Bradfo Sho, Ep. 71: The Yankees are coming and Kerosene Ken can't wait

The Bradfo Sho
Sunday, April 8th

Rob Bradford is joined by Kerosene Ken Laird to revisit the Red Sox' sweep of the Rays, look forward to the Yankees coming to town, and bask in some more of Ken's fiery hot takes. The duo also reflects on Brock Holt's bizarre choice of walk-up music.


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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. Red Sox 801. Yankees there up next they've gotten through the torture chamber that was the rays in the Marlins and and the reason. They've managed away games and only lose a lot of talk about the Red Sox of course and they also meant so losers shortstop along the way for who knows how long. Everything is on the table right now as the Yankees can be done they are the Red Sox are officially a topic of conversation. Anger and one. I don't know I can take that away from us as good start. And there's nobody I rather have that conversation with just minutes after. The red sox' latest game that today it was an 8787. Win over the rays. Think kerosene can who is ready here pride and hopefully a regular appearance a weekly appearance on the breadth road show. One that we can here this is this is the second episode 71 a lot of pressure on you can. Hot take give me the terrorists to kerosene can hot take. Navigate as the Yankees are come without first of all just wanna mention my 53 season hot takes coming to fruition as I said wild start for Alex Cora. We've been playing good baseball. Or far off now I know solution doesn't count kind of record doesn't count when we played baseball and now we're playing fast would catching the ball pigeon. And regardless of whose or Mars or here or Tampa doesn't matter when you play baseball you have to missiles. Eighteen and 22 to start. Yelling to fans yelling at the players eccentric set yourself. After the game we'll start all the good they've got to do what about ten in the and ten and twenty year they must exhibit then it's certainly knows everything to fall apart could still fall parts and it's when he wants so that's so looking great but here's. To politics for you coming off this game today. Number one this Yankee series starting Tuesday sail against Severino. This will be one of the highest rated Red Sox regular season games in ten years fifteen years I really don't history to base it on. I think it'll do a fifteen in the city of boss Apollo fifteen Al sold share this is gonna be a monster game coming up Tuesday. People are by edit their bite into the drama divided to stand judge. They wanna see what yankees Red Sox first edition of nineteen nearly 2018 is going to be that I takers at. And that's a sixteen share a fifteen share in the. This is. They. Not a tenth game of the year at you and here instead. I'd be insane may be. Am overestimating by and for the Red Sox a little bit of a sick of that until it. Happens doesn't capital Tuesday night like a modern day where you root the guy series to go on Sunday morning's incident you may call me and save and by the way who curt Ritter had voted for for vice president onetime what do you he said you off five your hot takes are coming to fruition you wanna get to the other four I would prefer not to it was OK I'd mode so that's debuted that's truly what we wanted we wanted one really scorching hot take. I was asking someone down the club us just now about this is in which is more important from this game is it does in a Bogart's entry and we don't know as we sit here exactly how severe it is my guess is that a less is a broken ankle it's a badly sprained ankle. Is it that is the Bogart's injury or is it that comeback to move to you do. Which is more important. That the injuries more important because it's already. But it's not a great defense player you're worried about instilled defense happens is before the season began but he's at least competent. And it's thought the played just an unbelievable what a Bogart's they're not a one right now also to lose him right now and the Yankees have an apology injuries. They can't really afford a prolonged stretch they're gonna have to bring zoom way it lit up the play short writes I've got terrible things to Palin could go here's the question kerosene can. They bring a zoo whaling does he get more starts in Brock called because he has a better defense and shortstop than Brock coal. He is and ill it bigger picture why did the alerts get hurt. Because Judy Martinez has flowed there in left field how bad does he look in the also appears kerosene can take number two okay. JD Martinez will not play another game in the outfield this year for the Boston Red Sox. I'm telling you right now Alex Cora tonight is gonna be saying we got we we we came out of all the wind bull when he sees the medical club. Whatever the MRI is produced for Bogart's species of breaker the strain and he's out whatever six to eight weeks he's gonna say I blame G Martinez. How can you this is Hanley Ramirez bad let's deal I'll. Don't know that how it is idiot that was terrible so what it was terrible that he hasn't been in just been terrible and in the Yelp I've. I've watched many many spring training games I've watched this guy play and I can tell you. He's not a great outfielder that was a terrible play but he hasn't been a terrible outfielder and appreciate your high takes I always look Fortier high takes. But c'mon I mean this this this really has for the governor artists bill Whittle it it wasn't the only play he'd miss the the double play ball. An easy throw to second Nunez is on the bag he comes in feels like a debt that kept so I forget who had stayed they pulled actually what I what type of Red Sox are reviewed guy argued only remember the double play what's going on this was a lot for our game or adult only did this that go not to bogged down as the year saying to JD march easy Martinez. He says he'll play another game in the outfield which is. Which would ruin my over under which is who's gonna do more Red Sox review or JD mar tees games in the health it to anywhere and more Red Sox for viewer Judy martz he's in the health field. I'm still going I am still going. Even where is my. Not knowing his situation and feeling like that schedule that Red Sox review schedule is going to be blown out of the water and is just a matter of weeks. I'm still going with Judy Martinez fifty are you gonna reach fifty reds are should be against. I've got 25 locked in on the weekend so that's a tall task that's 45 weekday games I don't see that happening there Martinez's got robbed it. He's a tragedy out there and and how they agreed to play in sixty games in the outfield. Jackie Bradley should never not play he should play every game this year in center. Then antennae should come out some and when they won a defensive replacement. It's why archer. Or to put Rocco out there at this point I mean Martinez's your DH if you wanted to go on the PGA DH otherwise he would he is an abortion in the outfield. He is terrible terrible. I well it if that's your progress to be wrong he's are he's not good to me is not great. But he's not as bad as Jamaican and not to be easier at this. He singlehandedly responsible for bogus being injured today announced his fault that's I was waiting for you go on a clubhouse in an entrance. Confronts him with debt that exact line of questioning. But so we talk about which is bigger the Bogart's injury war. The the comeback in the Bogart's. Injury is we have to look at this how was a civil why are we overstating. How important this this and we saw today can we saw at the end the game. They came back with Alexander Bogart's annoyed that we saw the last play the game brought Cole makes a pretty decent played shortstop. Are we overstating this because in her Bogart's has been far away their best overall player early on. Or is this a reality is this a reality that he is that important that you cannot live for let's say worst case narrow two months. Where does in a bogus you can't compete without ads in a Bogart's well. Your your comparison most what's worse. You know did the bowlers injury or what's a bigger deal to vote -- come back to the researcher Blake team they're just their office the other part about it so I mean it's comparing it to you you should not lost the game of the race but you know Roger socks into thinking we should be 70 against this team. Despite the big comeback today. I get by for a couple months about Bogart's like eight election then the whole second half he didn't hit right yeah. But he would put this that's the point he was a different player he was if you came into this year and you said. I was in a Bogart's is hurt in Eumig OK you know it's like Jackie Bradley being heard it's there's like one of these other guys like Dustin Pedroia being or you'll get by. But he was so much better this year and this gave a different image than any other time. That's conversation changed too with him that's why we're actually having this debate. Aunts last year that and injury affected his swing for the entire whatever. You know three months afterwards with Korea hit him. So you're gonna be worried now he comes back he's not the same letter that the that the foot the ankle was not gonna be solid left little Russia back too soon. Is that the effect to swing so he not only might lose some for you know a couple weeks until he's school record sealed. You have a chance to lose now for. As as the hitters these Danny's going to be a 37 hitter but he's if he's a 300 hitter when healthy the rest of the year to ceasing back to a 250 hitter and that's a he's you do it earlier today before the game Corus said he's my number five guy basically locked in an easement or five hitter. I questioned at the start of the year he looked right for the first nine games but. If if he's not healthy he's not your number five hitter he's gonna he's gonna sink down here on a book behind devers behind. Unions and then you're significantly lessen tactful team right right I desperate side. Oh boy if you're you're assuming that he's just like has been decapitated. Your employee base he's you wouldn't you would assume that he would be back at some point this year I I think he'll be back but I worry that he'll be the same hitter that he was pre injury same thing as last year for the hands affected him for the entire stretch. You'll well here's the thing is that in this goes to a did you keep the right guy. I've said this all along that rumor or was a better fit for what this team meeting that we could have been your defense replacement as section at short and third Brock coale isn't that guy. And then in this situation they really didn't have the logical guys aback and shorts. For comparable at all shortstop second base their face that pretty much anywhere. You know this is so it's tough tough team took to crack the lineup com. You hate to see bogey and didn't get into their homes especially with his spot coming up there on you on that spot there. But. But I felt like I can step in and do a good job to maybe look at a win that way maybe militarily in the same way they look at Marrero. That I get a defense of guy who came. Do is certainly what Ferraro did offensively. But you know it opens up the conversation did they do the right thing I think they can get by. But they have to get by defense leave the infield defense. Isn't good enough to make up for a guy like you brought cold doesn't have decent range then that's a big deal like that's a bigger deal to me them. Lineups thank. Yeah I mean this it's gonna win night games that matter they have shoddy until defense or or they have above average infield defense they're just ideal. The rays are so bad. That's eighteen wins might actually lock up against this team. Idling the Orioles were missiles and daughter to be yield very good either they've they're actually going in their for a little while but there's some low hanging freeware your gonna you're gonna be a playoff team they've got a lot of figured out the you're right. It's a big deal as far as playoffs getting to where you wanna go and I'll say another big deal he rod. First impressions today I mean I know it's once start but. Guiding gables so methodical les yeah heat plus the armory at start was a little discouraging Tripoli today. That's early for those stupid eventually they're gonna need double plumber it's eighty rug to be a much better we saw today. How do you feel about this team overall review I just came from the clubhouse that came from core and coarse talking about. You know the dugout in the talking baseball and that you want they're gonna come back and you know all this stuff. So as someone who just sits on the sideline and use kerosene hot cakes. Heidi how do you feel like other than the fact that you desperately want to see them going losing streak to make your prediction come true. Yeah I mean I get a little trend. It looks through the prism of kerosene takes this forum sort rooting for disasters. It was heresy takes tough to come by. I like the team I mean I think that the ratings have shown that the Red Sox fans Sanders has got to respond to them early more subtle last year and maybe not tennis wise yet. But as far as innocent ratings they've been up dramatically 120% over the first a couple weeks like at. That they take today it's gonna be huge ratings for the Yankees people know this team. Judy Martinez may be hasn't been the big sizzler everybody thought he would but. At the plate if he starts at homers that's gonna make a big deal right this is a likable team so far so good for Cora. Once he pitches Martinez fan base like an even more no more outfield so loved. This this seems got some potential to be. You know to be a favorite. The last fifteen years and and they got a chance of one all they do better than yankees right now right now the Yankees are alienated Neil Walker to clean up today Sony exert sort of disaster right now. To me the Yankees are Severino and three guys in the mail the order and and I'm if the before guys regard gory as he's been really really Gibbons. That would dribbling by the Yankees and meciar McCann spinning this forward to the Yankees. The W by the Yankees that's what they think about they think about oh what they have these tall guys in the the order and then they must be good so. And obviously Severino is very very good he's gonna get an eighteen share on Tuesday. So it's how you look at me like you really have to go get some diapers. Is it not for yourself for your baby I should make that very clear. But in case people don't we're doing this podcast academy one as the hottest self taught takes immediately after the game kerosene can just did Red Sox reviewer just had the Red Sox pregame and and game. So I ran up from the clubhouse I grabbed kerosene can is adrenaline still pumping battle unfortunately is Weis adrenaline is because she saying where are our babies diapers. Ken so you have to go. I do I do have to go. I agree with your overall says that the Yankees or Mets win they get healthy though when they have bird when they get Sanchez Sanchez also latest on the DO Reitman. Pitchers up the was zoo that of that on the shelf CC sabathia latest win healthy on paper I give the Yankees the slight edge but the bullpen. Was one area that I thought they had a pretty sizable advantage and they've been worse than anything about the I've got there were names I thought people were looking at their names more than they were looking at the reality of that bullpen. Guess so far you're right that the chances is a total. I've no idea was going on with him. I'll Roberts has been struggle so far. Com even Chapman has been -- little up and down so right now you have to give the Red Sox the bullpen edge in the Red Sox bullpen still has been very good either so both teams have. Potential. To tweak things at the deadline I would think both will so these teams could change before the playoffs right now Ali got to give the -- the bus. Last question. Everyone owns on the clubhouse is buzzing about it brought cold walk up music well I will always love you by a Whitney Houston might get the name of the song right. You are from the bodyguard soundtrack yet yes odds are yes it also also from basically everywhere else that Whitney Houston sang a song from. Sanjay are no I am the whole back story but I wanna know kerosene cans initials right off the top of the head odd take on on the walk up song. Love Whitney Houston supporter of of the choice it's a talker. You know me like kerosene take Celek that's a kerosene music selection a mobile normal for itself Watergate big fan Brock called out with humor arrow would have been the guy. But as far as block a music he gets an a plus in my book. It was weird that you were singing along with it in the in the press run so was to stake it was it was a nice note was little dimension to dimension and all did a good bit dated yet it never mentioned it right away. Since that's that's going on this this is a drop. And dry cold coming to the plate for the first time. Just displayed is still want good music your friendly fire. Whitney Houston's I will always love you. Texas tonight. That's unusual. To a nice rise from the crowd the in the player pick six from the bodyguard were made yeah. With Kevin Costner. Tell Broadway play. 01 pitch it creates in the dirty inside the brunt cool. I thank you to and you and your cell and seek it out you get diapers. You are clearly run by what every year wives demands a view which is what every husband should be like. So good job you first do you prioritize the Brad social podcast sucking you prioritize. Your babies who cycle. Good job. Pretzel is an honor to be looked like just different they commit.