Bradfo Sho, Ep. 66: What's wrong with the baseball media?

The Bradfo Sho
Monday, March 26th

Rob Bradford is joined by Manager Lou (Merloni) and Pitcher Nick (Friar) to talk about the changing world of the media when it comes to covering and broadcasting baseball. The trio dive into a conversation about what might be missing when it comes to covering the game, and how the media landscape is evolving. There is also a spirited debate about lava lamps.


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Add road show. That's my open definitely probably would have brought that's my old. Query where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad broad show. That's delicious. I big announcement big announcement Brad for ocean oh. Four times a week that's Monday that's Tuesday that's Wednesday that's Thursday. Why are we doing this because. We wanna take this whole thing to another level we had a great year last year. But we want to go to the next level what I think is the best way to do it is still going to be all the interviews. All the stuff we did before beware this could do it more when have a but he did this is going to be the best baseball fix it again podcast form. Out there I think so we'll give it our breast world hopefully you're gonna enjoy it and you know I think fit the first way to two cracked open this whole new way of doing things is. By having a great conversation with a manager Lou and pitcher nick manager Lou Maloney a pitcher nick friar. We talked about the media in baseball so what I wanted to talk to worry about these guys was. Basically are we covering baseball the right way I just I don't know. I don't know it is such a weird dynamic right now in terms of how. Why people are consuming few baseball why they are they are icy the numbers I see the numbers on the podcasting to see the numbers on the web site. I see the callers on the radio station blew. As the great perspective this because he did you desperately want talk spoke baseball. And people say wanna talk about baseball more on the radio when you do this or when he write about it more here of their. Well you know it's a good question so we take a deep dive into it and people love the media media up all the drama so read we talked a lot about. You've got entire dynamic so also before we stride also wanna say. Thank you so much of the people awaken when he weight loss they have literally changed my life. I'm down over 33 pounds as we see here right now so I I can't thank them enough I'd plead with you. You go check them out a way to and one navy weight loss will be geared more much more from them. As the season unfolds they're going to be right here right here with you were right here with me right here with a Brad social podcast but that's kicks things off. Manager Lou pitcher nick right now aren't. Baseball seasons here for lack of a better term because for lack of better term I mean baseball season isn't really here yet but is he week of the opener and there's no. Two people I rather have. Staring right downloaded the barrel on contempt manager manager Lou yes the women looked at a gun lighter fighters Chile is the only person I've ever seeing come to a radio studio with the way I do show. You did a show with him with a gun did go to those Tomas I don't know he uses this person and fused with us at three really slipped that's what were you scared but it was a comfortable under the basketball. I'm not a big John guys so let's do this by guess who know ammunition no Charleston. Are. So I pitcher neck one person you just heard pitcher neck and manager a little move nick friar who Maloney. The welcome. Welcome to the podcast studios of the Bradford so we've we've built it up for the new season you like it that's your post you elements you've done a missed a lot of land though not happy about that it's coming we're just giving it. You know reorganized so it turned upside down he very seem awfully appealing you know he -- you make up what this room looks like he is now well Chris let me say that I have New Zealand you know you've grown up in the Arab slowly your mom analog hole doesn't Brady Bunch yeah that's annoyed do you think they didn't click on the lips anymore now just because it'll bite isn't the only way right they probably you know it's basically listening up when you have. The apostle what is the purpose of a wobble before we get into this what is. I mean that the light up a room probably I don't know. How many minutes you open again and. I don't know and say you know we had another consistently got nothing I live 2018. Major League Baseball season more than lava lamps it is the year the lava lamp but that aside because pitcher nick commandos there there's not many things in a better. They and like act in bowl 123 man roster questions in lava lamps rumble that's a little bit of a lot okay his his his my pro Steinway leading into that. So the way that we're talking about baseball nowadays. All offseason in the spring training. People almost would rather talk about lava lamps then the back into the bullpen the competition for the last utility spot. All of that how many times Leo that we heard this this narrative. From. Say the minute spring training started. Till the minute the first pitch is thrown on Thursday but there's nothing to talk about this Red Sox team there's nothing to talk about what baseball. And so what I wanted to do here is find out. Are we doing something wrong like. We honestly doing something wrong when it comes to covering bill ball well so until I heard I heard your show today and we're taping this on Friday. Buyers showed today at 1150 you know totally walked me through this move it sounds like Glenn says hey you won Chicago based right. Knew he said that gbagbo we're gonna have a baseball 11451150. So bull there is no joke around no like sort of baseball hot hot note is that was an honest attempt to talk about baseball. So you did it for ten or fifteen minute. You talk about baseball it's yes how Daffy. Not done. And they didn't feel no because it's the reason why we're not doing it wrong which is that there's some people who aren't interested in it. So it's tough to have a discussion if people you talked into art interest it and it resulted you're talking tuna was listening but that's are saying so like this people outdated our interest in baseball. That still would like to sit and talk about what's going on spring training. But again the game the interest here I think their team last year. I don't think people really enjoyed it. But I just think it comes down to if you're not reached in baseball then there's nothing to talk about it's like anything else Roy in two. Up points or urine there was Glenn award winning Christian Fauria. And it's well one of the reasons I wanted to bring you win it's the same reason like when you geared dale on the all hockey broadcasts is zero parts given. It is different tale it is it can be right of your listeners yes completely different it was all Michael and it's the passion. About talking about nothing and I know Louis and me I'm the same right. You hit the sweet spot we're gonna talk about it but when you're you know that when you're in there with Glenn and Christian. My sense listening to that was Glenn was trying. But it was like when he's like go at the Tampa Bay they just figured out on me that doesn't help me any you know I was told by somebody that Christians actually the best on that show talking about baseball because one of ripple that's fair during the show that's Fisher during the breaks he corrects him on every little thing if I if I had the capability of giving a drop right now I would get the drop. Where are we do you know I mean I don't know no I don't know what I don't talk about drop the drop now know know what one thing one thing that Hewitt said he did you hear what Tampa Bay's Dylan right. Does the conversation. And there's a pious and as Christians turn to pot and there's like no no wat putt. And here are some adult you know like a wily kebab but the big bad that everybody knows that Tampa Bay Rays a gold a four man rotation I know I know Biden Biden doesn't with a bullpen day this is stupid. DelHomme did should have been this is part of the conversation about the whole American League east you're opening against Tampa Bay. This is part of this been plenty written about this and so I'm not really blaming them I just just don't think. This is I think this is a byproduct of this no interest and it's the sort of forced no interest what are we are we missing something here and and make you better effort finding. What what infant trust you to know about this you're just invested in the teachers and assume that license is defaulting now it's defaulting to it don't you sounds absolutely but that's the number one talker meaning you look at this week you have that stupid list with a pointing. Would the most dominant athletes talk about that breathed a drama that always drama added there there's gras is a whole bunch different elements they're more interest in talking about. You know. Like I mean that you're at right the backup offensive tackle vs talk us through the call to Rezko. You're you're more likely to get calls on that. Or response on Twitter or on attacks like the way it is right now won't pick your spot LA OK so we are the biggest draw. In this town. I would say the Celtics. I'll probably number two and the Bruins are right there right now number three given the timing of everything or it's Red Sox it's. It's you know teams have grown to the playoffs is a little bit of a lull. But still I just think that right now does other things going on defected it's quiet ever Fort Myers is funny to think that baseball team be adequate it has nothing to talk about to lose. I'm setting my asset the other days eggs to other Red Sox aware about how quiet it is in my day the players are psyched about it. The business wise you have Christian bass is no night on on people when he against Kansas City on line that suggest that I mean that's assign that. The business side than probably in this roller not talking about it. But it's. I think the other thing that's different too especially with Lou's show is that Lou is not you know it's it's restaurant will be very knowledgeable on additional anathema spots on them. Let's go we don't talk front and thank you. Anyway I've got a taste I want to I think it's great hybrid you're merely Lou that the talk baseball had graft case you're welcome I don't think you did it to please continue to thank you Lou any is what arcing before I was rudely interrupted was. That Lou can be intimidating to talk baseball with because you know so much about the game. Whereas on the other sports loose kind of on par. I don't wanna do that les is that a the lot of them are very nice person talks golf I know Luke and talk about all the stuff pretty much any well. You Christian can as well as you really can't talk baseball Britain kind of hang with Lou Mozilo but this is what are fearful for the coming year. If our New York. That's the actress and there is just really works or Jerry goes is the same with me you know whatever starting up so it's it's. Baseball hockey do things that you know that you know we don't discuss or threaten the Celtics in football mainly if you'd asked me. Right now I think that's I think anybody would say and I'll read I'll met this when a couple of awkward hockey brought up and I think that this this this is why you're good you're you know you know hockey which is probably of you can bet might have always said I'd really believe it that like honestly there's nothing beats playoff hockey I don't I mean that all this that the basketball based on the. Guess difference between the regular season the playoffs of it is it's incredible right by in terms of talking about it you know is why do I do think Eddie Andelman go back to Eddie Andelman. Like he's he may he made fun of it or whatever because he didn't know anything about it and I'll admit it I mean that's that's my fourth sport. So I'm a shy away from probably like Christians gun shy away from baseball. But. My overall point where this conversation is as weak spring training aside. As we get to this season are we doing this right away and I'm not only talk about on the radio are we covering it the right way are we reporting at the right way are we should reach. You know auction rebar stored up a little bit more and then should we do things like I know. They are you to the story for us on the ping pong stuff down there right art. Ratings but it. You know I know in I've talked about is following it must at one time. Where it gets too much into the numbers game and that is an easy way to turn people to turn in the math class. Half the people out there hated for math class you go and talk about math more and more and more. In the sport you don't have that same level of that in football or basketball I don't think you do with hockey so much and not. This doesn't mean it was a coverage of baseball the change or is it changed near the sports. Has changed in football. After all how all full and open I don't think he needs to change because the sport so powerful and this be honest you know pull apart a football through in baseball how this going a couple of years ago draft gangs. Football the fifth team. Element of football is huge and I think that has kept a demographic it's once a week. So here's the answer that yes it does because every single day people get exhausted of every single day and what was that the besides the price stuff last year. The most memorable game one of them was when John Farrell get this enormous. Argument well the only the we. And her last years that the only time we ever really talked red sauces and some negative schema right. Whether it was David Price with a role as the joy in Baltimore it was snowball Farrell screwing up. That there was it was never and he is oh that's the only time you ever talked about it but I don't know sometimes I do wonder that the people that like the game still like the game in world trying so hard to fix a game. It's a people sit there's I don't mind it. I don't suffer everybody and that's fine it's not for everybody but do you think it's boring. Right okay well I don't think being a game up fifteen minutes is that it makes Olympic it's exciting. Now I don't think changing the coverage how we talk about his that it makes at least people think it's exciting. I think you either like it or you don't. I think the team is likable and jokes and have fun and you enjoy watching them all right to maybe you watch a little bit more. I think but I do think that yeah I know is writing from the writing perspective. Of people talk about click me and things like that. That dynamic has changed Al spear listed they've just before this podcast he just dropped to what you know ones epic awesome Alex stories about. Cora in the clubhouse then that whole thing. I think that that story might be more accepted. Like five years ago or maybe even three years ago than it is now. This in and this is the weird part about the athletic which is coming into Boston. The athletic their whole thing in Boston sports journal their whole thing too was we're gonna give you journalism back we're gonna we're gonna cover it like it used to be covered. But my question is is well is that the smartest move because the ping pong stories or you know right I just wrote a story about airing judge in Justin Haley. Playing fort night. And I'm not saying that that's should be the coverage. But it's almost seems like you almost have to have more of that to draw the people in the pocket of the stuff we won our. We have to have little weird things toddler when you talk about football you don't just talk about the x.s and o.s of leading talk about the drama leading after all the BS going on a lot from I know with patriots. There's not that is my opinion have all the teams. They're going challenge and insane how Brady's overrated this that whatever. With baseball it's I feel like the talk generally. Is more focused on what's going on on the field and and you have you know the numbers. I believe me I love here and talk about what's going on the field the numbers I give border and that comes more so with the writings that well you blew the. On top the rate you do the baseball so I'm BC sports Boston and and I I heard you Kirk about it now I agree like this this this isn't sort of the good litmus test. The show at least now really shows there are right awful but when you get into that went and when you didn't talk to the federal gonna do the. Children like nine to ten which is a better audience and the baseball showing a baseball thing you is you know any time you preview something. It's awful McGill coming up in a box that that's not a talker. So we're doing it one hour shows at a bad time of day 430 this Sunday it would no threes while goldeneye and anyways. On stuff that might happen or reaction. When the games start then then you can judge right coach of something to react to that W being entertainment. Not not only reacting to it like this is that this is spot also where much like re human and we used to do the baseball show here you have baseball show here. This is the time where we know that but like Sunday state. We know that you are going to be allowed to dive in to some of those numbers that you're talking about ordered that did take a little deeper along the lines of what that ten minutes was today. That is accepted. So my question when you're doing that and that slot which I don't know. Like the 95 does call for the baseball reporters but I don't know what they don't I use I don't know necessarily if they're diving deep they're probably. But it let my thing is this is there any like niche show no that's what did people tell you that are entertaining. But he could still be edited to Bruins right segment or so a Red Sox or baseball segment. There's gonna be grouped people is that almighty god put a gun in my throat right now. The guy can't stand an hour of just Bruins suck it's so boring or our Red Sox stock or Celtics docket so boring like. I feel like those shows. There's going to be a very loud audience. That thinks that they suck because you know you're fired you're not a group we're talking to. Wood up putting the hockey show first for you could you don't like hockey obviously so it's not for you expect you not to like it. You don't do baseball show Sunday nights it's not for someone thinks baseball socks and his dying and it's going away. If someone likes baseball. Is that that that that part of that audience thinks baseball sucks is wrong yet daddy that's a great point you so you're rightly or buy it. But the challenges and you can't just sit there and except that the challenges you have to expand that that's what baseball facing here. Which is backcourt group. It is getting older obviously is that core group when they do win a weekend at foxwoods they always gets 7000 people here yes 7000 core people. But how are you gonna expand its so when you have those shows when we win rewrite our stories when we do dose segments on the radio. Do we have to approach it differently than we did before him and for lack of better term like bar still lit up a little bit. The end I think did some places try to do that maybe you even try to do on the baseball so I don't know since you've been doing it on TV if you. It are still lit up the just mean swearing. No no no I know that you guys tried that I know you guys tried drinking before I know we've gone on the list of things he's going off the and I feel like it like promised today he posted the into been antennae have a girlfriend yet so that price yet. Okay one of the things that I think that he does a good job of would bar us tooling and up. Is is bringing in people. So when you want to have those conversations. Oh okay you're not only entertaining me. But we are having a conversation at Oscar again. Have you seen that change at all how many years you've been doing that so the TV. Probably years nine years I'd be really. Holy macro restarted for 2010. Between the president different things used to be a Saturday morning show Oprah are number but I three for an hour via Cairo early show Germans thought I don't let it but I'm sings in DC bar still live up like I don't think. Him talking about it do Benton knew the girl for his bar stool you know I think the ought to know that as far as daily candy got to be (%expletive) (%expletive) meek is noble Betty biceps (%expletive) (%expletive) thought of martial here of being a little bit too zealous and I guess that anymore. I understand empathy that is that the cool. If you take these guys a bar stool he did you can't swear no more if you go to younger people I had this they cannot. Yeah. Barely that the vote do okay. My theory that's there the the V cursing is a highly of double bull crap I think that is old educational and selling assets but (%expletive) Now you sound like something I I understand you drop the U dropped the occasional Faulk into into a column that everyone like yeah yeah yeah that we swear on this death notices to invest four hit it's we're through we're trying we're we demographic over -- demographic that over twelve years old. But under fifty. But what I was getting out wasn't necessarily go way they'd be present at the the topic they're doing if I did that think about think about any of these other outlets third to go to uncovers recurrent. And do the Andrew Bennett and he has a girlfriend now I think I know that there's a value today. Because you are you to do is see the responses. If you wanna see that collects all of it that there is a value to that. That's what I'm talk about when I'm tired of all parts to we have because there is still believe most of these outlets mic right for some of home. I write for one of home it is hard to make that leap and I'm just saying do we need to second gate people collect baseball again maybe in my may be busy become. Invested in more than just thinking to invest in athletes and that's what they went basketball you have you know everybody's invest and athletes and look at LeBron they're invested in him morsel in the cavs that he when he was there they care about the broad and his Brandon. This case with some of the other players too he's just could. That the media's job with the team's job. Well yeah certainly you know it is evident and it just it was a good teams now with the it's our job market is their players are job because if we. We can't just sit there and say this team is boring doing your job is to make baseball and people like baseball our army our job as if were assigned to cover baseball you know our job is to make people care about that comfort. The care about the team and stuff yeah so are. So I think that's always a little too far when you since it's the Boston Red Sox marketing and PR department that it did their job. Is give people caring about looking Charles and Ben attendee and Zander Bogart's it's their job they people Garros until you brought. I think rush trying to say and agree to them on this is that it's you wanna be entertaining I mean we're not just like you know news reporters out there a serious all the time whether it's recovering. We put our opinions and stories consequential having. Stupid little stores like that once in awhile as dumb as they may be in handling them up according because if you read that ping pong story. I did not I was not serious threat course dry eye over Dallas and some of the things I was talking about you wanted. Well I mean just mean like how you talk about you read I talked about how to barter as well as we're devastated. Like god. I talked about how color guard revisit devastated. By the news that he sucked in on things like ours to patty trying to be satirical much is there was truth everything that was said. But my point is that. You go and have these odds stories as opposed to just what's going on with the because the other thing is Lou. A lot of writers are not analyzing the players outside of the numbers they don't it is best to scuttle waited to Nadia and at Florida a. That's why the province it's it's sort of like to me the way I look at it is that. You went when you write stories now the headline becomes more important in the story. Because you're never gonna get to the story unless you have the good headline and a lot of time just to tweak there spoke clicks right Sobel well yeah but it's you're gonna get the clicks if you don't. If you don't pay in you want the clicks because you want people ultimately to read your good work and I think that's what we're talking about that's why it when I come back to my original question do we have to change. The the way that we cover baseball whether it's on the radio whether it's on TV where it is in print. They do we have to do some the other stuff in your right Lou the Red Sox aren't gonna cooperate in a lot of respects this is. These personalities remember we have these conversations you're don's return other go loosen up by the gonna show more earth like what you say knows you wanna actually talk more about the players. Personal house. And you know that there are willing to now open up and fight you're all I know I used about an attendee example as an extreme. My point is that you're gonna have to get outside of the numbers in the side of sup we love talking about we love talking about the stuff that you talked about right. But you have to give them you have to get a man. You have to you have to get him and I'm not saying you guys today thing wrong and saying. This is sort of for me I guess I have looked at this season and like we can't do the same way we can't keep talking about baseball the same way that we have before. The other thing is Lou there are a couple stories are different Providence journal when I was down there and tool for more. I talked been intently about his work out routine and everything like that I know people had kind of gotten a little thing for him I think it was at Red Sox win a weekend I think rounds like that he's but I talked to a little bit more about it. In detail I feel like that's something that would interest fuel that wasn't written in it then how many months had a dead in the first week of march. And then the other thing I talked to Jackie Bradley about was how he has not won a gold club yet which is ridiculous I think we can agree on that. I asked him about his opinion on and how he became a better feel that things like that where it's not really bar slowing it up. But it's kinda talking about things I feel like but it has given the danger is the danger. So if they like baseball. I'm just I don't plan an artist shipment to senate somebody new is like not interested in the gain altitude so that terrible example air. But you mean those stories are great for you know. And I'm interested to know. 'cause I get like baseball. But I think the person out there that right now there's jumping into that big group of people literally is boring and a Q watch it through to Washington gave the game is dying with that there's six. The only cable Britney worked on either and I don't care whether Jackie credit does but if you just 1 sie am India gold glove yet. If you Vista ultimate concern yourself with the people who are outside yet to Katrina people who are in the air to who might be on the fringe you know they're starting to like baseball add those things into it too. I feel like someone who Kyle likes baseball has questions about a wants to learn more that's something that would interest them a little bit. Then you have those other ones are robs talking about where you reach out to some of the people who. Don't know much about baseball don't give a damn about baseball but the only kind of one yelled all this interest me in then. Having a destroy it there's a lot of Havoc. I almost feel like you know if you like baseball and you think something is interesting you should do a story on. Because you think it's interesting and if somebody doesn't oust doesn't then at that sort of like all I NATO. I think Larry I figured it didn't listen when I sat down. And wrote me a blog entry on plates white Hart being the Red Sox pinch runner this isn't exactly expanding my audience I get that I toll at it and trusted me. So I wrote about it but my point is I wanna do those stories I wanna do the stores like Alex studded. I wanna do all the stores but we have to get we have to do some this other stuff we have to start making it more interesting and that includes the broadcasts. Mean that includes the broadcast that includes our station that includes. The TV stuff. They took to say for example like for me. Oh down there and I I did a segment with like dale of Angie. Just about pitching has had more really focused relic 1213 1415 year old kids age should everybody just learned to pitch from the windup. You know minimize the movement you know that we checked I didn't think with the hitters do with the talking what be what is launching. You know what he'd do a twelve year old that looks at the it's as my kid wants it just hit the ball in the air all day long because I just saw Josh Donaldson video. So we did both of these things written fifteen minutes. And I thought they were interesting and I was excited for people that actually said you know I think he's going to be actually very interesting of those a lot of fun to listen to that put him on a website to put them up or do whatever. And it was nice to think that people still think there interstate but I am well aware that there's a large part of a large group while there that a gonna sit there and say OJ and those riveting stuff. Those all we know rose awesome what was launched a good and so interest in next up what a waste of time like so I understand is that the people that just aren't into what. But all I can do is try to do things for people that. All are ravaged by U Knuble you can do ball article you can of course delay here's an example of this here when your target your spring training coverage down there. And I saw those they trusted me I would be interested to see how they did you know on the whenever whatever. Tom I'm going Gleason and bill with CNET got around and did there camera guys thing. And they did out which which is it was quick it was funny that's the type of thing I'm talking about so. I'm not saying that hey Lou don't do you instructional video and just do this. I think the you have to have a lot of the bull like when you did on the sit down to DeVon with players. And watch him. But a step or did well not because any endorsement up because you but because governor was not yet and I agree and I I was watching his face a strategist against apartheid in his face like what he's like let's listen these guys that you thought Evan is like when you're. Talked to him he is doesn't pay and the real point of will wash we watched a bunch of those in the three of us but haven't thinks that when I asked questions off camera. And mania the diamond player it really is off camera he's look at the camera got music. Afterwards you weekend we had that much tonight and then elected is still camera and reads your do you realize you receives is like oh my god look at me BA's. All over the map had a single Brett should do well mentioning him and it's all right it was a welcome. Another oil well but there with there was an element. There was element of like the when you did Kelly and you can Kellan for self knowledge with her majesty's sale and I did Haley. Okay and a Bolton whom they Q Marat who say that's pretty cold again actually million ripe right at the but there was a mix right Stuart not the doubtful that it's probably still that is what training is all about. Where were you for our first identified is not the double and then a month and we are identified let's until apple does this season he'll agree with him as a and you the double again by you were I would imagine there was little bit of light light hearted Nissen goofing around right there so you draw men in and when usually when you're gonna take a clip from that. Most the time it's going to be like our Handley is he B twelve are. It like that that's the good it's critical of people all my goodness football TB twelve Tom Brady what's he doing. All I'm saying is that. Is that I think that we can reach you make a little more entertaining and drop people in to talk about the things that we really love talking about I just feel that way. If you just talk about oh. The the launch angles or or the work out routines for these guys and yes you'll you'll definitely keep the audience that you have right now but at some points. Unless something changed at the youth levels where people start getting more invested in baseball made with football dealing with numbers issues I squads but that'll affected. I think it will but if you just stick with. What's go I think what we've been talking about now for years and years I think I feel it all the other coverage to some level. It's jets but I I I just and I agree but I wonder if we are more and more listening to the loud minority that are just a punch ass holes. They did you know to say that the people on Twitter you the people and yeah next the people that social media like they are sold vocal. And there are so disturbing. Do what we actually Blake you know what wow I didn't realize it was this bad or only really listening to just on a large group of people that are miserable. You don't you could just talk about like ratings and it's that is at all proportionate and hold ratings aren't great. But isn't proportionate to what we actually think is going on is we think displayed does that nobody wants talk baseball anymore all we just reacting to. But they're very loud and avoid minority I think I think that it is a star ratings is still golden righty so concerned about that did the day of Twitter roots here as much is and what comes the page views you know one thing I've talked to rob about before was. When I was at Comcast there was one story that we're about Barnes. And have ever how to start pitching up all the time has passed ball try to work off that Karl I don't know if that was intentional or not I never seen a guy do I don't know if you had previously. I talked about it I talked to Carl Willis about it. Thought that story would do well he didn't do any better than any the other story tonight role other stories like that and they weren't getting a whole lot of try. I wanna go back to what you said about are we deceit are we listening to this majora on this this loud loud. A group of people who are saying baseball's boring. Well this coast the radio right into it or not I don't know maybe nobody that this is why this is where I feel like. That this Bissell mostly this element of giving up on the radio it. You can ago Null a little the you get if the -- and Belichick I'd like he's going to be cordial with a hosts are brought in god forbid I brought in the beer and a brother it and over from the wise you're lying again there's no love living here is they'll get the idea is there's casual thing when his cell and neck with fuel and I thought are we are we are we doing this you know are we accepting it and I know that is the scoreboard business to I don't Joe's bile concede the numbers went like. There we go back and say hey you know people dropped off but are we even looking that. Are you looking at. Don't want to say and I think it's it's right now isn't a week to go before the season starts with a the last to a three week of the season there is our bodies but it just it has nothing going on now and I agree maybe during the season I understand. But we are making huge deal of it now has nothing to talk about. While much Celtics we talk to September. Oh we. We can't put I mean I'm Bruins it's a real good it would be a moment so the growth and we talk about not told us that a lot celtics' locker rooms the browns are different so we cared gonna look at pre season Celtics. It's dot a lot of a lot of people were excited about the Celtics it was of Morgan plaza early to talk about it more than toddler it's obvious Russ and actually not I'm now with Kerry and in Gordon Hayward stuff species and no. Pre season is a tired that'd be good. They're gonna they gonna be bigger because there's just a single are you individuals who are show talks basketball lots yes but it was at how good can this team be but it was September. So it was the Red Sox who have in the playoffs the patriots are playing right now bros are both house and don't love you Jane. This is that the and we are part of a pre season this isn't changing want to get the season. They're gonna play they don't play the Yankees in April and you know how much you're gonna spend much our timing gonna spent on it unless there's some money does sums do they. Am I just. This is my point I don't think you will talk about it won't say they were basing it off of him and maybe I'm way off here but we're basing it off of the team Nicky back without David Ortiz last year. And in David Price got hurt right away and had to manage and nobody really liked so wasn't very ill thought to negative existing team I understand so this year. And enough there is no bus a person think to be a lot of buzz with the Red Sox yankees. If there is zero bus and is only way you can talk about it is if you actually watch the game and have a reaction. So hopefully we do that and it will sink. The receive disability you do the broadcasts as well Tom we talk with a talk shows we talked about oh. Writing we talk about all this the TV the broadcast is another thing and and the I think the broadcast is changing and I know that guys do it a certain way they've always been a certain way. But the broadcast is because it to people's attention spans are changing right enemy when you do it you can feel that you probably if felt that more and more and more. In these years you've been doing you've been doing that for a few years to write. Yeah I don't and before we know I don't think that people we meet is that Washington game with the Houston I think that's wanting the TV world is refusing to admit that you can keep talking about NFL ratings and to baseball ratings on these ratings. And nobody just must admit that people just don't stick around as much as they used to US and water are doing differently when Ron cat I'm sorry. NBC sports bottles and when they changed their format. And having one right to the podcast or some academy refused talking about this. The the idea was you can go here during that show to react right to react. But I think what wasn't considered wise people react they react on Twitter why they have the game on right. Would that be fair to say yes then we're absolutely yet so I mean that's a whole mother and I don't know how you integrate that into it but you're right if people aren't consuming whether it's on the radio or TV. Nearly the same way and that's where I come back for number idea what you watch a game with Twitter now. Right I'm sure you watch a patriots game is nearly as you're watching it. Yes way got to watch a couple of times he's used to Washington we used to watch your eight game easily used to watch it. Because you're also looking at the comments from Twitter and the reaction almost the Nat L analysis. Is coming from Twitter yes a lot of times yes not just a reaction right I'm not to mention. In a nutshell give to should do we have to change how we approach covering baseball neck. Yet to some extent I agree that idea how to astle who blew. I don't. Olympics overseas at that a product of the good guards. Did for another conversation earlier in the day an addict in Neil maybe in my in my opinion change in a month. With the oil like the body your very flexible they're very filed a wrongful and Margaret your very pliable. All right thank you guys got to rub skier out.