Bradfo Sho, Ep. 72: David Ross is back in town

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Tuesday, April 10th

Former Red Sox catcher David Ross is returning to Fenway Park for the first time since leaving the team in 2014, participating in the ESPN broadcast for the Red Sox series opener against the Yankees. Ross joins Rob Bradford to discuss the good and bad of living life in a Red Sox clubhouse, surfacing the possible difference between Alex Cora and John Farrell. Ross also discusses his journey on "Dancing with the Stars," meeting Mr. T, and the upcoming movie based on his life.


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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. Oh my goodness what a day for the day figures it Sheridan lobby. Interviewing one of the what on the ring of honor of Brad coshow podcasts gas David Ross thanks for having. So you so polite and so nice. So there's a few things I wanna get your right. You hydrated good AM good about it. There's a few things are one entity personals great TCP job idiots and things travesty that you aren't working Sunday night but that's just me so but. A few things are wanna get to view the first thing is I was aware is. Bill Messina of the camera guys moves as we column when he interviewed John last year at spring training and he told the story. Are Jon Lester told a story about when you visited the mound. Just just so I can get to one up on please I mean just tell me the story covenants. Or that's you know it was Johnny it's a lot of the mound visits were either use the like really stern. Or like I was just trying to distract him a little bit as he gets so worked up and I think later on the career is usually like a little bit of a talking to when I'd go up their little bit of a screaming match between me and him but. Early on images that relationship was still young in. He was just grinding out there I mean I remember him really grinding and I try to slow things down you know it mound is active and I think it would take longer wanted so. I turnaround in. At a party on Saturday walked out there some whites sit in in their seats and an era. And his wife right behind home plate you know John make that point so he invited the peasants that in my unite their way to sit. It is nice seats and so went out there and easy you know crime and now what what normally in the NC that. Brunette rank him behind home plate. Look at any notice my wife and he's thank you. I think it. She's hot it affect it he's like what's wrong with you you know he's going like. RG you know he's out there dried and odds one distract him and but he knows he's there either either a Joker or I talked about situation and it just felt like one of those moments he needed to. To could be distract a little bit so I figure I'd point out my my sex life cycle play he's got. So that was the that was the best means that you say you probably have to add pat did you get a few different times where it's not a real runners sacked him this what we gonna wanna do this to say. They will use like chill out or are look at the guy and yeah Acker it was it was anything else like that are what. Yet there was another good one. It was kind of like distracted and we were played Detroit man. He was healed pretty good pitching well we elect a two run lead I think and it was getting towards the back and a by his pitch count and he comes and is up like. Walked a guy. Gets a hard hit ground ball out of middle Brooks in the Brooks and I only did a little bit like didn't you that is a Robbie it's whores Iraq. And next guy he walks thanks at least frustrated enough to back with Miguel Cabrera we get two out I'm like. All right let's go out there and since since so some things down a little bit to walk up there as I meant little bit breather you know he goes. Man. On the Brooks could have that ball down like he's so think about that middle Brooks bottles are rocket and he's like. He's like. We got a go I got would get the best hitter on the planet come into the play. And we gathered to hear Bradley but Torre about Miguel Cabrera that we've talked about that brought it over its later. And you know that was his Johnny got you know early on when I was there he'd get distracted or two lines got to rein him back in and he was so good when he was focused only needed to do us that thing you know I remember in cleave going to be a team roster it's good to laster part by. Or reverend Cleveland one time I don't know if he he talked to the media like yes at one. And and but he pitched well but you want and so by Ian talked adding Beckett actually was once told that this. You gotta you know you win the game he got it yet when they found out about being in Boston really fat it is. Everybody appreciates it should be accountable on this like it's all its audience he just wanted you tell your side historian. And move on him. I learned real quick like you know like it's finding blame he cut down a gun no no probably because I caught a lot of wrong it is too early on and so we you know took a lot of heat win. Because Johnny you know Johnny parliament best pitchers I've ever caught and some of it was it was my fault but that the media does which you stand there and mask. And asked the questions and you be accountable. I mean it's it's really it's not that difficult is not rocket science really is because immediately you do that you get the thank you thank you thank you thank you goes away mean. Another I use the core example core what did that you did that other guys did you stand in front marquee you do it it's over. We knew we make mistakes and you just say yeah I've I've messed up like I think everybody understands human element to baseball bat not you not not robots and perfect you know we're out time but. When you stand in front of the media who which are basically. The go between between fans and say you know what I was very good today a much better than. Did they what he would ask you build on that yes I won't David rosty Tia we understood that afterward we knew that we signed about as good. So you're in town because you're doing ESPN thing. In the broadcast in and he knows screw whatever happens on Sunday night this is the premier games the Yankees. Red Sox have you know and say oh this is this might be in yours short short broadcast career. This might be the game this is and this might be your best. No doubt no doubt as to be the biggest game I've called for sure to be in the Booth I'm in there with Josh on the and Rick Sutcliffe former prime my two favorite guys to work with they're just awesome. And down yet I mean this is this is this is the baseball Mecca here in new talk module and at and we haven't been back to Fenway. I'm just super excited about coming back in back to fan I have not been back to him it's it's fourteen and now I have my eyes yeah I was gonna come last year and for the cubs the Red Sox Syria like a dream of a tennis at the monster and audio and I got on the stance show for a little down here heard about that and I attacked the other I got on some national television and and embarrass myself a little bit but. Om nom I'm Seubert side B backup I've done some games on the road back back to Fenway and so on this thing to get back on the field and and feel that didn't seem he's obviously it does anything can be weird at all. Tom DeLay I mean given that broadcast. Whitman I had been in the Booth ally had been up there aren't enough of that in the press box like I haven't you know we know he ventured out there yet there are just as jokes or press outside. And not. Started small and I survive off some gloves from the cold bath and gloves today at the mall and and year out I mean just just feeling about. Stadium for me is is. Is gonna bring back a lot of arguments are you comfortable now doing this. I'm getting I think this year that it was nervous about opening day and I got you back to back games in Anaheim and it felt a lot. Better ways to go to a lot more what it's what you better now that you're when he started last year just wrapping up my thoughts I think sometimes you get on their neat talking you don't know how to how to exit ramp that you know like it wrap up your your which are trying to say in the in the pace of the game and so. On this rhythm up there's a redemptive you know where some might happen in and tell the story in not talking in the milk in the batter pitch though. There's a fine line between you want to make a deep in your own story about Jon Lester men contestants are all of these two outs things. That unless the story IE as a whole the whole thing and that so just that little bit and doing your homework and know what. What you you know the open for media the hardest part is you open always talk highlight you know. One person or something to watch him from each team has got the most nerve racking paint from east hill and such epic and it never goes away because it's it's scripted it's not it is not he's like here at this happened to me in part this happening in front Miette react to whatever rally as the easiest part I love watching the games Mike is probably. My favorite thing to do since I've retired justice to call it gains did you really just into the game and watching in you can. It brings back a lot of memories for me kind jar jars my my memory and tell him stories and August react to what's going on which were you more nervous about doing your first broadcaster. Oh shoot the tendency IC. Yeah that was that's a whole another I don't know that I've been more nervous that's living on this floor. Orly the actual the first show like Daschle first time he did which by the way I don't know how you do like I don't. I can't is one of these things where I can even conceive. You can give me a year practicing I can't conceive doing. Well there's there's a they're sitting its it's when I hope you know it's one of those things I've been I did. What's up out their line did things are outside my box and so I had one of the greatest years ever sixteen for me in my family ordeal. It's I just kind of kept with that theme when asked to do that and how different was nervous but. There's nothing and that that prepares you for stepping on dance ball from going to deepening of like ten to fifteen million people watched that the most nervous you've ever been in and teams no doubt what may be I I did skydiving was another one skydive last year for the open and there's millions and millions of people now watch no he had thought might die but. But I've heard that as fact. Yet just on the so far outside my box that I've. You know rights of Britney every ten adding it easier either and actually got. Tougher more nervous at timing Nokia has been chanting yes that'd I don't know I didn't really gay guy harder yet it would just got mourner rank as you just realized. What might use to do you know about America weaker to and they go off and I'd be at the house with the family you know it I would like it to the end. Somehow so definitely did craziest thing I've ever done in most outside my box so but. At the end of that I've never been more proud of myself for. Doing something it's true. Mentally and physically tough that nerve wracking and I mean you talk about. Put it opt out there you know they recently it's probably more proud of view. You'd plan pays they were yet they were cheering unit has always worked this what they were cheer me on and I would watch every show and they had their favorites to India and the you know my apartment he became like part of family another child who built. William 2.3 year old boss me around and had like. Another and an older daughter it just kind it was with a walk and batter on the dance loyalists. It was a unique experience and area. Erickson was the hardest move. The well we ask you to take off my shirt but honestly it really yeah on national TV he lost a crap float away that idea lost like fifteen pounds and I'm like. I mean it's a price leaner and an airbag and I'm like might college went to fifteen which I put my plane was probably 230 to 35 so I was I was I was out there the nova. Not still it's still like dad you know wasted Baghdad Bob why did you notice now like you got like six pack it came out outside it's still gets a lot of fairways today that she says hey take a future this she's twelve she gave me that this song in and you know with the magic Mike song and then she's like look we're gone we're gonna do yet Iran is hilarious right and it is. When she told me all this I was like no and she she let me. Get the song about. A week and a half before our the week before your actual dates you worked on hold on advanced machine and it's not song. This is what they're probably this is the style the switch to do and I'll start court stuff. And she started columnist and it just was like my stomach like 'cause at my kids. Go my kids' school to drop them off and like. All the students madrassas ask us dollars that base. Yeah it was just crazy and so earlier like when companies take my shirt for a these kids kind of I think just it's all a big nightmare my head reports starts who is the who was the celebrity on your. This school Mr. T. Meant he has its own personality is there early on what a great guy he was and he had a whole Chicago connection to these from there aren't. He's he's like annual report and Chicago and he gave all the everybody at this little key team at all it will sings like Edith let's. Colleagues palisades. And I brought on my kid's mind my two girls impressed at all night do you dislike going around India is key to as low key chain like it is Michael toll I guess they sold them some animate is is he was. Top notch one night is you government what I would do which you have like a question mr. like. Rocky rocky three idea why I asked him like hate me on all started counting and yet you walk outs and a bouncer me walked me through the whole thing in the show he was on in. You know how ease its outside Chicago guy where you know some rough neighborhoods needs bounce and then. I went to these there was some shows like a tough a bouncer some yeah. It's only one matter came in second ring and gruesome horror. I was on the whole story but. On he's a guy would sit down in the last month questioned aegis he counseled them framed as a yes he does very very much justice older but not but not on every now he still. Works out yeah this way if I Wear the headband as critical as it is night. One of my favorites. So like you're askew votes were doing the reds yankees. And you were around the Red Sox a little. Couple days and so you're tonight did you can be cute court on note you play them yet talked a little bit in the in the when I went to spring training in business just kind of is about at a time for him you take pride for so you're you're casting about trying to get a feel for it. You have to get a feel for Seattle. But Ratner. But of your limited time with the Red Sox and other sites what's your sort of 1000. Went. Altitude it 32000 feet perspective perspective. This. Other point looser yeah yeah yeah I definitely feel like yours there's a five around. When I honestly when I go to this was a talk to the trainers and now in the clubhouse guys who tell the truth media and no no players on for the manager of the buster or whatever and and so I asked the guys that by giving them five and ask guys that come in and you know I got some friends itself boots pursuits or whatever and I asked them to you know they give me divide in the club houses and you can tell they're just happy on states. Having fun spring training was going well there healthy. David Price in a different guy. Just just overall deal in the five how open they were talked me. The next player even guys acted with an open to see this so this is and I'll disagree with you. But you'll practice we checked oppose a law against 2013. And that was a loose group to right now is look at a rate in our own right but that so that sort of that's I guess maybe the difference if if you have a loose group. Buy it in because people say well you can't be used on Ferraro was tightened city manager 2013 compared to 2017. Buy it like you said Tellme farmer on. It was more like it was the players more than like the yeah the managers saying today you know on two in the clubhouse and I defy what they John is his first year. His way as well as mine in in and dealing with the the Boston thing in. You know 88. For me John it was fine for me eat the game's great opportunities so I don't have anything bad about him but we did have a leadership in that clubhouse from the players perspective that. It really was we had a great coaching staff so was a lot of just like. Stay at a weight wheat guy you know we had that right away like chemistry and remember I I Yankee Stadium. I remember I remember spring training and walking hand in and five. And although the kind of rumors of such a bad clubhouse and that's map and and all that right and I walked in was Whitman there's great deeds in here I remember distinctly a weekend going this place is awesome like these guys are awesome there's one bad egg in the area is enormity I that's him right there yeah and it we have not airmail gonna roll right they did that and a little later on in and you know it's it's. You know you'd have to thoughts on that fine line between have and talented players that's a bad. Bad influence on other guys are just it on board and they figure that mountain and kind of we've. Off we went. Today in its its like says I think the difference isn't you were correct in assessing this'll be mr. bonds who knows if that's translate. But. Tell me how it might. Right me tell me because. When I heard reverend more fun we're having more fun having more fun OK we'll go winning three games ago when it. Yet translates where you'd like come to work and so it just it translates where I like you know on the guys get to lower earlier oh and and we communicate better so maybe the pitching staff talks orbit more about how the cancer hitters outer. Hitters talk a little bit about how the pitchers Boston my other hand rather than like I don't like disputes on not given him any information. So when you care about the group as a whole and its looser and you have more fun together in the locker room. Off the field go to dinners and and you'll get a hole bothers you to travel but. Armed with that stuff translate and and everybody kind of comes together and then when you are having an at bat. And you wanna pick up the guys who punched out bases loaded you know that the guy before you and you wanna come out with a big two out hit you know not that you. Don't always wonder that but it just becomes that extra little motivation that kind of which over the hump open. The example that makes sense to me I mean the the another thing with with core it's like you know he's he's loose in and everything else by. The press conferences re we have the media we focus so much on the press conferences. After games. And Farrell was actually criticized for this where's your protecting players who protect the players too much. Where people like you understand like oh yeah the players Maria yep protect me protect me protect me this this fine line. And I think cor aren't we're only we're only you know not even ten games then. But there is that element he he has figured out I think of went to say hey you know he was very good and yet it was really like there's a sense of honesty and I think that there is that fine. There is that the you know it's different the only thing I would too would criticized John Pereira about it I have never been a man don't know how hard these press conferences are but. If I had one thing that say to the lifted the players will want to protect him easy but I would I would lift up like David Ortiz when he when he I would say. You know when I'm answering questions about David Ortiz I would I would you know basically. Say as much positive as I could about it because the guy. As a is off Famer you know so I would just say the facts of what it in the game I would try to go above and beyond because. At at times you're gonna have to say you know what we were very good mayor David Ortiz wasn't good tonight but you know what. I'm I'm right and dying with David Ortiz that kind of thing that's Angeles would be that yeah I would I would be. The one. The one criticism I would give John when he gave his his press conferences it was just the facts and now brawl that it's kind of a you know it creates that here you know so you're Reid is too much economic conversation in amongst the players like you know I wished. I did not know that was just my own knobs are we'll I don't think so because you know because honestly if you said that the media be liked. Oh wall that's he's feeling in my too much the building yet yeah well. And I don't think you never go wrong with lifting up players because at times you have to criticize and so is wrong is. I know my managers out from my best interest yeah I know when I stopped and I think just on the media honesty I think honesty the best policy right like. David Ortiz goes three for four with two homers like he was he was awesome like I'm just Sonia mainstream media player and he's great or. Yeah he wasn't good night but you know what he does is fine it's easier to find a positive there's enough negative written when you when you when you mess up so it's easy to find a positive and try and defiant you know what. He may have been told so may have been known Oprah for today but did you see is at bats every that was three to elect a Mike Napoli every that was 32 he's trying to pitcher made some good pitches. You know little things like that and attic and a wheat through the season about how much use you know sugarcoat things and just on. It's again it's it's it's fascinating to me because this is the player perspective compared to like our perspective of items say I think the you guys have every right to think that ways that people understand like that's your world like that's your world to get to hunt through 162 games. Made injuries manager oath. The team it's not like hey here go bonds yes yes managing the team right. One the guys I need the guys that are economy and the successful or the players so why would I ever try to bring them down or not lift them up I think that. It's it's it's a tight knit group a successful ball team and I need those guys that meet those guys to believe in ops and so I believe I'm a baseball fan first and left him my team I've always said that I'd like I I trust in my guys to my guys so I'm gonna stick up for them. The good or bad that's my job is to stick up for them I'm going to be honest with you but when in doubt I'm gonna try to be positive can't it. Again that's you that's important you're around them more than anything else out you have to take slings and Eric. It's just interest in me because again the person coming back to the perspective or the perception. Like act is another one like like when they act thing happened last year with price I couldn't believe the players. Were like act has been. On this for years act has been in probably when you're there but that was. The narrative yet they act like excuse that was that guy he played you should know better. And worst on my kids are you kidding me. I think the problem comes from. I don't listen to the outside noise I didn't even like I never listen and act and I've won we've gotten in the room by using the team he was on right let's I would like. I remember I played I played in a Cincinnati and Marty Brenner may be the most negative and talks there's ever been around alimony but I just don't listen to it like that we're on our little adults block them but but in and that's and that's a negative influence. In year I mean I've. This act of Tankersley has no impact on how we perform on the field I don't know why so why bring that in its MIAs. Might write it yes that would be the right way to go but you're you were the veteran you knew how to do it you're a young guy and I think this was the sort of the issue last year. Where's that with the danger. If you get young guys and you yet the whispers and you get oh really that's how would insert this you know that's the dangers. When I think I think that's what course created now in and again it is is short list so far but. He's created like they were aware about us and we're gonna have fun we're gonna work car to do our job. And today that's all you can do like good or bad and what's it or rat and become you know month to month week to week and make some adjustments that we need to but. There's no sense of panic enormous down not sideways and what you should be what you shouldn't be. You know that's listening to be so much fun as it was me these great teams the Yankees. Are supposed to be you know world beaters and it's you know there is little bit like LK like I you know I'd never believe the hype first ball like the hype is never. Could tell. To me and I've done interviews and other other. With the other places around the country and to me the Yankees the perception the Yankees people pick the Yankees this has reason why. Because they have these big guys some of the order. If Severino and they have a bunt bullpen with a bunch of good games. Like I the it I think it starts the Yankees conversations are to a standing judged. And then in May be Sanchez and isn't enormous drop off to everybody else but you know it that's good enough to be better than everyone else. Whereas if you look at the Red Sox and if you said if you said to someone in Iowa new okay baseball fan about the rats what would be. What what with the notable thing about them is because the Yankees are judging stand. Right Brett why look for that I look for the missing piece that where's that X-Factor guy like they're the devers like the guy to sit in the lower in the lineup that's nice stud that nobody really give credit to it just seems to be in bogey having a good year gore is you know maybe Evan breakout year plan and from Poland for me it's an it. And an as the baseball fan a guy who. Analyzes the team's. When I look at the Yankees I see like the bird group or those the guys and beat X rioters yen's not Iraq it's not going to be and they and the gardeners. It's not going to be that the big operas in their because they're you'd. They're they're gonna ride a roller coaster they're going to be in the strikeouts homers. You are right wrote me you're good at bats when I'm catching. I'm navigate in the big voice ticket shoot the may be less power or. I'd like the bigger hole to the big boys because I know I've got spots that I can pitch then I've always that you can pitched Stanton. But if you make mistake right right so I ask you like you struck out five times right if you're executing your pitches you know he's a very average hitter but it you're not are you making mistakes he does that when he when he gets it is is is all work so. I mean you cannot live and die with that but. The good thing about the Yankees to meet is that there. The depth of it they've got really good Sanchez. And bird bird is the X-Factor for me makes a religion DD yeah. By its in that he is starting rotation in the Severino and it's helping people sleep on Severino is a question I want ask you about that Rio. So Pedro in that you guys are probably talk about this on the broadcast Pedro had a big say in. And Serena success Pedro Martinez he taught him changeup. Pedro collect a paycheck from the Boston rents for as it was that late night talk to Pedro about this and he says listen my mission on. In on earth is to help people and everything else. Is that normal. You know I think when Europe based off and I I I go back and forth on this when your baseball fan. You wanna help kids out especially guide it is hall of Famer like Pedro and and he played for a couple different organizations though. He does collect a paycheck from from the from the Red Sox in. If we don't wanna help I think yeah bloody years ago that this yemenite two years but now there's so much more and and being Latin players have Reno I think he tries to look out for the pitchers in America and those guys that. Would lean on him for any advice is that posit the Red Sox know it's not trying to make that better but. The goodwill and that is what I IC and the baseball fan and I know I that we all are brought him critical victories like you're saying the same thing he did buy it. And I can accept that it's just bizarre it is Bazardo it's bizarre for sure it is bizarre to help out the enemy but. You know would be like catcher for the brewers come up and ask me couple catch questioned them back on sale market talk to Erica I'm gonna help the cardinal you know it it just as. I would want one game to be as. Popular it can and the best team should win now not like the team with the biggest secrets of the team it. It as the best. Former you know players that help now I think it's. I think we want to see the game grow as much you possibly can in the seat that's for the game and what that is is trying to give some pointers to younger players that might help them and doesn't always work out either I mean may be taught in this changeup and meeting cracked me back let's you know you know decades actually created time to get it. I you've been very generous retirement you wanna ask you know you talk about movie. He talked about yet and after the was just a little bit it's going to it's gonna be filmed in Australia I think is that supposed Rambo Bibi you wrote a book wrote a book I wrote a book is called teammate. About my kind of journey and in with the cubs the World Series at the and in. It's more of a kind of self help. Booked it just kind of walks you through some of the lessons are hard lesson I learned from great teammates a lot of that stands from from from here in Boston and the Atlanta Braves at some of the great teammates ran to the change means Johnny Gomes a dust literally and great lessons I learned so. But radar picture author writes that they're gonna they're gonna make movies is all like Hallmark Channel is now Leo is supposed to handle this both of you'll see policy is it's in the works in non. Can you say Hollywood India John Byrne Paulus is playing me an up and coming actor nuisance not a part of your idea he she's a star not he really is a mean guy in in the sound like a Brad Pitt and everybody would know I don't know movie with a Brad pit infuriates us he's just parties is that he's a monster and so. Device can be found in Australia and you know we Yoder in the I'm aware it's it's their. That is as we finalize this week all the details today so but I mean it's just it's moving along it was to be as a sport yet there's pros start filming in. I think August or September so I mean it's like immediate goal on their set building in the whole deal. So it's crazy guys my life is has definitely been very. Their fortunes and get things haven't himself and he. Lessons from me now isn't feeling oh it gets off the air stuff will get yeah that's that's been I've got to pick Clinton as if you look great. Why does our. I put on whatever I thought you'd never say out I can afford the wardrobe change you know that's an offense is partly about businesses. Try to build damn that's really good strategy right now it's. Extra belt was well you know that's what you're doing that dance that's it that's like I can feel like I'm I'm fatter but if the belt loops keep going the right direction. That's well solid batters awesome but I do thanks so much always.