Bradfo Sho, Ep. 73: Craig Kimbrel talks closing debate

Boston Baseball
Thursday, April 12th

Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox closer Craig Kimbrel to discuss his evolution over the past three seasons. The duo also dives into the new way of thinking when it comes to using closers, with Kimbrel revealing how he views pitching prior to the ninth inning.


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Add road show. That's my open definitely probably would have brought that's my old. Query where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad broad show. That's delicious. Brad crucial though are woo. Have been up and coming your way. I've been thinking long and hard about who is going to be the next Brad coshow for this week because I'm a popularly a lot of from. Has also thinking like who can help me introduce and I as. Go scrolling through Twitter and I saw the camera guys and Glenn police in them. Phil Messina in two and one of those two the of one not named willingly send bill receives here moose moose was going on. Well I feel lonely without climb but I'm still here okay. Well you will he will be introducing the next part has put. I've always I know the era of huge huge fan of this podcasts SI am of the your I dislike to save radical showed up for us what you read it one at a Brad closure moved to think. I feel like they feel like there's and I said that anybody you're young and old bring to introducing the Bradford showed you always bring. A little something a little something extra you know I had a little bit of Conakry I don't know what you wanna call it. I shoot you need your next one to be somebody with a beard loved could be here stick revered here I mean I appreciate it good beard. And let's go outside the box let's go quick summary it's a redhead on the T low. Oh yeah I've had a lot of red as it's on a lot of decisions this is going to be assessed by actually some of my first one so. With all those who was all those. Factors and then. Who who would be the one that you wouldn't want a satellite guys the control hired new some narrow it down here okay and I like is that is that they can finish things finish it off folks are gonna go to close her. Courageous. Kimbrel well today still he gave us we want us to me is your lucky day don't fool with me arrived I sat down with Craig Kimbrel closure the Boston Red Sox he elusive Craig Kimbrel an avid you can bigger time than this he is a you can. You can noise here you're introducing your right now you do lose you elusive Craig Campbell doesn't doing a lot of interviews. But he sat down with me in the dugout on and what we talked about we talked about. And so you love the pitching the science of pitching yes one of the more fascinating guys students. Of course we get into. Where is he gonna pitch the seventh inning needing having an I big finishes here does he want to pitch and he out the ninth inning. Talked a lot about it moose I wanna hear Kenner and now here 12 or three. Trio. Perfect and our Craig thanks for taking a few minutes here and the dugout at Fenway Park in and so. I've always been fascinated sort of how are you pitch. And and then we talked about velocity and everything else but when you when you pitch when you're when you've come up and you're pitching. If you look at fusion reactions first and foremost beyond anything else. I mean I mean first off here's the bigger the golden fields got airports forget. And everything is so broken down. Hotel out a pretty. Came when it's. Attack guys with the strains over there weaknesses are. But you never get away from your strengths weaknesses the matter you know who's in the box so. So like sometimes your scouting reports is great that pin today you have it. But when you get their own values of these they're gonna guys did you guys tossing need to do is. Just try to quarter try to fill the next season visitors roads have been nothing and nowadays. It's going there and he's cute together this together today. All to me and you raise a good point does to me is like you're the you would be the anti scouting report because you have the two dominant pitches. And to me you deal like here you hit my stuff I'm not gonna play so much to what you can or can't. Yeah I mean is that comes the play every also be aware guys who knew velocity. There's there's none. There's actually this is guys can't kick it took two guns does that change as us and they change running I think it I think is what clubs he. A fall like well first cared about you know obviously. You know guys are better mentally and kind of up in the zone. Come up with a beret goes down and away. The united got away fit suits you know and most I was gonna come as can be good result. Croats are glossy years they're guys swings are really set up through a lot of power comes an. You know it's no matter how hard did these guys coming up it's gonna go a long ways down there so. It doesn't pay attention. The work and we're gonna designs gonna work just this round about sort of zone was the most I knew. Can you talk about coming over here you know actually guys coming over here than in not only the American League the American League east. What was sort of the most eye opening thing in terms of approach. Oh man I can do that there and actually do that here. I just think our alliances. Might have been more. Good naturedly you sing their new appliances that he'd. There's not really a lot of guys and lineups where. We have got to the whereabouts and that of the park I think I can go out of the biggest thing is going to be an adult or. Single. This is like every everyone in the American League lineups that are you know how to have a chance at the close defense on you they're trying to it's just it's a big badly need. Big bag division so that they're having a student really been the biggest difference and this was the what do what. It's true you are what you do better now than you did when you first James Red Sox. No expense even relatively the same pictures you've you've had a lot of success that's why you're here that's why you get trades. Yeah I think the biggest biggest it was like good pitching wise on loan. Owens said he likes stuff wise. Attack guys it's. As saying drilling any I think kids. Some understanding which guys had some distance relatives that are earlier it is you and face it's just leave Ritson down in the zone you know. You can always is can strike them there since its potential benefits you remember it and that where you're like okay compliment I've this fastballs 979 each rising fastball. I can get violinists in the holy crap you know. I know I wasn't able to get violent mamiya amid fears of your thoughts but I told them nervous that it that it news. Your neck breaking ball over and showing so the guys can get it and and therefore strike really expands everything that's not just from me Fredricka yeah. There is a guy has a good fastball towing their players says Spears' secondary. Fingered pitches and. So you go last channel the first year here you sort of battle some. Injuries and things of that but it was as simple for you'll you ask your besides health stuff up to us control like you can put. You have that the pitches that you can put it where you wanted to put it that music is it is. Single army officer of the law went back to experience this brilliant mango or an agonizing. You know in doing that. A year away with the music it's sometimes we'll meet severe reactions that hitters and they and a foul ball straight back thinking maybe they should get it out there that runs at a without opens up the rest of their about maybe the next time you face them. I realize I realize this. Don't go right at guys now walking guys that's on the ground beef got his solo the solo home run off me and a three run ball game where your ball game. There's an incidentally. I think this haven't had that mentality and get back to that mentality it really no malice here. Through the so that I first here once went sort of Morelli I worry about I have to go to this theater and to know that later on that. And that's a little bit more instant and then you just amounts at a high. You know I. Here's my stuff is gonna go out you and video temperament wrote that. Flow are still are to. And so you know I talk to you know you last here tonight. I know lies and time of the night anything and everything else but what are things that interest me is that. I talked to Billy go Billy Wagner at all him earlier this ability to lose here he was awesome he was I really enjoyed like good stock Jamie Jamie came. As an eighth inning guy and he was really honest about. Like this is how they approach hitters approached you in the ninth inning was all the adversity to me you. You pitches you can last your high time something. I don't know if that's enough votes to how are you talked to guys but it's not to me is not just. You're pitching at different innings they've talked to Billy Billy is sort of like invade the hitters and different view is that if you buy into that. Amid I think you definitely different area different kind of the game didn't score of the game. You know you have Morales. Yeah I understand why. You guys really have big. That much experience because when you're Jimmy and I recommend made them. Does it remind us of the icons. With a ball like. Early trying to get keeping count. I really haven't yeah I mean this is a bad example because obviously when you were brought in it was an important time. No wasn't just a random time. So it's I don't know I don't know if you talk to other guys about that are not like the difference in the ninth inning when what the ninth and he's all about. Talk to Tony La Russa about it he was a guy who. Invented you know and saying the ninth inning it's just different I have you talked to guys about. Love in there it's been saying everything's. I've known you as long plus three out of love the game. You see I believe I can look at our lineup tonight and TR Knight and and then how we reimburse closers in the residents are guys. Things different sometimes in life. And maybe have a little bit more and ads are maybe a little bit more room. I resolve others there about to run throughout the game. We feel Alex's talked about talking to you about using it differently whatever. Tom first how was that conversation and also. Like how do you view of the way the bull pens are going now. Over talk conversations. Pretty basic grateful. Situation is nothing. I've never had never. Oh goodness they're coming again out of a situation room. Don't try and they favor we got a game close into the game. I'm coming man okay. Give us some guys out of situation in the eighth inning. From conversations we have as more than you know two different men. There was always joke doesn't it might know we're gonna turn we're gonna flip flopped the world of relief pitching and no not at all now so his attitude is that was that nice to talk to bludgeon to that I way. Lastly you don't feel the same phases. Americans losing so much how to get there. As long as a whole team is on the same page here. Any kind of work build everything works works better clothes better. So what do you think about the way the ball hunting on yours and obviously a student of the game. You know so when you when you look at the way it is and you know things are going in and baseball on the way the bullpen they use Alice Reid and guy who was a closer. He's told me he's going to be jump you know so now it's okay obvious out of what's your take on the way things a gallon. And in the sense not just like they did today things are being valued allies like when you became a closer. It was completely different I was a few years ago. By the fact that Alex is having this conversation with you that fact of asking readers there you know setting guys up. The fact that we have other examples it is just saved the bullpen if you didn't have different life. I think I think a lot of the combat analytics look at we're the lineup sitting around and retirement community. Yeah. More important to get through that they did it begins in the ninth in. And things like that. Nothing LA exhilarating and you can still can't measure the way things. And that's what I'm talking about our right I mean so it's Obama that's the difference. Mean to me that's the biggest difference my in my view of it is very very important and it that in the middle on it. But at the bottom line has gone up the night in and those guys good guys get on. Ball boy you know maligned and AGCO runners on a lot higher volume and maybe it wasn't a good night. And so is when you have like when you talk to people but that is. They obviously you. You know the value of those last three outs no matter you know why do you want articulate that say you know what I'll do whatever else coming and whenever. But I also want to my feeling is I know what it's like to get those last three hours. I don't know if you like you. It's it was a back and forth conversation earth it's just. Whatever I'm in my whole Paula thing behind is a Obama comes in the game. So we're becoming the eight minute. Boy for business. They're good night which was announced this is what happens is the most part unless the game get out and last year LSU scored turner irons all that happening double that put a couple of they didn't. The and so we're reasonably so. I I can appreciate I mean I can appreciate the fact three outs last 3000 employees are blue root is of this. It's an interesting conversation and I think it is because I think when people say the seventh inning. I mean I don't. Paul Paul dreams are and where they're being as I'm not gonna have a chance and every device and outs of the game unless we take care what happened. My goodness it's that I did everything they hear about it the first thing right so it's really based on the reverend to give them. Point right right. From what if you are the guys like in the seventh inning could you understand. Guys it's if every day you played like OK here comes judge Sanchez and and mood standing. In the seventh inning. You know I don't know the government isn't. Now look at there's just I think you woods but this guys I go back to win when they started the whole. Joseph Maddon started assist difference and it's a bigger conversation and I just finding interesting because now this is a way it's going what's. What do you. As we sit here right now you have any idea how long you want. Pitcher clay you're young man so maybe that's a lot of factors. They're coming out remember when they install. You know obviously a long night stay healthy. No I got more films on a good team there's a way and I Bingham I am a player as long as my body allowed into the there's a lot of the okay take you take mirrored the word go like working around. You did today news news my goodness. Didn't win the back click in Florida hello I like the word out I think of try to modify and realize what. While it hard drive and our guns out of the game the most guys do that like you do we walk by you in Tampa and I know you do so it's time that we don't. And we walked by you'd you'd be using a medicine involved again after you it's been divorced guys do you do. Things a lot of late inning guys still do that on the we are prepared her. The situations are very came late at night. I can only dream nobody knew I didn't know later OK okay so you guys left before right it's always bad habits are you do there's a where are you societies and look where it into the again somewhere where. A buyout because myself before I got out there and acted in my job. Com so I got modified it for a workout outdoors and it kind of puts me today. And you know broke relief when it and it's news push myself. Not good game so the next on and off there. Trying to trademark audience. What used to be disciplined men to work out after. How long did you learn a nice. If you like it's our last August slaves who doesn't really know when your when your kids in your business and talk. 11 o'clock tonight good and how he did in. You know it's targeted here ran out into the game you're grilling Gonzales sometime zillion they're gonna we're Jones. As a calm down and yeah. That's good you know last question how do you do you feel good like obviously it's been through a sort of sore rear ramp up to this year's. It is like when you hit Tampa did you exceed. Like physically didn't seem like a. Okay got a couple in June today you can use road all right are you starting to feel us is gone on yeah I'm definitely on that please and get them going. Say I'm a hundred series go on reliant on them good enough to go out there and gals. So it's a work on the fine. The wrestler guy. Very close that I hopefully we'll see that my what was the thing that was just. Didn't feel quite right the timing and getting comfortable on the mountain is good news ball come out. And things like that. I'm seeing the ball on trucks and things like that it just takes. Think I'm throwing in long pause and Graham Arnold things like you can't simulate who you know going out there and it was a yeah. And a regular season game. I was just trying to get him on things here. Well I'm glad everything's going well this am I am not everything is doing well here in. Really appreciate take some time I think you.