Bradfo Sho, Ep. 70: Matt Barnes explains himself

The Bradfo Sho
Monday, April 2nd

Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox reliever Matt Barnes, who has started the young season as one of the team's top two relief pitchers. Barnes explains how he has found success, what adjustments he made, the truth behind his struggles on the road and whether or not he's worried about ever becoming a starting pitcher again. The duo also break down how each Red Sox pitcher looks running in from the bullpen and why nobody likes bullpen carts.


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Add road show. That's my open definitely probably would have brought that's my old. Query where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad broad show. That's delicious. Well go on to another week to the broad votes and there's no but it rather kick off the week when I. Then Matt Barnes Matt Barnes who. Came out of the gate for the regular season ago William ball fire has been excellent congratulations Matt thank you very much better than the alternative absolutely okay now. And jobs before we continue our make you know so lost a lot of weight writes yes Jack looks fantastic thank you a way to one maybe our sponsors it is there's the work magic that's how unbelievable. Dennis test today absolutely eyed good looks a test today thanks I'd bat. First question I have nothing to do it you'll get until you decide how guys full time cards a crack. Yea and it. Com. Uncut NA on them. I think. Part of the whole slowly team is is smarter than com. You know obviously some places are closer than others you know currencies Tampa yet we are is is is very close. Both some places like Cleveland actually Cleveland your run from Donald plot to get suitable time it's hard to get an amount on. I like the running in Syria yeah I DOI. Philly carefully kids did John. It's one of those things it just gets in the flow of the game. I think it's just been you. Never played terrible when cart probably never never politely but you're not alone snow has taken. Yeah now. Now almond on the on the run against Ohio yeah did you it's terrible that such an underage conversation about running into people and yeah I think it is it says the demeanor for the inning yeah. You know did you have to do would be to have you tested your running in before. Really I'm gonna do little to slow. I'm fabulous fast yeah I knew what he felt style that slide into the mound. I'll I don't know if I've tested it but I definitely ask guys I don't have a partner who really doesn't look good because a look back. It won't do and have you adjusted. I got that looked all right it wasn't like completely show but it wasn't. My middle schools day care it's gonna give you an exit it's August that I've never ever thought about you running the ball on the core of guys. Yeah your data sort of like. You take long strides gap he does does it feel that way death public it championship column is worse. I don't I wasn't gonna go to they have not put but it is sort of that you take long strides and you put a lot of emphasis on keep stuff. Yeah I mean I don't know if that's how you feel it would you run dead you don't realize it late it's like the dramatic. Light seems like I'm going fast but it's really in slow motion kind of effect I doubt. Kind of its Dick I think it kind of bug and again I've never particularly thought of ever breakdown you running it would always a good except I commend wolf not here because this is. You gently DJ. Maybe Miami bull bold we'll submit that's a good one right wolf we'll try out different what do I think everyone does he do did you pay attention we'll assess everybody's eye well jogged in from the bully boys so just think you through right now. I mean joke coasts. Yeah Gaza coast maybe you know it has advice he's running and he's it's kind of like collides. Bomb. Who's I don't know who's got a good one think Craig got a pretty good he's pretty. Just all yeah I'll ask you just. Yeah he's like yeah he's base feel like it comes Iron Man ride and I'm once they get to the mountain views very much gap I mean it's just like desert his nonsense like at the same time be running in music possibly do it but it has still sometimes you strides in a B. Yeah mean is this what is that it's what he cannot answer I don't know I don't know I don't know there's a lot of plain and it was like yeah yeah so it doesn't rob you. Failure to make up your chest when it comes when it when that happens. So wells. Peter's got a pretty good one. Bob Scott's kind of goalie got. A secular. But the nice drop. I haven't seen for arrow although shot and I going to be doing like 4440s. I'm sure there Afghan bomb. Carson had been paid attention carcinoma I have to watch our sin is. Bomb. Carson news I think Carson is a little bit like you. Like you long Stride Rite and it's yours to your clearly thinking as you're walking running and yeah I try not to think too much power yeah anything divisive how hot Mike gates looking. But now says the thugs are thinking about how does not run with its gonna be worse automatically. Yeah he's got to cut the body you know but the fact is that you asked people you asked people voted to it and it was like a one it was legal one time thing OK maybe rigged it's I think it's a fair question I think that's airline to congress a variety. We don't wanna look bad now I mean if they ever. You know if I get my head very the computer and NASA shows the media's like when they say. Which all these vessels off from the press box it up they only how to look right right that's they have different look good feel good point it right exactly so that's the first step right in the field literally the first the first death. When so probably. What you're on the bus I was watching news this is your second did you probably have good speed but maybe I don't know I hope you pitched today or tomorrow but whatever. But I was watching you warmup yesterday and a whole routine the whole thing the whole shebang. Brian in so you go through it like okay you're back you know that price is coming out right and so. You what's going through your mind then besides like I got a running this is not that part of it Tropicana. Feel Rihanna goddesses now out of Rodgers and now now. Honestly they're running I'm trying to decide that was what I want across the line because the clock doesn't start. Until you cross the line that's a great line so I can run down to late here. And then there are euphoria always sorry I don't between third base and home right perpendicular with a map I can run all the way down the line should do in ninety degree angle data I could I could do ninety degree angle and so it doesn't stars so do you think about. Only like here. Maybe they San Fran our Oakland twice as well what bulldozers cross the arrival write letters and on the fields yeah right yeah if throughout much Saturday and you automatically Canada. There in the shuttle flies off. That's an awesome awesome idea and then everyone would run up and say why you do in nine degree angle right. The idea more clocked out there you can run right along the line. Right and then loosen up limber up a little bit right may be stretched out this tax code that you do the best that he sprained right at the State's twenty feet to the mound and that I ago. I think we're innovating baseball maybe we are shift and we are anyway so open cards now. I'm not now I liked I liked to jog again ago yeah Paulson keeps you lose it kind of gets you into the flow of the game I feel like you fear. It's your ride a golf cart to teach you will first of all it might be longer. Because they're not gonna drive across which you are they doing. You ought to do right now advertisement. I'll go look at the go look at that the cards the cards there and Arizona in Detroit a guy until he. You as opposition you can take the cards in his wealth overnight so. But nobody say can. But they still go in I think they sold driver right Willis Alexio performing alongside it there's there's advertising on. I think they also ya I like him back when I was drawn up viewer. A borne by it. We've but the Red Sox out of a guy that never to have him back down and maybe. Maybe with the Red Sox boldly cards actually in the stadium right now I don't see it growing gap so they I don't know all the data probably won't do it odds despite bolts in Kennedy told me yesterday so they're thinking about for next year. Kind of maybe after he hears this he won't do it now. Whatever whatever they want anyway so why we've been so good. This year yeah. You know I flicked on and a good position right now you know maybe seeing them a couple things in the off season. All days to operate as a lot of yep you weren't sprint for your good spring training you know. BC change of the few things in the off season I always loved changing things up in the offseason stories I did when David Price at one the other day Justin played catch a little bit earlier. Whatever what was your changing up yes I think our gratitude to the things that I did that I focus on you know his dues you when your when your weight lifting you're always gonna have the same. The same exercises. And ends it's going to be your debit your benches are yells and things like that they're always going to be the same no matter what you do on. I try to focus a little bit more on this stuff in between dissects the stretching. On the active basins. On working on some of the smaller muscles a little bit more in a little more thought to before you would bench it would stand up. You rip off his shirt say that's right here I am that's right here I had denies this is what you know of the Dustin Pedroia athlete Ryan mormons use to do exactly movie yes so that's really should establish yourself established yourself in between sets exactly by. Now you're saying in between sensors stretching. You run coming pliable and yet it's right it's on still not very pliable but. I've got to start libeled me gotta start somewhere bomb did did make sure before you start that. Drags it'd be ready to go. And it's crazy those those little muscles up. Actually are what make the big muscles ago who told you guys are guys inside the not how's Guerrero. Now you know how's Guerrero I've no idea what's on rates to act but now I'll vote on the on the TV itself program but I haven't gotten my hands on now I have a job just jacket. Now our zone anyway so you're so you act to make sense to. So you crises got to focus on that stuff on. Its focus and in taking your time to make sure that exercises. Are gone completely proper bomb and a sense like. You as one of the biggest these things is like a dumb don't run. You know you could take a hundred pound weight and usual audience roared around but you're not really focusing on the muscle that. The exercises. For this event to work right. Now so rather than. Take it a hundred using your whole back room and your body your hips and throwing it it's maybe going down to a 75. But really isolating the muscles and really focusing on that specific mossy didn't we were into an four but all I know a lot of people get caught up in the weight room on. On weights and who can do the most weight yes of course I mean you wanna you wanna be that guy who have his own man his own children way yeah us riders but again a day. I'm in fairness the guy that I was working out with was like infinitely stronger than me so even if I tried to be the tough guy in the gym it anchored with what's his name Jeremy. Jeremy debt crisis last dollars and Jerry how's that okay that's where you some publicity damaged area odds that you now yeah monster on. So I could even try with their gas bomb. Put that on and on and realistic baseball avoid it's more performances. Make sure that you isolating working the muscles that the exercise designed to work as opposed to doing more weight. And maybe integrating things that. Are not supposed to work during that exercise makes sense now and so you went through the offseason you figure this out media you do battle you can feel it yet not yet again is that those are those opposed to the biggest things. You only mentioned one. Well those are activating in a working the cause is okay on building with problem is trying to make sure that I was on. Maybe get a little more backs would not draw closely sometimes why should I got past I would did you arm slot was higher last year that was a year before the area on. And we think that maybe I was part of reason why not to drop the top but the velocity McDonald that lots here bomb. It's eternal worked on you know not getting to north to south Gwinnett but maybe life. Northeast to a southeast. Bryant right where it's a more natural when you who. Hi all we were talking about a little bit into the last year need data call bandied. Rules talking about it. Does run things I don't wanna work on both in the offseason kind of making sure that we don't donuts it is that natural. Arm slot when did you go away from. I you know it's it's hard it's hard to side. I buy you went back and looked at old view the gap and I feel like oh my goodness I never I think my arm slot lies your resolve these. Flores is higher than what was a little for threes or tonight here before death Juan. So why so tell me. What what is the byproduct of that what happens when you started when he started doing you news us news Los and use commands the you know. That's in China drove. This way as opposed to just. What is it's the second time he gave official as far as I know could snowball you have the camera out early I didn't I sorry to have it as oppose a throwing completely up top as opposed to may be more like a three quarter Anglo Dutch and has always been national OK towards me. So to tell worked on a little bit and try to folks on spring training and you can yes and I felt like I was get a little higher maybe about really gap so what do you wobbling yah don't wanna walk so you like okay. I did did did he came up and I was probably more about it and get out yet I was more of more of a strategic right game planned meeting by used to that you can feel it yeah right yeah I kind of feel the body shifted a little left and maybe. I don't fall a little bit because your arms and Ohio. As opposed to kind of stayed more centered over your body arm slot more than a natural position in your really. Drive and and you saw that like when you're going through street when you saw that you'll like off the gas I could see this today and I can feel it now I mean steal yeah I can yeah I can feel it. You can feel it now when I've when I kind of get to that spot so. Which is good and that's that's a good too which allows tiger today folks aren't during Jack's yeah on the board and audit did some drier works. Slim as chooses a battle identify something that I could do it actually worked right because it is its inaugural ball. We've been getting spring training Writely you played that you carry over when you. Got to the right uses retrenchment training but I spend it must've felt good got something on opening day just miles I don't feel like. Yes there it is did on it it does drive that's because the whole point is negated. We try to figure stuff on spring training and an idiot I hear in you you know. You really don't even Jimmy teach in the mountains. And now not not here choice tonight here every minute you go well and eases you do that you trust that. The work that you've done playing Texan in bull pens in and even as spring training games you can kind of work Johnson's office com. So when she died in various seizing game one yeah into whatever game it is and it's. Jesus should resign ego that's any trust that what you've done it's gonna make sure that your and that's. Got to be successful. It was a whole road stuff all this. I watched last year lights you know for us is a conversation because we spend time in recent this exploits whatever. I don't know how like I don't know how it's different other than. The lack of space you have the running from the bullpen. But I'll sit here like I was different like I you know I think got better way right. Because by the way you have a zero ERA so far the won't say that we don't know we don't talk stats. I don't like that. And the baseball thing I'll edit that out and I have to hit it Asa I thought I had that I did just. I got on all bomb us lay so I'll pair of a hit it but it but does it but that's the thing I don't know. I don't know what caused all of the fact that walks. Infinitely more guys on the road that I did at home yeah of that we would have backed him look dude do average against slugging percentage. On the road and at home with a saying yeah guys working any harder on the road and they weren't. And home so why is that it was as we all knew it was more guys back right rob rice I mean maybe there is you know it's if it was easy enough to point to one thing. Are you take a terrible fix it. Yeah but maybe it's. You know being home you're comfortable with a baby it's. Stating your apartment nobody going back and it probably wondered what I was and we keep asking you Ryan yes go ahead of us yet again. On May disaffected families not as always the same neurotic. But Tim was numbers Miami's numbers and yours now under different yeah it was a bum does that pose different. What what will matter. Toronto's nostrils it's awesome to run as not as good try does not I because it just got to cause the mound he'll like this is different. Is there one. To question I'll keep an eye out on this rather than operating involvement non. Yeah it's staffed by well yeah positive and I also a part of it is so far we have right in a very good news is one of those things that. Maybe it did surrogate in my head a little bit maybe it's at non you know you go John relate to warn you right now I don't want them. There's a on the road yeah played maybe you don't have some toxic stuff like that you're human you're human being as of currency as that happens on. So rather than having that mindset this year on what day. Let's be aggressive to close in the zone. Try to make your pitches and it was a zone and is zero loss the other you read Stevie does I think this point. Last year itself yeah but at this point last year as a little lower test com. But on Jimmie it did so it's it's gonna get there again I think most don't really hard and sixteen. Even the first months I think it's where it's out right now where it without right now yeah it didn't really start again but you said your arm angles to. Yeah delivered by it will work done on spring training. It wasn't quite well wasn't sixteen yeah it's definitely closer than it was last year yeah so. Bomb. So it onto it if they didn't Phillies are jumping up and sixty console. I don't know made. Yeah sought Osgood death the the starting did being a starting pitchers seem like forever ago yes because we're. That is me you're if that's what you work as a starting pitcher my whole life and so. Really sixteenth. Yeah two starts in fifteen you have like once or anything by saying yeah admitted ego got it so that. That's why did you think this is what you artisans and Doug. Has been in the words of Jerry central not there's anything wrong with that bright bright and I think I think that this is what I am for right now and then. John kind of a adopt this raw tonight I enjoyed out a year ago that you're gonna if there's more than just coming out and throwing for ending prize routine that's all the things in my and that's the hardest part that you have when you switch it from starting to relieving. Yeah those are two completely different routines yeah there's one big concern that you're monitoring you're throwing. Date today because you could very able to its act act and there's a sense of OK won't work and now I know that like that it's highly just had to work done on my told us off. And that I had today it's so weird. Admitted at first they have to get used to it beyond now I'm used to him and it's just it's part of the routine is devoted to pitch you don't yeah bomb. But it's learning how to manage the ups and downs in the bullpen. Right not to throw too much but not to throw too little you have to find that happy medium in which. You're ready and then you kind of you know if it's a longer eighties that the state ready and stay focused I gave in Austin. Game to game two as a herpes is what you guys and then you get down and you get back up right you sort of yeah so. In its you know enough to the you would think this way but I always I am going about it Daniel Bard's. When Daniel Bard was relief pitcher right he is open bodies like this. You know I wanna I wanna be a starter again. And the reality is sorry about human beings human beings also want to make money threat that's the reality of this game took. I know it's hard for you guys it's hard not to think that way right. Why am I wrong I mean it's 3%. I mean that is desolate it definitely does on. But I think what you're gonna see now is video wolves almost assessment and yeah shift in the game and where relievers are. Being valued the good lord how how important allies and I think I think you've seen it applies to post seasons. And and he's huge he's huge fashion where. Starters are going size. Then you handed over to the bullpen. That's a great point obviously Diego Barton was unbelievable for a couple of years all my job right now all right you know like that I was aggressive again right the web a weapon Michael legitimate well right and dudes on the guys. By. He he wasn't. There's guys who were pitching now in the sixth seventh inning who what you said I think our. Probably valued the same way he was right financially anyway right he wasn't created a financially. And so op I'm with the I like that mean I like. You should not panic about your financial future knowledge column in this and we're we're very fortunate to be in his game. And and I think it's it's nice that you know obviously your your closers. Is. Yeah you see Israel is gonna get guys. You know especially when you have a guy like Jim Lewis absolute lockdown right now right word to and sooner sore and and there are now. It's also about the elites of the only. But one thing that you know you gotta. Bridge that gap between. Actors started in their ninth inning to go fast and read. Right right right episode Minnesota. Minnesota Twins might face in a closer that I see they signed a closer and free agents right. And eyesight adding teams are realizing that. You know if you're started Tuesday you're closures Mary if you don't. Changes in Baghdad from the starter to the closer than it really doesn't matter right if you can't do that. Some I think you know that I think that analyst says that the 78 inning guys importantly we saw. Multiple times in the last couple years where you know maybe are sort of didn't have his greatest diet but the bullpen. Check this poor world was an offense that was actions or it's tax trivia astray you know I mean what you guys do mystery writer extra inning games and it's. I think the bullpen as a whole has started to be valued. More fairly and then and I higher scale you've been very generous generous with your time appreciate it for. Plus one last question I was up in the press box last night. Trying to craft a story but I get distracted. Some of the UConn women I know I knew it was common I knew was I respect that you I at all and when people you know people will forgotten this by the time this is bears but who cares it in case people missed it it was. Was 9189 I know I know it's a form of it's a trying to remember did did the week. Today's dollars in this Friday night yes variety last night you know Friday ninth and thirtieth did you watch it I watched the I watched Tommy got back is that little watched. The last five minutes of the fourth quarter and the overtime corner. In fairness Notre Dame almost tried to choke it away and they did fifty times they did. Why did she knows would you knowing him you would Yukon Yukon note and you watch him. I'm watching him in timeouts he doesn't drop place. I you know it's I dad did this as as it might seem now I didn't I didn't notice that I don't know because they're hovering close games on like this this you know by teacup. You know what they're doing bomb bomb you know I'd. And it's it's innocently got and he's probably got. Yeah he's got his just five plays are on this one yet. And now I'm thinking of is sort through the prism of middle school basketball right now. But my condolences about that. Oh let's enforce the highs and the lows of sixty yes I get living in the coming out senior aide on this. It's unfortunate but let's let's not now they were still 36 and on the loss. Two games in the last how many years you can look right it was made up but looked at the halfway part of me weren't weren't they did 111 ounces the point lies human Mississippi State at the buzzer beater look. They've only won six in a row this year at Ford Notre Dame just had another bus or be a lot of games. They write that haven't won the last thing guy I heard it critical perfectly today and I think that this really epitomizes. What geno and and that team has been able to Bill Clinton wins the national championship this year will be pre season number two next here. Yeah well I terrorists but books. But there's a staple of what you compare to I go they get the best players write to get to be the pre season number one always the last two years they've lost the last day though I have here yeah I mean it which would you trade. I would want the national champion chess. Just a bit bigger women act is the spoiler alert we do when the national tips that there's no way to losing again next there's no right now they're not gonna go three years and grow enough. But the fact that that's how we. Right at me. Businesses on about how good they are guys have been affected. Everybody on this bitter because of my schools natural rival was on which you are Syracuse Springfield College Mueller. Obviously Syracuse west of basket affiliates are sick I don't know I don't you IOC thanks to a time that a little we've learned a lot today and I think again. The game is evolving I think we've we've made it off a little quicker today so it doesn't mean I think you have met.