Bradfo Sho, Ep. 62: Why Tim Britton is going to The Athletic

Boston Baseball
Thursday, February 15th

Rob Bradford is joined by Tim Britton, who is leaving the Providence Journal and the Red Sox beat to go cover the Mets for The Athletic. Bradford and Chris Mason of CNHI extract Britton's favorite memories from covering the Red Sox over the past six seasons while getting a deep-dive explanation of why he has become one of a legion of respected baseball writers to join The Athletic.


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Add road show. That's my open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Where you don't like. Brad show. That's delicious. Farewell to Britain fare well this is these is the farewell to Britain podcast. Typically have you been on the puck through twice three times. There was the polo in Britain pot without really do I mean I think you started at pot that's just for that wanted to those those who have the start of the Bradford so. How many times have been on that the breadth of shows songs the last well W net that's all that map. And everything before that didn't make a difference anyway that is to Britain. As we sit here right now all along we check my watch. He still be Providence journal but what everybody everybody knows this I know but to tell you anyway because you if you have. If you didn't hole if you bit Medicaid. It just in case you don't know. Tim Britton is leaving the Providence journal probably a matter of minutes right at me literally want to get on the plane from. Fort Myers you're gone right well a good time in the right through the weekend you are but you know that guy you are. And out. Well it's kind of a special treat for the province readers. What you're going to be athletic kid and the title this podcast is. What the (%expletive) is that Illinois athletic. So anyway alongside Hitler also Chris bass because they figured. Chris is known about him ever since they were kindergarten together right here we go way back up and took both of them. It is that this is down. All you do it you attribute podcast went. That's what's going on there. So what what's left and there's some monitors in the away. It's all things are here so Chris what you should be and he's he's known him. Four since he was just a young lad. And ADP data you work with them the last few days where I asked him. Spring training worried Fort Myers where it one of the broadcast through them. And and I felt like it was important to do the job he does not want him has meant so much of this podcast. You offered one of the best sort of gifts which that you getting in the car has to do podcasts. AA AA human and you've you've you've been there but we need to use him weather's been on the podcast. What is. In your view Jonathan Papelbon on the phone which I can honestly think Christmas lap. Tip they have got lessons we reduce the hostage that is what the cause of yours that thing right so. John McDonnell. If I were co hosting the hot stove show and we get apple law. And tell him that I'll come down I'll be a third guy. And he walked about two miles in the snow correct that was that was the only went there isn't. Like those like it was at negative 35 that's why this guy gets hired by the athletic because this guy. He walked forever to get there he knew was good for the brand. He he comes in for this hour of the hot stove so we interview Papelbon. And you know obviously I know now on John McDonald played at the plate toppled on. Dead. I've never been an interview where I actually thought somebody would ask the question of somebody you did he did ask one question. UN UN and other dogs kind of we're back for your joke yet both have good relationships with them. And I covered Papelbon for one season and that was my first season and others that outlook add to those letters really wouldn't you know it it's kind of the Al Leiter years that gave way to think about what if I did cover why did cover you're not really wizard yeah that's the foxes I just didn't really know how to go about it that you're so if I can't cut it was like. They hate happens to break the front surely you can and who doesn't love a good option. Though. Anyway if you remember where it was an interview that. Guess he got businesses because. Sixty that I. But yeah I that's why you live it where you did because treasury note you have the common sense not uninterrupted views. Then and now you're athletic I do you wanna get to the athletic a little bit first of all Chris tell me your favorite to Britain maverick. Well this one right now and that's pretty good I only met them this morning so I think that terrorists. That spirit up let's. So took Britain young man who came to us. Viewed New Jersey. He he has evolved into me presence on the Red Sox beat you now he's going to be a presence on the mat speech. So you started him to go back you started your doubts eleven right yeah OK you're this is the first you're going to be you early in turning somewhere. So I had entered and in 2009 cover of debt and guess what attacker hit a good job at the problems journalist who left did Marbury did Barbara Schuster okay. And were you nervous reap we're hesitant what was the one of the efforts besides being a great job. What was the first few lines I mean I was nervously you know I came down. Completely the second week of march to start I started in the same week of February and in the office all time we're right at Pearson down every kind of split surgery Brian. Tired before you get it in there you're already Phil Ivey was hard for Shoppach no not subject for John McDonald Jolie on. Go to. And I think. I didn't know how much they didn't know you know one of those with a look at Donald Rumsfeld they've been don't know of the unknown unknowns. Are all your cocky. Full sixty minute ago I walked in late you know I know how to but it covered. Teams in New York I know every keyboard which is stuff this tip got a perfect score necessity T want to do. Anyway continue. Thanks tat that's an. I've and it covered in New York it's like the have an idea how open the media would operate a big market. But the thing I didn't understand balking in the Red Sox are you know who's on the Red Sox you follow baseball. What you'd just be like oh there's like sixty guys in the spring training clubhouse. I'd I don't twentieth them late and I don't know what the roster battles are I don't know but back into the rotation really well. I don't know the difference between the guy. Spring training you know if it. According to this you see a lucrative stream it Michael achieve this the top prospect desserts for trading. And until he was a non roster decisions and is there for the achieve results to you yeah. So they've it's like it's yet if that. Hope so I didn't know those things that I didn't know what what mattered very I didn't know basic. And late. How to go about the job they did you like I believe I've as the entire clubhouse ones because I thought they're playing. The twins in Fort Myers woods went to that park and I thought they're like two hours to be evident to view it always. Or you. So you go in right you know so you go into that clubhouse in 2000 mile that you're dropping you you have Brian Vickers who are. My thing is last name right McPherson. Macvicar is the first real 150. So you guys ever for a long time you were you guys on the Providence journal Obi and so you go in Europe you're the guy you're this Tuesday. Shock academies phones there you know you talked Joseph McDonald and Barbara yet it is is it did beat them beyond. You go away and and was it like oh my goodness he set all the things he said before but I actually then. Light to actually doing the stories interviewing the players this was it different than you thought it would be well let ever by first interviews with two co feels very. Attitudes. But put that first story idea mrs. you know among them is for drinking let Kobe Ellsbury moved from what he'll back to center field this year already get the scoop on this and it had not you know not understanding at that time like all of this stuff has been asked for months yes that's in the offseason not even just spring training. And Jacoby is is that briefer than most in answer so I think ass and like fifteen questions about a minute and a half you did you Wear your of these guys who try to figure out cracked the code. I know there was code. Like I didn't know I you much better interviewer now that you were then a I think so I get that was very formal for stress they didn't know how to because you were taught at duke is not sure if that reflect a fear. Everybody in between really have interview classes that. Yeah but by you don't go to you guys all you good journalism class and they like this is how you do it. And that's where things I think gets lost in. Sort of going from that world this world is that no no players for the same view that this isn't. There is a cookie cutter way to do this in so if this is so he can only learn. I think number one being around these guys the number two just being doing this job. Right yeah I ever got to persevere and l.'s very like walking away being played well know like I've Hitler. We'd better question that didn't know. It about this like I have like four different ideas on the right I was like none of these circuit I need to cook all this stuff. Do you Chris you use that you've been on the beat since last year can you relate to that service up. Of course then I don't know what's the mentality going but all I'm gonna get this like this and this is exactly how light. Maybe crack the code that you would put it. And then it just doesn't happen you're a top that's when it was cracked the code yet if it is I'm gonna keep trying I bet if. So but you know it's yeah I think it's him. You know you started. Like me tell you tell you when you start with all blurred. And I sit out the Latin seems. And a Nazi like you'd be out yes like 2012. And Barbara that you know you know I went to because. I guess the first memory I have is why did you do this story nick who Doherty back before the rest or right it's rooted in my view well yes the whole interview with the next thank you do that yeah the it. This plug it in Britain memories in this is again this is likely to Britain's celebrity roast than her who thought that you would have never gotten. Now you're that you like well a lot of people do which we do this farewell thing and you come back tomorrow. I think half hoping to get it that's the place about buying dinner tonight at the com yeah I had to listen to discredit that's. I don't view that we acuity. But you also remember remember. So I think that you went to view can never liked if that moment in the what was that was up. Apparently have the same trip tell that story by having. And telling well I think believe it was a quiet clubhouse that day Pedroia was in there that you might be the only median of the moment. That there is kind of adapting you. It's there isn't a usual but it turns to me and then does and I don't think Dustin knows my name yet. I think easier yeah that was you really just the whole life. I'm picky guy and basically torture and death. Yes to look the media if this is they would you write when you do. I think the public at the fray you know it's very notebooks they also note that none of that opinion crap brat of a a couple of other yeah note that it don't trust me was that and you of course you look yours you're certain facts about aids sit here today and that doesn't argue with the school. Compare. At a dental doesn't you can youth. Have your parents you know I couldn't do a bit theatrical and didn't let that not well. Because that nowadays you all of this group with with hit lasers make a lot of money. Hadn't seen like the hottest girls on values say something like anchor yeah yes canola and I. That yeah Michaels in the statement just didn't work out differently and it's that at bat fifth act. At that moment with about what you're extends it in the Red Sox club other cryptic a year and a half of play but the moment where you said that it's that yeah illicit I want that you've got to lose it worked out you got it round of laughter throughout Iraq otherwise we're rose clubhouse the and not so I was so proud to hear him back then yes that was that was really the turning point yes. So it only goes so you get through 2012. Due 2013. And everything else what did you feel like. We're that you feel like did you ever feel like OK you know what I hit my rhythm and five I hit my mind sort of strive act it figured out how to do this. And I. You know yeah I mean in real sort of feel that way like all things that both of you guys have articulated that's how it feels like I get I get that. It but it's what you get to that moment I feel like where you set I have a story idea. And I can execute that's right you know almost no matter what story idea I out. IQ by DeWitt executed you know so maybe these particular guy I want ark but I can get the other gadget I don't know when that when you start feel that yet and I think it was. Difficult the first couple years because there's so much turn over. With the team you know that that man for different managers my first three years to for general managers ever raptors went eleven when when Francona and Epstein left thinking this is probably good for me at you know everyone else has built in reports that these guys that I don't have. So that'll be a good press started you know rely on Bobby bell there there was a bill to report for some reporters balance on it and and Bobby and I never quite jelled. It was built to report people have a Tareq and you know that I that built one up myself with him over time. And then you know you guys give John Farrell from time pitching tonight that it didn't have that either so I never really have that fresh start with someone wrote felt like it was on equal footing with the guys have been here for awhile you might Silberman might chunk of data. It's actually 2014. With price you know it affords you the deepest part when it fell late. I do the players on the team a lot of them have been there for a couple of years now there was some. Our roster continuity between thirteen and fourteen so whenever I have an idea Buick okay we're the best guys do to work this out with. Who can sit down with 415 minutes for this story. And it was able to execute my ideas that work in what was that was the Valentine will you have two of the biggest we'll be better than anybody. No I've had a bigger ones since that was. It was a really blow those kind of passive aggressive yes. That what you asked a question about robots that umpires or something no no. No I think now the credit I don't but this isn't might be here right and by caveats. He had not pinch hit will little Brooks this is the time this environment where maybe you whose middle Brooks in the AG Gonzales and trying to find playing time for all of them. As agents played right field appetites this gig over the defense. At least begin the downlink three runs there's a runner on ninth spots coming up and he could hit Cousteau I think it's at a middle Brooks. And so I said it is the reason you didn't consider Miller Brooks that you waiting for him in the tying run which is. You know probably what he's doing it but still you know it could sit prayed like the one through seven hitters so it's these pension benefits. He goes yeah. It's fallen along. And the leader Nazis did. That life Britain yes this is this is greatness you probably results before my time. Oh well listen this is good learning experience for what alluded to go crazy. Bob because. It Ito so Bobby go die you know it's sort of you know he had gotten some yelling matches that other people and everything else. But act toward the end like you guys. It was that you would rather just view it was mainly me okay for some reason you got your view. I've got its cross yours I'd be like bringing up random things that press conference including including what was the figure that while. So when it happened was September day of the game where they pinch hit for Jose Iglesias that. And so I've written basically. You know I don't write columns or maybe one column a year that this was an opinion column. A country where it told us to drill here and they don't write that he's pushing you better person right. That you know the Valentine's schools about your Google the organization clearly different at this point if this can't was listed can continue. Did you cult hit all throughout that he's never said my name or something. And then I think it was the next day or did two days later where he would have posted the lineup right away. And so yeah it comes and for is for thirty. Preconceptions. As I know it all the lineup up yet but we're gonna have to you know Tim I know that I don't read your paper. And the balance the lineup yet. Ask those gifts to load he says there was an Ali's it has been since then a bigger blow up yet that those that I'm a he's got on the job tonight John Farrell and I had a disagreement over story had written to what was in my last year two sixty. Try to remember what that was what was it does this thread died. Brooke Nelson's manager doesn't listen podcast and where it didn't like judge didn't like how it frees certain that you have broken down you have broken down. Basically my lately it was like three late game decisions and decisions that you were they O negative no two were positive and and one was but you didn't call you in the office. So does that how does that of that war. Good for Chris will be you can have a Mitt popular item bloke that anybody yet communities who work. I'm really not yet we not as good we're teaching go ahead yeah. Yes you could there was an off day after the stories he would call me and yeah. Generally just talk on the phone yeah I called yesterday united liquid you had written work last night. Can come in the office tomorrow replying to Minneapolis yeah. Say yeah I got there early in Minneapolis. It was 95 degrees. In the city of but the dugout and I detect it and I'm here let you know once sat. And it currently viewing it what you're sitting outside the principal's office or something. It's called me and and we discussed my story pretty well it was more than I expected really. I honestly I don't. I've never am. I've never been an outline where he's yell and let that I'd you know I'd known happens. But it is what is it like fourth I divorced my you know my six foot three Freddie and I will outline view you young reporter. Like I walked in and sat down you closed door kind of forcefully turned started. Started. It's a bit. Good. Spew in my head what I was going to say that behind you would use mad about. And it wasn't that so I don't know what we I thought he was mad that I had to I had done it and asked about something. The night before like about decisions that I got into that kind of devil's advocate why do you. You did so the other and I thought to be met today taking a quote from bat so. Basically you run out idiots like him you know another elegant yell and that I I set my keys. That it you know on the mild mannered guys that are probably as authoritative wouldn't think anything. And we kind of went back and work for a couple minutes and edit the you know what what we respect it got down I was out by the end late we took hands. We respect each other agreements they had laid out Bobby what about past regrets an electorate let. I don't like this come in the office let's let's deal about it and then later that day that the Catholic the first request and that is why I think that's. A big baseball that's underage thing that it is isn't enough anyway don't like the actual pay your prom you know let's talk about this confront you know. Each other out it and then get through the usually get two better played almost always get to a better place I think you go back to. The you know last year you know went with all the stuff that happened you know like. Which let's let that is what happened talking reports Allah I mean today and right think about like when bill that would look. That was price but that was the same thing and it got into it or so they talked about a little bit. You move on that's space that's that should be baseball and usually that's how it happens. I always tell a story when I got and with Franco one time. And he's really many gallons screaming neon. And I try to elect and I'm like Sam what is what are you talking about art initially try to make my point. And he's screaming yelling screaming Yao and this becomes clear. And I don't know that was like that that you just are gonna get through at that moment and so I always help people said well you know. You you can do that the bingo like. Composed the email because you never articulated like you that right it's like getting a fight with anybody. You always think that hey you know what I I left this on the table I left this on the table could pose you no more thought out and then you know. But the wood to cook meals erupt from the scripts for yes well that's every bit. I don't problem that at least he's prepared yet so Chris what you do get into an argument there you go Aviv is that is like do you envision it. Yeah more or less I mean. Of course I'd prefer the John Breaux route it's going to be address like RA this is what I'm upset about let's talk about it. And I think there's obviously right way to handle these things are wrong way to handle these things and most of the time he goes the wrong. That's how baseball is an aggressive move and I appreciate that was it was. Hours before the game so I don't you didn't know about the other and you didn't know about it I don't think that he knew about it so you know I treatment weaves between that was it was not like it not tampered 2012. The door wide open it. Then Bobby I'm in shock at risk free begat. Undercover luck with everything you remember literally a few feet away yeah I and that there yeah that's beaten you with its as did the best thing about it was. The very bad shot locked out blow with a couple things with a couple things it was like. That number one. Net. That basically. Beat date back it was locking up and down a hallway. Go whether it's true they should be great up faces like sort of laughing because he'd out order you Bobby for what he wants. Bad job. At the the other thing was. Bobby finish they finished our great data walks out and he couldn't hear Bobby. Ric Flair. Really that was that was a real Toppert. This is it like Bobbie I just wish like he wasn't it if you with. The entertaining that year I've been wildly unity everything. I mean after the myth that the big trade on August 25 what there was nothing to write about it and at that trade except for what was going to do is. Yeah I had that interview and the aisle my goodness oh yeah yeah if it's because the -- say yes although you're liable to punch you in the nose interview but. All the way up to the very last day of the season it which would should it be like yes season's over whatever it left. Do you feel like you Vietnam been undercut by your your coaches yeah up. An update to clog our good luck getting your job next year so anyway that was you know so that you that. You mean come on AB in Boston the Boston Red Sox. Is you know this is. But probably a good reason why you've gotten the job that you wanted and which is you know what should be viewed as this is not easy EP this is different goal despite what you know be used as about. Where since you couldn't beer the reality is that. It's it's all consult all encompassing beaten we're down here it's free trade Chris the first time you're down here it's like. If you've got to feed the beast more than any probably any other time that you've been doing certain that you did drop in the B last year and but this is like okay you keep feeding the beast keep him newbies and why you're feeding the beast. You also I think they get creative idea. Exactly that's that created I think creativity toughest part when you're doing this like every day it's like all right I like Hamas on the new and like outside the box that it definitely you come down to spring come up with like five or six ideas demonstrators. And didn't click OK this is this is a I don't wanna tackle the first first speaker to. And and you think. I only need to come up with ideas or be more like he'd vote 200 in the third quarter of this kind of thinking this isn't just city you know for a few days in in you know you're. Okay you didn't do it through from. 8 o'clock in the morning on and then I took an hour now and now like okay Tim Britton farewell dinner. I walked up to continue in writing and editing it's our podcast throughout the wee hours of the night but it's you know it's it's it's good to have. Apps of stuff even though the Red Sox are at. The at the top with the draft beer Q rating isn't great right now still Leo. You can see I can see I don't know if you noticed that begin through web. You can see he was getting ready as you pointed out earlier today there's a reason not putting. And what is what is the title this going to be a farewell that separate us. Welcome to AD our president and we believe that we may trade via credit to Britain Virginia Martinez. Podcasts. Yes so what's the best advice I ever. Best advice you ever gave me. If if we. Did you back it up you are now I'd rather not publicly at hypocrite about it it's not my favorite story about you death. But if this is me Gmail or edit my favorite thing to have come up. With about Hughes it was your tendency to not it is the second year that you have. And so what that it had real and only pitched an inning and two thirds of it that you pull the Bradford could end up with that it. Kind of philosophers bears that yes but my micro satellite with much more delicious than ever you are. Over the past several. Several late night dinners were. I do is let you know. Could see other people need to realize it. How how did creative on the need how to know is that you know it would everywhere else. That we've had late night dinners where you ripped everybody else. And that it. Everyone else does the job god what you're always better if and that we didn't think you write. That well anyway you do the good thing that amazes me about that took about as the Martha Stewart didn't ya this is that the wicked witch from behind. More expert every idea what you're Serbia are you don't I did that didn't want to admit that. Oh like I wouldn't well I don't know what that. So in case you haven't you might care part feels story which again it was the UK with the well so if that's a good example would be so. Alex spear interviewed Judy Markey is to keep it keep as I interviewed charity are. Job for twenty minutes I thought that eating dinner last which is fine you know it's everyone's interview that. But it's you know I have to crack something no end and is finding out what do big thinking typically Alex though the bigger thing. So it's it's you find a different way around it honestly. When you're the one thing is that you we talk about headlines joking about it degrading to eighty marquis is. You have a good way of presenting the story in this is this goes a long long way it is this might going to do journalism class. In saying the headlines are more important in the story and it's just the fact and now we bought. Who is more than we have it right well you how you should write your headlines like this week I mean you have to do. And I did not feature that you can't guarantee you. But it's but but it is that you I think be looking at you or the way that you presented story I don't know when bats which with me but certainly you've gotten. You understand I think you understand it better than most obviously I'll thank you well know but I think what they'd I don't know if you feel that way it I mean they're the biggest. This because in week. You can't know what is going to be your (%expletive) if you don't get them to read yours yet right I mean that's the Ria. Yet a different times or about sat down have written a story that you know like look at this is that the nuts and bolts of it. Other hit and America you know sometimes it posted online I've read the headline not always but that craft tweeters on the lake what is selling point of this story. And then I realized that I had to read the first four paragraphs that not basically this is the selling way entitlement that all the ninth paragraph didn't like you could be a selling point could be crap in the first few paragraphs still if you. But kept it to read about it like it you know I've already clicked on some things that I'll never moments I'll never get back down year's spring training. For you don't do those people you can only do that so much so for people cast on it yeah yeah I think yeah yeah like I clicked on an unnamed person video. Yet today and I was like tough shot. And and but you're right because now not that click on their videos. Brett and the United States I will never get that moment I think Chris your go to this to you like your own witty. Your witty Tweeter right I forget where you what did you what its name is something suggested. Because there just I just thought this past whereas some things that you just. Like stories written early. August feels yeah with it was often one of these mine with pension abuse him and I forget it but it was going it was a very short thing but you've beat that's another thing that we've learned right I think you're of the mind. Beat everyone writes different in and I think at first you were like few long form guy which you've probably like you know I'm right. And then you know I don't know it was a newspaper edict but you sort of like OK I can also view the shortage thing that I read our our stories that got shorter than the only problem. Yeah it's. Probably out pregnancy earlier. It wasn't that now that's again the headline. How World Series hero else recommend cut a template for us feel better. Out west and Dunkin' Donuts. I don't want you wrote that Dunkin' Donuts and Dave Dombrowski but likes you raised and how you phrase and again. So long lines like if you want to dictate our breast your to go to the site had not done not oh. And you know if I were all usually that leads to some sort of sponsorship and for each side. So. That's what you know about the mindset free stuff. Get people read by big hit you're so runs on the this that it except when it's on a wickedly great. Us so well but you know food that we. Sort of bury the lead here you're going to be athletic. A lot written virtually every other baseball writer in the higher country. So I'll update the missiles are going back and forth for the title of this part gas. Initially was going to be why the (%expletive) is everyone going to the athletic it might be the the memorial to bring Gloria podcast. It was more of him but. So wired Columbia. I think it's more money. And that helps it's also a chance to kind of do the kind of reunited listen though belonged for substance that more regularly I don't know if you didn't use the same public television coverage today so. Give me that dynamic IR him. Are you fascinated you talk about these late night of ripping on other media outlets but it because like I got great stress and it actually quite figure out why people do things you know why they're doing it right why they do it wrong. You know I know that we don't want people on the beat aid I think it got passed a little bit. But they were on it are two parts to Barcelona parcel which as I don't always like. Yeah you should learn something from Barnes to view of the right exactly that dated but. We also learn something from so I'm fascinated by it so how is what is the I know you're honest you're starting next week. What is sort of your your template of the direction like how. Howard you got the negative things I think the selling point is that you know the stories that you want to read the most answer is that the that you sent out horrid. What's in your notebook and they aren't what's in your game story. So it's it's kind of the other story that you can do that explains you know why this guy on a hot streak it's kind. Of thoughts. And I think that's something that that whatever it blasting. You know why let what I like about Providence journal has the chance to write those kinds of stories that are fairly regular basis Brian and I were good at them were able to write those kinds of things to. You know they're not as good when we met the third story here right in the course of the day and or not. Promise and you know we all do this we have the new. But this through these days a perfect example. Where you have. Moves you bet dinner vote arrested David prize Chris Allen yet and there. Hockey for twenty minutes out of whack him and you if you don't post something else guy that you don't post the little things that you're gonna feel guilty because. You know everybody else's post and little things but. You have to get past that mindset and I had something like that at the athletic is trying to do. An outspoken house before ruby in Iraq the but the ESPN sort of Scott Walker yet again if it along those lines like not writing quite as much. You know plot writings sort of reaction or. So what is it that sort of rightly you know I don't. Yes if they don't do the rapid reaction what that got out the window I don't think it's finally the only life I feel right it's it's kind of what the story today it would is that the stories that it over the course of the baseball season you know the every individual gave itself doesn't matter a whole law the it's kind of where is it. It fit within the context in the narrative of the season so kind of you know you watch it and say what what's most importantly let's say the Red Sox lose a game to nothing. Brian Johnson from each shutout innings or something on April. For so they don't want you writing one story that that is my the you know it's it's at least one but it's it's not kind of but it makes you get what they want there are gonna ask you human notebook are right it is no notebooks. It's it's no game stories so it's kind of what is the most important thing coming out of there that day and if there's. More than one obviously. What you said it probably you'd. But it probably external sounds like you know they've let you give you some leeway if you some slack since that write what you want. But you b.s really don't want you to mess you know the Nazis in this. If that you know for guys' heads. Forgetting you know they don't like it border Rodriguez's knee condition that they thought to write that that's still and that's still like the lead note rather than something else you know and that's what the outbreak that's sort of the way it's going but it's still hard to. You have that feeling of I'm missing this I'm guessing that as long as your boss is all right like Chris like your sort of I would imagine they want number one you know you can't you. You they're all gonna put probably one story in the paper right yesterday artworks like it's it's you know they're probably the thieves were demanding right right. You want you won't we want your write something you dressed. Yet yeah it's like. Base that up front you ended it stinks or did they were like kind of go like. This this week isn't a great example just because you have all the big on Stockton but for the betterment eagle off the U trail tracks on this or that no one else has but then in the meantime on the three blog posts and you know call that the visibility they wanted to know what having the newspaper think. General enough notebook. So it so what the nuts and bolts like Cora. Art and there's like some things to pick through core right. And you know that's feeding the beast that's like you can you can block that stuff I can tell you what kinds that you can't. All right I did fire blog entries I don't write another column and probably some Mike the free market probably do this other outlets who of that mindset. You know that's. That's hard to get past I think bright but like you said your boss' record it. That's that's all well and get it so what went without a tough decision you're from New Jersey. Bomb and so they give you the opportunity. And to go there by the time that you went to the athletic than me already obviously Rosenthal there. That's sort of the center piece and then you buy you have. I mean these are needs that we've all heard Brett he goes down the list they're all going to they're all jumping ship off of not only sort of it is not quite yet the newspapers they give The Herald guys all set I don't interview I I wanna go interview for the I would blank. There's so much uncertainty but a lot of these guys who are going athletic they are coming from places where you think you're gonna fold it that's him it is a very real I wanna go there. Work Brett and you got people beating the LA times and Newsday Houston Chronicle. Those are our in. In some parts papers were stable those are relatively stable papers. I think it was easier for me you know I've I've was hired leaders in that everyone else. That was that cash is there already that what are your dotted if you didn't see all these people. I think that if they talks to me if you music I wanted to October I mean that that. Don't know what it would have been a different interpretation of it job. But I in that I had done this for for seven years and that I think are you looking forward to like this you don't it was. There's still uncertainty that it is uncertain with everything but. They look forward to this. Maybe even more than like if you went to this say hypothetically you got a chance to go to another newspaper. You know look important this more than might even bigger newspaper guys step up from the the province here. Because of what they're allowed. Use one there are no steps up from the Providence journal as it is it is the top of latter. Remember that we get an optimist so. The suit I think I am looking forward to more because it is more different than that because there is some of the since you're able to kind of craft. What you want about it you know this is how to vote. A block of stone's throw it down there and they're giving you the tools to chisel it. It's not where to go into a newspaper to be hard to say okay we need dated notes today when he made notes tomorrow when he dated notes on Wednesday got down the line this kind of chess play with it and then commit to your own thing live more than network for good today you know no video showed no podcasts. Know move sort of social media. Like did that none of that I mean this is district right. I mean we're we're on social media. And I did so there's been disgusted. Of podcasts coming up solid you know but it might think you might think it is that you're you know abuses. It's a great opportune shock in this business are it's great. In hand and I also like when the guys you know but it. The higher ups they were like you know they did this very people's statement whatever that was that we are going to take out newspapers but it. There's the redevelopment update good you know people are enthusiastic. You're. You're going olive on this and it didn't the shock and off hiring people weigh in right now with these figures they're backed up what they've. So that's a good thing. I'm but you know it's the the actual jobs where you just go and right. Think Chris you're gonna use you gonna come to understand this. When you go to Mexico Beverly you should if you could retire there for all I know I don't know that we got my title incest or bust out of youth as there were frantic I know all the people there are lots of nice people. But it until they changed that game I've always that you attributed Rutgers failed news front the Gloucester times. Runs in Alabama fraud now yeah sometimes but your cubicle division Lawrence at so over the F what do I worked at work actually go through them I've ever I never thought the optimists but it's. It is so rare in this business to be true. Actually I am going to write it I'm going to hit it paid a normal wage it's. And this is. These debates so. So out of the short Abbie good for the athletic for doing that that's why basketball podcast preview of its media and that stuff. Because it doubles always like you do you all this hype it. You know. Along with writing dude you know run a website that's beside the point. But unity Kurtz you it is council's meeting occurs you don't do and that's and doing. And that's fine because that's part of it right now so if you can get if you smoke if you got. Good review. And they yeah I don't know. What all of via responsibilities will be but when you know people always ask even in your own Michael what's what's the next step what was the goal of the dream job or something in. You know the kid your dream job is like to write for Sports Illustrated had the upper right back column or something that easily real quick that's the industry's changed that that's not there. No specifics that and so that it appears it was like to write what I want an outlaw yes. Mrs. probably as close as as I get to that at this point in my life it's hard it's. It's harder because of the biggest child get out warmup it shocked but the weather channel is going to be happening is. It I think. All of feeling that you're missing out you know it's edited picking the thing because if you're gonna write one thing you say this is the thing. You have to make it really good rep right because if you do something that oh my goodness this and get ready at all I didn't do anything else it's a crappy field. And yeah but that's still that I think you do find that usually pick the good story but today. You know you gave Pedro Martinez right historic. Been that was the sort of thing that you that you probably going to be doing that right you pick the story. Off the beaten. Track where your mouth or falling out for a story can. To sit down why you so that was. It's going to problems that and I think it's gonna play. We get threats that. Like your oh so you've got a player like I've obligated to do it but the big golf course worries. But that was planted like I wanna snapped my first story you know obviously it's an all out while I was still up and you really screwed over the province journal that's cheating Chris. Everybody crap people. That is used that that's apparent in Britain like move is that how selfish have you all of that culture myself. Okay. Reporter can you had no who's not there see. Is spirit of the law you can try to keep that secret before the ball where you are. Not necessarily conduct relic with I don't know he's on a date with his girlfriend. Now he's not he's worried get bitten wore out that I know about that if you let go to bring her program that her notes is that we're actually good news is in Milwaukee we can be used to such as the walking but you her office yes the Milwaukee dateline when you're store's aisles like what. Susan and this is no better aphrodisiac in the party's capture the problem. So he is just to wrap things up with the athletic you know what are the things you talked about who you know I views today. We have late night conversations they crapping all over organizations. And I. I never say anything you out of ideas let's I listen nod my head that wasn't you get the perfect score VSAT when everything goes there. But it went you know when we talk about these pay wall sites. Like my thing news is. What ever you do you have to this. Everything have to prioritizing. Getting readers to come right it is. All this other stuff it's not it's I watch it in it till you get people count you shouldn't re prioritizing ya like you that's just. It in a lot of stuff but don't even do what notebook but don't we do this stuff because. That's not to get people come wrapped in EU need to hit on things and that's why I think with the op Ed Rosenthal Altman got so important. So important gets away correct me if I'm wrong. Is that you know if you use subscribe the U athletic you get everything that's right yes if I mean naturally all the Red Sox pars wanna read everything I read about Matt. The the good news is they can also read everything about every other guys like you office obstructed but you're you can't just write it it's not if you subscribe it is to New York you get everything that you get Chicago did wrong you get Austin. When but it eventually lose there and get Rosenthal the nationals that well football will be trusted name game you bail out plans to move the Boston is that. I'm it will be interesting to see that dynamic has always markedly different there I mean there everywhere. But it will be entrusting you know where you already have that model website Boston sports journal obviously you have a law Moore did nothing like that you're right it's not me. You don't know yesterday there. So go Pittsburgh and Boston right places so you figure I mean what what's your take on. This jury see how it goes but I mean I figured. I think getting Brooke thought right away it was such a huge thing for their produce where like. I would have had no interest in Mike to subscribe to a national baseball site run off the bat that he cameras thoughts like OK let's. It obviously yeah right so you know that you talked about oh. Guys you have to have that guy that you get up hater right read write or go back to give his right for you guys and when he hit yet and still I like reading yemen's. You know when he puts his mind to it everything else. So but when you. You and you look at the sports right before your if your followed hockey Chris your hockey guys. Bobcats. Right yeah of course right Bob McKenzie that's not the guy that's yeah chapter yet. I'll gets everything right get everything chapter in football. Quote his basketball. And as long as you're doing it I think some of the guys I've mentioned may be relied too on social media a little too much. The blog is your drop in this stuff like here read about it. On but wrote both big and rate right and you may have ownership stake I don't know ethnic but he's been great about pushing the athletic. And if long is you're still writing stuff and not just tweeting out stuff is both beyond. Dan. And chapter and I don't pretend it gets to. The majority of stuff is still going to be social media right it's like a camera there tweet I don't really need to read anything. Rosenthal has been quite he's got notes columns are secrets things down so. More thorough degree that it like it would review join them I think it was like three or four days and when he was there that does trucks but that's baseball right right to be able to read what Ken Rosenthal is right now in Africa that the social media like they have to do is another thing we're gonna. Get critical about all these things. Yacht I think that you know we talked at the beginning of the podcast about headlines been so important you set a note Twitter. Pour the point okay use social media build up missiles are yet to get people to craft and a few law at its. I think too many writers especially in Baghdad it you know you come from newspapers you have ownership quite as much you up numbers to reference. But so many of these writers are like hey listen I write the story as evident everybody come read. That's not how it works it's just not. I mean I think you guys get out but but it yeah it's not. That produced delivered to your front door and you're open you yes and it that if you've got to bring it to people's front door and it goes beyond socialist sending out tweets. It's composing the region's. It's doing me you know tender him a bumble along. Bubbles is huge for room for further athleticism big part of it black and feel typical. It. All of this viti cap app that graphic is it race. Well let's see him we're gonna miles fifty minutes here so what do you miss most what you miss most. You you know the guys on the Mets beat com. You're from that area. It will be to lobby for you forget us all and that's kind. But what you can do it don't I don't give you like dealing with the cup Ryder. I don't know about what you couldn't miss votes. About like covering this speech is it disputed. This either everything. They're gonna get he put but the public dispute is the it's Bigby. Is I think it's closer than most other views that I have no idea had no other V. Where where people hang out outside of workers as well as they do but all of slate just you know Fenway Park is your home park what you bought scene 65 plus gains at Fenway Park every year in front of you know players talk about yeah atmosphere Fenway. We joke about what the zealotry that patent. That in the night where they're not drawing you coast office. 33000. Lights yet thought they're this they're only I told you guys Chris is that I felt obligated to educate him like he's like go all sold out every night right right now. On Tuesday's argument no offense at it with it that those nights where it's not so now like why that because the nit bid giving up outlets to get people who are. So anyway so there's a lot of all night. Scientists there's a lot of success that you know but it does that idea that even got covered for seven seasons three of them they were in last place. They were still relevant. That the park was still relatively crowded for a last place team in August and September those seasons. So there was this sense every you know it always means you immediately the city to begin there down five don't want you get a runner on with one out patently. Sandy Leone at the plate and look at the crowds that he invested in the game again and that's what we've got a little Paramount it's. Out of the back. Something that bossy with them back here but it today in the back room which he's unlikely to talk to them. Yes yes that you're you're you're good you're making this they see you much much more majestic and it really is about you or I get a Iraq didn't match that I can't imagine these young and they're gonna cover probably are now that's going to be who knows I mean did they come and they go in the whatever but you know the Red Sox for the most part even went. They're not good the thing about the Red Sox is that the drama of them not being good is almost got more intrigue and then when they are. This thing when you cover you know you really cares so much whether it is good or bad you care with a relevant or irrelevant and the Red Sox never were. What advice would you give us now he's taking. Late night meals with Bradford you and a generally not eating most violent and that he does it feel much more about this country and I think that the the Euro thing that killed the play you this. Yeah that that's covered from so one unit notes maybe the last time I ever did say it took great got a perfect storm necessities the journalism that's sadistic these men out. It did didn't feel I. It would introduce you to players this business to Britain yet it certainly get a perfect score necessity I still think you've ever actually that's false. When Nick Punto who went in case we didn't complete and kudos to our stories but. Tip wrote his story that basically I interviewed Nick Punto the exact same storyline but because I'm lazy of them do it like the next day. And nick who does that I really liked your story. And thank you but it with a guy over there in the picture options looked good so anyway. Always ahead of the curve that was the example of it we will miss you greatly Chris. We will not miss you if you will be here. And and the person. And thank you for thing all three words in this podcast they're preaching it but the public limelight. You are the tip Britain in the job apple why. You have that's why I have great hope for you to view of that common sense that you integrated what you. He needed to. You bop and we've all her life now will Florida I think says. Yes. Who missed it because you know now well all right do whatever you want I don't care if this is your last time whopper beyond what the Mets and reds eyes of the World Series but way before you go to Johansson and it's right down the street. You have to mirror marketplace you know as I didn't know how accurate it ought. Though I gotta keep giving you the story idea for yet but it thanks Tim thanks Chris appreciate it.