Bradfo Sho, Ep. 61: Inside the mind of Jackie Bradley Jr.

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Monday, February 12th

Red Sox outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. joins Rob Bradford as spring training kicks off to discuss the player's outlook on life, both on and off the field. Bradley offers insight into how he approaches playing baseball in Boston, his thoughts on this offseason's trade rumors and how he views this year's edition of the Red Sox.


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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. For me is the first days. Retraining and why these players don't officially get it going. Till next few days. Really do though the work for us the the hard core media members who have trudged down the Fort Myers and and weather the storm that is the eighty degree temperatures. This was the first day of tried to roundups and we're interviews and it up tell you what the what the guys that wanted talked to right whales hopefully grab him. By phone a couple weeks ago wasn't able to connect. With Jackie Bradley junior and we've heard a lot of rumors this offseason about trade and and trade rumors it. Yes we the union that. Edwin Encarnacion. You've what do V David duke they IG URT is with the move Jackie Bradley all of that so. You know I wanted to talk to Jackie's been on the podcast before but. Really this time around act out for about twenty minutes and we sort of doubt dove deep into it sort of his whole lot in life is existence. His new existence as as is as a father to a young young young daughter and how that has changed him and also how he has changed over the years as the guy who. In 20168350. Yes 26 home runs obviously awesome view offensively. And you you thought that he was trending toward maybe the next level and then last year a step back 7260. Yes. And out couple injuries yet thumb injury unit knee injury it's. But to me that he did he has evolved so much. As a player and a professional athlete in terms of actually managing Boston managing. Being accountable. Managing all of it in and so this podcast that talks about how he has sort of become who use. As a professional athlete as a as a father as a husband. Up because I think it all does linked up and he talks about that he talks about. Not not being defined as a baseball player and that's only what he does that's not we years. But it's an important conversation I think because of all the chaos that happens in the Red Sox club about. And Jackie Bradley. Millions in the middle of it he's not necessarily the focus of it by you get asked questions like everybody yells he did last year. And he he's very insightful about how he handled it or how he tries to handle it any way and how we use it going forward. So this of war podcast of Jackie Bradley who is this guy how he approaches life how he approaches life. As a member of this Boston Red Sox team pretty good conversation. First of many many many many in spring training but here we go to do an opportunity. It. Making a return appearance of the browser so that we are always so glad to have him on his Jackie Bradley junior. Which I'm glad you actually were doing this person I was gonna I was hoping to talk to you over the phone. By its better when I'm staring straight down you know until your sunglasses the bit in the barrel which are which when things are wanted to I want actually. Because it's a time to do in spring training is actually want to see health. How close psychic come to throwing the ball as far as you did. I don't know a lot of exactly. We act I remember he came here last him through you might turn footballer something like that and if if if I could've I would've made it viral because it was it was pretty impressed. And yet I appreciate that irons at the football office. Something I've always done it spun is different and something about the on the perfect spiral right right who has talked about. I mean you guys yes don't play now I know you have to around football but that is tucked into the football thing. It's football telly after I was. A final street decent at it but once like at the highest loved I want to focus with Levys or were you Cordova. Com running that bring back it cornerbacks. What why wouldn't play quarterback. It's. I don't know it back every single bit and got hit after hit a little bit so. If so please do your parents I want you to play you're only one of these kids that you we'd break a Lakeland footballer on the mountain they tend not to coming at that particular age. I start traveling. Lot more than. Start getting in Atlanta a youth baseball and know everybody knows his office to leave baseball youth. You drew it flam ball all year round you got to regular season and just bring an end to plant fault all the do you have. Good enough whether. For weather permits it so thus flooded now haven't played ball gonna fall as low and go to order a Fuller internment and is up and all year where Brown's thing. So you were near your daughter when she sees Jesus. Just over a year this year and a half right. Past two months okay what what's what's going to be your tact here. What's going to be your age you know you can play sports we want you to play sports this is a sport I wanted to play. At least the patent though listen I was apparent once I still parent but I was apparent of a year and a half. Your world so I know all these things go through your head so what what's it going to be what's the what's the track for. Fareed young Bradley. I don't know I armed. Are open until whatever it stood her little heart and the guys there disaster wants to pursue. I'm not. That I'd be the data was gonna push anything on our obviously I'm going to be the one who's been a supporter and you know what she. Want to make that decision I'm gonna have her involved a lot of different things and you know it's yards he was she's good bad and what he enjoyed and continues cut out you kind of cater to that you'd try to. Drove that in you know help helper to develop that. You've passed the test those drug traffic yeah look how how well are you were different as apparent that you thought it would because no there's. I don't know if you knew this but there's no handbook there's no guy guidelines so high note now that you've done it for a year and a half. How are you different parent and you actually thought you might. You're right there is no handbook and we didn't read a book the soul. Knows one of those things where used chemical off. How are you were raised I'm combination. Obviously. Both my daughters peers thought rates in the same household so this communication and. And that's that's really key but. I think car and I think. Matt. Ever eyes. Ours that I expected to be regularly can only go off for like villager you already know our. I mean I know I'm a parent now I don't know. How I would've been now back and you can say what he. And what kind of pay going to be but you know things change you've got to make adjustments according to the each particular child in there their own needs so. I can they want on my. Most. Groomed qualities. Has been patients. Yes. You're much more patient person and you were three years ago correct. Have to be you have to be you you if you're not you're gonna be frustrated about pointless things and you know so this'll all oh. If it right into base this is a good pivoting so well that segue right because you have to be is indeed in the your profession. You have to be patient you have to be patient about a lot of things of the patient about how your career unfolds we have to be patient about. It when you get into slumps and like not getting caught up in it and everything I mean so. Have you noticed that in and I you know we talk about this every spring training site how he changed in the what's different. But maybe it's the best thing to do is say use sitting here right now compared to you. A few years ago. Like seeing him you know fatherhood aside. Husband could decide as a baseball player can you late to really appreciate how far you've come. Absolutely absolutely you grow each year you need you lectures and learn more changed. About yourself and things that. You know that can help you get to where you want to be a constant adjustment and it only have to be patient. With what your self but. You also want have a sense urgency because. You don't know. Wing your last. Came it's going to be you know you know when you know when your last day on earth. And going going to be easily Scott wanna maximize every single opportunity to do all you do know is. What's in the past is in the past and you could either dwell on it which I don't hard to do the duties to be dweller. No not know how I was I was I was a thinker. My role as the guy who would always tried to. You know. The how high can it become better from a situation. That I'm not gonna sit on my my negatives because this is gonna keep you. Negative. I like to think my past my. And I can't decide. To write my president and my future. To be some turning point for along those lines. Does it give me some. Yeah I came in from the outside say okay this was a turning point that offseason was the turning point this this hot streak as a turning point. But for you it's different me you know exactly when the turning points whereas when things that you said you learn from it and then you. Took a hard right to go hard left went straight up it's a do you have a couple world. Think everybody has. The situations where date they feel like they're going in the right direction and then. Right it'll bump or something here scuffled. Let us so much fun as it makes it fun because it's such a crime not only. Strong. Mental. Sport as it is a physical sport right you know you can. Can do all the right things physically. But it passed might not be thinking in the right way which causes the physical. You TCU. You think and physical. Problems when it's not it's just. You know timing or something like that. You know I hear you're approaching an absurd situation so. Those things where you just continue to work and use. To work. I saw layers to it. Yeah but you know some thousand usually you know you work your ass off from the need to whatever his offseason and do it every season. And then you know you go through the high points and low points that you said like he said mental and to me that's where it really ranks for. Guess what when things will click and that consistent needs consistency comes. You know and that's what you gonna wanna hold onto. And that's what's gonna take it to the next level and I'm excited. When you target when he retired to vote on home. Last year and sort of like the environment that teams. Might. The ability to progress and do well. I was last year different than other years like it was a one of the things that talk some the guys. They said he Lester just seemed like we thought we had a we're gonna figure out around the corner every day and it generally come until like after the second game. Of the playoffs in value of this meeting whenever. But from your perspective how did last year field. As always kind of yet. Pretty good team. This week that the budget cuts. Also. How to fix that. Got a feel for you really says it be your career every year's been different. And you end up with good numbers but how did how did to fuel for you it is. Is that you wanna keep an even keel and you wanna base basically says Kim running up this season like the other one. But how did it feel for you. For me loses mainly get back to full strength. When the elements out a stay healthy that LT and you know contribute I think that's trying to win ball games this it's. A sticky. You wanna put yourself than position. Physically mentally emotionally. To where you can go out every single day in and Graham which are Brothers in order a achieve something very. What we're better last year than you have ever been. So better than last year and. They could be a damage could be maybe your ability to stay even until maybe it should be. You know quite the thing I'm a pretty you know I know I abyss I threw that out there maybe that's for me I was very even keel last year but that's. Now that maybe it's you know who was there anything that you felt like OK you know I've evolve. This this I felt like it was a lot better than 2060. I think last year and up to be honest. My eight job. Set my home life they're owes much earlier as different as that that sounds. What I want to feel the love to feel like that I left whatever it was it fields there and went home and enjoy myself. I have of life outside of baseball I don't let baseball. You know run my life you know baseball is what I do not who I am so. I think just being able to separate the two. Is what made me. Feel at the east as I left. Where does your daughter are allowed to your daughter lottery do that. Yes it does lead allowed to do that. Because you know it's happen yeah. He says to me when you have a kid little kid it's like every day is. Airways used. You know go over or. You know make an error in England she wants he doesn't beat it. And I mean because there was chaotic times last year and not necessarily what you witnessed with the club out stuff so. That's for it for your perspective that's how you sort of like okay I'm going to be asked about this about whatever I'm just on going off and that's right. I'm promises just go home you accept it you. You learn to to grow and you get better from it that you either way you know things come up things happen. The deal with it and keep moving to be accountable for. And he speak on anything just. Like cools off. So you just to the blueprint of like how to play in Boston and I know like this come up before. Claim boss but. This does not a lot of guys who can really understand that I mean you've played with a lot of guys but you came up. You weathered it you've been almost all the things he just said that's playing in Boston I mean to have you come to understand that that. That because you haven't played anywhere else puts I can tell you to click I feel like that's the case. As a have a great understanding of perspective. And human. I'm not perfect. Nobody is so. Just knowing that you got to make a mistake. Or one deal often feel. You know it's long as you're accountable for obviously. They'll be. Consequences are there repercussions. From it. But at the end of a day is larger. You're working. Towards getting better. Rectified the situation. Then. And do tiring Scott go away. It. You just continue. Being who you are in. The person. You know planning and hard. Winning ball games. People forget. And all of things that you're talking my attitude when you have like the trade rumors and you were asked about this before when he came to Boston but. But that the trade rumors that must help you. All of that you know between the home we don't go home baseball separating those two. The perspective that you're talking about so when winter comes where you have trade rumors and you see your name on the crawl or whatever. That must help you deal was something like that. I'm where about it semi hands you know. You know my parents that are. Although over this country could just frame best Reyes and this. Well you know what what he wanted to tell you what what do you know I know which you know how about that. You know you didn't ever believe is that it if it but I mean are locked in a lot to do is focus on what I can control. And and that my offseason I'm not gonna let. Needs being met my offseason. And and enjoy my time. Continue to work and the wherever happens happens. I knew what I signed up for. And you know that's what I have to to deal with. Cues but. So and because it's our job to pay attention like your parents but here's. Where of front if you were paying attention I would feel good about it because every one every time when these things come up. Everyone I talk to everyone that you hear from is the Red Sox valued Jacqui too much. You know likes old Edwin Encarnacion rumor comes up the other day. Well not yet via okay Indians you can try to do that deal put the Red Sox want to check. From that perspective I'm sure that that maybe they call it is you know I am now. See you would think so right now but no I haven't heard meaningful anyway so all right so. I think I guess is the less air the better as the days a note talk as the top right. Sometimes good news this stuff like this sometimes for it but you know what we years you know they're they're valued. You know so did the one thing now credit yes he'll quick note if so. That even though I have to tell you that maybe not if I in this state did. And a if they did decide to trade me to another team the value. That's sort of say delegate voted that's true but it's nice to be valued where either way there are warriors set up shop in the you know you're gonna is absolutely. Beat column. And so when you look at this team going forward in so right. Here we are sitting here in Fort Myers forever skull. Column which is fine I don't mind being born in Mexico here. But it's I looked around today and doesn't. That's the same team is last you're right it's the same team as last year. And so why the fans and we like change we like teams we had changed. You guys get that sense saying it lets you know. We were good enough 93 when asked if we're good enough division and if you wanna go back to spring training last year everyone was saying how could we were with this exact team. Sort is that the feel that you guys have. Yeah we stressed to us and we. Us and our guys. Obviously. Every team goals and we are these singles and every spring training goes in every season. There are always high wanna get better. And feel like. You know whatever moves they can make in order to make the team bettors. It's going to be in the best interest. We have a we're pretty good team they never there really good team very athletic. Great stats. And you know we we got gas. People who we feel like. We did before that level so you caper gone and we we still did pretty well. So. I just think. I just as you. Have the same team. Doesn't mean you're gonna get the same outcome. Things change. And we'll open it change for the better. How do you think it's going to be different core. I don't know that we're gonna find out together so. I mean. I. And you probably on bit better and I I do right. I know pretty well but I know him as a player so so here's the thing is that. Why you know. Accountability that you represent the kind of believe there is so important boss and there's no one I've covered who did it better than core even though he was a guy to twenty infielder. Whatever. I uses examples alive he would miss upon that impact on the game. And to be standing in front of soccer in full uniform basically like a palace guards saying he media asking about this on he would tell guys closers are a unit answer. To this. But it that's the player right. Them in the can tell you guys split Jonny Gomes Tony wants his sights you know this would hear from the managers like your parents you know when you hear from the teammate psyched. Your body it's that it's different. So I think that though I think that that's good thing I mean if nothing else you know I I get the sense that you can comment or tell me I'm wrong or right. I get the sense that the one of the things that he may be one it was some more. And communications product. Mike. In the great communicators yes that's this year. Means for what things he's got to farm. Who from the game he played play what some are teammates just. So. He's able to bring a little bit. New school but still that old school so I think this is not really worked out and get him. These dates are to vote your person hitting it off. Who anybody. It's too early. Started early enough anything right now the launch angles I did not know immigrants say anything to you put it you know he's talking about jumping on the first pitch more and everything else parents. There's time for that and they maybe they'll never say anything maybe I can go there miles well one of the most agree doesn't need this right all governments listen I I remember the stories about like him not to get deep in the count I remember I'm with the right that was one of the things to me that that helped turn right. Absolutely. And it's only going to better. But we I've taken away too much time because I know that you as you said your assembly at two I appreciate it Jacqui and now I'm. And yes they won they won at least for me to watch out for me stating daylight yet I have not rest and I thanks Jack.