Bradfo Sho, Ep. 59: Dustin Pedroia is eyeing Opening Day

The Bradfo Sho
Thursday, January 11th
Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia, who offers the most detailed account of his knee issues to date, admitting he is planning on being ready for Opening Day. Pedroia explains why the dynamic with his former teammate and good friend, Alex Cora serving as his manager won't be an issue, also elaborating on how playing in Boston has changed over the years.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that my old. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. Making his return appearance on the. Route vote showed Dustin Pedroia Bobby Rush off wrenching 500 pounds. Reaching full while reaching full capacity right correct. And I got out okay all right. Every note Dustin is had you surgery as we sit here right now. How does it feel to your knee feel like you thought it would this point. Yeah. They. Or. Don't Arctic. What I last year and now I I. All I got hurt here. I try to play or bad I let it go. All out. Don't cut cut out there. After surgery I'll work out great off the ball. Or doctor. Thought it all really well. On or. Off how well. What I like that caught bicycle. Day I had surgery. I just utter I'll get there. Arts and go back you have to last off season you had. In a very very minor surgery you come back it it is what it is when you have it and when you have until last year. Did you say debate tell used say hey this could get worse or was this a product morrow of that I didn't Baltimore. Well I'll get out. Joseph really. Daughter are they got. It right ought straw that. Broke out body. Up. We got hurt. Also I can't. My ire. Out how it. Don't get it right I gotta be acting out our. Right no. You know all night IRI. You know I I or I or so. You know it. Electorate are I do. You know it or whatever. That I don't call it now. I. Thought OS beer. How do it our life our. Our. I had surgery at. Art high yield on dollar all Roy. Our hi how are all. I. Oh. I I don't know. And I'll. They got a lot bit. I'll tell you heard Eric I. Oh they ought I hear. Oh any. All other. I thought it could be art. I. Thought the your. Art can't hear you. And they got it. Really don't currently. Not. So. Outlook god I can't wait. Art art away. How are a lot of well. All. Know all. Pretty. Pretty heart out out there. Last year. How we can't do it all. Guy. Doctors at how to how to go out it. You know. Hell they are all all I'll either cut out a hundred days ago. Surgery. They used the habit. A guy that. Out there are. So happy though. I'll. I are your day that. I I order well. We. Her IRI. Feel like it here I see my car I have ol'. All expecting at all I got you got worse however. Doctor. Oh. He does go right out our first. I'll opt out. Free art. No true better every day so I went out. Go like a strong. Well when it went it went surgery for tomorrow on the radar so you have Machado thing at a sort of getting worse and worse now I have to deal with a little bit more and more. Why did it what it outlook. Point in the year did you say hey you know I have to decision to make or I might ethnic. Surgery are might have to this is going to be a real pain in the ass to play through the rest of the year. And no I don't go out but I I I didn't. Okay surgery until I got back air on I. I thought York caught our doctor William Internet I kept. Doctor ought. And then I got back. Are gonna. I'm my that would try to outbid him or her outlook are bought and we. I can't soccer game and play on it. Traders are. Don't eat. Don't all. Go out like Ollie 000 or go to doctors. Are soccer. I I can't. The only good. I. Always I doubt it. You read it or don't like. That go. You know and you. Know it. Already you'll want to go. But I did I get kidding you know let it out. I've certainly I don't want to note how reliable Kurt don't hurt my game. What do it out that we well. Oh he's you don't try it will all. Go. And it. OK well then. But why can't I do this like that this. Art so. Don't call the doctor your I want you to search activity is. Not a lot of technical and check yet I'll. Are not my day off in New York circuit. Com. Our our work ready economic good condition right now but you have had twelve we are today our guys are Iran. And that. We. Built up trying to. But you you thought it did it click additionally. Whitney when you're making a decision on surgery that hey if I have surgery this is going to be something that's gonna keep me out for a lot longer than it actually ended up being. Well. It all got our first you know. I'll put. It out you're. Out I out. You know just your person there one way up or going to that going to do. You know. That a lot of big goal with what I. I. Tell that I didn't have. The only way. Out. All I hate it felt like way out walking. How Alibaba. Her. Probably three weeks. Away at crunch one week and then. I thought that one crutch to a normal what you really are quiet. But I don't know what I didn't. I I felt it felt weird not at. Go you know I am not kowtow. Regret hiring out. Don't even if I have a little bit of pain here as well so I screw it. Oh may now try and and what order are out. We'll talk a boat. You talked about the medical staff and getting you through the year. Talk a little bit about that about what you had to do I know that these days are long days try to get through it I think at one point being that you might have talked to like. Guys that TB twelve about Jeter something as a way year raw and talk a little bit about that how you actually got through those three or four months. I'll. Opposite Brad and I can go all out artwork ever but that we. Would get out to feel that. All dirty and can't work. Fight. Still all straight and stop. Just give me. Jo white worker so I I hit it through our. And those guys credit. It was districts that do. In LA is it was pretty. I don't break CME. It certainly York art and I I can't believe you know you're playing out like we are certain that dominated or. Don't tell that they were they or are they tell you. Strike and this net so if he can hold. You know obviously you don't learn. It was I mean there's. Not theology going and I couldn't do but I have to be Smart. But. You know it just yet they cartel and you know I can't we got through it would outweigh. All won the World Series LG if you don't tell here so it will let. I'll get back I'm proud of god and how they help it and at that point. That was how our efforts and all those go back I wanna go back to a home. You said some of the adjustments that you got to make besides you get that you get in there at 12 o'clock or whatever. And you go through all the strengthening in and did you did you actually got actually in the way you play the way you ran me what did you have to to Alter to get through the year. I'm not going like what the game so you know I would. Go strong. It'll let you know people start you'll weaker open it up until I. I Elena I Terry. And I IILLLE. How well they. I've bowl. I can't thank all wow I got you to Greg Ellis hit. You know it but I cut. You know I. Victor which you know if you fight it that can't normally like you know my career. I can't first baby girl well. Our I liked it I crap jobs her. It will. And I never gonna highlight Ella and can't you know just don't base where you're my gut tell you today. You don't but I hit double and I can't thank. Why can't end. Well just know that I I try really are strong. And I really want to go. Through that. What we're what was so regarded timed the last couple months or you said no I can't do this everything you know we're doing everything we can. But maybe you know when the move it around ideas I dot not going to be able to get to the finish line was there ever a moment. That you actually almost got to the point of say I just can't do it. Com. An error. On my place. If you make it here here but I doubt why. Our. You know our trainer copper Soka. Date joint outlook cabinet today you know I like yeah you're right. And I got through it you know one end and just pick I gotta get Al pretty. Pretty important I. My teammates just beat air it out there or down. A long time and it it eagle or a lot together and one of these. Well you don't. See how hot Turbo lot of other guys or end. You know or on federal trying to win a World Series that equity everybody did do it go don't we tell each other major that I. Dry out or do away at that up I would look better. You might have a day you have of vague timetable. In terms of a Buick that it. You have sort of spring training maybe Mac Donald had been released in February. Do you have a do you have a goal of all when you want at least of world. Oh yeah. They will go but up around. Oh I. All I. I'm only doing great and in the process our outgoing I don't say it. Taught me how I know I don't. You know I don't type all that doctor. They can't can't. I'm not far off. Expectation so. We're opening day. I arrived today and it docks like Matt. Go the other critical part of prospect aren't able it out don't I go like oh I wore. And actually a big area go. NM not that different or how can I. Electric make gains because you know what it. Out yeah. I I I I can only go or I can or can't. I'll be ready for uttered. What I saw that my mindset and that's how I deal Utley strong again our. You know I I I hope that I picked where and when they are star running game and get after it that way. That be enough time to train where. Are at it from the get go out and can't let up we'll want. What. That and that's a little different then you know I think a lot of X thinks we don't army who knows we did we just go by what hold a press release and everything else. Did that aren't they know that you said that doctors gave you a timetable. Is that better than their timetable. Boys like credit different I guess if you yell out you know what I police yeah. I I don't I don't they released I don't either. PI don't know I'm. They I think they said mid may ever have it this is what we're. Last I heard that the government said that event and then corps was talking amused cocky you know saying about maybe a little sooner so. This is all we're given I don't know. They're our staff and get when I come back on back now not this baby gate where. You know like last year or play an offer late game I don't play for. I'm back out. I'm gonna beat a player. That I ought to grind it out every day. Playing well I can't help but it got that goal and our staff it is Smart enough though that I did. Well don't get that and then. Don't work. An issue ordinary day it after. Much like can't try to try to make that happen. What that is going to completely to himself for what it. They've become a reality use that Alex Cora might be an end to the brits are. I love. I thought all right after his an interview. And that it decorate then you know this way. So that no doubt about it and then he called me right before. He got it. You know it it's it's pretty cool if you know I've got great guy I talked to him out. My closest. Me and and credit baseball and then Michael. Throughout my whole career so. You know I talked. You know it out at 12 o'clock AM I expect that we you know I it was you know we always remain closed because of you don't like it to be and how I looked up campaign and how we help. You don't teach me about about the game at a level I'm at now. I got. Up in the lately that job is this can make sure that that he can't be professional. On how to play. How we understand our role with the team at that time. And am I I can't in all whatever he says don't do that. It's not like that or an actor. How much it. Astros guide the way they way they talk about men and and the way you know he's helped to have just one year old special. Is it going to be weird though I'd be like an Oakland guys are I know what he's meant to you. I see is that we are getting your head around that he's sitting in that off that he's sitting in doing the opposite you've only known. Three other guys at not a road certainly were playing with you know so. Thick that you get your head around that that that dynamic that New York your friend. The guy that used to play with he's actually going to be the main your manager. You don't tell me what to do. You know that being. View it it was like down all the time elder there was ever. You know bit doubt story for me I don't just everyday you know how to go. You know talking to teammates or this help planet is what seed they brought. Intel up. At all at if it is going to be a lot. Car. The well when it comes to all our dark obviously Alex time we've interviewed him but since he got the manager job in one of the topics is that the the clubhouse you've got a young team fairly young keen. And he tock that he thing you're saying is get out on it's hard to win a Major League Baseball game usually celebrate you should have music in the clubhouse. Do you think. Do you think that that is something that a manager kits or an actor or. Does you've got this after a short Oval Office as personalities in the o'clock us is David because there is dust and amid that they are key to cover him back to. Without likes that he would he did exactly what you want from a player. He was held people accountable. You said hey Eric Gagne in your locker if you blow a it still recovered from a teammate that it is a manager. So do you think you'll be able to impact that are dynamic. Gasoline. In some well we're all grown man and an Arctic I think that's where. You know you don't you don't understand like. Battered. You know it is their art their place. You know it is. Or play any game in golf or the World Series and he's buying. Eight. Be able to communicate with anybody Archie. It well it doesn't matter we all have to be told each other accountable and end that's how everybody should should should treat this situation it shouldn't be. You know you don't. No matter how old somebody or why it. Try to help each other can't and and be better and and you know that's that's. That's how everybody looks that it end and not work you know focused on a bit. As we did here as we sit here basically you're the same team UN spring training with last year. I know that you guys are in constant communication we each other you know talking texting whatever. Is there a feeling you sense from the guys he talked to say hey listen. The Yankees get stand whatever we don't know what how whether improvements here I meant but this team is still going to be good enough. To do what we wanted to get at is that they're deserved that feeling earth that are we just a few pieces away. I check the country right now. One top division of baseball here's a row we didn't play well play well. The foundation of market there it just a matter of playing here at the right time. Public maybe if I want to you know talks are obviously more. And one not a lot of carpenter had. No different here then they they look for that injury you know Jackie and beyond. Bogey. I he would not at least shoulder. Racist oh. The other a lot of a lot of things that. The reason why let that happen I mean if you know it is your healthy you have a great approach and and play. Work and shall be your numbers only the only problem without it if you're injured. And your approach might have to change so I think it is he comes off. You know. Consistent you know a boat it's really look at their numbers sliding all. Got LP enter enter our planet and what they normally do. Happy like they did you got 68 net plenty enough power. Won the World Series you. But that go at it. Talk about that well is gonna say. Yet do you ever you recruit freeagent. Because so so I'll be sitting here you're asked to do that in Europe again to have a kid if you want. But you know if like I don't that you know guys in the game you ever been calls because another part of this whole equation this offseason fair or not. Is is the whole Boston dynamic as it on the play in Boston isn't it fun to play and Bob I think that we've on the side of Austin's a pretty good place to be. Do you ever you ever make calls without the to recruiter and as I. I yeah I mean I've done. You know it you know obviously you know. Whatever it takes for us to. Acquire. Can't Ed. The goal. Mortality have a irritation at the purchase that you see. You know so. Whatever it was retreat in absolutely so how it. It will dull old player when I play a lot better or you know people right now out of a hole. You know at school here in a tightly across street. Just. You know my my spot on on this city end end I think there but ultimately it. Didn't end very. While ago. Is played at ball pretty much just play ball pretty much the same. Like that the same raw as it has been since your. Draw you know like you say you don't like to hear the go to great place to play green energy and everyone loves it. If its base it's it's more it's intents intents plays we saw that last year's different examples of it. But it isn't it the draw a bit the same as it always has been you don't saying. Our. On anybody out our but. You know it's a little different. When I first came up. You know he you. Every game it is it is really scrutinize mr. or. Player that. That don't care about that up or horse that that really you know. Cry process so. What we're trying to do you know the guy that day it doesn't bother them. Ill end. Only got that they can later I'll beat this guy not to expect. Or which are trying to do. And it's a hard time coming. Billy goat you know I feel like put out fires or or or L one thing I had it. Reality is got try to get out and I don't know what you got a lot about it it shall do. Do you know what you do it at your focus about one thing and one thing pops up and I get off track. So if I think I've gotten older you try that just. You know. The baseball stick to the game's big every day and all play out army I I'll I'll I'll deal. I feel like ever won the cup and are well why are they special plate that all of us. You know it. You know hopefully create guitar track. All right well you've you give me rejected time more than more than usual twelve minute podcast regulations. Our share our map yeah yeah. I am. Aren't done and thanks so much. I.