Bradfo Sho, Ep. 56: General Manager Lou heats up Hot Stove

The Bradfo Sho
Wednesday, January 3rd

Lou Merloni joins Rob Bradford to rant about baseball's boring offseason, what the Red Sox have to do, and what the future looks like for Dave Dombrowski's team.


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Add road show. That's my open deputy obviously. That's my old. Where you don't know what you're stupid Brad goes show. That's delicious and 2008 either Brad coach and there is only a few people wanna kick off to new calendar year with him and the. Guys atop the list is manager Lou we're alone yes there when's the last time you're on this baby and well we did a couple of times early last year we did it yeah. One minute you show the league and no one thought. We did so we had nick pitcher nick and I did ranked them the last show of the 2017. Calendar year. And I actually pull one reviewer he put a bunch of room as the among the dude but not great which is fair but one of them I actually think put my top five. Graduation they go you know it well back here it was Ewing Schilling's. Remember when they throughout. This whole thing about throwing at hitters yes I was the good ones that one element that analysts analysts graduation what thank you very much today goes are often a good year right now where their diet so. Everyone says that. The Red Sox or the baseball offseason Sox blow was awful does it does it's true that's absolutely trio. Black so I wanna get into a little bit of that we're gonna do the hood this offseason socks and we're gonna make the most of it broadcast elect a bomb. I want it missed us to a right navigate we both were tweeting about it the other day mini me to move it Manny Machado. John Paul morose he came out with the reports in the Red Sox during trust it was the first time. That we have heard that we heard it. Around the winner meetings I think it might kept. Asking me about it over and over and over again I can tell on the same thing like mine doesn't add up but this is much reaction sort of is like everybody's reaction. Don't you dare say it doesn't add up there and I wanted to have up here. Yeah it to me it's just did that doesn't add up and being number one. He's got a year left and his deal so. What would you wanna give up to risk the fact that he just walks after one year. They've already got a depleted farm system you wanna give up anything to watched. Many which got oh after one year spent a year and it's that there is able. I'm a free agent and it talked to all these other teams. And probably walked to say I don't know new York and now they get that they get the third baseman or the shortstop we're everywhere support you've given up prospects and what he left with. Nothing. Until always work out a contract right maybe to work on their window work on extension if you or does that allow you to work on extension. And then really trade for me Machado was seven years eight year deal attached to it. They don't want so much in return that you just don't have in prospects. So it no it really make sense to me at all. So here's here's I I wrote that basically the number one. But I was being time it was overstated didn't report with overstate the other interest and and then went on to say a lot of what you just said. And so now I'm I'm taking a step back and think he is there any possible way this could happen here is the way could happen I don't think it would happen by. You'd trade the world trade for in a boat Smart. Please it will do Bogart's from which Otto. Even though we're looking for pitching they are crave in the pits right. Which you don't have it entirely right don't have the higher level. So much Bogart's has two years left. And China obviously has won. So what you do enough to the Orioles if you having another deal if you can use Bogart's to get that pitching because you say he's he's valuable. Because he has two years laugh joke and we can use him to get a he really really good pitcher. Maybe maybe that that is the only way I see that working right. It's got like the Marlins by giving Castro the names in the gonna flip on it and get more prospects. We yeah you could do that. You know but I just look at it this a lot people he sent political backing a Bogart's in Bradley always of the guys. To your point Baltimore when you trade away a player like which out of the whopping one return as pitching. Big league ready pitching which you don't have. And I got to face regency again. In return for me mature Ottawa from the Orioles right off that you said you deflect home. Then they and it's another thing about Bogart's. Is this the weird going down the list. Of reasons why this makes absolutely no offense they you have Bogart's you're selling low one Bo you can say that Bogart's at valley in two years ago shore. I'm pretty sure that Bogart's value will go up because I am pretty sure that that in thing was the reason for his downturn. You look at him two years ago good numbers you'll take those numbers from Bogart's. But you're selling low on them you're you're selling lower leave. If they were able to do that ball was that we get a deal for Zander ringgit pitching in the Red Sox you give up two years of into Bogart's for one year Machado in the hopes of resigning him now yeah it's not. It then what if he walks down 2019. But he got to get no Bogart to get gnome China. So I just and say well what your big market team. You should be able to spend the money but something just not up to the team the team would love to have with Joba back rightwing it's Regis he could offer 300 million late sit there and say yeah no I don't wanna come back year after talking with price cellular he doesn't like how much I don't know if I'm gonna like it here. And plus New York actor like what they're doing when they get standing judge in Sanchez and everybody else. I'll go over there to make just as much and probably more money than you'll offering. So it's up to the players sometimes that to you organization if they want. You go in in so when you and we thought because I actually had created off of your tweet. And we both got the response in people. People say how dear you do that be your years you're such a buzz kill and then someone else I can't even remember rule laws say it wasn't immune the national writers he was someone from Baltimore came out. And did the like this is gaining steam. Michael achieve this in decent yes right of that or right so. All right. I am every you know a lot of people who aren't national writers get stories and that's great for him if if that is true rate but once again as soon as they saw that. Mike why. Why would you ever do that if the Red Sox. I wouldn't it or no hope for a guy who UV you can stated cheapest. Doesn't have it isn't and a half the year yeah last year but still he has the potential to hit home runs which you don't have anywhere else in your system and then you have groom who is not. In arguably. V top prospered the basically the only blue chip guy in that you can have far to come back to your point one year of many parts. Oh right and I mean. Maybe those guys like Travis Lee blocked. But you can use job missing groom may be at a later date if you want to dealer for something else right other than one year Machado hobbled this. How orderly just chill a little bit not give up the formal ball doctor anybody else. In the offseason make a big form if you really want and then and could put in the third maybe to put him at shortstop and then move ball arts and a year. All are then we'll move who devers federal the first baseman channel complete third. You wait one year and if you're just did then you unload the bank and you try to bring this guy or at least that way you know you've got him for seven or eight years or in years whenever the deal might be. Yes and that week. It's true because I think everyone wants the human now and again and really really antsy and Nancy back in November December and now more than ever low. People might be just like drifting off the pages and really care anymore. By Newton is as we sit here right now as we sit in the Brad folk show us studios with a lot Walesa in the beam that yours but that. We we have basically the same team without Eduardo noon is. Wealth that they without. Addison reed as in read guys they acquired the live there with the same team they went into a year basically yes and and I don't think our league we think that that's good enough because it's not good enough. But it we have to wait for the next shoe to drop is a compete for playoff spot. Yeah yeah yeah I don't think it's the O Mike and if the Yankees are so good you know Jacob is it just still be the thought ever ours is only the fourth fifth best team in the American League yet inept on paper yet as it's ever works anyway so if that happens in a team emerges and as long as in David Price is probably going to be. That if we if he's the guy that. We saw in the in the year and use it for contract anyway. So bomb. Yes so I don't think this guy is falling when it comes from the Red Sox. But in this goes to this morphed into the JD and Martinez equation bees were sitting here Bob nightingale. Came out of the reports and the rats are so a five year deal on the table which would not surprise me at all. But here's the thing in tell me what you think about this here's the thing when Martinez about why this is taking so. Eyesight two things number one you go to Bob Garber Europe would Bob Garber the agent for a and at the very last minute right before the offseason he switches the boards boards is telling him that. Basically pay. I'm gonna get you to deal like that to me either DeLia worth both over thirty years old all seven year deals move. And I'm gonna get you are present and that ilk are gonna get it for you okay I'll go with you. That's you have to remember that that. This is that our policy promises but there was assurances made I'm ashore saying when did that he's going to get the deal for though that's why I don't think. We have brought to his history unfortunately. Because it was what January 19 to go over 200 million pressures there. January 25 years backe got 200 million dollar deal for Prince Fielder. All the last week of January we feel there was and whatever else the other right fielder and we I was gonna get it right we like where if the market where as the market got dark. Now the thing with JD is is you know again where's the market. Right I mean that's the one thing you look at the five year deal doesn't make sense to me have always felt there was a five year deal. You know 2.5 per may be a sixth option with a bio 130 total. That's what I think it will be in the probably holding off trying to get a six year guarantee. Would get only that would give a six year or five years and onto and so what what have they said when it does this this is general manager Lou yeah. Not manager in these said five mere drop from the five meters at that. You're locked away five years to commit some employees who have little 50 an eagle six well okay we'll fuel in 06 revenue of seven we can play this game only long. Well but eventually it got to come dornin if they're stick ray yeah exactly but. You do well here's the question. Is there another team do you believe there's another team he has infants in them just go you Arizona Arizona could only do this I can imagine unless I'm toll. Might my abacus is broken. Then. Oh Arizona could only do this and those are Toronto's name leaked out there to now I don't I don't see you know team. Now I wouldn't go crazy. There's also another big market next year so easily and missed this year you've battle each team senate lesser guy and you go get him it's academic people ask me trust me a little bit about your deal that would present a little bit nuts about the whole like next year's thing because I'm like if you get the player now if you at the player who put Jada mine. He Martinez in the market next year. Then I would pay for like OK I would I would. I his worth is no different to me next year the same thing with Encarnacion. Played Costa unlike some of that was like a bargain basement beaten we all know they (%expletive) up on that whatever. By like he's still if you drop Edwin Encarnacion in that market at 33 years old when he was. In next year's market is still a really really good players Ortiz is just among a lot of other good play. No I illicit got to have a limit I think you litigated a year ago I think it I think it. It's fits so many different things it makes them deep in on the music your fourth outfielder who's a DH is always. And it yelling peso happens to an outfielder. You know he goes to left amnesia DH smallish your first baseman. You know now we should DH you know to me at least your first baseman Marlins that a bench guy. But if some happens with a nearly you know motivating Haley to play well and hit well you know that's why is your first baseman it but the the numbers you're happy. If there's an injury born gold first base in oh so. Between those three guys you have options the other thing too is it helps you kind of minimize maybe at least at bats they don't guarantee that 22 million next year gap so it's just a lot of things. Depth wise versatility it just makes sense to bring this guy out. People understand. Maybe they'd view I don't think people understand how beauty Martinez though people definitely don't. You know I was in they definitely do not. Every series yeah I'm a series I think people just like so what a secret scientist who cares she's doesn't excite me because. He had the late bloomer. And I look at him as Jose Batista. You know guy that was the Pittsburgh and utility float around somewhere and it clicks and he's in Toronto racan. Think they would JD Martinez all he did was when he got the opportunity was hit the guy can do you know it. You list that I saw the other day I mean you're you're the home runs in and you can maps of the home runs against then embrace the anybody that's fine the stat that I saw the other day event. It was impressed me was he was among the top three in barreled up balls like so you of the stat Cassel thing. That's that's something to me like that that that that you're hitting the ball hard you're barreling up balls here it. In this is a three year span that you're talking about. So. It goes back to where you talk about the market next year like. Judy Martinez when Boris gusts up there and he does the TV Marti is as like a rarity never comes all hound here the you'd never guess your free agent like him again. The truth that I don't think the point early people understand. How long he can hit and I know some rights at a power people who don't Arizona as a band box than me. But when you hear the public toilet Villa talk about was a Dave maggert and you talked a while ago about as well oh my god it is gas and I don't know man on the number ten nova man but I don't think that there's all week issue with him I don't think there's an effort issue with him to the guys you signed recently in you don't hear me or or Pablo I think we gonna get. Is he gonna hit 45 I'd say no only if 45 I'm looking for him to come over unit thirtieth 35 it would just be a guide a mill the order. That allows you know courted do different things you can have him and he could have the only alien a mill that order and begin a motivated hailing. Now you've got soaked by. JD Martina is would be would make everybody in the order they're better and I think that's one thing that people also don't understand. Everyone took almost everyone in a lot of ticket downturn and you know this. Part of the reason for that is you don't harm the guy taking the pressure off in the middle daughter. So that that that's another of a valued and he would do it. I like taught us refine OT is doable now over it you know he's he's a good player but. You know that there I don't market compared Mitch Moreland Hosmer but I will say this is that. It's not that if our office or clinic I've always felt. That. We have the first playing offseason was if you can't get called Jose Abreu from Chicago and then you better off to bring it back Moreland. Because you know the the the the seven year deal that apparently that Erik Foss president table from San Diego seven years at 25 million dollars or Mitch Moreland. You everybody wants pop. Right everybody know what they want is different they don't want pop they want different because when it comes the pop I've put Borland and put lost more. In the same categories amazed were you surprised at how how little Moreland sign for the I was amazed last year. Yeah that's what it looked getting at with two years thirteen yeah that's what Chris Young sign and now three years ago to be a back up fourth outfielder that's why say. Moreland. Mean he he would he. Helium receivers basement in moments on the bench for thirteen six and half million dollars and gives you versatility kind of move people around if you have to while he. To dupe of the people understand like wade through and 22 months mean. He did with a broken toe he did with a bad knees and and 302 and in that and it's to a there's going to be set for doing that with a broken out of so. Couple quick things before. I let you go off on your way I hope that you'll come back all you tournament you like a little bit yes yes this is this is like we do putting day when I can well that's the key question now scorers are those that are reprieve from Mary when's the last time he gets the chance for twenty minutes you don't it's I talk baseball what are you go to spring training yes okay. We have talked about that we will all right. That was actual offer us when we did last year at the kitchen table remember there that's really beautiful picture you as the closest I was not as opposed to like a 5000 die very proud of it. I'll so we talk about the move this year and you talked a little bit low while the next year and part of this equation as extensions is Chris Sale in a bonus rookie bets correctly at Craig Kimbrel like I'd just brought to throw away blog on. The Wade Davis thing than you look at it like holy crap. What is await Campbell coming back and bite it is interesting to me. With Kimbrel. So chorus says. That he won't be shy in were using him in the eighth inning right now we're not talked about closing or even the some things maybe we're not talk about closing we're not talking about. And that's they've managed to dig out. This this is an issue he's gonna have to deal it's going to be a big issue as much as people wanna see it and I'd love to see YouTube in other words. You're your your face and say the Yankees in the eighth inning. Right and it's it's Stanton judge and Sanchez in mean. To me especially careful now Jibril throws the eighth and then you know you have one of these guys that step up whether it's Carson Smith of Thornburg Weber has to handle. The bottom of the order in the ninth inning but as you mentioned which with the aggregate net. Break it most creation all year this is a man that wants saves last year right rumblings back and forth the whose call is this he wants saints. Do you think this year industries is gonna be happy with giving you anything no and save the somebody else know. And and we're gonna hear like whatever team needs don't worry about it in this match. Absolutely you know how or freezing here this is this is not this is a free engineer this is the freeagent your program does is his. As I said to me don't be surprised if he has the use the did this year. That you talk about a hundred million dollar closed. And that is not out of the realm of possibility at all but if you land at 25 saves. Then. That in a different conversation to be made because of that. And because also you talk about the market next year holy crap. Andrew Miller go down a listed Dave Robertson there are other guys to sign there who worked on that. Potentially have a lot more says. Aids death so I don't know it it'll be an issue which I think is one of the reasons why at the grid sucked into that the future of Red Sox had their biggest issue is timing of some of these contracts right. Because we don't know what's gonna price in the offseason. This year that it opt out so yes eleven Roddick Kimbrel young then but then you get some of these young guys that sale is gonna be up in the year or so ago in another year or two. You know basically a three year window you have no idea the future some of these guys whether beat Palmer hands whether the other. Younger players you want to extend whether it's a Jackie or Zander or more key. Chris Sale David Price great Kimbrel troop armory is all these guys or sell all in all these guys seem to become the next two or three years than that kind tables don't match. You know they rush well and they don't have. Guys and they don't want guys have been filling Utah bug room. He talked about how they got a they draft last year Boeing V 21 years old but he projects more reliever. You're right you could be without you could be talking about. Losing Kimbrel losing price next year losing our brands next year. Now an electric sales personnel there up that the following right here that's the issue that is the issue in and really like you don't you. Because all your guys in the minors are so young. Have no fail safe there and the old soul last thing is priced. So we talked about the Chris Sale thing he's up after a couple years. You know. That'll be an interesting conversation because you sale extend them while you know you're talking about a guy with the crap load of pitches on his arm Max effort. Into his thirties you know Woolsey if that's the cock for a different. David Price what we saw at the end of the year was really really yes and rehearse it and he was like the guy exactly do you want. And probably. Not probably absolutely because he was rested all the room. By so this day goes out and hasn't a great year David Price year. Now you have that topped analyst says he'll take it they'll take they'll take him. Well in because he pitches well maybe it is thirty million. But here's the thing if even if he pitches unbelievably. Yes to take the MRI. You know yes to take the MRI in the team most say Wohl. With the he would a four years left it thirty million dollars a year Brighton. So a team is if they are believed that that elbows can hold up the next four years this isn't this isn't just. Hey David Price go out and pitch Fossum and then you can opt out and take off I don't. Guess the simple that no it's not I agree I just. Well a lot has to happen first off is that we have to see what happens the next 678 months but I think if he has he goes on pitches great. And runs into a few issues that he had last year the first two years and I think you'll leave. I think he would with less money yeah probably and I'm getting a little bit less money you know because I do think that even as old as years. If he performs at a David Price level which I expect to be you know one of these top five guys in the American League which is more than capable of shown in the past. That maybe it's not for thirty but it's going to be you know. Three with three at 25 with an option type of stuff four or four with lesser annual value lights. I just if he has another type of year off the field that I don't see why he'd ever wanna come back I really don't. Yeah are well I mean by the same time why is he here. He was here because of the money right your view of the year because this year's change it all these years three maybe could be like you know what I mean and it's an eye level I've got my money. You know four years 130 what four years and under my really good in my screwed registrar of my future you know aside I just think that. You know if things don't straighten out off the field and his relationship with. Not even just the media spin the mediate in the media can be the devil all he wants but the fan base this is. Sandy it's thirty craps and if. It's tomorrow's targeting U whatever getting credit crisis this isn't just the median because you know as well I do. Even the media the guys they are not pocket for the media but are going to be of the like that he's baffled me but you're talking you know round brown dude pretty even. And it is bound to sing fewest that make you guys the villain you know beat writers or local media sports talk radio that's for. Bellic all week and it was quote pitch it was at that last year and it turned back the clock a year ago Roy is nothing he can do buckle in pitching be effective. He couldn't do that this year right to me to get healthy and innocent things off the field the oval and act and everything else is peaking just pitch in shot up. And keep rip in the media but appreciate the fan base which I just think on multiple occasions it opportunity due this year and completely crap yet so mean. You know the fans wanna hate the media and they want all of the player right let them do that. Just let him do it all pitched let them do that let rip everybody else adult rip your fans it was a it was a box classic your masters for the fans at some point. And he he it was like a way up to do exactly what I think I can get somebody the other last year that it didn't feel good to have the skating is stating no yes it is those good performance via double what about the fans yeah we played well. And it's just it's just layer of this layup started. People are trying to help this guy out as far as just tests yes I appreciate the phantom of the fans that promised the fans are like the media panel I love the bans any key. Do you have a teammate like him like none balanced necessarily exactly like him. But always here's a great teammate he talked to guys great teammate great scheming you know he does this mean does that and I concede I can see that part of it where you know he's there on on days that guys are throwing. Bullpen sessions and side sessions and he's at Wright did cheering him on I 5 PM. But the same time it's like you're not seeing the whole pitcher David is not like you can say your being gay teammate that we can say that. But you're not simply because did you have anyone liked. I haven't you seen anyone like no I didn't almonds are the only guy that as far as my feeling towards him into the media's feeling towards him a complete different was dug their belly. But I love dug their belt everybody loved dog you know he was just he was the best ride I've heard media member of the media members of the hated him they needed dealing with them. They PG heated treat them I I didn't you know that's not saying that the only thing I saw. As a teammate that I DNC from the media perspective on why he would be like them but. Usually gaga ever seen some solace it's. We've got like Danica and retirement manner belies his guys like that historically. I want you want the guys like who were next to him like the guys you're listening you know he's a good teammate he's a good guy. But this day when you're doing Graham you don't have to do this. You know you don't have he'd have to do this but at the same time as his teammate at the age as the former player as a fellow player. You can't worry about the other guy can match either a you can't worry if your Dustin Pedroia if you're. Who Chris Sale that your. You can go like a QET. Control of nobody is a grownup but yet if it starts to affect my team or loss or weight. God forbid the way compliant in all you know your affecting my job of it's if it's affecting the team. Then I think it's your job to be like hey what do we do you know an oil do that because he's an alpha he's the dolphins right and now and that's the problem. Beats doesn't different part effort. Different. All right well we're yeah we yeah like a month and week or so weaponry with you scheduled no was at sixteen opens fourteenth fourteenth part of that Saturday. Saint patty's. All old. I eagle on down the middle I heard rumblings about going down the middle learn I don't know it's still in or it's. Still in the pool our -- -- bit I was still an order that we. -- I still know works we'll see I would I would love to see Lew brewer you've with the last of your spring training in Saint Patrick's Day you know while it has been along time playing days in north Fort Myers Saint Patrick's Day a different himself to be outdoors it to give vent against them beat patio housed outdoors at 25 ever think about hatteras probably I Lou thank you ever vote.