Bradfo Sho, Ep. 57: How J.D. Martinez became J.D. Martinez

The Bradfo Sho
Friday, January 5th

Rob Bradford is joined by J.D. Martinez's personal hitting coach, and Arizona Diamondbacks hitting strategist, Robert Van Scoyoc to discuss how the potential answer to the Red Sox' power problems became one of the game's most dynamic middle of the order sluggers. Van Scoyoc goes into depth regarding Martinez's swing, while also touching on where he feels the art of hitting is going.


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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. I got no admitted. JP mart's news is really really interesting me. Easy easy intriguing guy and maybe it's just because we've been waiting for ever and ever and ever to figure out if he's gonna sign with a Red Sox I don't know. It may be says because he hits the crap load of home runs. And has done a first few years now Patten is gonna get a ton of money. And we read this type again had so much time we talked about it but I'll be honest. He he isn't in trusting guy maybe it's past. Problem then and how good he's going to be in the future but. When you have a guy who's sitting here and doing what he did and re we've we've gone over an ad nauseam what he's done over the last years. But still I mean it's 45 home runs last year and a 119 games. And if you go back to 201538. Home runs. In honor 58 games years lower than the 2016. You have a guy with a 9080 yes. And so he's a good hitter we get it we get it he is the perfect hitter for the Boston Red Sox. Middle of the lineup that's why everyone is assuming the government run out we get a report few days ago. Bob Knight guilty USC days in the Red Sox have a five year deal out there and everyone I think sort of said well that's about right that's about right for TV Martinez. But is it isn't really V his thing I was let's look at what looked in this. Gin martini is is almost the exact same mates like a few days off but almost exact same age. It David Price was when he signed his seven year 217 million dollar deal with the Red Sox. So that's David Price seven years to a seventy million dollars. No one really said oh my goodness how could you ever do that with David Price who just sort of assumed. But that's what does it take to get that sort of play at that level player royalty Marti is. As a picker. Has to be perceived as that level player in if you're gonna give a seven year deal with someone. Wouldn't you rather. Give it to the the hitter I mean you more of a shelf life particularly as a DH. Then that a pitcher as we're finding out. Up and down across the port. But I go back the price they get out. Remember every once things screaming and yelling saying out how did the right sites I have you do you don't know you they said whatever it takes whatever it took to get. David Price. So when it comes to Scott Boris. And JD Martins and what they're looking for I IE can win not. I would not like you died. They have all along this has been at that seven year deal that. In this turn things acute sense of two things that keep coming back. Number one you have to understand Judy Martinez which agents from Bob Garber. To stop or pretty late in the game Scott forests of shore was tell them on the human seven year deal. The other thing is the why was he saying that because he's got a huge deal for guys in their thirties before hitters in the thirties before. So when he goes in the off season. He's probably say hey you are going to get this deal we're gonna have to waited out a little bit propagate this deal and and he has pretty good track record of doing it. And he'll wind up Boris stands on his makeshift podium at the winter meetings to the east saying all these things about JD Martinez. Well I think for any team you're talking about a slugger. That means. He's just his 69 slugging that's what I said King Kong. Looks like he's he's just separated himself from parades stands droughts. All of them yeah there's 4050 point difference. You know you. You wanna make a difference and you wanted to not only have a player perform at a high level but accentuate. An impact players around him. Both in the locker room and on the field I think you know knows it's rare free agency we have players that tennis field. Well you know what I mean he's writes he's right with a lot of and I know that I'm sort of as of parking and come across is this guys today all you have to get TV Marti news because he's the be all and all. We have to take a step back and saying I don't care for this year last year or next to yours and seen free agent market. This is one of the best guys in one of the best fit to get. Edwin Encarnacion was a great fit last year we have to understand if you have to you got the opportunity to get a guy. You pay what you need to get that guy and then not worried about you have to pay for the certainly. Soul. It going back to my read a statement about TV Marti is. I find him fascinating. And in our not hurt a pro. How he sort of fix the swing. How he became this hitter and one of the guys at the forefront of helping him is as Robert been scored dark end. Robert is was nice enough to join us here in podcasting. How would like to document the guys who you know obviously. No more than I do well hitting him in to educate it's all about learning in 2000 me here on the Bradford show. But. By Robert joy distant and he talked about in the of the evolution of JD Martinez. And where he was that a party how he got there by all of I was a pretty good yes I thought it is they use great guitar to leave a lot of insight Donnelly budget Martinis but were aware ratings go on a baseball. And if we're talking about timely and this is timely as it gets. It of yesterday's meeting which Otto TV Marti is the guy that every Red Sox fan wants talked about. It's it's JD marquis is this the GB marquis is offs. And I don't think there's any candidate to the guys talked to. As he hit it here right now other than maybe stop ports other than maybe eight did the browser keep you hooked up to the troops are. That that guy who helped me JD my team. Here we go on the Brad approach you know Robert Riggs is going doc I think they did I want to get that out of the gate. Because I want to make sure if I did Iran that we had plenty of time to correct it was accurate. Robert. I don't. Okay Robert read story is is. Hitting analyst. Level I would I wanna get the formal. Will hunt you want to be identified first law. You might. Arizona is hitting this but I think. Like I don't know I think my tacos. I cover a wide area just saying that you I think what I do is right help identify problems. Whether mechanical whether approach whether whatever. You know help identify actually. We Shenzhen. Nobody helped there's victims that's kind of what what I guess I got. Well and obviously one of one of the reasons we wanted to talk QB is one of the hitters if you are. I knew to have help fix is a guy who's on the minds of a lot of Red Sox fans around here Katie Martinis but a rubber and also want to talk to you by hitting it's well. Just about where the team is going we hear about launch angles we hear about. Approaches an end you have some pretty good examples of guys you work with. But I do you wanna start with sort of your history with JD if I could go back to do hi you guys met how you guys hooked up. And then sort of what you when you first madam. What that what kind of hitter he was in ending what kind of hitter did you think he would be. And that person I am actually saw him take batting practice and I. My mentor while Brock. Europe batting practice. We're. A guy from serious definitely we get to see. Do you take back. Despite countless others and as a as a candidate per you know again that we so that Billick we could help. And so we always saw we saw. But how about swine. And so we hey they got. Because of interstate. And then when he came to us just it'd be pretty blunt is there it was a very good at it pretty good numbers show that. Desire is work ethic and intangibles overcame you know lack of technique. And. Well lobbyists and right to what you're what you're was that about what year how. You have and. At some play Tennessee then and I met and disperse indicate it was a shortly after this. It then edit his desire. By. Two year period player it was evident. Work ethic that it. He wanted to indicate returns and I am just about two Camry that later. And it is to have his obviously want to try to get it right. Spend that you know and spent a lot of time on. He's doing it really hasn't stopped working sent all honesty it's. Well Robert so I am I talked to Dave maggert who is obviously dime backs coach you know home. And an hour read your quote they gave me you know what you tell me what sort of jumps out at you and I'll go up preemptive strike. This quotas because he had a lot of nice things about JD Martinez so but I haven't asked you what what sort of jumps out so he says. I love talking about Judy Martinez the high character great clubhouse guy great personalities always have a good mood he laughs at himself. You can joke with every step right into our team into our clubhouse in fitted from day one which is very hard to everybody knows. The numbers he's put up over the last two years and you adjustments he's made the swing. All of that but it is stepping right to fire and yes we hate to hit right behind goals may produce this guy it was a joke what he did just that dedication to being great. It doesn't wanna be just good he wants to be great. He wants to be one of the great in his work ethic backs up acts that personalities character as will win. I've been around a lot of good players to people combination of the two but what you did on the field and what he did the club I've never seen anything like that now. It when I die I I hope that somebody says something at night and made. But you know it it that low is that what and all of that there's a lot that sort digest they are reluctant to throw anything jump out if. The first one is the work ethic and that's all right that's but no one's season most of it did what no one watching at night and before the game starts before you sort of ballpark they felt like 90% of the work spend. And the relentless this support aspect is that. And accept that or else it again and if his personality really comes from people who caller MIT it. Well obviously is then I worked. You know that's that's how. It then Israel is users very well and he has no prior. You know again yesterday and putting other work to do what it takes to be as good as he possibly can be every single day. I think it did a great job summing that up. Well how so how so going back to when you got your hands on them and start breaking down a swing. What is the thing that you you'd be better hitter he wasn't a good hitter yet to be a better. What does this thing immediately said you have to do a better job of of this. Give one of the things you know jumped out at me a look at some stats the other day. He was one of the best in the game a barreling up balls last year and to me that's a pretty good stat that's a pretty good thing to hang your hat on is that something as simple as that matter what was the thing that jumped out right away that. And you get really tough question it's only thing that. Just had to start the process that we do it every Internet. I honestly can't even ask that because it's not one thing it says. It's and a number of small business it all the time hitting is. It's like 35 really easy task you have to do sequence an annual capacity is easy putt and that sequence guitar. Sequentially. So we just had to start and we started specifically Italy. In the late gathered in. They say that but it's not and it's really not want banks so they have certain and I don't think Witten but not where would not be fair. Representation of what we did we started it was just start where we thought was best. The police are what put so what. It's although it's solid it's solid all the small. Liquid with everything when you you do when you start to make the biggest steps toward when he actually starts in the results to you remember. When the results were or a maybe it's a moment ago there it is there were start to see it now I'll. There at the end a couple of standout thanks the first one being when I think he he held an edit. Layla and so service that hit three homers the first. Yeah something there that will best previous start. And Eric opposite field which is a actually let that we believe in Baghdad at the although much deeper and hitting zone. We think better hitters tend how are all built up just a Poseidon. And that and then I'm never when he says. I was like a big. A big turning point just because it showed yes understanding hit aptitude and the ability to set. Certainly something that you don't see very often it. With a lot of energy PLC. Titillate so that's that's very rare Bartlett. I mean I have full confidence this was going to be a success. Well that's the thing is that it avid unity he Kirby were wrong but he still sense you videos. He still obvious here and still communication with them all the time. I'll tell me what that dynamic is about because it's all well imperative to appease dared to be president and to have hands on instruction. It it's a little wooden bats a little more challenging to kind of keep the process rolling but if it was it just that you guys have become so familiar with the each other that you know. Yeah exactly like it yet exactly you know. You know devices something that would let me have access Orlando exactly it means. You know what we. Well well what we're looking for and Leo but sometimes it agreed there. And it just Gordon and an end to end any answers Salt Lake jump out medium. And then. You step away and it jumps out is so. It has. You know you know. Perspective as as this year so we don't share it certainly we share perspectives and respect for each other's perspective. Then he sort certain information. Adjustments and it. What is the most impressive thing that you saw him do pain and you talk about going the other way I talked about Maryland eyeballs. You know what is that thing bit that says you know listen I. I was at the winner beating Scott Boras is there he said a lot of nice things about him which you know he should've. It but some things I think really rang true I mean this is a very unique hitter in terms of production in terms of power but as I said of BP's. He doesn't swing and miss like you know you would think a guy like that might be what is that thing that he does for you that is above and beyond. Said that thing because on the field. I mean obviously you know hitting balls or defeat threats that are still hasn't been well populate and to let them. President saying. Are from the assistant coach Tim Laker. Is in a fight. The bottom of the case for the game is locked up his spot subsidies. And hitters in the case working like it's it's it's a tight game the last inning. So it worked at stated he would do it never stops its its its entry level as any professor every at bat. As well as you possibly can that's what's different again that sounds boring but that I am telling you also theater often. Those bank where he probably not getting. Epic games and dedicate salaries for the other team. And he's still preparing for that potential of bat so I think that expatriate red states. And down that tunnel or analogy yeah. Work out something to it. Step back he's not he's not never. Dollar. Now an abort what a little bit into the hitting the the mechanics of not only with JD but did sort of in baseball but. But starting with JD what makes this wearing surrogate but I have a I have a fifty year old. And I say you know are you want to. Teach you how to hit and I'm gonna use JD marquis is at the model would do it what makes his swing. So did I know everyone's an individual vote for him like what what that they can make some tech. Mechanically. And again Mike like the double and it needs elsewhere that he is very detailed. Just issued general. You. My velocity there's certain corporate salute I would say. We initiate other ground forces. We use. Ground efficiently with horizontal vertical drives. Are playing playing as adaptable and it's in the big zone. There's certain cinematic sequences. On alt. It does very very efficiently and very very. Those things matter. Just different. I guess the average listener as saying he had Internet. A zone and had a chance term hard contact. On a wide range of pigeons. Well look at this he does good I can get that I can I could pass I could think. Let's just say I've been out there might be some cooling going on but that's okay. But so so well where's our you know we talked about hitters in in the uniqueness of his swing but. You know I think that more and more are starting to hear in baseball like Patrick you mentioned I'm missile launch angle like three times I apologize for that but. But you know you're you start to hear that and in every you know every sort of five years received sort of had you catch phrases. I remember going back the Red Sox three universally praised for. Of men who work the count so much better anybody from top to bottom. That all of us on the owners getting up in front of everybody thinks may be missing too much too many pitches. So Caspian Sea here right now where is hitting don't like where we're at what you think he's hitting his guard a guard. Yes. Yeah I think. Where it's going is I think we're using more objective information see. Vigor of the result that we want to have. A lot sale saying you know there's like we can measure now and so you know. Analytics. People. Yesterday and said. They are telling people that. On the ground and optimal. A run production is administrative ten. Thirty degrees that it makes sense and so I think it's shifted. And so yes Ortiz. More of an intelligent way to here baseball. Our base follow up philosophy. I think we're actually seeing a trend in that direction easy. Objective information to. Either code displaying or. Play a picture or are. You know just how provoke player I think. Information as well again as. What does the information if you can if you could grab they wondered two things. And you can say you know this is where we're gonna start this is like you do in the Cy Young voting it's like. You know what it must not be prioritizing what what what are you go ahead. Well yes so let me just says that's like again it's not. And the way that I can't explain it. They didn't exist there yep they're a log jam right there there's. A login that hey. I know it got so called base pay someone and evaluate that logjam. And I they don't. That it causes that dialogue and you can't pick it cracked wants an all or implode on the river and I think. Coaches it's our job to pick the correct information. And figure out where you can't get so. Yeah that's so low launch angle and the SlingPlayer is not allowing M. It away then that's what we talked about. It. It is actually go. Not exactly what to Brennan initiating. Ground forces correctly don't talk about that so it just really just has a good hitter and our job is to pick the correct blog. You know a question that in when we've grown up with kids were playing with the ball. You know one thing we do his Riva tape aegs stance is right. So and I don't know if you know my good friend Mike are you batting stance guy who is riveted. Yet he scratches right it to be it's it's it's it's right down my wheel house this guys is great. And August but you don't that you see you all these different banks and so that's why one would ask you a little bit about. Arm every one has batting stances everyone has comfort levels com. Where would you want to win and we will look back at some of these bags if we what's on the backs it's now how much do you teach of that is it eight everyone has to be comfortable. But at the same time used open stance is closed stance is at the Europe big proponent. Yeah. Biggest defense and read this sort of personal preference in the hands header it say oh well we news is we say okay here's. Here's the top of the top five or 10% hitters in baseball and we're gonna. Think they'd do. Can't find it find like common thread throughout them bad. We're gonna establish guidelines you know comment stressed that all too that it auto he was. Just down. GD whip David Ortiz and and and as it has a play where they'll it looked the same as how they get their. They get their so we have well is on the hot just fine but why aren't what they're doing and so that. Where effigy march 2 blocks a cage. For years ago KG BC. We seem. Who is a lot as 88. Model we see is hands in this position here in this position and cares how we think we XX that's the general process in order we're using. Lee as our. He's not yet be as good as maybe not as it is it is as is. It mayor bears but there's certain. He's that we feel we thought we hit on these are crackling. That what's gonna happen Israel maximize that individual. Don't know how I'd guess some might be hit Martinez might be someone else not quite as good that you don't know about where we're trying to maximize that. Understanding these principles that we see in a very very best. Like or you obviously Cabrera has to have results are insane. But what's the thing that maybe it is subtly that you he's got that you want a baby built the foundation off one. When when teaching these guys thanks as protestors but it's common approaches it. Knowing that I think I think it's such a big. To properly drive the ball the other way and it does not cause he's as possible. And then. Group prayer with the breaking off probably say he's making it up a a lot of contact the entire field. It can't. How does that as fast. As that we would use the guy like that or pay your parents because they're so good they've got to do some incredibly. And make a bit different there's different ways that but you know luckily they initiated. The crowd forcibly similar. So were used those guys at work that we're there and every little bit controller that. You know that you know we don't shoot fifty inner. With fortune all of translate that guy didn't. They Beckett probably not as efficient as Gilbert. There are just sells them so we try to you know be an ever looks a little different there's different things. But when you really break it down at certain points of connection there are certain. There are certain events that are common that we see and all of them and so. We tried Q does say hey you're here he's here this. Drill that we think there are sealed areas but I think it closer. This guy went back with. Good sound education and data. When you come back how long he can how long keep you don't get the ball deep into the zone. Mean this is this him with a simple thank you gotta be quick with a bat and beat quick with the risk to be quick with everything so it's is that a key element. Yeah says. Say you don't have to be ready you'd be. An early. End. And the acceleration so I'm very greatly. As opposed display. Hard and force in the barrel to hit the ball out from our I think there are also audio quality now Trotter and it's. Let that robber appreciates a good time last question it was your guy like who lowers your guy grow and opted. You know I had to I said before we all try to imitate with the ball swings and everything else did you have a guy that you said you know this idea Falwell. All night. Got it can't have big crowd put up. Thought it'd be adopters on TV and Eric said at Shea it might got so they got. You know passing this about it. It just that bothers me how he could hit almost the opposite field. I don't you know that let other guys as a kid out trying to imitate. Oh. Yeah the united. That great insider notes written that's what talk about there. Or Robert thanks so much for joining us in in this is graded cited. In our public importance he what you do with the Arizona and and obviously of our look forward to Broward appreciate what you've done with JD and others though really appreciate it in the time. I.