Bradfo Sho, Ep. 50: It's time for free agency

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Friday, November 3rd

Rob Bradford is joined by Pitcher Nick (Friar), former boyfriend of Miss Massachusetts, to discuss which free agents the Red Sox should be prioritizing in the coming weeks. The duo also argues nicknames, wedding proposals and Howie Kendrick.


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Wrapped road show. That might open up but he obviously. That's bio. I don't. Brad show. That's delicious. I sit here right now with your three hours in two Major League Baseball free agency by the time the Carlos Correa had proposed to his then girlfriend. Then they were not hours away from three agencies that means the World Series is over and 9 AM. On November 2 free agency began pitcher nick here with me nick fry here and now before we get through it. You're in the World Series is gone I'll wherever I don't care about the World Series known here's about the world there's anymore with it's coming off all we know right. This these are the things are important when it comes in the World Series. By the Houston winning that means that we do have to happen now it's court press conference on the weekend. Of the says he's gonna have to do the parade. Man by the time with some this may be Marty had the press conference. By debt ruined all of our lives. So. Shame on the Astros and the other thing was after the game. Thanks a little spicy. Carlos Correia proposed girlfriend you're probably. Well yeah I mean look and I and a sense of Lotus Notes romantic and it's we know it's not I I have been labeled by many people in different friend groups as. A hopeless romantic. So trust me I have pretty big emphasis on hopeless yes exactly aside I'm single now so clearly right. But IE you know. I don't know why you want a disaster such an important gaming if you're thinking about doing this then you're not fully focused and. Donna I'm sure you must not focused and I'm sure a sure it was very distracting and are you kidding me I don't get seriously dinged it would need to take. Sure. After the fact it's it's. It's you that you think that that's something that he does. And now. Lowering blood they don't try harder you that you did do that after you lose anyone opening one bit what we're already motivation though the for George a violation. Of god and other big guide to what you're under the radar here is it six hours before our. The guy who I work with the right Hannibal proposed to his girlfriend I am so anytime I talk. It's the battered about Friday you can't do that the Ryan I mean still that is to be on call proposal yeah he saved the what Bryant did you know. It was absurd and they did Disney needed yes did he did it isn't. And he he he he did not pay for the did the print photographers holds her are both you know. Shaft habitats or whatever it is yeah it costs a lot of money you do adamantly to have some pop by the bushes and take the the photo. Obvious though so he he grew public a lifeguard or something. And actually had them do what it was a it was a wise move and by the way so we did it does. Yeah that they have edited live up they elected these are you look at yet enough to hold this meeting by. There's two things number one you can always referred to a dead heat getting gave the same time is apt as the the proposal that will remember for a long time why would the Boise State proposal but the thing is is that I think if you go to Vegas right now and you say OK it was good sound terrible. But through which which way which mayor who you'd take. We through it why are your eyes were to be derided as writers all it isn't she missed Texas yeah. Also crucial question I was gonna ask you if you ever met her because I know you run in circles used to date not Massachusetts right. Right correct you probably missed last. I took missed the reigning miss Nestor subprime yes OK I don't know I don't know anything about you almost proposed you're I didn't. And they did not all of those who didn't say this if I did. It would have been an intimate setting just in I would pulled her family I would have told my thought I would not have done at a pace now not after you just beat Ohio State. Would I don't know what I would loss of half that when it's unfortunate but I I would not definite difference. He is good for the document why you think so. Yes there are things exits ass. O'Dowd audio driven back row yes it nothing yet about all I'm saying you think you have done it in public I've had already asked what went emergencies doing the BB advantages. Interview after the big loss when loser side. In the background you would have seen Carlos career to date yeah terrorist they never edited video Gutierrez met or a double date. Not that never happened on I. I did I took her prom before she was miss Massachusetts. I I kind of but I feel I'm assessing talent you know prospect Jeff I'm real good when it comes and and you get into the show but just once they get there they don't want failures in episode with that and Alina dating a Doctor Who was next and he dumped her right when he became a doctor what happened you know what happened all of this thing it might if the party Turkoglu back there this summer. Well I Broderick I got to come to. That bucks all time game it's no better effort he's yet to parcel I've been. She is that. She is currently seeing someone I can get on his practice one yeah well. Acted like her and didn't know Goodyear is well on her end game is threats that continue to neat moved tees a little trip I want to contribute backed him up the other. I just like what you can do all of my eye opener. I'm not win this. So have that kind of power lefty lit though is that Patrick gill right that will let wrote that article about what's wrong. I hate when you who cares who cares who cares what it's. You see this you are wrong and I don't we give this is one thing we're gonna have to talk about up here by real quickly. The fact that you get worked up over is exactly why you should've written it don't I understand about my whole thing has the I'm sure about him saying who's wrong but saying the whole stick to baseball owners. It because right that's with eggs the exact reason why I didn't want apple pitcher nick. Nicknamed now I think it's just stumbled because I think. You know people are gonna look at me it's all but it's baseball so that's why I hate everywhere are looking at you locked on the street say you can't argue about anything else if it's between. You understood it I hate that's the criteria met. My Kerry who of who was known as blind Mike right line Mike if they get when everyone says I had a great conversation implied might use the Internet parcel sports as a great future in this business we have a two hour conversation at sprints or the other today. And do you think that if that people are always going to be saying you know what. I've always going to talk about your blindness. Lol you want to be identified as something you want a nickname and your. Nickname before we dumb or might you say it. It nickname before his arm pitcher nick is a perfectly foreign nickname now convicted T shirts now we can victim I was saying if you your re your brain has never been. Auto rad though is like. At nine and packed yes pitcher nick just like it's not. Don't get very that we brought it to happen overnight and have the grip is the first time I heard I was like. That's going nickname is right away to sound off. Obviously Robert 400 Bradford to look up to give them mouth that yes. While I had a B my mind's cartel me as someone who went to northwestern new tried to take that I'd high food route to journalists. No help me that if I didn't I would not be working at the Wall Street Journal when your country now if I just chose to deal are formed through Bradford in my bile and write it up but I can't here's the choice I made. If you if you actually walked on the street in people's you know I think they recognize that person. That's where it. Our Farnsworth no. IRO the activists are calling you Farnsworth but they do with her rot lately. Allred sports I think it's a feature it's culture right. Writes the Adnan. Have probably aren't just kind of you some of their little edited it won't be a part of this is that it's a very regal may be. Our Farnsworth. He Robert front with Bradford. Automatically you become rich despite being born for. Right yes I think you do that means that that was part Robert Roberta. It's much like you might not too and it's. Now my I was gonna say is late but I was laughed in my car last night when money is. Was talking about Papa John's whole pop John thing in the east title when he went to yank who saw these puppets are some sanity he says Nawaz Koppel wants it looks like it rip off place. I don't know that made you laugh anyway. Yes so. We've we've got a few things out of the way nick nick fry Iran's in the same circles is Carlos Correa. Yeah it. In the World Series the Houston Astros won. By the way as we see as the were are taping and knew we were talking I got attacks from the minute of the boss former. And coach he's the age now where he says I'm not saying. With a life changes I just wanted to even ideas seem like one big old you and act like your big deal actor I would do it's like if you go oh yeah it was a do or is it physically like you know and so. Everyone says the congratulatory text that I and I'm as good as you look at me as well. Like a drug probe fired people servants are the you know that was (%expletive) that happens to battle that saw that happen. So. It just Wear and now marks why I didn't know 23 never addressed that does not wife I don't wanna go out of the way to swinger. That's that's where people go wrong and just say there are times where I might restrain myself from saying certain words I don't I don't need that you have to speak view. A captives to just be careful saying that rob just careful just be you are right on so anyway you do the congratulatory facts. And knowledge said Lewis feel all the doses. No doubt he's a Sean Casey you that Don Baylor all he does is when you said that to him dissent and technology dozens one. Ollie doesn't ruin are trying to get it does good site when my sang and an iron and I that I will be I will be perfectly fine if I have a disagreement with the moved out or makes me I feel more secure. Than ever. To have a spirited conversation. Watch you you are also up this is in the movies etc. for years now neither of them here the greatest four years of not well it's never I never worked at that was a scalable open you're faced it never works out see you you've. Duo are remote northwestern time. But Northwestern's. If they tell you put the pair everybody beta of the dump ignore what what period inside the quotation marks okay death does Bethany can always what you were saying it was gonna happen in four years you're gonna listen in your car. After the Red Sox have won the Pulitzer outscored haight junior listen that the podcast for you had him on Saturday crying because Cora now hates yes and I know that I will be I you'll enjoy my job Kinko's and it was. I'll be listening all the time yeah absolutely you know what's gonna happen who knows. LB guest on the on the pitcher nick are like I told you already I am pretty good projecting town projecting where things are gonna go so dead aren't the you know the way it words were worth things to go with the rats. Look at that that this is my expert. Expert ability to give it to while we wanna talk about today which is the free agency. MLB free agency has accident the very beginning. And MLB free agency started 9 AM eastern on November 2 and I know tax that I did last night Alicea with it would not prepared for this by it but text that last night because I was that your writing a story before I fell asleep. And deposit for the game and it can I know it's so late ulcers you wanna get into that well we can get that our thoughts are right so anyway it and I said. I IEA double always fascinated by so in the news NBA 9 AM the day after the Walters just went off the agency. Freeagent I believe it was at midnight pastor or something right before OpenId again. So the one that I always remember is David Ross David Ross and actually that seem offseason we seem to them thirteen the Ritz that if he was Dave Rossum repeat wrote. Police and this that they that they prioritize. And they say these are the guys are gonna call first. So I texted this night to start at 621 last night about ways. You know just about two hours before the game he's running round on Tuesday in doing things. But I wanted this to be a good story the what was it like to be that first call right and what's interesting right. Yes that was how important is it right mead once those from this question if you can how important with the red thoughts called view. Right when free agency started and then one cents us on him and he responds very exclamation next nation. It's nice to be wanted and no you are all. Our ports hop all priority list. Which isn't earth shattering statement I know but. Still it's interesting to me because at 9 AM vote in the Red Sox call what they prioritizing. Go back in the day to browse the rouge team. Chris Young with a guy that first year I think if you wanna pick out a guy this last year. It probably would have been Mitch Moreland I mean I don't know if you is the right that night and a camera guy. I I know that Chris Young going into the did GM meetings. This in Jimmy's our little early early early. Earlier right right terms of actually saying we're going hard after this guy. Another going hard after Christiane that Earl than so in debt and muscular to work quick we we know that's right right right. So so I guess the question is is who is going to be that guy this year and in don't give me GD Martinez. Okay B right Eric. Asking questions and any time are you tell me yet tell me to argue aren't well I've seen others are ready before shall know they got a lot of them that gets you guys arbitration first year arbitration eligible they got. A few guys who laden who are here yet so it here. Under the 195. Million. Tax threshold for this past you the next next year it's 197. Million. Big don't have a whole lot of wiggle room. Mean would we talked about the last time. A week obviously the power bat is that is that thing that they need most. Talked about you know me beginning of the reliever I know you're not a huge fan of it because they have Karstens Mitt they have borne Berquist become him back as well. That could look at those guys are healthy. In making him post season and that's fine my big thing is having a guy who's not necessarily so experienced in that realm. And into having a target with more experience in that role but not necessarily such a high. Payroll kind of guy so when I brought up Wade Davis last time that was stupid because looking at how much he got paid this past year of ten million. You know Hollander a guy you mentioned thirteen million. Those guys are app and not a chance in hell. Brandon Morrow we saw you know he did very well posting in sat out one game that was it pits every day for the badgers. But the 800 O says I'm from one point 1259. I think it was one point 25 million last year by the Dodgers. He's a guy who's been a starter in his career up he could get stretched out if he needed to but he's definitely effective in short bursts Sergio Romo. Another guy yet three million last year. Really on the cheap but he's not exactly a blow by but it almost an urban style. On he's got one of the best fighters I've ever seen. It is that in the past ten years. Having a guy like that might make a big difference because he's on the cheap. He's effective. You know with almost wouldn't I initially had every day like he's a guy who you know can help Kimbrel I'll help him. Get past that the big genius meaning that could make a big difference would Moreau he's been there for each like those two guys like that. As good as Kimbrel in terms stuff it's it's no question he's one of the best guys in the credible and in terms of that breaking ball in his best buy and always the banister right he said you'd is Kimbrel brick breaking balls and yes. Dad I asked him I asked the room the top five of the most unique pitchers top buys most unique pitchers in baseball. You mentioned Tim rules curve ball events he's changeup command key to the putter which are as I've got a bit more coaches should take to Twitter yep and he identified. Getting Caylee Jetsons cutter was another but to what I'm trying to say is Kimbrel should be a lot better and it's so having a guy who's had this playoff experience and one. I know more didn't win but he did very well. On that's more on you know Yu Darvish sucking the other night than anything else. So I think. One of those guys. Would be the move that's the first person that pickle if it's not to be our text if it's not going to be JD Martinez or Eric Hosmer. I think. It would just seems sensible that will be one of those to drop that will be Hosmer orgy marching at the very start to think. We just trying to get me to be create no I did the bipolar is I don't think it matters if you call. That. 9 AM for those guys right okay that's for losses from a mean. Look they hire they have yet I know you've you two lead out the other day that Boris is now 280 Martinez's. Aging process they hype I reactions from from now by the way if being so. I know of anybody who posts like this which you agents here crass and is rated this usually gets a lot of the switching agents dot com news and and Tom. And put this one is if is the perfect storm and I. It was like it was sitting in my bean bags. With you for something do similar and now here yes the allow load different lava lamps and be back here. But this Lewis. But this was the perfect storm where you have maybe the top one at the brits or point of view to top create and target right and also. The guy that is gonna get the most interest like if I said oh well you know this is he switching agents to the guy he laughed Marc Garber everyone via video sent care right but it's Scott board Scott wars and the reactions the war. Nationals is gonna nationals give every Olympic sports have a great relationship with the nationals. It is what it is either you got to get his money he might get a little bit more certain but he was got to always get his money I don't think this is also and you saying no there's no chance it goes back errors so yeah. Arizona there they're living in a finish and if they thought there is chance Helen who's gonna come back for just because of the money you know above all. In the they hire these guys you know because players rub you say technology emerging as you may not care for the first one contact him. These guys are people I mean they do did kinda give a (%expletive) about I know but you don't buy hears it that's way has. Site yet by here's here's the difference is that. That those guys are gonna get the law through the money through the contracts they're gonna get go. And and com. It is biggest difference I think so go back to David Ross Dave Ross being that guy that had a lot for Dave rust I actually believe that yeah. And because of how many how many. Times has a guy like doubt in prioritized. That so when you we look at so if you your next level again after the JD but he is there cost review said. He's the guise of doing big give it give the love. They're going to be it is David Ross Chris Young who would be your top. I would tell them to go do dreamy yet I would say duo with rubble immoral or moral. Look at the whole list of the leaders and if you wanna talk about offense right at minus the you know say here's how much more as you but here's the problem with that. So one of those guys. And they're not at the level the way gays and column level. Hi Ian relievers right I don't know that you spend money toward that O I NN it's an amnesty said it last time. From morals. Kind of on an upswing a little bit mean he had a pretty damn good post season. Obviously when you look at the offense there's only so much room to add guys unless you go and tree out of days' notice so people so. We're talking about in this budget really is is that despite all the other stuff we talked about this broadcast is about. Free agency start how should the Red Sox appropriate agency because that is going to be the conversation. So they have first base slash DH right and then they have a fourth outfielder and there also pretty much starting pitching. And you can make the argument for a relief pitcher by a catcher there are also at third base are all set. May be second base may be someone to fill in when Pedroia is out there out of the cover everything that's I think that that's gonna come back to it in your pocket if you're asking me to god that they have. And the other part about this conversation has to be important which I think that it will be very difficult this squeezing can view afternoon. You have to prioritize talent. Is the club house. I've talked to not only have we talked about it but I talked to players I've talked to other people in the organization they all understand it. That the one of the things that was missing from last year. Was that guy to say cut the (%expletive) just what ever. And this is how we do what you know what it was great that was out core. But outscored can only do so much he's the manager is turning Gomes said I thought so eloquently. Which is. He US he's like that the miniatures like your dad your parent. You don't when he says do this you're not listening quite as much as when you listen to the older brother say it right. So you gotta find that guys though. If that can be that guy in where is give a face in the position that we talked about the Eduardo Nunez. Learned that the current physical but you know word on his -- that's the prop I don't worry about it. You know more about it now. And that's the that is actually I think it's it's it's a step in the right direction I think so that if you don't I think iguana or Nunez will be more money than people. But each hey let's reserves right hey listen he's a lesson they gave they were the only team to give Chris Young two year deal. So they've overpaid for at least I think he's. In the if they have a little more flexibility you know in terms of the attacks on. The the thing that luxury collection tax that Jesus. On the have a little bit more wiggle room this year because it didn't go over last year in the EP. If they go all rate. They might as well they have rule it's like once again it's. Forty million over that's when they're really gonna hit hard in terms I'm blessed estimate. The watch yet the penalties and everything else if you wanna put together a team. To pay them that's what I'm saying Russia again as each group get get over it. If you don't go to 4940 million router becomes. Just try to produce a status yet don't go 5% they've just outlook that. Sure we have yet when you play but look right now it's a hard. 17 if you're plenty of room. Your playroom for you this is not an excuse to not sign or not at least attempt to sign the TV Martinez is the Eric crop. Hey Eric cosmonauts thinks I'm both of them and end note now CEO Mike with sockets he O'Donnell list. If you go down a list of the power rankings so low power he parakeets at a free agents out there. It's really not there's not a ton of guys who you say that other than JD marquis is other than their prosper. Lot of starting pitchers Wade Davis these guys this does not aides say that is the guy that the red sections meekly go after and a big part of that is because. I don't think they they want prioritize getting in on the starting pitching and you'd think yeah. The top ones in terms of home runs Getty Martinez got stock yes Logan Morrison which would address your first base is too but he's also gonna hit. You know 250 at best if you'd eaten in that's assuming he's gonna have figured terms on runs. It's but I don't think he's toward the outfield and he's gonna inhale more if you have mediate fueled. Yeah you could but why would you go after him when you can go after Jeter I think Bruce's could cost lives because it costs less that's fair but so are you gonna go after him in and you're just gonna settle there and that's going to be yet. It's just gonna be jaded rich. It could be I mean is what you what you used to hit home runs is a month or so anyway I wanna come back to the food today who'd they prioritize who they call who gets the I love you call I wanna make you feel good talk and give me another name. Howie Kendrick. So Howie Kendrick and interesting it is go Howie Kendrick 34 years old. Had a really good offensive year last year if you look at his numbers I think today you know when he went from Philadelphia Washington still held up at some hamstring issues. Isn't a god I don't think you wanna run out there everyday. And Kendrick is a good one BK is. He can fill a second base. You know is this is if you don't want aside if you don't under water pneumonia. He's a good he's a veteran clubhouse guy. All of that. And so if you wanna go after a guy like that then it also is the guy who can hit via the Levys and society if it's. Switzer is yet has yet anything outfield so he's he's played outfield yes. I actually liked yeah well thank you it's it's a lot it's it's he's a better version of what brought holt has become what we thought brought Cole was kind of going to be in terms of yes so if if they could potentially if they want to say you know we're gonna fill from within. Mean district especially at second base he would do anyway and you know rock hall. And and we'll probably know more in the in the coming week about how they're gonna approach this another Dave Dombrowski is insane Laguna. Break the bank for a second baseman dispute that's an Troy is to miss some time. Bye bye do you think that you need some but he a solid backup I don't know if relying on the Brock hole that is who they when both the move has value in there and some of the things they do. It's only one run out Xavier to second base. I don't mind when I think pretty highly of them it's the whole you know Holtz was that guided each totally should have shipped out and they missed. The mist trail and Alan they could've gotten a lot more for him from nationally team he's a perfect he would've been a perfect nationally guy and now he's kind of I know it's got no idea that the burden of the year but he's just not what we all expect him to be. But right around adding Kyle Kendrick I don't know much about him in terms of Holly's Joey behaves in the clubhouse. But he's a better. Can I tell you my best Howie Kendrick store yes please this is publicists like the rob Bradford I'm trying to look important. I was that replied yes but I asked at a I didn't vote on there yeah the podcast. You -- it's just it's just there's if there's a feeling much in the way about your voice I just feel like on your always better than jackets while the I mean go with what you don't know. Okay art so so. A few years ago Pedroia Pedroia it was where he worked out with a laundry which by the way is another interesting game. Even though he's from the left side I don't know the ago with a lefty hitter in that spot now for now I'll respond to these freeagent on the news he's tied Droid. Did not remember dear you know of I don't think like every two and for years with say countries is of the Red Sox because he desperately both android I mean for. Your irony here is was coming to write such a guy you know why because people like he's in front of Dustin Pedroia in the grip. So Pedroia is working out and so I used to be used to go out and Hindus videos and whatever watch it doesn't always work you know when you know we've had a lot of cash day and everything else. So he's like OK our Matt Andres house working out that's we're going to be working out here's the address. So pullout. Now I'm thinking this is in the basement this is the basement of Andre users house. And show up this board Jakarta. Was going on the go win. And there's this big complex it was like a barn almost huge huge barn out back you walk in an easier had built this this. This training facility. No Astroturf for him and hitting cages in the kitchen where it at a private shaft the weight room and everything else and this. Each year Pedroia Russell Martin. Shortstop for the Orioles JD. Are you heard it yet party. Eyes and Howie Kendrick Watson in in there with a couple other guys the league this is a bizarre scene here in the rap rappers and the arts yes I'm I'm very proud I would I punctuated the whole city and I can tell you right then and there at the Howie Kendrick seemed like a really really nice guy. That would be great if any of are there really great guy so currently friends who Pedroia and then to go that he doesn't Laviolette a variety is no other details. Our so. Yeah now so I just it was a weird C I don't know if you northwestern guys you just want guys it's you that humor but you want Kendrick I don't know but I do I get a look at a load Howie Kendrick on the cubist president and I I feel like I could be destined to him and now I noticed earned dollars turns. That turned down westerns that one way or the other at the end no matter what you're gonna echoes that someone. Just you. This is the way I get off that my kids get the a sort of tell these honest discussion read the stuff you yeah if I read no reason or there you hunter. Are there read a 140 characters. They listen through there through their bodies tell him so and so is talking crap about you. This is if you go down the list of how. Players get pissed off. What do you think BI in the bully me is not reading story. I noticed that when I was in college really had you know at a few guys who read the guys that the reporters who covered constantly. Kids and our colleagues you know whatever I feel like we've already talked about this half. And their credit we don't you and I have talked about it and I guess at how big. Basically what people tell me alternately they set about us you know we. Not other people not their family about IRB. Honesty and I don't care about what you do in college I care about like what MLB clubhouse it's like OK that's fine because even the Miley sings O'Reilly and other Major League guys and I know there are minor Twitter talked Julia minor league guys you talk about your body probably got one he'll give it give your best story today about the mountain area Bassam a big deal now I'm not a tonight. I'm just saying you gonna go once you're at state college I'd wait with. I as if you didn't you bring obviously a Major League club you see these guys sitting around yes he's out to your best because they know and so on so so Twitter right 140 characters at. Pregame postgame show on NASA and another big one. Yeah they wanna see our front reap what no quote no plea that is not at all I have had I have had. Stern conversations with the players office things I've said engine that that stuff is Tarzan like and it's my whole thing is rob just patient. There is secure that the ice and you're trying to that you're trying to figure out why these guys like the we're getting off the rails this is another market spoke to pointed visit the port is it I'll bring it back in this way. Is that the point is is Alex Cora went US one thing you with a guy who said two of the younger players that do whatever. Don't don't get obsessed. Then can also be accountable. Collins one of the past the nineteen terms of telling guys to be accountable and him being accountable I told story might told you. On the podcast by him after missing upon in the playoffs spinning in my of his locker in the form uniformity. And it seems like a little thing I don't see players do that. I don't see and they need someone went and I know that players after things have happened good and bad have tried to duck out I don't wanna talk the media. Then it's hard DL and so two things one that Romney repeating a story that's by the fifth time effort to tell matter up it's such a good story though war that's one end to these what you're saying chord does is the same thing that I am talking about when I say these guys are always sends a and still they give a damn about that stuff. It's the same thing Robert I love to argue with me when Amma grew really UN backing up the appointment just I don't know eat it. What is it there's other you know but I'm just strengthening your argument you assume that as I did well on the T shirts and says Richard neck. Dot dot dot I better detail did exactly and he. I look at this this freeagent power rankings that exist Rome. Old little while few months ago it's on the time being it looks it looks like it might hold up fairly well Darvish. No contrasts Marti is in stressed area at a no interest clause were impressed. To docket no addressed opted no investment stock is unless you wanna move on the first baseman went stressed Lorenzo Cain no contrast. Wade Davis no interest rate college no interest. Johnny qua no no into a you're done Carlos Santana guy may be some contrast. So that's another Garrett you know I think might be put on the ripped. No he had Mitch Moreland last year as the guys that they're gonna absolutely go after that mean everyone. Rightfully so were focused on Edwin Encarnacion. But they are where they where clearly focused on Moreland is that the rule we wanna go suck a cost a lot of money. He'll hit well enough. Don't feel the position and we will be really good at the age. I got two guys talk about the fourth off now this is getting him depend on how much these guys and their agents think there actually were. One is so we saw in this World Series Cameron Maybin you get nine million last year he's you know Lester nine home runs at 315. And look at how can start he would at ten home runs to 28 so he you would think he wouldn't command a lot of money he's got a little speed in two. May be somebody like that could fit the other one who I would rather see. I highly doubt this one though because I'm assuming he still thinks yet a lot left him about it does Jason work. Ten home runs last year. Two point six and always battled injuries and no he's and a lot of money's gonna wanna use can you think he's got to command a lot of money around when he won and I'd say a lot of times. As your fourth out of you yeah he doesn't wanna do that he's he better start thinking about it. What exactly what I think what I'm saying from that this is not your first guide that you were talking or not you're David Ross what I'm saying is. All of them CU what happens than if people start courting them early that forget that might you're gonna definite there's thinks of him. Then forget. You know I think that it's interesting to look back in his always those guys and more body if it is with the Brodsky is he acts so quick. Our agreed to the highest though so the hostile show used to be great. I'm sure will be as a but it used to be great because they got all the offseason and we just roll roll out in distilled take forever and we beat. Sitting there in December 20 what are the gonna do in this and that. But last year were OK you made on you moves that was it and that's how sort of the broad he works. You go back to I actually thought people's crap on the GM meetings to basic rate. Given it's a great because they tell you sort of what pathogen you'd that's exactly with the Brodsky did last year I don't know if you remember this by. You know I remember wolf first we found out into the they were not gonna go after it and cannot yet no one believed him including his agent. The agent was desperately trying to get him in the Red Sox involved. Still couldn't figure out why they weren't giving you all the Dave Dombrowski sat at the picnic table in Arizona. And said you know we just talked to pay a lot of money for the opposition. And then and then via a name came up Carlos Beltran remember that over the I have I don't why it turned out to be fraudulent. I could I ask like Beltran in Houston when rats are there. All the Red Sox made a play for is not really. The list of the makes stuff up front about it but not as if it's always some semblance of truth to it but it's neat is that typical of a cult. You know they called in my life of a crap on average right now. In that you look you you're your ears perked right up and and you both are like threats like suited Justin Yu Darvish it trade deadline. Thought gee you think they called the John did the text of raiders well natural. You know is you always like listen I'd sure gonna crap load a page views but this is Edward go through this again. Red Sox touch base with CC sabathia. All yeah opted to throw gonna happen not so. Here's another Geithner got a guy if if we're if if you going to lose out on a guy like Martinez and I'm assuming they have to get Martinez Hosmer and if they don't and you would think they get stand and another guy. Depending on where things take a turn. Carlos Gonzales he would command more money than you attitude that I just mentioned but he's a guy who's who's done well throughout doing lots. I'm saying if they go well and lose to lose out on their bigger name yeah. Then maybe that's a guy that they look at as as becoming at times I don't think it will be the right but at the net as a guy who got there who's been good throws interesting he's on the downhill slope he's not a strong advocate. Honestly the more more talk about the more more I think this is a dumb idea so that upon a I'll tell you read that that was a pretty that was pretty terrible. Stand by David I think David is totally legitimate. Worth I think it sure makes sense but it may not end up in his. Oh man that's those great that's a that's the part of a pullout. Surface. So as though it we don't know but you've obviously he has to talk about that could be fit him in well putrid Jackie Bradley that's another thing we're gonna find out too if they go left a stand that changes laughs. That's another thing Michael let's just go right now I know it IB you know we're ignoring I think I've been trying so hard to talk myself into. Density Palestinians the way to go is it's a ticket idea in in. Forget about giving up the prospects give this isn't going to be this isn't going to be a would you it would take on a lot of money. Or or this isn't going to be like well giving you where you're get it where take on yet or you're gonna have to take on some money to the Marlins. And we're gonna give you more players. No I mean the whole motivation for the Marlins. Is to get through this whatever ninety million dollar payroll and so that's their motivation so if if you can't say we're gonna really. We're gonna take on what you're gonna have to take on some of the money that. Element of it is off the table. And I just look at it next. Where you go get this guy the contract and so obscenely. That's all right you know you have those guys I don't buy it. Do you you wanna build so much around. Just a couple guys Chris Sale is going to be free agent after next die after two years it's it it doubles option for next year and after the next year he's dubious creating have to pay him if you if you want. Which is going to be another conversation. It's. That's going to be a weird one to me. It is that he. You might you guys don't 35 is going to be able to do this already you're turning and Chris Sale no I'm not this is why the guys McCullough as our New Yorkers aren't that easy and it's like to keep them honest. You know even knew closer Craig Kimbrel in the last year of the contract right. Kilroy get a little help me Bogart's up a couple of years bars I gets up op opt out year after that. Opposite bet that's that's got to keep right but these are those decisions you have to make you have to allocate money to these guys. I yeah UW losing pitcher's dual needs starting pitchers David Price the ops are gonna need a starting pitcher. If you keep woman you have a thirty million dollar pitcher to go along with whatever stints making. My reported is that. Woods didn't he takes up so much payroll that it's almost like. You know you're basing everything around in the and you really have to be Smart on the fringes. And I don't know if that's the way to do it anymore I just. Well they don't and if they were doing a great job of developing guys like they have in the past I would say yes they can definitely hand yes means. But did not who they are as much anymore I mean look if you go a week you talked about with our partner hypothetical guys that you would have to deal. In order to get Stanton. Rob I mean the more I've thought about it it's. How much are you gonna get depleted by how hollow ball that is what he had yet people think that you get around it by by taking one like the money. Then maybe that's the case but we've seen it dead Derek Jeter's not afraid of making moves I mean he's pretty much is clear he came in. He was told you should consider keeping these guys he's clean folks. In my you know so this and you you bring this up because this is that if you're gonna juiced and you'll need your hit on you are absolutely right pitcher nick. Absolutely. You nailed this one which says the army and if you if you have that guy you better have. The guys filling in from the mile leaks that I'd like the rock field devers of the world now because. Don't because you're gonna be losing you Tucker played Bogart's mega play pay Bradley. You you may not be able payback to induct BO pay everyone starting pitching your attention you have to start allocating money toward that. And saudis are the Sox prospects the power rankings for their top prospects and in. If everyone talks about the how much they've given up and they have given up. They don't have a lot here isn't serious attack and our groom groom that his group has a long way away yes Davis. You have to do more than one year. You know if he doesn't more than one year's test keeps hitting home runs and maybe you move the first I don't know. You know that you have eighteen O'Brien not a unit in how the to the draft last year pitcher. You don't know how he's gonna be just don't know Daniel florists international signing catcher. Seventeen you tilts in Travis is number six and since Travis but the real love him Travis is approach to good guy to have on eighteen and but for a first baseman you gotta have for this team. You gotta have a guy who's gonna hit home yeah yeah yeah he did and never ever done Josh shock to be 42 years old Perth basin. Help that fourteen home runs last year. Mean he's potentially OK but we are talking your vote no break we are talking about rock field devers height. Levels where. You you can absolutely. Get a stay and they all the money to one or two with three guys and filled with the death of the. I think you need to do it in an eighteen to be successful rookie obviously you have to have a few guys that can leave the art and I think we've seen it devers is. It's in some capacity that kind of hitter I think you'll continue to be that in track you know hit a few more as he plays more games. But the thing is Formula One team. We look at you know that wasn't homered thinking that won the World Series recently it was the or else they were committed that that was their style they were able to. Different wind in what. The Libyan Europe different park different era and team bizarre was the only couple years ago. Different era it to bots you had the greatest week like you think the World Series continues I couldn't wait. I really wish I took the fifth yummy double the rats are gonna yeah. Eight it. I mean this is a different era this was a different year it was the Kansas City Royals could not have done. You can't use his seat no no no no note do you think that if they got into that World Series they get to these playoffs. How many times we see one team being able keep up with the other team because of hitting home runs. I understand that but they also had some lockdown relievers on that team too that's what they look it's bloody Stabile locked on reliever when the ball's Joost. Well yes that's for Jimmie they're gonna keep Jews in the balls and it's different but then. You're gonna had some guys on that team might have hit more home runs do that it was seen high as worries at 25 runs each of the past two years. My point was. And I guess if the balls are gonna stay Joost the net kind of creates a whole other issue but I don't I don't think that's and it's a problem. But guys need to consider their approach in the course of the game to mean. You have to have guys were committed to saying look we're gonna hit long box or were committed. Do we're gonna be a small ball team because you had it with the Red Sox team we talked about all your long isn't it that the this conversation never stopped what is this team. What are they are they scrappy are they a whole running team like what is it we never. Were able to define net and I think that that's a Red Sox biggest prom I think that was the problem kind of your before some extended meeting had an identity had David Ortiz and they built off him. They lost him in that they could never fully fear what the hell was the guy that was in charge so that's the way just in Geneva that's where the royals were good and that's why I still think. The royals that royals team right now. Would compete because they don't usually work but they want when they were when they do they could win I'm guessing they would when they could win. Well that that's your prerogative to be wrong so loved Huff. It. The last thing wanna get to real quick you saw the the spurred debate about these teams doing laundry and this is I just wanna use this and knows the one podcast. Thank you for everyone for hanging in there hope you've been wildly entertained. And hope our company whether you're listening to it heading into the weekend or having great weekend where if you had a good weekend if you're really aren't listening who by. Billion NASA to leverage her ratings or views and I'm not an expert but I feel like that's something we should say yes yeah iTunes. That's the thing to do obviously rating lever review net I guess I have to I have to get some sleep and then I'm really promote its outlook. Point 9% of this going up the yeah this is the problem the baseball season's over this when I sleep in and it's it's when I go to Starbucks that worked there all the drive everywhere and ago the GM meetings in the couple weeks and you go to the Daimler keys trinity golf tournament couple weeks after that there. In the winter meetings after that it goes oh my that's my schedule for anyone wants an out. But. You lack of sleep with partly because of the baseball games. And this became a big topic of conversation. And I heard him called Terry Callahan. All these other people. Today is ruining baseball with Steve is beings on solely in its easy conversation it's an easy there did you read what are you and your editor wrote. I hear there's a story I'm sorry that could have line. We'll let that stop whining about these games that he's so oh okay so so my hands is telling you tell me if you disagree. Is that. My contention is of course we wanna watch the games while of course it's better when you watchable. But this put but the notion that. It is hurting baseball is flawed. Because it people don't consume at the same way anymore no idea of DVRs. But this is the whole use this analogy the the Barcelona when they have the show are. For one episode on ESPN they did at 1 o'clock in the morning he figures because people analysts watch like no. Is he the yet the reaction from social media. And the conversation after her and and that's how I feel it was throughout this World Series. When I woke up and I used the example of I think it was scheme. Team five. And that led them extra inning the one on the road rule the one on Sunday yes so. So I IE I fell asleep by the with a right before they made the comeback from McKinley to answer the block now he didn't have been out but. But I woke up in cup four hours later. And I Adibi yardage right to DVR bones and Entertainment Tonight united view via early shows that aren't going to be on and keeps them I'm I'm a master. And Tom Buick. In without even watching DVR you look at Twitter. You see the video you see the stories you see that the important conversation. And it made me wanna watch the next game. Right I just probably get but. In my wrong yeah. I never hear people. Thirty and under complain. This coming onto late Ashley what what you talk about the Bartel and talk show I was. I. And I know plenty of people. My father's age okay who's who go and record the the games you'll whether it's the Celtics for the Red Sox and the page whatever. The eagle because they wanna watch after it was not just exclusive to the people it'll in in my age bracket rot where the goal and watch it later don't need to see instinct to wanna see. The deep to right of what happy it's going to be this has become the it's like moderately I'd just give me the highlight if it's a good story if there's a good you know there's if it's a good game than people are going to want. Well and end the become back to what. Like the Jerry's of the world are saying is hurting baseball. It's not because if you wanna watch the next game. Because of whatever you consumed when you woke up the next morning which is absolutely the case. Then. It's starting before we saw a ratings it's not hurting baseball and even use other ratings I think that that team. The 11 o'clock hour probably at the highest rating though stayed out it is that yeah we already been counting in the fact it. Did six was in six I think I heard say on the morning trip I know game seven was significantly over I think it was. In the two points well it seems like in New York that first game where woods it was the quickest demon in the Walters history and 92 right so. It wasn't like that made any difference in terms to want to watch it. Now because it was in many great mall it's in it no there's good pitching if you like a pitching then you're gonna drag it out I'd love to protect a lot so I'm glad you agree. Castle look it's it's. He's he. Easy way to take now for all for all the guys look at mean I'd Lou doesn't do it because logs and can't promise I don't wanna what are you agree with me. Of course you because because he doesn't want to just find easy way out say baseball site baseball in trouble I understand. There adjustments need to be made the game we talked about it last time all the numbers. Indy. There's this part main number we we've addressed this. Leo and last podcast but I think what people wanna say the dean screwed the game you know such. I think allows people. Want it to so there's a pressing Jerry nosedived but there are a lot of people out there of icing on Twitter. From different media outlets around here are some national they say how you're talking how baseball just sucks and how baseball screwed there's no way to fix it. It's just a dying game it's never gonna get any better. There are some people. Who who will always enjoyed in his what you're gonna make some changes to you know that Jews ball I don't find that because you're gonna attract more people with a home runs we've seen that. He makes a big difference. Having a starlet judged that huge. It's just an easy way easy route to take. Yeah I'm in him it's actually because the other part about this is that if the money and the reason of why the Red Sox who know what on their last you the year was going to be. Until midnight the night before because V networks were controlling it. They want the Yankees play the prime in you know what thought. Having YouTube TV now final cost a little bit more about what you know what that is it will I I don't think I handled it like for camper Camping World. Promoting the entire playoffs YouTube TV. Right look YouTube TV I think it's 35 month. And you're gonna yet you know get fox another few other shows. I know it costs more in Netflix does an Arnold will custom have looked. But I would think this is. Baseball being the first one to kind of partner up with one of these companies that huge you'd need to make a big difference would partner up with a gambling and Easton worked so well that they're moving on YouTube TV. Are we withdrew withdrew its renegade conversation that takes out the obvious I was apart rush to have another fiasco I'm sick and and a lot Lleyton. Is in the garage and some woman gets out of her car. The moment a little bit in her she hits like our door. So I wait to see if she looked if she's gonna look you know you're in the national is there it's it's looks. Just look at sites just keep talking to Dioner now I didn't. Almost out. I put out. I don't like is like she's older I've felt that if those if I feel bad for all people because of their so close to blow that they're not and has a lot of this went from so. Where were added in the old new balance building. The new bells moved in the new building in the news the old Newt balanced Julia knew down here everywhere was in shape at all these young people locker within each day. And now you have this rehab difficulty with the appropriate isn't exactly yup it's in this building he had case. Right yeah it's and a lot of occasions and crutches don't. It's holding in my door that's anyway I see in your double date with Carlos Korea around a mark on and I did you.