Bradfo Sho, Ep. 69: Who was to blame for the Red Sox' Opening Day loss?

The Bradfo Sho
Friday, March 30th

Rob Bradford is joined by Ian Browne of to offer instant analysis of the Red Sox' season-opening loss to the Rays, with the duo doing their best to identify what exactly happened in the fateful eighth inning Thursday at Tropicana Field. Who was to blame? That's what Bradford and Browne were trying to figure out while reflecting on Game 1 at the Thirsty First Restaurant in St. Petersburg, Fla.


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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Where you don't like your. Brad show. That's delicious. Is. You brown crash opera a few blocks down from Tropicana Field where. Red Sox lost their first game first of the year you. They lost it or one. Parents if you know it's happening it feels like 2003 doesn't you're you're so desperately trying to Sheehan the 2000. Chatting on our Bobby howry is gone they've scored but it does it end and they leave the marriage over the guy with a three run homer. His nephew played in the game. It. Did you know that's a relatively little dictionary and you Braddock I figured. That it was very important that we did a podcast. Before the next game. Number one because I promise that I would before podcast that we. And only a memory that don't feel like this is the a force podcast you absolutely no idea. But most importantly be it's. We we just have to do something after this right I mean it's it was a it was a debacle. Is that the block that well. It does nothing it needs to do podcasts. Than happy to buckle up there'll be guys said they hear that they need. Is that you people away for months upon months one month of oh. We did pocket oh. Baseball once it is vaulted us money for nothing if not enough talked about there's this the games don't count. And how many months since the October November December January February march April right. That's 66 months six months we've been waiting for this this actually talking about it's chipped it didn't matter. And a lot Matta today I'd probably want to be at. The top line. I go I want you had a parade I kept feeling I get what boards should probably get a wild war because war better than Joseph Kelly felt if not a you know good good segue. All right so that the biggest thing here. We cover up that eighth inning Steve won the right side. Today I didn't get off what Dillon read how r.'s radio trying to figure out play the blame game tonight. And it's it's it's a fun exercise. And a few minutes of your gonna power bank. The blame game for that for the game one to be your QB Ian Browne power joked knowing number one. Clark Smith number soon. And nobody else is even in the conversation wolf really it's that guy. Outscored the crack that Alex gonna put his guys in their roles and get the job done OK. Because Alex or look. It was a reads like Rick Kimbrel that the. Then I would say Alex north's involvement out scorer flatly said two days ago Brett it will not that pits and eating up. In the early part of the season revisit that later. You know my good friend and colleague ride in a lot of good point so. He said interpretive I'd yet I toll yet though all we're not perfect anywhere but the ninth inning. And when you talk about oh. When you talk about like not. Not being around between acute grapefruit league game that sedate and I didn't. There are it's okay so this once that is right right it brought up in and I would like to run this by you. Their respect your opinion. The one out. B one out the Denard Span how. Denard Span bases loaded two outs. You're up ward two. And end in Ryan brought this up. You bring to go at that one out because if I would failed you do with it blows coming in ninth inning who could be that guy you've already burned through. Kelly you vibrant reply Jerry birthday cards Smith at that point yet that one out. Still you people like you get by in night with the markets Walden. A case of Bobby point. That left and right now it's within and yet so I hope that if you know I don't know why Allen scores explanations about what the I we don't want to bring him and Bobby pointed efforts made to the Dallas based loaded Alice Alice north once lost. Because you're gonna play it probably one honestly overwrought it's not. The thrust of that I agree with. Don't problem I agree with that so to go back to the power rankings the blame I oblivion. Joseph Kelly. Carson's meant. My news if it this is how it works in Dallas scored that this pick apart what he did. And mud so might main one is Bobby Joyner. He warmed up at one point. You write yet right there are probably like a battery to the innings come back so. My qualities you should have him warm enough at the beginning evening with Carson's. Because you're not gonna use those guys tonight only targeted youth could be get a warm up my both arm of the night. So when you're doing that. If you're doing it if you view that by the time you get to hear Meyer which would have been with one out I got exactly. It every cute Meyer left the that you could have brought in order for that matter and then you're bringing Carson's bid. For Carlos Gomez which I think if the rate that. Night. You know court advantage purpose and my luck Joseph pelican that was a war run me. Who want the cannot it would become with a low around me it's lock me up. Wasn't. Hey there when it says that we went down there and you said. We're gonna do matchup I wanted to match up late so Matt Barnes gets through the bill you'll. Like that so this is one of the I think he wanted things you have to look at at what court did here witches. You get through the you wanna say which is the most important got a lot of people would say well. They prioritize Joseph Kelly over Matt Barnes if it rings that say seventh innings that the aid where it's in fact. The other person is up. Right Matt Barnes who brought it to get the Bill Mueller Joseph Kelly we've brought in its first batter with Robertson was this the eighth. And a right. End of the. They want three of course as the Red Sox reliever Joseph. Want the united want it to be with like yours and his slider. Can get the Cyrus on almost all off. Played through us through cider. And yes they threw a slider Brad Miller Brad Miller. Yeah it is did not write it insider John Kelly in to his defense because this performance and then it. Yes okay well it's gonna have to agree to the net dips well there was constant Smith wasn't much better. Does okay so so this go through other I would be more worried right now my heart. Note Nellie has cautions that this fall flat. Here's the thing right here's here's here's another we wanna go to war and maybe this goes to the browse to witches. Did they assume through minds with cars and Smith. And ideas to read too much with either the order because it's so now we're seeing Carson's been viewed eight regular season outings last night. And he was whatever you it's okay because it's refrain we hear it he says it's like oh well you know it's. It's what these things where I feel like it was Seattle. Okay tonight's spring training story but what we saw today wasn't what we signed yet and it appeared that he criticized the browse the it's like they let. I disagree don't replace them. Yeah but again the wolf because there assuming that these this these two guys. It needs to keep trade war we're going to be what they work by I don't think it's now has expelled the last two years. And in the OK they they're saying the cards Smith because the spring training because what that team he's going to be when he was. We saw it we saw today and it wasn't. It was so much results. Is that it was that last excuse me. Left for that he. Now miles an hour straight ball. Right down the middle right cars Smith when he was in Seattle was 94 with a lot of I would like to have him markets although today the way we didn't throw the ball. That's who would have to you than three weeks guidance at that XXP that. That I think it's not I want and I left tackle. I want that to go on record here browsers said I would have liked to see markets walked. Overall I thought today yeah but that's not how little I think it's an. Everett relic average college. Average relative city and it hello I currently ten feet away from us because the restraining issues. Podcast restraining issues. Evans and eloquently is outraged that that it will not use it they have you wanna come over to his pockets now it's all right yeah. It. Is outrageous. But this budget you're so quick to come over to do so now first up with lightning quick. Like let's not forget too that the Euro up what board nothing enough. Or anything or. Yes they scored. It's going well so the so wild you Carlos stick with him through home runs one thing it did not work out for the right size today. With the 349. Apparently in no offers next Oprah sixers went for a strike and it it it is not at this time again you know it would it says the now it was you. But and and so I didn't you notice we delivered knows time game nights aren't even practice. Swing and that. You're the strong at a budget for his pitches but more telling they are putting a lot of effort there to play they were brought him. Over during tonight so that that tells you that they were like Cokie you're swinging at pitches that you think you would like that was the whole dynamic. And they did have. It's. Devers double RBI double was not her body doubles over here as I'm not counting a home run it's like he could advance the plot that was the thought you know the first pitch to. By looking at that's getting robbed by accident my the first Clinton aren't first so it's okay so this jump to that so we weird that we dive in the mean you'll come back. But but the entire rest of the game. What are your lowest over Europe music concerns. And am not concerned. I'll what are the concerns with antley. He's done you'd like him I love the way strengthening in the news is behind you now have a 700 no via oh yes it's three. I think I'd again by analyst added right now but I think that the current like. I'm with you like just like I'd like every once namely core. Tires they're all like vote in the swing like that we are doing it but I honestly didn't seem like a bunch of them according to what they indignantly. This Ellis corporate it was written and well I don't blame them because I think it's ups eyes like bigger than like Portland's outside in you know lights doing. So say you hate him you're the bill the auditor you're gonna have a guy right. But another big play in the game with Bogart's getting doubled off first as the kind of based on mistakes and at last year under John Farrell. Yet now the basement. That. When moonlight. And moved rookie get picked up for us down. House both at the ball that the umpire thought I don't know that. Is there isn't one. Of his you have pitcher. This. God's side. Air here's here's the thing is that there were retarded about the good the bad this game. So you're right I mean you do not capitalize got archer of the game. Am re doing. You are throughout the game. And so uses scored more runs. Shouldn't be I don't know it's OK okay okay okay that's that's why concern. And I can't tell you like. Then hit that snell gave we like. Eduardo Nunez or it's just not a video it's it's joke is that we don't McCullough at Colorado new union that's accident he was like. He had hardly any ground balls it's like entire program right so this golf ball is hit to his last. Ten feet on. The he moved to count on my experience as a whole will I go ahead. Think I just added it's not that far from the top man. I think his legs were spent when he went on Vatican excuse. Let's. Our home runs and I don't think well. And well that's a that's I hesitate to meted out what do think that sure they put him through its paces to test as you would inside the park home runs into. Opponents and it's only 90% healthy. While he's at the other day you know he took yet today that I think I was worried about my knee when were you worried about you need a few days ago that it. Well but it's not that mean the running isn't the thing it's like you know like the the cover some ground collateral like him on that ground ball that looked like yet and any kind of staff. Non college if they progressed as like my third set for the communities like you've got a great fifth set up. Had ordered glad it isn't the greatness that I said that the spring training that this was concerned. Iran I can't out of its current. And so it's no immunity go to score again here's another one here's another one for one minute I guarantee you didn't make it Breakdown this game. Be put in the defense replacement for him in the various Big Apple Orleans I was surprised at the time and real and more broadly it. I joked that John McDonald. Music and I ran my. All the more broadly now it's it's it's all of that that and it's not really like you know there but they get Atlantic fleet that I said. I don't see it as a nickname which is that Jimenez and army Moreland sent her. A died I've without like me at the that's that's like a bite to create power rankings that in fact you did not want to buy so you what more relatives that humans replacement. Okay. Is it any thought at all report or did you ever played at for news like I went. Having the year I've been like either devers and unions. The average public these early this Denver right now I don't buy it. That's legitimate thing. Like the whole like you ticket rock pulled over them Guerrero. Left me Rockville it. Probably a little bit better the news is and I agree with you may throw for what date for what the Red Sox need on this team. You can make this strong argument that never Murrow serve more purpose of rock roll like that don't now and then in a bonus you're not playing the make today. Emphasize it but our biggest concern on the team right now if you defense that's what I said. Via via the the bullpen is open. Why how that's inevitable but is that that is that and I think that isn't well. Andy about it and I can think of the year would agree with you I don't know quite free after today. We unite because we get a big blow was brought to the surface with Carson Smith I think I body into you because it is gonna be good cars it's that I body that. And and that might make that one page forget about the spider forget about the loch. That one page where you have to do it fastball. Has some movement with two miles an hour more anyway. Dallas that there. Where was the movement that is where was a lot whereas the movement lessons this that's is that I don't see any room. Well outsiders. They know where the bulls don't. It did feel they did feel like that that time there there was going to be that moment where it's going OK outside corners slider wolf there it is I mean he also. Like those that changeup I think. And night you know I think there was no confidence. No confidence in the epic brutality or enforcement and how do you do that if you like this with you guys. As concern and what you would you have done the mine inaudible. Brought the ride in a way of doing things which is Campbell here's one batter if Denard Span is viewed them. Only did the site before. The game and yet that's that's portals one status in the middle the game they'll correct liberal. That you put the way he's used. Got to tell it was him here it's eloquently you. More than half the and we before the game he was not gonna it's one. With a one batter. The notes that. I don't quite know utilities want. Ballot that all of that and possibly as the for what I. Are vague and ultimately thing so you but you. So if you buy it and now you look at spins way it's been his night fifty points worse against lefties. You buy it like a monopoly and Bobby footer there on up. We thought it went. I agree with you like up the thing up if you're gonna have a guy on the team if this isn't this isn't like the last guy in the pulpit this that he Emery this is. You know this guys probably going to be brought it in it important situation. Like this right he's going to be in the roster. It's only in the bullpen right it's gonna be active in agreement that was the agreement. Well you really for John Deere buyer finally put. Now it's sort and otherwise I think that Joseph Kelly any Karstens with me Alex merlot that today. And you you're impressed the way they outscored fatal Alex he was. It's very reason. You're thirty you know the body though. To see how Terry Francona and John Farrell for the other guys handled the loss in the past and I was very impressed the way toros. They're probably. It's no one what went through a Red Sox review. Through rents are to review its object called up its it's like it was like there to be even the media and they don't. That'll give like he yelled answers. And so brought up the point of like when you ask the question why you green tallied they say match up. At tablets haven't said well that's as David ballots Jack saying I tested it at the theme in my argument you realize no it's not like. That that the same thing would be. Outscored saying I did with bets that the right. This same thing for Belichick would be. I didn't play Malcolm Butler because I didn't like that match up against the big wide receivers of the crime the matchup it's like it's so ugly. It's definitive and the wanna be go look up on baseball reference with the matchup. What matchup I don't like. Not only the coaches McVeigh's lefties. Company QB. It here's the weird thing if you look at these splits like where they were talking about not happening. They're talking about not having a left in the bullpen you go down the list of guys that to elect he's probably the second best guy. Like which is that that's lady elect you Brian Johnson before alone. That's right Johnson's day with NATO and your article I don't run as the pit. That's all yeah. And victories beginning at 3333. The great tree I we hit the twenty minute mark it's all you got more time. On the Internet and other you have another line topic electric drive there. But that's fair that's good that's it for everybody out there. By the way I wanna give a big shout out to wake him when he UA lot you probably pound the bylaws. I would say you lost the third through mounds on alert rodeo you a little more maybe even little. And maybe. Maybe yeah maybe. But yeah thank you for noticing though I'm making money washboard stomachs that stuck out yeah. Away away it went maybe thank you. A friend and partner the podcast. If you'd brown a friend partner of the rat thank you. We're doing just podcast in the middle of your eating drinking post game game number one any time.