Bradfo Sho, Ep. 49: What's wrong with baseball, Pedroia's knee 10-27-17

The Bradfo Sho
Friday, October 27th

Rob Bradford is joined by John Tomase and Pitcher Nick (Friar) to discuss why baseball isn't perceived as fun, and what it can do to correct the problem. Also, in the wake of Josh Beckett saying his dream came true after having a beer with John Daly, the trio reveals their dream beer-drinking companions. Dr. Laurie Katz of Newton-Wellesley Orthopedic Associates also calls in to offer details about Dustin Pedroia's recent knee surgery, and what the recovery might look like


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Add road show. That's my open definitely probably would have brought that's my old. Query where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad broad show. That's delicious. We're back for the weekend edition of retro show the addition where pitcher next comes in and joins me for the a weekly appearance on the podcast the brat coach so we had a good week. And Michael talked about core we had. The editor and writer of the Houston Astros. Stories we are going to win the World Series in 2017. Written. And put on the cover in 2014. Checked both of those out I was very at a great amount of pride in both of those Africa's. But today now we're gonna talk about a few different things as they said nick friar Richard nicks in here right now. John Tomas he's also on the line we talked about. Is baseball fun I know it's it's sounding a stupid topic but it's actually not gonna darkly and WO a Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates. Physician doctor doctor Lawrie Katz a bow Dustin Pedroia is injury. But first John I want to discuss something that I it's got off the conference call Josh Beckett talked about how score. He's very he's actually very yet he was surprisingly can honestly. And one of the things he said wise he he got a chance to meet up with John Daly. And do this. So the question I have is. If cost both these guys. If you have the chance to have a beer have 88 mug of old tools have a party says it's mr. The amount the anything along those lines with anybody. Who would have who would be the person that you would sit down and have an adult beverage went on you first. Bigamy anyone alive or dead yet I'm gonna change the rules a little bit I'm going with the Leo we're going in the lose Lawrence. Calling cabernet. Out there. Just has stopped Alex. You're pissing the offer that to John three people. Let's get to a lot of Malcolm X just a long way you look addressing what are you also it means you off the marquee digest this and you would not to be doing any talking right now he definitely. I would be you know what I would do it just for the LP. Now there. A fair a fair like I like the outside the box thinking these wealth. These healthy motivation yes disdain tavern equip I would be talking he'd be just that. Stones and why lump why what is going against Colin Campbell got brilliantly racist what's going on. A sweep it's after an opinion the court QIT this from John not from unit the police don't hate the police have publicly said that what I don't understand gone valued at W and let's go to our Internet typically is out there used as I have promised cabinet but I hate the police of course well it makes sense anyway anyways I would take sir Ian McKellen which I'd learn from John was saying his name wrong before in fairness. Because he played two of my favorite characters and in movies like Gandalf or gatherings. In meg me yelling actually and I just think he's listened I talk a little Morgan Freeman. Great voice seemed like a brilliant individual and yet I would not have the year and your guy we would sit down have Scott's Scott's it would fuel the glass would be and need that I always it's only drink. It's weird things on like this new wave of sportswriters. The military like hard liquor. What was going yeah -- cars it millennial I don't get it out I'll just say it's it's it's it is it is it is that the cart is seriously that's why I do you would relic in Britain and all these him in with that he did this last time don't talk it but that's the fact that it's so is that what you guys that the motorists have is was your first and I asked you is that the motivation for for me. That's what the motivation I don't know business and motivation for everybody else can speak and I don't have these comes but yes from the move helped out obviously we have we learned last week I know there's no way. Impressive. It's okay so my would be dobbs Buckeyes. Could it. You know what that al-Qaeda that was you Jews through tolerance is great grit in that league and the guy who pitched in the major leagues and he also was the eight offensive lineman for the St. Louis Cardinals and he has the I was the speaker hike Robin and. Yet it's gonna stop you right there I've interviewed her primary and if that any indications that it didn't had to know that are passed down from somebody. I would not put cop Barry I am currently. Nope Don I'm going to die I don't care I adult I am not biased I think you'll like my brother. Or a mighty my cousin or my grandfather he might have the same personality having seen photos of god having heard stories vote job. Having on the back story with gobs and knowing that I can keep saying gosh that's an edit the letter to go after so so my out my guy. Gosh oh my job the that he you know things. So anyway that's at a terrible and as a good way to to a kick things off so curled Exelon. Since nick is twelve years old they told the and 26 I just like DD nick has a baseball reference dates -- yeah. Yeah at the line is what about the president would put the nickname now I'll have a look since like two days after you posted that I'm hoping they got known as I talked about it they both said Dell said. Fried dodge sock in it it's all right if he's by Astaro I want to given nickname cited pitcher Nikki malignant or John. And that allowed to get that's why you want and data and he's you nickname fright to our side Iran. Now. Most of us I feel like that was probably taken by Jeff Frye. The it's he's put. Jeff -- in and out throughout sports just prior record. Oh yeah a great player also he and my he also is I think I believe the only member of the Red Sox to call opted to do but it's horrendous complaint in about his negativity right. Wrote. Yeah. Yeah. Jeff right now an agent. So. Now that are the here in the now and we make we have some good perspective because you. A very old person myself when a person who is somewhere in the middle and John. And and we have the young young group from nick from our Internet. Talk about baseball is baseball and attaining this is the same conversation we have this time last year and roll it was. It was born around the NFL's ratings are down in an art is is baseball actually gonna surpass him which we know. It's going to happen. By. Week we keep getting obsessed with the ratings and and with a baseball and with the demographic. To be out the start up by saying. All other stuff isn't gonna change you can you can crack dropped nine minutes of game and great good for you it it's not gonna make them much of it. But is is the perception of baseball gonna change what was the averages like 57 years old baseball viewer. Did they put a dent into this anytime soon Jon and and I would passive from John John deny I've covered baseball bat one unit and it John do you think do you think that. That what they're doing is is it is it's going to be the same as it was. Ten years ago as it was five years ago as it will be five years from now and news from now with your perception. Yeah I mean I think baseball's biggest problem obviously pitch clock I think we can agree in that happens some things that speed up eight that the game needs to happen. But the bigger issue for me as you've mentioned five years ago ten years ago if you go back to baseball. Sort of late nineties trying to the home run chase you had huge personality that required you have those obviously those guys ended up being. You know ashamed and taken now whatever but. That time you have them then after that you have Pedro you have or EU had Jeter you that Iraq you had. Eight marketable stars and more than anything else to me I look at it league like the NBA which is really taking topic seems like mad at the board of church street young people their average years fifteen years younger in the effort baseball pure. And you travel abroad Europe stepped our you have to ran Europe west repeal the lot of guys recognizable stars. That the league market that thing where baseball has failed and where it needs to do. Go look at want to start bringing in the new ban. It is neat to highlight these personalities whether it's right harper or W you know a child out of these other. But here's LME's sovereign right there is that that's part of the problem. Your best player in the game is my trial right then not a remarkable guys know boring guy. On the West Coast not a mark Vogel bald guys Bryce Harper we see him on all these T-Mobile commercials. All right maybe he's marketable. But yeah Abbott OK but it still it is he is remarkable to John's point. Then some like the view random NBA player Jules and beat. It is. Seemingly more in the in the consciousness of a thirty year old that a Bryce Harper is which and Satan. I think it's just the way my big thing is I've looked at it over the past years and seeing. A lot of the coverage in general talk about you know commercials and in the league pushing guys. In their personality but we talked about the coverage you look at guys who talk about basketball they don't talk about. In depth. Hyper analytical numbers in will look at baseball that's a lot of what it is I'm not saying to the good people just don't write the younger people just don't wanna get in this. Alas sometimes like when I read stuff it's like math class and not trust does not root for that. I'm on that when I read YouTube I don't necessarily see that when I see Alex Peter. Ice yet but you know he's he's done very well I'd let you give room for that at the same time. There's too much of just explaining the way things are. Is being numbers it's great for the front office but you know for me as a as a 26 curled under looking at a guy analyzed he has. Numbers in that's it then it's wide like caring and I got into this field because I don't wanna be around numbers all the time. Well I see him in John you can weigh in on this but it. That's how base of all baseball has always been it's been about numbers the problem is I think it's. Less about how baseball has changed in more about how people's attention spans of change like you said nick I when we were growing up. We could say we don't open your job appeal we love the numbers we would raise the box scores we were. We we live look at all that there is an element of that but I think there is a vast majority of the like the fringe baseball people may be. Don't wanna pay they don't pay attention anything out along different though rob not not to touch on these in these numbers are different. In which you deal with is to build a simple numbers that anybody can figure out you know looking at batting average and I defeat. It you know. Even on base percent somewhat of some of the UOP yes. PS plus I understand and not like overly complex numbers whichever ones though it for good measure as it was just written a worse sitting down to watch a baseball game into signing a sit down watch a baseball game. I don't think there's the economic like I get a get a do with a open yet plus today. No but when you go and watch you know I know baseball plays kind of dying but we knew what they operate all the talk about his. Disguising this as lefties and in that gets ready and in Indy situations at night when the temperature 71 degrees. I hear about that I don't wanna hear about how you know just a week for some reason. Feels the need to bat flip on doubles and singles but not that flip on a home run in las where prices down effort assessment comes. Black. They actually think that make it a good point here though. That's a revolution based on the last year and that. Exit velocity and that the map it's like the launch angle and I don't necessarily care. That you Palestinian hit the ball 111 miles an hour between nine degree angle up about like how me ordered eighty feet in the air about. Yeah at all I care about. And so baseball is losing its belt a little bit. And all these new numbers and at the expense of the personalities and like nick that you care about the bat let. Well that's the stuff that is speed there's less attention being paper that yen. As it is so it that they spent with the personalities in the personality are what drives interest. Yet you know it all it's a good view that you bring up stack cast that's a good one and I generally thought about it but. My initial reaction is this is this is not necessarily a good thing for bringing people younger people and and that might go against the grain for a bit of public opinion. But the fact is is that I think that. The writers and broadcasters. He shiny new. Boy in stat cast and all that was a hundred miles an hour of the you know in that was the launch angle on that was this. And yet this semi interesting but it's not entertaining. And that's where we come back to is it entertaining him. And in its funny because I think good baseball is pushing stack cast. More and more and more is very fleetingly geeky like apart a person you get invested in that it looked like he he if you senator rivalry between. I don't know you opener Strickland and Bryce Harper has had issues we know now as a bomb garner is kind of like a long man. You know talk about police before him vs harper with flash. Verses you know again the law meant to you hype that up when these guys played that's a little different in if they go and have a beef it'll. Hubble bombed aren't we they've gotten into multiple times before. Things like that that's the kind of stuff that I care about more because that people are going to be taken aside. Personally I'm more on the law man's side but I appreciate with a bat for guys do not do because that creates controversial. It would that old tell team in John Wayne who has been told me that week when he dived for the ball last night and then throws is up to the ground. Like Julie gunboat in the media game. That. You that this wasn't something that are granted a motion. Motion personality and laughed out loud when it yeah I thought that was tremendous and baseball means more of that and instead. We that we debate you know. What they've achieved that bat flip at the at the end of civilization and meanwhile you have the NFL recognizing belatedly. That we probably should let our players celebrate in the end zone so there are things that baseball is doing. That feel old. And backwards. And like they're appealing to regeneration it's going to be yet. Yet it in and also. You can tell me they they have done more to try to impact. What we're talking about this year than they ever even going down to the cleats at least in the regulation in the cleats. They've they've. The target due date they're trying to and they have tried to do different things. But still. It seems like a daily and a dollar short that that every game thing it you're right the pitcher the pitcher Clark is important that is important. But it is more important about the personalities in and an example the personality a microcosm of this problem they have may be the Red Sox. Threats sorts have these these core group of 25 year old and invoking senate in the honest podcast. It's like you know maybe when I'm a little bit better off show off or proven myself to be a legitimate every single year guy I'll show off my personality more. Yeah but awfully well David the personality collectively of a thumb tack it's unbelievable and John just do what you're talking about before with. The you know having the guys who I was saying that the lawmen in Major League Baseball kind of backed net. I think Major League Baseball needs to stand on the flip the flash guy side. But the same time I don't wanna get rid of the guys who have that mentality like umpire because that's where the controversy. Comes up I mean look if you had to pick one or the other. I'd rather have guys that have flash in the game than than not because that's forcing the problem now but don't think there's room for both of them. They know what I'd like to say I would like to see. Week put the bat embalmed garnered drill them and that's brawl but in a lot of the all of that I don't think they should be legislating. Any of that out of the game it's part of what makes the game great to me. And when even last night so Correia hit a homer and flipped the bat. And the brought the first thing they say it like eastern Tibet thirty feet of because they're really they're immediately went big with his threat that they're making that big a deal. You thought about teased about what was that just almost thirty feet it's like earth Deval. He's stuck whipped at bat on it what they've and let them play with a built somebody that and so we're focusing on the wrong things. At Abu export their focus. But it proves further John that that's of people want to look at one thing I noticed when Dillinger in the late innings almost hit a home run any warning track that the Redick. Terry did that was on the whole Laney rounded first base he stuck to that miss him like those of the kind of did you pay pitched out of problem. The give John Smoltz or or Joe Buck wants to complain about it let them complain about but Major League Baseball needs to stand strong as saying. We don't give a damn they can do whatever hell they want when it comes as long as they're not throwing the bat somebody. Yet our our week laying the bat on the ground when he hit it. So gentle yes he knows that street bat properly you know and we're getting wrapped up and everyone saying how baseball's back in and because we're seeing these great World Series games. You know there's a couple different things number one during the regular season these are boring games and part of the reason that the boring games something else baseball did the instant replay in three point longer this year was terrible. One is also has done is taken the argument out of baseball bat flip John Farrell came out you guys remember that game John Farrell came out had this vicious vicious argument like crazy argument. And that was by far the most entertaining thing that thing is is come and gone and and and so they've aired on the side of of the instant replay another thing that happened this year which I think baseball will never admit is accused the balls but there is it just does not go from here to there like it did with home runs. With out the ball being like it is like all of mean if this is what they're playing with them fine and I did that that is what is it that is what it is and what's bizarre to me is the moderately balls are completely different in their dead balls and then they come up here and applied all over the place but. This you saw the game in game two with a World Series. Why do it was that game one of the best games that we've seen all year one of the best World Series games he's funeral while it's because their home run all over the place. It was a pitcher's bills those kind of quick and then later on kind of deteriorated into basically a home run derby. In its exact double what it looked dealing with Jews balls from pitchers Leo I I I dealt with out one year you were pitcher. Yes I would you call it the Internet and a personal trainer. That was a different time and at the first frank why parceled out in great coach personal trainer commodity values are encouraged Ellis. He could bench press more than money said this is the truth. Anyways I'll win the at the time that I dealt with the Jews balls loose on numbers in the league. Go across the board in nineteen sent home run record like measly baseball kind of did this year. In for me it was infuriating as pitcher. And they admitted to it afterwards at the balls reduced but honestly at from a fan perspective from someone who has the watch the game you almost every single day. I don't give a damn I hear people complain about why doesn't matter who we need long balls that's when. Baseball is at its best you know in in my lifetime was when McGwire and souls were competing for now. I you know what a getting hit by come backer your health at risk their OK maybe fine but other than that entertaining if my guys if you are not structured to. But you're not on steroids were these guys are having to cheat in put themselves liberals think of taking a step was different. It's not a danger those so John you like the home runs. Not my problem is the leg you know all three true of comforting of a homer walk strikeout that's kinda what the game has become. And it's rough when you have. Olmert and strike out at an all time high because now you're basically becoming an all or nothing game. And yeah I love watching homer and as much as the next guy. But the difference between now and the rabbit Boller era of the nineties noted that steroid era I should say is. You have rallies and you you know you're a good hitters now it really is just you either get a lot of them are these strike out there's nothing in between. And I think that has made the game more predictable. And you all that that last night was great. Yeah but that's kind of the exception for me. You know what's weird is the column is so that the the training and these guys in this in this where it comes back to. Can this be fixed if these guys hurt her or trainer brought up a different way and are more entertaining maybe he'll be different. They're trained to be boring I think baseball players are trying to be boring and there are also to what you're talking about John. They're trained to be all or nothing. They're trained did say power power power power you gotta throw hard to get it long. Home runs that's how you make your way in this game that's how you begin noticeably not a war is not only. The batters is the pitchers we've never seen pitchers more pitchers throw 96 miles an hour or better. And so it's it's how this whole like environment is being. It's laid out there for all baseball players. Did you know what I liken it to a little bit it's a little bit like men's tennis courts at 8888. And there's no rallies never want to live like this year rally. That's kind of how I feel about baseball right now but it a lot of a. Yeah but isn't that kind of how it is they do you guys want italics that's what you grow and I don't look I want it that way too but I think the average person doesn't wanna deal with the then you'll having to build up and then it turns into nothing they just want the the instant home run. And then they have the personality and showing off course and that's where they form over the as the rallies and they don't do much for people I don't think the average fan. I think yeah I mean the game these World Series games if a guy gets on second view of the big hit from Warner. Hernandez then great you know that's that's an exciting play the throw home that's brought home is when most exciting plays made up. It's fine you can have all that's any Todd but think about Robby talk about all the home runs that night Hernandez just coming up now I was kind of forgot about Hernandez well it's because they hit seven home runs and five an extra inning right home runs exactly right but in this is is is a microcosm of this entire year and this is what. That's what I'm saying this baseball how to baseball approached how is baseball approaching this. And I would just stop real quick nick Davila quote what about Dave Roberts and not the player that we were called a close trust you bunker. I mean it that's stolen base followed by a single up the middle. Yes and but that was also a different time if there's any and I understand a lot of fans still I do that but. It doesn't I'm talking about the general. You know populations and I understand in Boston it's it's what it helps it go down this year it would doubt it went up. It went up on the rate of ego that that the that the night out paper that radio out. The clock operator yesterday I thought that matters. You open it it does come back to him in the rematch of the radio and TV this is part of the equation. And you have to be done differently at have to be more entertaining we can we can't do. That that at the way that it always always done and we can't fall in love when things that we talked about this that cast. This is part of the equation. That this is if you if you wanna get people involved. You have to make it entertaining you have to be more conversational and I know that those people. Are saying I'm not gonna make this like a talk show and saying like make it like the morning show and that's being more conversational and you can't just say oh well I have both information and now I'm gonna give it to you because that is where it does become very very dear. Utley up there are times where I'm watching the game I have my headphones on and I'm listening to the morning show and I'm watching the game. I'm a focus on what's going on but I would might if they translated into that a little bit more. Honestly just it feels like. That's how people it's on it's it's yet it. I didn't president more conversation doesn't need to be elected well the insanity necessary and they bring but you know. Now it's a baseball game it's not a morning show right what has to be is is just speak and John and I've talked about this on. It has to be a conversation like we go on the fifth inning that should be a car opportunity for conversation about what is going on that day at school and a lot of that is drama. Mean this is what. This is the straw that stirs the drink the drama yes right under any thing to we talked about was it strikeouts walks in home runs the only important outcomes. Walks are another big problem in the game two and that goes back to the Z all or nothing thing I mean this is the I get a from mockery America throw the ball on the middle Clayton or anywhere near the plan and go on the corners because I want to strike out more is going to be a walk. So anyway Jai I know you get a you'd go and if so is there any thing. The what baseball's doing I agree with a pitch like that have to happen. Absolutely have to happen opus couldn't draw and that younger demographic but for my own sake that have to happen that's all I care about. Is there anything else that you think this have to happen for next year for baseball to kind of take this next. Yeah I mean you brought up of the of the day which is to not replay and I want I would have been replay at all or maybe keep it in the NFL. But otherwise. No replay replay. 'til that date for the game as much as anything. And it only bird you know marginal outcomes for the most part you know what the guy paper audits for well let's just leave it the umpire look at her right most of the time. The argument that. What it's about getting it right then replace them for balls and strikes to mean but what the difference I would get rid replay and I would. Hype up the personality that I'm the Red Sox I am encouraging I'm not encouraging I am demanding. That bad and Andy and move key and some of these guys. There are showing their personality more simple look and identify with them as people and not just. Houston I mean look at Houston a lot of that is because of the mentality of I think the the Latin American players. You that you see how oh how much fun there have been out now in front of the dugout going nuts. And in I agree with the John ambient thing. Outscored its first order business to go in that clubhouse and say it's okay to be you I played in Boston that's what can do right and I mean. I played in Boston I know how this works and it will not hurt you to show your purse now right. Card liquidator for a city Aaliyah which it you're beating Serbia but I. Not commute itself. I. John thanks thanks for jumping on it got. Are you got it I'm going to be. Port appear Malcolm peck the reply I look forward to that when that when trying to ease nephews are in town next beat Dylan's will be welcome Alex Pollock captain Nicholas lard because temp Internet depiction there ago I'd. While another another week another significant injury to a Boston sports the year last week we talked to doctor Lawrie cats cats of Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates about. Both Gordon Hayward and Eduardo Rodriguez in this week it the news came down. Dustin Pedroia is it had surgery cartilage replacement surgery in the same sort of surgery that his teammate Steven Wright had back in May. And now I talked to Steven Wright just the other day about how he's recovering target and a little bit later. But doctor death first of all thank you you're you rave reviews for you last week so thanks for coming back in and continuing. The ratings Boone that we ever retire here. So what are we got here what's what's going on in. I will say this is that I knew who a little bit coming into this about what he was Dustin Pedroia with dealing with. It sounded really really bad you keep hearing bone on bone how they were still trying to manage it. I think I in reference maybe last week I think they tried to manage at one point by doing and stem cell stuff. That seems like a quick fix. This was inevitable. And he now what they're saying it seven months before he gets back to playing baseball again. What what are we dealing with a when it comes to this mr. Well -- done what his actual problem lies in other words how big was the area that he's missing cartilage. Where the people people cartilage on an Indy. Oh those factors are actually determine what procedures done in order to try to restore that cartilage. Defect if you wait that we can do it. You mentioned Steven Wright what I understand he actually had a transfer of outlook Iraq cartilage and well into his beauty. But that's not always necessary. Sometimes you can take cartilage I'm someone old seat and just with a permit area where you don't need that you know don't really need that much of one where you'll miss the cartilage. Other time you can actually remove cartilage one surgery they don't need it. Grow in a lap and actually transplanted back in the second surgery. I'd rather than other procedurally you just going to poke holes and the ball well you're missing the cartilage cushion being. And the whole bit that your body create or or generate a new type of cartilage that's similar to the one that law. Adopt when it comes to the cartilage and mean and mean into being absent the friction. How much too late I hear this and it just makes me cringe every time we talked about it in. Mean when it comes the the grinding of the bones mean how bad can it get in how long like that when people find out. That that's the issue in oh how how bad does kitty get at one point before somebody realizes that their missing the cartilage there. Well in did you think it could get patients you really don't have much cartilage. It's although not into the compact car just only shot. And that's what people trying to get techcrunch it is going to be what they straight in and day. That you can actually get that kind of gliding and Asia and even with like only a mile buffer cartilage. When he start to get the severe or at what we call a full thickness slot cartilage meeting areas where there's actually no cartilage left. And your bottom boat that's pretty hot spark up the lineup Vietnam. And that's what we would call our right as. So doctors asking for friend here if you can track during mean pretty much whenever you want to. Is it sister I'd be concede that my friend to be concerned. Think with the so. Sometimes cracking your poppy is it normal act out sometimes and that know what caught it could be attendant copied over update. And that are not paintball I don't worry about it about the patience vehicles poplar crap. Aliev elect patient kind of but think about my Eli make it do it they're a little nervous about it. That is common it hurt when it pops or cracks that's what you should consider having looked at. So it target about Pedroia is 34 years old. Clearly had to have something done in and go down a different road. And why he wanted wanna do this and why he didn't wanna miss time he is going to do you or you did it and he's going to miss time. How what what is your prognosis in terms of him being able. Knowing what type of player he is what position he plays his age and everything else of coming back and not having this be a re occurring thing in the future. Can't let it position you know it's gonna be a little different and someone that might be a pitcher can't believe what they played hard. Apparently that they consider and not everybody get back to their capacity. But you know with a well done surgery. And an uneventful recovery he could do very well. That the other areas of cartilage. Restoration works. And that back to have a good it is ill but certainly it could be indeed any way his. At his formal level. But you don't Ellen please see how his recovery goes. Now when it comes to something like this year's expected guy you know pilot left it like Pedroia. That he might have another injury that kind of routes from the one that he's been dealing with you know throughout the season. Denied that it out though I mean I mean I know some title overcompensate and Alex as an apples is right hamstring he he babies it in the because. Together being doctor no really he. They tried managing this they dealt with this for Wallace is like. Something just came up. And I thought that this was really jumping off point for this way it's. When Manny Machado slid into ram I think that was the end of April so you're talking about the guitar this season that. They were dealing with this and as nick said there's probably some element of all over compensating at some point. So absolutely I mean I think any time someone has an injury they cannot compensate they can about what your problem and other joints of the other needs but back to the common one actually what you're lesbian. That's certainly something we see and obviously part of it's recovery that rehabilitation will be tracking every Beck you know much about what the but the entire body in many backs that injury may have had. So doctor what are you when you heard about this were you surprised word to. We're like oh all you know this is this is the next level. Arm and you sound like you also were familiar with Stephen writes injury and like you said I just I just caught up with Steven and it's funny because one of the things he said that was that stuck out for me was is that after I walked to the at the table. I got on the operating table myself songs kind of thinking. Why in my leaving doing this but immediately after he's like all my goodness this is really bad this is painful this is everything. So I hope so. I guess is two questions it's. Number one is that usually how it works where after you have the surgery done. People realize involvement there was a lot of work to do and the second thing was just about where you surprised about the Pedroia outcome. I'll sell it aren't the first question goes so it daily comic up after surgery. Actually. Shoulder surgery for instance I a lot of I'd hate in your pocket like the first few weeks after surgery by the reload if you like began it by six months you'll hopefully lock me. Because it is true that you usually network between a matter. I'm on top of your you know. Dot as a comfort unite the oh about it very confidence and senate are at the outcome. And having the surgery at a meet and I cried that you've got it right with or. No no no I was surprised that you don't notorious 08. But no no we know now so he's he was trying to manages and I think. In the back of his mind he thought media will be able to manage is enough. So I can get this spring training next year and we figure out a way and I can avoid the certificates. Seven months or seven months no analysis at seven months so yeah there was probably no way around this right. Right sell it I think at the summit hit count by about athletic they're a bit to it's kind of kind I think it really was the only option for him. Whereas the PL that he didn't do it that Egypt wouldn't be able to play. And you know but you know he had a are not appease last year. Just to try to clean things up to be at that would help a public conjure up the way to go and try to remember the edges of cartilage at the back to ease the pain. And got some people it works but it doesn't actually I'll underline problem which is that lost a cartilage. So I think he tried the other things that he could do short of this you know more advanced alarm clock recovery procedure. And he bought the property didn't have many other or any other option other. This is the he does and he's Imus and so months once the casting of Tom but doctor Katz awesome awesome again well done. Thank you thank you thank you so much and we begets any of your diving career once again and ordinary juries only ankle injuries here dive rare only. All I guess all the I'll thanks so much and in particular time in our lending your expertise much appreciative. It. I'd so we've talked about who you wanna be here where it's stated that baseball you fix baseball. Excellent insight from dark large cast of Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates about death and the doors Meehan now and a wrap things up. Because I think that people were listing this to a there exercise in the weekend and in raking leaves and doing whatever the deal and they're ready they're ready to wrap it up as well but they've said we should. So that it's my attitude we go to animosity in because he just get ready for his own show which it might be who knows it might be on as a realist in this. Some things happen things happen with a Red Sox this week. The Al score was named no kitten miniature. Article you would write this the fast track to name manager in this packet that he is the first but outscored name. Ortiz was actually got leaked actually got leaked to a new recording it this the first podcast that I was on review and then they got made official. Right after the LCS. We were dream maker. I'm myself so my question to use them and B is going to be Jonny Gomes Mike Lowell. Or myself. They get the Red Sox manager job that I know Beckett said Lowell could do it but I just care for east dad I would say that I think Johnny's that he boots on the ground he's he's fighting the fires right now athlete is that time. Locals are wanna do it either mule said if my kids are in college so don't count on Michael being the basket for the Boston Red Sox. So you're out you're in the Mexico therefore my default I think recently saying it when Corey has done well you're not when you're not trading in benching. Than you. Might have yet time to the investment bank. By dose of course the manager. And then Everest by. Audience's views he put the pole at whistling was even close yes seven. You wonder like you know it's the rusty decision comforted to browse keeping to. If this is the guy the right guy for the job but clearly if your ownership and we talked about the state of the team and boring about ratings and everything else. Coral where it's up all the case wasn't even close Joseph Girardi. If he became available he is I mean when he became available. He is eight a really really good miniature isn't the only young guy gets in forget about the Yankees aspect to. I still think there we go with court because he kind of fits exactly what they're looking for. Which is a war. And I think your in the whole thing with jury it is it's there were some issues that they wanted to image in to address. And didn't address and they make changes to how he means teen yeah you do I don't care about that what I'm saying that's why they wouldn't go I don't think it would golf with him a just and backing up your point yet further out but I think I think it's ourselves that we title personality Ellis for a more personality guys I would want Brad I didn't want Brad out I mean I honestly though my gut was like Debra is gonna take him. I really thought usual. You learn a lot and I was really is legitimately concerned about it I didn't want garden I wanna know peace and he's ever forget trees the guy who can. You make something out of nothing but this team you know has a lot I don't know how I would doubt that. So the coaching staff. Butterfield gone yet cubs chili Davis gone cubs yet. In entitlements these days it looks like which which if you talk the players this is no surprise that lose on board meant to lose on board for this to. Is that it he gave all of Angie is viewed as. League glue to that team at least the pitchers really really thinks though. Carl Willis no surprise dawn of the Cleveland Indians good for. And away could for these guys I think we don't know how critic coaches they are now that's beyond as. We I I can say I've known water for a long time. And I can say I don't know who put more effort into coaching I've never to be put more effort in coaching the Brian Butterfield. I knew battle is it we hear about you know it doesn't think to a drug we hear about. You know Cora and him being a guy that we all think is gonna be good fit you'll four teammates I've seen Beckett says he's going to be. A good fit. Colmes of Michael everybody if everybody does but then you have Gerry Davis out of here right away in all wet wet but that's just because people is not. This guy I'm I'm not criticizing Cora but I'm saying what if they what if maybe core wanted to keep committee would have been open to it. What if the front office was the reason why these guys in what stick around me because these guys are breathing down their necks like we heard was happening with Farrell. Mean because of that they didn't wanna Gillis is not worth sorry out to like you. But it's just not worth it anymore to be around it. May now I don't think you that was I think this is the sort of the natural progression of things when when you have these guys. And you have a new guy coming in any saying to the manager which he should say the manager. You can pick your own guys and the then it becomes a time thing because these jobs are open and you can't say I'm waiting around I'm waiting around. The course thing just does not help. Because he's two in the World Series stuff and and why he's I'm sure reaching out to some people so what do you dig in interviews and find out exactly. I want Brian Butterfield back absolutely. If a job comes up an opportunity comes up believe me want to stay here but it like for many lives name is dream job stay in the bath at the drop off at like. But he also can't wait around and I think that's what came into play here. And and now this is court Uga course team course staff. Wouldn't you love Angie I mean I'm sure most of its uncertainty for these guys at the end. I think so and in in what it's a good for them finding jobs says Carl will also mean. Pitching coach for good Cleveland Indians team. Chili Davis no potter. Cubs could the grubs need to hit a new hitting coach that's for sure is they were not the same unit where we'll Eric Hinske the assistant hitting coach went to work for the angels. So yes so it is good for all these guys now it's on core. Use of for what the first name you think of when it comes accords is rather Joey Cora but I don't know if that can happen because Joseph records at third base coach for Pittsburgh. And if you can't make a lateral move that would have to be bench coach and I can't see. Yeah that might be a little it's a weird dynamic is you need some. Elise in the perception of the players he needs some separation. Right because that's the guy. Who hate coming year I'm human I'm going confide in you yet. He's gonna colony's top players you can't handle the criticism in and get upset over nothing well it's also his brother what I think that the bench coach position. Yet yes and still with a brother it will be did not see your loyalties to your brother Tuesday that the institution coddled and saying that's what he does in LA he'll let the trust didn't didn't toward Lavelle wasn't the perfect execution of events coach yes you as the go between right book it right again rob I'm for. Am trying to prove your point that it would work because at the top and they trust the guy when that guy they might complain about. Is yet there is their brother here agree yes they are yesterday in just wanna yell if for no iconic. Joseph decisions too but again I don't you and I of course events and you bench we can talk about the fact that how I almost lost my mind going up into the parking lot by the studio thing if you want not what they act like W parked at one forgot I park my car I went in opposite entrance that I came in before to that would give food before you got here. Is that I. I might remote in my fob on my key. It's like it's half dead have nots can find where Helen I was very I was raised being afraid for my for key on the ground I mean I NC rob. I guessed it would that place and now it's a madhouse in there I volley a little so I quit because the parking situation yet. Sorry I was in my mind over I have no patience for jets enjoy apart you know really about your car I'll find I'll figure I don't on the fourth floor he has to get the W I golf cart elected them that they do at the airports no matter what I would appreciate that I mean is that that's the worst that the capsule were like you go back from a trip. And you forget where you parked at the airport. And I've never done that Tom Rath well again I always have a key fob that will bail me out in this in this situation I don't have this like. I don't know I just rely I've become to reliant on the fob and action ideal there's a chance to make fun from Wednesday but all I got for our rights that we get there's some things coach in the by the time we talked next week may be all the World Series champion who knows. And god and Ricky get really bad down in the meat it is thing. The GM meetings are November 13. So that would put. That's what's today today all I know soy based everything around Halloween. No Halloween is Tuesday. And so Tuesday now you're getting active firms and so those are on the sixth. Around the November 6 or so is an influence a couple weeks to the to the GM meetings ultra two weeks of the GM me from two weeks from Monday the GM meetings that's when things start kicking up and that's where we're like a like. They're showing interest for last year was. Other showings so much ingesting Carlos Beltran and any talk to Carlos Beltran. And not really been is horrifying to veto it and Carlton this is their ability a lot of gene Carlson plotted JD Marti is dog. I'm not too much Eric Hosmer. Level will be a lot of Hosmer tartan is allotted for a touchdown don't know we will have resurface of that Greg Colin doctor death and yes hello Wade Davis will there likely it is a bit if they Rondo didn't talk while us and want to know who was in the alternate at last time record but. I know there are few in and who would you pick at the service between between these two Dodgers Astros. Dodgers Dodgers look at things so just because they've been running through them all nationally you have I think. This is good because I end up because here's is what his view of the very unscientific part of it. Witches. Typically when a team so dominant and so did. And then they fall off the face of the year at them like the Dodgers did they were terrible. And then they get good again. York kind of referring back to what you are notes or you hold yourself out of this mired. In and that to me usually how it works. Like with the asterisk though. When you have a team is so good offensively in the stop hitting if you start hitting even a little bit. Pete especially when you're back home it's in January on the road is dean hasn't lost at home. All the playoffs and they've though that verse I know it's bully me it is good news via Astor had a little hectic the Dodgers so. I'm gonna be wrong unfortunately that imported about army here this time Marty yes all right thanks for governor and again and enjoy the weekend as they say Lemond showed good weekend to you. My apologized.