Bradfo Sho, Ep. 63: Welcome to Boston J.D. Martinez Party, 2.0

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Wednesday, February 21st
Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox pitchers Joe Kelly and Rick Porcello for a Second Annual Twin Peaks Podcast, with the trio participating in the longest episode in Bradfo Sho history while broadcasting in front of a studio audience at Twin Peaks Restaurant in Fort Myers, Fla. While the heart of the podcast involves the subject of the newest Red Sox  J.D. Martinez -- a former teammate of Porcello -- a variety of subjects are touched on, including why the Red Sox are viewed the way they are, how the pitchers view their current team and some bizarre questions from waitresses and onlookers.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. We're back we're back we've promised. Him I followed always about delivering on promises. He's effective annual twin peaks. Podcaster Joseph Kelly Rick Marcelo also at the data also. The effective. Welcome to Boston Judy Martinez mark your bird you weren't here for now note for the things we did one of the baseball. Yeah party victory yet but or portly executive fuel when heat but yet you know lever for. Guys thank you so much for coming bet if not they if I do nothing else it's like. I've done that yet you guys back Burris thank you that's ludicrous the verse that. An. Excellent director. Rick that is. Those those. You know honestly. When we were. Yeah. That's worked that's where I have to convince them. But the fall off this golf balls to speak about it because I'll tell you exactly how this played out. Right what are weekend. Do OK I interview Rick first we need more port. And we thank you Brad and and the first thing that it took about are we doing between beats podcast. I said that's a yes you that excite you. It's not a political advisor to beer was cold. It was not that now it is through it never disappoints. In all the years we've been doing that it never disappointed that Joseph Damien he may have. You know give me crumpled up sweaty underdog though it is at our. He really these weapons which bothers me he thought god. But it's bill it's not worth so why we're where it's what needs Fort Myers spring training. I don't know this is the first official day of spring training and we should note would it possibly ever come or fight them here. Our fund which is what we're we're through name. In Leon OK well how would remember you a welding and actually. Reitman. We've we've identified that Newton named tax. And and I ice that right away I think you know with the they are very nice and they give us the food in the rank and everything I said. What executes it at the fifty dollars is accused him right it's a game you fifty dollars. And the look on her face was like what's going on is offended you or network returned. Most people who run here probably more than one blue dogs. Apparently ended when. Dollars nearly done these net interest way to leaders. Oh yeah it. This is the company at its new company victim yet. For a lot of cash and reserves of the New York's office and it's our god etc. I did start up yet is that your listeners. Well. He's it was so why this is actually some of that we're gonna talk about. You know go export. Yeah authority it go to my work together and actually you'd expect if this is hardly room I I can't be associated with that that the I don't implement it that's that's actually the biggest question of who could be beards and showed it. But I guess they'll be here and it's only by way of the way and I don't know who knows. All right there's a load balances object that Jo Kelly will be back for no other reason that. You are going to be part of the third in fuel would be like if that seriously guys thank you come back. It's always a good time everything you read you this it's always like it. So far has disappointed that they will get back up but what you back into the out of Kelly gave them life. Not a bad way he told the exe you with a wreath at the podcast it would weekend he articulated that story told a story. Which is stating in a nutshell. You have to be 400 pound guy off that is not a big deal it is only a only after he announced habitat and he damn let's 500. I threw it at the evidence retrieved from the bullies you know in my field honors this guy's sounds. What does it lift evidently there's armed Netflix to artillery can't get up got to keep and that's armored. Could not skinny little wreck is a solicit large scale racket put us spectators since Easter nick viewers you. That's it you know what I do things about it realized through reporting this. It is like yet need to bring everything back yourself that was the perfect example that's at a point. Outlook. But the problem with those subtly subtly. The fact here's what we got it done and it just rolled me I'll be here with the guy up in your your proclaiming how much double it because he. Wanted to meet you go to help look at. I'm self sufficient. Independent man I we'll get back there. Anyway. Thank you for coming out we should touch on the news as we were driving over here that use the day which is the Red Sox. Permanently signing TD Martinez. So here's the debate I had with another writer would so we were having this debate will be unnamed media member and I said. I said if all I heard Chris sales that it what people said we like Kurt we like RT. We are good with darts. And I actually believed it right so I don't know about having this of this before the treaty parties. I believe it because guys if you've ever been on a team you look around you today. This is the team I believe tax cuts so. Now what that did you mark these things aside it was eyeful of who it what if you like the team right though they felt that that was the real thing right now. Jefferson laws. Actors. Teams that say we Laker team but it back there aren't right word we're screwed yet and his team to say electric team and answers it. We're pretty much the same team come back with what it was last it was not the way. It is great to hear it we can't really beat us. That's what I said it yet so it's whatsoever about what's so hard about it. Right now we've got right straight because exactly what you does that exactly what you just about it lately had a video yet there. Yeah as we finish if we finished in last place we came back this year it will be guys got it went over team. You left yet we peaceful objective here example let me hold on. OK so you believe we like their team and I said yes I don't I believe we have JD Smart TV. Right we're really tell if they don't know we love our team right. Screeching like I'd like you I think you we love regret that it will do that you might look I think you are hard this. We go from head over hills book like us double overlap reviews yet it to eighty parts you that it but I I think that. I think I believed it and I give exhibit there and I bill. The object so he's it's right now is that if he can beat you this island here's a look at the office that's not us. Off of so who so by example after 2030. After they won the World Series. Liberties and sit there on the record saying oh my goodness he's looking around all nice guys these guys and Grady Sizemore Mike Carp. We'd be where Huckabee side Nelson. I felt like I believe I believe that you guys with a round in usenet. I think that these guys are going to be better. Right Chiron and I am wrong on you know you're right oh yeah Europe there are so so when everyone brought up what you before dubious. February brought out the of this is they. Okay if that's the point rate but we can beat the Yankees even with with this because exactly it is. What we do that yet right. All right I was right here at this delicate human element like that's what let's let's try to relay this person evidently never played organized boards. With the birds and I think it. EP. Maybe affiliate. The PG EW EEI. ED seriously. In recent sports. Yeah hello Batman it's. I ever remember Zack Morris sat in the grass and today it picnic in an interview to. I had as well well. I'm doing now I honestly that you chizik roof opposite wrestles now I think that that appeared to them you know put this on you know right about now. It's that this is supposed to be required Torre is with what you're right Tory leader Yukio apart and a neat yeah I don't know I've I've I've I understand that I. Question you brought up a point indictments I went to mention. So you know elected how can you guys with this you don't think that was a rip off you know think that they knew that you guys are hardly representative. Right but it nineties and he admitted it. OK okay he says he wants to get the same treatment as wrapped not treatment. Oh yeah. And I hope you guys. A now does it wasn't as natural and organic and it. Are well. Thank you well you don't beat three. Or drinking water OK Mary Garnett you know it's okay. Once you believe yeah. A hired those errors theories. Partnered okay thank you instantly applied I via text that I prefer apple you absolutely it's hard. A cat which you know some feelers out of those networks. Right so an outline apple was like. You know coming after it you book coming out that they can duplicate that I've seen on the right my friend and never been hotter yet it isn't a 147 listeners out there. They're trying to chase it down because of the conference. Now we can I. So. If the spoiler ruler Ali you know when that's the mayor but it missed. Out a lesson we've done some stuff. The site is up. A relatives don't talk to us once. The last corporate average here you know McGrath. All right so anyway are quite quite good friend who has needed to beat the yeah it's you've clearly never. It's really clear we have never been on it. And the post debate that. I committee said these yet I think I was on the demonized like yet Moscow the his camera has thrown its funny and it was insisting it is funny. The cameras in part. If that's what I would just answer if you go your elliptical lightly guarded him. I said you haven't lived on the team and my point was that if you're on the need. You look at the best part of the when we have the Boston media game you know baseball if I look around I say you brown eyes and clean up for us we get it done I don't care grant rates. Oh a and it's been. Ability to you know rate of new developments outbreak that god and and now. Abdur Rossum mop I don't know I don't know plays it worse or close to the use of the night and it is really I can test how it Clinton's Achilles. It. It expects. Oh. Now I was I was bored we be brow but my point is that you that would the route to ask yourself through right. Of course applies to the native. How are supposed to I don't know if what if but if you were you guys have you been on teams where you like it's not talent in this one nobody come off the year he won nine games you can mop you were you when division. But he in the spring training he said. Might he say to you each tell yourself we are gonna win. Like what the least talented team you guys played on I think that guys announcing that. Now that the Pittsburgh Friday. Never. Collectively and guys actually humble and yet we've all. I don't think that the town was that the province the team that knows the worse off. What you did this fraternities are gonna get it done to reply that it's. We had great we had you can't look at a team look at the ross' ability. These guys there had not so fast they're bad but these guys are all bad incidents and a time out to be. Right to say like hey that might not have a hall of Famer in this part of the lineup Batman and alcohol favorable and how well hold him in the starting rotation you can't look at that team like both. Really that is likely can't when he published it before you read but we are both very fortunate that we give it to our race team. And test went pretty much every year currently there look at it we've never come to spring training in like we just sold off every legit player tonight we're not gonna win it. Yeah but there aren't you like that. That we are right at it and I guarantee you and I guarantee you this is my point. I guarantee you like you operative and I'll saintly of the Miami Marlins I hear you ignored and that if this happens if this happens if this happens. We can compete ability as a question of did. If hey what it would air a gay player of mine aren't yet I asked him questions. Are you into a new vision or you lose this and answers you think you're blue in the say yes. Well I believe with a beautiful day with a person who says the media's last on the media won't believe it looked at which you believe that we said it. Not through the statement I'm really which there were violent team beat losers I believe they would believe it. I I said you would be you have repetitive besides eating like the it is all a New York. Well that's that's that's a no brainer it's our bonds. Hundred exactly are running because I notice that it OK so but OK the claiming that pick that back yet there that back it added you can do it for any team leader I have been used after I know that want okay so what was that the team that everyone prepares you guys what is the yanks for obvious treatment he so. They look at this is. Does that say it put it to. It would have been neglected. We have by the way we should note that wait is this one up questions forest later so. I read about it. But with the Yankees it's. What you guys say we are good team we're gonna get better we 193 I team we went division we're good team market humor we need everyone else says well that's great. With the Yankees added Stanton. And then only gonna get better in some ways to do so that's though that's how I guess that the media that dumb media blitz. I'm I'm I'm happy that I. It's not if not don't let everybody. I mean how many teams have been assembled. In the history of sports that was actually create a paper allot any get a month old and it doesn't clip yet upland game so yeah so that's that's why there's so much optimism. In every. Professional sports the innings he's it is you don't know how it's gonna play out you don't know. You don't know what's gonna fire at a much self to find out about it I mean. We'll see that it that there yet they added added stamp it. Maybe we match up really well against him. Maybe he's easier out there maybe he's he's here out of Stalin Castro Aniston really knows how to read actually matched up really well. Who else. Who also aren't these abusers and there I don't know. I'll try to fight so I don't all of our pitcher wasn't this darling Castro have better numbers against our staff and Stan if you go through every mr. I think the average I wouldn't let me do that let me do degree certificate an activist in the end yes but you actually refer to me it's done right. Not only is an in place. So that. We're you gonna get through it. I'll tell you what you're good against what we got Garland I can look I don't I don't know I'll look it up and Leila I'm I'm very happy does not just guides us government. Once. But it's not a matter Mac kept them up here based in. Okay a basement Billick by the time is that is that plus fixed right. But yet if they go on the optimistic but to be honest with these are that's all relative behind. It was so accounts of what 29 now. Yeah he's that Williams to look at when it that apparently is Castro like how's that he is no he didn't look at the stats he's the because that's what department and its he is definitely that the ninety whatever news. And I've had more fifteenth visit that's against the Castro and that's it and life like if if there's a runner on first base is thrown Katherine. In the back my mind I'm like I. If there's a runner on third base you know with no video aptly have a better chance of ultimately answer it is an early deficit well which I know that. It's not that I noticed that survival test and you found out applicants cast cast about for. And everybody that didn't witness. And he. Everything that they've restricted implies that your outlook and a slider right yes small yards dailies I gotta get orbit when I woke up this morning I did not think that throw the Castro was going to be. You know I think that if you know I am I totally believe is that middle name and its Charlie Castro. But it isn't the candidate in the numbers easily. But we'll keep talking about it let me ask you this though. Let me ask you this in this to have this sort of the treaty come received one of the things and I said. The importance of that sort of acquisition. It is and maybe this goes also to what we're talking about it with currently on the middle the as pitchers. When you have to get through in middle of the you're right. You don't get through middle of the order I do but he's got a piece of mobile that runs a that way that you used. They're used to get through middle of the ordered you have guys like oh my god is this getting through this new viewers like working twice as hard is that true. Yeah any candidate. To me it's. It's not so much the middle of the order aims its match ups there's so it's there's there's guys that. Get called up from AAA is just to face me and Christ and they see me well. And anybody else does it could similarly dominated and it's just. You know and it and bad days that guys happens to be a tough out for me so. It can be it can be anybody with a. I did my point is that so whatever went says that all of your are you guys can get I mean there's certainly case to be made that but I think him. It's a lot either get better like would Ortiz is it two years ago whites with David. It's funny we've become which is he would tell you awaits us over there whether it is the name. I would. He saw America. And if side note. Our way it's very very creepy things are waitress was asked this building your ticket it's some sort of video. Really a verse in there. It is to assault under the bill that he joked negative elements there lets itself be like not just you. I'm likely to be standing there isn't hitting good shots at people differently from that's creepy yes oh of course yes yet so. What what yet what's going on. That's just the dog related to beer I wanted to ask the question of yet if that's that you got to he's you know Miller and asked about the week I don't underdog it's not only are you realize I'm not gonna call over a second assessment here about a so let's that you face in the you Banco. Don't party he is it is it mental or physical forward is to become. We'll probably comprehensible that starts out as confident. In the guys to get there a couple of minutes. Race again in its couple more hits and next thing you know guys sixth grade off view it. Basically Aaron got that's. Constitutes being alone. And it turns it on I don't think you're aware of it you know the numbers you watch that video. His dad breaks you get to use of the I know which I like a mental thing like oh my god seeking faces and I yeah. It's sits on the recruiter here which one of the waitresses too often over and over now. He's a guy that. What happened bats. We all can agree to be a great player you're the market. What do you cute little name on it on Magnum. Results right yet read about it so I would say someone under thirty. With 1080. It's. That he may Altman you 1000 now really did you notice that he's a fast because when he 500 enough I think he will I think he did it. Now I exaggerated. It but yet but three dealt pregnancy. Are a bit because. Altitude and idiots that he's now. And he's been hurt like democracy. Yeah so if you please tell people whose lives and it usually turns out another nine years now he's getting a point 500 no view. He currently he's morning. Yes he's got 15100 it's our fourth what is while on and its low altitude is gonna happen when it artists that it's not it's night does not involve. You look pretty well I don't. What put this on the list of what this list on wagers that. That you're gonna obese on the or a number three on telecast it's not going to be off him this no. Help offensively Stalin Castro family throw it neither player like he's knocking me now is a great play the American red glare. Ever see or oppose it it grows it there. So okay. Access networks whatever I wanted to keep him Arnold companies Cesar post wrote that book content just said he could be tougher out for guys our staff. Or so typical contacts media there he goes yeah. I don't yeah I'll be honest here the last images. Yeah that might be. Okay that this could go both of this war. Leon how are you dad Harry. The it's a waitress here it would be huge for me longtime Red Sox fan. The other you have of course. Yeah I do have a question. Snow. This is that you put out applied today. What would you do if not should be KeySpan. That's a great question so let's assume of the pen given the abundance of course but they don't have an emirate Abu. Well Bafana will honestly there's a valley now like nowadays. Yeah I mean when. Honestly it. I'm really bold sportsman's. Despite knowing our team that. I mean I I. I don't know I wouldn't I wouldn't be upset against good answer. Like you did it you be different you beat him any human. You ask don't ask me ask you this if he was put on the line today. And the girl didn't know what that point ones. The blind at it and really abruptly opened and that is very yet so Israel water. No it soon Hoover home at all. The out of my way patterns when he went tomorrow cracked. Happy readiness yeah if you frequently asked him. I didn't that yes it leads me. Yes I left it at that. I'm under the fifth I got a comfortable with the fact that. Yeah Atlantic he come back a little bit nasty to other questions or sign in and out there you know okay. I so we are we're continue to kind of conversation I mentioned the words David Ortiz and you'd shut down but my point wise. The two year old story it it's not the point. It was goofy as the example. It does a guy like David Ortiz does a guy like JD Martinez. You think makes the other guys make it easier to get better. That is the easiest question and answer because of course yes OK that's like asking hey Jordan Clarkson. When your rookie. If Kobe Bryant is your team will that be easier for you to make a wide or just any minute three point because of the open terrible but if not hey how does this add is that. Hey hey Kevin Love. If LeBron is of their teams trying to harder. It's not heard noises that it's integrated. Nothing to do with the other because a great players gonna make a great team better. Great there no not the EU and the players. The lawyer says that I'm a guy like that make a move keep that you'd make it harder for the pitcher's eyes yes because it. And part of his children and sports fans will be harder for so go to Butler is a like if it was definitely I was there on time that's why I've. Talked. It is estimated that with the them places it's not a of that last terrible question ivory. Here's what donuts alternates chosen for us and we don't get we get it yes no robbed a human did not Bradford is out today the business about don't get it that's why ask the question. Yesterday. Mike JD mark you being here does it make you think it makes it easier for these other guys if that. Yeah you relive it doesn't hurt but that OK why. Because just talking from a story pitcher's standpoint facing our lineup when you have a panic TD Martinez so lineup. He requires a lot of pats you're be careful around them probably throw more pitches to. Get it. You know as operative value society down take your votes up guys. When it focuses distracted and worried about it if our team has come up behind rookie bets that you're more apt they stick with you that's. That's a good answer to great answer exhorting Clarkson what are you talking about I'm talking about it looks great players come to a team. He's going to make it easier on the other guys from France recoup from our. And I have a I have someone on my site I hear that doesn't have headphones and he is completely agree. That's a you're tell me that so he let let's is that it's so easy to say that but with no. Outs listen. I like Rick Smith the EE it's an English and you don't get as an artist isn't supposed to go let's get on something else you go to an analog. We're kind of store clerks out yet are OK they're can I ask you but he refused. There. Rick Rick Marcelo you played achieve marquis for a long. You're okay. And and for some of that he wasn't good no without history and I used pretty I take that back that was what it needs. So. What what is that thing if you gonna say yes everyone's excited about it marquis from the right side. Besides the office which you so tell me why at the guy who played with. Tell me what it's like the best thing about this guy some of the best things about this guy. From your respect well yeah half that I please see. He performs. Well obviously. That's what you spartans form so that's. You know what's not to not polite about it and never their church ordered journals they're jerks who don't perform and I. I'm leading you down this path called that guy. Yet not he would sees he's a great guy. And me. You know when you look at the guys rats in the club not Smart to have executed. Perform well helped to win and he's one of those guys he takes us. Hitting his craft very seriously. Diligent with his work. Takes notes on pitchers. At the ballpark early stays late fees you know that's that knows. A hard worker. Look for Baghdad wants to win. Asked about it past about winning. If it's a great club us. Now it's. It says that means. I don't have a lot of bad things to say content on him. I don't know but it occurs in other words for everybody had seen from South Florida has pretty good pick targets that are expected you know that the abilities of ours is not you know. Demons denigrate them Guerrero has yet dimmer the curriculum where. Great serve. Good player I don't know we'll find out liberal about it finals 100 plus the fact that flat out. Are firstly you have to do before the birth. That's a bit about that law again. We so. The question you know niceties on the radio before being here with us. The Boston and he played usually moves. Aaron. Aaron knows we're. Ultimately the brothel. At its person or that a real blow to protect. What's his name. You know what like going to be fun thing but it's clear this. Those that people. So toward. This so busy with the kid how proud I am asking his name. Who has done yet we don't know what's her name. Brandon how old you. Oh. We notes. I think differently now leads every you know. Though Brendan Brendan has taken a bit too with a budget would be an expert is this reminds me torrent of mellow stepson is the exact same thing here. They have the pitcher but what you put the arm around the Euro you got to commit typically this. He let fingertips are accurate records have stopped. He's done. Understandably centers. That's there that's there. So anyway so. Playing a box and I might might think it's my thing is you don't know the guy can play Boston Philly is earth. That's fair. Audiences. Answer there. At this. Moment there. Yet. Now a moderate I thought our economy and I think it's fair to lose there I mean everywhere it's not a budget you mart news. It's hitting coaches. It friends teammates suggests that these guys like you said. He likes playing baseball. I've been like for sale like Chris and help me. He's about like getting it doing the stuff I write in my right know I don't honestly. The well known personalities standings. Whose job it is to. Art go ahead that it. Hello we went second case of I need this answer yeah. Now he's like that wool. Personal. You never know I know you don't. Tennessee guys action shorts the other response to it the one thing I can say about JD sees. He's face of adversity already in his career you know he had. Whatever happens on the Houston got released let go and that takes a lot for data. He gets picked up by an organization that doesn't know basically. Wasn't plane and at the time Houston was not a good ball club up. Reached down found something inside himself and turn himself into arguably one of the desperate as partners in the game now. So there's a slaughters there's something in there and it shows the resilience and that the mental toughness. You know whatever you want cause it is the fortitude suits overcome that stuff and I'm not sane and it's like that Boston's RC a pleasure of playing in Boston. Yet there's there's tough times throughout plant quality in it you'd hear about it but that's who. What what's wrong with that we'll who. Who doesn't wanna hear about is when you are planned well you've got physically get the entire world behind. And that's all you can ask for his players is that's that's better. Friday night because a good answer and like you said they expect them earlier well. But it's what is it and put it on the board. With a put a good group. That's the answers should give him. Like you said to start up that statement you don't know until you go through it I mean this is this is about casting educated yet. Yet but hopefully. You know and I believe we have the ballclub and the tight knit group today out somebody that's been newcomer command and that there aren't you know for their struggles that he can lean on any one of Marshall who's. Often through that that's what it's that's what it's all about being on teams have teammates in the resource is that. You know losses in its providers blows the Red Sox organization. You know. There's there's second on the open guys and you keep these votes from which fields. I don't think it would be doing that if it's filthy ones as well. Was wrapped militaries miles away. But that night next round do that. That's a good answer good answer. Joseph is there unit contributed it's no I'm kind of voted yes I'm just having on the basement. Did you notice I have no idea but he's the greatest so probably not what's the toughest thing pitching Elam with what was the toughest. Obviously number on the power numbers to for power hitter he makes more contact initiative which makes a great player. And the ability to. Not the evil attack. There's always that Hillary could attack the same way you know if it ever ever went very similar and stuff. You get same thing but he is one of those guys that it's just very well also you know if you gut you know of the gas that things in your second way. He's very very big very very powerful and he knows that I own it also if there's five guys in a row that attacked with a hundred pound away. He will hit home runs Rezko or you know there's. Five straight misses at the all up and then he will be satisfied with things double again from this and and the American there. So those with the most dangerous type hitters that you could face that. Not only can change their game plan you know against specific teams as a pitcher. But also the guy that you know you make any kind of mistake get a chance that it would put commerce you can. Evidence that it anger that's it that. The good ones are right where we get sought. The job you know thank you you're injured you're night got a question. Here is case. Employee of the month. At both Eli. I'll remind you heard Joseph Burton went through the crowd is now. Great Rick. I am on there when he thinks eat eat and getting an award in the nuts and I love the man and perform. The sad when you are not playing eight while. Let beat you. Any special talent. Yeah in. For my body into pretzels. Its Internet access their lives on my living room floor and I grant you the truth I watched I watched about darts. The breaking news sources now. Though it were to reach out that question and that answer. What is written were selected view and I'm beaten is anyone's idea. Which I don't know what I've won has to do the other. But evidently it is time in our cars stretching out and middle of living room why Watson. If. You learn everything. Hey you're oh yeah. Out of Arafat missed my answer outskirts of the prevalence me regret basic media. Go to school and bugler needs medicine study draw it on a train those are all you learn about the deeper. You Lenovo media training about how to make some of them were almost were. Now it's that when there really is it's not it hasn't generalizations stretching out now. The pretzel on opposites pocket console but I enjoyed. Yes. It's like thrown darts. You know love lost art line I got to live with that are breaking sell my sister let's go right to it darts that's not a good answer. So you love their path back. And now. Honored that. And I don't answer. One that made so much if not you period name right now. But the knew it acquired if someone else to a death question of the deck royalties development days. We get men Jason online shore up at the moment you there trying to manage our manager Jason. Thank you for so what can apple and app. Does that better energized terrorist major Jason thank you so much for obvious here would be fine establishment. I hope that everything's going well. You liking but I think it instead if you ask the question these guys have some questions well absolutely. It player away guys. You know once it centers Jason. True or false statements now. Okay Roger also all right easy. Triples you both more than 50% of the questions on the it absolutely does it's true ultimately got out on they got on right there okay. They got it's never those toppled or played baseball softball take us far. Don't look at it as is David B you every other questions for these guys. They might do you know Rick my fantasy baseball team and they pride of talk about that but senator not I. I go to the go ahead to the violent year and the outlook irritable and I held at a key word you're keeper who romance of the I gotta be honest those the last here on my contract that means I can reside if they already -- that great question that I recently for the series are geared to your society are right it's. You know we as a great core about the jetBlue now what you guys for a little bit animal though expected units return us out rap on derby I'll leave you box seats I realized that it you know sort of broadcast. Now look fortunate in Jokester Leo what a thorough. You know when you partner that's good on mountain while you aren't it's actually relatively more. But that's that's like that's a good question weakness. People with a fancy baseball route that you wanted to know you wanna ask the person who's on if he shouldn't protect. Like I asked a couple years ago ice at the Mike Napoli he was on the verge I know whether or not to protect. And I says I am gonna protect you honesty and if you don't come through for me you know we honor box my entry. You become wealthy you know about that the department. But that's that they think about the guy that's a good question. You know the girls were thrilled to have you here we've got honestly losers here obviously a lot of the twin peaks girls were here a year from New England apparently. He thought the cut down South Florida not because the recruitment because of the TCU and this is excellent time. Differently from model whether it's a great place to record if that they're there for the hero now I have to lyrics that it is the only place that you get these guys to come. Well we appreciate that welcome any time they do these awful TV interviews but they do apply on hill. And it terrible but terrible and awful but listen the words not mean. I'm not talking about NASA talking about other interviews that you guys and no one. You know the unfortunate thing is that you know listed market we will see these beautiful twenty girls are coming I don't get a combined you know other combine you're right we'll take a picture isn't that didn't get their imagination and I guess that's good socket yeah without great actually my pleasure anytime look forward to see you guys that Jeff will have a fantastic ethnic Tutsis they. Next evidence okay thank you. So it that would you sort of you wrap this up you're up this. We're going to keep go that the humans. The Bradford and or its officers that were floored by it. Before you again this is that it is in is the tournament are relatively positive. By an admirable really do about it. I don't know what else is there a thing about it uses isn't that good all you have forest all I'm not lobbyists say I'm like I'm. What's going on at that kept foghorn. The president vote again to both of Boston. We got a celebrity yes right now my life goes so awaits its cable over and say you know captain blog. I've I don't I mean he's been through that and my guest captain blog corn snow no offense though. Well I hope I'll act to host spot and definitely if I ever heard. I'm content and by guests that you drive the duct votes that's correct that is so it basically goes bigger cubic. That's not your god given. Well not quite now. Readers that I knew that so that certainly everyone at the nickname that duck boats right. Yes we'll have both states be as accurate logic about what. The have to fund won't of the US the calvary which that was it that will be all of that he. So we'll have spared his own guys inquiry when your eyes only working on and we'll have different to hurt this that we portrait. Do you get that picture from now I want it I want to read up on court. Like we have this isn't able to oh lead if you live in the New England Ares Nokia bought more Johnson foghorn. You obviously heroic. For the World Series parade right good to Droid. In old war when he didn't rule for both he went the reverend. Yes unless they don't do vanity. Well politics human the most accurate and we know we it'll simply did not quote written but I didn't try to post them a you have to share the glory with some of the other captains yet. And it but what he thirteenth when he thirteen we wanted to river again. Technically great put it right here you know that the record written here Q what was your votes when it. Levered way. It was it was specific point. The photograph these guys. They aren't. All I want Bryant environment look at the I don't know anything anyway I don't like it's easy if you know I don't like Lansing and you can see where the water. You have. Which is dissent but as my wife runs the risk or hear him. Charlie salutes they're working where he'll sign it. That there is Latin. Walked. And yes well yes fearless Felix too broad knowledge do. I don't know. Well it was oh my goodness well a Franklin Morales. It would not now eighties night. Yes yet but wait there's a big sports fan I realize that you could name all these people on the subject she ultimately a cat and it's really aggravates her that she watches every game and that purposes anything real life and so when he went to the World Series if I get the glory. And I get to drive the chronicle consistently criticized NAFTA that's no not exactly you're gonna walk I Arrigo I have to bring sample analysis and I had deteriorated a hole was still technically have to get a hat I still like Brazilian driver all yet yet to what are you doing here there's all the captains this this be my twentieth season he's captain. You know over all. My mom my mom was so here's a look at via implicate sister's old news that the future of the league pitchers the public. We will get particularly. Well. Get a speed traffic and analyst Doug talked about it probably took my sister. We're excited we're here at the Bradford so podcasts are feared it via twenty this is pretty cool it was not expect this little nobody went with a small world people. Thank you very big world was probably like 98. You know there are new rules would welcome surprise. Human of people is it that you buildings totally. What's a real. I'm scared me now where you're from there a time sequence Massachusetts okay. Well ego so if these guys to bodily humor for you try to be absolutely hope about this at that not a pro active by vice that. You're absolutely right. Good way. I would have been populist Debbie. Well I'd actually do load. What goes down and don't hear. It's gas he has got into the gap down here it's all we didn't you went to the apps easily though yes yes and a favorite. Political. Radio broadcasts and other radio broadcaster radio broadcaster B yeah. Would you like that via yeah he went up to well I rob Bradford. The Eagles it's a bit. What else I don't wanna know is there it was moving closer acted. Let I don't know justify you know listen all the losses stations a look at that note this is that if you might say the wrong you might be in heaven forbid we don't want that so little. Michael smelter Reno. The article captain of our guys thank you for everybody assuming you guys in the preakness crazy. The end of realtors plug on Imus amnesty proposed you guys element that. So we'll grocers Google volley well yes it's good and that's an act as a about that and a half after it published 300. Sri credit you have and that locker room when you cut it there and he said you know ups. I know the captive. I'd do I've got the announcer. And you know those have you ever take minister you're ticketed duck boat or I haven't. Yeah. That'll. Do well okay. What I wanna ask you this this while also asked you last year with what questions do you have for the media. And media were going for rob Bradford I don't know I I'll answer that question I think I always do with that I think it's only fair. I'm a fair person. Let's go to sit down there yet Paul. I'm me I was a meeting that you as that'd be. You make it and what's that actually are down in Iraq literally just again there's that is. That that's politics Matt. What we'll tell what ever since you have you asked me. Ari you said look let's have your net from me you asked that and think of and it added elements that so let's go let's let's take you look at to go Joseph Kelly what went over our replay really get down there because we did it yesterday. Toward you'll respond. I'd probably well. Who has been accused at the Boston Globe for sexual assault. No I agree this a victory here outlets that I don't have no knowledge of anybody doing that. Why is officially running of this yes I don't know I'd I'd lose my bathroom I. Why are the Boston Red Sox last year. Most unlikable it's that's a bonus question Rick you most likable up all the night I know why we need most unlikely. Of all the Boston tea territory to be ready Nicklaus pretty. That's Victor clash you want the honest answer I do you hear us here are honest people okay. It's draws around this is unfair it's. Priceless. Bob I don't auto races and that's that's life. I can't read about it it's all go to vote with its orbit. As law lots of we will let you know acts I've. The he has the answer is that that I don't think enough guys to as a good person houses as a step in the right right. I don't think enough guys shoot that person now these number ones that's what you ID. You what honest answer not yesterday. Go look at. I think the guys that a lot of you guys not answer Uga I honestly don't think you might be some guys in there. I'm good personality that I mean it is that showed the personality a little bit more. Com. And then you know there beyond that it there was a couple of incidents last year that. Sort of make it go the other way and and the other part about it too is that with John John Farrell I liked. Driving on the cute guy. My it was very corporate when he thought it was very measured everything went very. So. I think the combination of those three things. That and how I don't know that was it so that brings schedule like that that citizen may mean they want to murder. One of the artery look at but he definitely you really hate is reality the reds. Is that. With the patriots the patriots win the patriots lose yet no one wants to deal it's bad for business with the Celtics looms. Know once the deal would it I don't know in the media. None of them the public. Like so the media goes with what the public wants it weakens the weather's readership Weathers was ownership for what now. With the Red Sox in this relief in the caves in these guys Steve geared. Is toughness. But it's. When that with a Red Sox it's always been about the story. It's always been about you know if you guys are our crews and have a great year with no story lines is born it's more. If if it's more about the chaos in the story lines at the owners went to the bench today. Right and 90% of what they say it was. With absolutely fine. But then they started doing this thing about well we have enough power beaches the coaches this and that it made no sense. And that is what people are gonna remember. And that's this hour it's I don't know it's something you guys how I don't know. But obviously I'm being honest that that makes the most hated team but it was well before the you know cares about the bruins' number one went out there rate on the other modern day you'll probably make you. I think they have great murder rate team him. Great they have a monthly they're Andy's Sweeney is very dark on your Mike please. Yes hi my right. Let's the most hated but not that I needed them not all the roads are approved the wrote the Red Sox I think what happened last year's team didn't have. Certain cachet. The other teams that you have guys at that we're catching thirteen was going forward because of the Boston. Likewise here isn't this at your gut. You know it's very resilient we don't know nodded her occupied actually I mean you aren't and in 2013. Years he has a good example. It has appeared set up to another thirty attitude on the thirteenth vehicle stolen body no one bought into that team until pockets right guard right. Yes but the team was likeable but not dog. Saying that you guys were likable it was. More about the well it's been you know couple years and it was in the basement and it was this it was that. And then what happens is that people start to get angry because they expect the Red Sox to always be in it. All the way to the end. And then if their heart gets broken their heart gets broken they pick themselves off from December to Oreo and give them next year and then last year it was like. So why it it almost became a different and then a couple of incidents and to move on the plane and a few of the things like that. And it was almost as if we worked part of it anymore. You know we became. Lessen chance to witness I agree with it in this way is that fair or not I don't know. But it's it's like the Celtics could play two terms week OK so they lost and you can just move more. With the red so if you live or die if you're real roads are extreme every single day. The patriots here's the thing the patriots because they've won so much they are the it'll look at the guys who look at the person they've gotten recently. That it. So whatever but still they are the team that won a lot they they're popular team Anna felt that the popular belief the more popular sport the Celtics. There are popular team. See you later bye happy birthday or popular team well. They're popular team because everybody thinks oh they over achieve now and then there's no Celtics dig dug up the college right now they're popular right now is they're all rich quote over do you remember. So you remember when so when at the end of the year what was in 2050. And yet when John gets it toward ethical right. And some of the young guys start playing better. Like that amongst the most energetic and likeable that he has been a long long time. Because there was knew everything was new the new guys are playing good. It just that's how we're wise that's survivor I mean is that obviously it is this like surprise you were. My educated. I gotta be honest I don't. No it migrant season time to write we. I don't you ask you ask the question that's because in the offseason that's what I've been hearing. It is it is. Some it is within our control so not under control it I think what do you think that it's the majority the majority of the guys are clubhouse probably. I'd say it's the only net about us care about our fan base cares about. Reform welfare fans. Next summer that want to see sawed it that you view it's kind of one of those things like how can how can we get that it was that. I'll give you want it goes back to the celtics'. Paul Pierce in this town for a long long time has been reviewed. Okay the people that dealt was never especially early in his career. Hated. Where's Antoine Walker public hated but he was a great guy he was easy to deal with in the media few seasons in the worst actor works in March. That's and it's not it's just the reality and if that seeps over into the public perception that. Oh they you know that you go through the motions or you know didn't disappoint us again or whatever there's the fans. It's almost like a group mentality once it starts to take hold is not what. You're gonna turn one is what's going to emotions. There's guys might know the stand that but it is it's is that it is just perception and its perception yet the perception you're right I mean your guide US what what could actually a lot of pride I must match. I checked right here's the thing in this is wildly. Honestly when you went through your struggles your first year new team out the other side. People were very. Accepting view because you're accountable that the county here accountable. A lot of times it is it is the most important word in Boston accountability in I'll say that's like so. For instance corps and I mentioned this appointed. When I covered core. He with a guy like you get like he wishes he missed upon my eyes its. Plans but the well I don't know where are you. Had to vote that in most of the comments I mean did. So cute so he you're accountable right and we had a thing on the are good for that we mentioned before the reporter wrote a story about him in the eighties and early in the year right. In this big blow it wasn't wasn't a cute story but it was it was its first time at the into the ruts like where he would confront them. He came on the radio. And I mean the few ways accountable accountable like I I would embarrass this of that. I think across the board it's just count bill if you have to ask me that that's the biggest thing. Well. What are the other thing we're. Is that. In Boston. What they're opposed to me it has risen about. It says. The page with the outfit if that knows no other event and it's designated as the outsource its stock. Sox payroll lucrative ever talk general now at 239 million. Is nothing new Surveillance Act circled back to himself as if it voted life does it's definitely. Don't read other than I actually is a that the wizards don't know about it in the superstars of Boston could do no wrong that would be David or tease Larry Bird rate. That the most thought David Ortiz to do wrong. Academy. Killed on the race. Gary real home my very real I mean couple analysts need some that's going OK but. What. Boston fans wanna see more than anything else. And I think it's wrong because it's just the way they know. And I think it's silly. They want the guys that allegedly used the dirt they'll. And what killed this way in the moment violence. You know everybody that I have of that in pro sports wants to kill the that very few people that aren't hyper competitive you know junket does this now. Access it and you'll get below that Wednesday that it. I mean what the west and what's the difference between Tripoli. And a major leaguer it's. They need that much and sometimes. In any market. It county guys up in the league. Should be here for 1015 years and last year. An avid amateur side and it's a lot of it is that the so Baghdad they're mine now I've played while those. I don't think the fans understand. You know they look at it or we played literally replace this who played that. And they look at it won't you don't want to be thrown out of the wrong base your wife didn't you know what you do what happened. You try to do. The most amazing thing I've ever seen in baseball. Which ones it's my 23 you're doing. Review its who. Watching guys just rolled from a field position of field position and they never move. It's catcher throw 300 feet to the other guy and he never tried doing that but it 5000 plus yeah they tried doing that. And I think what happens is the fear and if so spoiled. By the level that you guys play that they wanna look at some of the bills or even tried. I don't know anybody rose. That didn't try hard and maybe this one guy that you can think of like you I did it and I mean that's just absolutely. Let the fans it it was an Arctic and the ones that are paying for tickets. There come a lot display. I've. When I see our club us what I've seen the guys around me. Is different then. What. I guess is being portrayed again I don't read every article I don't I don't know exactly what's being said it. I know the guys that are gonna work with and go to battle with every day and it's a good group attacks have been on teams where it hasn't been that. That great group of guys. Well physically that we took route and it really like we are. You know. There is issues last year. You know one's right but he talked about and somehow someway that we were able to win 93 games back and we really never that are best baseball. Right I think it speaks. A little bit that I agree you know as even brought them like it has been just mail it and say screw it I. Real caring. We still wanted to win. That's and that's just kind of little bit defensive Tuesday morning and I notably as a kid just kind of. Now aside this goes back there what we heard we were talking about did you guys that you can win in Nat dealing with a knack about the woman that he. Everything you said I don't I don't question. Because you're. That was your team what you view wanna feel that way and everything else felt like we said if perception. Is perception and all the tapes. Only like for a couple of years ago. And the mayor showed up and you've bite flat now leads old love play first. That became like how does but how does nearly repairs not have a first baseman became talk for you to do it right to an end and so. I'm saying they're thinking well this is ridiculous but it doesn't make a difference it's perception. Beat the incidents that you're talking about last year. That was perception and it was. And like it for you guys to hold it together and him like he says he with each other when 93 games. That's good for you and that's the important thing. But the way that what the Boston isn't in sort of this we are gonna ride this story line I said Red Sox are my right Red Sox are about storyline right now right right. So with a garage storyline and when there was a story there were some pretty big story lines. You guys could win eleven in a row and navigate my you wanna watch grow right. It didn't Mac make a difference to that first loss. That's. What it is that I advocate with this team. Accountability which you know you guys sort of are probably as I think for the most part you guys don't have a problem at all across the board. Accountability number one. And then just like prove that your good. That's that prove that your good. Well also you know we're taking into account that we will work the radio station. And we're listening to. The naysayers it's like recent where if you read toward you think everybody would that work. You know I could show us a lot like the way can't actually I would not everyone's. Next year but but most of the stuff on Twitter and social media is so damn negative I don't want to it's those of you what's what's going on. Why was on the hook it you might that would people corrective. I mean it is I mean I could not have any idea river I don't know if you block people you what I do what you want nobody nobody council's needed them. I take it where. It's just part. It is good and I. I do what you guys do you have an account but I don't know I'm just guess and I have an account. You look at currently active. Just that I just guess in the Chris Hill doesn't make too much attention to social. Just yes maybe I'm wrong and only those. Trees series and I'm not serving as a Wi-Fi is obsolete. That it created is that a bad thing notes that it. Since the great if that meant the job I I kind of follows name. Sam Allen brought this up Geeknews. And so it's not like. Found tabloids Steve's comment on ages I can't get the car somebody say it actually news media present told me you know there's the perception. Here's a question for your way but but it hold on while I preacher go ahead please note sort of idea you are trying to hijack it. Still crashes might yet be that way this is the Venezuelan freeway Whitney and what you'll. When you would you would we hear you find out about a story like they do whatever story you hear about stories that it was the debate it amongst the media. I don't think that a lot despite Hanley reboot the B twelve more like I don't think that you guys that city VI sitting getting that newspaper that. Did you read the newspaper every day this news that I do you find out about stories is it age is it today. The questions that you are passed by say that this assuming that the questions you are asked that's what the gonna write about. The Twitter. C hearing it from somebody else. Us eighth seed may I don't want whether read things what select which one questions questions they get aspect of media tells a lot causes com. Right and most of the questions and then. A lot of friends and family and follow my career votes not Boston. There's a lot of questions that are asked Moses time I'm. Returning to answer another question like what they're only talking about. I just gave up six runs against Tampa rays I don't care. What I care about is trying to get my problem yeah he's a bit on Tuesday. But that's me find out. That's I think he's so those goals. Via the I have one so now. You know it measured dot. I'm style on the so so you would usually use it a lot of these guys do the city's role Twitter can you either of the consumed. They go and that's who says so and so wrote this it's not so with the rightness. Yeah but not to reconvene not like for you it's not people asking questions. Today's ask questions you know pavement and am available. But. Is it might hit them really really mattered to some really good otherwise it's like. Does that move you in the questions about what he has onions grow enough. Of that. Well. It's if it's a question that the media gas amongst themselves are we talked to actually talk to journalism students or whatever. It's not like he used to be was it newspapers right there to pick up the newspapers are you re going. I don't know if you guys go to even go to web sites are very good that yet accomplished that's. That parents on the lot outline. So while. That so bright you know it and didn't insist that we have to be a media members Russert. Since. That the idea of united your directly go to Robin your cash this is old don't forget cookies at the stood there together at the other question that that you have now of course it was nice view of the CT Adam feet. When you last I did you check and I'll see you challenged me to answer. President. The real question of yeah. You give me units are you that your greatest fear tonight where it's recessed. Really you know. I think Hillary victory to begin a thing about accountable. William Lynn. The bed and oh yeah well off of reports those and myself you know we you lose fifty pounds Clinton next month. Publisher pain and wanted heroes I think we have that. I don't let him play which you said you. Not that the lies don't believe the so in case people don't know I'm on the five now five program awakened 180 weight loss. And last when it first timers these guys that would weaken I'd just start guys aren't the data or something. And now. And since then I think I've lost 25 I hit it vehicles right. Bye bye you know we waited so those clothes on them with the wave so that I messed the best part about this that was way. The first time I saw Brad vote when we can he says hey check this out we've got to pick on I'm gonna lose fifty pounds by April. And whenever and you're gonna keep me whenever I want a unity unity and have a chance to say yes and the obvious eatery got you're in Los like that it could not apple and its vaults that's well. The obviously rebuttal of that like where's that possibly could come. Like well how could you pot where I mean. Felt like you reach full most the past you know you always maintained in where's that gonna come from you gonna lose to become muscle. If they're not agree that whatever tastes a couple of other respects the I've been running a bit of rusty. People right size your route via route miles and at least could it just. Answer the question if you if you ask the question another great question from Joseph Kelly I answered of course the minute when. As you can now what we can meet tonight in and win what are we giving you yet when as partners over. He just he has asked me to tell you the right time I got six and we're an at large what Mars or sorry February. 9 eighteenth and Leah. It. Along six weeks I don't know if you use the bill. Here at but he played very it's funny. That all the talk of the club louse like holy macro. Rapidly. Community. So believable. Talk about Senator Clinton if you can't practice I'm giving my shoulders that's. Not fair crack at it at a if like doubts grow and operate the massages to occupy awkward to you later. Uses mysteries that's that's galaxy. There you go I'm here to inspire so is there anything else anything else at all. We have a minute ago I said you want to wrap up. You wrap it up. I asked last question. That the that the quote from that aren't you wrap it up. The last lap and Eddie at the last question this may be the last twin peaks podcast ever. It's not the last most weeks I mean you know it's it's a and it's simply presents and lo I come back and expanded its. It's the really didn't the only player T going to be coach I'm giving you guys aren't gonna ask each other. Moment of modesty. Morency. There. Will you shape that let you guys a good question beard. By star seven of the season. Now so you have a long and some of that yet. Got a Monta what was the impetus for the beard. And it's great afternoon. I'd just start groaning playoffs lost in the UNN. That's a place that's all the way from the playoffs will bloggers I am defeated a game. Chant food. But that doesn't look like out of ten diesel hunting or like I don't like your beard maybe one. 90% of isolated alienated feedback I've got promise on that little more so wanna doses 500 plus. At least. Yet after his influence and support arts this last past two. I know I I was there and I was there with a solid that the waitress no I like I have a class for trio of good. Not similarly getting to block double plus runner on first base doubled little things throughout the Trotsky. It's. How many. Take leg kick. He. Quick it's. Whatever you wanna column and I do before you throw it at a fast start but yeah those. It's amateur obviously we're winning as anybody's hands out outlook at home plate for an. 205 monarch pass for the topless on imports. If you watch his eyes he's looking out of runner at second baseman. Percent I don't you know globalism is directly. It's so if I actually hurts him and this year it's not a purpose of gone out there attitude with this on purpose is the site literally can not see final license. And I its suit when it it'll play Hamlet in a statement that it the that's my fault but it usually works but actually he's the base unit charged the mound I'm gonna say so. And an emphasis on controlling the running game that's. I don't want to sedate sports. Or never take your eyes of the runner at second packets to you as a person my philosophy and that's why knowing that crystal there. That's rooted I don't. Apparently there are facts wrong and you know you do doesn't that I want to make you feel like if by by prioritizing its. Thank you know greatest artists. All right anyway. Thank you guys thanks. I wasn't what it was as part of last year was equal. You plug it equally funds and it got to expect class act and is equally maybe a little more fun this is fun a good. You know. Good we're we're grateful for you know all the all the food that beats. Good run volatile it is trying to advance Terry here is the question that your time has stated girls dressed like Iowa that was that it manages those manager entities entities asking about dates of the UK and let me ask you this do you think. This could be so then would other guys do this. Have you ever met and other recourse loans those no like art to start asking other guys. When you give us what you guys do as answer brother we go through with you I would definitely this is my leader in Atlanta Monday. Now. There's not in salary. Like August you know like I like the witness. I think it's a good idea if I use it at him sent them back at a fourth travelman. You know. And I tried. What equipment to go titans. Anyway. Thank you so much Doug lane thank you for Chiming Johnny thank you so next it's over thank you for me to why alignments that they need were all up yeah. Definitely that I thought was cool but that's okay it's our number if you receive you listen to flood the puck toward the in on HBO no evidence you heard a lot of Obama leads. Anyway thank you for joining us. Bureau.