Bradfo Sho, Ep. 65: The Jerry Remy interview

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Monday, March 5th

Rob Bradford is joined by NESN analyst Jerry Remy for an honest and open conversation about Remy's battle with cancer, how he views broadcasting, dealing with the kind of controversy Dennis Eckersley faced last season, and his plans for the upcoming season. It's a candid discussion about some meaningful topics.


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Add road show. That's my open definitely probably would have brought that's my old. Query where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad broad show. That's delicious. The latest Bradford showed Jerry Remy from spring training we talked cancer we talked broadcast we talked. Everything that you would ever wanna know about what is going on with Jerry Remy what you went through. What he is planning on doing all of it and we kicked it right off right out of the game we hit the ground running in this one. Talking with Jerry about spring training in the old days and then. We obviously get into the stuff that newsworthy you listen to Brad for a show it's a good one. Is that yes strict residency heat you know I got here it was sort. Until the end of his career. And his trip was a good idea the president worked up about six dollars you do everything you take fly balls ground ball you know hit. And had it been your windshield politely if you look back double overtime because you could move. That so that he can back it up and NATO is like the story you know I had together to Larry Whiteside or read the story. You know that Diaz in the best shape of his career had a good battle you are those six hours a day at the look at I haven't seen him included over everything in every day you know do what they have a Benny would come back to what yeah I was. It was totally different times and that I had I really admire and respect that you appreciate that these guys didn't even Bryant has been training. So and so. Jerry's done here is returning going to be here and for the duration are you recall against Nelson toward the end right right and others as a regular the last wildfires just I mean that's been you can you can get on the the exercise bike in the rubber city you don't need to you hit the ground running right are Marge whatever you're doing it. So take a little bit through if you can effectively no people wanna know how your off season has been. I remember I think I saw you at the Al score press conference he would grade then you're doing your last. A Q a session but I. You guys writing wins it's been a difficult you know physically and emotion emotionally it has been very difficult you know it's not a black if she. With the surgery and this surgery was very very difficult it took about eight to ten weeks ago that. And they did the bounce out of it would think you know they thought you gotta be able to go in and get that tumor both groups surgery. As it turned out they couldn't get it all groups are created and spread. And that was really the down time for me avenue they have really hit all of you know right now I've got to go through chemotherapy and we did recycle them back. I think through that pretty well you know it was a little bit like a roller coaster ride but. You know I talked to a lot of different people are talking jive barrel for example I talked about port of credit migrant. Childhood friend burial alleged. I which is why photographer. I talk to as many people they couldn't have been through it and it's seems like everyone had a different story. And my it was a different story you know I. Emitted from the three sections fairly well. And then I had. We're in seven straight days of low radiation after that we're finished. I believe the middle of January. So since that time I've had no treatment that has been basically trying to get my wind back in my resistance back and and and things like that so I tried a little bit walking every day and try to get that built back up but. It was so I was trying you know oil mode physically and emotionally try and bite. You know you have no choice and you know the interesting thing raveling Nero you're going through stuff like this is. You sitting with people who you look feel left and look to your right to somebody in worse shape than you know. And they give you incredible motivation they really do this so strong this so strong these people and did you bring it really wasn't held to me and then they and the reaction and that I got from the fans. From from people I don't even know it was just. The outpouring was just amazing I couldn't believe it I really couldn't believe it's so those kind of things help you get through it and let's face it you know you faced with this you've got to deal whether you deal within their and you try to move on when to go about it. I'm line remember we had we were come back from Kansas City and that was going to be Buick just on your last game. Wow last was serious before you need to Edwards had to go into surgery right right. So that you said you have the surgery Andy is did not take it out everything that you hadn't anticipated rise. So. Everybody was very confident that that would do the job alone. But I didn't quite do the job you donated spread. And now was how I was off today that was a low point I was like you know while the you know who were really got to go through this you know because. Every time I've had some of the procedure done it is taking care of it for that that particular time. This was a little bit different that it's a little bit in this scary area you know us or something I had an experience and something that was very very idiot I was so I was. Very scary word funny was chemotherapy so. But he had other big Dodgers would grade I remain in doubt the best advice I got was just do what you doctors say. And there was there was tremendous over a Mass. General and the you know the academy right through so so I'm very lucky to be. You know I I. I mean I I I hope that's it for a long time I really do. Can I just wanna get back to doing what I enjoyed doing and it's Red Sox baseball. When. So we win when did you feel in the offseason when did you feel sort of like all right. You know last four or five months really socked her Seattle for seven days that Steve said okay you know I didn't start moving on a little bit me every quite movement on the idea I blow. He did the radiation which once that was finished you know I was. That fatigue me quite a bit in I was that took five weeks at that I was pretty tired but. But that I knew was over you know I knew that was the last line of the treatment so. I continue to get you a little better a little better after that little stronger stronger and that's still going on today. And you know why I wouldn't say I'm men out of this idea. As far as. Mistress what is right my endurance goes but. I will be there by the time I started doing games you know that's one of the reasons I like to get down here early in. I can walk around a little bit get some exercise get up to the ballparks who are the guys see see what's going on and it's kind of an outlet for me that I I really enjoyed so. I. And I I don't know you know I've been a little out of spring training that and that's red look forward to weigh as much as. Relish the the flew the added do starting when I mean just like he knew these are you get down here in one. To put it to you live a couple of days area that's Libya for the whole month of march and I'll open the season with a man. It. I'll look all I who had been through last year and many ups and downs and you know I realized that you know. How much I I still enjoy this job you know I mean this'll be my 31 season but. It doesn't feel that way to me and it's just such an alleged forming. To take my mind off for some of the other things that have gone on in my life and and I I really. You know I I still have a passion for at an NF I didn't I wouldn't be here. But I still have a passion toward a full what I do and I love what I do. And it to me there's nothing like you know they say play ball let's let's let's analyze a game you know that's that's the most one quarter from it. When news so when you say you look forward to coming down obviously the weather is nice and being around people is it the actual baseball like you say you have a passion for but is it the actual. We still we just came from sitting around the clubhouse yeah I don't have a passion for sitting around the club I know I don't anybody odd but there is an element of paid. That didn't like much like how hard it is when guys finished playing the separating themselves from that clubhouse atmosphere right so is it the whole thing isn't it. As a whole the whole picture you know it's just not something new something fresh every year. No we all know that you know it spring training is everybody's happy and stood. Is the best time of the spree in the year because nobody is made a mistake get nobody's lost the game. You know and we know how things can had a tendency to change as the season goes on so. I say enjoy away care laid down here because this is probably the best has got a big issue here you know circle. So what the F I mean it's like I've never really got the playing out of me. I I touched the way I gentler approach my job as an analyst is try to be as close of the players as they possibly can because I think it albums. You know fifth of further than that have a knowledge of may have to me to have a knowledge of them and kind of know what they're going through and wouldn't you know we'll. House may explain I think. In analyze so little bit better you know that I know more so on. And I just enjoy it I and you know it's look it's been my life since I was eighteen years old and you don't just forget about any party a life. And which do have to make adjustments you know from from playing time too soon to broadcast time is their adjustments you have to make and you make a minute and you learn what works best for you when you continue to do that. Would be fair to say that when you're at you when you were going through the really tough times with. The chemo and the radiation everything that this like this moment and then the moment you're gonna have when you start broadcast and that's what sort of that's front. Really was demoted or let the one of them chief motivating factors. Yes I using you know I've always been a goal setter you know ever since I can remember you know whether it be playing wise broadcasting lies in. So my goal for this year was very simple you know let's get through this and let's get through with a right away and an and clean it up in an and get back down to. Suited to doing what I enjoyed doing the most and that's doing a baseball game and hopefully doing it well. And you know I have so many people look thank you that I I don't even know people I don't even know that you know is sending letters and cards and it messages and people I met in the hospital people I met sitting in radiation. You know chemotherapy you know it's it's it's just mind boggling to think with some of these people are going through. And so you know and immediately my goal was focused on ES I'm gonna be ready for march 1 to go to spring training. That's what I wanted to do I wanna be down as spent some time and about three weeks break don't have to worry about doing your game get to know the new people especially when. And then I go on and do my job so. Me you know I just I just wanna be healthy for awhile I you know I I think it makes at a press conference bloodshed. I was down you know I now I said you know I guess I'm just I'm just tired of this day and cancer and you know I mean really that's what it's been so I. I hope that you did grab a few years free of that now and be able to continue to do this although last could last question about that game cancer is there's so what do you do now you just have to check in yes we have scans that it will probably go every three months and then. Have a way to get back from spring training and an end and then they. You know depending on how things are going to make senate every six months but that's just part of the rest of my life I really do you know obvious scanned it's treated every treated six months. For the rest of my life in which is a good thing because you know they pick things up early so. You know I I've I talked about it before you GE. You've really got to see a doctor as you know it too many people avoid seeing their doctors and doctors say my life you know because they pick something up very early. And if you if you really get things really got a much better chance than. Because so many people are afraid to go to doctors because they're afraid to find out what's wrong what you've got to know what trump because and I now know and I'd be dead by now so. You know it's that that's that's pretty been pretty much my message. The so now we're gonna go to the broadcasting aspect which this this hopefully we can you know. Talk more and more about the actual team the actual broadcaster. Going forward I know people are gonna come up to how you doing Jerry did you go get him Jerry and everything else. But like you said this is what you like talking about. One interesting thing I would think that you you've had probably more time off from broadcasting then you had during any stretch you know maybe 2013. So I liked. So when you watching games. Do you do you reasons you get a different perspective of it do you still watch them a Udall a. I don't watch and no I I I I can't do it you know it's tough for me to do. Did I feel like if I'm supposed to be did doing the games. I I I can't watch him you know I I I just I just don't end. I also like to form my own opinions. Miles I have a tendency sometimes to listen to two other announces whether it be national or local whatever it. The end you know I find myself into agreeing or disagreeing and and I had and I wanna be my own person you know do with the way I have always done it here and so basically I'll I'll read about the game really he had the next day. And then and then if if I have a stretch for a moss for a week and welcome back in early and get get updates from coaches or players. On what happened there and I'm so that's that's how I go about it just the thing I have I I I I just can't sit there. When I know I'm supposed to be doing something. And I I'm not able to do believe in turn to sound out there and I don't on the radio we know what they do sometime I'll watch elections this Sunday night game I might watch that you know leaned. But I have my day heinous and madness and I trainee mean purposes I just. I just have a problem beyond. There are men and end and then not. I've been doing the job that I'm supposed to be doing it so it's much easier for me to turn the game off. And I'll watch it grow and watch something like blue bloods cents a look let's let's say that's fair or music and are gonna watch baseball where blue bloods and I align item until next explanation. So. So when you when you jumped back in last year we did was it isn't one of these things where is just like ball there it is like it is and if you don't know so long and stuff. You. You. Nervous I mean I get nervous you proprietor Roy you know if I miss some time and I come back and it takes you takes a little while companies get badly after a couple of innings of a back in the flow thing and you know I. I've been lucky to work with good people who make it easy for me it has to do that you know so I never had a problem with that and then last year when I came back which was kind of fun because. We did some tool broadcasts. Three men in the boot. Like those I like does he go IBJ is a guy like him anyway I'm like all these guys come by like it because sort of day you say you guys up. And I was disliked it is sort of like when we do this projects like you do with Pedroia and core in the same row it's not me interviewing Pedroia is not the interviewing core riots to see guys talk you. Yeah we knew that I enjoyed it I really did you know I just a couple of industries really got me back in a Booth during chemotherapy. And though is those are a big step for me. And I think that's I think it'd about ten games at the end of the year and no we did a more all three member loose and I really enjoyed it much more because I've never been a fan of the premium Booth. But you know there are some that work. Here's some that don't work and I thought this when clicked pretty well now I don't know what the schedule is this year whether we're gonna have. Any of those coming up you know how many games are going to be doing yet I wanted to I got out of 15150. Which is a which is a good number you know I I think we've we've come to a place where it's a good memo form is a good amount of time off but yet it's it's a busy schedule also. Merely gives me a chance again a couple of maybe West Coast trips off which are gonna become ruling the old we get into. Then it's frustrating because throughout the Iran or 1 o'clock in the morning everybody who's watching. You know doesn't there has slowed a sort of things we talked about with the with a team this year everyone's like are they gonna grab the attention right away we'll good luck that you go to West Coast trip and April. Leo was Kosher because Celtics go Bruins and got him and he yes so I mean it's it's it's like anything else I mean you know yet. You what you hope to do is get off to a good Stein and and then when those close to wrap up what they're doing. That you are able to you know. Being a good spot with people pick you up and and and carry its carriage through the rest again. Did so win when you also a big part of last year where as sort of you know the only action the price in the chaos and everything else is the team and and I just wonder like from your perspective as a broadcaster. Is you know is there is there a way did to get this. It's a locker returned electability like I know that. They cringe every time you hear this you've been around a lot of teams you are to me you've been around teams I would imagine we're miserable. Pass holes. You know and early it didn't look look this was nothing new to make you know then this was a big deal last year continues to be a big deal. But believe me I've been in the same position you know many many times in my approach is always been you know why I like to get into the ballpark early. I like to get elected going into the clubhouse that I my feeling is if someone has a problem with me you know you more than welcome to the muffins and let's talk about it. And I think something got lost in translation here between enterprise and you know I. I mean I hey. You know and people will go get all of them because buyback price but I know I'm not backing him in the situation he could have handled it differently there's no question. But you've got to remember when players here. Perform because there for a good miserable. Absolutely miserable and then and then and I I'm sure that's part of what he was going through last year. Now you know you get if you get a guy that comes back this year and has a terrific season he's going to be fine. And win in the Red Sox name and have a terrific season you know for so. Have those issues absolutely well I don't know actually it's. Oh yeah have you had like. Mean this this to me I don't. I don't know you would know better and I was Eads in this setting was unique and we've gone through this setting before but you've had incidents where guys have confronted you on planes. And dollar well well just one time on a plane Josh Beckett came out to be I don't know if she was giving women in nicely but hey lets just really does not feel I should I really. And they can Jon Lester is just supplemental life so I got up but I went to the back of the plane where he was citizen John exiting the problem. Do with me because knowledge is that in the better of trauma do ices will Josh is totally just leveled by some of the he says and I just question above us is always got taxes these guys are these something's wrong. So as is what is the problem you know at some of the promise if I'm wrong. What I do as I correct myself on the air I will do better if I feel I'm wrong and it was something that was said juror one of the. Game she picks I don't it was a minor minor minor issue but you know you've got to take into consideration in my job that these guys are competing at a high level every day. Today they you know being. Nobody likes negative criticism you know and and I don't try to be negative I try to do it in a way that. You don't let you know there's something wrong but I've also. What I've always do and every single game that I do I say to myself before the game stats don't forget what it was like to play. Dan and for 31 is I'm proud to say that I say that before every game because. It's hard to play the game it's really hard to play the game and so you know you gotta you gotta understand the wide range of emotions that the players go through because of the season. But you know that the whole thing last year it made me laugh a little bit because you know have been through a minute and I think anyway it's that I job has been saying essentially cause. Good that you know we tie with a lesser thing this could be powered through the passive aggressiveness because I think that that's what happens. In baseball and this is the problem I have all the bids. There's not enough for the hey you know what your problems talks through a red right violate European debt dozens that's their does not surprise me at all. Yeah it is like no no no I had no problem how many times have we heard that he. Our idea idea he because you know I do know another is something. Yeah it so let's chat about it and and and I've always said and I've done it I'm going on the nearest city and I was wrong what I said yesterday. And you know if it's the guys right he makes makes sense and you guys something I said didn't quite. The match who would you know he was thinking and then and then I think about it and if he's right. Sure that he what I am I don't care who doesn't bother me at all he had no way in Nam. But you can't be right this job all the time we can't speak for you dealing with so many emotions. You through the media dealing with. With play is so you know extra strong out at times as cooler you know angry at times who. A very competitive advantage and they'd be you know and then they they hear that lives here they fairly shared sometimes gets lost in translation. You know so. The guy I've had my yeah I've had flooding also. Even in this here's a tourist things good. It makes me uncomfortable or mad when the players don't have a good perspective love of your job or you much are your job right it's pretty easily with a broadcasters. I'm like they're like William works for the team viewers that team why is he saying anything negative that all we also worked in Boston. Well we already but you can thank you can't use and we've seen yet broadcasters analyst coming ago. Because in Boston if you're not at least on this is why I think people respect you wanna reasons. And enlighten us into you'd think yeah you're you're respectful of them but you're also honest you have to be right but the players you've heard it before. Players like I thought they work for that he's and and. Oil oil we were not cheerleaders for the team and has that I job and an and we we knew we would come up foolish. If if we wish we tried to be anything but honest with the people the boss and look at them as stupid they have. In the other pretty good baseball fans they know what's going on. So. You have to be honest but I also say there's a right way and a wrong way to do it I think there's a right way for example I would I never say. You know he should've caught that ball and nobody should've caught a ball. That he could've caught that ball it's a different way of saying it you know you can he could've made that play drive and nobody should have made a play that's why they have errors in baseball you know and then people and you know it's not that easy to. So there's different ways or say things that they'll get people annoyed. But yeah you know your goal isn't thinking when you say stuff that. You have this guy's a noise and he's going to be of settling me down low if it is you know I go and next there will write what's that got to what's. Don't let there are some progress is to think that they're like I don't wanna I'm not gonna say this because I don't want our guys got to say much else I know that's good news also you have obviously. Tell you the right prospectus funny you said that because you know distant in the pregame show. They handling him with his play left field he IC has locked there it is like. So you Dyson caught that it. I've yeah I guess he got this like OK you've got to like. No but I'm not patrons took into office suggested that this is so yes so I I Eiffel abetting we all fully understand and I think it's. When we come back to the situations last year it was like he is like a lot of things everyone dug in on their side yeah I just thought yeah that's never a good thing even. Even when price have this thing up in the clubhouse after he was going on the right road in the sort of veered off. And he's dug in on his side and it's never productive thing what you said with that Jon Lester scenario to me like. That's how it should be done. Yeah yeah that's that so I try to do it and like I say I'm visible I mean there every day I you know I I'm blessed to be able go end. You know Dave I wanna go and at 2 o'clock in afternoon and that's. Actually when I have the most fun and it because I guess that's why I really get the majority can sit there aren't well it's good is good that the media is just that I get a chance to talk to the players a little bit more they're here a little more accessible relaxed at that particular time. I get this thing with the coaching staff more I do some work. The end I just feel there's a comfort level intimate and it's also an opportunity if somebody wants a challenge me let's have a chance sure you know so. Ms. Hi it's a part of that they enjoy you know I had and I and they did and I like. I'm the kind of a not anywhere like to get my work done early so like I can relax before the game and you know kind of get focused on that. Did you what do you make junior around these guys a lot you know these guys he said they probably confide in you more than anybody else that's how the dynamic work when your round. More than anybody. You your view and get to know their personalities. The perception was the like building things like in my thing was. Well they're good guys play I it is the only thing I would say is dead and having a bit they might be a little hesitant right now due to. Show like their personnel as I don't know. I'll have to do the you know I I am I I'm thinking you know and I keep going back to this and they in the you know we hear this all the time this. This is a very very difficult place to play I've played here. I've broadcast here and it's time to let you go right down here it really is who would it manages for example you know their lives as for a five years here. Can remember and out. By that I thought Ferrell for a how to ruin dad. What he wouldn't let his guard down and lasts and lasts and lasts yeah you know as it went on here and I got an idea I've known John for a long harbor this press conferences at every word was measured much more certainly much for what it is the pitching coach Brad it's hard because rise because the video here. 21 blow up and you know everything everything is the fans so. You know it's it's it's it's a different place of play it's. They I think I think get a lot of ways it's tough for the new because we just had two teams that India live here it's just once in a sway every game is like the World Series. You know that's how it's covered and so. You know maybe it's it's it's different it's different I mean nice guy and I went from one spectrum there with the angels. To coming here and it was like oh my god you know what differences as. But it was a good difference is Suisse noted that I would want any other way and I think if players have a totally honestly. They'd rather much be in this kind of the situation the one that people don't care about yet old Bruce or straight but yeah exactly exactly a well I believe on time and they you know after two or three years ago while you know. I shouldn't do I sort of enjoy myself more and then you know if I had a message any plays in here. I say enjoy every second you've got because you've only got about ten to fifteen years to play this game and individual wrestle life to live. And and and and you know oil boom good bad whatever you don't enjoy. Enjoy what you're doing because if nothing else in life. I don't think it's gonna give you the same. Satisfaction. As the competition that you faced day in and day out a Major League Baseball I really don't think so you know and I get some of that by doing a game. We're staying involved in the game I guess some of that feeling. When I get fighting quality and runner although Bonner squeeze play and I. You know that gives me a rush yes and and and I I guess I just think that play is you know they they've got to. Just try to enjoy this more because you know once it's gone. Its hide the find something as challenging and rewarding as what you've been doing. But they ought. I guess I'm not call idea I've enjoyed this because of sitting in a really nice weather talk radio and I could talk to all the live long day divide. But I and I'm sure we'll talk again but most importantly Jerry is awesome seeing you here as awesome as always awesome talks within now I'm. And I really look forward to were just sitting around doing nothing and Fort Myers in this talk Herrera. It is and has been fun I enjoyed it thanks series.