Bradfo Sho, Ep. 67: The not-so-special Red Sox preview podcast

The Bradfo Sho
Wednesday, March 28th

In the tradition of's annual "Not-So-Special Section" previewing the Red Sox season, Rob Bradford is joined by Manager Lou (Merloni) and Pitcher Nick (Friar) to ask the simple question: Can the Red Sox win the World Series? The trio takes a look at what this team has to offer heading into the 2018 season, while also stretching their betting muscles with some over-unders. (Spoiler: Bradford picks the Brewers to win it all.)


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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. Baseball seasons here so I guess we have to preview would consider this the not so special. Preview podcast. I hate previewing seasons I hate predictions. But we do it because this is what you do. Win the first game this season's roller rounds that's Urdu and manager loop reload the pitcher nick friar. Joining me to preview this season and basically what we do to the Red Sox win it or kept it it and then you get into. Get into why they cater to Dan the over under. It's a good conversation about the team by let's be honestly we don't we have a week from now wanted to be completely changing. All of this so that's fine but we have to do it we have to do this the not so special. Preview podcast. This is it. Of course. Where it's storming on the season with a good friends that a wicked 180 weight loss is there anybody better in the answer is no. Still well over thirty pounds storming to forty got to hit fifty. By. A pro all 24 that's the goal. Fifty pounds lost by April 24 and so were honored. To have a wake in 180 weight loss as part of the whole deal here baseball season is upon us so hey let's talk some baseball. All right it's time for that. That moment which free Wi yanks beat every single year I hate I hate special sections and the newspapers I hate. Eight MI eight animate them. Hate them because. They are a total waste of allocation or resource I am pitcher nick nick friar Lou Maloney manager Lou with me do you guys like special sections you read them anymore. Now now like when your kid known not so much that's great opening day roster. He. Put those things together and it's crazy that Allen's take they take will both take the beat writers Wednesday you're only doing this for at least a week. Like a fly Shaughnessy in Alex beard down the EPA Abraham and nick Ferraro. Your. You're gonna do best special elections. And in its two advertising okay. But to win a prize win a unit that's special site it drives me nuts because it's that I watched it that have it all the way apparently I've watched re all the time now. I'm beginning to wonder if you actually know what that means that. My my didn't know what combined meant we have Al shock from let them know something leverage in by Julio allowed it and I said let's talk about drinking abide team believe the word until all the people who should note that. So anyway so. What we do traditionally to mocked the special section on WEEI dot com it's the not so special election. Dom and in this case can be in podcast for being not so special preview podcast. Again with picnic in the Angelou. And I and I think that instead of it in the tradition or in the spirit of not giving into the weeds were this stuff. That's a star mean. There are only what I heard you talk about the senators for you for now one very easily the F fourteens. That you think can legitimately win and win at all yes in the American. Intimate you know the four that you might pick probably via the walk and numerically I will say this. I might agree with you but I might disagree in this respect I think the twins might be right. That it their their probably delete candidate beat while cart. They love the angels. Beat the staff is kind of a mess but we'll see. I don't think Baltimore's Google now they ball the only road I think outlook BR. She got that second half and Dylan Bundy could step up with cob it still got some offense and it is all we see the but it is in his is fourteen this is in his 45 teams that might get that last walker that's it. So you by you by I don't put twins don't. With breaking down. Or put them wins. On the grid but the. You know you put it put him in the category where they're intentionally caller Earl and I mean there I think because it would do well in the same thing last the Yankees writes I don't know and India well India yet with. It is as the Indy federal federal better lineup. Potentially a better I don't know I've just been bullpen. If you have Addison reed setting up off Fernando Rodney. Rate hasn't read to me was like oh my Minnesota Twins get a closer beavis and got there there there there I never bill trying to read it and maybe it's just because I've seen and played thirty times but as I sub employment of this go up. I don't wanna start with an analyst. Indians are this I want a loop so this will be a lot of previously this is a great way to do this thing has a great way to do it because it's the way I want to witches. The descent and the Red Sox went in the Red Sox followed. In the mix it done enough to win humorous night. When I mean I think that they candidate to win though there was one of the fourteenth when they're really gonna go in there were no JD Martinez you are not in the mix. You alert it was without JD Martinez there with three teams the American League and that we you and then they were you as you said the twins embryos in my mind okay. But now it's your site TD. That's the thing that you want more than anything more than that is (%expletive) because there in the mix. I think it'll by the gonna win the whole thing that's just an advocate with the cool all right so well so that one of four teams like it went OK because we this is the time of year were reduced sent things. Rank the four teams Utah. That's that's what I mean I know I know it's like I note. Lou that it's not the number one of a new book is due Boston's three Cleveland for a picnic. That's not a good answer I don't know that I disagree with that I think. What's good it's technically with the what do they do believe that a three Boston with a four here's the thing I think that's not the one thing about Boston and I understand that put that I think that. The Red Sox getting walker outside of the city than there are no don't know I'd totally disagree that. Okay allies that I think teams I think people outside the density gets him the price that Kimberlin backing supports LO. The Apollo aren't they look at this line definitely been discussion be there. But what you can't. The reason why they should be full probably wouldn't put that list that all of the teams have actually caught something if one playoff games they've won series in this group hasn't. That's fair. Last year if they had the one game left in the wild card. I'd I think we all felt that they would lose making it came even with sale after you know what how editors August now though I feel. I don't know what it is news just the way they're carrying the southeast as a core I don't know. But something about them can win one game marketed it for game. I'm well aware of your alternative to what I know about the seems to change their approach and handle their pitchers which makes a big difference and sales case for sure because we saw him break down more I don't mean. But more enough. Well I don't care about and three team wanted to post yes yeah yankees group that walk in this year this will be in the mix I say there are wild card team and could they win the division absolutely but I think they're going to be first while Carlin. This speaks to your address your ethnic glows like how do you know I mean this is I think this is one thing that I think people are sleeping with a Red Sox beat talk about. But it managing changes that it analytic changes the he might we don't know if any of this is gonna translate we don't know that one of the things Adobe not the first few days of spring training you were down there the fun thing. But I don't give a (%expletive) if they haven't pharma. I don't care. Let me ask you don't go back there because you said that. You really does that do it people in Boston yeah I think more highly of this team that beat books and well in Boston don't believe in this team I've heard before they do it's almost like. There's a certain is there's the picture right there at such as the walks but this group of people that are like. They won't show me not at a deli when a series in October to these people that it's all summer long. And and not watch a single game and if they win a series knocked over the all the sudden gonna go oh maybe up and attach the ALCS. Maybe but is that just the border trolls talking about just doesn't care that we don't we just Atlantic there's others involved. There are certain others involved I mean with David Price with how he's done over the past couple years I can understand that portion of people aren't sold on Marc Martinez again after what happened was ill at the end of the year. I did that to an end in and you look at everybody out Bogart's has now with trust and believe and I and I get that I understand and should they necessarily know I do and you know again it comes down to. How they're preparing for this season I think that makes a big difference you can't tell me altering your preparation. Can't affect your performance right so you have sale was kind of trying to slow things that'll be you have Bogart who finally addressing the fact that he's HEE fielder. You have. Let's see it. But it would you have as you were very good team. There is very talented. That won the American League then we're unique is that. I would say probably 90% of the roster has something to prove who. An emissary at apple know that's a great thing that's very unique because. That very very often mean via questions they often but lake it's unlikely. That a team that wins the division comes back the next year with a chip in their shoulder like they get some approved because they all individually. Fell below expectations group which is what this team did except for sale. Kimbrel. Pomerantz. And attendee. The Vasquez. Say every everybody else sectors that you know whether Pedroia proven to be healthy lose Bogart's Jackie Bradley junior milky bets. A lot of bigs who reports fellow David Price ago lot of big name players who have a lot to prove. Which is strange. Given that they won at all when American League last year. And I think sale could kinda throw into that group to some extent because because he failed because he dug in here and he you know that he's as competitive as anybody else out there so he kind of feels like he has something you have. Which is why I agree with you the extent that they're in the mix but if I had to pick who's gonna win daily steer the Red Sox and yankees. I'm picking the Yankees are now I think it's close to the people say that's fair I grew at a. I think the Yankees have of it is of mortgages that he doesn't eighteen yankees to look at 2070 writes in that all these guys have career years last year. They'll back it up. The way did you come back to that question McGwire I think people outside Boston. You you think they've made their giving rats like more credit inside Boston. I'm just supposing against the Yankees and I was on my Chicago station and it's Rudy things than when the American League east president that day I go back and for the big. And they are. And no it wants really ice it won't be the percentage do you think these people in Chicago of the country who thought that it like eighty point. Yankees and I think it's in large part because these these 27 foot five guys into in the middle of their order. And they like that image are coming off a year. That they were really really good. And and but for me the Yankees they're the very real avenue for the Yankees to fall behind the Red Sox and it reflects big bad yankees. It's the rotation. Yeah testers but you know Tanaka as a guy like look at who has looked like (%expletive) over the past you over the years not lived up that high heat pitched a lot better than I expect he was going to -- could you do that again. Possibly option Severino I think is for real. Is sabathia can be the same guy that he was. He's not commitments helpful you carry the disease have a solid for real great you know in Q Montgomery you know the Lebanese and tonight is kind of paid that. Their bullpen is to take advantage come to me based web experience in winning in the postseason it's an edge so you look at so that's fair. So you have to say that the Red Sox potential upside I think you. For the starting rotation is bigger in the yanks can agree that sale price even armor and seventeen wins and 320 ER day in Toledo at water at watery gets forced fellow Tom you know potentially Steven Wright who you know who knows. But that the bullpen to me is maybe wrestling thing it can immediately it being the death of the national -- Thursday. What are you compare the bullpen here. Well Robertson. And dances in tap in names proven track record to go to your point track record. The reds talked at least. Have the potential. To match up because I think Chapman scored. He started his. Career path dances at issues last year it's there's a satellite into it goes the only guy commitment to anyone right now absolutely. Absolutely but if you if you wanted to take and I hate doing with the projections of Red Sox have screwed this up many times saying we're projecting the five stars to be dead. If you're projecting. Carson Smith you can you can do this custom Smith from his Seattle days if he's like that. He's right there in the picnic. Can Chicago's well apparently can't let out. There and gamely as you can just yet reject him shore could be that the closer. If you wanna keep project I'll be at the guy is taking their alien matchup with a Joseph cal what does this say about they have both guys and those are the could project. Carson's Smith that he beat great short joked Kelly shall there be another outgrowth I would Thornburgh. The Lundberg Eisner coastal. It's out art exhibit thirty seconds between pitches on TV that he knows that the threats that opens to the known now and nobody asked me that that's what they might like many things you mentioned asked me this in a month. The one thing about the benefit bullpen last year I mean they you don't win that many extra in a couple of the Oguchi I mean because last year they did at the global and before most of the best bullpen in baseball at it's it wasn't good enough in his legal funny guy that's at a craft themselves in the eighth and kept being told. That their bullpen is great. What they do the world a cut Radisson read it bluntly nobody else touched the eight because been dating to the table it was lawyer LL probably the root of the problem is it presents a problem with that rule is because also one. Of the problem is is that when you pay you know Cali with barns these guys they can be great for two months and then all of sudden you about for months he needs some -- and and also on the pop back up in September. This is the props like even when they're dominant you to set instantly dominant with. They blow you away is because John Farrell it's a good job well. Bullpen that's what it is it is half the battle with a ball and being successful too is having a manager who handles the court when you know who that pitchers especially bullpen pitchers. Are totally different animal than any other athlete they're strange. Dudes and for lack of better term. They don't know what their role is some of these guys from the general he doesn't wanna throw outside of the ninth inning as much to say to it's much you want it's pretty clear that doesn't. So when you have a manager who's kind of this guy's role as yesterday and it's gonna change tomorrow. Two weeks look a completely different and we don't know how to I don't know I mean it's. That whole thing I know a thing as a core handles it different Farrell that could place now. As the that's like that that on paper this this isn't as bad as bullpen by committee 2003 where we're used in Diego. The via Turkey evacuated rise though you weren't there for the whole way beginning in the bullpen you're born yet neck and so. But yet fox. Embry. Opening Dave Wright gave howry oh yes yes yes I'll Crawford Terry Shumpert. But the whole idea wise like what we're talking about now bring the best guy in the most important not time the problem is there wasn't your best. And the other problem wise I think this has changed a little bit. From even when you played Lou. Guys. Wanted to know when they were going to put it to your point yes thanks guys want to know whether you know pitched. I don't know if if if it did that obsessed over it as much as they used to be. But that does factoring in in now so when we're talking about core in this Kimbrel thing. You better find the guy who is okay to pitch in the ninth inning because it's not just that you're doing it. Annual is looming the ninth innings different look of Austria hitters hitters hitters have different approaches yet. Miss you know this to maybe. It's OK guys you've got a great game before yes I did and what. The thing is rod too I think now we talk about how with the teams different in high EF have a different manager for this team. The players now definitely care more about. When it is that they're going to throw knowing their role because just a different generation players I mean they're not. It was always important though but about OK okay I'll just general put us knowing what you gonna come in him but for the most more like you don't need a bull and coach. Because guys know if we're down two with 3COM in the game down by six I'm probably gonna give up that company in the third. On the long guy on the guy and fortunately. And tilts up and change around here on the got to come to we're losing then that on the got a comes they were up one islands. Ferrell manage those guys in that role means that makes a big difference to my point earlier so if Cora can handle it where these guys know their role. All the time it doesn't change week by for your your that would Campbell. What we're doing what they're talking about with Campbell that's not be possible. That's that's not an in they're both the most important guy in that equation it's not say hey Carson Smith you know you're gonna have the ninth of Kindle pitches in the seventh grade if Craig can. Keg Craig Kimbrel is saying all the right things now saves are pretty stacked. All that. By. The though the fact of the matter is that contract year saves equal hall of fame on the road. Ninth inning mentality. Or still think that that can be difficult. Conversation because last year when he when he. Became an clean eighth it was fine as long game in the ninth clinic at the city's you don't now we're talking W pitching to clean a bright coming out of the gala in giving the night to Thornburgh or all Barnes Kelly all. Smith. You don't get a say you you like ages you know COLT. There's a couple of OK in the hall of fame and that's gonna you know crap on that broadcaster. In the Ruth. What that he crap on its feet of humiliate yes. Yet I mean as the guy who invented basically invented the ninth inning 19 inning and I've been surprised me surprise you work for the organization that is going to do this is legally. Now how important that I guess and guess right. Right but I mean we've said this before that we agree hope that he posed this well known as the guy Tony in Yankee Stadium. Europe Iran in its judge Stanton Sanchez. You know if you want an eighth inning guy or would you want. Your closes throw that eight dealing with those three guys coming up in and giving. The next inning. Thanks you could say freaking Kimbrel for the night but guess what pitch it's over with this so just what it to two run bomb off joked Kelly yeah why LB saving Campbell you'll ethical thing. You better make sure that you haven't we can do it right now. You can say the cars the Smith can you don't now well it's it's one of the things that I felt like that that the smoking is that that double closer right. And as well these teams are doing it that these two closers a flight fortunately and guided it know how to use either one of all right John Farrell. It won't get a guy like they are closing in Arizona ago against re closing in the past as well and he still used missed its original guys but still it's so this year. Do you have a second closer. Because you better if you're bringing Kimbrel you better have someone who has the stones to pitch tonight that you could say that this united just three outs but I still a lot of guys who have great in the eighth. Give the ball and night disciplines hurt and they crap all over themselves they can't handle it. Law and the other part of the equation too of retirement the bullpen like OK you know you might not carry left you're not prioritizing paranoia. Where if you did carry Lafayette guy that you knew could get lefties out you have that one lefty in the ninth inning if you do that with Kimbrough you of that one Laffey that's when you bring your mum. Bring amendment and in so I don't necessarily agree with that whole mentality would this group that they have of not needing a laugh. Paid you I think you do. Walters get ready in mind mental queries aren't so what does leverage with Carson Smith of may be no mean. Everybody else other than care Romo. And Joseph Kelly. And I bars no. Can be definitely not do you by the police say he really means that he not to use the left necessary deep meaning old pals say it will though I still felt like we haven't. As a lifting this we know the answer to this. But but here's the thing is that this is gonna come not a problem with that Jews it's city. At this point there's no stone left right right we agree with that with his guys OK guys have had a chance as other than Bobby winner right. These guys have had wrote it's Elliott I thought come out Robbie Scott. Yeah I thoroughness Elliott's the first day here he says I'm gonna drop down against lefties literally throw side armed against lefties and throw over a hand against Fridays which. I'd like all my duties he throw it's I'd 94 with a white poker ball this is gonna work. But you know what the problem was the consistent all outlook try to arm slots available on middle identity. Was just in today's announced a vehicle that the area if you don't like to have a lefty for the night to face stick. None of these guys were talking about you have confidence to do that would give you the night even for a hitter. This must distorting the block. You know in Munich so these guys did a police gonna bring about the night didn't officially off let Arianna muscular leadoff walk in the bring you closer to what good is out now of confidence in those guys ought to get a veteran. Left handed reliever that is just money. They elect I feel good about this guy what are level what is that thing what is that thing that concerns you the most about the the get in a vault Kimbrel. Really yes and fitness that would be my first one W neck. I would probably say a rice imports I don't know what they're gonna look like this year and you need those two if you're going to be success of big and have a debate minds in field defense. Yours there. Infield defense because you have devers through the stock especially. Yes well this is this is the question it and I think that accord dies it's he's Friday whether it's in the eighth inning at third. Rough field average is going to be five there you know things like that I think he's trying to build these guys up and I understand that's fine. But if we look at it right now you have devers who still really consistent in third. You have new union is who is a very valuable player but a statue it's dead in the range all he has less range now and so. If you're talking about going into the game in Bogart like you said Bogart's nick Bogart's has gotten. At work that some things and maybe might be a little bit better routine things not going to be perceived as a guy who's. Unbelievable range potentially of in the rumors at first. You look at that infield defense how can you not have. Defense replacement. Then yes and it's. Out of infield defense as a much there. Yeah in most other auto merger and I still think it's open yet and I would say that's number two demise issue with with price and I don't mean this is his bat bonds couldn't take the step. Is get a pitch like he did it at home last year. On the road parallel is land Thornburgh gets back Odyssey is kills Kelly he does weaknesses. Does the eye test matched the numbers. Which Tokyo Tokyo look you see you look at his numbers that oh. He kicked straight cuts that ERA against giving up hits and everything else batting average against. But instantly he feels confident want to take that model of the of secondary pitch for strikes blow fastballs by guys. A won't be that dominant reliever. It's easy that Carson Smith. They the powers down but hasn't been more like 94 now is movement in these big guy he's been he's been right ninth nightly. News now open but it's you know it's our network Workman says he sees. He's hiding in a non factor in my eyes is a matter of when you can get. Thornburgh back in how he's gonna look what does that look like good start because if you have those two guys. Who can Mindy to can also mean in the ninth Lou if they have that Sanchez order and Smith beat Kelly. I didn't tell tell leisure is he your eighth inning guy double closer ties between the sixth or seventh guy builds confidence and eventually may be be the only thing that's taught well okay NC he could eventually become idols I don't slowly I don't know last year as the lucky inaudible going to be Bryant Bryant Johnson when he reckons wreck via. Put do you see you tonight. You left me if you can. It pitched well against a like number expert with the apparent. All are saying about the bullpen is I don't see having that third guy in Cali or anybody else for that matter as being that replacement but I just think that Kelly has that kind of purse on or approach for a little while for yes exactly he's the sixth or seventh inning all about and that's fine. Com put I think Bloomberg has a little bit of history dealing with eighth inning dealing with and I think. Handling Webber's up at that doesn't matter for the best I Atlantic or not. Same thing with Carson's Mitt different types pitched out of their style and arm angle you know why is one of them works wants and what it. They're not in Europe you I had an interesting one and one has won more revved up column. That's due in Europe and yes. I think appeal runners we have to go we have to be if I. Our good friends that blew by if you go oh yeah no you know it. They came out the over you know and we love them for. I'm going to be the Red Sox could help me over on these QB. And Toobin and candy Q 85. Low. Over and over. Neck. Oh. Okay. I am going to go under. He went through says he went under the last two civilians and Bennett and he walks stolen bases twenty point five. Still going arrested yet under. Animal model to realize that even exit these monsters next as much smoke rise and home runs nineteen point five. It's over 0029. To 2322. Pretoria. And you comment apparently you know we're an IPO the ones and attract a 21 yankees but for a full 300 sites smoky bats batting average to ninety. Does all right. That'll push. You know put up I through portions. I'll go over on a political under and that the height two ladies was it thirty plus okay hold runs 24 point Leo easy order idols right. I mean you view about it one bit will he got stolen bases 255. Golden to you about that. Doors of its did we talk you figured you guys think the the potential for four point oh yeah. Yes. It's amazing that it's never been done yeah that's crazy that. That Jacqui bags those objectives that we count on. Yet pistol style because I according to him you know going to him it was analog dealer. I don't go team Marti is the only at home runs and 39 point five under under. I think he's. And leave the theater to the hurt her favorite hurt. But the predict something. So I'm the last one the last one this is the open we talked about Lou. You'll find Jimmy Shapiro over the public warning from rookie moments he's won over. What will you tell me after I won one. There and judge yeah. 39 point five and a half Oman. So obvious she's in the old he's not I'm going under when judge yeah. I mean I like stale or I'm now that slot last year on he's he's he's fine apple feel all right we're seeing in the fine wealthy. Woolsey you know need to you know I think when he Ford F moments from Nokia is. You think the judgment here that. Dad I really think that he's not. Over 39 is still doing now last year feeling it's 42 right he's gonna hit 35 cult that advocates. It's there. All right and this is Diego world. Last critics as you well it's like flat last thing World Series and winner of the world. Though it. Duet World Series. To do it is to its goal. You do cubs. Don't view of cops. The tip that you do. Yu Darvish John lost like Jack. Tabloid. Yeah Alec armory in the nationally didn't you like that little pause that's like it's like an apology and yet that's again that's subject to change the impromptu Q what's it really think about it and this comes out of I'm not suck and they either one of them by the time my decently at the punctuated some outgoing I. I don't know Olympic internationally but I would say it winners coming out of jail it's going to be twins messrs. seats and obedient as. A love that pageant that I love clover do you just does everything right and he knows how to change approach a little bit in the postseason where is the same guy throughout the regular season. Makes a little alteration when he uses breaking ball when he needs that back door two seamer like Indian. I Milwaukee Brewers Minnesota Twins remain. And we believe the lowest to the lowest rated World Series and history of TV and keep in baseball will be done real well. But I wouldn't do my best to bring him back on wins. Oh who wins the brewers now traveler side celebrants. He's on on in front of font east. I guys thank you you got it in depth.