Bradfo Sho, Ep. 63: Welcome to Boston J.D. Martinez Party, 2.0

The Bradfo Sho
Wednesday, February 21st

Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox pitchers Joe Kelly and Rick Porcello for a Second Annual Twin Peaks Podcast, with the trio participating in the longest episode in Bradfo Sho history while broadcasting in front of a studio audience at Twin Peaks Restaurant in Fort Myers, Fla. While the heart of the podcast involves the subject of the newest Red Sox  J.D. Martinez -- a former teammate of Porcello -- a variety of subjects are touched on, including why the Red Sox are viewed the way they are, how the pitchers view their current team and some bizarre questions from waitresses and onlookers.


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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. We're back we're back we've promised. Him I followed always about delivering on promises. He's effective annual twin peaks. Podcaster Joseph Kelly Rick Marcelo also at the data also. The effective. Welcome to Boston Judy Martinez mark your bird you weren't here for now note for the things we did one of the baseball. Yeah party victory yet but or portly executive fuel when heat but yet you know lever for. Guys thank you so much for coming bet if not they if I do nothing else it's like. I've done that yet you guys back Burris thank you that's ludicrous the verse that. An. Excellent director. Rick that is. Those those. You know honestly. When we were. Yeah. That's worked that's where I have to convince them. But the fall off this golf balls to speak about it because I'll tell you exactly how this played out. Right what are weekend. Do OK I interview Rick first we need more port. And we thank you Brad and and the first thing that it took about are we doing between beats podcast. I said that's a yes you that excite you. It's not a political advisor to beer was cold. It was not that now it is through it never disappoints. In all the years we've been doing that it never disappointed that Joseph Damien he may have. You know give me crumpled up sweaty underdog though it is at our. He really these weapons which bothers me he thought god. But it's bill it's not worth so why we're where it's what needs Fort Myers spring training. I don't know this is the first official day of spring training and we should note would it possibly ever come or fight them here. Our fund which is what we're we're through name. In Leon OK well how would remember you a welding and actually. Reitman. We've we've identified that Newton named tax. And and I ice that right away I think you know with the they are very nice and they give us the food in the rank and everything I said. What executes it at the fifty dollars is accused him right it's a game you fifty dollars. And the look on her face was like what's going on is offended you or network returned. Most people who run here probably more than one blue dogs. Apparently ended when. Dollars nearly done these net interest way to leaders. Oh yeah it. This is the company at its new company victim yet. For a lot of cash and reserves of the New York's office and it's our god etc. I did start up yet is that your listeners. Well. He's it was so why this is actually some of that we're gonna talk about. You know go export. Yeah authority it go to my work together and actually you'd expect if this is hardly room I I can't be associated with that that the I don't implement it that's that's actually the biggest question of who could be beards and showed it. But I guess they'll be here and it's only by way of the way and I don't know who knows. All right there's a load balances object that Jo Kelly will be back for no other reason that. You are going to be part of the third in fuel would be like if that seriously guys thank you come back. It's always a good time everything you read you this it's always like it. So far has disappointed that they will get back up but what you back into the out of Kelly gave them life. Not a bad way he told the exe you with a wreath at the podcast it would weekend he articulated that story told a story. Which is stating in a nutshell. You have to be 400 pound guy off that is not a big deal it is only a only after he announced habitat and he damn let's 500. I threw it at the evidence retrieved from the bullies you know in my field honors this guy's sounds. What does it lift evidently there's armed Netflix to artillery can't get up got to keep and that's armored. Could not skinny little wreck is a solicit large scale racket put us spectators since Easter nick viewers you. That's it you know what I do things about it realized through reporting this. It is like yet need to bring everything back yourself that was the perfect example that's at a point. Outlook. But the problem with those subtly subtly. The fact here's what we got it done and it just rolled me I'll be here with the guy up in your your proclaiming how much double it because he. Wanted to meet you go to help look at. I'm self sufficient. Independent man I we'll get back there. Anyway. Thank you for coming out we should touch on the news as we were driving over here that use the day which is the Red Sox. Permanently signing TD Martinez. So here's the debate I had with another writer would so we were having this debate will be unnamed media member and I said. I said if all I heard Chris sales that it what people said we like Kurt we like RT. We are good with darts. And I actually believed it right so I don't know about having this of this before the treaty parties. I believe it because guys if you've ever been on a team you look around you today. This is the team I believe tax cuts so. Now what that did you mark these things aside it was eyeful of who it what if you like the team right though they felt that that was the real thing right now. Jefferson laws. Actors. Teams that say we Laker team but it back there aren't right word we're screwed yet and his team to say electric team and answers it. We're pretty much the same team come back with what it was last it was not the way. It is great to hear it we can't really beat us. That's what I said it yet so it's whatsoever about what's so hard about it. Right now we've got right straight because exactly what you does that exactly what you just about it lately had a video yet there. Yeah as we finish if we finished in last place we came back this year it will be guys got it went over team. You left yet we peaceful objective here example let me hold on. OK so you believe we like their team and I said yes I don't I believe we have JD Smart TV. Right we're really tell if they don't know we love our team right. Screeching like I'd like you I think you we love regret that it will do that you might look I think you are hard this. We go from head over hills book like us double overlap reviews yet it to eighty parts you that it but I I think that. I think I believed it and I give exhibit there and I bill. The object so he's it's right now is that if he can beat you this island here's a look at the office that's not us. Off of so who so by example after 2030. After they won the World Series. Liberties and sit there on the record saying oh my goodness he's looking around all nice guys these guys and Grady Sizemore Mike Carp. We'd be where Huckabee side Nelson. I felt like I believe I believe that you guys with a round in usenet. I think that these guys are going to be better. Right Chiron and I am wrong on you know you're right oh yeah Europe there are so so when everyone brought up what you before dubious. February brought out the of this is they. Okay if that's the point rate but we can beat the Yankees even with with this because exactly it is. What we do that yet right. All right I was right here at this delicate human element like that's what let's let's try to relay this person evidently never played organized boards. With the birds and I think it. EP. Maybe affiliate. The PG EW EEI. ED seriously. In recent sports. Yeah hello Batman it's. I ever remember Zack Morris sat in the grass and today it picnic in an interview to. I had as well well. I'm doing now I honestly that you chizik roof opposite wrestles now I think that that appeared to them you know put this on you know right about now. It's that this is supposed to be required Torre is with what you're right Tory leader Yukio apart and a neat yeah I don't know I've I've I've I understand that I. Question you brought up a point indictments I went to mention. So you know elected how can you guys with this you don't think that was a rip off you know think that they knew that you guys are hardly representative. Right but it nineties and he admitted it. OK okay he says he wants to get the same treatment as wrapped not treatment. Oh yeah. And I hope you guys. A now does it wasn't as natural and organic and it. Are well. Thank you well you don't beat three. Or drinking water OK Mary Garnett you know it's okay. Once you believe yeah. A hired those errors theories. Partnered okay thank you instantly applied I via text that I prefer apple you absolutely it's hard. A cat which you know some feelers out of those networks. Right so an outline apple was like. You know coming after it you book coming out that they can duplicate that I've seen on the right my friend and never been hotter yet it isn't a 147 listeners out there. They're trying to chase it down because of the conference. Now we can I. So. If the spoiler ruler Ali you know when that's the mayor but it missed. Out a lesson we've done some stuff. The site is up. A relatives don't talk to us once. The last corporate average here you know McGrath. All right so anyway are quite quite good friend who has needed to beat the yeah it's you've clearly never. It's really clear we have never been on it. And the post debate that. I committee said these yet I think I was on the demonized like yet Moscow the his camera has thrown its funny and it was insisting it is funny. The cameras in part. If that's what I would just answer if you go your elliptical lightly guarded him. I said you haven't lived on the team and my point was that if you're on the need. You look at the best part of the when we have the Boston media game you know baseball if I look around I say you brown eyes and clean up for us we get it done I don't care grant rates. Oh a and it's been. Ability to you know rate of new developments outbreak that god and and now. Abdur Rossum mop I don't know I don't know plays it worse or close to the use of the night and it is really I can test how it Clinton's Achilles. It. It expects. Oh. Now I was I was bored we be brow but my point is that you that would the route to ask yourself through right. Of course applies to the native. How are supposed to I don't know if what if but if you were you guys have you been on teams where you like it's not talent in this one nobody come off the year he won nine games you can mop you were you when division. But he in the spring training he said. Might he say to you each tell yourself we are gonna win. Like what the least talented team you guys played on I think that guys announcing that. Now that the Pittsburgh Friday. Never. Collectively and guys actually humble and yet we've all. I don't think that the town was that the province the team that knows the worse off. What you did this fraternities are gonna get it done to reply that it's. We had great we had you can't look at a team look at the ross' ability. These guys there had not so fast they're bad but these guys are all bad incidents and a time out to be. Right to say like hey that might not have a hall of Famer in this part of the lineup Batman and alcohol favorable and how well hold him in the starting rotation you can't look at that team like both. Really that is likely can't when he published it before you read but we are both very fortunate that we give it to our race team. And test went pretty much every year currently there look at it we've never come to spring training in like we just sold off every legit player tonight we're not gonna win it. Yeah but there aren't you like that. That we are right at it and I guarantee you and I guarantee you this is my point. I guarantee you like you operative and I'll saintly of the Miami Marlins I hear you ignored and that if this happens if this happens if this happens. We can compete ability as a question of did. If hey what it would air a gay player of mine aren't yet I asked him questions. Are you into a new vision or you lose this and answers you think you're blue in the say yes. Well I believe with a beautiful day with a person who says the media's last on the media won't believe it looked at which you believe that we said it. Not through the statement I'm really which there were violent team beat losers I believe they would believe it. I I said you would be you have repetitive besides eating like the it is all a New York. Well that's that's that's a no brainer it's our bonds. Hundred exactly are running because I notice that it OK so but OK the claiming that pick that back yet there that back it added you can do it for any team leader I have been used after I know that want okay so what was that the team that everyone prepares you guys what is the yanks for obvious treatment he so. They look at this is. Does that say it put it to. It would have been neglected. We have by the way we should note that wait is this one up questions forest later so. I read about it. But with the Yankees it's. What you guys say we are good team we're gonna get better we 193 I team we went division we're good team market humor we need everyone else says well that's great. With the Yankees added Stanton. And then only gonna get better in some ways to do so that's though that's how I guess that the media that dumb media blitz. I'm I'm I'm happy that I. It's not if not don't let everybody. I mean how many teams have been assembled. In the history of sports that was actually create a paper allot any get a month old and it doesn't clip yet upland game so yeah so that's that's why there's so much optimism. In every. Professional sports the innings he's it is you don't know how it's gonna play out you don't know. You don't know what's gonna fire at a much self to find out about it I mean. We'll see that it that there yet they added added stamp it. Maybe we match up really well against him. Maybe he's easier out there maybe he's he's here out of Stalin Castro Aniston really knows how to read actually matched up really well. Who else. Who also aren't these abusers and there I don't know. I'll try to fight so I don't all of our pitcher wasn't this darling Castro have better numbers against our staff and Stan if you go through every mr. I think the average I wouldn't let me do that let me do degree certificate an activist in the end yes but you actually refer to me it's done right. Not only is an in place. So that. We're you gonna get through it. I'll tell you what you're good against what we got Garland I can look I don't I don't know I'll look it up and Leila I'm I'm very happy does not just guides us government. Once. But it's not a matter Mac kept them up here based in. Okay a basement Billick by the time is that is that plus fixed right. But yet if they go on the optimistic but to be honest with these are that's all relative behind. This is a solid justice to a 29 now. Yeah is that when the youngest to look at it when it I've literally Castro like how happy he is no he didn't look at the stats he's the because it was 500 hits the he is been linked it to ninety whatever it is. And I've had more fifteen his at bats against on the Castro then that's as if into my life like if if there's a runner on first base is throwing Castro's. In the back my mind I collect and that. If there's a runner on third base you know with no video a Phillies have a better chance if you know muscling its throat cancer it is an early test to see you will. Which I know that right it's not even notice it's eyeball test for you went on about these applicants against Castro's about for the investor.