Bradfo Sho, Ep. 64: The Pedroia/Cora Interview

The Bradfo Sho
Tuesday, February 27th

Conducting their first interview together since both playing for the Red Sox, Sox manager Alex Cora and second baseman Dustin Pedroia get together to reflect on their relationship. Mike Lowell, who joined Cora as Pedroia's first major league mentor, also joins the podcast to reflect on the pair.


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Add road show. That's my open definitely probably would have brought that's my old. Query where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad broad show. That's delicious. So let's go back to may twelfth 2007. Alex Cora is sitting for a 32. For 32 meanwhile Dustin Pedroia and not have much not to dwell. Struggle that for entire first month as a starting second baseman in the major leagues for right around this time Pedroia was getting not. Core away as you viewed saying okay Pedroia is you can be the second baseman a meeting for 32. I know my role all of that you know story you know how it ended up. Rookie of the year BP the next year or so forth and so on well ultimately these guys became probably best friends in baseball. As we know now they're landed here with a Red Sox won as a player one is the manager it's. And I really do was entrusted to getting them together and I've known Mike cover that team back in 2007. I covered noble both those guys for awhile when they would Wear the Red Sox but I want to get them together because we've heard that Cora talked about Pedroia. Pedroia talked about Cora but not the tool room in the same room. It re revisiting. When it all started which was really back in 2006 but I thought it was a worthwhile. Adventure and worthwhile exercise. To get them in the same room. And storage of their perspective and you know how it always is and it's always better when they're talking to yell at each other instead of being interviewed by me. And then on top of it before all welcome Michael Michael who was right in the middle of that basically. It was Cora Pedroia and all that was the thus possibly acted when really they were trying to get Pedroia to be jolt from the pudgy guy. Who couldn't really hit much in 2006. To like I said they guided the ultimate beach in the next couple years. And as you hear you giving here in this podcast. Both those guys core and lol heads huge huge huge impact on the second baseman way as he. Start his Major League career. But more so than anything is it's about the relationships. And how the relationships landed them here and there is it bizarre hobby I I remember you know these guys were teammates just a few years ago. Now won his answer to the other and I want to reiterate this this isn't just interviewing Pedroia broke core and it isn't a vote. Interview core about Pedroia if it isn't just wolf talking about Fidel Castro another bit that this is. Talking about oh where all of that started I thought it was those are pretty good podcast so usually you really judge also. Leave it comment leave a comment on iTunes. Subscribe on iTunes we got a rolling now. So I appreciate all the support but once again I think this is pretty good one so you tell me. It's been eleven years. Since these two are on the ground for a show. And but we may read this nothing else if nothing else happened this offseason we've made this happen outscored Dustin Pedroia. Tom this is I don't care the south course the mantra kid Dustin Pedroia still planning. Back in 2007. Nights and I have to get to this point where I can sit in an office at jetBlue park which was even made yet. And say I can do a podcast which I had no idea what a podcast was and talk to these two again. So thank you for making my dream come true. We I love it. Always plan you get sued these and the restoration. Like that but let what little it's quite it's quite podcast choice. I can tell you beat them so regular hours by how we look my voice is no different. But it seems like him. It. These guys will face tough Kia and its. I'm real tough but it these young satellite TV reporter when I started. You know better. So when you guys. It would just go back this let's go back to have received just over a time machine to 2007. 2000 and yet you know I hear all your yet it I news that it house can be a manager he's managed median. He was managing me back I was a player and I knew that Dustin Pedroia was gonna play to now I knew he was gonna win the MVP because I do. I made him into the attitude because medium. And the MVP that year bill and you use six against the White Sox and PD land. I have fifteen hitting third none more important to behind Davis stated that it behind David and his. Close circle him the divorce a couple of you've yes. A third game heaved and it hit everybody knows best because of us that that particular Youkilis just. All of you know ultimately. The wizard the it's weird because I was gonna say Ozzie Guillen took the second most credit for your success in 2007. After the guy sitting here right of the room I mean you review that you basically you've you've made this guy yeah. I felt. I pushed him. I was the offense is thrilled that Patton. Who did this history got his it is a real history LTT this is a reality to us. You hit 400 graves with a yeah this. Went three bombs and then Wednesday and there lasers. And and he gets today off before he has to face Johan Santana that's good members off to. They treated as we've only can I remember I hit I hit for us against. Reitsma. Religion you know that it at Fenway and meg and I think we're we're gonna vote tomorrow. Know Seattle. Seattle to and I. The whole week he says hey user hit the ball right field you have to have a so it threw me a split and I. Kind of knife on the other way I responded told Garrett now I don't know it's. Yeah can't he can't. Do that MVP did the years did he can Buffett made up blowout and I hated it and and that the ball the other way. And after the game Hossa got hit and Brad Mills does take. Your plane tomorrow lets go. I'm like OK perfect so I look at the stats sheet who's pitching on light Swede Johansson has a pitching thanks mills the I mean but I mean you know I was ready and 1000 times. I remembered Max. I'm Max likes returns for two days ago we figured it out here because. It's and nobody Minnesota and in Toronto now and my personal trauma given his oh yeah the news here yeah but first thing here. I left that home run he comes into the that it was that you learn and. And I thought Thurman and her and I got to go and try breaking point that you shouldn't do I didn't look good. Book I was gonna say during I think it was April or set and it really got my hero. Alex Cora says he should be playing all the time over how Dustin Pedroia for the rest of the year that's about the if there's anything. Enough move motivate you have used to what was your contract that was was it to your 311 did two years to these are through 2000 because you have to FT yeah two years. Yeah. But there must have been well I'm hitting 400. I was thinking more about us everywhere. And they feel I'm gonna actually went and charged up and all. Julio who U wasn't a good job opening attachments you really only defense replacement was up in the history of peace. Most when I was like thinking more about us you know I'll get about segment and I give bash at rest assured him. I think he was I mean he was going to ask tough second defensively did you hear is going to be news. Yeah I mean come visit us sometime. We mean might you remind. Listen to ask I think he's. Mean that's the like other laser idea heals you'll spend he'll tell everybody I'm gonna hit. Dan Palin is different though in two six yeah who knows this and you're sure right. You pirates sent much you know dozen different team. You know Louise I did I always thought it was exciting we. Ever heard yeah. Right after we got was I'll get wet and all of got swept by anybody yankees at home and always ask that call that the quality of care because Jason got his parents aren't focused could be yeah. Yeah yeah I was. We ask you guys remember when you first met. Home. And I am yeah right I'm wrong when he got hello. In what does it mean it was two to 2000 solicit him right so you know you grew twenty act. Yeah right so you might mean yeah you know he always it didn't matter who the player was or what position he always treat everybody respected men. He wanted everybody that he did his goal was to win. You know and that's actually do what did you see when did you realize that not many people talk about his average month. We're throughout 2006 yeah if you go to bat an average falls in place it was probably 909. Using missiles guys struck out TI if you lines like I'd probably hit a line Rafa don't blame and I think my. Saadat yet museum hours he's sleeping beauty you're using enacted and I headed up the middle Orlando Cabrera was trying to back pick. With the bases of its second yeah and then he was moving and I hope my driver excellent cars on the back I'm like I've talked American. I can never gonna have the big as this that's my best bowl here. This governments to opt business is pretty good idea I mean Arabs stupid stuff. Well I think I've ever reviewed these days no it's. Today in the right direction it was that he didn't get you these homes would exist. Which is a whole year cricket pleased that I could have risen to. She's. Yeah yeah same risks to start asking questions health care. It's. The 2007 not rules there. One hand and you know through spring training you're basically just starting to work storage that is. New loan all of us it didn't actually we have we have individual meetings and they happen out there I don't know. You know I don't know what they've told him what I can do this they only let. He's gonna play and I don't blame but is gonna take him awhile to get adjusted ebitda level Google deal was kind of like these are as fast. You know he's he's there we keep talking you know we have we have into the millions Tito. I think jet was and then. And field. He's gonna hit his service fastball hitter it's gonna take him alive out in the beginning he'll play a few you play a few months. When he goes it's go time end DURECT. Yeah in my meeting was. This is serious he knows it's you base that you're it's gonna take taxis figured I'll. Do whatever I legs and Mikey follow them. Learn these Regis yeah where the first day it is that you're gonna you're gonna take your lumps beginning we want to play defense don't make mistakes on the basis. Understand your role with his team. But learned learned from them. And then your ability will come out and you'll be there we won't lose the first thing you remember when it grows but he is obviously Australia and I just didn't ever act. Follow mirrored him dole is what we've all he and I think that talking out of turn though because I played shortstop my whole life and he's. You talk all you out there anything else as soon we've got a reserve or on the base and did everything together have followed every move inmates and so when you're going through that first month when you have war whatever. For their little. Object yeah. Who wants his students acts. Wouldn't when he's going through that efforts month and it worked seriously what was your feelings if you've got firm East Coast offense. Wu we. Crystal ball we've for little display it right away and the one thing Batman. Dead aren't. Not only me and Mikey I'll get again but not I mean a lot of people what he was playing great defense keep him at his at bats. There weren't bad outings fighting he was taken pitchers all pitches when he was arrested in the balls. Way way over the monster. Hotel call the oil there. But. We were so we we're I mean we're happy that he was doing what he was supposed to do defensively in an 89 whatever. He hasn't rained so we we knew it was going to be a good care what he knew it was going to be. Great player in he had confidence. Of. So when did you hear you say it and her retirement this offseason he said Alex always told me what to do I was always making me. When did it and you try to don't think this is at 23 year old but when did you sort of think OK this guy that is you know more baseball and as they think might. Focus. And our manager at the time talkative. That yes they eat it he can do I do you can do my job so we that's a luxury that our team has that. These guys are here soon and her manager for trust and player insane and he's kind of in they can manage right now I have to learn from them because you can't always our commander he's got a he's got to be everywhere you know. So to have a player an idea so that puck. To have especially in Jewelers that's which was huge but our you know it's all infield that you know that's the people you with the most. And for those two guys to be around me every minute of the day. You know they start building you know and that that was that was that. Think about that team catchers uncle Jim Mann here from Hinske is hitting coach for the you know angels. Might keep him he can manage after that press conference he's doing right now probably at some guys that AAA is these guys is pitching. You know is always kill these are measured. Now he's always somewhere hit what is it at a time. A Smart baseball team that we care about each you know we we we talk the game something that. Twelve years now people who do that often come out there today and just talk Ortiz and so there's always did that we. More so that if you're gonna him. Yeah when I brought it became a hit thirteen was similar when we got on the plane into those. We've talked about all of baseball which allowed. On different client yeah it was a good lesson yes absolutely and we've I would definitely go that's a zone. Aren't you tired of memories and memories and I are members that used to come out a lot more than do you use tomorrow at 3 o'clock YouTube. Did you the ground balls at 3 o'clock when Reynolds and and you guys you're sitting there and you just say it. You turn to have him play is it like this song like all the time like everywhere is that this is indeed hero uncertain now. Because people thought. Didn't yeah. There's a place is a bit bigger group after that. Hey I don't go you know he's got truth is that retirement solutions and crack I think yeah early February. For sure so so how you spin it like when you are configured definitely strange. Well. And now we're both China the colts the same thing yeah. I think for me it's strange that you know that the strangest thing about all things like you got your home own mater in policy in place. Away from him when you're scared you're yeah it's like that yeah this February. What do you don't really want to look for me so what's what is it going to use it for a cause he can do it. What already you know come across as volatile I didn't notice I didn't. Is there anything this week we can happen Unicode relatives can be. It's. Obvious that he's no longer than expected and then there's two different them where I was organizer. Yeah that. Yeah I really forgot about it yeah I like being here right now have you taken time and I am going to accept you know stuff like that. I guess I'm like yeah that was ahead this. And it. Thank you hey thanks for me in my dream trip come true yeah 2007 we just talked about it. Where did what Alex and Dustin and surprise surprise are very complimentary of you Michael. By the way welcome back thank you yes. Very complimentary to you and ask the what I asked Alice by actually asked Dustin. But what is the what is your first memory of dust you came up in 2006. Pudgy kid talking some crap and everything else but it was your first match. Well for me it was a little bit earlier and that was my first spring training with the Red Sox pitchers you know those six spring training. And insult us and on the field. And yes it was a little overweight. And I you know you start asking around who's this can resolve this was a second grounder up Arnold oh victory hero for whatever was. And I said wow since when do Red Sox trap short fat kids so I am so. But then you are as you see your work and and he struggled you know this call in September. But he did have a knack. For barreling up the ball you know and then you know the work ethic you appreciate. And I com. I think it was. Pretty cool to see how close he really was. To basically being sent out triple it and April you know I think it was probably eight days yeah oh yeah in April 2007 network fast forward a little. Our home he's probably two games away. From being sent out we've talked about that the he gets to marry he takes two days it's a face showed in Seattle as. Then it goes like let's separate or something run yeah he just takes off from there and you know you did you look at the move our lineup how those kind of constructed. For you know the second half in the playoffs. And Jacoby was outstanding again we hit a nine. But he was kind of that. You know oil jolt of energy. We did a leadoff guy to compliment. You David and Manny and myself and JD you know because we felt like our middle could compete with anyone. But the way doesn't really was from may through September in the post season I just think rounded out our lineup and then we became. You know not only does she base in ninth and then he takes over the lead off spot a little later that year. And it was just cite a lock is now we can round out when your bottom three or Varitek. Coco Crisp Julio Lugo or bear attacked Lugo Jacoby. I mean that's pretty solid yeah I mean so I think. The way he came on and how he could set the table was huge for hostages being a line up where we felt like the pictures just couldn't relax you know. Could you see it could you see there's a big part of we talked about this well. The April work out so be it for 38. I don't know about that argument 400. What can you see that unfolding like that that that going back to that spring training. He told us. Francona said follow around view it Alex. Do you see that sort of dynamic unfolding where this is these are the but you guys of the mentors and this kid. Is going to get it I've beeline for it yes. Realize your religious zealots that I was skeptical practice. You know we're so ogle and those seven. You know all I had eight years in the big leagues and in UCL a lot of guys that while arguing spring training. And your life I got this guy is going to be a big leaguer that's gonna make an impact. And then the game turns on all the sudden. It's not succeed I'm on our batting practice down the middle you've got you know sliders and splits and changes in curve balls you know going action. So a lot of guys you know we tell the guys that can make the adjustment once the games are so. You're hopeful because you saw glimpses of it is spring training but to say that he was going to be hidden. All bought thirty and it turns the rookie of the year manager you can see that you're much better time migrated and I am you know. You can see that. Once he got going like for me this thing that impressed me a young age for in his rookie year was that he handled tough pitching well. But it wasn't like he'd get the big games off the number five starter but he was an offer for whenever you face case. You don't know he's got equally big games against top pitching so that's where. What you see that adjustment and that execution. Then I think he gets it what we're like this guy you know there's a guy that's gonna really. Help us out was he when did you guys become tight I gotta remember you know it obviously covering that team. To prohibit drug has always had sort of its group credit that was my that was his first career you guys use and Alex when you guys sort of but all in Canada. I don't know the exact. I don't know I don't know I would say probably. Prime age you know around. That time were I think he felt more comfortable you know because. I'm seriously very well and I you know you feel like you have your opportunity and you know we hear him under 200 you feel you have taken advantage of that opportunity but. When things kind of work crews and I don't know from a personnel standpoint. I hate. I don't like gravitate towards guys that I. Think look at the game the way I do and you know my friend was one of those guys with the Marlins and Alex Cora is one of those guys on the Red Sox. And it was just those who you know there are a lot of guys. And then anti us tonight is appreciated that he loved being in Napa parts of play baseball. You know investigating guy he's yet no kids yet you know which you have kids accords the same way absolutely. That's why didn't he falls into that same category so for me. It it wasn't hard to you know we analyzing life you know we'll explain cars you know. We have the same taste in movies though it was easy to you know hang out with someone like that. But you know on that team. You know it was one of those guys you know for me did it it you know Josh I got a lot of jobs I don't know. Sometimes you know Josh is a different personality wouldn't be used you know site. I try to treat people who are feeling pictures are so they'll. I really enjoy that team we knew we were we were close team despite I think a lot of different times in your career a lot of different you know superstars rookies. You know American guys slapping guys have Dice-K and Okajima you know that we are pretty diverse group that ended up you know really aren't so yeah as far as is in the zone yeah yeah as far as that so it was fun it was easy you know I. I don't really go to teams preacher like Auburn hang out this guy this guy this guy kind of just. I don't know just evolves went when he does so switching and Alex. How long have you known for since Colin I've known Alex seems like you that you actions and I leader right. But it did you know while I'm Colin no and I mean just you know we've. You know fight you've played viewers in Miami a couple of times when the first ambulance come out. Own boss I estimate is that I mean we we were. Cordial you don't use of the doctors and play against each other you know it's yeah it's a low because you know we have the Miami ties and all that but. Never like going out the Wii game we've been. And in the West Coast you know what is the little little tough when. Yeah it was it was those six. One of those six when when you view this is such a stupid question and ask him anyway the whole life when you know he was going to be a manager you know why did you. But you know this is if you go back then Cora. When you hit to twenty. And your smoke perceived as a Smart baseball player. It's people like you're going to be a manager in the next if you're a lot of times if you get freed thirty. But come might be just as Smart and you're all right right right it you know that you know that was the sort of the narrative with him for a well I I think. I think more people feel like you maximize. The talent you've been given. Then you might be a good manager in the future you know and you know all. Alice without going into too much detail when he addressed the team this morning I'll give you one bit. He said he was very proud of fact he played thirteen years of duties for a guy that I hadn't below average speed and below average power. Two survived thirteen years of do he's he's you brought something to the table now who's exceptional defensively and he had a way above average arm. But just that doesn't keep in the big leagues so. Something he should be proud of and I don't know app I don't know when. You say this guy's a future big leaguer I just knew he. Communicated well with a lot of teammates. I did feel like he was always prepared as a player. And I felt like he held other people accountable to be prepared as well yeah. Is that what makes a good manager okay yeah if it does and I guess yeah I hear that but I I think there's always like. Because I don't know you people why did you and here immunity. He did you talk to him. This go blast fire here when a person to attack. You talk to. I've talked. And I remember it reminds you reflect on the Walt Weiss. Robert I don't know what he's done by and I knew for sure OK I know he did not want to do the the bike and ride buses. Sort of thing it was a it was a risk in I was it was a risk I think it's a little different. I figured this was thirteen years ago it almost looks like you have to go through that pass almost you know learn how to manage. I think the gaze of all the little bit where. You know you have an analyst department you pitching coaches and hitting coach is that hopefully you can delegate. Those responsibilities to those guys. And I think the guy who's been the big news for thirteen years has basically seen. Almost everything that he needs to them via manager. So I look at it you know what other qualities like it's not like he's gonna see. A new type of fire or hitting style. Just pop column double A and that's why is that right the bustle. I'm along those sighs now does he have to handle person I was and all that and yeah I think when he was in Puerto Rico and handle winter ball. People who winnable Joseph put. You got GS on your values your guys got agents sell you what you can and cannot do. So you have to manipulate a high situation and I think that helped them. Being best coach obviously helps that helps him yet he goes Lyle's course yet you know and and also what he'd learned. You know I didn't know there's a host outplayed them basically every year of my records in my last year but he told me he'd. You know signals he's brain every once in awhile and a half so. Yeah he wanted to learn him sometimes you get a lot of information and you say wow this is something that's not for me. And I think it actually excited and knew it was something that was for him off one last question. You've been out here. Last couple days. Seeing him seen Alex do this thing right. Is it just seems like he's right you know running around doing is he's gonna get some and it can have figured everything out. Right away but is there anything just stepping back and witnessing him Billick well let us. I didn't expect that Alex Cora manager. Knowing and the fact that I picked it hasn't been something I didn't expect her biggest compliment because. He had these insults beyond he's upbeat he's not afraid to go to players that are critical to staff. He's gonna make its point and he's in a position where you've got to listen to his point barely see off field stuff you also. The fact that that Alex Cora that would talk to me on the phone. And before he was the best coach. And then we talk is a bench coach and then we talk museum manager is the same guy. I I think that's you know he's not trying to be something everyone's going to be and Anna I think when you're comfortable in their homes and I think that's the first step. So being successful because. This is you know and he he might have answered the toughest baseball market playoff. Are these efforts are. All right good job could work to brewer told Chris objectives I thank you might.