaches did something but when Johnny Jones or David Ross or whoever. Says you did this wrong too they will meadowbrook just don't like that they're gonna listen. Yeah yes and that's exactly it you know I mean you talk about like. You know that you or three prepared you like it's your thrown all year comfort and see yourself on. You know economic order whatever. What is the other coach is Roland here on the coast comfort and doctor okay yeah. You know it's just that you know your parents or parents or first quarter last same thing with the coach you know fall. And once you get outside a triple way and I tell people this Q they're labeled as coaches. What they're not and you know how to play the gains. You know a year ago you know your ego was greater information. Relay here you know. Here it is better for both Soviet. Here is this go do it here this go do it. I mean that. Coach seeing in the instructional. And that's not my yup you know we can help you help you. Ways that's what you need nine guys it'll. Nine different side out of it not rove. Yeah yeah. OK so now you're you're that gave them browse your you join ago and has been promoted to general manager president of baseball operations. For the Boston Red Sox right here right now for this X amount of minutes. And without he really would have to identified. People we ought to identify candidates. But when you sit down and you you don't esteem you know this market you know the manager's job. You say I want to prioritize these things first one on 12 or three what would you do. OK so for the ball right. Obviously the Boston Red Sox in Austin area. Whether hockey basketball before they saw its World Series or bust. That's what you get when you sign up for auctions for. So it was World Series about ever know they're from Oregon which suddenly you have. And you got now your gonna have talent in your gonna have a high hero. So which tells me you don't need that in two rock here. Don't need that hand thoughts don't need that huge pitching mind or that huge hitting mine you know. You're gonna have talent it's gonna have great players. Here is that environments need Needham managers that take the fall or. You're gonna need a manager. That's going to be CC net on and off the field for these guys. So they can go out. Also wall on the heels that they make in the states and manager be like. I told is that. Mean you know whatever so. It is going to be. Which is so weird to me here all the time but player's manager you know. Without the player's manager in order players. The dude who used to play. But critical account you know. You know you get any I like or triple ways you know made some way and other labor player's manager. We talk relic Dusty Baker right where meant that he played the game for years or so easy to label that you know button. Use that term loosely in this that they need a player's manager they need a body needs the fact if I always said like if your ownership. Everything that you do on the ship it to stay alive in or out due respect to captain the ship. They need to cap gains that whole crew underneath respects yeah. Amid that that that's and that's one of the things in this goes to the media stuff so. A lot of people talked about can he handle the media will be able to handle the Boston media well this what you're talking about Johnny is. Waddle a lot of it is the media. Which is your thing hey listen you know I am protecting you and it might be. Blatantly obvious that IE if I you art date you you're screwed up but I'm protect human anyway. If it is that a case of this towards the end of the Europe as you know this better than I could viewer player and you and the players. Probably one of this but isn't the case where the managers. Have to protect don't matter what and then go to the player in and have that relationship we can say listen I just protected. You you know you screwed operate. Yeah not you know not that's exactly it in as a player on the Hoyer. And I block parties songs it's in the manager I see talks to the media covers me. In the media. You'd better people believe I'm not doing that again. My manager just put his neck out for me you know my manager just jump in front of me to take shop. You know so the media goes into the mayor's office and they do a future hall last year walker managers that sums that. But if they come out of an office in don't go to your locker. You got my back yeah and guess what you're gonna play that game a lot different you better believe. When they ask the manager watching Iran hard at first cities all his hamstring hurt. When it doesn't hurt Egypt late in May get it right park first. You know that is what you get a triple or are there but yet it need not ever do that again. What this is this is the thing though is that you have to have and this I think this is where it comes into the veteran presence in the clubhouse to. They hit me if you're young player and you get that treatment from the manager you have to have a recognition that you just got that treatment from the manager and don't do it again. Because yeah I can see you know I you know imagine cases even this year where that John Ferrell get lamb based it. Ford doing exactly what you talked about and I don't think some of the players and restore the closed go to our year. Because then that there this mixed messages in an added dismayed sort of heroic bad though I think it does also come back that having their clubhouse guys well. Yeah yes it does and you know like you know ever since I mean you look at that Indians game that just lost Erma loss leader whatever. You'll like it hit yes. Brantley. Crow's songs and dongle like. They're succeeding now. Would knock on their door and hurtful these they all have achieved our story yeah. You know you go to that 2015. Royal who'll you better believe they all have a road rules. Story. You know. You go to this way is how they do you know role this year are whatever they all have a Michael Dyer and during or so like. He'll come in you know whatever lightning in the bottle here now. What's also sells senior players for down the road. When those guys got you know a young young future like they do. You better believe you bring your due in for Lou he and Jackie and both he and Evers. Three years down the road. The. Via via the number two what's number two and analysts. I mean is is is number one so far head and shoulders above everything else because you know an American League when you get to the actually managing the game. I think the bullpen is probably the biggest thing right now I don't know why it is our number two. Oh. What seat in order and I'm number two you know I think. You know if we're up to be. A manager that has strict rules for the ballclub that you don't crossover. You know I don't want a military guy you know. But I want you know the manager actually saw a young Tory what battles you you know gardeners don't need your. We don't do that here. We don't do this. You know early honesty and he was thinking stuff in the media that was read leaned in to you know his players. Which means you know you have to have some residents. And you know you have to all of that back. That no he can't be that tough guys in the wee guy you have to Africa I would care in my. He had seen guy game. How much remarked knowing this this team as much as you do. And also knowing how you've had different managers. And in May be you'll be a manager one day that we talked about this before you. You've played for so many successful team and so we successful managers. And and the wealth of knowledge you have just from that it must be viewed is pretty incredible. But there they have been different the red different kinds of managers know this team and we try to figure this out knowing this team. What type a personality. Do you think would fit the best in I'm not talking about like you said the rules the accountability. By you know for instance we have. The ballots gore who would seem to be your 41 years old. A guy that might be able go in the clubhouse and wait a little bit more. Then our heralded you have you know garner higher he's he's an older guy but I guess he's he's a Jokester but certainly. Not the same dynamic of the Cora I don't know what costs with Israeli. So what what do you think would be the best fit for this. Aren't being. A young. Baseball minds are at or about how the game has changed quite so much. It's it's tough for these so old baseball minds to teach the new game. You know it would these guys being so young I think it would be cool for their manager. To be out there running around with them. You know young hip. Quite hip but what like a baseball hit you know and like athletic. Man you know could write messed around and you know run hard nineties with them or take a ground ball with. You know I think that's where this young group would relay team members. You know. The old school you know sit back. Keep your feet up with Mac you know on that good but that's correct but you know expecting yet and if that's the I expect a younger age that's taking you know. You know relate to so where you know the older guys via our Twitter do it in Seagram cute annoy you that. Well just lost like 40% your team yet let's that's the reality. I mean it that's what it is amazing you said before it's amazing how even the last 23. Years everything it's changed every everything has changed in and and in we I think you know we talk about the dynamic of this group or covering this team compared to what it used to be I don't wanna be that guy what used to be. And chip and I always I don't know clubhouse tonight. Honestly I think I understand all these guys come from different backgrounds putting five guys come from 45 different operating. I have to understand that but it does the changes it's been pretty dramatic the last couple years. Yeah yeah it has here I mean you look at like football you know naked. Grab this guy Ingram back in the back guys in the West Coast off the other guys do it in the 43 defense whatever we don't have that. You know like on this guy you know it figured you know. Whatever off on we don't have like he says there's nine individuals 25 individuals. That apt to haul. To be one family throughout the whole way yet which you around by the way more than you around your family. More than half he had aids. Yeah it's not a coincidence and like. Or read in light can mystery is still that they needed is because there's not a you know all along is that number Vietnam and for I'm. But the fact that you know like it's it's it's it's it's sort of put that chemistry. I'm telling you there's not question that when gain whatever of the World Series is over. Oh it's kind of done it without these guy. These guys rallied around. You know knows. Of course we're no way ever worn kind of for war you know our aka guy had you know two out war. You know. Well I've never competitive that's what championship. Are probably gives you YouTube announced this year. I don't know. The but he could be like you more than you thought you were going to be obviously you. You know what was gonna happen by it. Do you like. It. Warns call. Really stuck with me in like made. There was some box and there Roy. Ever I've been watching McCain for thirty years. Just from watching again. And the right. When I was you I what are. You know like I had no idea why that happened outages. Right in and night out. Why it is I was. And that was really cool. You know it's just kind of order unique situation toward. Space in the field. Talking to the microphone. And a million people you're on you know they didn't think of that. You get that app but it cites. You also removed from happening in. But. Impact on the players. Impact on the it was pretty cool in employer. There are some situations that happened I'd sell it for active player as their rights and. But the stat sheet once in their rights saying. So school where you. When did you get comfortable doing. The fourth. The if I also I also had a big a big plug right Grammy and every time I do broadcasters. Here. No but. You know along the way north actually kind of went into it sink in life. It's like soccer I don't care about out of broadcaster. You know so if I do something that is in might trade and I got it deal. But. You know what you kind of get the tricks of the trade in you know that downtime in. What people really wanna hear what they don't want me here in. I feel like OK I mean I think it's higher and I didn't swear which was big debates and it's. You know I surprisingly it is actually. Actually when I came hole from Japan and like in the overseas and I watched a lot of baseball. That process help out as. Not a and the is jeans when it's game was all you know being on it's it's it's. Though Holmes the roads V and I started to like certain few out there and how they called games so. You know they're out of sight and mind broadcasters. I think you know that the greats are great for reasons. So you obviously won't you won't define whether you're tired not because as you point out of firemen always fights fires. Does say that right with the as well as as what you did this year changed. The what you the direction that you wanna go because obviously. Yes you did it you can probably keep do what it and and you make your mark there and we talked about before that bit. Talk to you when you replying here that you really seem to have a passion for me deviant entered online dating change over the last year. No I think there always saying that he would change was I didn't think I would like that. And it really wasn't on my radar. What I did like I did have on and I did enjoy being around the guys and all this stuff. They were at the end of the day I think Wal-Mart stores are open. As far as like maybe Venus this stand in doubt being seen you mean. You know first third hitting coach you're sitting there whatever. All my doors are open media day where I want it to be worn it but I want some G amor you know president whoever he or. You're our guy or that. If someone wants to do that so mean I would give them. The best I've thought we had all effort or should do that respects. The man's decision that things I would be demand that job so much against your archive rights. And I would mail it and I feel honored for that person your are jog you know we want to use this gal. Probes go we want you to scout it that your we will eat whatever it is. I would look just you know I wanna be more. Gold that's coming before Christmas I guarantee to. As the last thing the go phony page in my saying that right. Yeah yet so go foreign rule and it's 70. And recently sent a certain area code out here. Insisted got drafted or sentence my my cleats. And yeah and we need. He's a lot we don't mean. It's it's crazy man like I'm talking and every day and so say your house didn't burn down in your life work like us so long. Well. There's a way you know no one in their hair color you know at all phones going at their back is everything's a catchy. Your car sales and no one like ours are here you know period house's. Or are out there a house just proper. You know. The real answer. A landscaper. You know that you'd like Rauschenberg Downey's doing good guess what yet no work. You know the pool guy you know this that house and burned out he's doing great. Ever thought I burned out in Japanese right so. You know over doers here race Simonyi and for every tragedy there are some. Harry charities are kind of pop all the money if you know this fear. My butcher on the ground money's gonna go to because and yes we need all the help we did not trying to raise much backhand and call my return and make it right off. Yeah its line of the call away. I still make sure we get that we put the link when we push up podcasts by the Johnny once again. Bases good job man. I or we appreciate everything in and again when. Before Christmas I guarantee you you're gonna locks on the men and in and week we will talk again. I would appreciate that many of Christmas is on and poise the and then it ends up turning around on here and if there aren't good mark. Our men out ocular. Our efforts.