Bradfo Sho, Ep. 58: The Daniel Bard story

The Bradfo Sho
Monday, January 8th

Former Red Sox reliever Daniel Bard joins Rob Bradford to offer some great behind-the-scenes insight involving his rise and fall in Boston. Bard offers great detail regarding his run with the Red Sox, the decision to become a starter, the path out of Boston and the five years he spent trying to return to the major leagues. The 32-year-old also recounts the day he ultimately decided to retire.


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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. It's been awhile there's been a wild by. I want my favorite guests of Walt. Time I think I think actually deal. Wouldn't you were on this podcast before it's it was named something completely different which is it was a terrible name and idea management buyout. Well I think it was actually the Bradford files this. Worse. The approach army now Jolie's the Brad folk show awesome. But once we took the W loft is give it a year your bureau college guy went to a decline in death. Extra glee. So. Did he'll guard did do Bard back on the podcast Brad approach show and so dale thanks so much for. Recovered on the actor and appreciated as I said to you. I wouldn't news came out that your turn the other day and it wasn't hyperbole you're one of my favorite guys to cover. Ever that in Boston Red Sox uniform and I kind of forgot I know you'll yo UQ open 2009 right correct. Yeah so really three years by you left your mark so you left her mark on the reporters that's really all accounts. Because her it to me Emma appreciate it very clear pitted appreciate the kind of hurts. Law you know it's. It mutiny well deserved and and the reason I wrote that article was obviously because dude you've announced your retirement but also allowed to you. Sort of look back it. You know I guess remember a man like I remember thinking like they're just aren't a lot of weapons. Like this guy like you work. And you know going back so I guess one of curious things that I I want to pass out of the gay looking back at that run with a Red Sox what was the height of your powers thing. They what was. What are what do you think is that OK now I this was the best I want I can go back and look at the numbers but. You remember what you said if I had no one's gonna hit them where ambition up there. Philip that a lot OC let's go wireless I was do it as well as it did. You know I I I saw the stuff those are not there are mostly. Whether as a hitter or whatever I pretty much sit next guy's gonna get out is they. Numbers don't. That the odds are with me. Did they got in it he gets oh on base when it is that I was shocked. That out. I think that mentality camera. LP. A lot could really do believe that now. Not cocky it like it is it's like. Let's stuff has there been these hitters and most of the time it worked out that way. Well obviously it's that good stuff to maintain ever real time. Calorie that brought her that. It's unfortunate too that. If so what do like bill particularly now and do it quite a few times. I feel it's like to you know to feel powerful that the baseball and little. Well you didn't you know there's like a reduced as well. Him via the Internet a great place for finding it. Grated Mattson and memorable bad memorable moments and there's one or actually a couple of going around saying. You know this is the nab is patron Wendell opera crow I don't know DC nine these. But it was there and he was charity like moments like there was parity at the echo that. Yeah. The swisher pitch it was big change Europe. At such as a school to see. What mr. it was. They. Funny story about that pitch. So. Victor Martinez this was kitchen area. Deviate check yes do you actually know pretty good aren't clay. There. I came in the game I think for Lester. Out like crazy. That struck out I think Jeter and swisher. And that last pitch as though that there aren't to have people bring up to me. Justice cuts down the line let down. Yes I think it's again in the dugout. It took and took command he saw is like red in the face he fired up. But he was just as excited. We just got to hear it turns out egos got just what it teaches throw like the oh like. They're teasing recchi put down no street finger to the force there and wiggle wiggle your increasing. People are sick. Number. I was Cummins. I'm so to account that's come it's that kind of forcing it to my aunt. Back to myself that you're before. That your Nick Swisher center. Four seamer away with two strikes at her home run. Opposite field over the monster at Fenway. Cummins says that pitch. That that memory Upton my head and Ella. I can't throw short sequoia Velarde outset. I also accept an office like eternal here rates at this pitch to switch it to CC. Which is now. Not a big deal you know much like your street Lawrence is live that. This came out different there's a reason. It's irreverent drip. And Victor Victor expectant already pretty much straight and level looks like it did. And he can't okay. My thought is fired up happy but it is fired up pit stop because well look it's could if you watched the replay. I think he hopes assists and cal looks like it's probably think he's excited. There it was as well as it was pretty funny actually that night site. Well that's that's and same number 11 of the jump so you can win 99 monarch receiver. I mean. That's crazy. Us. And the puck over at that that you talked about like really governor rolling in and being able to throw those types of pitches. Did. What's that. When when you came up in 2009 you know love I love doing in the you know the best trade acquisition as the players from inside their own organization you know it's like. Apple bought back in 2005. Been. Master and and then you know so when you first came up like you said you knew your stuff you knew brokered you were. What did you realize there was a translate to. Do what it did against Major League hitters. You know I think it I see that first particularly spring training I was a part of never. Been in the picnics for that that's a pitch is double A then. You know just facing it took specifically cater this spring training game at a house it because I was bottomed. It took me by surprise. Could just like. Must've please note the minor league level. Never know until you face but typically jitters. Out they're gonna react to stuff. I'm. That was the first time I think so. Yes there that you're AAA. Well by the time we're cola because pretty. Pretty confident that my. Footsteps and repertory. Pitches us on a rare. We're gonna play at that level. Was your cruise and threw it to you get you get the 92010. Did did you start Wendy you are thinking about sort of your lot in life bomb because yet apple bought it was obviously up. After 2011. He's the closer but you know he's up and Europe the setup guy you're throwing a hundred miles an hour. Are you about the prospect oath yard. This in the money without you might be talking about this. Build the biggest money to be made news is as a starter everyone knew that. So why do you remember when you start thinking about sort of your your lot in life. Once you realized you were a major leaguer and you're gonna probably epic things ahead. Yeah I mean I think probably not feel like interpretation. Let us first couple three years. You're making. This critical league. Just feel really good luck. What to do it. Such as. We're thrilled to be there and don't particularly think about the potential. Could fail for Turkey here it is it is attributed growing trend that entrapment to screw it up a turnaround have a good opportunity. It's a practical ways so. Uptick. Established. A roll there. Are being. It's really not to interpretation and thought okay actually. Chips it makes them some good money in this game. Maybe have a long career. You know and I think we all look she got that mentality of just playing for that that day here in. Enjoyed it trend that collegiate job I think that's. That things it's just be grateful on her. The same time I think some guys there are driven by Larry L a topic I would sit on us guys. Guys see the opportunity to click. Fifty million dollars in free agency and and it really does drive them to. Excelled there can't let. Can't say oh I don't feel like a lot of guys you know obviously a great topic a couple of be on the stuff on the catcher but I. We're human beings in and this is you know this is reality of a ready profession but yet it did so well except apple is up after two goals 2011. And he you know he was a closed or everyone sort of just thought we're going to be the close of the next closer. Went in I know that in that offseason it morphed into you became you know structural starter. I always try to remember how that whole thing Chicago. Like when when was the first time it was broached. That hey you know why it will have Alfredo sever as being the closer because we need a starter. And you can try to him to start take me back to that you remember what the first time that that currency should happen for you. Sometime like November December career. I think are sitting. So look at the situation at Tikrit Daisuke lacking both out with college. I remember right. The Soviet you're out of our five. Starters where Oregon can and a I just thought it's okay those girls are open to starting world through the I proved to myself nobody else would get the pretenders out. Judge try to do it for 67 innings. You have to Wear skates and go back open that's got Alice saw my. We'll you called deal like how's that happen to you could you call somebody. I recall correctly. Berkshire. Bank statements and it to my agent. It had to recoup our relationship. The whole front office socialism. Or some out of the ordinary culture. That happened. A ticket agent amen a couple of wanna. Treasured artists the historic spots bill would create a call. And guess that would have been checked in at times and. We'll let them know at least attention to and cultivated there emulator just talked about it. Cinema like set on this so good that he gets back on court that its ultra yeah. Think she committed to right away actually it. Wasn't till. So they hired. Valentine. Shoot I think. Cut at the same thing at city chin didn't. Accidental. It's good starters for spring training and a little bit sore or. I remember what I remember about that spring training was no we were constantly looking at the radar dark. In this is unfair do you it is unfair to everybody every pitcher that ever in spring training to look at the radar gun. That's should be able to ease into things a little bit. By you know it's like oh my goodness you know wise he's thrown 94 you were always sort ninety United's because starting it sounds really things back. Did you feel. It's going through that spring training did you feel comfortable. Armed did you feel and ultimately you have the drastic outlet syndrome surgery. So I don't know that was if if looking back that was part of it but. What was your take on how things were going throughout that from training. I mean hindsight. Richard there PepsiCo it atlas was RT. Affecting me to a certain extent. The doctors actually told. That at the architect guys for two to 45 years before they realize that. It works and it's kind of. There's no overt symptoms like on. Listen and things like that people get. Used to getting a bit nervous didn't their bundles get potential bit and even if it's getting pinched 3%. That's gonna affect what you throw baseball breakaway. So he's just comment on it for 23. Room which can add. Right. We took in the total level. Where things are feeling messed up but the Aussie started to dip command wasn't quite what do you speak. Excuse me. That was definitely affecting me I think those are the Aussie tough. And it's all right let reached back same leveraged you know. Less than twelve months before him and Orlando that reach back at CNN Gator. Port and reach back and look at length tree and that it feels weird. Nothing feels strong physically. Nate obviously look for other. And exploration and other places and the first thing return terrorists Dixon high. Ethics which is a dangerous threat to Goodell. Did you dessert is that what ya think Bob McClure was the pitching coach Stan was that in this isn't to blame him it what you said when when something isn't the same thing we try to fix it he pitched. It's mechanics. What that. Why was what happened basically got spring training and then early in the year you reduced tinkered with a all all the. We were yeah we started tinkering clearly. Just trying to. Fix this fix that missile could they're. No problem is actually at a delicate relationship. Can is it. And he just he just didn't know me as a pitcher. Nothing attractive. Changed too many things too fast. Something that was a little bit broken did not realize is looking. So I can't describe for us just how is the story broke out. Physical this year. Percent. It's a role change. Them so lots of good results with the camera. Cuts so talks are there. Did it quickly jump ship too early on in in terms of let you know our memory at the best start Toronto. And that sort of led you to the unit the mines and came back at the end of the year but. He did you sense did you want a little bit more rope in terms of trying to figured out. Yeah so. Obviously I was not a pitcher it was the year before that. It was not oblivious to that. Let I thought there were maybe some other avenues that could have taken. Do remember having spasms that day before that start. Single toilet. Actually it did actually have no idea so effective in a certain extent it before and had a terrible certain. And so what are the next statement. That Paxil Beirut area on the DL April. And well. Get up so. Exploratory. Yeah in like this that and I went with a hole started. There. At worst case doesn't go great I go back to my job which it then. To show case. Well you flash forward to use your last two outings. In 2013. Arab member and your first one I thought actually was pretty good. And in you'd you second one you just face two batters and walked two in the that was that. Mean that was to be honest and maybe this is revisionist history I don't. I just remember thinking like while you know OK walk the couple guys. In doubt that's. I. That was it it was in my off base and better did you feel like yes. Oh. Double latest Arctic air and it's a shock to me begin. If so reduce chronic goto let's. Do it right at couldn't get myself back truck our big. I think it was like three weeks later. Start apostle Russell go away. And it kind of got it. Got straight at liftoff hopefully cut good outing though. And look at. That's ridiculous. And it's salute you it's somebody that go toward America you have some. I got sick. A little bit of impetus. You know look I think the first interview that gauge. 01. Lowering. As soon waving to somebody else are. And they always just talk to show. He said that. This is a chance treated and a spark back in Boca is just there. This isn't just. You know I'll call to fill in for a couple days. So I think that they're actually nobody will look at you. Whoever comes shortly OK okay it I didn't know what to expect. Without yours there are jobs back here stick. Like sit advocate. I think ticket adding crucial first couple days so it's there should not inning. Close that it can't. Three or four days later one out walk to gets. So. Point I think it's like. Caribbean. Pretty angry after that. Which fit into it a lot of different emotions I was so. But it could benefit to act that way just like well that was my chance. But it does it's like yeah you know this team at least. So if we did did at that point you basically wanna. If you went to another you're ultimately went to another organization to you. Once they get somewhere I'll and in a lot of this stuff it's gonna I can put the rear view mirror and just. He'll go on from there is that was up sort of the mindset. Yeah well and it didn't designate that concluded that some. Good September and that sort cups I guess claiming. 10 September were down both art. And that's a pretty. A position to tell it by the time they claim credit actually took an X. We assume senator. An extra surge yet not yet I was would like to look back. What was the weirdest mechanical. Alteration that you made. Like because you're you're pretty you're you know would you permit our wasn't that complicated. Super simple here at home. Illiteracy or huckleberry about it over the last mile or discussed some of those capitals basically several. I got pretty extreme never got two books so we'll get an accurate and. If this sub a submarine to mean that. How well it wasn't literally like side arm. I don't know I was side. That's like you're half and that was actually pretty good at at times and their crooked numbers show that clip and I. Let it miles an hour from a true that are plot. This was like suddenly it's like election in two or at grabbed her right there or not quite as low symbolize. This is like. Siegler. Gets a little girl's legs the area. Wow what what you see what the 1980 when he claimed the U member. Peace. Typically pitcher you are coming to Chicago tomorrow. While Sosa yes critical business interests really starter at the time. Confidences. Pretty much. Particular for someone you know in his position towards her. Creep into the time didn't didn't work out. To really appreciate that. Showed confidence that it. What is you have the cubs cute the Texas at Pittsburgh. Arm so what's the closest you fell. Throughout that time throughout the last 45 years the closest he fell to saying okay. I'm I'm almost back I remember I think the last summit are you actually you were at Fort Myers with Pittsburgh. And you threw pretty well right right remember right. Yeah. Chorale I don't know who else consulting. Soccer fact that at the knocked. But well what was that of all those titles the closest he felt saying OK I've maybe I've I finally figured this out. That moment I bet that spring and it does feel pretty good overall. Register really hit good looks. Several months without. Notice. Building confidence and Golden Globe feel. With all our coaches. And that was America at a road block and hit another. Counselors. Here or cock that. You know it's just the opposite this past spring I think us both with the cardinals. Hard not to think about that now what Maryland and yet when it happened. Yeah that the cardinals this past spring and list and amateurs that are. It worked at all offseason. It's really good about it vote. It was coming out you know pretty. A lot of movement. A lot of balls all union and other tricks out of cook it better than others ultra religious. Critical well. Let's say well at times just to start get to relax and I think this is our worst call. Happy with the work that credit to stuff was still covered uphill battle. What was of all the teams treatment you don't want it to put them around to the positive. You you camera along our cross a lot of probably in trusting people and some coaches you probably like you don't steered in the right direction but. You know we went to some some organizations with contrasting philosophies in the red socks the cubs the Rangers. You know the pirates and cardinals. You know do what what is what are some of the things that you have you know that was pretty cool you know being able to be around that person or learn in this. The wind is there anything like that. The other fifteen. I was hooked cups again for the second tied up. Ultimately deal with the worked Kimberly camp. That was so met through sheer. Then I've played against that fair traders and Tampa. Meyer from afar what he's still kind of like the weirdest at all. And are it to cook deer around. First and coming here is it's foster's. Didn't know a little bit see how parents of players this is critical that cuts is a stunt. The special pressure. He. So take me through what you make the decision. Take take any news because it's you know this is you have it long. Law and future in whatever you wanna do right. Mark I can do a lot of different things. But what you're saying okay it's time to turn the page after doing gone through all this take me it was Jerry day. Was there a week was there you don't what to recruit. It was one day. Nothing that actually have. That data that causes that stuff let. A little countless. Frustrating. Over the past 45 years so ha ha it was just frustrating that we're quite along time ago. So I mean it was just. Gupta at the cut down to Florida with with the Mets. Brutal and didn't feel great. Never. Like spike in fastball and a score sheet politically crucial and I ask this is just what wasn't feeling. I get the ball actually catcher that can consider. Again the coaches behind the clip from the boss that Ottawa throwing more. And I walked off the field that he you know Cadillac concept let them get their car truck or. Then. And with whatever or we'll get back tomorrow focuses mentality. At that point it. I have not made Susan. I saw throwing wanna go home hurt and. Walked outfield showered. Yet it whatever whatever. I was selling stuff I don't do. At some point on the drive home lay up. Tenacity. In cup focus at. I feel like pretty much every day not leading up to that. Echoes in Florida. At my but only 500 miles away apparent passivity. So I haven't you can't sit there don't go in the weeks and seen. Tennis all it took their exhibit a sense of relief or regret I mean it is a bit most release. I was saying let me know so early. And even a few days after I. Just that I should be there. Not like I want to be there. I'm. It was it was total relief because that's what. Are some outlook clinical course Clinton also this. Everything that I could think OK good other people think and not. This is where we are so greatly. It before right. Good to wipe your ideas from future whatever wanna look back get a Austin. And then you know from our perspective where and forget about like actually throw the ball hundred miles an hour and and coming out looks at the success on the field that you did. Does that mean what was it like playing Abbas we hear a lot about it now then we hear a lot for better or for worse about playing in Boston and and the dew in the bad honestly it's like going back to make it obvious it is everything it's sort of change in 2011 even though they wanna World Series. It's just it's just everything is just viewed a little bit differently. What was it like for you plan Boston. Well I mean it was I think I do well coming up Lazio player like does that there drafted you know. I had watched all of us don't Red Sox playoff teams and World Series teams and 304. Horror are all they're. At the same time I think once I got there. And could put a uniform. Go out sort of scans every night. They'll get discredit doses. You know when you're playing. Yeah well. A great place to play when they're playing terrible yeah it's an awful place. Yes have Tupperware I mean I remember that September. You know that obviously we all remember that September September oh 2011. But one thing that shouldn't go and recognize about. The bullpen. Was how much you guys had to be used are you I have never seen anything like. Beat the start to make it through sporadic. So it's okay. Let's Gartner noble September. I think there are short you know I want calls by umpires before Claire what's the latest. It did they change the course we can't. Literally every little thing you know calls calls call strikes strikes called ball game. Yeah it in it I remember as a reporter. Thinking how. We want we walked down there. Probably different ways can you ask about losing the best way remember. What that. Any other time it's like you guys you've won it what were you parents gonna say I don't know. Oh it was crazy here's another thing I remember this is slightly before that September. Was you the play around upright. You have to do the headphones with the John Henry in the hurricane stuff. And all right so you had to that I know that was completely keep dogs that base. But but you had the I remembered August so August there was this hurricane. And there was some controversy about playing through a double header or something. And then David so John Henry gave everyone had on a couple days. Found out later didn't Tito right about then that's good yeah yeah so like yeah. The Latinos office. Texas. Outside Newark are at Texas and yeah. So we're sitting there before it became clear there there's a great guy. Is you're put a lighter car. I'm not. We're pissed cause it click like Florida or they're sorry they are I think there's a limit. Collective bargaining agreement like let's get a certain number. Of players could say a it would not play this split on clay like back to back. Where they'll they'll take one K. That's at Rick's been requesting for and I. Tito talk to pray tell what could kill us. Pretoria. Specifically so extreme that it or not do and it went back to back we're not gonna stay there okay. You know we can now model ever treated thing. Actually go out there we can't have leverage because he yeah yeah. So. Players skip. We get. 50% of the gate for the second game yet split evenly among players and coaches. So I sure do it's it's us and help him in that whoever another veteran person yelled at. I go back and she does office and certainly there's a deal. Cloak latest split. But. We're gonna take place you have to say okay because we will have to put a split or do for you guys yeah. The owner makes it okay so we call the only problem. Our conference call so. The point is we actually stay in it like I feel I don't know Carol we're taking episode okay go either split doubleheader because. I'll pass that on but it is. Not. So I guess net. On it is. Looks back aren't you later. It is not I'm not going. The created yeah literally create. A fortunately. You don't have to let's face it guys. And you know you you can. Worse day. Six. Delegate that whoever can you know. Totally shut that and it faces but you know what it was fun. It was so. A curb and hit it in everyone's talking about CB. It was a 708 yeah they kind of held out to go to. Oh yeah oh wait you did so. And we want well no security for air get 1000 apiece. For. God I don't. No law are actively told you whoever was saying that we do compared to two 'cause I was. I had to live through that day in no way. There up. They had all the leverage in the world because it was an ESP in spring training game and they are threatening not to play so that basically like we won't play him yes paying too good luck filling the time. And we're not a very loaded Japan's but you but so did you get ahead of what's at the unique they gave you like headphones or something right. Well you have returning it you know like 1000 dollars player. Really nice it. Click 300 dollar headphones that are here with news that incident with the little. Certainly extra. Listening to our era request. Is not really outlet but. Dear members. There stability to mention names but some some some older players. Are there any money that. That sounds like criminal action that this could actually remembered like some younger guys like waiting till they left the locker room and going to take him. The all right so last thing is is is eagle putt to know exactly what you do with the future. But as I told you missile make you sleep easier tonight I am telling you have a bright future so. So you have that to hang your I had on that I am telling you that you have nothing to worry about the you were bright future. I actually think that he has by his right Daniel Bard power rankings what you should hired Eddie. I think that. I think that you. That was. I was number seven. I think that I think that ultimately. That you could be a rate general manager but I really did general manager and he is a reason why. That number one you're Smart number two I think it to be here is very very important. And I think that you have a good demeanor for so armed and you've experienced a lot baseball we talked a lot about. You know that all like all the people we've met and everything else that that has some value. And I don't know if you know if it yeah you can coach if you want to mention you want but there. Know you have young kids want you it's. That's a tough lifestyle. So our. Event that I actually and I think a taxi this yeah I actually think that you can do you could do the bright yeah something to. The kids like this is the thing is that this is why you were good to talk to. Because you keep stock answers you broke things down and it with there was never a cliche. And that is what this that is what our world and television. Is starving for so anyway the you know not Chica yeah. That's. Yeah gas so it's you know what that you resonate yet the bottom if you want by the way. Here of the power rankings erupt if it. I catalyst here. Yes yes of course is of course now via hasn't really worked out for anybody before by and so as a first. I realized I really appreciate you taking the time been in anything anything you needed all Brad those shows always here's where it. Our Chris.